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I just had a major political conflagration with a friend... (Long post) [View All]

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Hong Kong Cavalier Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-07-03 01:25 AM
Original message
I just had a major political conflagration with a friend... (Long post)
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Edited on Fri Nov-07-03 01:31 AM by DemXCGI
Dont ask me why, but Ive maintained this friendship with a friend who listens to Rush almost every day. Tonight, he was mad because of a link on that mentioned some school keeping creationism out of the classroom.
Somehow, we got from talking about that to him saying this country was founded on religion. I told him he was wrong; that this country was founded on the freedom from religious persecution.
From that, we started on other topics, and eventually, I exploded. He even mentioned the liberal media, which I diced apart. He says the major newscasters all admitted to being liberals, which I laughed at.
In that hellish glory of righteous anger, I hammer punched him verbally on everything the Bush administration has been doing wrong in the fight against terra. I detailed the lies that Bush had made re: Iraq and our case for going there, and then he did it:
He mentioned Clintons inadequacy in fighting terrorism.
Did I lay a trap for him? In retrospect, yes, I did. But I honestly didnt expect him to fall into it. I hammered him with the tripling of anti-terrorism funding that Clinton pushed for. The 50 or so agents on Bin Ladens trail, which Bush cut to a mere two agents. I clobbered him when he said Clinton was offered Bin Laden on a silver platter. (Thank YOU, Al Franken!)
And I didnt let up. I told him about Bush sitting on his ass for the six months before September 11. I told him about Clintons plan for eliminating Al Qaeda, which he chose not to execute just days before handing over the reins to Bush. I mentioned that Bush chose to do nothing.
And not surprisingly, he didnt believe me.
He asks me for the proof about Clintons plan. He asks me for the evidence. He says that any article that you bring forth, I can bring another one that will counter it.
He is wrong.
I should be gentle here. I should be subtle. But I am tired of being called a traitor. Im tired of being called un-American. I am tired of having people shout God Bless America in my face and expect me to thrust my hand into the air in a fascist-style salute.
I will no longer allow anyone to defame what I believe. I will no longer stand by and shrug when they attack my party, and my idealism. I will hammer them with the truth, beating a steady rhythm until they understand that the REAL traitors to America are those who lied to the people, those who betrayed our country for a damn percentage of profit.
Its a good thing hes my only conservative friend.

Mods: If this belongs in GD, then Im sorry for posting it here. And thank you for moving it in advance. If you did. If you didnt, then ignore this.

Anyone have links to news articles regarding Clintons plan to take out Al Qaeda? I loaned out my Al Franken book, and he mentioned it in detail, so I dont know where the articles are. PM me if you have links, because Ive seen his faade of trust with the Republican party start to crack.
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