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Put this heartwarming moment in your head before the hate turns up to 11 tomorrow

Ed O'Keefe @edatpost

Group outside White House chanting: "Obama. Amigo. El Pueblo esta contigo." Translation: "Obama. Friend. The public is with you."


Megyn Kelly Accidentally Tells The Truth & Subverts Months Of Fox Fearmongering

Megyn Kelly's Startling Immigration Admission Subverts Months Of Fox Fearmongering, Including Her Own
Kelly Called Executive Action "Amnesty" In July, Now Admits It's A Loaded Term Exploited By Conservatives

"Amnesty is citizenship and that's not what (Obama) is talking about. That's a hot-button term that the right uses to sort of get people upset."


Kobach Wonders If Hispanic Majority Would Conduct 'Ethnic Cleansing' In U.S

(Right Wing Watch) Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a leader in the anti-immigrant movement, said during his radio program that it’s possible that a Hispanic majority in the U.S. could conduct an “ethnic cleansing.” Kobach made his remarks in response to a caller who asked, “What happens, if you know your history, when one culture or one race or one religion overwhelms another culture or race?”


Incoming Nevada Speaker Said Democrats Have ‘Master-Slave’ Relationship With ‘Simple Minded Darkies’

(TPM) The incoming Republican speaker of the Nevada Assembly wrote about the "master-slave relationship" between Democrats and blacks, while also referencing "simple minded darkies," according to a report published Thursday:

"The Democratic coalition would split asunder if the NAACP & co. actually promoted what black Americans truly desire—educational choice. The shrewd and calculating (black) ’leaders’ are willing to sacrifice the children of their own race to gratify their lust for power and position. The relationship of Negroes and Democrats is truly a master-slave relationship, with the benevolent master knowing what’s best for his simple minded darkies. For American blacks, being denied choice and forced to attend the failing and inferior government school system is a form of involuntary servitude. Let’s call it what it truly is—educational slavery."


LOL!!!: Appropriations panel: Defunding immigration order "IMPOSSIBLE"

(The Hill) In a statement released by House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers's (R-Ky.) office hours before Obama's scheduled national address, the committee said the primary agency responsible for implementing Obama's actions is funded entirely by user fees.

As a result, the committee said the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services agency would be able to continue to collect fees and carry out its operations even if the government shut down.


California revenue projected to exceed budget estimates by $2 billion

(Sacramento Bee) Barring a stock market slump that drags down the state’s economy, California budgets will run surpluses through the end of the decade even as temporary tax increases phase out over the coming years, the Legislature’s nonpartisan fiscal analyst said Wednesday.

The fiscal outlook by the Legislative Analyst’s Office also projects that the state will take in $2 billion more in revenue through June than lawmakers expected when they approved the current budget plan. All of the increase will be absorbed by the state’s voter-approved constitutional funding guarantee for schools and community colleges.


"She's gonna be the girl who cried 'rape,' and we'll never be allowed into any frat party again."

(Rolling Stone) When Jackie came to, she was alone. It was after 3 a.m. She painfully rose from the floor and ran shoeless from the room. She emerged to discover the Phi Psi party still surreally under way, but if anyone noticed the barefoot, disheveled girl hurrying down a side staircase, face beaten, dress spattered with blood, they said nothing. Disoriented, Jackie burst out a side door, realized she was lost, and dialed a friend, screaming, "Something bad happened. I need you to come and find me!" Minutes later, her three best friends on campus – two boys and a girl (whose names are changed) – arrived to find Jackie on a nearby street corner, shaking. "What did they do to you? What did they make you do?" Jackie recalls her friend Randall demanding. Jackie shook her head and began to cry. The group looked at one another in a panic. They all knew about Jackie's date; the Phi Kappa Psi house loomed behind them. "We have to get her to the hospital," Randall said.


Legal Panel At Federalist Society Begrudgingly Accepts Obama's Immigration Powers

(HuffPo) Schroeder was speaking specifically about the deferred action program that Obama already has put into place -- the one affecting so-called Dreamers who were brought to the U.S. as children. But later, Schroeder expanded his legal reasoning.

“I don’t know where in the Constitution there is a rule that if the president’s enactment affects too many people, he’s violating the Constitution,” Schroeder said. “There is a difference between executing the law and making the law. But in the world in which we operate, that distinction is a lot more problematic than you would think. If the Congress has enacted a statute that grants discretionary authority for the administrative agency or the president to fill in the gaps, to write the regulations that actually make the statute operative, those regulations to all intents and purposes make the law.


Warren Torches GOP On Economy: 'We Tried It for 30 years, It Was 'Nearly Catastrophic'

(TPM) "The Republicans have a pretty simple philosophy: they say if those at the top have more — more power for Wall Street players to do whatever they want and more money for tax cuts than somehow they can be counted on to build the economy for everyone else," Warren said. "Well, we tried it for 30 years and it didn’t work. In fact the consequences were nearly catastrophic."

"We tested the Republican ideas and they failed, they failed spectacularly. There’s no denying that fact," Warren said. "We know the importance of accountability on Wall Street —the benefits of having a better educated work force. The advantages that come from investments of high speed rail and medical research."


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Police officials respond to 'rules of engagement' sought for Ferguson protests

1 hr ago - CLAYTON • State and local officials on Friday announced that while they have not negotiated with a coalition of protest groups, they did agree on some of the 19 proposed "rules of engagement" in advance of the announcement of a grand jury decision in ... (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

French appeals court upholds Le Pen's fine over insult to Roma

1 hr ago - A French appeals court has upheld the EUR 5 000 fine levied against the former chair of the French ultra-nationalist party Front National (FN), Jean-Marie Le Pen, for saying Romani people are "like birds, fly/steal naturally" a remark that in Frenc ... (Romea)

House intel panel debunks many Benghazi theories

1 hr ago - A two-year investigation by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee has found that the CIA and the military acted properly in responding to the 2012 attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, and asserted no wrongdoing by ... (AP)

Obama chides GOP Congress, heckler ousted in Vegas speech

1 hr ago - Mounting an offensive in Las Vegas behind his immigration directives, President Barack Obama on Friday insisted House Republicans must take up a comprehensive immigration overhaul but said the system is so unfair that it needs the type of fixes that ... (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

FBI Sends 100 Agents to Ferguson Ahead of Grand Jury Decision

2 hrs ago - The FBI has sent about 100 agents to the St. Louis area to help deal with any problems that could arise from the grand jury decision in the police shooting of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown. In addition to the FBI, other federal agencies have also ... (ABC)

Illinois' state pension overhaul ruled unconstitutional

2 hrs ago - An Illinois judge has struck down a pension law designed to right state's listing fiscal ship, saying leaders can't balance their budgets by cutting benefits to unionized state workers. "(T)he state of Illinois made a constitutionally protected prom ... (STL Post-Dispatch)

ACLU wins federal court orders on right to film police in Ferguson, elsewhere

2 hrs ago - ST. LOUIS • The ACLU of Missouri has secured three federal court orders regarding citizens’ right to record police, as the region girds for potential protests in the days ahead. The orders signed by U.S. District Judge John A. Ross are in respo ... (STL Post-Dispatch)

Worker charged in glass-in-Big Mac case wins $437K

2 hrs ago - By JAKE PEARSON NEW YORK (AP) — A former McDonald's worker acquitted of charges he placed shards of glass into a police officer's Big Mac nearly a decade ago has won a $437,000 settlement from the city after arguing the officer fabricated the story ... (AP-EXCITE)

New Report On Lanza: Parental Denial, Breakdowns, Missed Opportunities

2 hrs ago - In February 2007, Yale clinicians identified in Adam Lanza what they believed were profound emotional disabilities and offered him treatment that could give him relief for the first time in his troubled life.. But Adam was angry and anxious, and he ... (Hartford Courant)

U.S. Marshals Service Personnel Dressed as Mexican Marines Pursue Cartel Bosses

3 hrs ago - U.S. Marshals Service Personnel Dressed as Mexican Marines Pursue Cartel Bosses Members of U.S. Marshals Service Join Military Operations in Mexico Against Drug Gangs By Devlin Barrett Updated Nov. 21, 2014 1:42 p.m. ET U.S. Justice Department ... (Wall Street Journal)

‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio Sues President Obama Over Immigration Plan

3 hrs ago - An Arizona police chief who calls himself "America's Toughest Sheriff" sued Barack Obama soon after the U.S. president imposed sweeping immigration reforms, saying the changes were unconstitutional. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose force use ... (The New York Daily News-2 hours ago)

Jennings schools cancel classes next week

4 hrs ago - JENNINGS, Mo. – The Jennings School District has announced there will be no classes next week. NewsChannel 5 spoke with an employee at the district office who said the closure is out of caution over the impending grand jury decision. Students were o ... (KSDK)

Outfitter who maimed prey for clients sentenced

4 hrs ago - Outfitter who maimed prey for clients sentenced | November 21, 2014 | Updated: November 21, 2014 11:29am DENVER (AP) — A western Colorado outfitter who captured and maimed mountain lions and bobcats to make hunting easier for clients has been sen ... (Associated Press)

Biden Dodges Angry Mob In Ukraine

4 hrs ago - By Lucy McCalmont 11/21/14 9:56 AM EST Vice President Joe Biden backed out from appearing with President Petro Poroshenko of Ukraine at a memorial ceremony in Kiev on Friday, when the Secret Service determined it “wasn’t a good idea” after a crowd b ... (Politico)

Redistribution of homes begins in polygamous sect

4 hrs ago - Redistribution of homes begins in polygamous sect By BRADY McCOMBS, Associated Press | November 21, 2014 | Updated: November 21, 2014 12:16pm SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Deeds to two dozen of the 750 homes in Warren Jeffs' polygamous sect that have been ... (Associated Press)

Brooklyn Man Fatally Shot by Police Was Unarmed, Bratton Says

5 hrs ago - A rookie New York City police officer shot and killed an unarmed 28-year-old man in a darkened stairwell in Brooklyn late Thursday night, according to the police. Mayor Bill de Blasio said the shooting appeared to be unprovoked. “We don’t know enou ... (New York Times)

South Africa seeks to move rhinos from harm's way

5 hrs ago - By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA SKUKUZA, South Africa (AP) — The rhino crashes forward, pounding the earth with its broad feet. Then, as a dart's sedative takes hold, it staggers and slouches to the ground, where South African rangers prepare to move the ove ... (AP-EXCITE)

Putin's high approval ratings not real, says Pussy Riot

5 hrs ago - LONDON - President Vladimir Putin may not be as popular as opinion polls suggest in Russia because the public has only limited access to information and the media is tightly controlled, members of the feminist punk protest band Pussy Riot said. Puti ... (Edmonton Sun)

With Ferguson decision looming, Holder issues new police guidance

5 hrs ago - WASHINGTON • With a grand jury decision on the Ferguson shooting death of Michael Brown expected soon, the Justice Department released new guidelines Friday to help "maintain public safety while safeguarding constitutional rights" of demonstrators wh ... (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

House GOP File Lawsuit Against Obama

7 hrs ago - House Republicans on Friday filed a long-awaited lawsuit against President Barack Obama for his use of executive actions, nearly four months after the GOP authorized the suit in a strict party-line vote. The lawsuit accuses the president of abusing ... (NBC)

Bill Cosby's Arizona show canceled amid scandal

8 hrs ago - NEW YORK (AP) — Bill Cosby's February appearance at an Arizona casino has been canceled amid widening allegations of sexual assault. No reason was given by Diamond Desert Casino in Tucson, Arizona for the canceled Feb. 15 show. In the past week, nu ... (AP-EXCITE)

US stocks rise early after rate cut from China

8 hrs ago - U.S. stocks rose sharply in early trading after a surprise interest rate cut in China and a hint of further stimulus for Europe from the head of that region's central bank. The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose nine points, or 0.5 percent, to 2,062 a ... (AP-EXCITE)

China rate cut gives markets a big boost

9 hrs ago - By PAN PYLAS LONDON (AP) — A surprise interest rate cut in China and another hint by the head of the European Central Bank that further stimulus is possible sent stock markets soaring Friday. KEEPING SCORE: In Europe, Germany's DAX jumped 1.9 perce ... (AP-EXCITE)

Toyota recalls nearly 423K Lexuses for fuel leaks

9 hrs ago - DETROIT (AP) — Toyota is recalling nearly 423,000 Lexus luxury brand cars in the U.S. to fix fuel leaks that can cause fires. The recalls affect the 2006 to 2011 GS, 2007 to 2010 LS and the 2006 to 2011 IS models. Toyota says the cars' fuel lines h ... (AP-EXCITE)

UKIP's Reckless wins Rochester and Strood seat

11 hrs ago - UKIP has its second elected MP at Westminster after Mark Reckless won the Rochester and Strood by-election. Mr Reckless took 16,867 votes, 2,920 more than Conservative Kelly Tolhurst's 13,947, with Labour's Naushabah Khan on 6,713 - ahead of the Gre ... (BBC)

Prosecutors drop charges for 3 men 40 years later

12 hrs ago - CLEVELAND (AP) — There is a possibility that three men, two brothers and their best friend, could be reunited nearly 40 years after they were sentenced to death for a 1975 slaying they say they did not commit. Cuyahoga County prosecutors on Thursday ... (Associated Press)

Egypt closes schools in Sinai towns as area inches toward open war

12 hrs ago - Egypt has indefinitely shut schools in two border towns in northern Sinai as the army prepares to intensify a battle with Islamist militants that turned the daily trip to lessons into a "journey of death". Local people say children's education has f ... (Reuters)

Obama’s immigration order gives tech community some – but not all – of what it wants

13 hrs ago - By Nancy Scola November 20 at 6:04 PM The high-tech industry will have at least two things to be happy about in President Obama's speech outlining executive actions he'll take on immigration. The president plans to grant the tech industry some, but ... (Washington Post)

Thousands March in Mexico City Streets for Missing Students

17 hrs ago - Susan Gonzalez - Bloomberg By Eric Martin and Brendan Case Nov 20, 2014 8:38 PM MT - Comments Email Print Tens of thousands of protesters took to the streets in Mexico City to demand that the government strengthen the rule of law after the app ... (Bloomberg)

Woman with gun outside White House is arrested by Secret Service officers

18 hrs ago - A Michigan woman was arrested by Secret Service officers after she was seen walking along the White House’s north fence with a handgun at about 8 p.m. Thursday, authorities said. Secret Service plainclothes officers noticed a woman with a holster ne ... (Wash. Post)