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Member since: Sat Mar 21, 2020, 02:43 AM
Number of posts: 1,361

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Quit Saying Susan Collins Is A No Vote

She's CONCERNED, but she has Not said she would vote No.

It is her valued opinion, that any vote should be held off on, with the Election Winner getting to make the pick.

She DOES NOT say that if there is a vote, she'll vote No.

She knows she's going to lose anyways, and will do this for the party. Roe Vs Wade proponent MY ASS. She couldn't care less about it, and will gladly vote for whomever her Leader nominates.

Just watch....she'll probably use the fact it's a woman as her justification.

It Sickens Me That They May Get Clobbered, But Will Still Get This Victory Lap

They're going to act like the Scorned Assholes that they are.

They will probably get washed out of office in 45 days, and then take their revenge by appointing someone that All Those who voted against them and won, would not approve of.

They'll do it because they can, and they'll do it because that's the kind of Assholes that they are. They are evil, and they'll take whatever they can get, right or wrong.

Breaking: More Free Paper Towels For Puerto Rico!

Got to get those Latino votes in Florida.

It will probably work. American voters seem to have short term memories.

Fan Who Attended Texans-Chiefs NFL Opener Tests Positive For COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. A fan who attended the season opening NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans has tested positive for COVID-19, the Kansas City Health Department announced Thursday.

After the fan tested positive the day after the game, which was held on Sept. 10, the health department and the Chiefs identified and contacted the 10 people who had close contact with the individual, and all of them have since been notified and told to quarantine.


How Long Do You Think, Before The MSM Reports The WH Positives & Israeli Quarantine News?

I predict another 1 1/2 hours. I'm sure they're just confirming and reconfirming, and so on.....

Oh, in other news they're not covering, Jared Kushner was supposed to do an MSNBC interview today apparently, and cancelled at the last minute.

Book Idea

Someone needs to interview Drumpf supporters at these rallies, and write a book made up of all the intelligent statements and quotes they get. They need a good reporter, who can ask highly relevant questions, and then simply listen to the INSANE responses they receive.

Yesterday there was a woman saying that she's able to sing the Star Spangled Banner, which means she has no difficulty breathing. She said she knows that she doesn't have covid, and then gestured to the people in line behind her and said that she knows none of them have it either.

It just boggles the mind.

Not Always Easy To PROVE Where One Contracted The Virus

That's the basis for all their Talking Point Bullshit.

Sure, Herman Cain died from Covid-19, but can you prove he caught it at the rally? No, you can't. He probably did, but then they'll say, but he might not have. Correct.

Same with Sturgis and those attending his recent rallies. Some may get the virus, some may die, but there is no way to PROVE that they came down with it at the rally.

In fact, I guarantee that instead of saying it's possible they got it at the rally, they would stand there and argue about all the other places they've been, where they might have gotten it.

We're dealing with DELUSIONAL people, who will take a bullet for their Cult Leader.

Did The Princess Bride Livestream Site Crash?

It hasn't started, and I tried to get to site from another browser, but it's down.

Drumpf Merchandise Booths Have Been Appearing In My South Orange County, CA Area The Last Few Weeks

I've seen them in Laguna Hills & Laguna Niguel. They're little canopy structures, set up like a merchandise booth, and they have primarily Drumpf merch, but also USA (Red, White & Blue) stuff and some Harley Davidson merchandise.

They set up outside of the parking lot, it seems like usually along a grassy area next to the sidewalk. I guess technically that's public property, and so long as they're not in the walkway itself, that's fine?

Anyways, I've seen them several times, and I think only once did I see what I assume was a customer there.

Not sure what to make of it. Either a sign of desperation, or simply wanting to get people to buy Drumpf paraphernalia and then display it to let everyone know what a DOUCHEBAG you are.

I have seen 2 or 3 Biden stickers on vehicles though, and can't actually say I've seen a lot of Drumpf stickers at this point. Will definitely keep an eye on this over the next 53 days.

Bruce Springsteen - Into The Fire (Live)

In honor of 9/11. One of the greatest musical tributes to the Heroes that day.

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