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- Gary Null's own supplement apparently almost killed him. Ian David Thu Apr-29-10 10:16 AM0
- And now, acupuncture cures vaccines! laconicsax Thu Apr-29-10 12:09 AM3
- Football is evil and encourages men to be violent misogynists. Odin2005 Wed Apr-28-10 09:38 AM10
- Yo dawg, I heard you like quantum charlie Sun Apr-25-10 04:00 PM9
- Chemicals aren't evil! TZ Thu Apr-22-10 07:26 AM14
- New Age Terrorists Develop Homeopathic Bomb lizerdbits Wed Apr-21-10 08:10 PM5
- Self Delete salvorhardin Wed Apr-21-10 07:59 PM3
- The Iceland eruption is gonna cause worldwide FAMINE!!! OMG! Odin2005 Wed Apr-21-10 07:13 PM11
- There's an awesome moon lander denial thread in the DUngeon jberryhill Sun Apr-18-10 02:04 PM15
- Miracle Spring Water, Anointed Faith Tool AND Debt Cancellation! onager Sun Apr-18-10 01:59 PM2
- So lemme tell ya about a patient I saw recently [View All] Heddi Fri Apr-16-10 12:51 PM20
- Geez... Simon Singh is quitting his column charlie Fri Apr-16-10 12:16 PM11
- Isn't Anyone At DU Celebrating World Homeopathy Awareness Week? HuckleB Fri Apr-16-10 11:41 AM19
- This sounds interesting: William Shatner hosts Weird or What for Discovery TZ Wed Apr-14-10 03:54 PM1
- I thought these were funny enough to post here. laconicsax Tue Apr-13-10 07:52 PM2
- Jews killed the Lizard King? salvorhardin Tue Apr-13-10 03:38 AM13
- I don't think I've ever seen so much crazy in one place (today) as at this website Heddi Tue Apr-13-10 03:15 AM2
- The plane crash killing the Polish leadership must be a CONSPIRACY!!! Odin2005 Mon Apr-12-10 04:59 PM14
- How to make your own conspiracy theory lazarus Mon Apr-12-10 02:39 PM1
- CFR realisticphis... Sun Apr-11-10 01:01 PM1
- Catholic pharmacy shutters in Virginia mr blur Sat Apr-10-10 04:57 PM8
- MLK was on the grassy knoll charlie Sat Apr-10-10 02:04 PM7
- My MS is cured! (When I get one of these!) mr blur Sat Apr-10-10 10:37 AM9
- Our (Science-Based Medicine's) Visit with NCCAM HuckleB Sat Apr-10-10 10:36 AM4
- Insultingly Stupid Movie Physics [View All] mr blur Fri Apr-09-10 09:33 PM25
- FUCKING AMINOSWEET!! FUCKING SHROUD OF TURIN!!!... SidDithers Fri Apr-09-10 12:38 PM18
- Head of MUFON quits because all UFOlogy is just "humans deceiving humans" salvorhardin Fri Apr-09-10 07:58 AM2
- My professor tonight revealed that he is a Reiki master. ChadwickHenry... Thu Apr-08-10 11:05 AM2
- A really annoying fallacy: "If you are a hypocrite your facts become false" Odin2005 Wed Apr-07-10 06:44 PM6
- End of the world! realisticphis... Wed Apr-07-10 01:36 PM4
- Jenny McCarthy, proud Botox user mr blur Tue Apr-06-10 09:05 PM9
- An utterly AMAZING forum Orrex Tue Apr-06-10 05:11 PM15
- OMG, it cured someone? Whats wrong with those docs?! TZ Mon Apr-05-10 04:16 PM1
- Damn! A perfect storm of woo... onager Sat Apr-03-10 12:53 PM5
- Choosing Your Evidence HuckleB Wed Mar-31-10 02:57 PM3
- Anyone else sick of GD being spammed by Mr. Electric Universe? Odin2005 Wed Mar-31-10 09:59 AM4
- Plants are still psychic! The Living Earth Series: Plants Have Feelings, Too [View All] beam me up sc... Sun Mar-28-10 04:52 PM23
- Woo Trading Cards - a selection mr blur Sat Mar-27-10 11:36 PM10
- Fucking Ritalin woo-woos!!! Odin2005 Sat Mar-27-10 11:32 PM14
- Has anyone else seen "Einstein and Eddington?" onager Sat Mar-27-10 05:11 PM5
- Did you know water is not a chemical? TZ Wed Mar-24-10 04:56 PM7
- Amazing! James Randi is Gay (Sylvia Brown didn't predict THAT, either). Ian David Wed Mar-24-10 01:15 PM4
- The nuclear earth lazarus Mon Mar-22-10 04:15 PM16
- Ghosts in vials frogmarch Mon Mar-22-10 03:06 AM2
- Yes folks, we'll be able to feed the soon-to-be 7 billion people on this planet... [View All] trotsky Sat Mar-20-10 12:23 PM23
- Go take my homeopathy poll! EvolveOrConvo... Sat Mar-20-10 11:13 AM19
- 'Therapeutic ringtones' for mobile phones create a buzz in Japan friendly_icon... Thu Mar-18-10 11:37 AM2
- History Channel gets another one right... onager Wed Mar-17-10 11:26 PM6
- Five reasons to use a Mac for Paranormal investigations. salvorhardin Wed Mar-17-10 08:29 PM7
- To me, this sums it up. Q3JR4 Tue Mar-16-10 09:00 PM3
- For your amusement: The Electric Sun laconicsax Tue Mar-16-10 08:24 PM7
- OK. which of you is "Dubito Ergo Sum"?... SidDithers Tue Mar-16-10 01:52 PM0
- Collective Delusion: The Great Windshield Mystery of 1954 greyl Tue Mar-16-10 10:42 AM4
- Spoke with a Reiki practitioner today Orrex Mon Mar-15-10 02:38 AM15
- Denver UFO Ballot Initiative Adopts Hip-Hop Anthem Ian David Sat Mar-13-10 08:58 PM4
- OMG! WTF? LOL! I'm going to EUROPE in MAY omg. I need tips ! [View All] Heddi Fri Mar-12-10 03:30 PM26
- Gun range is a great place to hear Creationist bullshit. Deep13 Fri Mar-12-10 02:20 PM16
- Illuminati leader dies! lizerdbits Fri Mar-12-10 02:29 AM5
- Oh no! We can't let the evil gubmint regulate supplements! PVnRT Thu Mar-11-10 08:33 PM5
- Darwin...the Geologist? cytodork Thu Mar-11-10 07:38 PM8
- Looks like some ignorants think everyone metabolizes food exactly the same way. Odin2005 Thu Mar-11-10 06:22 PM3
- Contents under pressure, handle with care charlie Wed Mar-10-10 04:41 AM5
- Homeopathy vs Science - a Metaphor laconicsax Wed Mar-10-10 01:56 AM2
- Skeptical Voter (in the UK, despite the spelling) muriel_volest... Tue Mar-09-10 07:41 PM4
- Anyone else think Michael Pollan is an hysterical technophobe? Odin2005 Tue Mar-09-10 11:53 AM15
- Magnificent program tonight on NatGeo about crop circles Orrex Mon Mar-08-10 07:25 PM5
- "She said I was a reincarnated space alien." onager Sun Mar-07-10 01:36 PM2
- "The problem is you have a bad attitude about starving to death" charlie Sat Mar-06-10 09:57 PM9
- Dystonia phony-a! Orrex Fri Mar-05-10 06:46 PM12
- Another real-life skeptical experiment... onager Fri Mar-05-10 02:12 PM6
- Science in the Classroom realisticphis... Thu Mar-04-10 09:21 PM7
- Fear of technology dropkickpa Thu Mar-04-10 02:17 PM3
- Liberals and Atheists Smarter? mr blur Wed Mar-03-10 10:04 PM12
- Idiot America: How Stupidity Became a Virtue in the Land of the Free lazarus Wed Mar-03-10 02:19 PM0
- Notice anything odd jberryhill Tue Mar-02-10 10:54 PM9
- McCarthy's son not autistic after all? semillama Mon Mar-01-10 10:03 PM9
- How religious people do it GoneOffShore Mon Mar-01-10 04:22 PM2
- Common misconceptions mr blur Sun Feb-28-10 04:42 AM4
- Astrology Causes Global Climate Change lazarus Sat Feb-27-10 01:12 PM3
- Bad Woo Cinema: The Empiricist charlie Thu Feb-25-10 05:13 PM8
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