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We're off to Philadelphia and DNC 2016!!!

Found my old shirt from 2008.

We'll be posting regular updates on DU, and also posting pictures in real-time on Instagram for our massive audience of approximately 0 followers.


Clinton/Kaine 2016! Stronger Together! See you in Philly!


Nicholas Kristof: Is Donald Trump a Racist?

(NYT) HAS the party of Lincoln just nominated a racist to be president? We shouldn’t toss around such accusations lightly, so I’ve looked back over more than 40 years of Donald Trump’s career to see what the record says.

One early red flag arose in 1973, when President Richard Nixon’s Justice Department — not exactly the radicals of the day — sued Trump and his father, Fred Trump, for systematically discriminating against blacks in housing rentals.

I’ve waded through 1,021 pages of documents from that legal battle, and they are devastating. Donald Trump was then president of the family real estate firm, and the government amassed overwhelming evidence that the company had a policy of discriminating against blacks, including those serving in the military.


More Thought GOP Convention Was a ‘Disaster’

(Political Wire) A new RABA Research poll finds that 37% of Americans considered the Republican National Convention “a disaster,” while just 24% called it a “success.”

Women voters called the convention a “disaster” instead of a “success” by a 3 to 1 margin.

Among young voters, a whopping 55% called the convention a “disaster,” as opposed to just 13% calling it a “success.”


Josh Marshall: Trump & Putin. Yes, It's Really a Thing

Over the last year there has been a recurrent refrain about the seeming bromance between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. More seriously, but relatedly, many believe Trump is an admirer and would-be emulator of Putin's increasingly autocratic and illiberal rule. But there's quite a bit more to the story. At a minimum, Trump appears to have a deep financial dependence on Russian money from persons close to Putin. And this is matched to a conspicuous solicitousness to Russian foreign policy interests where they come into conflict with US policies which go back decades through administrations of both parties. There is also something between a non-trivial and a substantial amount of evidence suggesting Putin-backed financial support of Trump or a non-tacit alliance between the two men.


Krugman: "Donald Trump, the Siberian Candidate"

(NYT) If elected, would Donald Trump be Vladimir Putin’s man in the White House? This should be a ludicrous, outrageous question. After all, he must be a patriot — he even wears hats promising to make America great again.

But we’re talking about a ludicrous, outrageous candidate. And the Trump campaign’s recent behavior has quite a few foreign policy experts wondering just what kind of hold Mr. Putin has over the Republican nominee, and whether that influence will continue if he wins.

Doctor Jack

I was wrong about Kaine

Until yesterday, I called him "boring" and "dull" and "uninspiring". I gladly admit that I was 100% wrong. Senator Kaine is fiery and passionate but at the same time calm and folksy. He really is like a slightly more soft spoken Joe Biden. Positive and friendly but looks like he could shiv you with no problem, all with a smile on his face. He is the quintessential opposite of Donald Trump. Excellent choice!


Trump probably can't win Ohio, says state's governor, John Kasich

(Philly.com) A "divider" like GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump will have a hard time winning Ohio, an important battleground that could help decide the election in November, said Buckeye State Gov. John Kasich, a former Republican presidential candidate.

"Ohio's a snapshot of the country. People in Ohio want to see a positive agenda, a positive way to move forward," Kasich said Friday in an interview at the Union League of Philadelphia. He attended a fund-raiser for Brian Fitzpatrick, a Bucks County Republican running for an open congressional seat.


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Peru's new president sworn in surrounded by Ivy League aides

4 hrs ago - Peru's new president sworn in surrounded by Ivy League aides Franklin Briceno, Associated Press Updated 11:07 pm, Wednesday, July 27, 2016 LIMA, Peru (AP) — Pedro Pablo Kuczynski assumes Peru's presidency Thursday with a Cabinet that shares h ... (Associated Press)

Obama Offers Sweeping Indictment Of Donald Trump, Vision Of American Unity

4 hrs ago - President Barack Obama on Wednesday night told Americans they face a stark choice in November ― an unusual election that has raised “fundamental” questions “about who we are as a people,” and pitted one of the most qualified candidates in his ... (Huffington Post)

Joe Biden trashes Trump in passionate DNC speech

5 hrs ago - PHILADELPHIA — In an emotional speech that drew on his own ability to overcome incredible adversity, Vice President Biden on Wednesday passionately defended American resilience and urged voters across the country to turn their backs on Donald Trump. ... (MSN/NY Daily News)

Guatemalan judge charges former president in bribery case

6 hrs ago - Guatemalan judge charges former president in bribery case | Thu Jul 28, 2016 2:30am BST A Guatemalan judge on Wednesday charged former President Otto Perez with money laundering and bribery in a massive corruption case in which 52 others were als ... (Reuters)

Melania Trump’s Website, Biography Have Disappeared From The Internet

6 hrs ago - The professional website of Melania Trump, wife of the Republican presidential nominee, has apparently been deleted from the internet as of Wednesday afternoon. The disappearance of Trump’s elaborate website comes just days after news outlets, inclu ... (Huffington Post)

Harry Reid Attacks Republicans’ Patriotism For Enabling Donald Trump

6 hrs ago - PHILADELPHIA ― Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) delivered a characteristically scathing indictment of congressional Republicans in his speech at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night, once again blaming them for the ri ... (Huffington Post)

Professor At Donald Trump’s Alma Mater Calls Him A ‘True Threat To Our Democracy’

6 hrs ago - A professor teaching at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is vowing to do everything he can to keep Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump from winning the general election in November. Eric Schoenberg, an adjunct associate prof ... (Huffington Post)

Good Girls Have Abortions, Too, NARAL Chief Tells DNC

6 hrs ago - PHILADELPHIA ― NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue confronted head-on the stereotype that women who have abortions should be ashamed during remarks Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention. “About 1 in 3 American women have a ... (Huffington Post)

Gabby Giffords Walks On Stage Without Assistance, Addresses DNC To Standing Ovation

6 hrs ago - PHILADELPHIA ― Former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was shot in the head during a massacre five years ago, addressed the Democratic National Convention Wednesday, saying presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will push to reduce gun violen ... (Huffington Post)

WikiLeaks releases hacked Democratic National Committee audio files

6 hrs ago - WikiLeaks released files on Wednesday of what it said were audio recordings pulled from the emails of the Democratic National Committee that were obtained by hacking its servers. The latest release, which came in the middle of the Democratic Nationa ... (Reuters)

Rare new species of beaked whale identified

6 hrs ago - Rare new species of beaked whale identified By PTI | Jul 27, 2016, 06.17 PM IST WASHINGTON: Scientists have identified a rare new species of beaked whales with a size of up to seven metres that ranges from northern Japan across the Pacific Ocean to ... (Economic Times)

At Least 54 Dead in Nepal After Monsoon Rains Trigger Flooding, Landslides

7 hrs ago - More than four dozen people have died in Nepal after monsoon rains triggered flooding and landslides over the last two days. At least 54 deaths have been reported and 20 more are missing, according to the Associated Press, quoting Nepalese Home Mini ... (The Weather Channel)

TV Ratings: DNC Beats RNC by Nearly 5 Million Viewers in Night 2 Final Numbers

7 hrs ago - The final TV ratings are in for the second night of the Democratic National Convention, and once again the DNC attracted a larger audience than its Republican counterparts did last week. From 10-11:15 p.m. — a timeframe that included headline speake ... (Varity)

EU Gives Poland Three Months To Address Concerns About Rule Of Law

8 hrs ago - The European Commission on Wednesday gave Poland three months to boost the powers of its Constitutional Tribunal, stepping up pressure on Warsaw's euroskeptic government to respect the EU's democratic standards. Commission deputy head Frans Timmerma ... (Reuters)

Harry Reid To Intel Community: Give Donald Trump Fake Briefings

8 hrs ago - Harry Reid To Intel Community: Give Donald Trump Fake Briefings “This man is dangerous.” 07/27/2016 05:04 pm ET | Updated 1 hour ago Ryan Grim Washington bureau chief for The Huffington Post Sam Stein Senior Politics Editor, The Huffington Pos ... (huff post)

Pope Says Attacks Shows 'World Is At War', Religion Not To Blame

9 hrs ago - Pope Francis said on Wednesday that a string of recent attacks, including the murder of a priest in France, was proof that the "world is at war". However, speaking to reporters aboard a plane taking him to Poland, the pope said he was not talking ab ... (Reuters)

Hillary Clinton plans to visit Omaha on Monday

9 hrs ago - By Joseph Morton PHILADELPHIA — Hillary Clinton is planning a visit to Omaha on Monday, her campaign said Wednesday. "Hillary Clinton will campaign in Omaha where she will discuss her commitment to building an economy that works for everyone, not j ... (Omaha World Herald)

Cops to Protest Over Black Lives Matter Sign at City Hall

9 hrs ago - SOMERVILLE, Mass. (AP) -- The mayor of a Massachusetts city says he won't remove a Black Lives Matter banner hanging over city hall even as police officers from across the state intend to rally against it. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, a Democr ... (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

Audit: Kansas foster care system puts children at risk

9 hrs ago - Audit: Kansas foster care system puts children at risk Margaret Stafford, Associated Press Updated 5:57 pm, Wednesday, July 27, 2016 KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The Kansas Department of Children and Families' continuing struggles to adequately o ... (Associated Press)

‘Stand your ground’: Charges against officer who killed black man carrying air rifle dropped

11 hrs ago - A judge dismissed charges against a Florida sheriff’s deputy who shot a 33-year-old black man carrying an unloaded air rifle in Broward County in 2013, saying the law enforcement officer was protected under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense ... (Washington Post)

Trump to look at recognizing Crimea as Russian territory, lifting sanctions

11 hrs ago - Donald Trump said Wednesday that, if he is elected president, he would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory and lifting the sanctions against Russia. At a wide-ranging news conference, Trump said he “would be looking into that” when aske ... (Politico)

Uribe to promote ‘no’ rather than abstention in peace vote: Senators

11 hrs ago - Uribe to promote ‘no’ rather than abstention in peace vote: Senators written by Adriaan Alsema July 27, 2016 Colombia’s conservative opposition, led by former President Alvaro Uribe, will promote a “No” vote in an upcoming plebiscite to ratify a pe ... (Colombia Reports)

Dunald Tromp remuves fuut frum muoth un Columbia

11 hrs ago - Dunald Tromp remuves fuut frum muoth un Columbia written by Jack Norman July 27, 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday did exactly what infuriates many Colombians. He misspelled the name of the country in one of his attacks on riva ... (Colombia Reports)

Trump Campaign Chief Dodges Question On Trump's Financial Ties With Russia

11 hrs ago - Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort said Wednesday morning that Trump does not have business interests in Russia, but his answers to questions about Trump's relationship to Russia during an interview with CBS' "This Morning" were vague and left unansw ... (TPM)

Turkey coup attempt: 'Dozens of media outlets shut'

12 hrs ago - Three news agencies, 16 TV channels, 45 papers and 15 magazines will be shut. Separately, nearly 1,700 soldiers have reportedly been discharged. ... Earlier on Wednesday, the authorities ordered the detention of another 47 journalists - just several ... (BBC)

Publix heiress donates $800k to fight medical marijuana legislation

13 hrs ago - The family behind grocery store chain Publix has donated thousands of dollars to a campaign fighting medical marijuana legislation in Florida, records show. The Miami New Times reports the Carol Jenkins Barnett Family Trust donated $800,000 to Drug ... (http://www.palmbeachpost.com)

Ex-CIA chief questions Trump’s loyalty to the US after asking Russia to help him win election

14 hrs ago - Donald Trump sparked outrage on Wednesday when he encouraged the Russian government to find and leak Hillary Clinton’s emails that were deleted from her private server while she served as Secretary of State. Now former CIA chief Leon Panetta has tol ... (RawStory/CNN)

Paul Ryan Spox: Putin Is 'Thug' Who Should 'Stay Out Of This Election'

14 hrs ago - The top spokesperson for House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) had strong words in response to Donald Trump's call for Russian hackers to "find" and release the deleted emails from Hillary Clinton's private server. "Russia is a global menace led by a devio ... (Talking Points Memo)

Donald Trump: Geneva Conventions Are ‘Out of Date’

15 hrs ago - Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, Donald Trump agreed with the statement that the Geneva Conventions outlawing war crimes were “out of date,” and reiterated his support for “enhanced interrogation” of terror suspects. “Do you think the Genev ... (Mediaite)

Trump Now Says He Never Met Putin After Bragging About Chats With Him

15 hrs ago - Donald Trump said Wednesday that he has never actually met Russian President Vladimir Putin despite bragging multiple times recently about conversations he has had with him. "He said one nice thing about me. He said I'm a genius. I said thank you ve ... (TPM)