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Vince Foster’s sister pens blistering op-ed shaming Trump for his insane conspiracy theories

(Raw Story) Although many pundits have thoroughly debunked this conspiracy theory, no one has done so more powerfully than Foster’s own sister, who has written a blistering op-ed for The Washington Post that shames Trump for using her brother’s death for political gain.

“It is beyond contempt that a politician would use a family tragedy to further his candidacy, but such is the character of Donald Trump displayed in his recent comments to The Washington Post,” writes Sheila Foster Anthony. “In this interview, Trump cynically, crassly and recklessly insinuated that my brother, Vincent W. Foster Jr., may have been murdered because ‘he had intimate knowledge of what was going on’ and that Hillary Clinton may have somehow played a role in Vince’s death. How wrong. How irresponsible. How cruel.”


Detectives called Trayvon Martin a 'n****r' and a 'thug' in secret recording

(Daily Mail) Detectives called Trayvon Martin a 'n****r' and a 'thug' in secret recording but were let off by sheriff who ordered them to take a cultural sensitivity class

Downs, 41, and Allison, 55, were unaware they were being recorded when they made the racially charged comments about Martin while they were on duty, the Logan Daily News reported.


Bookings at Trump Hotels Plummet

(Priceonomics ) The Trump brand is associated with a variety of hotels, apartments, and products. On one hand, a growing number of political supporters could boost sales of Trump products; on the other, a growing number of political detractors could lead people to avoid his brand. So which of these two forces is stronger?

To answer this question, we analyzed hotel data from Hipmunk, a Priceonomics Customer. Focusing on Trump Hotels’ most-booked locations, we compared bookings this year to the previous year (before Trump attracted national political attention).

The results? Bookings at Trump Hotels are down big time: they have decreased 59% compared to the same period last year on Hipmunk. It seems that customers willing to spend $500 a night on a Trump Hotel room may not be fans of Trump the political candidate.

L. Coyote

Senator Trolls Trump With Bill Requiring Presidential Nominees To Release Tax Returns

(Huffington Post) Though every major party nominee since 1976 has released his tax returns while running for president, the practice has never been required by law. Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) wants to change that.

The senior Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, which handles tax issues, introduced a bill on Wednesday that would force presidential candidates to release their most recent tax returns. The Presidential Tax Transparency Act, as the bill is called, would require candidates to make their latest three years of tax returns public no later than 15 days after becoming the nominee.


Trump Camp Accidentally Emails Politico Its Plan To Hit Clinton On Whitewater

(TPM) A Trump campaign plan to target Hillary Clinton over the decades-old Whitewater real estate scandal was made public on Wednesday afternoon when a Trump spokeswoman accidentally included a Politico reporter on the email thread.

According to Politico’s report, Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo emailed a researcher at the Republican National Committee asking him to “work up information on HRC/Whitewater as soon as possible. This is for immediate use and for the afternoon talking points process.”

Trump campaign spokeswoman Hope Hicks, who was cced on Caputo’s email, accidentally responded to Politico reporter Marc Caputo instead, making the entire email exchange visible.

Stuart G

Elizabeth Warren: "I say we just throw Donald Trump down the drain."

(HuffPo) “Donald Trump is worried about helping poor little Wall Street? Let me find the world’s smallest violin to play a sad, sad song.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), amplifying her her recent attacks on Donald Trump, admonished the presumptive GOP presidential nominee in a no-holds-barred speech on Tuesday, calling him “a small, insecure money-grubber who doesn’t care who gets hurt.”


Trump caught trying to skim $1m off the top of a fundraiser for vets

(TPM) We now know that Donald Trump tried for four months not to contribute any of his own money for that vets group fundraiser he put on in January as an excuse to ditch that Fox debate. Only when the Post finally cornered him and basically proved that all his and his aides shifting explanations were false, did he finally agree to put in some of his own money.

He was in essence trying to skim a million off the top of the fundraiser for the vets he used as a prop to skip out on the debate. This comes on top of the fact that he's still leaving himself the option of having high-dollar GOP donors reimburse him for his primary campaign to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.


Drinking milk at school: while black

Virginia authorities handcuffed a middle school student and charged him with larceny for "stealing" a milk carton from the school cafeteria earlier this year. The child has also been suspended from school.

In Prince William County, Virgina, the boy's mother Shamise Turk say police handcuffed and charged her son Ryanwith stealing a carton of milk from the school cafeteria. The school normally charges students 65 cents per carton for milk. But Ryan Turk is allowed to drink it for free, because he's registered on the school's lunch program.


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These CEOs Just Called Trump’s Bluff by Offering $20 Million for Sanders Debate

4 min ago - Tech industry investment firm Traction and Scale (T&S) wants to host the Sanders / Trump debate, and is willing to donate Donald Trump’s ransom of $10 million to charity in return. T&S CEO Richie Hecker told BuzzFeed News that he aims to host the deb ... (USuncut.com)

Civil rights radical Harry Edwards returns to San Jose State for commencement

57 min ago - SAN JOSE -- In the days since he first set foot on the San Jose State campus half a century ago, Harry Edwards has gone through a number of changes in uniform. The imposing athlete got to the university as an undergraduate on the basis of his physic ... (San Jose Mercury News)

Gorilla killed after 3-year-old falls into enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo

1 hr ago - Gorilla killed after 3-year-old falls into enclosure at Cincinnati Zoo By Zachary Rogers/WKRC CINCINNATI (WKRC) - Police responded to the Cincinnati Zoo on Saturday on reports that a child fell into the gorilla exhibit. ... CPD Public Information Of ... (WKRC, via KOMO News)

14-year-old boy charged in Albuquerque man's dragging death

1 hr ago - 14-year-old boy charged in Albuquerque man's dragging death Updated 2:32 pm, Saturday, May 28, 2016 ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A 14-year-old Albuquerque boy has been charged with running over a man before dragging him to his death. Police spokes ... (Associated Press)

AP-NORC Poll: Interest, Not Excitement In White House Race

2 hrs ago - ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Mary Heintzelman shakes her head in disgust over the presidential election. "I don't think we have a candidate that's really suitable to be president in either party," says Heintzelman, an administrative assistant from Whitehal ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Judge orders release of internal Trump University documents

2 hrs ago - A federal judge has ordered the release of internal Trump University documents in an ongoing lawsuit against the company, including “playbooks” that advised sales personnel how to market high-priced courses on getting rich through real estate. The F ... (Washington Post)

Brazil arrests first suspect after shocking gang-rape video

2 hrs ago - May 28, 2016 Rio de Janeiro (AFP) - Brazilian police on Saturday said they had arrested the first of more than 30 suspects wanted over the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl whose attackers posted a graphic video online showing the aftermath of their b ... (AFP)

Report: Cost of Replacing Flint Water Pipes Double Estimates

2 hrs ago - Replacing water pipes due to the lead-tainted crisis in Flint could be at least twice the price of previous estimates, according to a report obtained by a newspaper. Engineering company Rowe Professional Services told the state the average cost for ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Pleading for Peace in Chicago: ‘We Could Be Looking at a Blood Bath’

2 hrs ago - CHICAGO — During Memorial Day weekend, this city reopens its Lake Michigan beaches, regular fireworks displays start at Navy Pier and the downtown streets and spruced-up Riverwalk are crowded with tourists. But the holiday weekend is often seen here ... (New York Times)

California Back in Big Oil's Crosshairs as Feds Quietly OK Offshore Fracking

2 hrs ago - Two federal agencies on Friday quietly finalized two reports, set for release next week, that found offshore fracking in California poses no "significant" risk to the environment—paving the way for oil and gas companies to resume the controversial ... (CommonDreams by Staff Writer Nadia Prupis)

Vandals Deface Vietnam War Memorial In Venice, CA

2 hrs ago - VENICE (CBSLA.com) — Vandals defaced a memorial to Vietnam war veterans in Venice – an awful sight on this Memorial Day weekend. Stewart Oscars welled up as he looked at the vandalized mural located on Pacific Avenue near Sunset Court. It was covere ... (CBSLA)

Trump's San Diego rally draws more than 1,000 chanting protesters

2 hrs ago - Donald Trump brought his message of walls and deportations to the doorstep of America's busiest border crossing on Friday as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee greeted supporters in San Diego, amid one of the largest counter-protests org ... (Reuters)

Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones dies after gunshot wound

3 hrs ago - New Orleans Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones was fatally shot after breaking down the door to a Dallas apartment, authorities said Saturday. "It is with deep sadness that the Pelicans organization acknowledges the sudden passing of Bryce Dejean-Jon ... (ESPN)

Fears For Trapped Civilians In Strife-Hit Iraq, Syria

3 hrs ago - Baghdad (AFP) - Iraq's elite forces deployed around Fallujah on Saturday, marking a new phase in efforts to retake the jihadist bastion, as concern grew for trapped civilians there and in neighbouring Syria. After almost a week of shaping operations ... (AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE)

Argentinian President Mauricio Macri proposes amnesty for tax dodgers

3 hrs ago - Argentinian President Mauricio Macri proposes amnesty for tax dodgers Macri acknowledged he has US$1.25 million in an account in the Bahamas in a mandatory asset declaration, which showed his fortune had doubled from the year before. PUBLISHED : Sa ... (Agence France-Presse)

Tropical Storm Bonnie forms in Atlantic

3 hrs ago - Update, 4:40 p.m., Saturday: Tropical Storm Bonnie, the second named storm of the 2016 Atlantic basin hurricane season, has formed off the southeast coast of the U.S., according to the National Hurricane Center. At 5 p.m., the center of Bonnie was ... (Florida Today)

All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals

5 hrs ago - Saturday 28 May 2016 16.43 BST All publicly funded scientific papers published in Europe could be made free to access by 2020, under a “life-changing” reform ordered by the European Union’s science chief, Carlos Moedas. The Competitiveness Council, ... (The Guardian)

Australia immigration: Rival Melbourne rallies spark clashes

5 hrs ago - 6 hours ago Australian police have used pepper spray to break up clashes between two rival groups battling over race and immigration in Melbourne. Demonstrators in a march against racism clashed with protesters against immigration, with hundreds of ... (BBC)

Sanders fails to oust Clinton backers from convention roles

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic officials have rejected Bernie Sanders' request to remove two high-profile Hillary Clinton supporters from leadership positions at the party's summer convention. Sanders' presidential campaign said in a letter Friday to ... (AP)

DNC to hold public hearings for party platform

7 hrs ago - The Democratic National Committee plans to hold a series of hearings around the country this summer to collect input for the Democratic Party platform. In a joint statement on Friday, DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Maryland Rep. Elijah ... (Politico)

Search for abducted teen moves to Northern California coast

7 hrs ago - VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) — Authorities on Friday narrowed their frantic search for a missing teenager to a remote area about 65 miles from where she was last seen being dragged by an armed acquaintance who later died in a gun battle with police. The Sol ... (AP)

11 injured as lightning strikes Paris park

7 hrs ago - Paris (AFP) - Eleven people, most of them children, were injured Saturday when lightning struck a birthday party in a Paris park, officials said, adding that six of the victims were seriously injured. Police said eight children and three adults were ... (AFP)

Donald Trump Blasts “Mexican” Judge in Trump University Case

8 hrs ago - You know what’s presidential? Using 12 minutes of a campaign rally to criticize a judge who is overseeing civil litigation against your failed “education” venture. And that’s exactly what Donald Trump did in San Diego when he seemingly bored his audi ... (Slate)

Man dies after being stung more than 1,000 times in Arizona park

9 hrs ago - What was supposed to be a short and easy hike ended in tragedy Thursday morning when a young man died after being stung more than 1,000 times by bees in an Arizona park. Alex Bestler, 23, was walking along Merkle Memorial Trail in Usery Mountain par ... (Berkshire Eagle)

US Strikes Kill Fallujah's IS Commander, Dozens More Fighters: Military Spokesman

11 hrs ago - Baghdad-based Colonel Steve Warren said that over the last four days, 20 strikes in the besieged city had destroyed IS fighting positions and gun emplacements. "We've killed more than 70 enemy fighters, including Maher Al-Bilawi, who is the commande ... (Outlook)

Pakistani men can beat wives 'lightly,' Islamic council says

11 hrs ago - The leader of a Pakistani Islamic council has proposed a bill that allows husbands to "lightly beat" their wives as a form of discipline. In the 75-page proposal, Mohammad Khan Sheerani suggests a light beating is acceptable should the need arise ... (CNN)

Exclusive: White House Blocks Transfer of Cluster Bombs to Saudi Arabia

12 hrs ago - Frustrated by a growing death toll, the White House has quietly placed a hold on the transfer of cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia as the Sunni ally continues its bloody war on Shiite rebels in Yemen, U.S. officials tell Foreign Policy. It’s the first co ... (FP)

Weekly Address: Remembering Our Fallen Heroes

12 hrs ago - In this week’s address, President Obama solemnly reflected on the meaning of Memorial Day and recognized the sacrifices made by the American warriors who never made it back home. Though the President stressed that citizens should thank active-duty t ... (White House)

Cassandra Butts, Former Deputy White House Counsel, Dies

14 hrs ago - Cassandra Butts, former deputy White House counsel and a classmate and friend of President Barack Obama, has died, her family and Obama said. She was 50. Butts' family said in a statement that her sister found Butts dead Thursday in her Washington h ... (ABC News)

The Last Remaining Pentagon-Trained Rebel Group In Syria Is Now In Jeopardy

16 hrs ago - By Liz Sly May 27 at 6:47 PM REYHANLI, Turkey — Throughout the fiasco of the Pentagon’s $500 million effort to train and equip a force of Syrian rebels to take on the Islamic State, one small group endured. The New Syrian Army completed the U.S. t ... (Washington Post)