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nonperson Donating Member (901 posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed May-18-11 01:47 PM
Response to Reply #32
148. This whole TCK thing
President Obama certainly sounds like the other side of the coin from George W. Bush but we're getting very similar results. The same people who ultimately benefited from Bush's narrow knowledge of the world are benefiting from Obama's broad knowledge of the world. The same people who benefited from Bush's lack of intellect are benefiting from Obama's exceptional intellect.

How do Obama's intellectual defenders like Melissa Harris-Perry explain this? How can two so dissimilar leaders produce such similar results?

Bush was intellectually incapable of interpreting this complex world while "TCK" Obama is so intellectually capable of interpreting that same complexity that he becomes lost in the minutia to the point where he loses track of the simplest equation, right and wrong, by continuing and even expanding the policies of his predecessor, refusing to turn back the myriad errors that led us to this point.

I agree with Professor West on the many factual points in his argument regarding the course President Obama and the current Democratic leadership have taken yet Ms. Harris-Perry has chosen to largely ignore those facts and attack Mr. West on personal grounds. This is the sign of a person who can't refute the facts presented.

This whole TCK thing sounds like an excuse to try to be everything to everyone but President Obama is being everything only to a very narrow group of Americans so far while leaving the great majority behind suffering through the detritus of the world his predecessor created, and he is doing so by continuing and expanding Bush policies while refusing to hold Bush or any of the oligarchs responsible for the crash this nation is suffering through responsible. Instead he gives even more ground to the very select few through actions like extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich while appointing people like Alan Simpson to decide the fate of the rest of us. Continuing wars that are clearly being waged only to protect corporate interests worldwide while continuing to suppress the rights we were once guaranteed in the Constitution. Refusing to implement true health care reform and instead once again compromising with people whose sole purpose is to destroy the entitlements that are the heart of this nation's social contract with workers, women, children, the poor, or anyone other than the select few who are richer than at any time in this nation's history yet can only ask for and continue to get MORE while the rest of us face a future so bleak it could serve as the plot from some dystopian novel.

I'm not buying the TCK thing. It's just another excuse to cover the fact that the rich are getting richer while the middle class and poor are told to forget about education, health care, jobs, retirement, and any and every other benefit of a supposedly modern industrial society.

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