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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 09:28 PM
Number of posts: 3,539

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The boog

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Definitely a book Worth reading in these troubled times with king moron and traitorous congress

The oath of office a guide to the constitution for future presidents.

Was listening to the author on progressive radio tonight on way up north on Sirius xm the author is Corey BrettSchneider.

Just thought Iíd let Du community know , going to have my wife order it. So I can read it this weekend when I get done.

Found a new barber she is progressive

I dropped my old barber as he is a magat. So a woman my wife works with suggested this woman who has a beauty salon. And she is definitely worth it Iíd sooner support democratic businesses than those who vote for kgop. And I have gone back to short hair after decades of ponytail and long hair. And do we bitch about this administration and his enabling gop.

Mom can drop us off at the bus stop dad your car smells

Was informed this morning that my car for work a Kia Forte wifeís old car smells like a chicken wings joint. As the other day I stopped got take out and the wing sauce leaked out bag onto my passenger seat. So Iíll take it to car wash and shampoo the front seat. I can smell it just havenít got around to cleaning it up properly although I have used paper towels and febreeze , although the day it happened I let chocolate lab in it to lick up the honey wing sauce. Then I used febreeze and paper towels.

We say the boog is a stalker

I like to cuddle a boy man boog says. in listening to our son this morning. Who fell asleep and slept on the couch last night. He was telling me dad I fell asleep and boog climbs up on couch and lays down on me. So I moved to the other couch for room and the chocolate lab cuddler followed him to the other couch. Ok boy now we will cuddle on this couch and he started snoring so nobody sleeps alone here between the boog and our golden retriever cuddle dogs are always available.

I met a keeper other day a former infantry vet

He is 44 a former airborne infantry vet we share threads of life. Benning osut infantry then jump school then 82nd, we both attended EIB program and were awarded the badge. weíre both husbands fathers union teamsters. Weíre going be on same run and stay in same hotel definitely eat together and run together. Iím even going to drag my cb so we can shoot the breeze on our way to buffalo . But after meeting we have become instant friends because of the threads we share in life.

Our differences are quite though as he fought war on terror has a CIB as well was wounded and medical retired. He attended the RANGER course at benning a great leadership course where as I just wanted to get my 3 years over with. After I busted my ankle and was taken off jump status and sent to leg land. Perhaps if I never broke my ankle i was planning on making army career I loved the airborne infantry community it was a great place for a 18 year old kid we were always going somewhere .

But I have no regrets as I met my wife and she gave us five children and even puts up with my mentally defective chocolate lab. But in this ramble it is always nice to meet a brother a keeper. He asked me if I wanna stop have beer Saturday I explained my naltrexone intake for alcoholism and he instantly replied. I got you bro Iíll never ask you again I tell nobody at work about naltrexone but a former brother he understands just that quality of a person. That you find in former vets a maturity even though weíre both aggravaters and mentally were probably still around the age of 17.

My sons guitar teacher she is awesome a ramble 4 cups coffee so far

She came to dinner yesterday with her Japan Stratocaster in hand. And we spent the afternoon jamming why I even sent her home with tomato sauce our neighbor gives us and vegetables we scored at farmers market and sausages and meatballs and spaghetti I made.

She is going to law school and I met her through friends of ours she rents a apartment from. Awhile back She needed work done on her strat and cash is tight for her so they sent her my way. Because I charge free , and that day she came and opened up her guitar case I was surprised to see a made in Japan strat a Greco ,as I collect mij guitars discovered them as kid in army west Germany.

I asked her where she got this beautiful guitar and she said her father bought it for her when she was twelve. Your father loves you young lady and has good taste I replied. Then I started showing her my collection of Japan Les Paulís and strats. And a friendship was born that day between her and my wife and I. One reason she is far from home and she is our youngest daughters age and two we share a passion for exploring the fretboard. 43 years I been exploring the fretboard and Iím always open to learning.

And she started giving lessons as she graduated from college on string program as a cellists and decided this does not pay the bills. And decided to go back to law school, and so I decided to have our son become a student of hers because this child she is a natural on guitar. At 52 why I even sat in with her band at local brew pub after that all the young kids thought hey this old hippie is ok, in the pub that night that was pre naltrexone for my alcoholism.

Sunday was awesome we jammed as she is teaching our son now alternative tunings we were in open G yesterday so our son tossed out sister luck by the Croweís hold on son shine. Dad goes and finds sister luck on computer and we jam along with it. And after we jammed tossing out hammer Ons or just licks we all sat down for a spaghetti dinner it was a nice day.

Aggravating my MAGA sister in law sister

Stopped at store on my way home and ran into. My sister in laws sister now here is a woman who told me that trump will clean up all the bums on welfare. Even though her one daughter has had three children on Pennsylvania welfare system, and is in no hurry to go to work. I guess she meant all the blacks and Hispanics that are on welfare. So this morning she stopped me at the deli I heard my name. And Iím like shit itís her. So she goes I need that chili recipe the chili you gave my sister and your brother was awesome.

Now my brother doesnít know how to cook but I said I cannot give out the recipe it was my grandmothers. And the woman my grandma made chili but I just made the recipe story up. I just go by taste and add what I think. So this morning I said I was sworn to promise that Iíd never give out grandmas chili recipe I just made it up I was never made to promise. So I said my grandmother made me promise. And I told her this and her husband in the store grandmother made me promise.

1- never marry a whore

2- never vote republican

3- donít give out the family chili recipe.

I said I gotta go have good day ,And I headed to the checkout lane.

54 days then paybacks start january 2019

Then life for orange anus gets shitty with democrat house. That orange motherfucker is cruel a animal and he needs to pay for his crimes against humanity. Come on bob mueller

New couch new furniture new nickname for boog load star

I came home from New England lay down walk in house. And the boog and golden retriever are on the new furniture. I said hey no dogs on the furniture I got no response. Then I made bowl Cheerios and sat on the love seat and boog climbed up with me to beg.

Boog Drools hey man boog dogs love Cheerios with peanut butter.

Man - dude you are such a load.

Letting the naltrexone roll for booze

Had a follow up with doc this morning was asked how itís working. I told him hey in two months I tried one bender and I stopped after like maybe eight beers. It was like my brain was telling me you have had enough before naltrexone Iíd been knocking them back. So does it work yes it seems to work for me do I want to stop taking it no I am fearful of stopping.
Iím weak and ruled by Alcoholism never was violent drinker but once I started I couldnít stop.

Now doc is looking at other medicine he said were available along lines of naltrexone some of them were monthly injections. I said well why change because this works and he said naltrexone was developed as new form methodone and they noticed. Heroin addicts were not drinking to substitute on naltrexone So just saying if anyone is suffering from alcoholism and just canít seem to get there feet under them with the rooms AA. Maybe this would help you letting you all know. And if you want dm me questions Iíll try my best to explain side effects or how I feel I just love people and addiction sucks ass.
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