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American Interregnum

American Interregnum's Journal
American Interregnum's Journal
November 23, 2021

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November 22, 2021

JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown

The Kennedy Detail Exposed: the real story about JFK's Secret Service

Some years back, I saw a black-and-white clip of JFK's limo shortly before it turned unto Dealey Plaza. There was a Secret Service agent standing on the back of the limo, shielding the President in case of attack from behind. But then, right before the vehicle makes the turn, the agent is ordered off the back of the limo, with nobody taking his place. Whether or not the agent shown here is that man, I am unsure, as my recollection is that he was standing on the back of the car.

Together, these videos are a long watch. But then, it's been a very long 58 years since the events of that horrible day, has it not?
November 22, 2021

After the Rittenhouse verdict: Will "white freedom" spell the ruin of America?

PUBLISHED NOVEMBER 22, 2021 6:00AM, Salon

"White freedom" could bring the ultimate ruination of America. By that term, I do not simply mean "white privilege" or "racist" behavior that violates social norms and is considered unacceptable or aberrant. White freedom is much more powerful than that: it is a core organizing principle of American society.

In his recent book "White Freedom: The Racial History of an Idea," Tyler Stovall explains this concept as "the belief (and practice) that freedom is central to white racial identity, and that only white people can or should be free."

Contrary to what many Americans would like to believe, the country's founding was not a project dedicated to universal human rights. Instead, America's "democratic" experiment was based on a racialized understanding of democracy and of who counts as fully human — and who does not.

In the 18th century, full citizenship rights and "democracy" were exclusive to white men who owned property. As Charles Mills, Edmund Morgan and other scholars have documented, Black and other nonwhite people were the boundary against which "democracy" and white freedom were to be demarcated and built upon. In his 1999 book "The Racial Contract," Charles Mills summarizes this as: "Whiteness is not really a color at all, but a set of power relations."


I've always said only one country can destroy America. And we're doing a fantastic job of it!

November 20, 2021

Designated "Let's Feel Superior" Thread

Knock yourselves out!

November 18, 2021

Ohio Republicans plow ahead with go-it-alone redistricting -- despite gerrymandering limits

Source: Politico

11/18/2021 04:30 AM EST

Ohio voters in 2018 overwhelmingly approved a ballot measure that put guardrails on state legislators ahead of the next redistricting. But now that Republicans in Columbus are working to finalize a new congressional map this week, they’re essentially ignoring those limits.

The constitutional amendment passed three years ago gave state legislators a choice: Pass new district lines that earn support from both parties, and they will stand for the full decade. If the map passes on a party-line vote, it will only be in effect for the next two elections and need to be replaced in four years.

The goal of the amendment was to encourage lawmakers in both parties to work together in redistricting and produce maps that reflect the state’s political orientation. But the GOP, which controls every lever of state government in Ohio, is instead moving at break-neck speed on congressional lines that could favor the party in 13 of its 15 districts.

Without any Democratic support, this map will only be allowed to be used for four years as opposed to the usual 10 years because of one of the new reforms. Brown, the top Democrat on the state House committee, said he believes Republicans might have been OK with using that loophole all along.

That’s because they redrew the state legislative lines using the same process: A party-line vote that, combined with the state’s political orientation — an increasing Republican lean, though still competitive — will likely keep the GOP in charge come 2025.

Read more: https://www.politico.com/news/2021/11/18/ohio-gerrymandering-redistricting-republicans-522922

Republicans: The Law & Order Party. Except for actual elections, of course.

November 16, 2021

'Reprehensible': Judge calls out defense team in Arbery murder trial

Gough has such a punchable face, don't you think?
November 16, 2021

US says Russia threatened astronauts by destroying satellite - BBC

There are two Russians aboard the ISS. So? Russia kills its own people whenever Donnie's Master wants to make a point. Russia's economy is stagnant, and it's no longer a major space power. So, just like the cyber attacks, we can chalk this up to Putin's Party Pooping, LLC!

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