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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 4,172

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The boog

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Thirty third wedding anniversary present a puppy

My beautiful wife of thirty two and half years and our two 14 year old sons on lap top. Oh they are trying to work dad over this morning in showing me pictures of Great Pyrenees shepherd mixed puppies available now. Our anniversary is not until June 7th, they have three furry boys available as we prefer male dogs.

Maybe we could go and look next Friday huh dad look my ass we never go and just look. My wife look at this face dear I know now stop oh they are terrible.

Kashmir homework went well yesterday I love being a educator

Here at teb guitar institute all lessons and chow are free. We really dived into it and hit the books on Saturday well the fretboard Du guitarist.

We tuned to DADGAD and weíre on our way, we have until March to get this note for note chord for chord it is the spring concert I think and a graded project for eight grade guitar class. No vocals only guitar the other song will either be since I been loving you or the lemon song as well.

It will be our one son and two of his friends as the teacher assigned them as a group. Iím gonna go because all four groups will be jamming covers and concert is free. And Iíll be dragging in well I have to find out if I can take in some tube heads and cabinets as the guitar class just uses solid state amps. I know Iím crazy on tube heads my wife says Iím a helicopter parent always hovering over our children I said dear this is a graded project she smiled at me.

Apocalypse now moment Boog the chocolate lab was abused yesterday

A trip to the vets for his yearly check up. I grabbed the leashes as our golden retriever had check up as well. Oh the joy weíre going for a ride bouncing around we love rides man. We pulled up in front of the vet office and the boog knew he could smell it oh no man. The golden got out ok but not boog , every time we go itís the same a son pushing him and man pulling him and weíre laughing.

Boog is like the scene from apocalypse now where chef and martin sheen go and collect mangos, and they run into the tiger and chef is screaming never get off the boat man thatís the boog. So we finally get inside and here my brave boog is walking with his tail between his legs head down looking so sad.

We sit down and he buries his muzzle into my ribs so I can rub his ears and head. But great news both furry boys got clean bill of health our golden retriever is ten and boog is eight and he is down from 100 to 88 pounds no boog the vet is not turning us into peta because you lost 12 pounds.

After we left on the way home boog was licking my ear as I drove thanks man, you had my back at that quacks Office wag wag, And I rub his head as I drive I always have your back boog.

Yesterday Talking with Neighbors down the road fed employees

Their collecting unemployment in talking to them. They will miss a mortgage payment she has received her first unemployment pay he has not. They got two pick up loads firewood off me for their wood stove as they also burn oil like we do. Take what you need on firewood no charge ,will help you load it and unload the boys and the young couple and dad. But Iíll get all three of our stoves cooking hot with blowers , and then shut oil heat off just so it heats hot water and not the house.

A young couple trying to start out in life both veterans of air force I like them because they are decent kids. Their just at this moment caught up in massive amounts of king magat and gop fuckery and they donít need it nobody needs this stupid shit.

I'm the guitar tech for our sons friends

I find humor here at teb guitar institute. Our motto here at Guitar university is we never charge and will feed you. Today the fellas from our sons eight grade guitar class will be coming around and a new guy , it seems the setup I done other day on his friends epiphone Les Paul was talk of guitar class. And our son said to this other boy hey come over and jam bring your prs se 245 my dad will make it play like butter.

So Iím hanging out my guitar set up shingle. And dad we are trying to learn Kashmir for a project in guitar class our son told me, so today will be in DADGAD tuning for quite awhile, and Iím making a huge batch of potatoe and Swiss cheese and ham soup for snow storm.

Naltrexone for alcoholism

No bragging five months eating this pill daily for my disease. One bender maybe three weeks into it, my doctor asked yesterday do you think your ready to give it a try without it I said no. Monthly blood test my liver function is cool I guess they have to check it on this medicine. In my job as union teamster I work nights maybe 12 hours on a turn and AA meetings never worked for me.

What works is this naltrexone or revia it says on bottle. I do not know how it works let me say this twice this week I thought about stopping to have a few but I went straight home I wasnít obsessing thinking about beer. I told doc letís just keep on this medicine it works I have peace. So Iím putting this out in case it may help others who suffer.

Boog the chocolate lab donner party

My dear wife is flipping over a possible big storm coming this weekend. She is making grocery list I said relax if it gets that bad we can always have slab of lab. What do you think of that boog. I asked him as he lays on couch with me his big head on my hip as I rub his ears I got a wag wag man.

Am joy panel on senator Harris going to run in 2020

If she runs Definitely the first quality candidate out of the door

A boog dilemma it snowed

Ok all this white stuff is in my yard and I cannot smell where I usually take a smelly. Iíll sniff and sniff and cannot find my spot then itís like oh well a boog has to go.

I find happy In even a Les Paul set up and maybe one day I'll play wembley 😂

I joke with our sons and friends that ok you all have four more years of school. Then off to college and after university if you make it big , Iíll go on tour with you all especially when you tour Europe especially Germany dad and mom we will go and check out my old A.O I was stationed at in the mid 1980ís.

Pom frittes (German French fries) and schnitzel with gravy for your mother and dad. These guys have dreams of stardom in their fourteen year old hearts ,and I smile that is why college first then in time these dreams of fame will fade with maturity.

Anyway in my ramble a new ax slinger showed up yesterday that is in Guitar class at the middle school they all attend. And our son goes here dad check this out his friend epiphone Les Paul, now he was telling me other day this young mans guitar needs a set up I played it and it did.

So we took the time to set up his guitar I gave the boys another class and we tossed 10ís on it he put 8ís on it himself like three months ago and the young man was happy. Plays like butter itís all in the set up fellas now to have a guitar tech do a set up around here youíre looking at minimum 50$ labor strings thatís some serious cash for a 14 year old.

I tell em all just bring it to me here at dads guitar institute where we never charge for lessons or to do guitar work. But one day you will let me play wembley with you guys as payment and yes weíre gonna do Hendrix cover of

like a rolling stone
Srv cold shot
Elmore James it hurts me too

I get ok we will as a answer Iím good with that answer from these guys.
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