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North Shore Chicago

North Shore Chicago's Journal
North Shore Chicago's Journal
March 30, 2022

A Friendly Reminder While Driving in Springtime.

Not so much a reminder, but a pretty please if you are able.

The wild critters are now roaming around our neighborhoods and highways looking for a place to give birth, forage for food etc.....

If you see an opossum who has been injured by a car, or even worse.... if you can safely stop and see if there are babies in the pouch, please get them out! In the larger cities, there are wildlife animal rescue groups who can assist you. Even animal control can have names of citizens who work with them on such issues.

No reason that the babies need to perish if it can be helped.

Thank you!

February 26, 2022

With respect,

I would like new choices for our avatar images. Just looked and we can choose an Enron logo with a no Bush avatar.


September 5, 2021

I need suggestions please.

Last Tuesday, I hyper extended my foot and pulled (possibly tore) my hamstring. Went to the Doctor on Wednesday and I was sent away with a prescription for a muscle relaxer and a compression bandage.

I would appreciate any wise words even anecdotal conversation from anyone who has experienced this.

This really sucks, I played competitive tennis for years and have NEVER been this injured. But while rolling up the hose......*sigh.

October 18, 2020

My neighborhood political signs.

My neck of the woods here in Chicagoland is quite diverse, we are a fine bunch of hard working Americans who work and play with the best of them.

I walk around every weekend with my pooch to check out the signs. Approximately 80 homes and there are 2 trump signs and 15 Biden/Harris or anti-trump signs. I knew my marine retired neighbor was pro-asshat but yesterday, his sign takes the cake! He put at least a 6' x 8' flag in big letters "TRUMP 2020 No more bullshit!"on top of his garage.

I was so incensed, my 2 mile walk probably only took 2 minutes! There are at least 4 same sex couples within 50 yards of this guys house, an insult actually to ALL of us! The only other pro-trump is interestingly enough another marine with the same flag!

So, I ordered a yard sign to lower my blood pressure. It is Rosie the Riveter with "Grab 'em by the ballot!" Biden/Harris 2020.

I can hardly wait to proudly place by my mailbox!

We can not begin to heal fast enough.

June 20, 2020

Hello DU!

Having had 10 posts, an automated inbox message suggested we newbies introduce ourselves.

So hello!

As you can see, my bride and I reside in Chicago and aside from the snow in the winter (which was very little this year) we absolutely love it! The decision to join was not planned. A few days ago when I clicked to read replies on an interesting thread, there were soooo many ads, I could barely get to the comments without acting like Flash with my fingers. So, necessity brought me here.

This country is under siege from within and this site has given me understanding and a glass full scenario with so many intelligent, scientifically driven posts. (love, love love the animals posts as well!

I wish more politicians would listen to people like Jane Goodall who are telling us how to get back to balance with our Mother Earth as we take and take and not replenish. Only an evil person would allow the hunting of bear cubs and their hibernating moms, remember Palins' video of her shooting wolves from planes? My disgust has increased under this dangerous nincompoop some call the president.

So, thank all of you who participate on DU and offer so many sage and empathetic posts, I can not even begin to tell you how much it is appreciated.

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What a strange journey these last 18 months. The profiles in human inconsistency rubs me raw and to the bone. For all of us good people, never give up, always lend a hand, and continue to fight like hell for humanity and nature and all of its goodness.
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