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- A big THANK YOU to Cerridwen Solly Mack Tue Aug-08-06 02:16 PM11
- My friend was on jury duty at this trial ismnotwasm Tue Aug-08-06 02:11 PM9
- A great honor for a great woman, Billie Jean King. MuseRider Mon Aug-07-06 08:38 PM4
- Why can't Dean attack Republican men like this? [View All] femrap Wed Aug-02-06 12:38 PM29
- I'm a woman, and sometimes I'm a bitch iverglas Wed Aug-02-06 10:18 AM10
- The Story of Baby X: thought piece on raising a genderless child benevolent di... Sat Jul-29-06 09:06 AM4
- Eyeful of breast-feeding mom sparks outrage ismnotwasm Fri Jul-28-06 10:22 PM14
- Why "girls" will be girls? ismnotwasm Fri Jul-28-06 09:24 PM13
- Traci Lords bliss_eternal Thu Jul-27-06 09:39 PM7
- Re-post from TC forum--Lizzie Borden: a feminist historian's analysis. BlueIris Wed Jul-26-06 04:51 PM1
- sick of the whole "pre-pregnant" bull that women have to put up with kmlewis Mon Jul-24-06 04:49 PM17
- my "being single" vent for the day... melnjones Mon Jul-24-06 09:48 AM15
- Ancient Egyptian Women had more rights than many women today bleedingheart Sat Jul-22-06 11:09 PM6
- Anyone else freaked out by Bush trying to give Merkel a massage? [View All] melnjones Fri Jul-21-06 10:52 PM33
- The Republican War Against Women is a book femrap Fri Jul-21-06 09:29 PM2
- Male Scientist Writes of Life as Female Scientist--WaPo bloom Fri Jul-21-06 09:25 AM11
- Could someone peek at this for me...? bliss_eternal Thu Jul-20-06 07:26 PM11
- How do you view this case...? [View All] bliss_eternal Wed Jul-19-06 06:20 PM45
- Media influence of attitudes toward women: Let's make a list...! [View All] bliss_eternal Wed Jul-12-06 11:41 PM29
- What is a great link to TRUE stats on abortion? SemiCharmedQu... Wed Jul-12-06 09:24 PM1
- High pressure friendships and women over 40...? bliss_eternal Wed Jul-12-06 08:10 PM16
- OK...I need this safe space for a bit VelmaD Wed Jul-12-06 07:14 PM14
- Did you hear about Ohio and Louisiana...? bliss_eternal Wed Jul-12-06 06:29 PM7
- Bondage of he Bra [View All] undergroundpa... Tue Jul-11-06 01:01 AM29
- Standing Alone ismnotwasm Mon Jul-10-06 06:22 PM0
- The antithesis of feminist is . . . mzteris Fri Jul-07-06 05:15 PM4
- Interesting discussion in GD about sexual assault and popular "humor." BlueIris Sun Jul-02-06 11:40 AM13
- Read it or not ismnotwasm Wed Jun-28-06 12:22 PM1
- I need other womens' help... my half-sister. politicat Fri Jun-23-06 01:14 PM7
- An example of the *real* reason women must be kept out of power Cerridwen Wed Jun-21-06 10:31 PM3
- How much fuss would we have to make [View All] lwfern Mon Jun-19-06 08:06 PM25
- whatever happened to Eloriel? Heddi Sun Jun-18-06 11:39 PM16
- Marriage by Numbers ismnotwasm Sun Jun-18-06 11:38 PM17
- Parental Alienation Syndrome or Pedophilia...? bliss_eternal Sun Jun-18-06 11:24 PM4
- A good book: "Bachelor Girl" by Betsy Israel StellaBlue Sun Jun-18-06 04:15 PM6
- The porn star husband part 2... I still don't get it... bliss_eternal Sat Jun-17-06 03:56 PM10
- An update on a previous thread. Bunny Thu Jun-15-06 05:42 PM0
- Free-Speech Feminism: The Far Rights' Favorite Sex toy ismnotwasm Mon Jun-12-06 07:46 PM6
- Great website for single-by-choice women StellaBlue Sat Jun-10-06 09:42 AM2
- Men sure are having a hard time reaching equality nowadays. [View All] Kerrytraveler... Fri Jun-09-06 01:00 PM35
- this is a thread you might miss, and you shouldn't iverglas Thu Jun-08-06 07:03 PM2
- Women in porn, and the men they marry... bliss_eternal Wed Jun-07-06 07:32 PM9
- For discussion: The feminist forum's thoughts on FGM. BlueIris Wed Jun-07-06 03:21 PM9
- So What if The Duke Accuser Lied? thecatburgler Tue Jun-06-06 10:35 AM1
- Narcissist Misogynists bloom Sat Jun-03-06 03:58 PM9
- Mapping our rights ismnotwasm Thu Jun-01-06 07:48 PM0
- Simple Poll: Does a female ever have responsibility for being raped (Poll) Heddi Thu Jun-01-06 10:51 AM17
- Modeling--Why? [View All] kitkatrose Wed May-31-06 09:26 AM25
- The Duke Case's Cruel Truth MountainLaure... Sat May-27-06 05:15 PM9
- "A Speech by Finn Mackay" - UK -on prostitution [View All] bloom Thu May-25-06 11:41 PM22
- "Sacred Pleasure" - understanding sexism, racism and other isms Cerridwen Wed May-24-06 05:55 PM2
- Where's the anger re: Iran to legislate women's dress codes? politicat Sun May-21-06 12:00 AM7
- Is there a DU member who can't post here and needs a donor star? cally Sat May-20-06 04:17 PM1
- What ever happened to the Ms Magazine boards? StellaBlue Fri May-19-06 10:40 PM10
- Fear And (Self)Loathing At DU, Or Is It Just Me? me b zola Fri May-19-06 02:21 PM16
- My Grandson ismnotwasm Fri May-19-06 07:37 AM4
- Pa. Man Kills Girlfriend Over Sandwiches [View All] RadFemFL Thu May-18-06 11:31 PM23
- WSJ: Feminists Cause Rape... [View All] Triana Thu May-18-06 11:24 PM34
- Sit down and grab a can to puke in: Pickles claims to be a feminist... Kerrytraveler... Thu May-18-06 02:50 AM14
- Feminism "joke" on Big Love... bliss_eternal Wed May-17-06 05:39 PM10
- "Mentally Ill?" bloom Wed May-17-06 01:47 PM18
- Mummy may have been female warrior Ayesha Wed May-17-06 01:44 PM1
- "Boys and Chicks" ThomCat Tue May-16-06 01:21 PM9
- i used to teach rape- prevention in DC [View All] jukes Tue May-16-06 01:11 PM41
- Rumor has it a speaker from "Feminists for Life" is coming to my campus benevolent di... Tue May-16-06 01:15 AM12
- Tonight on Dateline NBC: Brianna's story--must see... bliss_eternal Mon May-15-06 09:18 PM12
- What is so damned hard about bliss_eternal Sun May-14-06 07:06 PM3
- Do you notice the numerology of your posts? sweetheart Sat May-13-06 10:52 PM1
- "The End of Sex?" bloom Wed May-10-06 02:56 PM10
- Psychological Sex Differences: a Survey of Current Research antigone382 Mon May-08-06 04:38 PM8
- some good stuff undergroundpa... Sun May-07-06 08:04 PM2
- OK, that does it [View All] geniph Sun May-07-06 12:39 AM25
- great post on forced pregnancy undergroundpa... Sat May-06-06 08:24 PM1
- If anyone is interested in objectifying men... bliss_eternal Sat May-06-06 12:28 PM3
- Rape-Free Societies bloom Fri May-05-06 09:38 PM14
- The "gross" debate on KO re: Sharon Stone's "Basic Instinct" sequel [View All] Sparkly Fri May-05-06 01:42 PM23
- Book advice ThomCat Fri May-05-06 10:04 AM19
- How did the war on women get started? MountainLaure... Thu May-04-06 09:26 AM12
- This is maddening, on more than one level: Bunny Fri Apr-28-06 04:57 PM16
- I get to meet with the head of Washington state NARAL! geniph Fri Apr-28-06 02:19 PM3
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