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Sugar Smack

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: SE USA
Member since: Sat Feb 12, 2005, 12:40 PM
Number of posts: 18,594

Journal Archives

Here is trump telling everyone the Coronavirus is a "hoax":

Has he seen this yet?

"We always say "Worst Case Scenario"...and I think that's where we're going."

That's all he really had to say.

So Mote It Be.

Time to bring on the monkeys! Large, bristling gangs of them.

I can't imagine anything more fun than watching a monkey- trump pile-up.

Chen Qiushi, Coronavirus whistle-blower, missing since Thursday


And this: Other whistle-blowers, gone.

Chen Qiushi is one of the people I followed on YouTube for his latest news of the Corona virus, and now he's disappeared. This is a nightmare.

Thanks for the tip, dewsgirl! I found this yesterday:

I'd never heard of Chris Martens before then, but he inspired my confidence.


"Thumbs-Up": When a (universally-understood) positive gesture goes BAD

I'm a child of the seventies. All of us in America, everyone with a thumb, expressed approval & enthusiasm with the signal. There are so many pics from that time onward indicating joy or sarcasm from children and adults of every background. I myself was making the gesture up until, I don't know, 3 years ago?

I loathe it now. I've lost all regard for the "thumbs up". I have no use for it. I've seen too, too many pictures of pasty rich powerful ugly nasty cruel old men using it. And their slimy, mean smiles. It feels like they're giving me the finger.

Sometimes, this is how it's done, I think: working on people's heads, turning the meaning of something around completely. Incidentally, if I wanted to destroy another nation from within, I'd start with its very language, and I think this is no different.

Nancy Pelosi: The Look

What a stunning woman, all around.

For my dearest soft-spoken, female friends: Mini-megaphones on keychains.

Nothing's quite inspired me to the spirit of giving like the witnesses I saw at the Impeachment hearings. Nothing. The ideas were there in the back of my head- how can I show my appreciation and high regard, my admiration & love to these women friends of mine? I'm talking about women as precise and gifted at speaking as Marie Yovanovitch and Fiona Hill. And the insane number of times they've been interrupted & shouted over by shrill men with booming or grating, loud voices. The Jim-fucking-Jordans.

Each bag I'm putting this in is going to be pink, & labeled "Feminine Protection". I'm adding pepper spray, a referee's whistle, and a pink knitted pussy-hat to each bag.

I never knew about mini megaphones, though, keychain sized! They run about $10 to $14. You can tell I'm extra- excited about that, can't you? Being constantly interrupted/shouted over by the Jim-fucking-Jordans of the world has been the bane of my (and my friends') existence. One of my greatest fantasies is a calm, purposeful female voice delivering articulate 100 decibel coolness and authority over the loud yakking. It may be the only thing that works.

You ain't lying.

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