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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 402

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Japan les Paul's edwards guitars

As a avid collector of mij guitars since being kid in west Germany in army back in 84. Just bought a edwards used yesterday alls I know is what the guy told me it is either a 130 or 135 in which I'm not that knowledgeable on edwards. It was relic and I do not think it was done at factory, looking online I see they make a jimmy page relic but this was if your into aesthetics on your guitar then maybe you would think ok a meth fueled relic job a bit to much and it does not have the jp circuit. But the one reason I looked at it was the price two it was mij. It sounded sweet even without being plugged in it has seymours sh1 and sh4 bridge. I popped neck pickup and has long tenon so now I'm interested maybe I'm traditional but truly a great guitar for good price because it was really messed up on relic job. But then if it sounds good I'd play a broom and the looks do not matter to me.

My wife just said no news for her today

She just simply stated she is wore out exhausted mentally over trump. She is going to sit on the couch and catch up on her reading.

Mother's Day with boog the chocolate lab

My grilling assistant was on duty yesterday ok man let's do it , ok yes charcoal ok wood chips lighter fluid yup your doing it correctly man then fire. and as the grill is heating up the Charcoal boog is thinking oh yummies in my tummy , after I toss the burgers on the boog goes into guard mode and positions himself next to the grill on the patio wall we have a sunken porch. Very dedicated over the years thru rain wind even occasional smoke inhalation when the grill is really putting out smoke the boog guards the grill. Beware any birds that land in the yard or rabbits or squirrels passing thru. He is a picture of dedication and loyalty I know that the grill is safe.

I wonder if sessions will make a good jailhouse lawyer

After they convict him of treason.

My trump supporting neighbor

The other day I posted my neighbor was toning down his support of trump. I was wrong first perhaps this is just his thoughts this morning he saw me on back porch loading grill cleaning up for are Mother's Day cookout. Wright away he starts hey you see trump fired comey I'm like kind hard not to notice. Then a steady stream of how trump is not taking shit people have to understand he is man of action he is going to straighten this country out next eight years. I told my wife you know I'm really going to add the privacy panels to the six foot chain link fence , the neighbor is really becoming a lot more brainwashed I find him scary. As in can't he understand that trump by firing comey admitted russia investigation was reason why obstruction of justice , or that every week trump is giving us a crisis. And if we're not in constitutional crisis at this moment we will be eventually ,Ok I rant by posting this but I need normalcy again.

I want thank you all for the good thoughts for the boys

Yesterday was a blast at jam association the boys had a great time. I sat in with them on the first two
Songs, and then they loosened up and realized that they were going to be ok , my dear friend sat in on drums for them. It was there idea to want to play this so dad hooked it up for the three twelve year olds and I even found them a fifty three year old drummer in Harry who I have known for thirty years. I told Harry he was definitely not the handsomest on stage he was not even close. On the way home they were charged up talking thousand miles a minute. My wife and I just listened and smiled , now they want to go back to the farm and play there originals I said cool we can do that. now there in search of drummer they told me they know a kid in eighth grade who drums. Oh the stress of a music career at twelve years old , there awesome boys I'm glad are son has two good friends in them. Why they are even talking about there first album. I told the boys hey don't forget me I have tokai les Paul I will travel I got smiles.

Sorry to all rational thinking Americans

Trump today at liberty university I checked there website they have no exorcist on staff. But they did want to perform an exorcism on a young man who proclaimed his homosexuality go figure just are luck.

Reverend doctor Jacqui Lewis is a fine human

Watching am joy this morning and rev Lewis speaks how I feel. As a 51 year old husband father Christian , I recorded am joy so my wife can listen to her speak , She reverend lewis truly a woman of Christ.

Breakfast will be late because of boog the chocolate lab

Making eggs bacon homemade biscuits this morning. For my son and his friends there all 12 and like to eat what 12 year old boy doesn't. Well naturally my kitchen assistant boog is there with me the boog is always willing to help the wife and me from cooking to grilling he is a self trained service dog in that department. I took the biscuits out oven turned away just for moment not thinking to grab the bacon to open it up , turned around and there was a BIGLY chocolate head standing up his front paws on counter inhaling butter milk biscuits out of the baking dish. I pulled him away I'm like unbelievable , boog is looking at me like there good biscuits man ,I told my wife the deplorable has struck again.
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