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Home country: USA, for now
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on electing a president who will "get things done"

I have seen many posts from Clinton supporters that say they want her as president because she'll negotiate with the republicans in congress, and thus "get things done". This is in contrast to Sanders, who will give them nothing. Some Clinton supporters say that it will be good to have a president who will "meet them half way". Bearing in mind that Hillary is already in favor of profit based health care, tpp, offshore drilling, h1b expansions, fracking, poverty level minimum wage, and more aggressive foreign policy, here is my question in two parts.

1. What exactly is half way between Clinton and the borderline insane McCarthy?
2. Do you really want that?

Well, Sanders is polling about 25% nationally among Dems

Let's say 70 million people vote Dem in the GE, that's about 17 million votes that the hillarians think they can do without. Obama won by 5 million in 2012. The situation is not going to improve if we keep voting for DINOs. Regardless what any of the "pragmatists" say, 4 years of Clinton with a Republican Congress will be 95% indistinguishable from Bush with a Republican Congress. It's time to make a stand.

BTW for those who think I am not an actual Dem, or a racist, or a DU mole (for 14 years), and you lurkers, haters, DINOs, and PUMAs, please read this one from the way-bak machine.


Have you seen this position comparison?

Why is there even a debate?

The search continues for a republican with any shred of morality. prospects are bleak

The dc dems already abandoned many of their voters

The dc repukes actually give their voters what they want. That's why the republican voters show up. The dc dems give us TPP, corporate healthcare, corporate schools, wheeler, Weiss, bank-friendly budget "compromises", etc. The only use the current party has for liberals is as scapegoats when their incompetence results in electoral disaster.

But the swooning worship has all but killed the party

Those like yourself who cheer for heritage care, drone murder, austerity, extension of the Bush tax cuts, continued war in the middle east, failure to prosecute Bush and Cheney, TPP, and the rest of the republican policies pushed by the president, have completely run off millions of hopeful new voters from 2008. And then you pile on by calling them racists. After they voted him into office.

My advice would be to try to develop some actual principles by which you want to live your life, then stick with them. If you believe in the things I mentioned above, I'd say that you're closer in ideology to Bush or Romney than to Sanders or Grayson, and should vote accordingly. Regardless, calling those who disagree with the policies I listed above racists is not helping the president, the party, or yourself.

That's the president beating the living shit out of the republicans -

his merciless, cut throat, ultra liberal payback for those six years of torment. I read that in a 200- rec thread just yesterday. So it must be true

it's a lot like the support for Obama in 2008

Based on the astute observation that most of us are getting screwed, and most of the politicians are helping the screwers. Obama's campaign rhetoric turned out to be bullshit, and his duplicity has nearly killed the party. Hopefully Warren can get elected AND actually follow through on her populism. But I think the experience with Obama has jaded a lot of people.

Can the torture issue be distilled down to this?

By refusing to hold Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest responsible, is the Obama administration an accessory after the fact to the war crimes? Sully says yes. I will not vote in this poll

We all participate within the du bubble. everybody here is going to vote straight

ticket. The idea that any regular duer is going to stay home because of our lively intramural poop-throwing is preposterous. Same with the desperate-sounding email from dccc, dfa, and so on.

Thanks for the shout out, sometimes the obvious needs to bepointed out.
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