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- About 130 Hamilton Co. (Ind.) ballots tossed after error Newsjock Sat Nov-08-08 12:57 AM3
- Election is Over But alyce douglas Fri Nov-07-08 02:09 PM1
- Is anyone buying this BS? WTF's up with this stinging BradBlog attack on Vote-by-Mail anyway? Impeachment_M... Fri Nov-07-08 08:46 AM18
- All Diebold Touch-Screen Systems Impounded by Judge in PA County BradBlog Fri Nov-07-08 08:03 AM16
- DREs : " maybe the last time you will use them." Wilms Fri Nov-07-08 07:07 AM5
- Why such absurdly long lines just to vote? DREs also disenfranchise 'cause they're SO DAMN SLOW!! Fly by night Fri Nov-07-08 06:59 AM5
- The morning after ... (feels better than four years ago). However, ... Fly by night Fri Nov-07-08 01:20 AM3
- Ohio's election EES machines aka i-votronic dumped votes in urban area Botany Thu Nov-06-08 06:30 PM7
- The Phantom Voters of Choconut demodonkey Thu Nov-06-08 06:23 PM0
- -Voting Machines Used in Franken, Coleman Race Failed Tests kpete Thu Nov-06-08 05:51 PM5
- Looking for the info from 2004 of precinct in Ohio that got caught turning in at least 1000 extra blm Thu Nov-06-08 02:18 PM7
- Franklin Co OH Glitch-Up to 35,000 Voters Might Have Voted Provisionally Erroneously mod mom Thu Nov-06-08 02:11 PM4
- Just got back from the Voter Protection Boiler Room in Franklin Co OH... mod mom Thu Nov-06-08 11:41 AM11
- the buzz on the street is.... garybeck Wed Nov-05-08 06:04 PM16
- I could use some help helderheid Wed Nov-05-08 05:55 PM0
- An Overwhelming Victory BeFree Wed Nov-05-08 09:37 AM7
- Bush led by about 3% in the polls four years ago. And he won by about 3%. [View All] smalll Wed Nov-05-08 09:13 AM25
- Update on how LA is playing out; creating false appearance of Bradley Effect & Fake Ballots 2 Much Tribul... Wed Nov-05-08 01:57 AM2
- I wish Andy was here to experience this with us. [View All] demodonkey Wed Nov-05-08 01:07 AM25
- ALERT from Exit Poll Watchers garybeck Tue Nov-04-08 10:08 PM4
- Breaking: Voter Intimidation in N. St. Louis County kpete Tue Nov-04-08 04:11 PM6
- Developing Story in FL: No ballots at Tallahassee poll Joanne98 Tue Nov-04-08 02:55 PM7
- Just how the last one was stolen READ THE ARTICLE mattvermont Tue Nov-04-08 02:52 PM4
- "Waiting To Be Hacked" Voting Machines Dropped Off - Left Sitting - Unsecured kpete Tue Nov-04-08 02:30 PM9
- Can't use cell phones in poll area ... because they MIGHT AFFECT VOTING MACHINES eppur_se_muov... Tue Nov-04-08 02:26 PM3
- 11/03 FINAL ELECTION MODEL (TIA): OBAMA 367 EV; State-54.3% Natl-54.1%; MAY EC MODEL PROJECTED 54.1% tiptoe Tue Nov-04-08 01:20 PM1
- Voting Problems Piling Up as Polls Open Joanne98 Tue Nov-04-08 10:59 AM1
- Voting Problems Being Reported Joanne98 Tue Nov-04-08 10:58 AM3
- Election Protection Wiki - center for media & democracy groovedaddy Tue Nov-04-08 10:45 AM0
- This is what Voter Fraud Really Looks Like. Alternet article xpost Land Shark Tue Nov-04-08 10:28 AM0
- Voting Machine Errors Already Being Reported in VA and NJ Joanne98 Tue Nov-04-08 08:52 AM2
- So where are Tokaji and all of those lawyers who fought so fervently for DREs for the disabled diva77 Tue Nov-04-08 01:10 AM0
- It Could Happen: Obama Could Steal The Election BeFree Mon Nov-03-08 09:57 PM4
- All Monte Carlo Electoral Vote Simulation Models Predict a 100% Obama win probability (TIA) - x tiptoe Mon Nov-03-08 07:37 PM7
- Cross-Post: Los Angeles mismanagement of ballots will lead to "bradley effect" in appearance only.. Land Shark Mon Nov-03-08 06:41 PM3
- Federal audit: 70% 2006 overseas military ballots not counted nationally; 73% not counted from FL seafan Mon Nov-03-08 02:54 PM12
- WHAT WE CAN DO TO PREVENT A STOLEN ELECTION garybeck Mon Nov-03-08 12:09 PM18
- "Protect the Count"-Cuyahoga County Collection of Posted Election Results mod mom Mon Nov-03-08 08:33 AM1
- Who the hell is Marge Tartaglione ? garybeck Mon Nov-03-08 04:50 AM2
- workthevote, cocerned poll workers and progressive dems of LA Demand Registrar Print More Ballots robinlynne Mon Nov-03-08 01:18 AM1
- GovTech Solutions - Mike Connell Woman-owned small business & $28 million BushCo Connection [View All] 1776Forever Mon Nov-03-08 01:13 AM28
- OOGA BOOGA SMOOGA WOOGA! - I need you. helderheid Mon Nov-03-08 12:48 AM0
- Oprah Opts for Early Voting, Has Voting Booth Meltdown (Video) kster Sun Nov-02-08 11:58 PM3
- Is this viable in your opinion? "Registration done right" babylonsister Sun Nov-02-08 11:51 PM1
- Has everybody here already seen this? OrwellwasRigh... Sun Nov-02-08 11:41 PM0
- 1988-2000 Exit Poll Discrepancies were due to Uncounted Votes; but 2004 Differed in Kind and Scope tiptoe Sun Nov-02-08 06:39 PM1
- NY State Board of Elections Halts E-Vote "Certification" Tests Wilms Sun Nov-02-08 04:21 PM7
- Oprah doesn't Get It: DREs BeFree Sat Nov-01-08 05:05 PM2
- Heads Up: MCM in WSJ Tomorrow! garybeck Sat Nov-01-08 04:53 PM2
- Oregon will hand-count some ballots depakid Sat Nov-01-08 05:53 AM1
- We should also be collecting info about places where there are no reports of vote switching eridani Sat Nov-01-08 05:52 AM0
- BREAKING: Judge Compels Deposition from GOP 'IT Guru' Mike Connell in OH '04 Election Case (X) btmlndfrmr Sat Nov-01-08 04:59 AM5
- Thinking ahead & thinking about the value of another National Election Reform Conference. Fly by night Fri Oct-31-08 10:15 PM8
- Va., Md., will drop machines used for electronic voting {AP, WV Gazette} eppur_se_muov... Fri Oct-31-08 09:54 PM5
- A blast from the past, from someone who saw where electronic voting was headed in 1988 tbyg52 Fri Oct-31-08 09:53 PM3
- In Tight Race, Victor May Be Ohio Lawyers groovedaddy Fri Oct-31-08 05:39 PM2
- autorank: AP Poll - Setup for a Stolen Election? babylonsister Fri Oct-31-08 04:56 PM17
- Are design issues to blame for vote 'flipping' in touch-screen machines? (Computerworld) eppur_se_muov... Fri Oct-31-08 11:22 AM4
- "Principles and Best Practices for Post-Election Audits" mod mom Fri Oct-31-08 10:35 AM1
- Voting machines could bring Election Day glitches (CNN) {ya think?} eppur_se_muov... Fri Oct-31-08 10:32 AM0
- Glitch reports mount for e-voting machines Melissa G Fri Oct-31-08 08:48 AM4
- U.S. Election Problems May Affect Nov. 4 Election Outcomes- Recent news articles livvy Fri Oct-31-08 05:18 AM2
- Ending Confusion about Election Incident Reporting System(s) garybeck Fri Oct-31-08 04:32 AM5
- Election 08: Stealing The US Election - Leading Journo Gordon Campbell On Scoop Indy News althecat Fri Oct-31-08 02:41 AM1
- First time footage of Vote Totals Over-ride function in the Diebold tabulator computer Votergater Thu Oct-30-08 11:52 PM3
- Can statistics tell us who wins? Yes according to the American Statistical Association Sancho Thu Oct-30-08 09:13 PM9
- Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide L. Coyote Thu Oct-30-08 08:55 PM0
- Telling No Lies and Still Not Telling the Truth (X) GuvWurld Thu Oct-30-08 02:11 PM1
- DREs may be nefarious BUT they are faithful -- TN "vote flipped to Obama" story debunked [View All] Fly by night Thu Oct-30-08 09:26 AM31
- EAC Announces Intention to Suspend SysTest Labs mod mom Thu Oct-30-08 09:09 AM5
- Eureka Times-Standard: Your vote faces challenges like never before GuvWurld Thu Oct-30-08 03:49 AM0
- Republican Voter Suppression: A Guide babylonsister Wed Oct-29-08 08:28 PM2
- Indiana GOP Sec of State Help Stopped Florida Recount L. Coyote Wed Oct-29-08 07:17 PM5
- NY Voter Moved And Was Purged... Told to use "affidavit ballot" garybeck Wed Oct-29-08 07:04 PM3
- Brad on Al Jazeera tells the world about Murder, Spies, Voting Lies (Video) Stevepol Wed Oct-29-08 05:20 PM0
- Undervotes - The Scary Canary UncountedMary Wed Oct-29-08 03:39 PM0
- Election Justice News: 10/28/08 garybeck Wed Oct-29-08 03:35 PM2
- E-Slate machines that Don't work???? Larry L. Burk... Wed Oct-29-08 11:16 AM8
- Exit Polls 2008: Question BeFree Wed Oct-29-08 11:13 AM4
- They Tracked My Early Vote !! [View All] BeFree Wed Oct-29-08 03:35 AM22
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Home » Discuss » Topic Forums » Election Reform | Add to My Forums [?] Donate to DU

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