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Sarah Palin isn't a hypocrite. Sarah Palin is a monster who must be stopped. [View All]

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readmoreoften Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Wed Sep-10-08 11:11 PM
Original message
Sarah Palin isn't a hypocrite. Sarah Palin is a monster who must be stopped.
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We have got to cut it out with these weak cries of HYPOCRISY. They're going to kill us. They do nothing but galvanize the Republican base. Enough of this niceness. Sarah Palin is not a hypocrite. She is a monster.


They are never hypocrites (truthfully!) in two crucial ways:

1) WORKING-CLASS FUNDAMENTALISTS (by working-class I mean fundie doctors, lawyers, graphic designers, cat therapists, shoemakers, cooks who run their own family restaurants, mechanics, TV actors, and even middle management) are folks who believe that humans are innately sinful. To them, we are all tempted by Satan into pedophilia, rape, theft, homosexuality and murder. Christians probably more so, because they're a bigger catch for Satan. This is why it is okay that Larry Craig had a 'homosexual moment of weakness' but it isn't okay that Barney Frank lives life proud to be who he is. What is important in the Fundamentalist Republican worldview is not the act (which is always forgiven) but the CREED. They literally care about what is SAID, not what is DONE. One is not expected to live up to one's ideals in this ideology. THUS THEY ARE NEVER HYPOCRITES. Hypocrisy makes little sense in their worldview so long as someone says "the devil made me do it"--which a coniving sociopathic Republican and a scared fool Republican always will. The Christian system depends upon people fucking up so they can repent. A sinner only crosses the line and becomes the incarnation of EVIL, when he or she says I believe that murdering the innocent is good.. I believe stealing what I don't deserve is okay... I believe raping godly women is my right...or I am going to marry my same-sex partner because I am in love. All else is just a temporary fuck up. In fact, it makes you even more appealing to Christians. You can fuck up every Saturday night. Like AA, just keep coming back. The real enemy is the one who says "I don't need AA" never the poor soul who succumbs to the demon brew. To them, we're all sin-o-holics.

THUS when progressives spend 10 weeks laughing at Jeff Gannon and then Gannon turns around to say on camera "Gosh! I'm so disgusted by my past. I've worked so hard to keep that prostitution stuff behind me...Please! I just want to rebuild my life!" Fundie Republican minds everywhere fight to protect this poor soul from our liberal abuse. They ask themselves "why do these so-called liberals criticize and reject this poor man who is struggling with the bonds of homosexuality while at the same time accepting homosexuals who refuse to repent? Clearly these people are on the side of sin and evil. They think it's the repentance that is evil. The liberals don't care about people who suffer from sin. They only want to promote evil because they are Satanic-possessed Demons." So while we're angry because we think Gannon is a 'hypocrite' and we're sure it'll make the Christian see "the REAL Gannon." They think he's a 'poor soul.' The truth is, he's neither: he's a sociopath with a good PR campaign (see below under Plutocratic Elitist.)

2) Attacking the 'sinful behavior' of Republican kids is even less politically savvy than attacking their Republican parents.

Fundies see sin as a sickness and a weakness. So why would you attack a Republican's sick child? Especially when you don't really have a problem with the so-called sin of high schoolers having sex. In fact, our policy is to "educate" high schoolers about sex so that they don't make babies! And babies are the blessing!!! It's the sex that's bad!!! So Bristol Palin's pregnancy only makes that damn Republican candidate a likeable martyr enduring the problems of 'real people' with human children who make mistakes. She'd be less likeable with perfect children who never fuck up because God loves repentant fuck ups more than goodie two-shoes-- and the American people do too (see: Bush).

Parents cannot control their children in the Republican worldview. Parents can only present the child with the 'correct model' and school them in the 'correct belief system'. If the child gives in to "Satan," that's no reflection on the parents. Evidence of good parenting is (a) forcing the child into marriage if pregnant after premarital sex and (b) announcing that the child is not a homosexual but was 'influenced' by one after a same-sex relation, or (c) renouncing the homosexual child if they refuse to repent, casting them out of the home, or putting them in a treatment facility to 'exorcise' them. Sort of like Alan Keyes did. As far as the Cheneys are concerned, for all the average Republican knows, Lynn and Dick are 'praying over' that Mary of theirs every night--so best not to bring it up. At least the Cheneys believe in the correct ideology of man-plus-woman-equals-marriage. And that's all that matters to the Fundamentalist.

That goes for theft too. If little Joe-Joe robbed a bank, he just fell into the wrong crowd and he now repents--believe you them. They probably also beat him with a rod, too.

In other words: you can't argue with brainwashed.

3) PLUTOCRATIC REPUBLICAN SOCIOPATHS ARE NEVER HYPOCRITES. Plutocratic sociopaths don't really even grasp the concept of 'sin'. They only understand what looks good to the other plutocrats and what earns them money and power. These are the Sociopath Republicans. They just using the Christians--the Working Class Fool Republicans-- and they think it's a laugh riot that these people can be lead so easily against their class interests. They think all people who believe in things are funny because they are easily manipulated. These elite Republicans only care about the maintenance of their class and they believe we are subhuman. If they are working class non-christians who espouse this rhetoric in hopes of dreaming their way to wealth and power, they are the worst of both worlds: sociopaths and fools all at once.

All sociopaths are incapable of hypocrisy. How can you be a hypocrite when you don't believe in anything whatsoever? They don't care about abortion laws because their children are above the law. They don't care about homosexuality because, should their son or daughter go lavender, they can always hire a PR team to cover it up or spin it. Even if they happen to care, it's just a minor irritation.

A true "elite Republican hypocrite" would be one who laughs at the subhuman massses around his or her fellows but then secretly sends tons of money to radical organizations--not charities--but radical, anti-elitist organizations. Of course these 'hypocrites' are not really hypocrites, but true people of conscience who happen to be born rich, who know that the material goods they can provide to 'the resistance' are more worthwhile than rhetoric and proclamations.

So there is no such thing as a Republican hypocrite. And if for some reason one should be 'hypocritical' because he or she happens to accidently harbor some 'family value' as a matter of bizarre coincidence--it's irrevelant unless they lose money or status over it--and in that case, a PR guy could always fix it.

In other words: you can't argue with sociopath.

The Solution:

1) We have to stop referring to ourselves as people who care about "peace" and "tolerance." The sociopaths are using these words against us to confuse the fools.

The Republicans will win every single 'hypocrisy' debate. Why? Because as soon as we lob the word HYPOCRITE at a Republican, we instantly are perceived as hypocrites ourselves. This is because both we and our enemies continue to maintain that 'tolerance' and some vague notion of 'peace' is at the core of left, i.e. "anti-sociopath/anti-fool" thinking. They say "well, you're not very tolerant of pregnant teens" or "you're not really peaceful, causing a big ruckus like this..."

We need to stop saying that we are for "peace."

Fuck peace. I'm for ending financing based on taxpayer-funded-baby-bombing. In fact I'll get pretty goddamn un-peaceful to make sure people are brought to justice for it. So instead of asking "Governor Palin, are you against the war?" Let's ask "Governor Palin, why do you support taxpayer-funded-baby-bombing-for-personal-profit?"

We need to stop saying that we are for "tolerance".

Fuck tolerance. I'm not tolerating their bullshit anymore. I'm not for tolerance. I'm against genocide and the social segregation of Americans. How long have you been supporting the genocide and social segregation of Americans, Mr. Republican sir?

In other words. We need to be way beyond "hypocrisy." Way beyond "catching them naughty-handed."

We need to skewer them. We need--not to 'demonize them'--but to show them for the demons we believe them to be. Does that make our rhetoric partisan? Fuck yes, it does. The truth is: there is no pluralism in America. There is a dualism fighting for a dictatorship: the Plutocratic New Royalty against regular folks. And we're not fighting back because we're still trying to be civil. We say "we'll share power with you when we win, Plutocrats." Sure. Even if we ever won, they'd rob it from us again. The Plutocrats will never allow a pluralist, democratic society. It's a pipe dream. The only thing they have to lose are their slaves. Why would they extend such a kindness to us? They have the power to rig elections, to sway mass public opinion, to use our own police against us.

So we need to stop calling them hypocrites and start telling it like it is. We need to tell the American people that the Plutocrats are the liars and thieves who steal our national wealth--not "bad mothers." They are the dictators who steal elections, not the "winning team." We need to show them that not only don't the Plutocrats care about working people, the poor, general professionals, and small businesses--but that they believe we are subhuman morons who exist to lick their boots. We need to stop saying "we're the nice guys who will work with you" and start calling them what they are: the enemies of the American people, money-bullies, vipers.

Unfortunately it is harder with the Christians. Fundamentalist Christians don't care about hypocrisy, only the perpetuation of the Fundamentalist message. So long as Republicans keep mouthing the words, many of them will go along and vote.

I think the best weapon is a brutal image war backed up by progessive Christians with open arms.

*I call for billboards of depleted uranium babies with the tag line: When God said "Suffer the Little Children...this is not what he meant. Vote Dem."

*I call for an advertisement with a suffering, pregnant woman picking tomatoes under rifle fire in Florida. Then a voice says "You might think her boss is criminal." And then the scene will switch to a man eating a cheap tomato. "But did you know she works for you? Fight Slavery in America."

*I call for billboards each with the corpse of a dead American teenager on one side opposed to a happy French teenager in a black beret with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The tag lines? Jane's mom had insurance. But they wouldn't cover her cancer treatment. All the kids in Janette's country are covered. Don't American Kids Deserve to Live? Support Single-Payer Health Care. .

If people complain that the terrible pictures are traumatizing their kids, let's just point out that the terrible realities behind the pictures are traumatizing everyone else's.

Only these terrible images might make the Christians say "Hey Republican Elite... Hey Preacher? what are you doing about those Uranium Babies? Those starving kids in Alabama? Did we really fund that Mexican death squad? Why are you accepting donations from insurance companies, don't you believe in single-payer? Don't you believe Jesus wants Americans to live as well as the French?" It works on them with the smoking and the anti-drug ads, maybe atrocities and murder and slavery will also prove disconcerting.

So let's get it straight:

Sarah Palin isn't a hypocrite. She's not a bad mother because she wants to work despite having a Down Syndrome baby. She's not a bad mother because she has a pregnant teen. Cut. It. Out.

Sarah Palin is a sociopathic monster who wants to put rape victims in prison for taking the morning-after pill. (No? Make her explain herself.)
Sarah Palin is an enemy of the people who wants to ban books she doesn't believe in. What if she loses her faith? Gosh, is the Bible next?
Sarah Palin didn't just make a mistake about the Iraq war (remember, mistakes are forgiven) Sarah Palin refused to stop poisoning babies with depleted uranium.

Sarah Palin isn't a hypocrite. Sarah Palin is a monster.

Nice people will finish last until the nice people overthrow the sociopaths and their bamboozled minions.
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