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C Moon

Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: California
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 3,869

About Me

Musician. Podcaster. Production Artist. Live near the coast in Southern California. Vegan. A happy Aussie/German Shep mix owner.

Journal Archives

So many "shoes" have been dropped in the past few months...

and still the thieves are making all the calls—so I'm beginning to feel our constitution and laws are being casually rewritten with buffers for the rich and powerful.
I guess that makes us an oligarchy.

In January, I overheard a few neighbors complaining about the Trump protests blocking freeways, etc

There were three of them outside standing near my garage (I'm in a townhouse, so I heard the talk coming through my window). They were complaining about the protests and the election. I remember hearing one specifically say, "He's already won. So what's the use of protesting it?"
The other neighbors agreed with him.

Today, I went out to my garage and was about to leave, and I overheard two of the same people talking.
I heard the same person I quoted above say:
"Why don't they just kick him out—before he screws up the whole country!"
The other neighbor agreed, and I heard mumbles about Korea, Russia and China.

Oh my: that was a quick change of opinion.

There was an article in the L.A. Times today about a crack down illegal handicap parking.

The DMV set up a "sting" of sorts at a mall in Glendale.
The media was there.
One lady was caught parking her Mercedes in a handicap spot. The officer identified himself, and she insisted the placard was her husband's. She was written up for using her husband's placard and she became angry. Soon her husband and daughter showed up and they began yelling. The media was filming at this point, and the daughter yelled:
"You portray our president as bad!" And yelled expletives at the media.

It figures it would be Trump supporters who become indignant after being caught cheating handicap out of parking.



Can't we get this illegitimate lying, sexist, old piece of crap, mud-pile out of our White House before we enter too deeply into WWIII?
He's not our president: he's Putin's toy. Get him the hell out of there!!!!
Our constitution is being stepped on week after week, and nothing is happening!

I've been ragging on the L.A. Times since Trump began running,

as they seemed to be legitimizing the lying bastard's placement into our Presidency.
However, I was just online and decided to look at their online paper, and was shocked to see this:
(but, maybe they were okay with his ridiculousness, hate and lies until he started picking on the press).

I'm considering running for President in the upcoming special election.

Wouldn't that be nice: not me running, but a special election.
And that is what should happen.

I know others feel this way about the Russian connection...

but I'm not seeing a lot of frustration about it.
To me it looks like the GOP is working hard to bury the Russian connection—and that is going to be what will happen in the senate.
From what we've been hearing, the evidence is overwhelming and it builds each day—I don't understand why these people aren't in jail already!
The guilty parties are traitors to their own country.
It's crazy that something like this can be covered up, even with all the evidence we have been told there is.
I'm dumbfounded.

God I HATE Republicans!!!

Another one got under my skin on FaceBook: celebrating the hope that the GOP will not fund ACA, and it will fail—and the Dems will be to blame.
They just don't give a flying-frock about anyone but their own party.
People without health care? That's fine.
This is why I don't care about these people who were burned by voting for Trump, and said they regret voting for him. If they don't care about others, then they can go to hell.


Anyone have any experience with COBRA?
We paid over $800 into COBRA for the month of March (after a layoff) and are supposed to be covered for March.
I went to Kaiser, and they said our membership (which I've been on for over 20 years before this job loss), was no longer valid.
I called Kaiser customer service, and they said they have no information from the employer that we've paid into COBRA.
Is this how it goes? I mean, WTF? You paid hundreds of dollars and you don't get coverage because your previous employer is dragging their feet?
No wonder Reagan signed it into law.

Goodnight comrades.

NOT gonna happen!
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