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Le Gaucher

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Member since: Tue Mar 21, 2017, 10:32 AM
Number of posts: 997

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BREAKING::House to vote next week on two competing immigration bills after Republican negotiations o

Source: Washington Post

By Mike DeBonis
June 12 at 9:57 PM
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BREAKING: The House is set to vote next week on two competing immigration bills after Republican negotiations on a compromise fall short.

This story will be updated.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/powerpost/scalise-warns-of-devastating-impact-as-gop-rebels-near-immigration-deadline/2018/06/12/c1a39a9e-6e45-11e8-bd50-b80389a4e569_story.html?utm_term=.db12b6223a40

I hope dream act psses

I hope the supreme court decision on Ohio Voter purge backfires

I hope the fear of being struck off the voter list brings everyone of the democratic voters to the polling booth.

We need to use this as a GOTV tactic

Didn't realize driving trains gets you over 200 k

No wonder despite the raise in ticket prices ..NJ transit sucks ass


NJ Transit spent $165.9 million on overtime in 2017, an increase of $14.6 million over 2016.

For some transit employees, the overtime significantly increased their paycheck.

Almost 2,500 employees individually earned at least $25,000 in overtime, according to NJ Transit salary records obtained through an Open Public Records Act request.

More than 9,400 employees took home some form of overtime with the smallest overtime check totaling $5.58. Of the top 25 overtime earners last year, eight employees made over $100,000 in overtime. Overtime for eleven employees was higher than their base salary.

Using overtime is a common practice in the transit industry to avoid having to provide benefits to new additional full-time employees, said Nancy Snyder, an NJ Transit spokeswoman.

I think of pardon powers like I do a Veto.

A pardon is in effect a veto over a judicial action. I cant believe that the only limit from a president abusing his pardon powers has to come from the legislative ( in the form of impeachment)

Trump cannot pardon himself .

I think the next Congress should make this explicit through an amendment.. President should not be able to pardon himself , any of his family , friends , donors or political appointees.

Sneak peek at Singapore Changi Airport's spectacular new Jewel

Big deal - Our Airports can strip grandma naked using x-rays and has people who are willing put their fingers up your ass to make sure you aren't hiding a bomb in your rectum. USA USA !!!


Singapore (CNN) A 250-meter-long bouncing net three stories above ground. A 50-meter-long suspended bridge with glass-panel flooring.
Walking trails amongst a lush jungle of animal-shaped topiaries in a five-story terraced garden. A 40-meter-tall waterfall cascading from an opening in a vaulted glass roof canopy. An art sculpture made up of four giant, integrated slides.
And that's just scratching the surface.
The thrilling attractions at Singapore's SGD$1.7 billion (US$1.27 billion) Jewel Changi Airport, an addition to Changi Airport due to open in 2019, will boost the already impressive offerings of a facility that's been voted best in the world for six years in a row.
With its "delicate" latticework of glass panels framed in steel, the distinctive donut-shaped Jewel is first and foremost a central hub, connecting three of Changi Airport's current four terminals.
But it's also potentially a destination in its own right, featuring a large mall to entice locals and visitors alike.

What do you guys think of Serena Williams' Catsuit in the French Open?

I think its bloody brilliant. I find the requirement/expectation that women wear skirts/dresses a little archaic/sexist.

I did not think of the Wakanda connection - but hey that works too !

Why is it taking so long to prove obstruction of justice when

It is as plain as nose on Donald Trump's face for all to see.

Why has he not been sentenced yet? What is it with the fucking American justice system???

Apart from Nadal - who has the best chance to win French Open?

Nadal is overwhelming fav - but assuming one bad day in office along the route to finals - who do you think is in the best position to exploit that opportunity?

I think it wont be one of the old guard or even someone over 27. ( Let's face it - Dimitrov, Raonic etc have had their chances and could do nothing with it)

My money will be on one of Zverev or Thiem.

What will you do if Trump manages to evade law?

Looks like Muuller isn't going to indict the Fucking bastard.

Our generic advantage at the polls are dwindling, (because people are tired as shit ?) Russia and Koch brothers are geared up to fuck with our elections once more... And it's possible ( or even probable) that Republicans keep majority in both houses.

Whatever is left of the Mueller investigation will be shut down

I, for one, will not count it out. Republicans stole the Scotus seat didn't they? Did they pay a price?

They have learnt that that subverting democratic norms will be rewarded as long as they 'win'

Assuming all of the above comes to pass - what will you do? Will you let yourselves be shocked when something like the above will happen?

I am starting to prepare myself mentally that Trump is going to get away with it.

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