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Dial H For Hero

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Member since: Mon Apr 20, 2020, 10:25 AM
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Resident fatally shoots woman trying to break into St. Louis County home, police say


ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — A woman who was shot and killed in St. Louis County this week was attempting to break into a home at the time, according to new information released by police Wednesday morning.

The St. Louis County Police Department identified the woman as 23-year-old Shabria Furlow, of Bridgeton.

Detectives believe Furlow was one of several people who were trying to steal from a home in the 300 block of Lancashire Road Tuesday morning. Officers responded at about 3:23 a.m. to a report of a shooting in the Glasgow Village area of north county. They arrived to find Furlow, who had been shot at least one time, police said. She died at the scene.

Police said they believe a resident in the home fatally shot her.

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Mon Jan 17, 2022, 05:28 PM (3 replies)

Are 'smart guns' finally arriving in the U.S.? Here is what we know


Smart guns, which can only be fired by verified users, will finally become available to American consumers after decades of questions regarding reliability, per Reuters.

LodeStar Works, a four-year-old company based in Pennsylvania, unveiled a 9 mm smart handgun for shareholders and investors in Boise, Idaho. SmartGunz, another company from Kansas, has given law enforcement agents a similar product for beta testing. Both these companies hope to release these products commercially this year.

Verification systems that these guns use can cut down the number of unintentional suicides from when children get their hands on guns. Smart guns can also prevent adults from taking or stealing weapons to harm others, according to Gizmodo.

The LodeStar gun would retail for $895. “We finally feel like we’re at the point where ... let’s go public,” LodeStar co-founder Gareth Glaser said, per the report. “We’re there.”


Even if Lodestar does manage to put their handgun into production (they only have a single prototype as of now), I'm quite skeptical that it would be successful even should it perform flawlessly. At almost $900, it's priced at around twice what a typical 9mm handgun costs.

I'll stick to my Sig Sauer.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Fri Jan 14, 2022, 11:01 AM (6 replies)

IRS Targets Your Side Hustle in Crackdown on Transactions Over $600


(Bloomberg) -- It just got harder to hide from the IRS.

Starting this month, users selling goods and services through such popular sites as Venmo, Etsy and Airbnb will begin receiving tax forms if they take a payment of more than $600. One by one in recent months, tech giants have been warning users of the coming changes and asking them to provide tax information.

“Until this year, the threshold was much higher ($20,000 and 200 transactions) so it didn’t affect nearly as many people,” Venmo told users in its messages about the change. “This requirement only pertains to payments received for sales of goods and services and does not apply to friends and family payments.”

The moves have sparked outcry on social media. For one thing, the lower threshold comes as more and more Americans bet on themselves: a record 5.4 million adults applied to form their own business last year, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released this week. That’s partly because it’s easier than ever to use apps to sell crafts, provide services or rent out a second or third home online.

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Fri Jan 14, 2022, 10:30 AM (29 replies)

SF's "worst house on the best block" sells for $2M


A wood-frame home in San Francisco with zero bedrooms, one bathroom and a 1940s-style kitchen – “the worst house on the best block” – just sold for about $2 million. A “not habitable” historic home in San Jose went into contract with an asking price close to $5 million. San Jose’s art deco Burbank Theater, which turned to adult fare before sitting vacant for two years, fetched $1.6 million – eight times the minimum auction price.

Welcome to the Bay Area housing market, where it seems that nothing – not a pandemic, not growing safety concerns, nor soaring construction costs – can arrest surging prices for even the most derelict of properties.

Take the Noe Valley home, built in 1900 and described in its listing as a “contractor’s special” with “extreme” deferred maintenance. It’s also “an opportunity like few others,” according to the marketing notes for 320 Day Street. It went up for auction in a conservatorship sale in mid-December and sold Jan. 7 for $600,00 above the starting bid.

The sales price was below the median single-family home price of $2.6 million in a sought-after southern neighborhood packed with Victorian homes, and many modern rebuilds, often with a view. Redfin says Noe Valley homes typically sell in 11 days; updated single-families with about 3,000 square feet routinely go for more than $4 million and can fetch over $6 million. The most expensive listing in the neighborhood—a modern, 6,000-square-foot view home on a lot double the size of the Day Street property—is $10 million.

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Fri Jan 14, 2022, 10:05 AM (7 replies)

Driver shoots armed teenage carjacking suspect in Philadelphia 1 of 3 carjacking incidents overnight


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A driver pulled out a gun and fired after coming face-to-face with an armed teenage carjacking suspect in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

In an exclusive interview with Action News, the driver described how he made the split-second decision when the 18-year-old male suspect pointed a gun at him.

"I saw the gun and I thought he was going to shoot me and take the car, so I retaliated as fast as I could. And just to see another day, I had to shoot the guy," the victim said.

"I was shaken up at first and the police calmed me down a lot and they made me feel real comfortable."


I do like message the victim had for his would-be carjacker: "Stay in school. Don't play with guns. Don't rob people. Work for what you want."
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Tue Jan 11, 2022, 11:51 PM (4 replies)

New UK-legal .50 revolver marketed as "top of the line" home defense, with "enormous" muzzle energy.


It's a CO2 powered airgun, firing a 17 grain .50 rubber ball at 350 feet per second. To put that into perspective, it has roughly 8% of the power of the .25 ACP (an extremely weak cartridge used in tiny pocket pistols).

In this video review, it won't consistently penetrate a cardboard box:

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Mon Jan 10, 2022, 04:24 PM (11 replies)

Walgreens executives say the drugstore chain is losing about 50% more money due to loss and theft

than it did prior to 2020


Walgreens lost more income to theft and damaged items in 2021 than it did in 2020 and is " absorbing a 52% increase in shrink."

That's according to Walgreens Boots Alliance CFO James Kehoe. On a January 6 call with investors, Kehoe said that Walgreens' shrink rate, or the loss of inventory attributed to theft, fraud, and damage, is currently about 3.25%. The company's shrink rate had been a little over 2% 10 years ago, he added.

Kehoe said organized crime has played a part in driving shrink up 40% to 50% "over the last two years."

"This is not petty theft," he said on a January 6 call with investors. "It's not somebody who can't afford to eat tomorrow. These are gangs that actually go in and empty our stores of beauty products. And it's a real issue."

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Sat Jan 8, 2022, 10:33 AM (0 replies)

More than 2,100 flights canceled Thursday after two weeks of disruption


Thursday brought more frustrating news for airlines and their customers with more than 2,100 U.S. flight cancellations as carriers continued efforts to restore flight networks hobbled by bad weather and staffing shortages brought on by coronavirus infections.

Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and regional carrier SkyWest Airlines continued to be among the hardest-hit, according to data provided by FlightAware, a website focused on aviation data. The elevated number of cancellations showed no signs of easing two weeks after emerging on Christmas Eve.

Southwest had canceled 646 flights, about 21 percent of scheduled departures. United, which had shown improvement in recent days, canceled 236 flights, about 11 percent of the carrier’s scheduled departures. SkyWest canceled 264 flights, about 11 percent of flights scheduled for the day. The Utah-based carrier, which partners with United, Delta Air Lines and American Airlines to carry passengers on smaller routes, has struggled for days.

After nearly two years of pandemic-related turmoil, airlines were hoping for a strong finish to 2021. After forgoing holiday celebrations in 2020, Americans were eager to reunite with loved ones. With travel volumes expected to reach near pre-pandemic levels, airlines scrambled to hire workers, offering bonus pay to ensure adequate staffing levels. The surge of the omicron variant around Thanksgiving upended those plans.

Posted by Dial H For Hero | Fri Jan 7, 2022, 04:44 PM (0 replies)

Trump lashes out at Biden over Jan. 6 speech

Source: The Hill

Former President Trump on Thursday responded to President Biden's fiery speech on the anniversary of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, saying the remarks alluding to Trump's role in the riot deepened political divides in the country.

Trump, in a statement released just as Biden wrapped up his speech in Statuary Hall, called the remarks "political theater."

"This political theater is all just a distraction for the fact Biden has completely and totally failed," Trump said.

Trump said that Biden "used my name today to try to further divide America." While Biden indirectly blamed Trump for the insurrection and referred to the former president multiple times during the speech, he did not call Trump out by name.

Read more: https://www.google.com/amp/s/thehill.com/homenews/administration/588539-trump-lashes-out-after-biden-speech-used-my-name-today-to-try-to%3famp
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jan 6, 2022, 03:28 PM (79 replies)

McCloskeys, Who Waved Guns at Protesters, Ask for Weapons Back After Governor's Pardon


Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who famously pointed guns at protesters passing their house in the summer of 2020, are suing to get their seized guns back after the pair was pardoned last year.

The lawsuit was filed by Mark McCloskey last year against the city, sheriff and state to get their guns back, and a hearing was held Wednesday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

The couple agreed to forfeit the weapons as part of a guilty plea to the several misdemeanors they were charged with last June, weeks before they were pardoned by Republican Gov. Mike Parson.

Robert Dierker of the City Counselor's Office, which is representing the police and sheriff's departments, said in the hearing that it's rather unexpected that the guns have not yet been disposed of.


The City Counselor's Office is contending that while the pardon eliminated the conviction, it did not do so to the plea agreement in which McCloskey forfeited the guns. I'm not overly familiar with the ins and outs of gubernatorial pardons, so I'm curious if that's how it normally works.
Posted by Dial H For Hero | Thu Jan 6, 2022, 01:39 PM (2 replies)
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