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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 3,803

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The boog

Journal Archives

It's time for a intervention I told my wife

Boys wanted me to make cheeseburgers for dinner. They had cheeseburgers maybe 4 days in row.

I’m like guys you both have a problem wimpy one and wimpy 2 and yes I had to show them wimpy from popeye on you tube Cold turkey dad is doing a meatloaf for dinner.

Queen in shower preparations for Bohemian Rhapsody

Walked past both showers our one son is singing under pressure and killer queen. Now our other son was trying Freddie’s vocal improv he was not even close. So dad thought he would help I went and got cold glass water and dumped it on him he came close.

In honor of Veterans Day thank you all NCO's

To All NCO’s and first sergeants the glue that keeps it together, one of my most fondest memory of my first top. Was at BRAGG he was Vietnam vet fine infantry NCO, and he cared for all of his Airborne infantry warriors.

One night practicing hunter killer ops I heard a growling whisper addressing me. PFC give me that fucking yo yo there will be no yo yo in my Airborne infantry soldier.

And walking back to the company with platoon my plt sgt maybe 0200 in morning he just turned and looked at me after I surrendered my yo yo to our first shirt and we both busted up laughing.

Thank you for your service

Bohemian rhapsody again

Dad I hear from our two thirteen year olds bohemian Rhapsody is playing at 1100am today.

Boys - Dad can we go

Dad -ok fellas but this time we need to take guitars and amps and jam with them at live aid. Will just take the 1 watt heads kids and jam with queen.

Boys - Roll their eyes

Deep dish pizza today

I received a recipe from a nice young lady

Pizza crust pre made put it in cast iron pan
Spray pan and cover dough in olive oil
Bake 5 minutes

Then pull it out add sauce cheese toppings bake for 10 minutes at 400

Seems simple almost so simple a man and boog my chocolate kitchen helper can do it

A Dear john FTA F..k the army attitude

My I phone rang 0200 this morning, trooper drunk of his ass calling me from Bragg. He caught the dear John he was crying angry and drunk, I listened to him vent. She his fiancé has returned the engagement ring to his mom , he wants to come home and talk to her to reason with her. Asking me to go and try and talk with her, I told him that is not going to happen from my end.

He is was talking of awol option I told him stop that talk you owe Uncle Sam another 38 months. Do not be getting caught up in awol over a woman and ucmj, you wanna go to RASP pre RANGER then onto the RANGER COURSE I hear your pain but in the long run. Speaking from experience this is a much better option do it alone, you do not need a relationship as a pfc. you know you been busy since you got to 82nd. And just wrap your head around fact that relationship is over , His reply it hurts and drunk sobs and tears.

I tried to be compassionate with him but the reality with his situation no getting around it. You just cannot quit the Army and he wants to excel. And he can by going to schools uuugh 19 years old and in love. He has been following advice I told him even though you run PT 5 days week hit gym at night stay out of the bars. Get ready for Ranger school physically I gave him same advice I was given by a fine E-7 to me in 84 as a pfc. and that advice was sound advice after we were dismissed from last formation I’d go and run hit the gym because I wanted my Ranger tab I wanted to attend that fine leadership school. Never got to I broke ankle twice was taken off jump status. Then caught PCs to mech unit west Germany and I told troop this and I said hey I still soldiered on. I said go rack out wake up in morning go get breakfast go to movie just get over her. His reply sobbing drunk I love her ,oh brother if I could hold the kid I would I’ve seen guys I served with in same pain.

Bob mueller don't sweat it Du community

I figure two options minimum if traitor suck ass shuts down investigation. Then come January

Option 1- Congress hires mueller to continue the special counsel

2- Congress a Democrat congress subpoena mueller to testify

Trump is trapped he is running out of options in Desperation.

If he was innocent he would let mueller finish but his actions cry guilty.

I will vote you out as a woman

once again women of this country stood up and saved the day for country democracy the women in my life my wife our daughters all voted blue we men did our part together as well we make awesome team.

We share same values morals compassion example caravan is not a caravan it’s a exodus and we understand we need to love and care for all in need or sickness

I'll have to find new off ramp to piss at

I been using it regularly on my night driving, after about 200 miles time to get rid of coffee.Reason someone had put Scott Wagner for governor and Lou Barletta for senate signs at off ramp exit. I felt as a union member and member of the resistance it was my duty to wet them down every time I went to that terminal.
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