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- I want to barf. turtlensue Sun Nov-02-08 02:07 PM17
- Indigo [View All] realisticphis... Sat Nov-01-08 11:58 PM27
- A 1st for me: Today a student told me that the earth is 2,000 years old. Finnfan Thu Oct-30-08 02:10 PM14
- XKCD WoodrowFan Wed Oct-29-08 03:59 PM1
- What's the greatest danger to homeopathy? trotsky Wed Oct-29-08 03:53 PM15
- UFOs have landed in LBN! [View All] onager Fri Oct-24-08 08:31 PM20
- Warning: Strong "eeeuuuwwww" factor dawgmom Thu Oct-23-08 06:59 PM10
- Psychic predictions for 2008..not QUITE on the spot turtlensue Thu Oct-23-08 05:52 PM12
- Whistling = Too much yin? [View All] dawgmom Wed Oct-22-08 01:26 PM27
- Well, I may be on "The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe" podcast next week. Finnfan Tue Oct-21-08 08:17 PM6
- Crystal Head Vodka.... Lithos Tue Oct-21-08 08:11 AM3
- If you woke from a dream in which you forgot to lock your front door... [View All] Orrex Mon Oct-20-08 10:13 PM31
- My loony bun is fine, Benny Lava. IanDB1 Mon Oct-20-08 09:27 PM1
- Live Long and Prosper and take me to your Mum's basement mr blur Mon Oct-20-08 04:58 PM1
- You guys, you guys...what should I do? dawgmom Mon Oct-20-08 12:01 PM14
- ARGH! Will The Secret EVER go away??? Lisa0825 Mon Oct-20-08 02:36 AM17
- Darwin Smudge FM Arouet666 Sun Oct-19-08 04:26 PM6
- Study Finds No Logical Reason Why Planes Fly Finnfan Sat Oct-18-08 11:28 AM3
- Blossom Goodchild reflecting on the lack of UFOs on October 14th salvorhardin Sat Oct-18-08 09:24 AM15
- If McCain had focussed on Joe The Yak-Keeper, mr blur Fri Oct-17-08 07:57 AM2
- muriel_volest... Thu Oct-16-08 03:17 PM3
- "People fear things that are different" realisticphis... Wed Oct-15-08 08:06 PM3
- You know why we are behind the rest of the world in science education? turtlensue Wed Oct-15-08 01:00 PM11
- Teh JOOS did it! [View All] turtlensue Wed Oct-15-08 12:30 PM23
- Revolutionary New Insoles Combine 5 Forms of Pseudoscience lizerdbits Tue Oct-14-08 07:41 PM11
- Spiderz for Obama beam me up sc... Tue Oct-14-08 07:52 AM0
- ALIENS WILL LAND HERE TOMORROW [View All] semillama Tue Oct-14-08 07:51 AM45
- I posted this in my livejournal re: people I work with [View All] Heddi Tue Oct-14-08 12:35 AM31
- TnS's Demographic poll in science forum YankeyMCC Sun Oct-12-08 08:52 AM4
- Look at all the hits in this Psychic article: Finnfan Sat Oct-11-08 07:47 PM2
- Some Fun Stuff here from an Astrologer... Don't all run out of the room at same's good .. KoKo01 Sat Oct-11-08 06:54 PM4
- The Story of Stupidity onager Sat Oct-11-08 01:14 PM1
- Norway MP called fortune-tellers muriel_volest... Fri Oct-10-08 03:36 PM3
- Is it too early to start the War On Christmas? [View All] mr blur Fri Oct-10-08 03:13 PM21
- Conspiracy nut - so close and yet so very far away.... mr blur Thu Oct-09-08 12:51 PM4
- "A thought of thinking"--freeper science turtlensue Thu Oct-09-08 08:14 AM10
- What can you tell me about these cell signal boosters? proud2Blib Mon Oct-06-08 08:17 AM4
- Presenting the "Lipstick On A Pig" Award. mr blur Sun Oct-05-08 07:18 PM13
- What can we learn from the Sokal Hoax? Boojatta Wed Oct-01-08 08:16 PM10
- For BMUS WoodrowFan Wed Oct-01-08 04:22 PM5
- Okee Dokee guys/gals/others....what should I do with my money [View All] Heddi Wed Oct-01-08 03:58 PM44
- Tuesday's Pearls Before Swine: Magic Zones beam me up sc... Wed Oct-01-08 03:08 PM1
- The economic ignorance of many DUers is astounding. [View All] Odin2005 Tue Sep-30-08 04:54 PM34
- Just to say... LeftishBrit Tue Sep-30-08 02:26 PM11
- When AtheistsAttack mr blur Mon Sep-29-08 12:29 PM0
- I'm sick of humoring my woo-woo mother [View All] Orrex Mon Sep-29-08 12:15 AM48
- Children as Speakers of the Truth Orrex Sun Sep-28-08 04:08 PM15
- You guys need a good laugh? conscious evo... Fri Sep-26-08 08:26 PM9
- My name is greyl, and I watched The Mentalist. (CBS) greyl Thu Sep-25-08 10:09 PM4
- Posted without comment: [View All] LeftyMom Thu Sep-25-08 08:11 AM28
- Pharmaster toon! beam me up sc... Thu Sep-25-08 02:42 AM7
- The BS being spewed regarding the financial crisis is pathetic. [View All] Odin2005 Tue Sep-23-08 01:46 PM38
- Study into near-death experiences [View All] YankeyMCC Sun Sep-21-08 08:30 PM25
- Illuminati Agent Captured mr blur Sun Sep-21-08 12:25 PM5
- The Discovery *SCIENCE* channel is running a program on Dragons Orrex Sun Sep-21-08 09:23 AM7
- Do you all ever refute urban-legend e-mails at work? XanaDUer Sat Sep-20-08 07:32 AM13
- and on and on and on it goes... beam me up sc... Sat Sep-20-08 03:05 AM13
- A sad day - DU makes it to FSTDT: mr blur Fri Sep-19-08 09:30 PM9
- Charles Darwin to receive apology from the Church of England for rejecting evolution mr blur Fri Sep-19-08 12:43 PM6
- Friday night at the improv. Finnfan Thu Sep-18-08 05:14 PM15
- How did we miss this gem from Orac? trotsky Thu Sep-18-08 11:39 AM13
- Who knew this about Georg Hegel? Anarcho-Socia... Tue Sep-16-08 10:35 PM7
- Whatever happened to that miraculous, fasting kid who lived under the tree? Orrex Tue Sep-16-08 02:11 PM11
- Paging Moggie... onager Tue Sep-16-08 01:02 PM2
- You know this whole Large Hadron Collider is a sad commentary on society [View All] turtlensue Mon Sep-15-08 09:22 AM38
- The conspiracy nuts' reactions to the nationalization of Fannie and Freddy are ridiculous. Odin2005 Fri Sep-12-08 05:33 PM14
- Happy TinFoilDay to the Mods WoodrowFan Thu Sep-11-08 01:55 PM4
- So, if you expose tardigrades to vacuum semillama Wed Sep-10-08 11:44 AM1
- My new favourite comedian: Dara O'Briain muriel_volest... Wed Sep-10-08 08:10 AM2
- Rampant Gilliganism [View All] Orrex Tue Sep-09-08 01:07 PM23
- Apparently, Democrats should believe crap because we're "open-minded" Finnfan Mon Sep-08-08 01:33 PM5
- A variation on Threefer Madness? Orrex Mon Sep-08-08 07:12 AM10
- Take that, Adam-and-Eve whackjobs! mr blur Sat Sep-06-08 12:28 PM7
- What's the supposed link between autism and gastrointestinal disorders? Orrex Sat Sep-06-08 08:23 AM7
- Okay, I'm gonna try this again turtlensue Fri Sep-05-08 08:53 PM6
- The 8 Most Obnoxious Internet Commenters mr blur Thu Sep-04-08 11:06 AM1
- Guess what's happening to Scottish schoolgirls this week???!!!111 LeftishBrit Wed Sep-03-08 03:36 PM7
- The impossible was nearly achieved today [View All] LeftishBrit Wed Sep-03-08 11:32 AM31
- The S,S & P Group Beastiary Photo Thread [View All] salvorhardin Sun Aug-31-08 12:43 PM85
- Irradiated food [View All] MJW Sat Aug-30-08 11:33 AM37
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