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- Schumer wants new standard for judge confirmation L1A1Rocker Thu Feb-28-08 06:05 PM16
- Dissatisfied Democrats with Leadership and Dem Congress kelligesq Thu Feb-28-08 12:30 PM0
- Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007 S. 1959 & H.R. 1955 slipslidingaw... Wed Feb-20-08 02:45 PM5
- The Congressional Social Club In Action - Are they always this chummy with one another? Bobbieo Wed Feb-13-08 03:20 PM0
- Another one bites the dust margotb822 Sun Feb-03-08 07:03 AM1
- CRY rockybelt Thu Jan-31-08 09:24 AM11
- House passes economy stimulus package canoeist52 Tue Jan-29-08 04:13 PM2
- Strategy Forum thread Perky Wed Jan-09-08 03:44 PM11
- comprehensive list of DINO's traitors and people who need fenriswolf Tue Oct-30-07 12:19 AM1
- Why not impeach Alito and Roberts? skul_Donteech... Mon Oct-29-07 12:25 PM14
- House to Armenians: Drop Dead! richards1052 Mon Oct-29-07 12:10 PM3
- Capitol Hill Takes Up Cause of Fashion Knockoffs DeepModem Mom Fri Sep-28-07 01:33 PM3
- Lid flies off of Senator Byrd's anger over Iraq DeepModem Mom Thu Sep-27-07 10:30 AM5
- Question about the War Powers Act: neuvocat Tue Sep-18-07 12:19 AM2
- Separation of powers statement by Bolton CGowen Sat Sep-01-07 07:34 PM1
- Rove Ordered Not to Cooperate; Gonzales Refuses to Alter Testimony DeepModem Mom Thu Aug-02-07 09:53 AM5
- Inherent contempt - judiciary has similar power heraldsqure Mon Jul-30-07 01:08 PM0
- On Capitol Hill, Gonzales Digs a Deeper Hole: Senator Specter: "There is a jail in the Capitol..." DeepModem Mom Wed Jul-25-07 07:54 AM13
- Alberto, you have BOTH feet in your mouth! frogcycle Tue Jul-24-07 10:34 PM3
- GOP senators increasingly demanding changes to war strategy DeepModem Mom Wed Jul-11-07 11:11 PM0
- Well, this about sums up their mindset for me. dave123willia... Wed Jul-11-07 03:44 PM1
- New Executive Privilege Claim by Bush Escalates Clash Over U.S. Attorney Firings DeepModem Mom Mon Jul-09-07 10:51 PM2
- The Hill: Conyers demands answers on Libby commutation DeepModem Mom Mon Jul-09-07 09:22 AM1
- Bush Pisses on Constitution Through Signing Statements status quo bu... Fri Jul-06-07 08:10 AM0
- Go Barney fightthegoodf... Wed May-23-07 07:42 PM3
- Go Barney fightthegoodf... Fri Apr-27-07 09:50 PM0
- If you're an ex-GOP, like me, you're going to get every word of this: dave123willia... Thu Mar-15-07 03:20 PM10
- National Review: Oversight Committee Announces Hearing on disclosure of CIA agent's identity PhilipShore Thu Mar-08-07 03:27 PM2
- The House passed H.R 554 "Food consumption act" [View All] Daylin Byak Tue Feb-20-07 04:23 AM20
- The Kerry Amendment november3rd Mon Feb-19-07 09:03 AM3
- Robert Byrd has been speaking on CSPAN 2 rooney Mon Jan-22-07 03:44 PM1
- Stump Speech (posted November 25, 2002) arendt Tue Jan-16-07 11:16 PM1
- Timeline for Foley Gate fladonkey Tue Jan-16-07 11:15 PM1
- My Letter to Congressman John Conyers re: IMPEACHMENT MAX 1 Tue Jan-09-07 08:25 AM9
- Future Federal Contracts as a means of Executive Salary Control Cobalt-60 Sat Dec-09-06 09:34 AM1
- CAFTA wicasa Tue Nov-28-06 11:55 PM2
- New BigPath Download(s): Honesty, Credibility, Responsibility, Accountability Matter bigpathpaul Thu Oct-26-06 04:20 PM0
- Recess Appointments Cobalt-60 Sun Oct-22-06 03:51 AM1
- Four Years of CODEPINK Rabble-Rousing for Peace by Medea Benjamin CODEPINK Tue Oct-03-06 02:13 PM2
- "I rise in opposition to the good amenment" Kire Mon Sep-11-06 12:05 AM1
- A very poignant toon about the current stupidity in the House... Aviation Pro Sun Jul-16-06 12:24 PM5
- Election Predictions espera17 Fri Jul-07-06 09:45 PM6
- Group Member Solicitation - Defense Issues dcfirefighter Fri Jun-23-06 04:44 PM4
- Why the Silence About the Hill's New Spine? davidbikman Fri Jun-23-06 04:36 PM2
- Details sought on secret prisons struggle4prog... Sat May-27-06 08:11 PM0
- Clearcutting the Middle Class (posted January 8, 2003 arendt Thu May-11-06 05:16 PM5
- The Deal (Originally posted January 24, 2006) arendt Wed May-03-06 03:16 PM2
- Judge rules NJ congressman does exist Kire Sun Apr-23-06 07:50 AM0
- First the World Bank came to privatize ... (orig. posted Oct 14, 2005) arendt Tue Apr-18-06 05:22 PM1
- Evolution is about HOW, not WHO (orig. posted Oct. 24, 2005) arendt Tue Apr-18-06 05:11 PM1
- Paging Ralph Kramden - Senator Ponzi calling. (posted March 4, 2003) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 08:32 PM1
- Funkspiel Denial (posted June 25, 2003) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:58 PM0
- Reflections on the Counter-Revolution in America (posted May 31, 2003) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:57 PM0
- Republican Tories & Democratic Whigs (posted December 11, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:53 PM0
- Kinder, Gentler Apocalyptic Nationalism (posted November 22, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:50 PM0
- Players are from Andover; Freepers are from Brazil (posted Nov 15, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:49 PM0
- Soldiering On (posted October 12, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:48 PM0
- The Fugitive Atheist Act (posted June 28, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:46 PM0
- Our very own Traitors' Gate (posted June 18, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:45 PM0
- Guns, Oil, Payback (posted March 28, 2002) arendt Mon Mar-20-06 07:43 PM0
- This is what a Congressional web site should look like (George Miller) Kire Thu Mar-02-06 02:32 PM6
- Maybe we know now how Specter has been defanged on Alito and NSA Edward Copela... Thu Feb-16-06 03:50 PM7
- Proposed CSPAN group sharing LEGISLATIVE forum space? paineinthears... Tue Feb-07-06 11:27 PM7
- The lobbyists were "able to buy their way into the Senate" Lefty48197 Tue Feb-07-06 11:09 PM2
- Congress may try to rein in Dubya Edward Copela... Mon Feb-06-06 08:59 AM6
- "Tax Reform" Panel and a revised income tax system papau Thu Feb-02-06 04:39 PM9
- The Constitution: Amendments 11-27 BILL53 Mon Jan-30-06 02:07 PM0
- Why has Democratic Party not made more noise as the "reform" party? papau Thu Jan-26-06 12:29 PM5
- Immigration bills realFedUp Tue Jan-24-06 11:37 AM2
- E-mail your congress man about homelessness and joblessness... butterfly77 Mon Jan-02-06 04:31 PM1
- H.R. 2830 retirement income security bill to be voted on next week papau Fri Nov-11-05 10:11 AM2
- Identity theft bill and late retirement bills introduced in Congress papau Thu Nov-10-05 05:59 AM1
- H.R. 2070, the Gas Price Spike Act of 2005 paineinthears... Thu Nov-10-05 05:32 AM3
- Pension's S.1783 update and Tax Reform Recommendations due 11/1/05 papau Thu Oct-20-05 04:28 PM2
- S17 `Voting Opportunity and Technology Enhancement Rights Act of 2005'. paineinthears... Thu Oct-06-05 05:59 PM4
- I know where your state legislators are! RobertSeattle Tue Aug-16-05 02:39 PM0
- Rep. Sanders to re-introduce "Freedom to Read Protection Act." paineinthears... Thu Aug-11-05 11:37 PM4
- New GOP Money Laundering Scheme Kire Tue Aug-09-05 08:30 AM0
- AALU reports that S219 and H2830 Pension "reform" bills likely to become papau Thu Aug-04-05 03:04 PM0
- Social Security Private Accounts to be revived under "Pension Reform" papau Fri Jul-22-05 11:33 AM4
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