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Reply #6: Loved the title. Not so much a few of the conclusions [View All]

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Fly by night Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Jan-21-05 10:52 AM
Response to Original message
6. Loved the title. Not so much a few of the conclusions
We don't serve our cause if we keep doing two things:

1) Accepting that George Bush received the majority of the votes. I am convinced that he did not. I accept Freeman's estimate that 4.3 million votes (or TIA's estimate that 5 million votes) were switched from Kerry to Bush. The majority of Americans who survived all the efforts at voter intimidation and disenfranchisement and made it to the polls voted to throw the smirking chimp out -- their votes were simply not counted properly.

2) I also don't appreciate any argument that continues to denigrate the intelligence (or the lifestyle choices) of Americans, regardless of who they voted for. When we do that, we're as small-minded as our opponents. While I think attending NASCAR races only makes sense if you are migraine-deficient, a number of my friends and neighbors are NASCAR fans so I keep that opinion to myself. And I firmly believe that a number of the people who voted for Bush did so under false premises and that Bush-Rove, the corporate media and (yes) even "our side" are partially to blame for that.

I also believe that if we keep pushing our election theft investigations, if we keep pushing the corporate media to take their heads out of Karl Rove's ass and if we keep using the alternative media (and our own one-on-one powers of persuasiveness) to change the inaccurate perceptions of people, we will prevail. I have witnessed the righteous anger of my friends who are Republicans once they have read the evidence for the election theft and realized that Bush is not only incompetent and wrong-headed but that he is also fundamentally un-American. If we keep working hard, the backlash against Chimp-Rove will shake the foundations of the Nazi wing of the Republican Party, something that we, the world (and moderate Republicans) will be thankful for.

So Greg Palast, keep up your excellent writing and keep giving me titles that let me start my day laughing at my computer screen. Just stop spewing the Kool-Aid that Bush received the majority of the votes and that this was because most Americans are dunderheads. He didn't and they are not. Now it's time to go cut more firewood in my ole pick-em-up truck, to wave at my conservative country neighbors who hate Bush as much as I do (because his actions and words blaspheme their Bible and soil their flag) and to keep working hard, smart and without self-righteous attitude to take OUR country back.

Remember: it's hard to win an argument with someone you think is ignorant, but it is impossible to do so if you call him ignorant right off. Around here, that's not a prelude to an enlightened and persuasive conversation. It's an invitation to an ass-whuppin'.
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