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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 788

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The boog

Journal Archives

Anybody ever try warmoth strat bodies and necks

Looking at them on line the roasted alder bodies and maybe a Flame maple fretboard. As a build for father and son, just idea and asking if anyone on here has dealt with warmoth.

Golden retriever and his daughter

As I posted other day, I found calico kitten other morning she had to be the runt of the litter. And our golden who is nine has adopted her , it has come to the point when in morning I give all three dogs cans of wet food the kitten dives in and eats out of the goldens dish with him. If she tries go near the boog the chocolate lab she gets a growl she has not tried the Newfoundland dish yet he has to be fed apart because it is a race between him and boog to eat. The golden will wait if the kitten has her head in the bowl and gently moves in to eat. And we let bowl cat food out for her , I told my wife maybe the kitten thinks she is a dog.

Adam schiff owns trump

Rep schiff is so far into trump and crew decision cycle he owns trump and company.

Golden retrievers and father hood

Other day I found a kitten I think somebody dropped her off , we live in rural area we have had dogs cats abdonded before. She is sweet calico other morning I came home from third shift and she was sitting by garage. She came to me and friendly and loving I took her inside and the boog chocolate lab the golden retriever and the Newfie all greeted her. Sniffing her well our golden has adopted her he is nine it is cute. She loves him they sleep together he licks her other day I took her to the vets. And when we came home he was fretting you can't take the baby man I love her. I told my wife it is his and hers anchor baby he is a loving proud father. Daughter and father are in backyard now enjoying the sun rise.

Fox has kelly Anne on

Sitting at train station waiting for our son to arrive from his beach vacation , and I sit down I'm at the counter order a coffee. And they have Fox News and now Kelly Anne is spewing bull shit, I just love state run tv propaganda they speak to the masses ,And the masses buy into this crap.

Conquest planet of the apes the ending reminds me of trump and his supporters

Just caught the end of the movie

Do you think trump knows this is beginning of the end

His so called offensive on mueller seems desperate.

All vets prayers for rob

Hey all I just left nursing home where my mother lives. In previous post I asked for prayers for James, today I well this evening I stopped around nursing home to visit my mother. And inbound on visit I ran up on James who introduced me to rob he rob was just admitted. I said hey James I'll talk to you in bit we share infantry thread. On way out I stopped after visiting my mom talked to James. I posted earlier james is 25th tropical lightning I asked prayers for James health concerns. James introduced me to rob. Rob is former marine vet con thien Vietnam,and rob is suffering bone cancer rob was just admitted to nursing home . I'm asking now prayers for rob , I was three years infantry airborne then mech unit pcs to west Germany. I was fortunate I never had serve in war , Just asking for prayers for rob. Thanks

The boog chocolate lab learned how to open small fridge

Hey all wife is traveling Thursday I noticed the fridge was not cooling I looked in freezer I'm like not working it's time fridge is like 9 years old. So I call my wife she was in Dallas work conference she is just go get small fridge at wal mart until I get back. Put the meat in floor freezer if not thawed ok. So I go get this small fridge , yesterday I stopped got chicken to make chicken salad I made it up stuck it in little fridge in Tupperware. I just came out shower and the boog was laying next to little fridge door was open eating my chicken salad. Hey man wag wag you make great chicken salad the creep ,Hey man nice fridge it is my level.

Hey vets

Need prayers for friend James he is patient at nursing home my mother is in. Need prayers over James medical concerns , James is tropical lightning trooper 25th ID Vietnam. I have known him now maybe a year and half fine gentleman, he makes me smile he showed for chili I made for my mother and her roommates and I plan for it the six p's from infantry, as I make a huge batch chili and cornbread. James showed up for chow in his tropical lighting ball cap and t shirt. Talking to James he filled me in he is in a fight now he still gets around, but prayers are needed,we were gonna play parcheesi but ended up playing spades he was my partner. What does that say about me when my own mother picks her roommate as her partner in spades instead of her kid , does not look good.
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