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Diclotican Donating Member (1000+ posts) Send PM | Profile | Ignore Fri Nov-25-11 09:20 PM
Response to Reply #23
26. DonCoquixote

You doesn't need to be of a homogeneous population to be democratic - but it sure help when many things have to be desided... But the fact is that we can solve this, mostly because we are a small country, with a lot of resources larger country do not have. It all go down to what we want to do with our refugees, and our immigrants.. Do we accept they build their own small community where they more or less govern them self, or want we them to be part of a larger pile, a bigger community, where you can get an education, and learn the language of your ancestors - and the language where you live. 2 and 3 generations managed it well, but many do have great problems fit into what Norway is all about.. And the result is often a mess...

One of the problem, I believe, is that many who came from country's like Somalia do not know to read or write, and have a idea of what the world are, who are not acceptable when they come to Norway. Somalia have been in war with itself for more than 25-30 year now, and many refugees from Somalia is used to a level of violence, that is just not acceptable in Norway. The result is often conflicts when they doesn't fit into the community as a whole. And some young people often emulate the habit they have been learned from their more grown ups and then when that level of violence is not accepted, they get into a lot of problems.. More problems than they could have been into, if they had been given the proper help from day one - and their parents, or guardians had been around to try to educate them how Norway really works..

And many native Norwegians do a great job, to try to help them into the fold, works program language classes, both basic and secondary, and even on high education, is often been tried out, to get most of them out and into the community where they can be a part of us all.. And many do a great job integrate into the community also. But some just doesn't want, or are able to do it, and they often make a life outside of the community, in crime and violence.. Some also end up in criminal gangs, who fight over turfs or over "property".. The last couple of years, we have experienced a crime wave, where gangs more or less had had shooting wars out in the streets in bright daylight - with people shocked to look as gang members of different ethnically groups have fighting in down town Oslo.. Things that NEVER was the case if you ho 30 or 40 year back in time..

So, not everything is good, with the "newcomers" even tho most of them have been doing a great job integrate them selfs into the country, and also have been making Norway a fare more interesting place to live than it was just 30 year back in time..

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