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Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real

Occupy Vancouver (& pics)

Occupy Vancouver (& pics)

Inland Empire sex offenders banned from Halloween decorations

Ever been to a fundie haunted house?

The 5th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: Media Whore Category

Jean Quan parody site posted.

Jean Quan parody site posted.

Boehner Motel

PSA to the Powers that be...

Police: Man broke into Oregon home to watch TV

Nuclear powers plan weapons spending spree, report finds

Column: U.S. Rep. Clarke has an idea that could save Detroit (and other U.S. cities) from ruin

OccupyDallas' candlelight vigil for Scott Olsen (pic heavy)

Re: Viral e-mail messages

Illinois Capitol Building served eviction notice by Occupy groups

US sows discord in South Asia

Debunking the conservative claim half the people pay no federal taxes

Question about board mechanics (shouldn't need an admin) Buddy List?...

Maddow tweet on Perry speech video: Unless it's fake, she retracts her expectation of a Perry surge

The 5th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: All Others

hmmm INTERESTING.... if this is the case

" they ran off with the fox reporter" - Certainly sounds suspicious, that's for sure....

SEIU Local 1021- city workers, the biggest union in the city- is STRIKING ON #NOV2 !!#OccupyOakland

It’s Always Been a Class War: Between the aristocratic ruling class and the common people

It's time to put the cops in a tyranny zone away from protesters.

It's time to put the cops in a tyranny zone away from protesters.

The Winners of the 5th Annual The Late H. Lee Atwaters Awards for Conservative Evil

Saw this on Face Book

So why are them cops doing what they are doing?

PHOTO: Holy CRAP, look at the size of this TURNOUT. It's so PRESIDENTIAL! USA! USA! USA! USA! USA!

OccupyAustin: emergency benefit concert tomorrow immediately following GA

Occupy Philly to city fathers

I am so damn proud of my city!!!!!! USA, USA

Heads Up! Take a look at the main headline/photo on the front page of HuffPo - before it changes

Now the Federal Gvt wants your sons to get a Gardasil vaccination

Occupy Nashville Apparently Being Raided Again; Occupy Long Beach Getting...

Well good night

John Adams........on government

Does "Real Time" with Bill Maher play on Sundays?

Geraldo Blasts Cain’s Spokesman During Call-In For Not Denying Sexual Harassment Claims - VIDEO

Really scary monsters!

I Am The 2%!

I Am The 2%!

How does Self governance end?

Casting asparagus, the Herman Cain non-denial denial

Freeper calls Politico "lib media" trying to get Cain "back on the plantation"

"Foreclosure Mill" Lawyers celebrate Halloween by making fun of the unfortunate.

Of the half of households not paying income tax, what fraction of that

Cain Denies Report Of Sexual Harassment

A non-violent Pathan warrior--lessons for Occupy Everywhere

Pres. Obama acts without Congress to hasten production of medicines for life-threatening illnesses

Elizabeth Warren-More than a candidate -- a phenomenon

70 members of 'billion-dollar' drug gang arrested, official says

Why Isn't the MSM Calling Herman Cain on His Cancer?

Former Colombian rebel elected mayor of capital, Bogota

Deadly car bomb blast in Kandahar outside aid offices

Will Republican president candidate help us

Enacting the Impossible (On Consensus Decision Making)

By Year's End Brazil Should Become the World's Sixth Economy, Surpassing the UK

Early picks for "Best of Season" photos

Early picks for "Best of Season" photos

Is the Democratic Party waging class war against the 99%?

Be a Flour Sack Mama...

Be a Flour Sack Mama...

Wisconsin: Last night's meeting with Tammy Baldwin, et al

OWS is global, and until now I have scoffed at the idea of a global

Haqqani network may be linked to Kabul suicide attack- officials

Now they want to test an experimental anthrax vaccine on children?

Happy Halloween - from Google

State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws

Would you take $100 today or $102 tomorrow?

Wisconsin: $45 Million check not in the mail

Another Black Confederate Debunking (Ta-Nehisi Coates)

Water use rising faster than population

Police break up Occupy Wall St. camp in Richmond

Yahoo Chat Rooms Are Full of Hateful Right Wingers

Shite the morning joe crew are hinting that

GMA long jumped the shark but it's just lost whatever remained of respectability

Occupy the World Map

Halloween Toons!

Toons on Economic woes

Talk to me about "Jubilee"... Are there other traditions in history

Toons Mocking Republicans...

Toons Mocking Republicans...

Occupy the Nor-easter - Wall Street October 29, 2011 -moving video

Occupy the Nor-easter - Wall Street October 29, 2011 -moving video

Facts have a liberal bias

Phoenix flight attendant found dead in Mexico City

Geraldo Rivera Grills Herman Cain's Spokesman On Air Over Sexual Harassment Allegations

i believe that a good argument could be made that we live in a post sovereign state world.

How do you feel about DUers as shareholders?

Proof that markets are a bunch of fucking nonsense. You will be amazed. From PBS Nova.

New Jersey's radioactive water

New Jersey's radioactive water

I was just over at the Google starting to lookup

"Google refuses to remove police-brutality videos, it says"

I was just over at the Google starting to lookup

WWU admissions chief placed on leave

Trick or Treat...

Too Big to Fail on HBO right now....

radioactivity of the atmosphere is up in W. Pakistan

Dropping off Donation to Occupy Boston

Well Damn...Hellllloooooo Occupy Germany!!!

You wonder why we are fucked? Watch the Madoff show, now on CBS.

Jon Corzine Gets $12.1 Million to BK MF Global

for halloween.. the scariest thing i can thing of

Honduras Becomes Main Transit Route For Cocaine Trafficking

(((PICS))) Halloween @ the White House!

Palestine wins UNESCO seat 107 - 14 Yahoo News

This looks like a useful list to ponder - draft revision of OWS Declaration of Indep. -

Ok just a general know what the baby seating of

Halloween Politician Toons!

Idea That Deregulation Leads To Jobs 'Just Made Up'

Cain says he can't remember if he was accused of sexual harassment? Can't remember who accused him?

Things You Have To Believe To Be A Republican Today, No.6

State senator has her husband arrested because she wouldn't submit as the bible says

50 years since Germany first invited Turkish workers

Paul Ryan’s Frown Should Make Democrats Smile

Scabs gang giving Goodhair a pass about his bizarre, uh, performance in NH

I'm looking forward to seeing how Herman Cain handles this. Also the media.

Know thy enemy...

Global warming: Middle East's vital wet winters are disappearing

GOP Leadership planning to attend Seppuku Classes if their plan to destroy the Economy fails.

Thomas Friedman, Dirty Hippie

Herman Cain's wife

Exclusive: Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

Mormon “trunk or treat” bans cross-gender costumes

State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws

Labor Movement Key to Preventing Raid of Occupy SF Encampment

One wish among several for all Occupy representations:

A 51st State for Armed Robotic Drones

Two. Words.

Studies challenge wisdom of GOP candidates’ plans

BBC: The American POW (Korean War) who chose China

BBC: The American POW (Korean War) who chose China

enough is enough no more rip offs

4 Simple Steps for Taking Your Money Out of the Vampire Banks

Andrea Mitchell: "Some of these definitions (from Cain) sound like depends on what "is" is..."

New York taxi medallions sell for $1m

Boehner says President's executive job acts are 'laughable'. Thinks they're serious enough though...

The OCCUPY movement has now lasted longer than Kim Kardashian's marriage

a response to "we are wall street"

How much tax did Steve Jobs pay? How much does Apple pay?

10 Reasons to Break Up With Bank of America

Tax problems, illegal donations, and now sexual harassment allegations

Republicans: Women make this stuff up, to gain vengeance etc.

ACLU files lawsuit defending Occupy protesters (Nashville)

3rd time fighiting for my country...

"...we don't have much tolerance for too many facts or too much information."

Rubio defends his amendment's attempt to restrict flights to Cuba from other FL cities except Miami

Rubio defends his amendment's attempt to restrict flights to Cuba from other FL cities except Miami

Ft. Richardson Soldier Arrested in Espionage Probe

Zombies invade OWS...

Occupy the Halloween Party

It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleedng)

A portrait of America in decline

Herman Cain’s FIRM DENIAL Breaking Down…ALREADY!

3 Signs Anti-Wall Streeters Are Succeeding

Police: Girl, 19, Stabbed, Killed; 17-Year-Old Girl Arrested(Happened in my neighborhood last night)

Corporate Crimes In the Cereal Aisle: How Companies Are Fooling You Into Thinking Their Products Are

PARADOX: Polls VS Campaign Corporate Money

NATO chief hails end of Libya mission

Amnesty International: Women Demand Equality in Shaping New Egypt

Poverty Amid Plenty - America's Continuing Shame

John Boehner On Occupy Wall Street: 'I Understand People's Frustrations'

Republican Hypocrisy on Military Spending

Update: Oakland: Scott Olsen gives 'thumbs-up' to messages of support

Political Video forum: Cops caught infiltrating #Occupy

A note to my local cops

It's not fascism when WE do it

Mt. Rainier Parks & Grand Canyon Parks chief accused of conflict of interest (concessionaires)

A friend made this. Please feel free to share it on FB or wherever!

rightwingers are blaming liberals for Cain sexual harassment story's 10-point program

US Missiles Kill 4 in Pakistan

In conjunction with TBF's poll, I'd like to see

Protesters turn their back to Eric Cantor.

Borowitz: "There are anarchists out to destroy the financial system & they're the people OWS is

Borowitz: "There are anarchists out to destroy the financial system & they're the people OWS is

George Takei Tweet: "Another Example of How Same-Sex Marriage..."

George Takei Tweet: "Another Example of How Same-Sex Marriage..."

NY Police / Bloomberg Encouraging trouble makers to take it to Zucotti?

Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe

Roundup of late night comedy show jokes about the candidates.

Grovel Nerdquist is at it again: Re: Reagan on Mount Rushmore.

Every minute motivational speaker, Herman Cain spends defending sex allegations is a minute

Marijuana-laced Halloween candy has LA sheriffs on alert

Marijuana-laced Halloween candy has LA sheriffs on alert

Fl. dead oysters

How can we believe in true love ever again?

Texas civil libertarians oppose law-enforcement drones

Prince Charles needs to be neutered.

Italian toon.

Rush Said The Democratic Base Is Comprised Of Losers

Rush Said The Democratic Base Is Comprised Of Losers

Apparently racist Democrats are 'high tech lynching' Cain with the sexual harrassment news coming to

Report: NYPD steers drunks to Occupy Wall Street

Joe Hill, (notice the photo overlay and compare to oh

Happy Halloween, everyone.

hey O'liely

According to Coulter, it's our fault that Cain is a sexual perv

Rick Perry protests "intellectual" analysis of his jobs plan.

How Blue Dog Democrats got their name

Americans Would Pick Reagan Over FDR

JetBlue, AA face fines over stranded planes

'Hackers' threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film

people power vs global economy

Iranian hero pilot gets cold shoulder

The 5th Annual Late H. Lee Atwater Award for Conservative Evil: Political Category B

Alarmed by the Socialist Hippies Threatening Wall Street....

What is occupy about?

Yikes! Clooney's ex calls him a 'father figure'

OccupyAustin Emergency Benefit Concert: 4pm

Cain's "sexual harrassment" story will give him a bump in the polls.

A Halloween Tale For You

Joe Biden's Daugher gets engaged

Man charged with killing woman in Walmart lot in Albion

To snag homes, shelter pets get glam makeovers

What 114.5 trillion dollars looks like.

Key Wisconsin Republican Opposes Change To Recall Law

Occupy Oakland's return spells trouble to top cop

Anybody Seen a Pale Blue Dot?

Class Warfare? Is that what they say this it is.....

Catapulting the NATO propaganda

We would like to thank the Occupy Wall Street movement for speaking on our behalf.

Politico's lies about OWS trademarking OWS - it's a couple of entreprenuers wanting "global brand"

Looks like Americans are more generous than Canadians

Presenting The Current MF Global Ratings At Moody's, S&P And Fitch

NO! Michelle Obama bowing to SATAN!

MF financial bankruptcy a disaster for the GOP

What you can do short of sleeping in a park

U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq

Rush uses the race card, again.

Snowmen join Occupy..

"The Producers" have a hit on their hands...what to do...

Halloween Special- "Batshit Crazy Cupcakes"!

Seniors Advocate Responds to Washington Post's Social Security Lies

Mississippi Democrats may have to defeat (again) an immigration law like Alabama's.

Republicans excel at one thing – hatred

Should the Occupy Movement stay active during the winter months?

The ECB’s Battle against Central Banking

Greece to hold referendum on new EU deal: report

Groups sue to block Arizona's day labor rules

Egypt: Activist Alaa Abdel Fattah Detained By Military, Thousands March In Protest

Taking treats to your local occupiers tonight? Lifting spirits on...bwahaha...Halloween.n/t

Happy Halloween Occupiers!

Elementary school to join Occupy Oakland strike

Said on the TeeVee

Cain ends the presser by singing about how Jesus looked beyond all his faults

Does anyone know any Anti-Ron Paul songs, please?

Occupy Austin - 38 Arrested

Occupy Austin - 38 Arrested

Trick Or Treat! Obama Derangement Syndrome Is At The Door

Occupy the NYC Marathon

John Boehner wishes all Americans a Happy Halloween!

Woman stabs fiancee


Interesting. Perry ad airing in IA just now reduces his job creation claim

Ignorant And Proud

Ha ha. Rev. Al is ripping off Colbert's 'Formidable Opponent' segment.

401(k) supporters spent $1.1M on petition drive

This photo MAY start a little soul-searching among those of you with pets.

Teabaggers spending hypocrisy..

MSNBC's Politics Nation -- now with TWICE the Sharptons!

Little Fish, Big Fish: The Illusion of the Prosecution of Wall Street

Happy Hallowe'en............from Google!

Cerfvqrag Bonzn'f Tnyyhc nccebiny engvat nzbatfg yvoreny Qrzbpengf sbe Bpgbore 24gu-30gu vf 83%.

Surprise Greek referendum risks blowing up euro zone

U.S. cuts UNESCO funding after Palestinian membership vote - CNN

CNBC's Bartiromo Adopts Right-Wing's Boeing Falsehoods

Steven Tyler Shows Off His Broken Face, Promises He's Still Sober

This is going to make OWS look bad

Obama should give up his nobel prize. I think it is pretty clear that he doesn't deserve it.

He's a minstrel- Herman

My RW Brother's views about the OWS are so crazy and hateful they stunned me

Remember Charlotte "women are dumb" Allen? Now she's crashing Halloween!

Court-martial begins for sergeant accused of killing civilians

Occupy Reminder: Why we occupy

Guess who this is

Grayson on Rev Al re Cantor and the begging

Checklist before going to the local occupy

"Red Hot Patriot: The Kick-Ass Wit of Molly Ivins"

The Rude Pundit - Let's Actually Do Something: Blanket the Occupiers

Disabled vet says airline left her to sit in own urine

History and Fox News..

High court avoids dispute over highway crosses (Justice Thomas throws a hissy)

Occupy Seattle to ‘greet’ Chase’s Jamie Dimon

The Cattle Call at Gate 15 Is Taking Longer and Longer-Boarding plane times

I need to report suspected dog-fighting

Bachmann, Perry, Cain all had their turn. Who will be this month's anti-Romney?

OccupyAustin: APD trying to shut down concert - no amplified sound

Richard Engel just said a rapid Afghan US troop withdrawal would require Karzai leaving with them

Christian Science Monitor: Difference between Thomas & Cain is that Pizza Douche has a PAPER TRAIL.

Please sign this jobs bill to Boehner if you haven't already. Video

State agrees to stop enforcing Occupy Nashville curfew

Mass republican email featuring a zombie President Obama with a bullet hole in his forehead

GOP Holds America Hostage By Denying Jobs Today for Elections Tomorrow

Wis Senator (R) LAZICH proposes petitions with recall signatures be officially notarized

Man stabbed over alleged Monopoly cheating

Key Wisconsin Republican Opposes Change To Recall Law ...woohooo!

Two 12 year olds In Custody After Falling Shopping Cart Critically Injures Harlem Woman

Seven characteristics of the revolution (OWS)

Behold, the Confidence Fairy:

*Herman Cain interview on PBS Newshour coming up.

Va GOP hits graphic of zombie Obama shot in head

Police Use Bulldozers To Break Up Occupy Richmond

Samhain Blessings!

"stat"? What does that mean?

Rush Limbaugh: Herman Cain Harassment Story 'Unconscionable, Racially Stereotypical Attack'

The throwaway $10M marriage...

Received this email from GOPUSA

$100 million payout for retiring CEO

Finally, ... an ad that challenges Apple's "1984" for greatest ad of all time.

To all the teevee pundits trying to compare Goodhair's speechifying with the Howard Dean scream.

China’s property-owning dream is fast turning into a Halloween-like nightmare

China’s property-owning dream is fast turning into a Halloween-like nightmare

Chris Matthews had clips of some Bizarre Speech Rick Perry Gave..anyone have a link?

Drive in movie - 1950s LA -- WARNING!: LET MY PEOPLE GO!--

5-Year-Old Black Girl Disappears and No One Cares

Herman Cain, if we found the dress...........

US officials prepare for 'zombie apocalypse'

anybody else enjoying the lack of google cache?

anybody else enjoying the lack of google cache?

Occupations across Europe...look at all those red dots...

Experts: 30 years till Japan can close nuke plant

This Orwell quote from another thread reminds me of my

Unbelievable, Must-See Video: Heroic Navy Sailor Stands Tall In the Middle of Oakland Tear Gas Fires


Monday's OWS TOONS

Frum: "Tea party plans call for a radical shift in the burden of taxation from the rich to the poor"

Parent deals with difficult teacher on Parents' Night

Former FL Governor and U. S. Senator Bob Graham: "We need to have a citizen revolt in Florida."

Police use bulldozers to break up Occupy Richmond

Virginia GOP emails zombie collage featuring Obama shot in head

Volunteer attorneys steer protesters through the legal system

Battle Plan to improve social security, medicade, medicare coming soon

What the hell makes GRAIN explode?

(PIC) Separated at birth or are they the same? You be the judge...

Dominos workers burn down rival Papa John's Pizza to try to get more customers

Herman Cain: Now he remembers the women who made sexual harassment charges against him & key details

Why finance majors make more than engineers

Our journey has begun...

Cops to bust up Occupy Fresno tonight 10/31. (after they kick out homeless from tent cities

Man breaks into daycare, undresses and then puts on child's bikini

Obama's secrets

* * * * * October Photo Contest Winners * * * * *

"Some People Might Say Rick Perry Was Drunk When He Gave This Speech,"

JetBlue Flight Pilot Pleaded for Help During Tarmac Ordeal

White House responds to Marijuana legalization petition

Europe May Act Alone on Financial Transaction Tax

Portland Police Posting Names & Images Of Arrested Occupy Protesters On Facebook: Check Out Comments

We're not camping, and this is our PERMIT...

Injured Occupy Oakland protester should make full recovery, roommate says.

First Amendment info to bookmark (from Cornell Law School)

Local GOP sends email with image of bullet hole in President Obama's head


Nashville Reporter Tapes His Own Arrest, Records Apparent Police Misconduct As Peaceful Protesters

I'll believe that Corporations are people....

Truth from Elizabeth Warren

Why no baby will be put in the global spotlight this time

Who will be the 1st to drop out?

OWS Supports Occupy Oakland Wednesday Nov 2 to shut down the 1% with a city wide general strike

MUSIC & ART Inspired by #occupywallstreet -collection


Officer Friendly - byTom Tomorrow

Annoy Vern Buchanan. DU this poll! ( Who do you support more Tea Party or OWS?)

Joe Lieberman: Occupy Wall Street doesn't reflect American sentiment

Bruce Bartlett, Ex-Reagan Economist: Idea That Deregulation Leads To Jobs 'Just Made Up'

Someone is trying to build up Politico into some kind of great news source with their story on Cain

Someone is trying to build up Politico into some kind of great news source with their story on Cain


PROOF that Oakland PD infiltrated #OWS

Howard Dean: "Stop Them."

DU this poll - Nashville OWS

DU this poll - Nashville OWS

does anyone else find this funny

PHOTO OF THE DAY(JAPAN) Halloween special

Rand Paul Steps Up Attack on Bike Lanes

Letters Reveal Eric Cantor Begged For Obama Stimulus Money To Create Jobs

Austin, Texas Explores Photo Parking Snitch Tickets

Holy Shit. HAPPENING NOW. Credit Union in Berkeley was just robbed.

Mayor Rahm Looks To Cut Libraries/Staff, Says No to Occupy

How a white supremacist gang leader shed his racist beliefs

City official suggests the homeless take cabs

Not this shit again, derivatives broker goes broke: MF Global declares bankruptcy.

Tom Nelson for Supreme Court Judge of the United States of America

Kids are huffing freon, now. What ever happened to just

Obama JUSTICE Dept. BATTLES AGAINST Freedom of Information Act

Where Are the Women at Occupy Wall Street? Everywhere—and They're Not Going Away

Union workers saved my Dad's life last night.

Poll: Capitalism or Socialism

New RW Meme: Fossil Fuels don't come from organic sources. They come from volcanoes.

OccupyRochester *update*

"I am absolutely SICKENED": One police officer's reaction to Oakland/Denver

"We have a restraining order on the State until Nov 21st @ 10:30 AM!!!!!!! "

Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however...

3 Quotes that demonstrate how radically far to the right the GOP has shifted in the last 30 years...

Supercommittee of the One Percent Won't Even Think of Taxing Wall Street

From TPM...Herman Cain uses "Amazing Grace" hymn to justify Sexual Harrassment?

Greeks threatened with power cuts if they fail to pay property tax

Kochcain has blown the campaign and

Insight: Firms to charge smokers, obese more for healthcare

Texas Mom Slams Scenes of Abortion and Suicide at Church's Haunted House Attraction

Texas Mom Slams Scenes of Abortion and Suicide at Church's Haunted House Attraction

Herman Cain will drop out of the race...

So My Favorite Wingnut is all over the NorthEast storm story, fired up about GW denial.

The McRib Is Back! Eat One If You Dare...

"We threw away the ones marked Democratic"

JetBlue Flight Pilot Pleaded for Help During Tarmac Ordeal

Bank of America charges a fee to close accounts???????????

Growing Pains: Reflections on Occupy Los Angeles, October 29-30

The SECRET LIST Of 14 WORDS That Republicans Are NEVER Supposed To Use

TO: The Tea Party and Republicans - What it means to be a citizen

Poisoned Candy Is A Halloween Myth ----- BE AFRAID! BE VERY AFRAID!

Just who would actually vote for Ron Paul?

"By the time you read this, I will be gone" says 99er. !!!

"By the time you read this, I will be gone" says 99er. !!!

Born Before 1965? Population

Pat Buchanan: Occupy Wall Street Is 'Going To End Very, Very Badly'

Anonymous hackers threaten Mexican drug cartel

Howard Zinn would have been incredibly inspired by OWS

Some Toons from the 30s

Stone temple pilots w/Glenn Campbell "Wichita Lineman"

I am watching Zombie Apocalypse on my dvr, even the animals were zombies.

Chimp with an AK47

To Whomever here suggested soft synths: THANK YOU

For the second time in 2 months I am going to lose multiple days of work due to power outages.

This "Sweet Genius" show on Food Network is some sick-assed FUN.

Be quick,pizza coming!

who was that masked man --

Funny thing happened on way to Forum on TCM now.

simple simon


For the 1st time in years the squirrels are not eating my pumpkins. Does this mean a mild winter?

I am the 2%!

Occupy what?

Occupy what?

feeling a little green

Tomorrow I get a Bipap machine


River walk

"The Raven" as read by James Earl Jones

My dog has a new electric throw to sleep on, she is loving the heat.

It is offical, October 31, Halloween with Jamie Lee is starting on AMC.

Walking Dead fans, what about the ending of the show.

When you are 'bottleling' green tomato chutney how do you know that the seal

Phone Tap

surveying his dominion

Electric Relaxation


Zombie Belly Dancer

9th Wonder (Blackitolism)

Metallica rocks Bangalore


Can someone help me cash a personal check? My bank won't do shit for me.

Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing

Play This Also

Lost Where I Belong


Sour Times

Halloween songs and videos!

I just posted this year's Late H. Lee Atwater Awards for Conservative Evil in GD

Why would the cowboy leave Old Paint in Cheyenne?

Halloween parenting fail

10 Amazing Pumpkin Carvings

what do you mean "tell you the url???"

"Alfred Hitchcock Hour" Marathon Now! "Mystery Channel"!

How Old is Too Old for Trick or Treating?

I like the word Spooktacular. I just do.

When I was a kid you got skis as tall as you were.

Is pumpkin like fucking CRACK for meerkats, or what?

The coolest group pumpkin carving EVER!!! (The looks on the faces of #2 and #3 say it all.)

Mr. Krueger's neighborhood:

Ideas for racoon-proof outdoor cat feeder

I'm off to let a strange man put his hands all over me...

Off He Goes

I am guessing all those Dallas Cowussy fans will be in hiding today

Shaun of the Dead, this is one cool zombie movie.

why would someone use my address for their telephone bill?

Personal check stolen

Now that was a GOOD Cowboys game.

Sunset tonight...

Dick Nixon is still scary.

WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN (Japanese soccer)

Best Baseline evah!

Yikes! Clooney's ex calls him a 'father figure'

Keep Pets Safe for Halloween

wow my cell phone service seems to be down

In past Halloweens we've done "Talk like a Freeper" threads

What are you dressed up today as?

Cerfvqrag Bonzn'f Tnyyhc nccebiny engvat nzbatfg yvoreny Qrzbpengf sbe Bpgbore 24gu-30gu vf 83%.

This photo MAY start a little soul-searching among those of you with pets.

Wishing one and all a vividly memorable Hallowe'en!

4th degree black belt

red light kitty

Have you seen the little piggies

Do me a quick favor please...

Man, Boardwalk Empire is brutal!

Have you ever won the 'Consolation Prize'?

The CREEPIEST "group" costume you'll ever see in your life (dial-up warning):


Waiting for a train

lilac breasted roller

so bored my head is going to explode. broke my ankle!!

Is this the Dude or is this Jesus - you decide

Dracula's favorite candy:

For fans of WSTFTD, Will apologizes for no post this weekend. And so do I.

So what horror is coming to your state (map)

"Rolling in the Deep" by Adele. Can't stand that song.

What is the secret to your potato salad?

Furball The Cat Spends 5 Terrifying Days In Tree Before Being Rescued

Black-Backed Jackal, Canis mesomelas

Are the Halloweeners coming tonight?

scariest movies of all time?

My dog wants to attack the trick or treaters.

Five Terrible Halloween Handouts That The Desperate Resort To

What is your favorite Halloween candy?

Eric Cantor - this is for you!


Is the DU Lounge best characterized as "fringe" or best characterized as "extremist"?

How can we believe in true love ever again?

I know you're upset son, but please don't hit the cat.

Favorite 80's Music video

The coolest baby costume EVER!!!

Fiery feline

What song just screams out "70's?"

If you're American, one of the signs you're getting older is that

Brief lives: post a pic of someone whose life was too brief.

Post here something that would really scare me!!

Kim Kardashian 'filing for divorce from Kris Humphries today'

Best seats you ever had for a Concert - post details here

the lounge

Man in Smurf costume shot leaving Halloween party

Hotel guest checks out after 10-plus years (worked for Housing/Urban Development)

Occupy protesters arrested in Texas, Oregon

Skeptic finds he now agrees global warming is real

(Clinton's) Former Adviser to White House Is Likely to Seek Rangel’s Seat

Obama to pitch economic program at Group of 20 summit

Harper retreats on Afghan mission risks

U.S. had advance warning of abuse at Afghan prisons, officials say

NBA labor deal '95 percent complete'; last five percent remains huge hurdle

Hopes for Peace as Kyrgyzstan Votes for New President

Former leftist rebel, anti-corruption crusader in Colombia wins election for Bogota mayor

Honduras Becomes Main Transit Route For Cocaine Trafficking

By Year's End Brazil Should Become the World's Sixth Economy, Surpassing the UK

Iran demands US apology, cash over assassination plot charges

US plans to bolster military presence in Gulf: report

The Twee man (A veteran left-wing human rights activist) steals show in Irish presidential race

After 7 weeks, Occupy still going strong

Ex-soldier jailed for leaking Israeli assassination policy

Politico: Herman Cain faced sexual harassment charges at trade group

Insight: Firms to charge smokers, obese more for healthcare

City orders protesters to remove tents within 48 hours - London

Arab League hands Syria plan to end unrest

Schäuble calls for EU lead on Tobin tax (tax to curb speculative trading)

Chicago PMI shows slowing expansion in October

Global warming: Middle East's vital wet winters are disappearing

Unions Look To 'Occupy' For Supporters

Breaking: Libya's NTC chief says nuclear weapons located

MF Global Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

UNESCO gives Palestinians full membership

Cool tree

Beacon Power bankrupt; had U.S. backing like Solyndra

'Hackers' threaten Mexican drug cartel in YouTube film


Ft. Richardson Soldier Arrested in Espionage Probe

Tunisia issues warrant for Yasser Arafat's widow Suha

State firm's cash to Herman Cain may breach federal campaign, tax laws

Anonymous hackers threaten Mexican drug cartel

Has anyone seen the first 2 episodes of ABC's Once Upon A Time?

Palestinians get Unesco seat as 107 vote in favour

A Very Rich Adieu for Nabors CEO

Planned Parenthood Rejects Cain Claim Abortion Clinics Are Aimed at Black 'Genocide'

Police break up Occupy Richmond encampment

Prince Charles has been offered a veto over 12 government bills since 2005

Honda to cut US, Canada production by half

Palestine Statehood Bid: U.S. Cuts Off UNESCO Funding After Palestine Vote

Phone hacking: Milly Dowler police investigation may have been targeted

Obama orders FDA to help reduce drug shortages

World's 'Seventh Billion Baby' is Born

Diversion of weatherization funds in Kansas perplexes homeowners

Bluff Collapses At Oak Creek Power Station

Occupy Oakland: Scott Olsen Gives 'Thumbs-Up' to Messages of Support

FBI releases papers on Russian spy ring that involved Anna Chapman

4 S.F. cops fired this year, documents show

MF Global 'set for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection'

Treasury plans to borrow $305 billion this quarter

ILO: World economy on verge of new jobs recession

S.F. sheriff defends deputy in Scott Olsen videos

US snowstorm leaves Central Park braced for loss of 1,000 trees

Rep. Eric Cantor draws cheers, jeers in U-M (Michigan) economic speech

China hits back over US claims of satellite hacking

Tony La Russa retires as Cardinals manager

Prairie Home Companion sound effects man Tom Keith dies

Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

Lula Begins Chemotherapy as Cancer Undermines Political Future

Dean of St Paul's Cathedral resigns over Occupy London protests

Greece debt crisis: referendum promised on EU deal

Occupy Des Moines activists to propose 'shutting down' candidate offices during Iowa caucuses

Calvin Gibbs admits taking fingers off Afghans' bodies

Commission on Presidential Debates Announces Sites, Dates, and Candidate Selection Criteria for 2012

Millions in drugs seized, 70 arrested in Arizona, officials say

Beacon Power, Backed by U.S. Loan Guarantees, Files Bankruptcy

President Obama to order FDA to help reduce drug shortages

Rep. Sam Farr, House members question California pot club crackdown

Hollywood's Magic Castle on Fire

Google refuses to remove police-brutality videos

New Madoff Book About Family Angers Victims of Ponzi Scheme

Libya Votes in New Prime Minister Abdel-Rahim al-Keeb

Scott administration will not appeal prison privatization case

NBC confirms one Cain accuser received cash settlement

US Cuts Funding For UNESCO After Palestinian Vote

Federal judge orders TN to stop arresting Occupy Nashville protesters

Stock Market Watch, Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bringing Up the Issue of Population Growth

They are releasing West Side Story in theaters for one day, 11/9...

Concerns Are Raised About Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes

Party In the C.I.A.-Weird Al

Scary Republican Halloween iPad

Will G20 Control Hot Money

Jesse LaGreca endorses OccupyForAccountability.Org

Zombie Attacks In Madison, WI

Thom Hartmann: 12 yr old progressive Gavin Clarke says free speech is a ''sham''

Bishop of London appeals to Occupy protesters

The new Socialist President of Ireland on lowering minimum wage

OWS: A video that could help unite us in support?

Papantonio: The Tea Party Cult

Copwatch@Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

Cain Denies Report of Sexual Harassment

Why we must question authority

Angela Davis "This Is The Beginning Of Something Really Wonderful! Really Vast! And Really Great!"

Bank Stocks Ablaze!

The Occupy America Song!!

Jesse LaGreca Visits Occupy Chicago!

Max Keiser: Debt slash = debt hike, collapse guaranteed!

A Message To The Oakland Police: "You Have No Power!"

Sam Seder: Foreclosure Mill Halloween Party Craps on the 99%

The Advertising Around US - About Face

Mad as Hell in America-The Jesse LaGreca Interview

Young Turks: Bank of America CEO - You Should Thank Us!


Tired of Your Big Bank? Take These Steps to Switch to a Credit Union (& Sing-along)!

Bill Maher - Drugs and Halloween Candy (on Psychedelics)

Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

'US State Dept mafia hiding Iraq fraud & weapons hard-sell'

Iceland volcano on brink of major eruption

Keiser Report: Bring down Bernanke Gaddafi style (E203)

Palestinians win in UNESCO despite US fist shake

Obama's Jobs Plan: Infrastructure

Lessig: US Could Fall Like Rome

‘Anonymous’ threatens to identify Mexicans involved with drug cartels

Police Use Bulldozers to Break Up Occupy Richmond

Papantonio: Cain – The GOP’s Latest Sex Pervert

Bachmann accuses Perry of dirty tricks

TYT: The top 1% vs. You

Election laws tightening in GOP-run states

Most powerful OWS Video I have seen

FYI, The NRA (National Restaurant Association) Is Very Right Wing

TX POLL: Cain 27, Perry 26, Romney 9

Obviously, there's nothing at all to the sexual harassment allegations against Cain...

If those two woman Cain was to allegedly harassed WHITE he's TOASTED !!!!!!

Cain:I was FALSELY accused

Protester Arrested While Praying - [Anonymous (Group) Sends Salute]

If Land Was Distributed Like Wealth

Obama Tries to Speed Response to Shortages in Vital Medicines

Random Thoughts On The Herman Cain Imbroglio

Cain: I Was Falsely Accused Of Sexual Harassment (VIDEO)

Occupy Phoenix Veteran Protesters with AR-15's protecting the other protesters

Dirty yellow flowers

Political Wire: Coming soon: Health Care Reform: The Comic Book

Herman Cain's Accusers

Obama defied the US public and required the GOP to pass his free trade deals

no spin question - taxes

Imagining a Tea Party presidency

Krugman: Bombs, Bridges and Jobs

Cain / Perry 2012 !!1

Memo to former NYSE CEO Dick Grasso: CRA did not cause the housing crisis or the bank bailout

The Page: Obama Loses Longhorns

CNN has been reporting about the Cain story tonight. And they're going to stay on the story...

Concerned Women for America wants answers from Herman Cain

President Obama deemed 'fit for duty'

What did the German Woman say to Cain's advances?

I'm kinda sorry that Rick Perry's campaign is imploding

E.J. Dionne, Jr.: 3 Signs Anti-Wall Streeters Are Succeeding

Herman Cain contradicts former National Restaurant Association HR chief on investigation

Greedy Lying Bastards - Film Trailer

Mitt Romney's new strategy: Go into hiding while opponents implode

Ruh Roh! Two women accused Herman Cain of inappropriate behavior

Cain's favorite Supreme: Clarence Thomas

2012: Debates announced for presidential 'general election'

Conservatives, We Confess. It Was Us Liberals Who Set Up Herman Cain. We Admit It.

Cops caught infiltrating the Occupy movement

Calling BS on GOP ideas for job creation

Herman Cain: Another black man skewered on a racial stereotype?

David Sirota: As troops pull out of Iraq, Obama plans more combat forces elsewhere in Middle East

House to vote on reaffirming 'In God We Trust' motto: All other problems apparently solved