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red dog 1

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: San Francisco, Ca.
Home country: U.S.A.
Member since: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 03:05 PM
Number of posts: 18,082

About Me

San Francisco State University grad (Psychology).

Journal Archives

Post a line from a TV commercial & see if anyone knows the product without using Google - Part lll

1) "Take it off..Take it all off!" (answered)

2) "Relief is just a swallow away" (answered)

3) "Everybody doesn't like something; but nobody doesn't like __ __" (answered)

4) "Priced right in the middle of the big and the little"

5) "___ ___ is fruit juicy" (answered)

6) "Tastes as good as it smells"

7) "But I like it too" (answered)

8) "___'s like sending your sinuses to Arizona"

9) "You can tell it's ___, it's swell"

10) "It's not for girls" (answered)

11) "Menthol Fresh"

12) "He didn't know..the gum was loaded"

13) "Gentle as a lamb?"

14) "Raise your hand if you're ___"? (answered)

15) "Built To Perform"

16) "I'm lovin' it!" (answered)

17) "When your stomach's feeling dismal"

18) "Open Your Snack Hole"

19) "You can't drink it slow if it's ___"? (answered)

20) "Pass the orange juice, Nathaniel"

21) "The taste that's gonna' move you"

22) "Take it easy, take it light..Take the beer that tastes just right"

23) "Biggest candy bar on reservation"

24) "Don't Panic"

25) "Television you can feel"

26) "It's Terr.R..Riff" (answered)

27) "Doris, can't you keep Billy's bike out of the driveway?" (answered)

More TV commercials from Part 2

Ask a question about a band & see if anyone can answer it without using Google

What city did The Kingsmen come from?

What's your favorite movie directed by Carl Reiner?

More poll options in Reply # 1

Post a line from a song & see if anyone knows the song without using Google - Part 16

1) "If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine"

2) "I will drive past your house..And if the lights are all down, I'll see who's around" (answered)

3) "Get all that garbage out of sight, or you don't go out Friday night" (answered)

4) "None of the guys go steady 'cause it wouldn't be right..To leave your best girl home on a Saturday night" (answered)

5) "If I ever lose my mouth, and all my teeth, north and south" (answered)

6) "Oh yeah, she don't stand no cheatin' ...She don't stand none of that midnight creepin'" (answered)

7) "Arrows of neon and flashing marquees out on Main Street..Chicago, New York, Detroit and it's all on the same street" (answered)

8) "Amos White was the baggage man and he dearly loved his job"

9) "American History and Practical Math...You study 'em hard hopin' to pass..Workin' your fingers right down to the bone...The guy behind you won't leave you alone" (answered)

10) "I don't need nobody, to tell my troubles to" (answered)

11) "I've been down, I've been beat..I've been so tired that I could not speak"

12) "Wherever I wander, Wherever I roam..I couldn't be fonder of my big home"

13) "Everybody from right now to over there and back..The louder they come, the bigger they crack"

14) "Wise men and prophets they've all had their say on the nature of our afterlives..But in case there's no beer there we'll have one more round.."

15) "Well you can read it in the morning papers, hear it on the radio...Crime is sweeping the nation. the world is about to blow"

16) "I've been living out (of) my suitcase as long as I remember...Life's the same, it doesn't change, it's a Gibson or a Fender"

17) "Now the road to Acapulco is very hard indeed, And it isn't any better if you haven't any weed"

More song lyrics from Part 15:

Heard any good jokes lately?

A man comes home with a bouquet of roses for his wife.
"I guess I'll have to spread my legs for these," she says.
"Why?," he asks, "Don't you have a vase?"

Post a line from a movie & see if anyone knows the movie without using Google - Part 31

1) "You're in the Navy, remember? It's not a job, it's an adventure!"

2) "They had lots of weapons, mister; and they were shootin' bullets!"

3) "I said 'Good Morning, Gil'"

4) "You think you can threaten me with that little whore?..I should have killed you when I had the chance!"

5) "Larry, we've been welcomed by you, thank you so much..Now would you please just drink your fucking milk and shut the fuck up!"

6) "We can't travel in that shit heap!"

7) "They don't use birth control and they eat all the steak!"

8) "I'm the FBI around here..Full-Blooded Indian!" (answered)

9) "It's not a rat, it's Walter's wig." (answered)

10) "Does Pete really need to be here?"

11) "You appear intelligent; but when you open your mouth the effect is spoiled." (answered)

12) ""Kids are starving in India and you're walking around with a sombrero full of peanuts!"

13) "Daddy, it's $10 million dollars!"

14) "You touched my brick?"

15) "I look in your eyes and all I see is fear."

16) "She gave me a smile I could feel in my hip pocket."

17) "Aw, shite, Jimmy!"

18) "Don't eat any hot dogs..We're having franks & beans for dinner."

19) "I wanna' roll you up and shove you into my vagina!" (answered)

20) "Is that my phone?" (Recurring line)

21) "One, two, from me to you!"

22) "Mike, I've been kidnapped!"

23) "I like it when you stink!"

24) "Well, I wasn't born with your hand in my bush!"

25) "You'll always be 'Shorty' to me!"

26) "Cease fire!..Cease fire!..You're killing Marines!"

27) "It is!..It is!..It's getting shorter!"

28) "Help me! Help me!..Shoot me, or help me!"

29) "Five...I killed five of 'em"

30) "This is my day off, I want a talking girl!"

31) "How I know this?..I look like psychic to you?"

32) "Well, that's some monkey house in there!"

33) "Have you ever read the bible, Pete?"

34) "Mr. Conforte, I'll see you in just a few minutes."

35) "You gotta' kill Bone first!"

36) "Now YOU should say something."

37) "The last man in that safe that didn't work here, Daddy shot in his tracks!"

38) "Thanks, Reverend Roy...You've been a real pain in the ass!"

39) "He said: 'Louie the Lips, please excuse my daddy'!"

40) "Can you believe I fathered him with one testicle?"

41) (What do you do?)".I'm a birdseed salesman."

42) "Hey Max, a guy gets on the MTA here in L.A. and dies..Think anybody will notice?"

43) "ELVIS IS GOD!!"

44) "You were running with the old ones at The Knee?" (answered)

45) "I'm going steady!..We French kiss!"

46) "Wives come and go, that's the plain truth of it..They run off..They die."

47) "What's that smell? .Disinfectant?..It's in the cards!..He washed the cards!"

48) "James Looks Twice, you're under arrest!" (answered)

More movie lines from Part 30:

Post a line from a TV show & see if anyone knows the show without using Google - Part 32

1) "Is this a piece of your brain?"

2) "Oh, Frank! (answered)

3) "Dick, women are trouble...I should know because I've been one for two weeks." (answered)

4) "I just live here...I don't have anything to do with the dead people."

5) 'I don't know what you want but you should know that I've killed a lot of old people in my time; and I'm not above doing it again!"

6) "Incoming message from the Big Giant Head!" (answered)

7) "Just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it."

8) "Whack a boss? ..I won't do that."

9) "He's a bad man...He's a very bad man!"

10) "Ain't got no spleen, Gene."

11) "You never heard of Bozo the Clown?"

12) "Dr. Soloman, I've never seen you with a turtleneck before!"

13) "Eat your salad before it gets cold."

14) "Is there any way the package could have survived?"

15) "What's that smell?" (Recurring line)

16) "When was the last time you saw Harpo?"

17) "Lady Luck can be a fickle whore."

18) "We should have stopped at Roy Rogers!"

19) "Hey Al, did ya' miss me?"

20) "I'm not sleeping, I'm inspecting the inside of my eyelids."

21) "What do I mean?..I mean, get off my car before you flip it over, you fat fuck!"

22) "You know Dick, when life gives you lemons, shut up and eat the damn lemons!"

23) "Cigarettes could kill me, and so could Donnie Jones." (answered)

24) "Let's go buy a boat!"

25) "A man's bar is his castle."

26) "Tris, there's vomit all over the passenger seat!" (British TV show)

27) "I don't know anyone named Heywood Jablome."

28) "I'm sorry; I don't speak 'maid'!"

29) "Always bet on the black, Jack!"

30) "Anybody touches my liquor'll get cut!"

31) "I don't mean to panic anybody, but the calamari is infested with baby squid!"

31) "Aren't you the old man who got me fired from the Java Hut?"

32) "I saw Jane Die!"

33) "who died and made YOU T-Bone Walker?"

34) "a hula-hoop he wants!"

35) "I lost my shoe!"

36) "Doug, he's five!"

37) "Big steps and little 'uns" (British TV show)

38) "I only came downtown to have one of my suits serviced!"

39) "They're minerals, Marie, Jesus!"

40) "It was just me and my computer..and the girls from Planet Slut."

41) "I'm just a kid, sir!"

42) "Good day, and may the good news be yours!"

43) "That breeze is a blessing."

44) "Grab the bull by the corns!"


More TV show quotes from Part 31:

Let's find the song that best describes Bunker Boy.....Step One - NOMINATIONS

(Limit nominations to three songs....posting videos is optional)

I have three nominations:

1) "You're No Good" by Linda Ronstadt

2) "Lyin' Eyes" by The Eagles

3) "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith

Your favorite Billy Bob Thornton movie?

If your favorite isn't among the poll selections, mention it in a reply and it will be added to the Addendum Poll (reply #1)

Adolf Hitler vs. Donald Trump


- Used racism to rise to power
- Proposed mass deportations
- Promised to Make Germany Great Again
- Anti-Jew Fascist
- Blamed Jews for Germany's problems
- Thought Jews should wear Special ID's


- Used racism to rise to power
- Proposed mass deportations
- Promised to Make America Great Again
- Anti-Muslim Fascist
- Blames immigrants for America's problems
- Thought Muslims should wear Special ID's

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