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- Did anyone hear Howard Fineman's comment on Chris Matthews Show? 48percenter Sun Aug-31-08 05:26 PM9
- Video of Obama & Biden in Toledo today JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Aug-31-08 05:18 PM0
- New Meet Jill Biden page up on Obama website JoeIsOneOfUs Sun Aug-31-08 04:29 PM5
- Before this gets buried, I wanted to make sure you all saw it... 1corona4u Sun Aug-31-08 01:26 PM6
- I'm so sick of these 'She's a terrible mother' threads Debi Sat Aug-30-08 10:08 PM14
- Doubt if we'll see such genuine photos from the McCain camp: gateley Sat Aug-30-08 09:31 PM10
- Joe is handling this VERY well! gateley Sat Aug-30-08 07:09 PM1
- Link to live stream of Obama and Joe in Ohio gateley Sat Aug-30-08 05:48 PM0
- Hey folks - posted several threads JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Aug-30-08 05:05 PM0
- I LOVE this pic... 1corona4u Sat Aug-30-08 01:38 PM1
- What I wouldn't give pirhana Sat Aug-30-08 01:15 PM3
- CNN VP Poll gateley Sat Aug-30-08 11:00 AM0
- Fabulous pics -- gateley Sat Aug-30-08 10:23 AM1
- I just found out.... livvy Sat Aug-30-08 10:05 AM3
- What Joe will be up to: JoeIsOneOfUs Sat Aug-30-08 02:42 AM3
- Did you all see this?? 1corona4u Sat Aug-30-08 01:18 AM4
- Real nice op-ed about our window into Biden - pirhana Fri Aug-29-08 11:59 PM2
- OK, we might have a connection for the cupcake tie 48percenter Fri Aug-29-08 10:36 PM3
- McCain picked the Governor from Alaska for his VP running mate. murbley40 Fri Aug-29-08 10:00 PM7
- Shark Tie Pt. 37.... Debi Fri Aug-29-08 11:25 AM9
- You know what keeps going through my mind... 1corona4u Fri Aug-29-08 08:36 AM2
- Instant Kharma Gonna Get To You? NI4NI Fri Aug-29-08 08:33 AM2
- I wonder what she said to him..... Debi Fri Aug-29-08 05:26 AM17
- What the hell??!! Joe's on - go to C-SPAN RIGHT F*&%ING NOW!! Debi Fri Aug-29-08 02:54 AM6
- one of the best convention photos I've seen of Joe yet JoeIsOneOfUs Fri Aug-29-08 12:06 AM0
- Man, I love Al Gore, but 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 11:49 PM6
- The name's Biden. Joe Biden. DesertedRose Thu Aug-28-08 11:48 PM4
- my thoughts KingOfLostSou... Thu Aug-28-08 11:05 PM1
- HUNTER!! Debi Thu Aug-28-08 10:35 PM3
- If any of my fellow JBSG have photos with Joe 48percenter Thu Aug-28-08 10:23 PM5
- Speaking of Durbin - pirhana Thu Aug-28-08 09:05 PM2
- SEIU member that worked w/Senator Biden here in Iowa is @ Convention W/Biden Debi Thu Aug-28-08 09:03 PM2
- PBS is speaking very highly of Joe!! 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 08:59 PM1
- Beautiful Amtrak story posted about Joe tsegat01 Thu Aug-28-08 08:18 PM6
- The Road to the White House... 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 08:06 PM6
- Omg - She said it! She 'fessed up!!!!! pirhana Thu Aug-28-08 07:41 PM12
- Yesterday, Chris Matthews told a story about Joe tsegat01 Thu Aug-28-08 05:26 PM7
- Check out the username! gateley Thu Aug-28-08 05:11 PM6
- GO OBIDEN!! Debi Jr. got his T-shirt Debi Thu Aug-28-08 04:04 PM13
- How adorable is this!!?? 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 03:10 PM7
- Hey, Joe did great tonight! TayTay Thu Aug-28-08 02:49 PM15
- I'm a little disappointed... [View All] 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 02:42 PM32
- C-Span 1 - hurry! pirhana Thu Aug-28-08 02:39 PM14
- I need some back up info 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 02:27 PM3
- Last nite I caught Joe's speech again - and you know what? pirhana Thu Aug-28-08 02:20 PM4
- HUNTER!! Debi Thu Aug-28-08 01:18 PM12
- Biden photos out there JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Aug-28-08 12:48 PM0
- Blown away BenV Thu Aug-28-08 10:17 AM14
- OMFG, Barack PLANTS one on Jill!! 48percenter Thu Aug-28-08 09:58 AM6
- and damn, he should be president susanwy Thu Aug-28-08 04:10 AM7
- Is Jill already crying? Debi Thu Aug-28-08 03:46 AM4
- Guys I tried to hang in there, but they say Joe is now 10:30pm 48percenter Thu Aug-28-08 03:03 AM6
- Scripted? pirhana Thu Aug-28-08 12:43 AM12
- some nice photos from tonight JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Aug-28-08 12:36 AM4
- some nice old video of Biden and Neilia JoeIsOneOfUs Thu Aug-28-08 12:23 AM1
- I posted Joe's word cloud from tonight... 1corona4u Thu Aug-28-08 12:09 AM0
- Get back up!! Debi Wed Aug-27-08 09:53 PM2
- Hi Bidenites! susanwy Wed Aug-27-08 09:48 PM4
- ARE.....YOU.....READY?????? KingOfLostSou... Wed Aug-27-08 09:22 PM3
- saw a post saying Beau will introduce Joe! JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Aug-27-08 08:59 PM5
- valerie biden owens on c-span right now! JoeIsOneOfUs Wed Aug-27-08 08:35 PM2
- Segment about Joe on Inside Edition tonight. NCarolinawoma... Wed Aug-27-08 07:39 PM15
- So, what time, and what channel is that tripe on??--IE? 1corona4u Wed Aug-27-08 07:15 PM3
- Bidenites ~ pirhana Wed Aug-27-08 05:40 PM2
- Cnn showing cupcake cruising around the floor of the Pepsi Stadium pirhana Wed Aug-27-08 04:49 PM19
- Great Oped on Dr. Jill Biden pirhana Wed Aug-27-08 04:11 PM1
- I made the mistake of watching the clip on titled gateley Wed Aug-27-08 04:06 PM5
- Shapiro - Biden's Mission Debi Wed Aug-27-08 02:54 PM6
- Tonight is JOE's night!! Debi Wed Aug-27-08 02:52 PM9
- Great article about Biden, Bork, and Clarence Thomas tsegat01 Wed Aug-27-08 02:36 PM3
- "Ladies And Gentlemen- Ladies And Gentleman..." I do so very much stlsaxman Wed Aug-27-08 02:16 PM5
- We got the NEOCONS on the run with Joe 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 12:49 PM4
- Wordle of Joe's VP Acceptance Speech 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 12:33 PM4
- So, rumor has it.... 1corona4u Wed Aug-27-08 12:13 PM7
- I posted this in GD (not Biden-related) tsegat01 Wed Aug-27-08 12:01 PM2
- Jill--from the LA Times... 1corona4u Wed Aug-27-08 08:54 AM1
- Biden--NPR article 1corona4u Wed Aug-27-08 08:10 AM0
- It's Joe. [View All] 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 03:38 AM28
- So, will Biden throw some red meat tonight? 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 03:37 AM6
- Haha! Joe's tie has chickens on it! Go to [View All] 48percenter Wed Aug-27-08 01:47 AM24
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