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Reply #67: Welcome to DU! I think you're correct about this. [View All]

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calimary Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Tue Aug-16-05 02:44 AM
Response to Reply #17
67. Welcome to DU! I think you're correct about this.
Once he's certified as dead meat - and it actually could take his leaving office before that happens, maybe even all the way into the next presidency. By then, you'll have a long series of shameless, mewling, pathetic Johnnie-come-lately mea culpa books from Judy Woodruff and Andrea Mitchell and Tim "buy my book" Russert and Wolf Blitzer and Katie Couric and John King and Candy Crowley and Dana Milbank and a whole slew of "reformed" whores who'll whine in print about what obnoxious bullying lying bastards populated that White House and what an awful, repressive, mean ol' regime it was and how miserable it was to have to cover these goons and how many complaints they all got from the White House thugs and the Vice President's office and rove's office every time one of them even gave the barest hint about stepping out of line and how scared and intimidated they were and fearful for their jobs and their careers and how they just SO SO SO BADLY WANTED AND DESPERATELY LONGED AND YEARNED to tell the truth but just couldn't, or didn't dare. 'Cause their poor widdle selves were afwaid!!!! And waaaaaahhhh, poor-widdle-me, boo-hoo-hoo. It'll be like the Simpson jurors, and evidently now, too, the Jackson jurors, who are now busily and piously trying to absolve themselves from having done one world-class, short-sighted, self-serving, criminally shit-ass poor job. Just watch Editor & Publisher. They'll be all over it.

I'd bet we're gonna see this. We're also probably going to see every one of them, like reformed drunks, resolving loudly and sanctimoniously that they'll never let any White House get away with this crap again, and their brand new spines will grow into place at just about the same time a Democrat gets back into the Oval Office. THEN they'll be rough and tough and hard-bitten reporters, resolved to look out for "the people's business."

I tell ya, as a retired reporter, there are no words to express how disgusted and utterly revolted I feel toward most of my former colleagues. They should be ashamed of themselves. Because the wreckage and mass murder and capital crimes and mortal sins this bastard has committed - all of it - THEY allowed. THEY enabled. THEY excused. THEY helped. THEY collaborated. They covered up. The blood and guilt and sins and crimes are all on THEIR hands, THEIR heads, and THEIR consciences. Every last one of them who could have done SOMETHING, ANYTHING to stop this and didn't - EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM IS AS GUILTY AS HE IS. And every last one of them will eventually have to answer for it, AND pay for it, just as he will.
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Home » Discuss » Archives » General Discussion: Presidential (Through Nov 2009) Donate to DU

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