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- Major Asshole-Alert SemiCharmedQu... Wed Aug-17-05 09:14 PM8
- Geena Davis is going to act as President in a new TV series... Ripley Wed Aug-17-05 12:18 PM5
- I'm tired of women's bodies being used to sell shit [View All] Eloriel Wed Aug-17-05 08:33 AM34
- To make us a little happier -- what's your favorite feminist religion? chicaloca Wed Aug-17-05 12:58 AM19
- The lounge Beaverhausen Tue Aug-16-05 04:38 PM3
- Anyone see last week's Entertainment Weekly? Disturbing article Love Bug Fri Aug-12-05 04:27 PM2
- In Praise of Women Warriors Eloriel Fri Aug-12-05 03:01 AM7
- That Dirty Word: FEMINIST [View All] nashville_bro... Thu Aug-11-05 04:17 PM20
- I posted this in the wrong spot last night... sjbech Thu Aug-11-05 04:11 PM5
- I'm saving a GDP thread to disk as html [View All] Eloriel Thu Aug-11-05 10:24 AM44
- For those who don't go into the Lounge very often: Bunny Thu Aug-11-05 07:44 AM7
- Man has sex with 13 year old girl, gets her pregnant and her parents make SemiCharmedQu... Wed Aug-10-05 05:59 PM19
- "Lizzie Borden and the Labrys," by Carolyn Gage BlueIris Wed Aug-10-05 08:51 AM10
- This made me laugh :-) cally Wed Aug-10-05 02:28 AM9
- A confession... libnnc Mon Aug-08-05 01:05 AM7
- We men should have been born girls Lars39 Sun Aug-07-05 11:26 PM17
- Feeling old and ugly? Think again. atommom Sun Aug-07-05 10:52 PM4
- Anti-Feminism in the treatment of Jennifer Aniston's breakup SemiCharmedQu... Sun Aug-07-05 08:34 PM5
- alarcojon Sun Aug-07-05 11:38 AM1
- As a TRUE feminist, am I required to support, say Hillary Clinton in 2008? Heddi Sat Aug-06-05 07:38 PM9
- Does anyone else think it's 'funny' that the first time Comedy Central Bunny Sat Aug-06-05 07:28 PM6
- The baby in the dumpster thread... RadFemFL Thu Aug-04-05 10:35 PM6
- Women-owned and women-friendly businesses? wildflower Thu Aug-04-05 09:20 PM4
- "The mismeasurement of women" SemiCharmedQu... Thu Aug-04-05 05:54 PM2
- so. It happened to me, my old roommate's mom, and now my current roommate [View All] chicaloca Tue Aug-02-05 07:27 PM28
- Indiana Woman Wants $500,000 for Housework Done in Marriage BlueIris Tue Aug-02-05 10:43 AM4
- "The Politics of Housework," by Pat Mainardi BlueIris Tue Aug-02-05 08:08 AM11
- So, what did we learn last night? [View All] Bunny Tue Aug-02-05 03:51 AM48
- Is "Tramp" an acceptable word? Heddi Tue Aug-02-05 12:29 AM8
- What's the most productive way to deal with objectionable threads PART 2 Kerrytraveler... Mon Aug-01-05 07:40 PM15
- Action item for you all, please lwfern Mon Aug-01-05 12:21 AM13
- "Help! My Wife Ran Off!" BlueIris Sun Jul-31-05 10:41 PM3
- "Partner Poaching" BlueIris Sun Jul-31-05 11:03 AM2
- What's the most productive way to deal with objectionable threads? eleny Sun Jul-31-05 12:13 AM3
- I cannot believe people actually "welcomed" this person [View All] VelmaD Sat Jul-30-05 01:30 PM31
- "Screaming and howling" against John Roberts [View All] eleny Sat Jul-30-05 01:05 PM29
- A woman's call to action - in Iraq mogster Sat Jul-30-05 05:55 AM0
- Rape culture -- why? What can we do? [View All] chicaloca Sat Jul-30-05 01:08 AM23
- I am SO proud of DU Mods for a job well done. Let's celebrate. Eloriel Fri Jul-29-05 08:31 PM9
- Go read this, please Solly Mack Fri Jul-29-05 06:46 PM4
- Post your words and phrases here. MuseRider Fri Jul-29-05 01:08 PM11
- Naral pro choice America--July 28 is National Call in Day!! bliss_eternal Fri Jul-29-05 04:47 AM4
- So, I'm seeking feminist opinions here [View All] geniph Fri Jul-29-05 04:11 AM34
- I apologize Eloriel Fri Jul-29-05 12:29 AM14
- It's time to talk about pussy [View All] Solly Mack Thu Jul-28-05 12:22 PM24
- So what am I missing about this thread? Eloriel Thu Jul-28-05 01:26 AM3
- "The F Word - Feminism in Jeopardy" Has anyone read it? smbolisnch Wed Jul-27-05 10:34 PM3
- I know this isn't really a feminist issue, but... [View All] VelmaD Wed Jul-27-05 10:21 PM25
- Some of our repuke 'sisters' are complete lost causes, I'm afraid... Zenlitened Wed Jul-27-05 08:30 PM4
- I love you feminists but I think I may just have to go elsewhere for my efhmc Wed Jul-27-05 03:56 PM11
- Men women space and movement undergroundpa... Tue Jul-26-05 11:28 PM2
- Anyone else bristle at the slur "ho" or "slut" Tallison Tue Jul-26-05 09:43 PM8
- Wonderful, we now advertise sexist t-shirt merchants on DU. Misunderestim... Tue Jul-26-05 08:48 PM8
- Iraqi Women's Rights in Danger alarcoeg Tue Jul-26-05 07:45 PM6
- Should weight acceptance be a feminist issue? [View All] Finder Tue Jul-26-05 06:13 PM41
- It takes sodomy to get attention in Iraq...women being raped isn't enough. SemiCharmedQu... Tue Jul-26-05 05:06 PM18
- I guess I'm a prude Eloriel Tue Jul-26-05 10:16 AM10
- Proof that women are worth only livestock, and that's just okay Heddi Tue Jul-26-05 07:22 AM10
- I got a post deleted... VelmaD Mon Jul-25-05 10:47 PM8
- Weight beauty and lies undergroundpa... Mon Jul-25-05 01:52 AM0
- Misogynistic radio station apologizes!!! Behind the Ae... Mon Jul-25-05 12:11 AM7
- a military brass opened his mouth and out came "Lady" donsu Sun Jul-24-05 12:40 PM1
- A poem I wrote undergroundpa... Sat Jul-23-05 10:09 PM7
- Supreme Court Nominee, Roe v. Wade, and Misogynist Lounge Posts Kathy in Camb... Sat Jul-23-05 04:54 PM12
- Someone might need your help, her husband is getting on her about weight. Wetzelbill Sat Jul-23-05 12:44 PM10
- Has anyone else had a lumpectomy/biopsy? cally Sat Jul-23-05 11:30 AM9
- Good wishes and vibes to all who need them... spooky3 Sat Jul-23-05 02:20 AM6
- "Shut your suckhole." [View All] Bunny Sat Jul-23-05 12:40 AM33
- Women I know tend to dismiss my husband's future career as a Nurse [View All] Heddi Fri Jul-22-05 05:31 PM53
- Ugh. Can I please rant. Please? Re: catcalls, clothing, etc [View All] Heddi Fri Jul-22-05 05:02 PM64
- A view of women [View All] Cerridwen Fri Jul-22-05 04:12 PM20
- Why do so many women like "bad boys"? [View All] alarcoeg Fri Jul-22-05 01:55 PM106
- Has anyone received anything like this recently? [View All] Misunderestim... Fri Jul-22-05 11:59 AM38
- Oh joy, 2 1/2 years of "The Country isn't Ready for a Woman!" BS. Ripley Fri Jul-22-05 11:06 AM2
- Feminism 101: Core Texts? BlueIris Fri Jul-22-05 01:41 AM16
- Did I offend? [View All] undergroundpa... Fri Jul-22-05 01:33 AM25
- Feminists may be interested in this thread Eloriel Thu Jul-21-05 03:18 PM13
- So if we (women) do not have the bare basic right over our own bodies, efhmc Wed Jul-20-05 09:15 PM5
- Vera Drake. A-Schwarzeneg... Wed Jul-20-05 04:22 PM6
- I hope this forum is meeting the needs of many of you [View All] cally Wed Jul-20-05 04:18 PM34
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