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Captain Zero

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Member since: Fri May 3, 2019, 12:13 AM
Number of posts: 5,271

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Indiana Dems should nominate RON KLAIN for governor

Would he do it?

He makes so much sense about pulling urban and rural together.

He would be the perfect answer to all the Nazi Gasbags who want to run for the GQP here.

Then when Biden is reelected Indiana is perfectly positioned to work with a Democratic president.
Posted by Captain Zero | Wed Feb 1, 2023, 10:38 PM (4 replies)

TFG needs to be referred to as Donnie the V

not 45 or wannabe 47

Every ballot 10 Dems should vote for a puke. For Fun!!

So which puke should 10 Dems vote for in the next ballot?

George Santos?
Victoria Spartz?

I'm open to notorious and obscure choices.
My examples above.
Posted by Captain Zero | Tue Jan 3, 2023, 02:12 PM (0 replies)

Second Dayton twin found in Indianapolis!

Just saw it on local NBC affiliate here in Indy.

He was found in a restaurant near IUPUI.
He looked safe in video, he was being carried somewhere. They said he can be reunited with his twin.

That little logo on Zelensky's sweatshirt (??)

What is it,?
Where can I buy the sweats with it on them??

Hopefully the money from them goes to Ukraine.

Could TFG have done something so horrible

with the TS Documents at ML, and with one of them being so secret, that it can't be revealed what they were about nor what he did, that he can't be prosecuted for that? Which would mean he can't be stopped from running for president again?. What would it be?

If Grassley was too old this year at 89, then is

Feinstein too old in 2024, at 91, to run again ? She has already filed.

I think it's a legitimate question to ask ourselves, especially with the increasing role of our young voters.

Uh. 1 duer is really messing up the Latest Threads

Latest Threads view. It's a bit much.
Take this down if I'm being too harsh but I don't think it's too harsh the way I said it.

Nationwide. What percent of the total congressional vote was won by the Democrats?

I'm betting it was clearly more than 50 percent nationwide. Yet here we are all even in the Senate, and the GQP with a slight edge in the house.

That alone should be a story repeated over and over.
Do it state by state to prove the severity of gerrymandering.

How about it, what are those numbers??

We shouldn't have to add that up. The media should already be reporting it, for the next two years.

Anybody know where I can get election results that's not behind a god dam paywall.?

What a criminal GOP state party can give you at the local level...

One township in Indiana elected this guy as the TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE:

Congratulations Henry Township, you just elected a criminal felon and manufacturer of illegal drugs. Go to public.courts.in.gov and type in Lyall, Travis. Select Henry County from Odyssey Court and check the criminal, civil, etc. cases. I think you should know what to expect when someone like this is in charge of your Township money.

Criminal misdemeanor, disorderly conduct; criminal misdemeanor, check deception; small claims court, United Cash Advance and Atlas Collections (twice) ; criminal felony, criminal recklessness; criminal misdemeanor, battery; Dealing in and manufacturing a controlled substance and theft.

Trump will probably want to run this guy for Governor of Indiana in '24.

Posted by Captain Zero | Wed Nov 9, 2022, 07:26 AM (1 replies)
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