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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,367

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The boog

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So my son and I headed to Fillmore east its 1971

We hooked up with the allman brothers and jamming with them. Our golden retriever and my wife weíre dancing to done somebody wrong. We took a break up next is stormy Monday. Weíre both on guitar we got the joint hopping weíre on a break at moment. To much coffee for dad had make a bathroom run.

Statesboro blues this morning

Sitting here listening to our son on guitar picking the allman brothers version with a slide. I just got home from work Thursday to Saturday this rotation. Done now until Wednesday night, so I fired up a lap top that was on dining room table and brought up allman brothers jamming to accompany him. Sitting here having coffee and listening to this beautiful thirteen year old child of ours sitting at the dining room table jamming. Then Iím asked you want to play dad going to hand me the guitar. I said no man Iím really enjoying listening to you.

And Iím not bragging du community just trying to share a moment of happiness. In these twisted tragic events of Florida and the seventeen we have lost. And my son says dad tell me the story on this guitar again. And I tell him as young kid nineteen years old in army 1985 I bought the Tokai les Paul used in Giessen west Germany. And it has been my player for thirty two years. Well my wife has the bacon done time to eat take care all.

So Im sending a check to repug senate run Lou barrletta

He is bought and owned by the NRA 7500$ in donations. Saw this on Twitter a person is sending his repug a check made out to the sum of THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. I thought how appropriate.

In bed with snoring boog

The chocolate lab land shark boog is really sawing zzzzzís laying on his back. Iím reading in bed. I have at least two paws touching me. And a big chocolate head sharing the pillows and snoring in my ear. Earlier I smelled foul air i was like really dude as he was snoring and boog gas smells. Why fight it I never do he is happy and you canít fight dog love. And what makes me smile is boog at times. In his sleep only dog I ever knew that will wag his tail must be having good dreams.

Mister is off to benning beware Im rambling

His recruiter picked him up at 0315. The sgt has two more to pick up then to the meps center. Sarge is gonna treat the men to breakfast, I walked down at 0230 to him and his mothers home. Well I text first I just didnít wanna show up. So we sat and talked and had coffee he will be fine. I could just not sleep drifting in and out not getting to the deep sleep. Getting dressed my wife asked itís 0145 you going to gym planet fitness. No I told her Iím gonna see him off she wanted to know if I wanted her to come. I told her just stay in bed there will be enough tears from those two.

It was hard for mother and son to say goodbye. And walking home I can not help but think this is bad time to be going with idiot in office. This morning I told him you were a cross country runner and other day at the gym you beat me on the rope climb and pull ups at the YMCA. So physically your gonna be ok and you will get stronger. It is mostly mental and just get it in your mind that it will be over soon. Thirteen weeks will fly by fast.

The only regret I have from Osut training benning as I sit here over a coffee at 51 years old. Is not stopping a blanket party on a fellow trainee. He was at that time a fuck up and always causing mass platoon punishment. At 18 like 6 weeks in your getting aggressive and think you fellow trainee are a problem. I laid in my rack listening to him being beat gagged held down. After I caught a pcs like 2 years later from Bragg to west Germany. I ran into him he was in alpha and he was on chapter status. Why because he was slightly retarded and the army tested him then in west Germany . Then the army I heard through rumor mill found out that his recruiter had someone take his asvab. Ok Iím done rambling first day back to school for the boys I go to work tomorrow night.

Leaving for Benning 1/2/2018

A 18 year old kid he lives up the road from me. He leaves Tuesday and he is worried, I took him in yesterday to get a replacement driver license and we stopped to have lunch. And the questions started he is scared of the unknown. And I get it I was in the same bag on a crowded bus from Atlanta on a hot and humid night June 1984. Heading into a big uncertainty thinking why did I volunteer for this will I be able to make it. So I told the future trooper no horror stories some guys get into scaring new dudes. I told him we got to reception and these reception DRILL SGTS. Took over and they kind of got us into a formation. And we marched to this mess hall and they fed us two cheeseburgers and fries.

And then they put us into the bunks around 0200 and I laid thinking well this is it. And at 0330 they were waking us up now Iím thinking what 90 minutes of sleep if that. Then they marched us to breakfast so Iím thinking ok at least they feed us I only been in the army less than six hours and Iím getting meal number two. So his one concern was brutality from the Drills. I said nope doesnít happen only hands ever laid on me was maybe to get your rifle straight in close order drill when your learning. I said you will be with the finest NCO the army has infantry Drills. And yes you will fuck up but you will find you will not be the only one. And usually punishment is to the whole training platoon not the individual.

That gets you to learn as a group son shine. I then told him a story first aid training and we were practicing and I tied this pressure bandage around this dude and I stood up. The Drill comes storming over now Iím thinking he is going to be checking out my fine work of battle dressing a simulated sucking chest wound. I told young mister that I soon found out I was wrong and that I was just shot by a simulated sniper. And the whole platoon was in front leaning rest with me. I tried to get him to relax just by humor. I said you will be fine in one door as a dirty nasty civillian 16 weeks later out the exit door as a soldier.

A house full of women today

Iím ready my wifeís office team is working from home today. And three out of the six ladies are with child. Earliest baby is due January then February then July. I stopped at the store picked up three apples danish and meat to make a roast and carrots and potatoes. And several yams for the one ladyís son he is two and half and loves baked yams. He is my buddy and instead of daycare at my wifes company,the dogs and I will be running our own daycare today. I think the dogs are up to this task of helping me run a daycare today.

If anyone wants to see pic of the boog

I still tried load one on here went to photo sharing site. Still canít figure it out but I posted it on Twitter under T.E.B @turtle herder. Best I can do being technologically impaired but Twitter makes it easy.and some on Du community has asked for pics.

Well thank you ramblin Dave for posting pic. The boog is feeling the effects of tryptophan.

In the Reich wing town I live in for bourough council

Never have I seen a democratic candidate lose so closely in borough elections . 204 D TO 243Repugnant it usually is quite a bigger gap in losing # for dems. I know this is a little race but I'm clearly surprised in only 39 vote difference.

21 hours since 45#last tweet

Mueller is in 45# pea brain big time.
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