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Diclotican Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Sun Oct-12-08 05:37 PM
Response to Reply #4
7. SoCalNative
Edited on Sun Oct-12-08 05:37 PM by Diclotican

To be fair here.. 1 The CHURCH OF LATER DAY SAINTS do not have polygamist in their Church.. If there is polygamist, they have two choice.. One is to go into a real marriage, with ONE of his wife.. Or leave the Church.. What the other Church who claim to be the Real Later day saints or what they then want to tell, is NOT the same as LDS... Believe me, I should know because I am one of them

And for the underwear.. I have to say I use regular Boxer shorts.. No specially holly about them at all, and they go in the washing Machine as the rest of my under wear... And I am pretty sure that in my community the most of the members are still using regular underwear.. Have never been asked if I use some holy under wear yet.. But then I have not been to US, or to Utah, So I guess that is the case...I really believe that that "under wear issue" are something that is something very few are taking to serious anyway..

Yes we do have a person we look as our Prophet, but I doubt he are like Warren, who are not an member of the LDS anyway.. But it is very easy to confuse the names then.. Maybe therefore many still believe that LDS and RLDS and the other groups who have been splintering out of the mother Church (as sort of ) over the last 100 year still are part of the LDS.. But they do make a havoc of what the LDS is standing for..

When it come to this Gay thing, and that the Church promote an specially interest of that, public. I as one of the member have just to say. I feel sorry that the Church is talking politic.. I know our Church standing, and I guess for the most part every one else know the Church standing of it. But I do not believe for a second that our Church should get into this thing at all..

I do believe it to be wrong, and I believed it to be wrong long before I was baptized into the Church. But I also have to say, I respect every one who are gay, even by "choice" or by what they are born as.. I have no problem with two people who are in love, and would care for each other for the rest of their life living together.. And it they do want to get into a partner ship, as man and wife.. Then so be it.. I even have friends, who are pretty openly gay, and I respect is. As I would respect every one else on this planet.. Have no interesting trying to "convert" homosexuals.. But if they ask Me what I feel I would say I have my reservations against the whole thing. But that I respect their choice, even if it means been Gay.. They are my friends after all, and I admire that they are willing to risk everything to live that life they really feel is important for them.. AND I for one would not be the one to push them away.. Have not that many friends, and want to have them who I already have..


Sorry my bad english, not my native language

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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion (1/22-2007 thru 12/14/2010) Donate to DU

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