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Robert Reich responds to Donald Trump's lies

Trump's address to Congress this evening was chock full of lies. Here's a sample:

1."Obamacare premiums nationwide have increased by double and triple digits," Trump said, citing a 116 percent increase in Arizona as an example.

Wrong. Most people get their health care through the employer, and those premiums haven't spiked by nearly this amount. And for many people on the health care exchanges, federal subsidies are offsetting premium increases. Overall premium increases were actually faster under President George W. Bush than under President Barack Obama.

2. “We’ve defended the borders of other nations, while leaving our own borders wide open, for anyone to cross — and for drugs to pour in at a now unprecedented rate.”

Wrong. The data are mixed on the amount of drugs coming through the borders, but illegal immigration flows across the Southern border in fiscal 2015 were at the lowest levels since 1972, except for in 2011.


Washington Post: Trump's speech was "filled with numerous inaccuracies."

An address to Congress is such an important speech that presidents generally are careful not to stretch the truth. The “16 words” in George W. Bush’s 2003 State of the Union address that falsely claimed Iraq’s Saddam Hussein sought uranium from Africa led to significant turmoil in the administration, including the criminal conviction of a top aide.

President Trump’s maiden address to Congress was notable because it was filled with numerous inaccuracies. In fact, many of the president’s false claims are old favorites that he trots out on a regular, almost daily basis. Here’s a roundup of 13 of the more notable claims, in the order in which the president made them.


Not so unifying: Jake Tapper nails Trump for nationalistic undercurrent in speech to Congress

(Raw Story) CNN host Jake Tapper looked beyond the pageantry of Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday to point out that the speech had a “nationalistic undercurrent” that would trouble many Americans.

“It was a much more subdued President Trump,” Tapper noted following the speech. “He stuck for the most part — 95 percent — to the teleprompter and the words that had been written for him, with him, by his speechwriters. It was a speech in which he was clearly trying to reset in a lot of ways.”

But Tapper observed that many Democrats would have a hard time swallowing Trump’s call for unity when they look beyond “the wrapping in which he presented the policy.”

“There is a clear America-first, nationalistic undercurrent to a lot of the things he talked about,” the CNN host remarked. “He talked about a total revamp of our immigration system. Shifting from one taking in refugees to have a more self-interested immigration policy, one based on bringing in people of higher skill.”



Cabinet coming in....applause on Cspan tepid at best.....


Trump Blames SEALs Death On Military: They Lost Ryan

(Huffington Post) President Donald Trump on Tuesday dodged responsibility for a botched mission he ordered in Yemen last month, placing the onus on the military and Barack Obama’s administration instead.

Bill Owens, the father of Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, the Navy SEAL who died in the operation, demanded an investigation into his son’s death over the weekend. Owens further revealed he couldn’t bear to meet Trump at the airport as Ryan’s casket was carried off the military plane last month.

Asked about the matter during an interview with Fox News’ “Fox ‘n’ Friends,” Trump repeatedly said “they” were responsible for the outcome of the mission, in reference to the military.

“This was a mission that was started before I got here. This was something they wanted to do,” he said. “They came to me, they explained what they wanted to do ― the generals ― who are very respected, my generals are the most respected that we’ve had in many decades, I believe. And they lost Ryan.”


Raid on Yemen that left Navy SEAL dead yielded NO significant intelligence, U.S. officials tell NBC

(NBC News) Last month's deadly commando raid in Yemen, which cost the lives of a U.S. Navy SEAL and a number of children, has so far yielded no significant intelligence, U.S. officials told NBC News.Although Pentagon officials have said the raid produced "actionable intelligence," senior officials who spoke to NBC News said they were unaware of any, even as the father of the dead SEAL questioned the premise of the raid in an interview with the Miami Herald published Sunday.


McConnell: Republican Agenda 'Is Exactly The Same As The Trump Agenda'

(TPM) Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) said Monday that congressional Republicans’ agenda "is exactly the same as the Trump agenda." McConnell, addressing reporters alongside House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) outside of the White House on Monday afternoon, made reference to Trump’s planned address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday. That is a bold commitment, given the parts of Trump’s professed agenda that run against Republican orthodoxy.


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Trump to lift federal coal ban, other green rules, next week: White House

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Russian jets accidentally bombed US-backed forces in Syria: US general

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Dept. Of Labor Proposes Delaying Rule That Brokers Work In Clients' Interest

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White House Parries OGE's Request For Probe Into Conway's Ivanka Promo

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Trump gives nod to Republican tax-credit proposal on Obamacare

2 hrs ago - Wed Mar 1, 2017 12:23pm EST By Yasmeen Abutaleb WASHINGTON U.S. President Donald Trump backed the use of tax credits to help people purchase health insurance in a speech to Congress on Tuesday, the first time he signaled support for a key compo ... (Reuters)

Arkansas voted for a federal constitutional convention to ban marriage equality

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Oprah Is Thinking Maybe She *Could* Run For President

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Wells Fargo cuts pay for CEO, other top executives

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Missouri Senate votes down LGBT discrimination protections

3 hrs ago - WEDNESDAY, MAR 1, 2017 07:00 AM EST SUMMER BALLENTINE, ASSOCIATED PRESS JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) Missouri state senators voted down a proposal early Wednesday to ban discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation, in what was a l ... (Associated Press)

Senate confirms Ryan Zinke as Interior secretary

3 hrs ago - By Darryl Fears March 1 at 10:56 AM The Senate on Wednesday confirmed Ryan Zinkes nomination to lead the Interior Department by a 68 to 31 vote. Zinke will head a department that manages a fifth of the land in the United States, about 500 million ... (The Washington Post)

US top court hands partial victory to challengers in Virginia voting case

3 hrs ago - 01 MAR 2017 AT 10:47 ET The U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday handed a partial victory to voters who accused Virginias Republican-led legislature of trying to dilute the clout of black people at the ballot box, throwing out a lower courts endorseme ... (Reuters)

Pence: 'No One Is Going To Fall Through The Cracks' In New Health Care Law

3 hrs ago - By MATT SHUHAM PublishedMARCH 1, 2017, 9:50 AM EDT Vice President Mike Pence said Wednesday that President Donald Trump sought a health care plan that ensured no one is going to fall through the cracks, including Americans who received health care ... (Talking Points Memo)

Dem AGs Hint They Could Sue Over Trump Rolling Back Clean Water Rule

3 hrs ago - By CAITLIN MACNEAL Published MARCH 1, 2017, 10:16 AM EDT A group of Democratic state attorneys general on Tuesday slammed President Donald Trump's executive order directing the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers to cons ... (Talking Points Memo)

Dow breaks above 21,000 as stocks hit all-time highs after Trump's speech

3 hrs ago - U.S. equities traded sharply higher on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones industrial average climbing above 21,000 for the first time, on the back of President Donald Trump's speech to Congress. The Dow advanced more than 200 points with Goldman Sachs co ... (CNBC)

Pelosi Weighs in: Trump's Speech 'Utterly Disconnected From the Cruel Reality of His Conduct'

3 hrs ago - by Lindsey Ellefson 11:12 pm, February 28th, 2017 Following Donald Trumps joint address to Congress this evening, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement: https://twitter.com/FoxNews/status/836784833586135041 She noted tha ... (Mediaite)

Cheese Recall Expands to More Bulk and Retail Cheese Products

3 hrs ago - Cheese recall expands to include more brands due to contamination of Listeria monocytogenes, which can be especially dangerous for diabetics. The recently announced nationwide cheese recall, that was expanded once, has been expanded again to include ... (The Diabetic News)

Franois Fillon faces formal investigation over fake jobs allegations

7 hrs ago - French presidential candidate Franois Fillon has announced that he will be placed under formal investigation over allegations that he gave fake parliamentary jobs to family members, but vowed not to quit and said he was being unfairly targeted by jud ... (The Guardian)

Officials: New Trump travel ban removes Iraq from list

9 hrs ago - Mar. 1, 2017 4:00 AM EST WASHINGTON (AP) President Donald Trump's new immigration order will remove Iraq from the list of countries whose citizens face a temporary U.S. travel ban, U.S. officials say, citing the latest draft in circulation. Trump i ... (Associated Press)

State Senator Slams Trump After Son's JCC Pre-K Gets Bomb Threats

10 hrs ago - By Tessa Stuart 9 hours ago On Monday morning, the Levine Jewish Community Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, received its third bomb threat in two months. This time, administrators were used to the drill. They didn't even evacuate just had law e ... (Rolling Stone)

Energy Department issues scathing evaluation of nuclear project

12 hrs ago - On Dec. 5, the NNSA completed a scathing evaluation that branded several of the companys claims about the state of the project misleading and inaccurate. The agency said CB&I Arevas claims that the project is 70 percent complete are patently false. ... (Washington Post)

Sydney weather: Summer confirmed as city's hottest for days and nights in 157 years

13 hrs ago - March 1 2017 - 4:02PM Peter Hannam Sydney's record-breaking weather juggernaut rolls on, with summer confirmed as the city's hottest for both days and nights over records stretching back 157 years. The average of days and nights in the Harbour Cit ... (The Sydney Morming Herald (AU))

Trump highlights victims of crimes by immigrants, new office in joint address

14 hrs ago - Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump used his joint address to Congress on Tuesday to call attention to crimes committed by undocumented immigrants -- inviting guests affected by such crimes and describing a new office he has ordered created to rep ... (CNN)

Uber CEO apologizes for dissing driver, says he needs to grow up

14 hrs ago - Jessica Guynn Published 9:36 p.m. ET Feb. 28, 2017 SAN FRANCISCO A contrite Travis Kalanick issued an apology to employees at Uber and said he would seek "leadership help" after a video surfaced in which he has a heated exchange with an Uber drive ... (USA Today)

Elizabeth Warren invites Iraqi refugee to watch Trump's speech to Congress

15 hrs ago - Sen. Elizabeth Warren has attacked President Donald Trump for months, and she's using his first major address to Congress as an opportunity to do so again. Warren has taken aim at Trump's travel ban by inviting an Iraqi refugee to be her guest to Tr ... (AOL)

Former L.A. Times interpreter in Iraq is Sen. Cory Booker's guest for Trump's speech

15 hrs ago - Among the Democratic guests for President Trump's speech Tuesday: a former Los Angeles Times interpreter from Iraq who came to the United States as a refugee. Saif Alnasseri, who is now a pharmacy manager at a Walgreens and lives with his wife and t ... (LA Times)