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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 1,665

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Seventh grade love and the boog the chocolate lab is a third wheel.

Well this morning standing at the keurig I hear a text ding. And it is our one son and his significant friend from seventh grade still suffering from Cupidís arrows texting each other. Dad I hear can she come over today he asked me. Well they will not see each other after today for seven days as she has to visit her grandparents for the holiday after today . So Iím drinking my coffee in my sweats and he comes into the dining room ok letís go dad. I asked what he said letís go pick her up it was 0630 she is ready dad. My wife smiled at me so I get on my bedroom slippers and out the door we go. So we get to her house and her mother was very apologetic over the confusion of the time of visit I laughed and said it is fine. So we took the boog with us as he is my navigator on most car rides except for work.

So I head to this bakery to pick up rolls for breakfast and as the two young love birds sit in the backseat. The boog is in the front with me and he is like I will sit in the backseat with you guys because I love your young lady friend and my boy see man we are a couple all three of us. Now we were in the mustang Gt and the backseat is really not passenger friendly. Even for two teenagers let alone a 100 pound boog. And he was ordered to the front seat by his boy. So we get home and after breakfast these two head to family room to watch the new pirates of Caribbean movie. And the boog decides he will sit on the couch with them as in between them both. As he is always available for ear rubs and belly rubs, so I told my wife as this is our sons first girlfriend and this is the boogs first girlfriend as well. I donít know how to break it to the boog because the boys and her and I were heading down to Maryland today to pick up some tubes I ordered. For this guitar amp Iím building, and we usually stop at this place for cheeseburgers and milk shakes. And he will not be going with us his crew of the two boys and the man. Because when the guys cruise so does the boog.

In the Reich wing town I live in for bourough council

Never have I seen a democratic candidate lose so closely in borough elections . 204 D TO 243Repugnant it usually is quite a bigger gap in losing # for dems. I know this is a little race but I'm clearly surprised in only 39 vote difference.

21 hours since 45#last tweet

Mueller is in 45# pea brain big time.

Johnny cash and Hendrix

Listening to hurt Johnny cash hurt nine inch nails and U2 one. All I can say making lasagna for dinner these are awesome covers, as a guitarist for 41 years kind like Hendrix covering bob Dylan like a rolling stone. I love when artists cross generes get out of the box.

I feel like charlton Heston in omega man

Need the sun to rise on this third shift 0600 cannot get here quick enough. Need to park this jockey wagon take nap union strong.

Wonder how fox will cover the manafort raid

Any ideas maybe ,the FBI stopped around to visit Paul manafort. Ok let's get back to covering the leaks at the White House.

Trump tv

I think it would do ok if he hired bob and Doug McKenzie as anchors from sctv great white north.

In bed windows open

And is the skunk smell coming in the windows. About ready to shut windows it is gonna be in 50's tonight I wanted to have fans and fresh air, no AC but these skunks not helping on fresh air.

Wonder if the mooch will write his memoirs

Wonder what title will be , eleven days in July maybe.

Hey players check out Eric haugen on you tube

Sorry I have no clue how to post video so I apologize for you having to search. My son found him and said wow dad now I get it .check out Eric's what if Hendrix played wagon wheel video, at times I'll switch it up with my son and will say hey what if Elmore James played Black Sabbath iron man and kick it out on slide. Or what if Hendrix or SRV played fire on the mountain by Marshall tucker. It is away to get out of thinking linear on fretboard, just thought I'd toss it out definitely going to be following Eric now on you tube.
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