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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 23,592

About Me

San Francisco State University grad (Psychology).

Journal Archives

Post a Rock & Roll Trivia Question

What was the first American TV show The Rolling Stones ever appeared on?

Post some famous people & see if anyone can guess the one you, or a family member, is related to

Post a few famous people and see if anyone can guess the one you, or a family member, are related to.

I'll post 7, it's my lucky number.

Abraham Lincoln
Daniel Boone
John Wayne
Peter Piper
Jerry Garcia
Karl Malden
Leo DiCaprio

Post a list of celebrities & see if anyone can guess the one(s) you had direct contact with

By "direct contact with" I mean not merely "sightings" of celebrities

Here are a few to get things started.

Karl Malden
Steve McQueen
Jerry Rubin
Walter Hickel (2-time Gov. of Alaska & Nixon's Interior Secretary)
Alicia Bay Laurel [Wrote "Living On The Earth"}
Bruce Springsteen
Rudi Gernreich (Fashion designer)
Jerry Garcia
Nguyen Cao Ky (Prime Minister of South Vietnam & later Vice President of South Vietnam)

Tips on preparation for a Colonoscopy

I've had 12 Colonoscopies.

For me, the worst part of getting a colonoscopy is the Prep.

In my opinion, the worst part of the prep is having to drink that awful 64 oz. fizzy water

The goal of the Colonoscopy "Prep"is to have your colon squeaky clean, right?

Well, I've come up with a way to have your colon squeaky clean without having to drink ALL of that 64 oz. fizzy crap.

First of all, instead of starting your colonoscopy prep at say, 12 Noon the day before the colonoscopy, or whenever your doctor tells you to start the prep, start your prep 12 hours EARLIER....that way, you're more likely to be squeaky clean when he/she does the colonoscopy.
(In other words, instead of a 24 hour prep, do a 36 hour prep, or instead of a 36 hour prep, do a 48 hour prep)

Second, as far as what you are allowed to eat & drink during the prep, follow your doctor's instructions carefully as to what you are allowed to eat/drink.
However, there is no need to get nauseas because you can't really "fill up" on what little food you are allowed to eat.

My first colonoscopy prep made me sick, because I didn't eat much and tried to drink ALL 64 ounces of that fizzy crap.

Here is what I eat during the prep.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Check with your doctor before trying any of the following "tips"]

1) You can have clear broth, beef or chicken.
Make the broth your dinner, in other words, don't just have a cup of broth, have as many bowls of clear broth as you want.
That way, you won't have an empty stomach before you take the laxatives, fizzy crap and etc. which your doctor has proscribed.

2) Clear juice should be on your list of what you can eat & drink during your prep.
I prefer apple juice, not the "cloudy" health food store apple juice, but clear apple juice.
Cranberry juice is also good, since it's a "clear" juice (unlike orange juice)
White Cranberry & Peach (Ocean Spray) is also a very tasty juice.

3) After my "dinner" of clear broth, for desert, I have clear Jello, (with no fruit in it of course)
(Any color Jello except red) and I eat a lot of Jello (You can have as much as you want, as long as it isn't red Jello.
So, before it's time to start taking laxatives, fizzy fluids & etc. I have a full stomach, and there's less chance of becoming nauseous.

4) Here's my "special" tip.
Since you're starting your colonoscopy prep 12 hours earlier than your prep instructions say,
(With your doctor's permission),.....you don't have to drink ALL 64 ounces of that fizzy crap.
(I usually only drink about 8 ounces of that horrible crap, but your doctor will probably want you to drink more than that)
However, to make up for not drinking the full 64 ounces of "Fizzly Bubbly", I take one or two extra enemas.
Remember, your doctor wants your colon to be "squeaky clean" so taking an extra enema or two (with your doctor's permission)
will help ensure that you ARE "squeaky clean" the morning of you colonoscopy.

So those are my tips on the "prep" for a colonoscopy.


(If your doctor wants you to drink the entire 64 ounces of "Fizzly Bubbly"..then do it!)

Good luck!

Short joke thread

The dyslexic devil worshiper sold his soul to Santa

Post a little known fact about a rock song

Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" was produced in a two-day session, June 15-16, 1965 in Studio A at Columbia Records in New York City by record producer Tom Wilson.

Besides Dylan, The musicians enlisted for the sessions were blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield, Paul Griffin on piano, Joe Macho Jr. on Bass, Bobby Gregg on drums, and Bruce Langhorne on tambourine.

On day 2, Al Cooper joined the proceedings.
Kooper, at that time a 21-year-old session guitarist, was not originally supposed to play but was present at the studio as Tom Wilson's guest.
When Wilson stepped out, Kooper sat down with his guitar, hoping to take part in the recording session.
However, after hearing Mike Bloomfield playing his guitar, Kooper put his guitar back in it's case and returned to the control room.

After a couple of rehearsal takes, Wilson moved Griffin from Hammond organ to piano.
In the control room, Kooper approached Wilson & told him he had a good part for the organ.
Wilson scoffed at him saying "You're not an organist, you're guitar player." but did not forbid him from playing.
Just then, Wilson got a phone call and went to take it.
As Kooper later said, "He didn't say no, so I went out there."
When Wilson returned, he was surprised to see Kooper at the organ and said "Hey, what are you doing out there?"
Kooper just laughed, and Wilson allowed him to play.
When Dylan heard a playback of the song, he asked Wilson to turn up the organ in the mix.
Wilson replied, "That guy's not an organ player, he's a guitar player."
Dylan said, "I don't care what he is, turn it up!"
(Lucky for Al Cooper, the Hammond organ was left on, because it's a difficult process to start a Hammond organ, and Cooper admitted later that he had no idea how to turn it on)

As Al Kooper later said, "That was my first day as a professional organ player."

Later, after the song was recorded, bands approached Al Kooper to ask him to play organ for them, like he did with Bob Dylan.

Dylan & Kooper would go to record stores and buy other bands' versions of "Like a Rolling Stone" and laugh together at the various versions of the song played by the other bands.

Post 5 movies, TV shows or songs, four of which you love, and one you don't love,

and see if anyone can guess which one you don't love.

Five John Hughes films

1) Sixteen Candles
2) The Breakfast Club
3) Home Alone
4) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
5) National Lampoon's Vacation

Best Rock Group Ever?

My nominee for Best Rock Group Ever WAS these guys;

(Upon reflection, I have to admit that The Beatles are in a class by themselves)

Name four famous parent and child duos and one fake parent and child duo

and see if anyone can tell which one is fake

(Already answered correctly)

1) Relief pitcher Frank Edwin "Tug" McGraw and country singer Tim McGraw

2) John Ritter and Tex Ritter

3) Bandleader John L. Nelson and Prince Rogers Nelson (Prince)

4) James Brolin and Josh Brolin

5) Paul McCartney and singer Jesse McCartney

Ask a question about Hollywood and see if anyone knows the answer without using Google

What was Cybill Shepherd's first film?
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