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Michael Moore: "My 12 Years of Support for the Troops"

(Facebook) Before I post my more general thoughts later today or tomorrow about the ruckus of the past week regarding the response to my heartfelt comment on twitter about my uncle who was killed in World War II by a sniper - and how I was taught to despise snipers of any stripe - I would like to address this one insane mantra that the right-wing has twisted my tweet into: "Michael Moore hates the troops."

Well, who would know better about hating our troops than those who supported sending them into a senseless war Iraq in the first place?


Leftist Anti austerity party wins big in Greece

(Guardian) The anti-austerity far left party Syriza has won the Greek election by a decisive margin, but just short of an outright majority. With more than three-quarters of the results in Syriza is projected to win 149 seats in the 300 seat parliament.


Dropkick Murphys Order Scott Walker To Stop Using Their Music: ‘We Literally Hate You!’

(Inquisitr) Punk rock and politics may have always shared a common unification, but that doesn’t mean bands like The Dropkick Murphys will allow their music to be used for just any political purpose, especially if that politician is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

When Scott recently took to the stage at the Iowa Freedom Summit to speak in front of many key members of the Republican party, he did so to the tune of Dropkick Murphy’s cover of the Woody Guthrie song “”I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” reported conservative news source Twitchy. Walker apparently didn’t realize that the Dropkick Murphys are assertively pro-union — an interest unlikely to find any common ground with the governor. Walker has become a national whipping boy for the anti-union cause, previously reported Inquisitr.


Sarah Palin delivers ‘bizarro’ speech to Iowa Freedom Summit and Twitter users react hilariously

(Raw Story) Appearing at Iowa Congressman Steve King’s Freedom Summit, star speaker Sarah Palin spoke from a binder of notes, delivering a string of one-liners designed to fire up conservatives while interspersing them with stock and sometimes garbled patriotic platitudes.

National media covering the event — and viewers watching it live on C-Span — lit up Twitter with running commentary on the linguistic twists and turns Palin made as her own Twitter account pumped out tweets directing followers to her political action committee, SarahPAC.

Omaha Steve

Obama to seek wilderness designation for Alaska refuge

(AP) President Barack Obama says he will ask Congress to designate more than 12 million acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, including the Coastal Plain, as a wilderness area. The designation would seal the area off from oil exploration and give it the highest degree of federal protection available to public lands.

The nearly 20 million acre refuge has long been a piece of contentious land in the struggle between conservationists and advocates of greater energy exploration in the United States.


Here Are All the Senators Who Do and Don’t Believe in Human-Caused Climate Change

(Wired) Brian Schatz, Democrat from Hawaii, decided to push the issue. He introduced another amendment adding that human activity was a significant contributor to the aforementioned climate change. And the Senate voted again.

The results? Ahem. Fifty US senators affirmed that they indeed do believe that the activities of human beings contribute to climate change. OK. But 49 senators—fully half the upper house that represents our grand republic—do not.


House & Senate Democrats Introduce 12 Bills Targeted at Campaign Finance Reform

(HuffPo) On Wednesday, the fifth anniversary of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, House and Senate Democrats aimed all the spotlights at campaign finance reform. They introduced a dozen bills designed to reduce the influence of money in politics. And they drew a clear line from fixing the electoral system to lifting up middle-class Americans.

"If anyone thinks that the issues of the economy, the minimum wage, overtime, job creation, climate change, education are not directly related to campaign finance reform, you are terribly wrong," Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) told reporters at the Democrats' press event.


CREW Files Complaint Against Rep. Louie Gohmert For Billing London Trip to Campaign

(CREW) Today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) filed a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) for violating House ethics rules by using campaign funds to pay for a trip to England last fall unrelated to any campaign activities.


New Senate Environment Chair Gets His Gavel, Goes On Rant Arguing Climate Science Is A Hoax

(Think Progress) Wednesday was a big day for Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK). In the morning, he officially took the gavel as chairman of the Senate’s Environment Committee. In the afternoon, he took the Senate floor for a long speech about how human-caused climate change is fake.

In sum, the speech has everything. References to the oft-debunked “ClimateGate” stolen e-mail “scandal”, a poster of a Time Magazine cover from 1974 claiming an ice age is coming, and multiple references to former Vice President Al Gore. It has a mention of a survey of weather-casters who think global warming is caused by natural variation, but does not mention that weather-casters are not climate scientists. It even includes the claim that the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “started” the whole idea that climate change is happening, even though the idea was conceived about 200 years ago.


Clinton Holds Solid Leads Over All GOP Challengers

(ABC News) Hillary Clinton’s “potential place in history and her husband’s tenure in the White House boost her presidential prospects, while Jeb Bush’s political legacy and Mitt Romney’s 2012 run for the office are negatives,” a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds.

“Clinton leads both in hypothetical head-to-head matchups at this early stage – as well as Rand Paul, Chris Christie and Mike Huckabee alike. The national survey finds 53 to 56 percent support for Clinton among registered voters against each of these potential Republican candidates, while they get 39 to 41 percent. One reason is that Clinton is stronger in her political base, given the far more fragmented nature of the current GOP field.”


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Police raid southern French town with strong jihadi network

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Koch Brothers’ Budget of $889 Million for 2016 Is on Par With Both Parties’ Spending

4 hrs ago - The political network overseen by the conservative billionaires Charles G. and David H. Koch plans to spend close to $900 million on the 2016 campaign, an unparalleled effort by coordinated outside groups to shape a presidential election that is alre ... (NY Times)

Auschwitz Ceremony Marks 70 Years Since Liberation

5 hrs ago - Survivors of Auschwitz visited the site of the former concentration camp in Poland on Monday to mark the 70th anniversary of its liberation. The private visits by survivors to the camp came on the eve of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, whic ... (Newsweek)

Letter: Fidel Castro Supports Diplomatic Talks With U.S., Despite Misgivings

5 hrs ago - By Patrick Oppmann, CNN Updated 0604 GMT (1404 HKT) January 27, 2015 Havana, Cuba (CNN)A message reported to be from retired Cuban leader Fidel Castro late Monday endorsed the fledgling talks to restore diplomatic relations between Cuba and the Uni ... (CNN)

Obama Includes Republicans In Big Delegation To Meet New Saudi King

5 hrs ago - NEW DELHI Tue Jan 27, 2015 10:00am IST Jan 27 (Reuters) - President Barack Obama will fly a 30-member delegation including top officials and Republican foreign policy veterans to Riyadh on Tuesday to meet new Saudi Arabian King Salman as the crisis ... (REUTERS)

Deputy: Police kill man who fired at officers in Minnesota

7 hrs ago - NEW HOPE, Minn. (AP) — A gunman opened fire inside a suburban Minneapolis city building Monday night, injuring two police officers before authorities returned fire and killed him, the county sheriff’s department said. Hennepin County Sheriff’s Offic ... (WBAY-TV, ABC affiliate in Green Bay, Wisconsin)

FBI recovers 6 minors, arrests 2 in Denver Stock Show sex trade sting

7 hrs ago - Federal and local law enforcement officials recovered six child victims of domestic sex trafficking and arrested two alleged traffickers during the 2015 National Western Stock Show. The children — ranging in age from 14- to 17-years-old — were victi ... (Denver Post)

Pope Francis Holds Private Audience With Transgender Man

7 hrs ago - This weekend at the Vatican, Pope Francis met with a Spanish transgender man, Diego Neria Lejárraga, after he wrote a letter to the Pope complaining that his church discriminated against him following his gender-reassignment surgery. The Washington B ... (Philadelphia Magazine)

Millions of cars tracked across US in 'massive' real-time spying program

7 hrs ago - The United States government is tracking the movement of vehicles around the country in a clandestine intelligence-gathering programme that has been condemned as a further official exercise to build a database on people’s lives. The Drug Enforcement ... (The Guardian)

Senate Democrats Payback GOP Obstruction With First Successful Filibuster Of Keystone XL

9 hrs ago - By: Jason Easley Monday, January, 26th, 2015, 7:39 pm Republicans got a taste of their own medicine as Senate Democrats successfully filibustered an attempt by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to end the debate on the bill to authorize the constr ... (PoliticusUSA)

Union says California Kaiser nurses reach contract agreement

9 hrs ago - SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A union says Kaiser Permanente nurses in California have approved a new contract that boosts pay and improves patient care along with health and safety protections for nurses. The California Nurses Association said Monday that r ... (AP)

NYC, Boston ban road travel as huge storm hits

10 hrs ago - John Bacon A historic snowstorm blasted its way through the Northeast on Monday, bringing with it havoc, flight cancellations, school closings and worry that up to 3 feet of snow and hurricane-force winds might be on the horizon. Both New York City ... (USA Today)

CBO: Deficit to shrink to lowest level of Obama presidency

10 hrs ago - By STEPHEN OHLEMACHER WASHINGTON (AP) — Solid economic growth will help the federal budget deficit shrink this year to its lowest level since President Barack Obama took office, according to congressional estimates released Monday. The Congressiona ... (AP-Excite)

The Obama administration wants to dramatically change how doctors are paid

12 hrs ago - The Obama administration on Monday announced an ambitious goal to overhaul the way doctors are paid, tying their fees more closely to the quality of care rather than the quantity. Rather than pay more money to Medicare doctors simply for every proce ... (Washington Post)

McDonnell to remain free pending appeal

12 hrs ago - Former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell will remain free while his appeal is adjudicated — a significant victory for the onetime Republican rising star and a signal that a higher federal court might see some merits in his arguments. In a two-pa ... (Washington Post)

Argentina to dissolve intelligence body after prosecutor death

12 hrs ago - President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has announced plans to disband Argentina's intelligence agency. In a TV address, she said she would draft a bill to set up a new body. Ms Kirchner said the intelligence services had kept much of the same str ... (BBC)

Russian riot police raid Crimean Tatar TV channel

12 hrs ago - Moscow (AFP) - Masked Russian riot police on Monday raided the office of a television channel serving Crimean Tatars, a minority ethnic group in Crimea that opposed Moscow's seizure of the peninsula from Ukraine last year. In a move the Organization ... (Agence France-Presse via Yahoo)

Report: NFL Focusing Investigation On Patriots Locker Room Attendant

12 hrs ago - NFL focusing investigation on Patriots’ locker room attendant, report says The NFL investigation of Deflategate is focusing on a Patriots locker room attendant who allegedly removed the game footballs from the officials’ locker room before the AF ... (The Boston Globe)

Obamacare cost to be 20% less than forecast, budget office says

12 hrs ago - President Obama's healthcare law will cost about 20% less over the next decade than originally projected, the Congressional Budget Office reported Monday, in part because lower-than-expected healthcare inflation has led to smaller premiums. So far, ... (LA Times)

Natural-gas line explodes in West Virginia

13 hrs ago - Near Follansbee, WV, in Brooke County, across from Steubenville, Ohio. ... (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Producer Alan Ladd’s Wife Accuses Bill Cosby of Drugging, Raping Her in 1969

13 hrs ago - Cindra Ladd, a former film industry exec and wife of producer Alan Ladd Jr., is the latest woman to accuse Bill Cosby of raping and drugging her years ago. In a first-person article published by Huffington Post, Ladd recounts her experience with Cos ... (Variety)

The Supreme Court Allowed A Man To Be Executed, Then They Took His Case

15 hrs ago - Just over a week ago, the Supreme Court denied a stay of execution to an Oklahoma inmate named Charles Warner over the dissent of the Court’s four more liberal members. According to Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissent, the drug cocktail that Oklahoma p ... (Think Progress)

C.I.A. Officer in Leak Case, Jeffrey Sterling, Is Convicted of Espionage

15 hrs ago - Jeffrey A. Sterling, a former Central Intelligence Agency officer, was convicted of espionage charges Monday, according to The Associated Press, for telling a journalist for The New York Times about a secret operation to disrupt Iran’s nuclear progra ... (New York Times)

FBI: We Found Three Russian Spies In New York City

16 hrs ago - The FBI announced on Monday that it had busted a Russian spy ring. According to a federal complaint filed by FBI special agent Gregory Monaghan in a Manhattan federal court on Friday, an alleged spy, Evgeny Buryakov, posed as a banker in the New Yor ... (Business Insider)