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CNN's Don Lemon: National Guardsman Used N-Word to Describe Ferguson Protestors

(Yahoo) CNN's Don Lemon, back in the network's studio after several nights of covering the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., said a member of the National Guard overseeing the demonstrations there used the N-word while speaking with one of his producers.

Lemon said Tuesday that a member of the National Guard — whom he did not identify — was urging the white producer to get out of the area so that the producer would be safe.

“I'm just going to be honest with you,” Lemon said. “Last night, one of my producers said that they — I won't say if it's a he or she, because I don't want to give anyone away — said that they came in contact with one of the members of the National Guard and that they said, ‘You want to get out of here because you're white, because these n-words, you never know what they're going to do.’ True story. I kid you not. 2014, a member of the National Guard. And my producer doesn't lie. It is a true story.”

Suburban Warrior

Law Enforcement Officials Admit Wilson Fired at Brown as He Ran Away

(Little Green Footballs) A New York Times report on the huge differences between the accounts of eyewitnesses to the shooting of Michael Brown and accounts from Ferguson police doesn’t have much new information (if you’ve been following LGF, anyway), but it does show once again how consistent all the eyewitness accounts have been.

However, one new detail is very striking — because it’s the first time I’ve seen police admit that officer Darren Wilson actually fired his weapon at Michael Brown as he was running away.

Here’s the key section:

As Officer Wilson got out of his car, the men were running away. The officer fired his weapon but did not hit anyone, according to law enforcement officials.


Krugman: new study shows Americans think income is much more equal here than in Europe. The opposite

(NYT) Via the FT, a new study compares perceptions of inequality across advanced nations. The big takeaway here is that Americans are more likely than Europeans to believe that they live in a middle-class society, even though income is really much less equally distributed here than in Europe. I’ve truncated the table to show the comparison between the U.S. and France: the French think they live in a hierarchical pyramid when they are in reality mostly middle-class, Americans are the opposite.

LloydS of New London

Sarah Palin: I ‘Hated’ That SNL ‘Portrayed Me as an Idiot’ - Mediaite

(Mediaite) In an excerpt released by The Hollywood Reporter, Palin shares her reaction to Fey’s portrayal of her and the reasons behind her decision to ultimately appear on the show herself:

“I think SNL is egotistical if they believe that it was truly an effect on maybe the public debate about who should lead the country in the next four years.”

“I know that they portrayed me as an idiot, and I hated that, and I wanted to come on the show and counter some of that.”

“If I ran into Tina Fey again today, I would say: ‘You need to at least pay for my kids’ braces or something from all the money that you made off of pretending that you’re me! My goodness, you capitalized on that! Can’t you contribute a little bit? Jeez!’”


Perry booked on felony with 'head held high'

(Houston Chronicle) Gov. Rick Perry has been booked at the Travis County Courthouse Complex, where he maintained that he did the right thing despite being accused of abusing his power.

The Republican governor made remarks before and after being booked Tuesday afternoon around 5 p.m., but he did not answer media questions.


Five Children Murdered After They Were Deported Back To Honduras

(Think Progress) Between five and ten migrant children have been killed since February after the United States deported them back to Honduras, a morgue director told the Los Angeles Times. Lawmakers have yet to come up with best practices to deal with the waves of unaccompanied children apprehended by Border Patrol agents, but some politicians refute claims that children are fleeing violence and are opting instead to fund legislation that would fast-track their deportations.


James Moore writing in Huffpo: Why Rick Perry Will Be Convicted

If the court of public opinion has an impact on a jury's decisions, Texas Governor Rick Perry may have a chance of beating his indictments. While poorly informed Democrats like Obama advisor David Axelrod call the indictments "sketchy," Perry's advisors have him concentrating on defending his constitutional authority to exercise the line item budget veto.

Except that's not what this case is about.

Perry is accused of using his veto authority to coerce a publicly elected official into leaving office. And when the veto threat, and later the actual exercise of the veto didn't work, he may have tried a bit of bribery, which is why he is facing criminal charges.

Not because he exercised his constitutional veto authority.


Redskins show solidarity with Ferguson protests:''Hands up, don't shoot'' protest makes way to NFL

(ESPN) The Washington Redskins secondary emerged from the stadium tunnel during pregame introductions Monday night with hands raised and palms forward.

It was a show of solidarity with the people in Ferguson, Missouri, who are protesting the shooting of teenager Michael Brown.


GOP Attacks On Obamacare Fizzle In Key Senate Races (many Americans are benefiting from the law)

(Think Progress) Obamacare is fading as a cudgel against Democrats in key battleground races poised to determine control of the Senate, according to a new analysis by Bloomberg News.

Since the law's botched rollout last fall, Republicans have been licking their chops over the prospect of riding Obamacare failures to victory in the 2014 elections. But now that the law has recovered and is providing insurance coverage to millions of Americans, issue ads involving the health care law are slowly disappearing in key states like North Carolina, Louisiana and Arkansas.

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Protesters in Oakland join solidarity march tied to Ferguson shooting

1 hr ago - More than 200 protesters took to the streets of Oakland Wednesday evening in another solidarity march tied to the shooting of an 18-year-old man in Ferguson, Missouri. “Hands up! Don’t shoot,” the protesters chanted as they marched from 14th and Bro ... (Ken Pritchett KTVU.com)

Israeli airstrike kills 3 senior Hamas leaders

4 hrs ago - GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — An Israeli airstrike in Gaza killed three senior commanders of the Hamas military wing Thursday, delivering a likely blow to the organization's morale and highlighting the long reach of Israel's intelligence services. Th ... (AP)

CNN's Don Lemon: National Guardsman Used N-Word to Describe Ferguson Protestors

5 hrs ago - CNN's Don Lemon, back in the network's studio after several nights of covering the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., said a member of the National Guard overseeing the demonstrations there used the N-word while speaking with one of his producers. Lemon said ... (Yahoo)

LA to Settle Police-Death Lawsuit For $5 Million (Unarmed, Disabled)

6 hrs ago - LA TO SETTLE POLICE-DEATH LAWSUIT FOR $5 MILLION Aug. 20, 2014 9:56 PM EDT You are here Home » Los Angeles » LA to settle police-death lawsuit for $5 million LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to pay $5 million to the fa ... (Associated Press)

New Secretary of Veterans Affairs visits VA Palo Alto Health Care System

6 hrs ago - During his first visit Wednesday to the VA Palo Alto Health Care System, newly appointed Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald held the facility up as an example to be emulated. "Palo Alto VA medical center is one of the crown jewels of our ... (Palo Alto Daily News)

Answering question on Israel, Bernie Sanders tells townhall hecklers to ‘shut up!’

6 hrs ago - Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has little patience for being heckled. The self-described “socialist,” often named as a liberal alternative to Hillary Clinton in 2016, fought with constituents over Israel and the deaths of Palestinian civilians in Gaza ... (Washington Post)

Indonesia president says Islamic State 'embarrassing' Muslims

8 hrs ago - By AFP3:40AM BST 21 Aug 2014 The president of the world's most populous Muslim-majority country, Indonesia, has called the actions of Islamic State militants "embarrassing" to the religion and urged Islamic leaders to unite in tackling extremism. S ... (AFP Via The Telegraph)

FCC Republican wants to let states block municipal broadband

9 hrs ago - Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler is going to have a fight on his hands if he tries to preempt state laws that limit the growth of municipal broadband networks. Matthew Berry, chief of staff to Republican Commissioner Ajit Pai, ... (Ars Technica)

Voter Registration Drives in Ferguson Are "Disgusting," Says Missouri GOP Leader

9 hrs ago - Over the last couple days, voter registration booths have been popping up in Ferguson. There was one by the ruined site of the recently burned-down QuikTrip convenience store, which has become a central gathering site of the protests, and another nea ... (Mother Jones)

Gaza conflict: Israel PM Netanyahu vows further campaign

9 hrs ago - Israel's military says it carried out 92 air strikes on Wednesday in response to 137 rockets fired from Gaza. Hamas says the wife and child of its military commander, Mohammed Deif, were killed in an Israeli strike on Tuesday. Hostilities resumed o ... (BBC News)

US warns travelers of canceled Venezuela flights

9 hrs ago - Come to Venezuela and you might get a longer trip than you bargained for. The U.S. Embassy in Caracas issued an advisory Tuesday urging Americans to be careful when traveling to Venezuela because of the steep drop in airline service to the South Ame ... (AP)

Judge: Justice Dept must provide list of documents

10 hrs ago - By PETE YOST WASHINGTON (AP) — A federal judge has ordered the Justice Department to provide Congress with a list of documents that are at the center of a long-running battle over a failed law enforcement program called Operation Fast and Furious. ... (AP-Excite)

News Guide: Democrats top GOP campaign committees

10 hrs ago - By PHILIP ELLIOTT WASHINGTON (AP) — Political committees faced a Wednesday deadline to report how much money they raised and spent last month. Highlights: --- The Democratic National Committee edged past its GOP rival in fundraising last month, but ... (AP-Excite)

Texas Gov. Perry formally enters not guilty plea

11 hrs ago - By PAUL J. WEBER and WILL WEISSERT AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry has formally pleaded not guilty to criminal charges of leveraging his power to try to oust a Democratic district attorney convicted of drunken driving, accordin ... (AP-Excite)

Apple's stock bounces back to hit a new high

11 hrs ago - By MICHAEL LIEDTKE SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple's stock touched a new high Wednesday, reflecting investors' renewed faith in CEO Tim Cook's ability to outwit the competition and expand the technological hit factory built by the late Steve Jobs. The m ... (AP-Excite)

Officer who pointed gun at protesters suspended

12 hrs ago - Officer who pointed gun at protesters suspended | August 20, 2014 | Updated: August 20, 2014 6:06pm FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — A police officer who was part of the effort to keep peace during protests in Ferguson has been suspended for pointing a semi- ... (Associated Press)

Ferguson Prosecutor Says No Charge Decision Until October

12 hrs ago - The Missouri grand jury that began considering evidence today in the police killing of an unarmed man won’t decide whether to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson until October “at the earliest,” a spokesman for the local prosecutor said. Th ... (Bloomberg)

'Pistol Packing Preacher' pleads no contest to possession of marijuana

12 hrs ago - 'Pistol Packing Preacher' pleads no contest to possession of marijuana Michelle Heath, Beaumont Enterpise | August 20, 2014 | Updated: August 20, 2014 6:23pm A Beaumont pastor known as the "Pistol Packing Preacher" pled no contest to possession ... (Houston Chronicle)

Argentina says will pay all creditors in Buenos Aires

12 hrs ago - Argentina says will pay all creditors in Buenos Aires POSTED: 21 Aug 2014 02:09 BUENOS AIRES: Argentina said on Wednesday (Aug 20) it will pay all its creditors in Buenos Aires, seeking to circumvent a US court order barring it from repaying the deb ... (Channel News Asia)

Social media pushes back at militant propaganda

12 hrs ago - By ZEINA KARAM and RAPHAEL SATTER BEIRUT (AP) — The extremists of the Islamic State group have turned their social media into a theater of horror, broadcasting a stomach-turning stream of battles, bombings and beheadings to a global audience. The s ... (AP-Excite)

Co-founder of “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” drowns at age 27

13 hrs ago - Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014 01:40 EDT Philanthropist Corey Griffin died on Aug. 16 at the age of 27. Griffin helped co-found the viral “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” which has swept across the world this summer. The young man began actively raising money t ... (Salon)

Neanderthals and Humans May Have Had Sex for Millennia: Study

13 hrs ago - Neanderthals went extinct in Europe about 40,000 years ago, giving them millennia to coexist with modern humans culturally and sexually, new findings suggest. This research also suggests that modern humans did not cause Neanderthals to rapidly go ext ... (NBCNews)

US Military Launched Secret Rescue Operation in Syria for James Foley, Other Americans

13 hrs ago - US Military Launched Secret Rescue Operation in Syria for James Foley, Other Americans Aug 20, 2014, 6:30 PM ET By BRIAN ROSS and JAMES GORDON MEEK U.S. special operations forces early this summer launched a secret, major rescue operation in Syria to ... (ABC)

Missouri official apologizes for racist Facebook posts: ‘I was a very active Republican at the time’

13 hrs ago - Missouri official apologizes for racist Facebook posts: ‘I was a very active Republican at the time’ By Scott Kaufman Wednesday, August 20, 2014 12:14 EDT A Poplar Bluff, Missouri City Councilman is being criticized for posting what some consider t ... (Raw Story)

Confirmed: Microbial life found half mile below Antarctic ice sheet

13 hrs ago - In an icy lake half a mile beneath the Antarctic ice sheet, scientists have discovered a diverse ecosystem of single-celled organisms that have managed to survive without ever seeing the light of the sun. The discovery, reported Wednesday in the jou ... (Los Angeles Times)

US government sells 400,000 acres offshore Texas

13 hrs ago - US government sells 400,000 acres offshore Texas Emily Schmall Associated Press 2:55 p.m. CDT August 20, 2014 The federal government has sold more than 400,000 acres in the Gulf of Mexico off the Texas coast for oil and gas exploration and developme ... (Associated Press)

Guardian: Islamic State militants seize four more foreign hostages in Syria

14 hrs ago - Jihadists flush with arms and relying on shock tactics abduct Europeans and Japanese national as US strikes continue Flush with looted weapons, buoyed by sweeping gains in Syria and eager to shock, Islamic State militants have seized four more forei ... (The Guardian)

Stocks advance for third day, despite Fed minutes

14 hrs ago - By KEN SWEET NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market rose for a third straight day Wednesday despite a report from the Federal Reserve that showed a growing chorus of central bank officials willing to raise interest rates sooner rather than later. In the ... (AP-Excite)