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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 7,162

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The Onion: George Bush debuts new paintings of dogs and friends. :D


Here's what I think is next: Trump is going to jump the gun and shock everyone

by ordering an investigation into Epstein's death, and blaming the Clintons.
He's already tweeted about it.
I believe Putin was behind this, and it was all planned out in advance, and will be used to make the Dems look bad before the 2020 election.
Two birds with one stone.

I wonder if this info could be used to steal votes for 2020 (Equifax data breach).

Nobody knows where the information went, and I guess very little been abused yet. Although, they say sometimes the thieves will wait years before making use of it. Something smells like a TrumPutin rat to me.

How do you think Hillary would do against Trump in 2020?

I think she would win.
But I understand it is a huge risk.

Local news (Los Angeles) before heading to a commercial said...

"Donald Trump does a victory lap..."

Seriously? A victory lap? Hiding the truth, and making up a lie is a victory?

Hell, at what point can the rest of the U.S. start lying and denying? On parking tickets, on taxes owed, on late bills...we can deny it and make up our own terms. What's good for the fat, sleazy, traitor goose is good for the gander.

It's finally ridiculous: that thing in the WH is a disgusting, filthy, sleazy criminal.

More is coming out every week.
He should have been thrown in prison LONG before Putin decided to use him to overthrow our constitution.
It's so unbelievable how weak our laws are for the rich. Un-fucking-believable.

We are in a class war.
We are losing.
And it's not just our country, it's worldwide.

So I guess the gag order, was just a gag. :/

Any violation of the order, the judge said, would be a basis for revoking Stone’s bond or detaining him pending trial. If he didn’t comply, she told him, she’d find it necessary to “adjust your environment.” Now she’s already been tasked with reviewing two potential violations of the order.

A post of empathy to those who used to, but can no longer...

wear their red baseball caps.

Peach Cobbler

:D Funny! But I don't think I would be able to wear this.

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