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Roy Serohz

Roy Serohz's Journal
Roy Serohz's Journal
July 31, 2014

Israeli Historian Ilan Pappé: Israel Has Chosen To Be A "Racist Apartheid State" With U.S. Support

Special thanks to elleng for turning me on to Democracy Now
July 30, 2014

Stewart: U.S. Like the Oprah of Sending Weapons to the Middle East

He even mentions Israel near the end!
July 29, 2014

Calgary (Canada) fertility clinic in hot water after refusing to help with mixed-race babies

Gloria Galloway and Carrie Tait
OTTAWA and CALGARY — The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Jul. 28 2014, 4:50 PM EDT
Last updated Tuesday, Jul. 29 2014, 11:18 AM EDT

A Calgary fertility clinic is at the centre of an ethical and political controversy after it refused to help a woman become impregnated with sperm from a donor who did not share her skin colour.

The Regional Fertility Program, a privately owned company that is the only facility of its sort in Calgary, said in a statement on Monday that one of its doctors was voicing his own opinions when he told a single Caucasian woman seeking in vitro fertilization that she could receive sperm from only white donors.

The clinic went on to say that a ban on creating mixed-race babies that was in place for decades was removed last year, but the website was not properly updated to reflect the change.

Monday’s statement that the clinic had revised its approach did not come until after the old policy had received a strong rebuke from federal government and fertility experts across the country. The incident also highlighted the fact that fertility clinics in Alberta and other parts of Canada are not regulated and that the doctors who work in them set their own parameters.


Well, that's not very polite, eh?
July 29, 2014

Alabama state officials: We won’t comply with the EPA because God gave us coal

Source: Salon

Tuesday, Jul 29, 2014 04:03 PM EDT

On Tuesday, Alabama state officials said they refused to comply with the EPA’s new carbon pollution measures because God gave them coal.

Read more: http://www.salon.com/2014/07/29/alabama_state_officials_we_wont_comply_with_the_epa_because_god_gave_us_coal/

Here's a link to a lenghthier report on alabama.com:


July 28, 2014

"Girl In A Country Song" EVISCERATES Male Chauvinism in Music Videos!

We're all familiar with the classic MTV format: Women are scantilly-dressed, objects for men to ogle, and are usually referred to as "girl" as opposed to, you know, an actual name! This tune positively skewers that attitude. Hear hear, Maddie and Tae!

July 28, 2014

I think I'll take a couple days off from here

Seems there are those who are determined to cast anything I say as Pure Evil.

July 28, 2014

Fox News Propaganda Misleads, Confuses & Lies

Yes, I admit it: I'm trying to push the Sarah Channel vid as far down the page as I can. Nonetheless, this one is only 18 hours old, so.....
July 28, 2014

It was on Mediaite


I didn't make it up, and I wasn't endorsing it! My mistake was not using the "sarcasm" tag when I first posted. By the time I'd corrected my error, 'twas alas too late.

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