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Dedication To Al Gore For Earth Day [View All]

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RestoreGore Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Apr-20-07 12:41 PM
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Dedication To Al Gore For Earth Day
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Edited on Fri Apr-20-07 12:49 PM by RestoreGore
This was originally written by me after Mr. Gore's appearance last year at the Chautaqua Institute in N.Y. I am repeating it because on this Earth Day this coming Sunday I will not only be reflecting on how much I love this planet and will continue to show that love, but I will also be thanking those who throughout my life gave me inspiration. My mother is one, Rachel Carson is another, Wangari Maathai another, and Al Gore now reigns supreme in that category. Thank you for speaking to my spirit, Mr. Gore. You are truly a man among men continuing the legacy Rachel Carson began. And I know in years to come that not only will our children be thankful but so will our planet. Let's hope we can truly inspire the kind of movement necessary to "disenthrall ourselves" and finally put her first.
Written July 2006:

Al Gore's appearance at the Chautauqua Institution yesterday was not political. It was spiritual. He was appealing personally to our spirits as human beings. He was appealing to us to see beyond the petty and frivolous distractions of our lives that are destroying our only home (and our Democracy) to see life's true meaning. Only through caring for and appreciating this world can we save it, and we can't do that if we are too distracted to notice this world and its wonders and hope beyond the distractions which allow those in power to take it from us... Those distractions making us accomplices in killing this planet by our inactions and in continuing those actions that we know hurt our world. And that has to be a heavy message for those who don't want to look in that direction, because it exposes their own flaws and their own hand in the condition we find our world in today.

What does it mean to you to "disenthrall" yourself? What does it mean to truly see the reasons why we are here, and work to make this world an example of those reasons? Is that something to only see in a political context? Is it something that actually can be seen in a political context?

My answers:

What does it mean to "disenthrall" yourself?

It doesn't mean locking yourself up in a cabin in the woods and becoming a hermit. It doesn't mean giving up Earthly pleasures, or sacrificing beyond your means either. It means gaining a perspective on life as it is today and asking yourself is this what it was meant to be? Is conspicuous consumption, reality tv, corporate conglomerate media, and dirty politics that support all of those things for its own benefit truly what America is all about now? When you would rather go to a mall than a national park has it all gone too far? When you continue to fill up that SUV no matter how high gas prices go are you not in denial?

What does it mean to you that your world is on the brink of a catatrophe of your making? How does that effect your spirit? Your conscience? Your spirituality? Does it move you to make changes, or do you find yourself believing that the consequences of not acting aren't important enough for you to change how you live? Even if you have children.

If you can answer yes to that last question you have no hope of disenthralling yourself and you say that this world you live in, this world that is our only home isn't worth your time. Shame on you for that, especially when something so minor as slowing down in your driving to save gas can make a difference. When simply changing a light bulb can make a difference. When planting a tree can make a difference. When actually turning off your TV and talking to people can make a difference. When writing a letter can make a difference. Realizing this all begins with you and then taking those steps to include yourself in the solution is disenthralling yourself. And it sure does feel good. And right now, it is a must for the survival of your planet.

What does it truly mean to see the reasons why we are here and work to make this world an example of those reasons?

For me there is only one thing I need do to know the reasons why we are here: look at my child. I have always viewed parenthood as a very spiritual charge. To have the huge responsibility of molding another human being's character is not something to take lightly. Whatever your beliefs, the world we live in has life all around it and through it. I see this world as a living organism with an intense spirit that helps us thrive and stay in balance the more we work to keep it in balance. The more we work against that balance by polluting it, waging war, and seeking out power for selfish and destructive means the more spirit we drain from this world thus causing imbalance not only to our planet but to ourselves.

As parents we have an obligation to teach our children about their part in maintaining that positive balance in our world through teaching our children to be decent, forthright, honest, loving beings who cherish and respect the world around them. Of course, it isn't always as easy as that as outside forces will seek to undo our hard work. However, if what we believe in comes from our hearts and souls and is pure our children will see that and want to emulate it. And regarding this climate crisis we face, teaching them those values is imperative to making a better world for all of our futures. They are the reason we are here and we cannot let them down. If you want a better world for your children, you will disenthrall yourself.

Is that something to only see in a political context?

Well, you would think so from the media pundits and political junkies who are even turning this important movie of Mr. Gore's into some ulterior political scheme. He stated it best when he said that this is not a political issue but a moral one. It is something I have known all of my life, and I so appreciate him saying it so more people would hear it. Just by saying it that way also tells me he doesn't really believe that politics in its purest form is moral and he's correct. There isn't much more for me to say on this question then, because politics has failed regarding truly caring for the wellbeing of this planet and I don't see any sea change coming anytime soon unless WE make it happen from out here which is why he is out here, and I hope he remains so.

This system is not good enough presently for men and women of his vision and would only stifle it as it did his before. It enables the waging of war, the conspicuous consumption and greed that leads to the destruction of all that is good, and places more emphasis on soundbite than substance. I think it is then obvious that Mr. Gore is appealing to the only group on this planet as one of us to appeal to us to make those changes by beginning with us. It is a concept lost on political pundits however, and sadly it would appear on many who claim that this is important to them but only as far as "campaigning" politically. Which brings me to the last question:

Is it something that actually can be seen in a political context?

My answer surprisingly to some I am sure, is yes. It can be seen in a political context in regards to legislation that truly works to benefit the Earth and its people in a system not bought and sold by the very architects of this catastrophe, but again, that requires pressure being brought to bear by the people on ALL political levels across party lines. It did happen regarding the ozone layer as Al Gore also pointed out but again, it is not absolute, and the lure of profit over principle is too great a temptation.

The advantages of green technology and the people demanding such will have to be the first stepping stone in bringing this crisis to the political... and as we have seen the political process moves at a snail's pace without the intervention of the peoples' voice, and we frankly don't have that kind of time regarding this issue. Which again is why Al Gore is our missive appealing to OUR sense of urgency and our sense of the spiritual to find that bond we share with the Earth so that we can better understand the danger that lies ahead of us if we ignore this call, and to tell us that this is one call we cannot amd must not ignore.

So I leave you with a question to ask yourself:

What legacy will you leave your children?

Disenthrall yourself and I promise you that it will be a legacy that you can be proud of. For what else are we here for? In essence it IS as simple as that.

Once again, thank you, Mr. Gore. You inspire me.
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