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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 2,969

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Between Bernie and Elizabeth in the Senate......

I can't wait until we take back the Senate. Gonna be a whole lot of structural economic changes coming in 2021....

Trump has really screwed himself.

His total inept response to early intervention with the regards to CV-18 has made his self reflecting rallies inoperable. Without positive feedback from his base, the Donald will not be able to campaign. He fucked himself.

Wow, Heilmann laid it on on Brian William/s show tonight.....

The Media tone is changing. Williams was framing it and Heilmann finished it. Micheal Steele nodded his head in agreement,

When it comes to the CV-19 and public health, Dr. Fauci is our Democratic leadership response

to dealing with this pandemic.....and the Trump Crime Syndicate opposes him.

Are Republicans using Covid-19 forced school openings a way to defund public education and redirect

the money to "for-profit" charter/religious schools? I'm sure bonuses for teacher desperate to work would be available with government money poring in to the "industry"....perhaps even new versions of Trump Universities pop up.

Fur Peace Ranch....4/14/19 Jorma, Larry, and Spencer

Seems to me Republican Governor's.....

and by extension, the Republican Party is making the science argument for us. Morons.

Is there a left leaning sports channel on broadcast?

Don't listen much because there is no sports happening. But places like Barstool Sports thrive.....Why? Lots of it is the usual Republican talking points....but the white guys at BSS have to be careful about the balck atheletes.... Big quandry.

Ed. note a producer at BSS was a very capable QB and buddy of my son. Smart, Bowdoin College grad. Thinks he is a big fish, but he was also producing Howie Carr's. show Produced the well known libertarian and flame out Kurt Minnihane. So, I know where is head is at.

Trump will go down as the worst Preident ever. Why?

Because he's been digitized forever....and so has our recent American history. The man is doomed and there is nothing he or the Trump Foundation can do to paper over it.

Rachael Maddow is brilliant in her reporting.

Good luck RNC, won't see you on the Jacksonville, FL Cruise Ships " RNC Social Experiment # 1-5" !
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