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The awkward moment Sarah Palin raised $25,000 for Hillary Clinton's election campaign

(The Independent) During a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit last week, she whipped out a Ready for Hillary PAC magnet. “I’m ready for Hillary, are you? Are you coming?” she told her largely Republican audience.

Luckily for the Ready for Hillary campaign, they were. And tweeted an image of the event along with a link to a fundraising email, asking donors to give $20.16 to own a car magnet just like Palin’s.


How Bernie Sanders, In New Role, Could Make Wall Streeters Very, Very Unhappy

(Prospect) Bernie Sanders, the United States senator from Vermont, plans on using his new position as ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee to take on too-big-to-fail financial institutions by advocating for their dissolution. Though a registered independent, Sanders caucuses with the Democrats, allowing him to assume the ranking member role representing the minority party.


Romney: Hillary fights for the rich and she's out of touch with poor Americans, so elect me instead

(TPM) Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the economy and foreign policy during a speech at Mississippi State University on Wednesday night.

According to speech excerpts obtained by NBC, Romney, who has indicated if he decides to run for president again one of the pillars of his campaign would be inequality, will ask "How can Secretary Clinton provide opportunity for all if she doesn't know where jobs come from in the first place?"


GOP to White House: What's your ObamaCare backup plan if we win?

(The Hill) GOP lawmakers have a big question for President Obama about the upcoming Supreme Court case that could undo much of his signature healthcare law: What happens if we win?

Republican leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter Wednesday to the head of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), demanding the administration show its hand in case the court rules against ObamaCare this summer.


Obama Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch: Waterboarding is torture and it is illegal

(Politico) Her statement came after Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) asked whether she believed waterboarding was torture. Leahy also referred to the report on enhanced interrogations that the Senate Intelligence Committee — then under Democratic control — released in December.

“Waterboarding is torture, Senator,” Lynch said in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. “And thus illegal.”


Chris Matthews Explodes on Republican operative 'You know why I am against your party?'

Chris Matthews exploded. "You know why I am really against your Party?" Chris Matthews said. "... I can't stand the fact you fight too many wars. I think the Iraq War was insane. And I think it was really bad for our country. And the attempt by your party, from Reince Priebus all the way down, to repress Black voting in this country. Voting rights are sacred. You shouldn't mess with them. An you've got guys all over the country, Republicans as Republicans saying we are going to screw the Black vote. That is what you are doing. So again, the partisan game, I could not defend that if I were you."


'We Were Arrogant': New York Times editor Dean Baquet: We failed to do our job after 9/11

SPIEGEL: One of your best reporters, James Risen, said in a speech that the mainstream "failed after 9/11." Do you agree?

Baquet: Yes, absolutely. The mainstream press was not aggressive enough after 9/11, was not aggressive enough in asking questions about a decision to go to war in Iraq, was not aggresive enough in asking the hard questions about the War on Terror. I accept that for the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times.


'Ten Commandments' Judge to Alabama Governor: Ignore Marriage Equality Ruling

(The Advocate) Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, famed for his efforts to keep a Ten Commandments monument on public property as well as his staunch opposition to all things gay, is telling the state’s governor to ignore a federal judge’s ruling striking down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage.

“I ask you to continue to uphold and support the Alabama Constitution with respect to marriage, both for the welfare of this state and for our posterity,” Moore wrote to Gov. Robert Bentley. “Be advised that I stand with you to stop judicial tyranny and any unlawful opinions issued without constitutional authority.” The three-page letter, delivered to Bentley this morning, was also released to AL.com, a website for several Alabama newspapers.


Obama Gets a Huge Win As Democrats Withdraw Their Support For Iran Sanctions Bill

(Politicus USA) President Obama got a huge win today as ten Democratic senators have vowed to vote against the Iran sanctions bill being pushed by Republicans in order to give the president more time to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran.

United States Senators Robert Menendez (D-NJ), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), Gary Peters (D-MI), Bob Casey (D-PA), Ben Cardin (D-MD), Chris Coons (D-DE), Joe Manchin (D-WV), Joe Donnelly (D-IN), and Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) all signed a letter to the president expressing their support.

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Amid growing vaccination debate, measles continues to spread and is now in New York state

1 hr ago - By Peter Holley Health officials announced that a college student diagnosed with measles recently traveled across New York on a train, potentially exposing untold numbers of travelers to the virus, according to news reports. The infected individual ... (W Post)

Venezuela allows possible deadly force at protests

2 hrs ago - New regulations have been published in Venezuela allowing soldiers to open fire if they feel their lives are at risk during demonstrations. The rules specify a scaled approach to maintaining public order, up to and including the use of deadly force. ... (BBC)

Ukraine crisis: 'Dozens killed' in east as Misnk(sic) talks open

2 hrs ago - Ukrainian officials say 15 soldiers and 12 civilians died in the past 24 hours. The rebels report 13 casualties. The separatists also claim to have seized the town of Vuhlehirsk and surrounded the key hub of Debaltseve, but the Ukrainian military de ... (BBC)

Crash victim thanks donors whose blood saved his life

2 hrs ago - By JOHN ROGERS LOS ANGELES (AP) — Brandon Levine exchanged handshakes and hugs with nearly two dozen of his blood brothers and sisters, people he had never met but knew had saved his life. The group's members, ranging in age from 20s to 70s, were a ... (AP-Excite)

Union, energy companies make strike preparations

3 hrs ago - By L.M. Sixel Members of the United Steelworkers union are preparing picket signs, while companies are training supervisors in case they're needed as replacements to keep plants operating as labor negotiations come down to the wire. Against the bac ... (Houston Chronicle)


3 hrs ago - BY SUSAN MONTOYA BRYAN ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) -- Two pilots from the U.S. and Russia have traveled farther and longer in a gas balloon than anyone in history, trying to eliminate any remaining debate over a century of records in long-distance balloo ... (AP)

Casey Kasem's children urge elder abuse prosecution against Kasem's widow

3 hrs ago - The children of Casey Kasem are urging Los Angeles police to make progress in an elder abuse investigation focusing on the radio legend's widow. Kasem's children claimed at a Friday news conference that the investigation into Jean Kasem's care that ... (Faux News-AP)

Weekly Address: A Path Towards a Thriving Middle Class

4 hrs ago - In this week’s address, the President described the progress our economy has made, laying a foundation for a future that prioritizes middle-class economics. This week, the President will send a budget to Congress centered on the idea that everyone w ... (White House)

Spain: Podemos holds Madrid mass 'March for Change'

4 hrs ago - The far-left Spanish party, Podemos, is holding a mass rally in the centre of Madrid looking to build on the recent victory of Syriza in Greece. Tens of thousands are reported to be attending the "March for Change" - one of its first outdoor mass ra ... (BBC)

U.S. ground troops could be needed in Iraq: Chuck Hagel

6 hrs ago - ... Hagel, who announced his resignation under pressure in November, told CNN all options must be considered in Iraq, including sending troops for non-combat roles such as gathering intelligence and locating Islamic State targets. "I think it may r ... (Reuters)

NYC to pay $5M to kin of man killed in 'Mafia cops' case

8 hrs ago - NYC to pay $5M to kin of man killed in 'Mafia cops' case Published: Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 3:30 a.m. Last Modified: Saturday, January 31, 2015 at 1:25 a.m. NEW YORK (AP) — Nicholas Guido was showing off his new car outside his mother's home ... (Associated Press)

Greece economy: Merkel rules out more debt relief

8 hrs ago - German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ruled out cancelling any of Greece's debt, saying banks and creditors have already made substantial cuts. But Mrs Merkel told the Hamburger Abendblatt newspaper she still wanted Greece to stay in the eurozone. Gr ... (BBC)

CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing

8 hrs ago - CIA and Mossad killed senior Hezbollah figure in car bombing By Adam Goldman and Ellen Nakashima January 30 at 10:14 PM On Feb. 12, 2008, Imad Mughniyah, Hezbollah’s international operations chief, walked on a quiet nighttime street in Damascus afte ... (Washington Post)

ISIS Chemical Weapons Expert Killed In Airstrike In Iraq: US

10 hrs ago - A US-led coalition air strike killed a chemical weapons specialist with the Islamic State group in Iraq who once worked for Saddam Hussein, US military officers said on Friday. The air raid carried out last Saturday near Mosul took out Abu Malik, wh ... (Agence France-Presse)

Colorado considers ban on welfare cards at pot shops

10 hrs ago - Colorado considers ban on welfare cards at pot shops By KRISTEN WYATT, Associated Press | January 30, 2015 | Updated: January 30, 2015 6:28pm DENVER (AP) — Welfare money or food stamps for marijuana? It's an urban legend that won't go away in Colo ... (Associated Press)

Sheriff: Gun in City Hall shooting came from straw buyer

10 hrs ago - Sheriff: Gun in City Hall shooting came from straw buyer | January 30, 2015 | Updated: January 30, 2015 8:12pm MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The shotgun used by a man who was killed in a confrontation with police outside a City Hall meeting in suburban Minn ... (Associated Press)

Prison for NYC duo accused of abusing partly paralyzed woman

10 hrs ago - Prison for NYC duo accused of abusing partly paralyzed woman | January 30, 2015 | Updated: January 30, 2015 9:00pm NEW YORK (AP) — A New York City couple accused of battering a partially paralyzed woman and controlling her finances for more than ... (Associated Press)

Connecticut legislature approves NRA-opposed judge nominee

10 hrs ago - Connecticut legislature approves NRA-opposed judge nominee | January 30, 2015 | Updated: January 30, 2015 8:11pm HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — The Connecticut House and Senate have voted overwhelmingly to confirm a state judge nominee who was opposed by ... (Associated Press)

Incredible 50-foot 'dragon' dinosaur unearthed by Chinese farmers

12 hrs ago - By Naomi Ng Hong Kong (CNN)Paleontologists have discovered a 50-foot "dragon" dinosaur species in China that may have roamed the earth 160 million years ago during the Late Jurassic period. The long skeleton was found in 2006 by farmers digging for ... (CNN)

Venezuela confirms shooting down plane near Aruba

12 hrs ago - Reuters Venezuela said on Friday it shot down a civilian plane after it ignored communications off its Caribbean coast near the island of Aruba, but denied any violation of international airspace. Authorities on Aruba, a semi-autonomous island that ... (The Hindu)

Greece’s finance minister vows to shun officials from troika

12 hrs ago - Yanis Varoufakis says new government will refuse to engage with auditors from the EU, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund The battle lines between Greece and its creditors were drawn in Athens as the Greek finance minister ... (The Guardian)

Bruce Jenner Is ‘Transitioning Into a Woman’

13 hrs ago - A source close to the former Olympian confirmed he's making a big lifestyle change People have been talking about Bruce Jenner’s changing appearance for months, and now PEOPLE reports that the former Olympian will soon be living life as a female. “ ... (Time)

New Ransom-Ware Scam Locking Victims Out Of Their Own Smartphones

13 hrs ago - PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Ransom-ware Scam Here’s how it affects people: you’re surfing the web on your phone, when it suddenly freezes. You get a message that may look like it’s from an official agency such as the FBI. In some cases, you’re told you’ ... (CBS Pittsburgh)

Home health care workers on strike across Ontario

13 hrs ago - By: Tamara Khandaker Almost 3,000 health care workers went on strike Friday morning at nine Community Care Access Centres across Ontario, after rejecting a contract offer Thursday night. The strike hit nine of the province’s 14 centres, all of whic ... (The Star)

Ruble faces another 'nosedive' after rate cut

14 hrs ago - Russia's ruble is under renewed pressure after the Central Bank of Russia (CBR) shocked markets with a rate cut, sending the currency to a 2015 low against the U.S. dollar. The CBR cuts its key interest rate to 15 percent on Friday, just one month a ... (CNBC)

Cost Pressure Intensifies for Southern Co. Nuclear Plant

14 hrs ago - The delays and cost overruns are piling up for a new plant in Georgia that was supposed to prove nuclear energy can be built affordably. Instead, the companies building first-of-their-kind reactors at Plant Vogtle expect they will need an extra thre ... (Associated Press)

City will pay $3.9M in 2012 NY police shooting of Bronx teen

14 hrs ago - By LARRY NEUMEISTER NEW YORK (AP) — New York City agreed Friday to pay $3.9 million to the family of a black Bronx teenager shot to death by a white police officer in 2012. The deal settled a federal lawsuit brought by the family of 18-year-old Ram ... (AP)

Nuclear Waste Dump Troubling Residents Of Armstrong Co. Town

15 hrs ago - What may be the most dangerous nuclear waste dump in the nation sits just 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, in Armstrong County. As the government plans to excavate that waste, people who live nearby are nervous. Ameno grew up in Apollo, Pennsylvania, ... (CBS Pittsburgh)

Nuclear safety push to be softened after U.S. objections

15 hrs ago - The United States looks set to succeed in watering down a proposal for tougher legal standards aimed at boosting global nuclear safety, according to senior diplomats. Diplomatic wrangling will come to a head at a 77-nation meeting in Vienna next mon ... (Reuters)

Treasurer McCord to plead guilty in campaign finance case

15 hrs ago - By MARC LEVY HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Rob McCord, who resigned abruptly Friday after serving six years as Pennsylvania's elected treasurer, plans to plead guilty to federal charges accusing him of using his office to threaten potential campaign donors ... (AP)