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OAITW r.2.0

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Member since: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 11:28 PM
Number of posts: 827

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If I hated this country.....

I'd vote Republican. Join the Treason, water's not hot.

A map of Ukraine and its implications on Balance of Power.


Ukraine is Putin's #1 focus. Trump helped undermine the Ukraine's defense by withholding military aid. "Dirt" on Biden was Trump's pay-off.

Trump just imposed significant tarrifs on many EU countries.....why no Russian Vodka or Caviar?

If Ukraine falls, who will stop it? The first domino to a reconstituted Soviet Union is mighty wobbly.

He treats our Allies like shit, but seems to really love the Russian regime. Why is that?

My take - Trump is so thoroughly compromised he's in too deep on his debt load....carried by the Russian Mob, to get out.

But, there is an upside for him - Trump is angling for permanent Mob Boss of the USA syndicate. Boris wants the UK syndicate.....for starters. But make no mistake, all will be reporting up to the Boss of Bosses, Vlad Putin. Game Over.

It's treason.

Watch your punctuation.

Suddenly, all kinds of weird punctuation signs. You can erase. I think it is an effort to surprise content.

So Trump gave Putin the Ukraine? Traitor, Nt

Really, it all comes down to this.

Trump/Republicans -> Putin = World Mob Rule domination.

That is the stake.

Poor, low energy Trump. He was reading the words (maybe), but no passion.

Probably cuz he is fucked.

Murphy, Heilmann, O'Donnell.........yeah, we are at the Nixon moment.

No vids to back-up, but there was a definite intensity between the 3 that I think is worth watching. Murphy's comments are....game over. Worth watching.

It is political war......hang in and take sides.

1 word Lawrence O'Donnell and the exposure of Donald Trumps deeds - Treason.

Line is drawn, which side are you on?

So if Barr was blind-sided by the Trump transcript and was not Party to this quid pro Quo...

When will he resign to protect his worthless reputation?
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