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Leafing Through The Past - Part Chyetirye

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mgc1961 Donating Member (874 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-10-10 08:57 AM
Original message
Leafing Through The Past - Part Chyetirye
This is the fourth photo/scrapbook from among the boxes of keepsakes that belong to the Colvins and Klincks. There are 8-9 of these books along with some loose photos which include Sis's wedding photograph and some small, older photographs that fell out of one album that appears to have belonged to Jake Colvin's grandfather.

One of the remaining books belong to Jack Klinck, Sis's first husband, is self-explanatory since he generously wrote about the contents and his activities in both World War II and Korea. One of scrapbooks is filled with photos but little else in the way of memory.

There are two more photo/scrapbooks sitting on my desk right now, awaiting exploration. Content reports are forthcoming in the next 7 to 10 days. More selected letter postings are also under consideration.

Again, I'm posting an overview with little or no comment since there's so much more that's not known than known about the dynamics of the Colvin family and the life circumstances in which they lived.

On the inside cover of this scrapbook is an article written by an Erskine freshman describing her (Lucy Tolbert) first impressions of the school. Below it is an Ode to the Girls of Dear Ole' Erskine. On the next page, writ large, is College Life at Erskine. Would I be jumping to conclusions if I said this scrapbook was started by Sis upon her entrance to Erskine?

There's an Erskine College student handbook in this album (1942-1943). It was untouched by the mouse that used a portion of this scrapbook for nesting material. Speaking of mice, the mouse trap that's pasted on a page near the front of the album may have something to with Rat Week that's mentioned near the end of the album. It occurred 20-23 Sep 1943.

There are several clippings about Jake on the handbook page. One says he graduated from Clemson College last spring. Another one mentions his leaving for primary training at Douglas, Ga. The third one clarifies his student interest: Mechanical engineering.

There's a portion of the list of rules given to incoming Erskine students outlining minor and major offenses with the duration of restriction.

There's a letter in this one, the first, from Jake Sr. to "Sister" postmarked 14 Sep 1942 that is pretty legible. It's the first letter she received from Daddy. It says they all miss her very much. This one you'll probably want to read for yourself. Here's an excerpt: "Mother came back o.k. about 8:40 p.m. last night and gave full account. Sorry mother had to get so drunk so quick. Believe you me I don't know what will have to be done with mother. If it keeps on some serious injury will finally happen. Jake says you all were scared speechless and mother said you were nervous when she left over same.....Mother seems to be o.k. with exception of facial markings. They are not so bad." He goes on to say on the next page, "I know, honey, you consider your old Daddy a big grouch, but one thing always remember, he loves you and wants you to be tops in every way at all times. I am very proud of you in every way."

The first letter from mother is just below Daddy's, on the same page. Large chunks are missing thanks to Mr. Mouse, (shown here with underlined blank spaces) but there is clearly some trouble at home. I can't say for certain what's causing the disturbance based on their extant correspondence. I suspect it has, at least in part, something to do with the increasingly destructive war in Europe and their son's inevitable involvement in the conflict. This letter at least doesn't reveal much about mother except to say mother was happy to "have a child attend college there (Erskine)" and her apology for forgetting Sis's fountain pen was in her purse. She also mentions a need to have her eyesight checked. Here's a passage which appears to mention mother's return from taking Sis to school and the episode resulting in facial markings that Jake Sr mentioned: "We had a very nice ride home, getting here about 20 to 9. Jessie D. was just finishing up supper dishes, the house was in apple-pie condition. And did I get ______ when your Daddy spied my ________ He raved and raved and I let _______ going on and fixing supper. For Jake and myself, he was past hungry. Ate like he still had an appetite tho he & Pinkie went out after that and your Daddy was so disgusted. Wish to goodness he would pull himself together and get in a good humor. He would ______ cards and letters if he did. Has gone to ______ office to reclassify again this afternoon. I slept real well last night, but sure am stiff and sore today. Got ______ alright at church. Had a big time explaining to folks."

A card from Dewey McKeown, probably the first, that accompanied a box of chocolates is in here. The date is 12 Oct 1943. There are several cards and letters from Dewey on the succeeding pages.

What appears to be Fred Singleton's first letter to Sis is in here. Postmark is 14 Oct 1943.

There are more demerits in this album. Most of them seem to be for noise or Sis being outside her room after curfew. One is for missing a church service.

Jake sent Sis a birthday letter on 10 May 1943 from George Field, Ill. She remarks how sweet it is. The letter says: "Today 18 yrs. ago I had a little sister who has no grown to be a fine young lady in every way. May you be as beautiful and lovely at the end of 18 more. I love you always. Many happy returns, Love, Jake"

There are two Lucky Strike cigarettes pasted on one page with this written next to them: "Remembrance of Page Robinson - July 23, '43"

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