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Boehner Encourages Obama To Take Executive Action, One Day After Voting To Sue Obama Over It

(Think Progress) Hours before Congress broke for the August recess, House Republicans claimed that the President could use executive action to fix the border situation with unaccompanied children fleeing violence in the Central American countries of Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. In a press statement released Thursday, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) and other House Republican leaders indicated that President Obama could address the crisis “without the need for congressional action,” a statement tinged with some irony given that just the day before, House Republicans had slammed the President with a lawsuit claiming executive overreach.

“This situation shows the intense concern within our conference – and among the American people – about the need to ensure the security of our borders and the president’s refusal to faithfully execute our laws,” the House Republican leadership press release stated. “There are numerous steps the president can and should be taking right now, without the need for congressional action, to secure our borders and ensure these children are returned swiftly and safely to their countries.”

Omaha Steve

How A Seed Saver (DU's own NRaleighLiberal) Discovered One Of Our Favorite Tomatoes

(NPR) Fortunately for those of us who are suckers for novelty, every year fruits and vegetables seem to come in more bewitching colors, shapes and flavors. Lately, we've been tickled by the cotton candy grape and the vibrant orange Turkish eggplant. (Egg yolks can be ghostly white, too, but that's another story.)

If you go to the farmers market this time of year, tomatoes are strutting their stuff in all sorts of glorious and quirky hues: green striped, white, pink, even purplish-brown. They boast intriguing names, like Mortgage Lifter, Arkansas Traveler and Pink Berkeley Tie Dye. Some are true heirlooms, passed down over decades or centuries. Others are brand new to the world, the progeny of the latest cross-breeding experiments.


GOP Self Destructs As Boehner Won’t Let Republicans Leave Until They Pass Border Bill

(Politicus USA) It is a shame that grown men and women have to be threatened to do the job that the taxpayers are paying them to do. All of the recent chaos was started by Sen. Ted Cruz, who met with a group of House Republicans and encouraged them to oppose the border bill. House Republican leaders were forced to pull their meager bill dealing with the border crisis after it was clear that they did not have enough votes for passage.

After trying to blame Obama for their inability to pass legislation, Speaker Boehner and the House Republican leadership moved on to Plan B, which is to not let House Republicans go on vacation until he gets his way. The border bill has turned into yet another Republican caused train wreck.


CNN Anchor Bill Weir to Fox Nation: ‘You Willfully Ignorant F*cksticks’

(Mediaite) The story, aggregated from the Washington Times, relates to a Denver visit by former Vice President Al Gore‘s “Climate Reality Project” for EPA hearings on power plant emissions. The group showed up to hand out ice cream even though it was 58 degrees.

Weir retweeted the link, with his own comment: “Weather is not climate, you willfully ignorant fucksticks.”


Hospitals Benefit From Big Drop In Uninsured Patients Under Obamacare

(TPM) Hospitals continue to report a significant drop in their number of uninsured patients as Obamacare coverage takes full effect, boosting their bottom lines, Bloomberg News reported Wednesday.

Hospital Corporation of America, the biggest for-profit hospital network in the country, reported a 6.6 percent decrease in uninsured patients across its 165 hospitals, according to Bloomberg. And in the four states where HCA operates that expanded Medicaid, the drop was 48 percent.


Krugman: Liberals really should be celebrating. California shows how Obamacare can and should work..

(NYT) So it now appears that most of California’s uninsured — 58 percent of the total, or well over 60 percent of those eligible (because undocumented immigrants aren’t covered) have gained insurance in the first year. Considering the complexity of the scheme, that’s really impressive, and it strongly suggests that next year, once those who missed out have had a chance to learn via word of mouth, California will have gotten much of the way toward universal coverage for legal residents.

But there’s something else the Kaiser report drives home: most of those gaining coverage are doing so not via the exchanges (although those are important too) but via Medicaid. And that’s important as an answer to critics of Obamacare from the left.


McConnell's Opponent,Alison Lundergan Grimes, Uses 'McConnelling' Video Against Him

(TPM) Remember McConnelling? The internet meme borne out of what a wordless video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) awkwardly smiling at the camera and meeting with constituents.

Outsiders speculated that the video was designed to be extra footage, or b-roll, that outside political action groups could use to make TV ads, but now McConnell's opponent is taking advantage of it.


President Obama to GOP: 'Stop Just Hating All the Time'

(AP) Pointing the finger at Republicans for congressional inaction, President Barack Obama chided lawmakers Wednesday for spending the waning days before their month-long summer break trying to sue him rather than addressing economic issues that could boost the middle class.

"Stop being mad all the time. Stop just hating all the time. Come on," the president said in a boisterous and sharply partisan speech in Kansas City.


Pope Francis sounds too much like Obama to be honored by Congress, Republican says

(Raw Story) A bipartisan congressional resolution that would honor Pope Francis before his potential appearance in Philadelphia next year may not be acted upon because of Republican worries that the pontiff is perceived as being "too liberal," The Hill reports.

House Resolution 440 aims to "congratulate Pope Francis on his election and recognize his inspirational statements and actions," but according to one Republican backer of the legislation, the resolution is dead because Pope Francis is "sounding like Obama. (The pope) talks about equality — he actually used the term 'trickle-down economics,' which is politically charged."

Omaha Steve

Senate bill would end NSA phone records collection

(AP) Sen. Patrick Leahy on Tuesday introduced a bill to end the National Security Agency's bulk collection of phone records, a proposal that goes further than a similar House measure and has drawn support from civil liberties groups, the White House and Republicans.

The bill represents the latest step in fulfilling a January promise by President Barack Obama to end the NSA's collection of domestic calling records. If enacted, it would represent the most significant change to come in the wake of the leaks of once-secret surveillance programs by former NSA systems administrator Edward Snowden.

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Israel Bombards Gaza As It Searches For Soldier

1 hr ago - GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel is striking dozens of sites in Gaza as it continues a massive search for an officer it fears was captured by Hamas militants. Palestinians officials say at least 35 Palestinians have been killed in the early morni ... (Associated Press)

Explosion at factory in eastern China kills dozens

1 hr ago - An explosion at a factory in eastern China has killed at least 65 people, according to Chinese state media. More than 100 people were injured in the blast in Kunshan, a city in the eastern province of Jiangsu, China's official Xinhua news agency sai ... (BBC)

Obama readies executive action on immigration

2 hrs ago - President Obama is preparing to announce new measures that would potentially allow millions of illegal immigrants to remain in the United States without fear of deportation, a politically explosive decision that could jolt Washington just weeks befor ... (Washington Post)

Two Palestinians Killed By IDF in West Bank Clashes

2 hrs ago - Two Palestinians killed by IDF in West Bank clashes By JPOST.COM STAFF LAST UPDATED: 08/01/2014 20:43 One killed as some 1,200 Palestinians protest against Israel's operation in Gaza; in Ramallah, protestors clash with IDF forces. Israeli forces ... (Jerusalem Post)

Stay Sought in Ruling on Va. Gay-Marriage Ban

3 hrs ago - Stay Sought in Ruling on Va. Gay-Marriage Ban RICHMOND, Va. — Aug 1, 2014, 10:19 PM ET By STEVE SZKOTAK Associated Press A county court clerk in northern Virginia on Friday sought to delay a federal appeals court ruling striking down the state's sa ... (ABC News - Associated Press)

2 Americans detained in North Korea seek US help

4 hrs ago - By ERIC TALMADGE PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Two American tourists charged with "anti-state" crimes in North Korea said Friday they expect to be tried soon and pleaded for help from the U.S. government to secure their release from what they say co ... (AP-Excite)

S&P 500 has its worst week in 2 years

4 hrs ago - By KEN SWEET NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks fell for a second day Friday, adding to the massive sell-off the day before and giving the market its worst week in two years. Investors found little reason to move money into stocks, faced with the growing ... (AP-Excite)

Plan unveiled to dismantle San Onofre

4 hrs ago - Owners of the San Onofre nuclear plant on Friday made public for the first time a detailed road map for dismantling the site’s twin nuclear reactors and safeguarding highly radioactive waste. Southern California Edison hopes to remove the plant, san ... (San Diego Union-Tribune)

House votes to approve border security measure

6 hrs ago - House Republicans managed Friday to overcome deep divisions within the party and passed a measure to address the child-migrant surge at the U.S.-Mexico border. The bill would provide emergency funding to deal with the crisis and speed up the deporta ... (Washington Post)

Market Basket halts pay to senior employees

7 hrs ago - Market Basket executives ratcheted up the pressure on its protesting workforce Friday by withholding paychecks of a group of middle managers to ensure they report to work on Monday, the deadline the company has set for employees to return to their jo ... (Boston Globe)

Arizona Used 15 Doses Of Lethal Drugs To Execute Inmate (gasped for air 660 times before death)

7 hrs ago - Last week, Arizona executed Joseph Wood. The procedure took nearly two hours and documents released Friday show that it took 15 doses of lethal drugs to kill Wood. The documents show that Wood was given 750 mg each of Midazolam and Hydromorphone duri ... (Buzz Feed & Arizona Republic Aug. 1, 2014 6:03PM)

Berkshire Hathaway reports soaring second-quarter profits

8 hrs ago - By Russell Hubbard Berkshire Hathaway Inc. said Friday that second-quarter profit soared on enormous increases from investing income. The Omaha conglomerate led by Chief Executive Warren Buffet said net income was $6.4 billion, or $3,889 per Class ... (Omaha World Herald)

U.S. gifts $8 billion to Ukraine for border protection

8 hrs ago - The U.S. will be providing Ukraine with an additional $8 billion to bolster its border guard capabilities, the White House announced Friday. Vice President Joe Biden announced Friday that the U.S. will provide approximately $8 billion to help bolst ... (UPI)

Bones found near dictatorship torture chamber in Chile

9 hrs ago - Bones found near dictatorship torture chamber in Chile    By AFP 41 mins ago Human bones have been found near a military base in central Chile where political prisoners were tortured during the dictatorship of Augus ... (Agence France-Presse)

Poland honors fighters on 70th anniversary of Warsaw Uprising against Nazi Germans

10 hrs ago - Poland on Friday honored the fighters and victims of a 1944 rebellion against Nazi Germans by laying wreaths, lighting candles and singing insurgent tunes to mark the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. On Aug. 1, 1944, thousands of poorly-arme ... (Associated Press)

Goodell defends NFL's 2-game suspension of Rice for domestic violence

10 hrs ago - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell defended the league on Friday against criticism that it was too lenient in suspending Ray Rice two games for his "horrible mistake." "We just can't make up the discipline," Goodell said. "It has to be consistent with o ... (cbsnews.com)

Obama, Putin Talk Ukraine Separatists, Nuclear Missiles

10 hrs ago - BY Associated Press August 1, 2014 at 1:46 PM EDT WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama has spoken to Russian President Vladimir Putin to reiterate concern about Russia’s support of separatists in Ukraine and about Russian compliance with a 1987 nucl ... (Associated Press)

Obama: After 9/11, 'we tortured some folks'

11 hrs ago - President Barack Obama acknowledged Friday that US officials had "tortured some folks" in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks, but urged they not be judged too harshly. The US administration is expected to release a declassified Senate r ... (AFP)

62 killed in Gaza; Israeli soldier feared captured

11 hrs ago - By IBRAHIM BARZAK and DANIEL ESTRIN GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israeli forces, backed by heavy tank fire and airstrikes, moved deeper into southern Gaza late Friday in search of a soldier apparently captured in a clash with Hamas militants earlier ... (AP-EXCITE)

Evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosions

11 hrs ago - By GLADYS TSAI and RALPH JENNINGS KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan (AP) — Hundreds of people who fled from gas pipeline explosions in Taiwan's second-largest city returned to their homes Friday after authorities said there was no more risk of blasts like the serie ... (AP-EXCITE)

Legislation authorizing $1.3B for autism research passes Senate, awaits president's signature

11 hrs ago - on August 01, 2014 at 1:58 PM, updated August 01, 2014 at 2:05 PM File photo of U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-4th District). (Courtesy of Chris Smith) Legislation sponsored by U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-4th District) authorizing $1.3 billion over five ye ... (By Nicole Mulvaney | Times of Trenton)

Medical Examiner Rules Eric Garner's Death a Homicide, Says He Was Killed By Chokehold

12 hrs ago - The city medical examiner has ruled the death of Eric Garner, the 43-year-old father whose death in police custody sparked national outrage, a homicide, saying a chokehold killed him. The medical examiner said compression of the neck and chest, alon ... (NBC 4 New York)

Utah lobbyists required to wear badges at Capitol

12 hrs ago - Utah lobbyists required to wear badges at Capitol By MICHELLE L. PRICE, Associated Press | August 1, 2014 | Updated: August 1, 2014 12:07pm SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Lobbyists at Utah's Capitol became marked people on Friday, as a new law went into ef ... (Associated Press)

Kerry condemns 'outrageous' Gaza truce violations

12 hrs ago - The Obama administration on Friday condemned violations of the internationally-brokered Gaza cease-fire by Palestinian militants and said the apparent abduction of an Israeli soldier was a "barbaric" action. Secretary of State John Kerry denounced a ... (AP)

Iowa Democrats exploring ways to expand caucus

12 hrs ago - WASHINGTON (AP) — Democrats in Iowa are devising ways to expand access to their state's leadoff presidential caucuses, addressing concerns raised by Hillary Rodham Clinton following her disappointing finish in 2008. Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Sc ... (AP)

Appeals court upholds genital searches at Guantánamo

12 hrs ago - Posted on Friday, 08.01.14 Appeals court upholds genital searches at Guantánamo Michael Doyle McClatchy Washington Bureau WASHINGTON -- An appeals court on Friday upheld genital searches of Guantánamo Bay detainees who are going to meet with the ... (McClatchy News)

Taco Bell manager fired in Indianapolis for hiring Hispanic employees, lawsuit claims

12 hrs ago - Taco Bell manager fired in Indianapolis for hiring Hispanic employees, lawsuit claims By Eric W. Dolan Friday, August 1, 2014 12:33 EDT A former general manager at Taco Bell has sued the Mexican fast food restaurant, claiming she was fired from her ... (Raw Story)

Conservative KY judge says black defendant in Obama t-shirt ‘lucky to get out of here alive’

12 hrs ago - Conservative KY judge says black defendant in Obama t-shirt ‘lucky to get out of here alive’ By Scott Kaufman Friday, August 1, 2014 14:39 EDT A Louisville, Kentucky judge up for reelection is being criticized for controversial comments about Afric ... (Raw Story)

Probe Of Ex-Rep. David Rivera Hinges On Friend

12 hrs ago - Probe Of Ex-Rep. David Rivera Hinges On Friend AP | By CURT ANDERSON Posted: 08/01/2014 1:12 pm EDT Updated: 41 minutes ago MIAMI (AP) — After four years of unrelenting investigations, former U.S. Rep. David Rivera's fate in a crimin ... (Associated Press)

Senate approves more money for Israel's Iron Dome

12 hrs ago - Washington (CNN) -- Divided on other issues, U.S. lawmakers united in support of Israel on Friday with the Senate approving another $225 million for the Iron Dome missile defense system. The House could take up the measure later Friday. Senate appr ... (CNN)