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Archives: May 26, 2009

War's to be fought by "Drone Warfare." Gamers and the Rest decide who lives and dies..

Torture can get to the truth

News Directly from North Korea!

Mike Tyson's Daughter Found Hanging From Cord

Dick Cheney is America's #1 Terrorist

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

Predict Tomorrow's CA Supreme Court Ruling

Rove: Torture memos an “attempt to constrain behavior”

An old friend is in trouble and we pitched in today

Mickey Mouse is dead. :-(

Have you ever checked out or ordered a book with the intent of getting flagged?

"Radio Canada rapped for Obama assassination joke"

Traces of Cocaine Found in Red Bull Cola--May Be Banned in Germany

Every time a Rethug claims drowing is not torture....

Every time a Rethug claims drowing is not torture....

Don't play pool with this "Little Sniper"... (23 months old)

This Memorial Day I Stood At The Grave of Gen. Andrew Jackson

DU this poll. Who is more + for Rep party, Cheney or Powell?

Liberals Sketch Out Dreams and Limits for Supreme Court

In Honor of our Brave Men and Women

Have you guys seen Dog Day Afternoon?

Illusionist Floats In Mid-Air (video)

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets' - Judge Threatens To Penalize U.S. In Wiretap Case

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets' - Judge Threatens To Penalize U.S. In Wiretap Case

Some of you need to revisit Romer vs Evans (Colo Amendment 2)

What's a good alternative to Amazon for an online bookstore, please?

What's a good alternative to Amazon for an online bookstore, please?

Tweety's gonna be on Charlie Rose tonight

Has anyone heard from Oilwellian lately?

Has anyone heard from Oilwellian lately?

Who is Brigitte Gabriel?

Should a 13 y.o. granddaughter be forced to visit grandma in a

How will the CA Supreme Court Rule?

my brother's cd just dropped

dupe - self delete

dupe - self delete

Dollars & Sense: The Sinking Dollar

To California's LGBT people, good luck tomorrow

Prop 8 and a significant portion of the voting populace...

Unemployment rate in Venezuela is significantly lower than in USA

Suppose the CA supreme court rules for Proposition 8?

Anybody having any luck faxing congress with the link below?

"'constitutional dictatorship' is built into our system"

Anyone else surprised (and saddened) by the blase tolerance for the death penalty in this country?

Student's Harvey Milk Report Censored By School

Be not deceived: Heliocentrism is an Atheist Doctrine

Guess who Rove sided with...

The 2012 Republican presidential ticket!

From 2001-2005 they blamed every failure on Bill Clinton

Report: North Korea test-fires 2 more missiles (AP)

Todays APOD: Second star on the right, and straight on ...

Former Lehman Brothers banker to head New York City’s Housing Authority

God I hate people who have to envoke their freedom of speech to justify their talking points.

i think i found a pet dog to give to Dick Cheney...the current owner will likely give it up...

The New York Times’ Watergate Blunder

Setting my time machine ahead six years to 2009, I found I'd landed in a world gone mad!

When to make war

Foreclosure Crisis Hits Poor Renters Hard: Evicted Families Have to Fight to Live Together

NPR says Sp Ct nominee announced at 10:45 am today.

Health care billing abuses "stranger than fiction"

BREAKING: Obama to announce SCOTUS pick at 10:15 today

Spain: Unemployment could soar to one-in-four next year

Why won't Barack Obama vacation? Is it a political ploy?

What if the CA Supreme Court abolishes the 18,000 gay marriages already performed?

The Republicans really won't like this choice because

Would you support the unilateral dismantling of all US nuclear weapons and their delivery systems?

The outrage would be the same no matter who gets the nod for the Supremes.

Pool on first sighting of Oral Hatch yammering about "activist judges."

Humanity Abides

Seeking Asylum and a better life, California’s Iraqi Refugees Find Themselves in Limbo

Sotomayor is the SCOTUS choice.....announced on NBC just now.

Cocaine Found In Red Bull In Germany

August 11, 1992

Anatomy Of A Sotomayor SCOTUS Whisper Campaign

GOP have been ready for Sotomayor for quite some time.

CNN discusses Judge Sotomayor primarily in context of conservative opinion

One More Conflicting Pole on Abortion

Just a thought .......

Way Ta GO!!!!!!!!!

Sonia Sotomayor--The Final Nail In the "Conservative" Coffin?

Is the latest terror scare over medical bills rather than TEH ISLAM?

Coleman Camp Could Have To Pay $94,000 To Franken's Legal Team

The droppings don't fall far from the asshole

Obama and Sotomayor on GEM$NBC now

Korea under Japanese rule

Okay ....... I'm all weepy.

dupe delete

Prop 8: Day of Decision - Protest/Rally Info for NYC

Typical stupid comment on CSpan - caller - "Terrible pick. Our country is

I hope the right wing goes all out against Sotomayor

The airwaves here are being flooded by personal injury lawyer commercials.

If the CA Court Decision Upholds Prop8, and the 18,000 Marriages,

(London Mayor) Boris Johnson's 'near-death experience' with lorry

Re Sotomayor: How long will it be before

Typical stupid rethug talk show host - Orlando's Shannon Burke

31 violent deaths in California over the weekend: Road wars rage on.

run for the hills...

This Modern World-Setting my time machine ahead 6 years to 09-I found I'd landed in a world gone mad

omg...hate cops

‘God’s debt cancellation’ donations help evangelist strike it rich

Sotomayor on Abortion:

What does climate change have to do with Islam?

Georgia congressman wants 2010 officially declared "The Year of the Bible"

The Political Minefield Set With The Sotomayor Nomination

Sí, Se Puede!!!

If Mika "sighs" one more time

MSNBC interviews Telemundo's Jose Diaz-Balart on the Sotomayor nomination

And The Sliming Of Sotomayor Begins

If Obama keeps his Arlington promise, we will not have to try to figure out how to tell the troops

Jon Kyl, then and now

Huckabee: " The appointment of MARIA Sotomayor for the Supreme Court is the clearest indication..."

Sonia Sotomayor - She's Only 54!!

UN Amb.: NKorea feeling sting of global scorn

On Our Initiative

Suicide bomber kills 3 American troops in Afghanistan

CHENEY KNOWS: "We Will NOT See" The So-Called "CIA Torture Memos" BUSH-Exec Order BANNED Them

Sotomayor pick...Chess or Ju-Jitsu???

One hour until Prop 8 ruling....

How many different pronunciations of "Sotomayor" have you heard?

COULD this be what Repubs fear most in Sotomayor's Nomination to the SCOTUS?

NY Supreme Court being evacuated?

The republicans are screwing themselves once again.

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets'

Sonia Sotomayor & LGBT Issues. Anyone know where she stands?

"They attacked liberalism because it seemed to them the principle premise of modern society......

The Judicial Watch guy on MSNBC is hilarious!

She's OK but she is no Harriet Miers..

Sen. Leahy On the Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor

its a wonder that the vatican walls haven't crumbled yet

RNC fumbles Sotomayor talking points

Climate change summit hijacked by biggest polluters, critics claim

cnn: Partisan confirmation hearings expected for Sotomayor

Rove sides with Limbaugh...this is just so delicious

Interesting article of Fox (breathe.....) News

Conservatives Blast Obama’s Hispanic SCOTUS Nominee As ‘Not The Smartest’

Last time there was a vote, I didn't pay enough attention. Now I am paying attention to Prop. 8.

These right wing 'judge-watching' groups ........

A "Classic, Activist Judge" ?

"Can you smell me now?" Phone sniffing dogs in AZ prisions

Live CNN Feed Awaiting Prop 8 Decision

So if we just send the 30% that is the NO fraction to another planet - will it be like deer?

Oooh! early opposition to Sotomayor sounds just a weeee bit racist


Prop 8 Upheld Marriages before it are legal

Prop 8 Ruling: Post well wishes here.

So the SCOCA has legitimized unequal treatment

Fuck! Prop 8 upheld

FCC Claims Right to Warrantless Searches

20 minutes until the Prop. 8 ruling

Shell on Trial (1995 murder of activist who opposed environmental degradation)

Breaking: UAW Health Care Trust tentative deal to get 17.5% of GM stock

Gay Marriage Ban UPHELD

"Day of Decision"--Prop 8 rallies/actions

CNN poll. Cheney needs some lovin' vote him up in this poll.

Prop 8 ban upheld

Breaking: GM bondholders reject plan, setting stage for bankruptcy

About that pea sized pea brain in North Korea .......

About that pea sized pea brain in North Korea .......

Can someone upload a comb to this guy on MSNBC with Mrs Greenspan?

Anyone here ever use Comcast for internet, cable or phone?

Sotomayor for SCOTUS: Republicon Senators Speak Out for "Up-or-Down Votes" for Judicial Nominees

To anyone who is worried that the repukes are going to fight the Sotomayor nomination:

FYI for Freepers: 9-11-2001(GWB), RubyRidge 1991(GHWB), Waco Feb-April1993 AFTER a 4yr investigation

OK, I know Thom Hartmann likes to debate the right-wingers..but can't he find one with half a brain?

Dennis Prager: Sonia Sotomayor probably had air conditioning


GM Shares Reverse Declines After UAW Claim of "Massive" Gov't Fnancing

Liz Vader is on Faux being asked her opinion about N. Korea.

Prop. 8 Reaction: Live Reports from SF

PREDICTION: The Homophobic Radical Right Will Make New Proposition

Conservatives whining about Judge Sotomayor

Conservatives whining about Judge Sotomayor

In 2010 half the ads against republicans in the southwest need to be

The Cost Conundrum: What a Texas town can teach us about health care.

Equality California Vows to Restore Marriage at Ballot Box in Wake of Prop. 8 Ruling

So what ABOUT the initiative process?

Are republicans truly certifiable? Apparently so....

My wife and I both have dark hair. If some group of assholes with enough time and money ...

So 2 gay couples go to a CA emergency room - how in the hell do

APARTHEID - a definition.

Green (1/8th) Acres sprout in the city -- Urban homesteaders swap sod for edible landscapes


Tom Fenton of Judicial watch is a slimy little loser. He referred to our president as Senator Obama

Interesting quote by one of the nations founders regarding medical care

Well, that means I now have another litmus test for Supreme Court Justice nominees.

Will we hear "upperdown vote"?

Someday... history will remember these "family values" voters.....

"No terrorist attack while Bush was president..."

CA Supremes don't address out of state valid marriage equality

CA Supremes don't address out of state valid marriage equality

So Are Some Gay People More Equal Than Others?

Obama, Notre Dame and the Intra-Catholic Struggle

Any chance of Prop 8 being overturned in the SCOTUS?

Well played, Senor OBAMA, well played!1 (re: SOTOMAYOR)

Media Matters: Democracy Or Hypocrisy - Bring Back The Nuclear Option!

Re Gay Marriage: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Children?

The Rude Pundit: With the Nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor, ...

Gay and already married in CA? You're Burleigh Grimes!

Fuck you, California Supreme Court Injustices!

Little ripples of solidarity in a big pond.

Bible texts misused in Rumsfeld reports, religious leaders say

Today Show just did a piece about generic drugs.

Obama should withdraw Sotomayor's nomination, nominate someone new tomorrow...

Rush, please tell us how a man who is half Black and half White operates as a reverse racist.

Another marriage prop for California

Do you agree with the CASC decision?

2 pictures, each worth 1000 words, from the "Crooks & Liars" Web Site on this Memorial Day

Keep in mind that the Question was the legitimacy of Prop 8....

Is anybody else enjoying the conservative reaction to Obama's SCOTUS pick?

Is anybody else enjoying the conservative reaction to Obama's SCOTUS pick?

to the California supreme court

Wow, a fundie actually gets it — well, part of it

Breast augmentation: do plastic surgeons charge strippers higher prices? Should they?

I have something to say

GOP Opposition to the Sotomayor Appointment Will Be:

I'd like the president to explain why HE's still holding this boy prisoner

I just want to send out a big hug to all my gays out there! NGU, you are loved and right!

Why Wasn't The CA Supreme Court Asked To Rule On Constitutionality Of Prop 8?

Loon Toon Time on the Dollar at the NYT: Encouraging China to "Manipulate" the Value of Its Currency

Democratic Socialists? Democrats Not Half That Good - by Bob Fitrakis

On gay marriage: there are no giant differences between us other than the ones we make.

Romer v. Evans is the Precedent to Take California to the Supreme Court

Post Misrepresents Situation of Creditors in Chrysler/Gm Bankruptcy

Why Sotomayor Is Such A Good Pick

Nobody's life, liberty, or property is secure while the Legislature is in session

Astonishingly.. Wolf Blitzer is interviewing the torturer Gonzales on

Now that Prop 8 has been upheld - does this mean that the Mormons will lose their tax exempt status?

Promising equal treatment to some is fundamentally different from promising equal treatment to all.

Fight onward toward equality and never stop!

Todays ruling in California has made a mess out of their constitution.

Anyone watching Gibbs' presser? I came to it late - WTF was that all about -

Burning Bibles in Afganistan


Why Do Republicans Hate Involved Citizens

To anyone reading the 184 page CA supreme court decision

Gay marriage in CA is illegal, unless you are already married? wtf?

I just got a call from an Anti-Choice group about the Freedom of Choice Act.

So... CA SC decided against civil rights...

SO toe may OR ...... so to MY or ...... so to may EUR ...... so to MAY or ..... ?

California Supremes, leaving the court after today's ruling ...........

Drunken Flag-Waving Young Republican Neighbors In My Little Blue Town.

The Mice that Roared

Women's Groups Vow to Fight for Swift Confirmation

DC Councilman wants to outlaw sales of "jumbo" pizza slices

As republicans dwindle in number, their "blame" will diminish as well

Willie Geist Gets His Own MSNBC Show...Really Early in the Morning

Glenn Greenwald: Obama's choice of Sotomayor deserves praise

Why the FUCK do we even have a court system if not to serve as a check & balance?

I also just watched Nat Geo about Air Force One and learned ONE new thing...

"There can be 18,000 interracial married couples in California -- but no more!"

US wants roofs, roads, cars white to save energy

Conversation overheard on Memorial Day at Panera Bread involving two veterans:

I need a valid list of people who died because they were denied care by a health insurer.

Why people "snap"

What the hell just happened?

Uh oh.....Rush is not going to be happy with Alberto "Torture Now, Torture Forever" Gonzales

Perhaps Bill Kristol should consult Miss Cleo......

If Sen. HAtch is offended by something Sotomayor wrote in 1996, why did he vote for her nom in 1998?

now this assclown on big ed is calling Sotomayor a 'radical'

Went to a parade yesterday with my 2 year old twins.

Did Tweety do an entire hour without once mentioning the Prop H8 ruling today?

I found Sotomayer's so called 'racist' comment

Yeah, but what about this article on Sotomayor from the New Republic?

SOTOMAYOR v SESSIONS: Obama Supreme Court nomination sets up battle over voting rights

"expelled"......the goofy Ben Stein movie. ...


BREAKING (from the clubhouse) Mitt Romney releases statement on Sotomayor nomination

Please help me make a decision on a second car

Tom (hahahahahahaha) Tancredo calls Sotomayor a racist.

From TPM: Normal Supreme Court Reversal Rate is 75%, Sotomayor's Is 50%

Oh...if only this were true...

Massive Prop 8 Decision Rallies have Started in San Francisco - blocking traffic

Does anyone out there take issues with Sotomayor's Pro Life creds?

So then I says "Yeah, but he was President for EIGHT years".

The right-wing radio mouthpieces really have panty wads of this firemen test issue.

msnbc poll on Sotomayer....

Who is this Wheeler guy on the Ed show

Per today's California decision, here's an article by Dr. King, "The Nation," 1965. Don't despair.

Dick Cheney is God.

CA Supreme Court Ruling on Prop 8 Allows for Justice Down the Road

Former senior military interrogator in Iraq easily takes down Cheney's pro-torture arguments (Video)

Limbaugh calls Sotomayor "a reverse racist," appointed by "the greatest living example of a reverse

Fundies: Brazilian government moving toward "Pro-Homosexual Totalitarianism"

Dear Californians: do not despair, but try, try again

Comments from Melissa Etheridge, Kathy Griffin, more re:prop 8 decision

OK, 'Splain thees one to me, Lucy

Who's Dumber?

Why is Pat Buchanan calling anyone else a "racist"?

Can anyone post (with links) a history of Blackwater & its connection to Fundemental Xtianity.

Cheerios is a drug, the FDA says.

Best objection to Sotomayor so far

WE ARE ALL "DUMB" compared to this SCOTUS Nominee...

MSNBC just reported that Mike Tyson's daughter has died

Are we sufficiently in a lather yet? Sotomayor, Prop. 8...I was

It Says It Right Here In My Bible.

MSNBC Video: "I love her...what's so dangerous about us? Because we said 'I do?'"

GOP to Soak Wingnuts over Sotomayor

San Francisco police arrest 175 anti-Prop 8 protesters

Tucker Carlson to launch right-leaning HuffPo alternative

What did Carlos Moreno, the one dissenting Justice, say about Prop 8?

Glen Beck is Dumber than Sean Hannity

CA Ballot Initiatives: Any talk of removing or reforming this process?

Right-wing military writer: We may have to kill war journalists

Scott Wheeler of GOPUSA on Schultz proves he is a fucking MORON

Republicans: Attack this woman at your peril

HuffPo: Sonia Sotomayor: All You Need To Know

The issue with respect to prospective Supreme Court Justices, IMO,

Will you boycott mandated "health care" insurance?

Just saw the Prez on tv saying "in America anything's possible"

Listening to these old white guys cry about racism (Tancredo especially)

Single Payer Advocates Crash Wyden Meeting

My Fundee Neighbor Says "Helmets don't protect kids heads... Jesus does"

Afghans counter US deaths figure

Former military interrogator says torture cost hundreds ‘if not thousands’ of American lives

"But Senator Hatch, you voted for her ...." "Nonono, wait wait wait ..... "

Mother in housing project tells her little boy and girl . . .

Has there ever been a lawsuit to prove that the bible is really the word of god?

Spare Me Your Strict Interpretation of the Law

Conservative Columnist Ross Douthat: 'We Need to Slut Shame Women More'

SHOCKING!!!!.....Racism colors Freeper response to Sotomayor

Man charged with cruelty for tattooing toddler

California: Stay or Go?

Prop 8 - FREE stickers!

Cali doesn't need a new ballot initiative to overturn Prop 8. That would be tyranny of majority too!

Mike Tyson's 4 year old daughter critically injured

GRR. One more reason to despise WalMart. Bastards!

Pat Boone shooting his mouth off again...


In a perfect world, who should be the leader of a sane Republican Party?

Asia Times: Recession 'shape' points down

Single Payer "IS ON THE TABLE"'s how...kinda, sorta...

Does it seem to anyone else that Rush get's more air time under Obama than under Bush?

History Channel: The link - the oldest and most complete fossil of a human ancestor

Army chief: US ready to be in Iraq 10 years (AP)

Doesn't Franken's non-seating just make a total mockery of our electoral system?

Washington Post asks if mercenaries should be remembered too.


WTF ever happened to Eric Cantor the "new face" of the republicon party?

Is anyone else Boycotting QVC for allowing Elisabeth Hasselbeck to sell her clothes on there?

Empathy Not Necessary for Supreme Court Justice


I'm as mad as any DUer about the Cali Supreme Court decision today, but there's a silver lining here

Inhofe's Insulting Double "Standards"

PROP 8 "CUT TO BONE" - Read Page 36 - Critical LOSS For The Other Side?

Did Wilco's Jay Bennett Die Because He Lacked Health Insurance?

This isn't a health care system... It's just another corporate shake-down. by warren pease

This whole ballot initiative process makes me somewhat uneasy

Under the radar: US Democrats overseas pass marijuana resolution

THE CIA'S TORTURE UNTRUTHS-Case Against Pelosi/Dems "Keeps Falling Apart-" (emptywheel/The Guardian)

No one really understands the appellate process, including apparently legal reporters

great photo here of our next Supreme Court justice

So When Does California put the Mormon Church's Existence on a Ballot...

Krugman nails the reasons for California's economic debacle

As a citizen of MA, I am disgusted by the huge Ad on the front page of DU from the casino industry

DU Lou Dobbs!

Slaves who made their escape to the north are exempt. You others, we are keeping slavery the law.

If Sotomayor is confirmed for the SCOTUS ...

Anyone find people not buying on ebay lately?

Thank you Justice Carlos R. Moreno, the CA Supreme Courts lone dissenter on Prop 8

Perfect time to form a new coalition, challenge gender roles in general, break down barriers

Cal's Court ruling sucks but Gay Marriage is gonna be the law of the land.

is the FBI a terrorist organization?

I'm just wondering - why is it OK for Wal Mart to sell Cosmo, but not sell Green Day albums?

Bernie Kerik indicted by Grand Jury

just heard on NPR that some amount of the stimulus $ will be spent on job training...

From the start, voting on marriage for other citizens was an act of discrimination..

Thurgood Marshall. Clarence Thomas. Barak Obama. Sonia Sotomayor.

Anyone in the 904 area code that needs a job let me know.

Operation Condor: Dirty War, Death Squads and The Disappeared

The only true nonpartisan fight left in the United States

Benjamin Cardozo - Jewish-Portugese-ancestry on the SCOTUS...

I have noticed, both in my own threads, and in the threads of others .......

Another Bad Week

Rooks reveal remarkable tool use

Prop 8 Repeal Petition - Sign It

Did anyone else miss this: Bernie Kerik Indicted

Now, to the Separation of Church and State--Sotomayor ruled against

Former military interrogator says torture cost hundreds ‘if not thousands’ of American lives

Sun-Times exclusive: Burris promised Blago campaign a check 1 month before Blago appointed Burris

Did Hillary Clinton Threaten UK Over Binyam Mohamed Torture Disclosure?

Another classic from Freaky Fundie Lady at work today.....

Obama’s Guantánamo Appeasement Plan

USSupCt agrees with Obama, demolishes suspect rights to attorney...

If homosexuality is a "choice," well, so is religion.

Why don't we hear, "Sept 11 happened on Bush's watch"?

Endangered Species and Guns get equal protection under the law in our National Parks

Dear Straight People

Okay, I'm going to ask a forbidden question. After my DU'er brothers and sisters read it, they'll

Study: 1 In 5 Adults Uses Pool As Toilet

Supreme Court rules police can interrogate suspects without attorney present

This Morning I kissed my husband goodbye as I left work. By Dinner I could be Unmarried.

My right wing guest at our cookout this afternoon got drunk and threatened to kill himself.

I abhor what the SC of CA did today. That said, I remain opposed to

Florida Safari Wild park neighbors were not informed of the true nature of the park.

A Solidarity thread for straights upset by Proposition 8

I'm really trying to understand this whole ballot initiatives thing they have in California.

Words of Wisdom

No more jury duty for GLBT people in California

Birthday card request for wounded soldier

Obama's Open Forum Opens Possibilities

fundies reaction to Sotormayer summed up:

What Republicans mean when they say "activist judge:"

Sotomayor’s ‘Controversial’ Comments Backed Up By Academic Research

Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals

Muslim protest provokes violent sectarian backlash in Greece

I Propose "Prop Two" for California - Outlawing Adultery and Divorce

I Propose "Prop Two" for California - Outlawing Adultery and Divorce

Damn, I Just Saw "Doubt"

How can anyone "uphold" discrimination?

Please DU this poll on Sotomayor! The haters are out in force here in New Haven

There is no Catholic quota for the Supreme Court, and it's sad some on DU seem to want one.

Has Obama made a statement on the PropH8 decision yet?

Container gardening: Any links or ideas?

Anyone got the Video of Hannity getting Waterboarded for charity?

White House "reacts" to Prop 8: "You know where the President stands (on gay marriage)"

Recommend if you oppose the ruling on proposition 8.

My partner of 6 years refused to go to the hospital when we thought she had appendicitis.

McCarthy turns her back on Democrats

Glenn Beck on Sotomayor nomination: "Hey, Hispanic chick lady! You're empathetic ... you're in!"

"If I Don't Stand With You ...

PHOTOS: Prop 8 Ruling Reaction & Protest in San Francisco

Preventive Incarceration Is Tyranny

Gov. Gen. eats slaughtered seal's raw heart to show support for seal hunt

Gay couples going into East LA registrar to demand marriage licenses NOW. Footage will be on CNN

I put an ad on Craigslist yesterday looking for someone to clean my house

Nathan Deal, Georgia Lawmaker, Wants To End "Birthright Citizenship"

How should President Obama handle N. Korea's test firings?

I say no fishing licenses for women.

If I may be so bold as to rage on other's behalf for a minute. Freepers, this one's for you.

US Legal Opinion Supports Spanish Torture Investigation (William F. Pepper)

"Socialism is unAmerican" t-shirt with Obama logo. Response?

Giant Blob found deep within the earth...

Giant Blob found deep within the earth...

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness

Questions about family on an employment questionnaire? Is this legal?

What do you like most about our current health care system?

Mildred Loving says it all (FUCK PROP 8)

Plato's staring at me again.

TADA! A lounge first! Midlo has a thread locked.

Match of the century! Grim Reaper vs.

Wow! I'm really zesty!!!

I've been slacking on the blog so tonight was a first

Does anybody own a newer honda civic 4 door si?

The kittens at my parents' house were killed last night

I need to get to a thousand ignores by the end of the day....

Squeeze box by the Who

Illusionist Floats In Mid-Air (video)

don't mind me, I'm hiding out here after posting in LBN....

don't mind me, I'm hiding out here after posting in LBN....

Mel Gibson on Tonight show, supposed to talk about

I am craving French Onion Soup like crazy.

Who's raising that annoying CNN "reporter's" five kids (all sons)?

Who's raising that annoying CNN "reporter's" five kids (all sons)?

Help me out, please - what is being set back to March so as not to interfere with Christian holiday?

Help, please!

Endor was originally supposed to be the Wookie home planet


camera experts, need your opinion ASAP!

A friend of mine needs some help

June 1rst, Conan O'Brien takes over at host of the Tonight Show.

Is that all there is when you get old .....and have given EVERYTHING to your kids......

Does anyone remember that Candid Camera episode in the late 60s...

What. The. Fuck.

Why the hell can't Jedis fly?

I had to do a B&E today. Legally- I had the resident's permission, but still...

I need help in what to do with one female dog bullying another female dog(post turned out to be long

I think my body is getting mildew

Leeroysphitz has gone too far

Gonna watch the old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes movies.

Obama is going to announce the SC nominee at 10:15. DU to go to level 3 by 10:16

What marital arts do you do, DUers?

I Saw The New Terminator Movie and I Witnessed History ***MAJOR SPOILER***

GD Post of the Day!

Best song evah: Bloodhound Gang The Bad Touch

What's a good alternative to Amazon for an online bookstore, please?

Der Grammar Überhauptsturmbannführer sez: One wishes another well; one gives good wishes

Daughter and older woman went out. No spark on older woman's part.

safest and most legit way to find out my credit score?

Any idea what time the Prop 8 decision is to be announced? (Surely someone here will know)

We had a crazy day at the putt-putt place

Is it judgmental to call someone else judgmental?

Husband Of Woman Charged With Child Murder Complains About Police Mugshot

Ok so I have a completely off topic question for anyone who may know.

I just watched Susan Boyle's latest performance and again I am thrilled.

Instrument-based pseudo-homophobia in my hometown!

my brother's cd just dropped

Do you like this car? Would you buy this car? Should I buy this car?

Vibes for my significant other, please?

A worried child's prayer...

I truly am in my second childhood...I got myself a tricycle

News Radio

Good morning Lounge

People who are famous because they comment on famous people freak me out.

Prop 8: Day of Decision - Protest/Rally Info for NYC

Equation for great Lounge post: state of undress, a weapon, fear about something.

Duplicate. Delete

Who wants to date me?

Web-sensation Spanish blogger dead at 97

Chopsticks = eating with a pair of knitting needles.

Trying to figure out an overall GPA

I just gave Comcast a pink slip

What is a reasonable cost to have taxes done?


What shows film in Chicago besides Oprah?

What to do with a spare back yard gas line?

Sad day in California

What did I miss?

Little ripples of solidarity in a big pond.


I like to drink Coca-cola hot.

Ever look out the window and see something so totally random?

Security software for a new computer?

I think I'm turning Japanese... I really think so

Happy Birthday to Pam Grier! 60 today!

Serious question: Who the hell are Jon and Kate?

It's Graduation Season -- Post a Pic

Damn, American Girl dolls are expensive!

On A.I. - Adam Lambert was the underdog, no way does he beat a good ole boy

"Wearing only panties" is the phrase for today. Modify a thread title to include "wearing only

My brother wants to go to medical school, so I need advice

Super-Dog uses his awesome powers for good, not evil

Couple throwing rocks off I-5 played 'stripping game'

So, just so I don't come off too uniformed.....

What is the hokey-pokey all about?

Astronomy Picture of the Day - Whirlpool Galaxy Deep Field

Google Earth: WOW!

double post..sorry

Level 22 is kicking my sorry ass

A silly post...

The Dionne quintuplets - the original Jon & Kate/Octomom media sensations

older workers

Mel Gibson's girlfriend is pregnant, so much for conservative religiosity

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to pick and choose the cable channels you want?

HEPA filter appreciation thread!!!

I need to hit something/someone

I'm as mad as any DUer about the Prop 8 decision, but there's a silver lining here....

Have you ever made a non-apology apology?

Feds Plug Leak: Alleged Elevator Urinator Charged

Level 42 is kicking my sorry ass

Alas, there I was, chasing a witch, wearing nothing but a fur cap, and wielding a blunderbus

Life Moves Pretty Fast: House From Ferris Bueller's Day Off Up For Sale for $2.3 Million

UPLOAD! Well, that was a bit anticlimactic...

*Sigh* yet another Nats misspelling......

Tee hee! I think my anti-Prop 8 stance has lost me Twitter followers!

Dear DU Lounge, please help me convince the family to give up satellite tv.

I used to believe Homo Sapiens was the only species that was irrationally aggressive, but not so.

Inspired by Charlie and Algernon--what programs would you add/drop from Discovery Channel?

So there I am, chasing a drifter through my basement, naked except for a hockey mask, and wielding

Jack Thompson is a fucking douchebag.

Is there anyone who looks more like a walking circumcised penis than Karl Rove?

So there I am, chasing a midget through a bakery, wearing only mukluks, wielding an angry skunk.

A coupon for 2 free take-out dinners, only good at 6:40 PM tomorrow night?

Words that have no rhymes: MONTH.

Help.....Coupee? kupii? Coopee? Sicilian meatloaf.....

Favorite unintentionally funny newspaper headline?

Question about Cheetos.

Does anyone have a putty knife I can borrow?

My cat just killed a squirrel right in front of me.

And it's raaaaaaaaaaaaainin'...all over the world, raaaaaaaaaaaaainin' ...all over the world...

Update on Stalker Cat - I think Stalker Cat & Evita are having an affair

John & Kate are angry with the media. What a pair of Dumbass - you 2 put yourself there!

I Gotta a Problem...

Recall the six fucking cowards

I have a fever, sore throat, headache, body aches, and fatigue

Something I learned about cars and dogs...

Mary Jo Buttafuoco has a book coming out....LOVE the title!

Is it possible to get half of your face tatooed to look like the terminator?

Good news, bad news

Acrylic Nails- yes or no?

Pics of the Cox Arboretum Metropark in Dayton, Ohio

They are redoing Buffy The Vampire Slayer

I want to start an airline and call it Air Otica

Dayum...I made Summa Cum 3/100ths of a point!

Top 10 Champions League Finals

Who are "Jon and Kate" and why are they at Yahoo home page

The good old days.

Anybody here in Marketing or Advertising? A question about Howard Stern's show.

Time for Stonewall Part II

kitten picture of the day for tuesday may 26

That's nothing. I've had one of these crawl across my bare foot.

Why does every vegetarian I know smell like patchouli?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 5/26/2009)

*******Happy Birthday to Bossy Monkey & Sanity Claws!*******

Today, I got a new name.

Just changed my Avatar and Sig Line

Any fans of The Tick animated series on DU?

you've just been given control of the History Channel, what programs do you add/drop?

I figured out why Mr. MG doesn't like living in our village

Let us say that you are a 35 y/o female and your Mother is 55 y/o.


You know it's sad that some good people can't conceive, when there's people trying as hard as they

What the hell is this huge thing on my arm?

Fliers: Any thoughts on Air Tran vs. Frontier?

Nine Inch Nails--yes or no?

'Change we can believe in?' Sotomayor's a YANKEES FAN!!!

So there I am, chafing a drifter down in my basement, and he's screaming "Take me out of the dish!"

I'm starting a new twitter-like service called Croaker

Do family, co-workers or friends feel comfortable making racist or sexist comments around you?

Song parody for Midlo's bunco night, the minivan rider (sung to the tune of Midnight Rider)

Check in if you're mad as all hell.

The move is done...

So, there I was, running through the house at top speed, with the machete, wearing only panties.

Recent pictures by me (dialup warning)

...Gives you wings

So you want to move to Arizona...

Beer: It's not just a breakfast food anymore!

Oh, that hurts...

Should a 13 y.o. granddaughter be forced to visit grandma in a

For Hippywife - my Lasagna garden

CNN Poll: Powell favorables (70%) more than Cheney (37%) and Limpballs (30%) combined.

WP: More Than One Way to Diversify the Supreme Court: Beyond Race and Gender

"As a senior interrogator in Iraq...Let me dissect...Cheney's speech"

Torturegate, Gitmo, Pets and Strangers.

Never fear, look here:

Do Republicans still think David Petraeus can be POTUS????

Liberals Sketch Out Dreams and Limits for Supreme Court

PHOTOS Memorial Day

***SCOTUS Final Four according to Tuesday's NY Times***

The woman who Larry "The Pigman" Summers had shut up on behalf of Wall St.

So about this California Supreme Court...conservative, liberal...?

Time to predict President Obama's SC pick

I'm taking this memorial day to remember the many victims of United States Terrorism

Obama Set to Create A Cybersecurity Czar With Broad Mandate - Shielding Public, Private Networks

ABC reporting Obama may announce Supreme Court choice today...

Favorites of Left Don't Make Obama's Court List

WP's Eugene Robinson : "Which reality do you inhabit, Obama World or Cheney World?"

The money quotes...from SCOTUS Nominee Sotomayor.

Another way to fund Single Payer or Public Option - US Healthcare Bonds. Would you buy one?

Wow, Republicans really want to alienate all their non-white male voters (Re: SCOTUS)

Petraeus Endorses Obama's Plans To Close GITMO, End Torture

Do what Commanders in Chief order, not what they do when they have the opportunity.

Does anyone know Sotomayor's position on abortion rights?

5 Current GOP Senators, plus Arlen Specter, voted in favor of Sotomayor in 1998

Sonia Sotomayor was only nominally appointed by GHW Bush.

I love the fact that the President ignored the pre-emptive RW smears on Sotomayor

DUMB ASS Huckabee calls her Maria, you know because all Latinas are named Maria

this just in: Turley is disappointed...

***HEADS UP*** President Obama Introduces Sonia Sotomayor as Nominee for Supreme Court

McConnell's lies right out of the gate: “Senate Republicans will treat Judge Sotomayor fairly..."

Final Four Supreme Court Candidate Poll

Megyn Kelly from Faux was impressed with Sotomayor's life story. Color me shocked.

AP says it's Sonia Sotomayor.

Specter Applauds Sotomayor Pick - calls for full and fair confirmation process.

An "only in America moment"

People - quit referring to it as "water boarding" or "simulated drowning"....

One more time: This country does not have a liberal majority

White House to announce Supreme Court pick today at 10:15 AM (Sotomayor)

Why President Obama will, thankfully, not appoint a "liberal Scalia".

Reid's got Specter o a short leash.

White House Armed With Talking Points For Sotomayor Fight--Evoke Her 'Empathy'

How do you feel about the Sotomayer pick?

An email I sent to the White House today

I love watching Faux News on days like this.

Repubs: She's not really very smart. she's an affirmative action appointment

Rep. Jose Serrano (D-N.Y.) was reportedly in tears Tuesday morning over selection of Sotomayor.

I am "OK" with Sotomayor but I hope that Obama dot his i's and....

The one and only thing I want to know about Sonia Sotomayor

Thank you moderators for yanking that post I made

She's no Harriet Miers...

OK, I woke the fuck up and we have a SCOTUS nominee.

"Conservatives are already attacking Sotomayor as a 'liberal activist judge.'"

Obama's SCOTUS pick. California Gay Marriage ruling coming in two hours.

The firefighters decision Sotomayor was part of a three judge panel,went against Hispanic

Petraeus sides with Obama on Gitmo, Torture

I can not find Sotomayor's stance on gay marriage.

Sotomayor has had a large number of her opinions overturned

"Seriously California, what the fuck? I can't believe the ban was upheld..we have to keep fighting!"

NYT: "Obama Picks Sotomayor, Citing Intellect"

"...Obama's a reverse racist!...

Let the Sotomayor smear begin.

The funny thing is, the Republicans will fuck themselves over if they put up a stink.

12 Years ago Senate Rep. tried to block Sotomayor = " a formidable candidate for the Supreme Court"

Huckabee Attacks "Maria" Sotomayor

Media Matters already has put together a video of the RW talking points about SCOTUS pick.

I love this picture - Sonia & Barack. What a beautiful, class woman and what a smile!

Americablog: In the long run, we may have just scored a victory in California

Leahy Rips GOP For Blocking Sotomayor -- In 1998 (VIDEO)

C-SPAN replaying President Obama's Sotomayor SCOTUS nomination now.

Photo: President Barack Obama meets with Judge Sonia Sotomayor in the Oval Office on May 21, 2009

GREAT! First African Americans will now think they can be president

Interesting Prop 8 analysis

NBC News Goes "Inside Obama White House" For Prime Time Special

Flush from his victory over the Democratic controlled House, Pawlenty

A few words about Judge Sotomayor's legal "philosophy" (and a resource)

Propositions such as in California should not be allowed.

Prop. 8 - Sadness is quickly morphing into anger

VA-Gov: McAuliffe in Charge

Sotomayor's Senate Judiciary Committee Questionnaires posted online

Sotomayor's Senate Judiciary Committee Questionnaires posted online

Wonkette: *This Man* Will Make Sure Sotomayor Has ‘The Right Intellect’

CNN, Fox News, MSNBC misrepresent Sotomayor remark on role of appeals court justices (MediaMatters)

In light of SCOTUS nomination, it is time to renew our call to seat Senator Franken.

Anyone hearing Turley on MSNBC? He continues to come across as arrogant and pompus

Sotomayor trivia

Any ideas on where one could find a transcript of Sotomayor's confirmation hearing in 1997?

Here's your chance to rate the Supreme Justices including Sotomayor

The Nation: Obama Pick Sonia Sotomayor Reflects America by John Nichols

Israel tries to avoid showdown with President Obama over settlements

Ruh Roh... Sotomayor banned artist’s nude photo shoot (NSFW)

Sonia Sotomayor= Why we all worked so hard to get President Obama elected

Dear President Obama: It's past time to do something about this

Remember how much we KNEW we had to win this one, for good Supreme Court Appointments?

NYT: "Republicans Weigh Risks of a Supreme Court Battle"

But, did she smoke pot?

Nut case on Thom Hartmann called Obama a republican!

when courts interpret legislation, isnt that setting policy?????

Miss Sotomayor in Manhattan

So why is what Republicans and Romney, and Rush important? It's NOT!

Alberto Gonzales praises choice of Sotomayor

Where does the talking point that Sotomayor is not intelligent come from?

Judge Sotomayor's confirmation as a member of the court of appeals

Slideshow on the Life of Judge Sotomayor at

Not to brag but B. Obama just made a video and sent it to me

Nice to see our leaders looking more like the face of America

President Obama has added Saudi Arabia to his travel plans next week

How old is Judge Sotomayor

On cue, Turley is bashing the Sotomayor pick

"Up or down vote" "Up or down vote" "Up or down vote" "Up or down vote"

Why didn't Sotomayor write an opinion in the New Haven case?

Here is the latest attack. Sotomayor ruled against Gun Rights

Big Ed is making mincemeat of this douchebag, re Sotomayor

How many "Yes" votes will Judge Sotomayor get?

Sean Hannity is a F'CKING RACIST.

Naturally, ANY time a woman is selected for a high position, some more-qualified MAN was passed over

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin: the new face of America

Is Sotomayor a renter or codo owner in NY?

Prop 8 Upheld - Gay marriage remains banned in CA

Sotomayor ruled in favor of minimum wage for homeless workers in class action suit

Endowing marriage on existing gay couples but not new ones - violation of equal protection?

White House reaction to Prop 8 ruling

Will she vote in 2010? Why?

Media obsess over Obama's comments, ignore Bush's highlighting of Thomas' "great empathy"

Obama adviser looks at U.S.-built broadband network

Where Do You Fit In The Democratic Spectrum?

RNC inadvertently releases talking points RE: Sotomayor nomination

Can someone explain to me why Turley is held up to be this great legal expert?

John Yoo (yes, that guy) Comes Out Against the Sotomayor Nomination

This is the America we live in- Gallup: Military Veterans of All Ages Tend to Be More Republican

Keep the extremist right's squawking over Sotomayor in perspective

C-Span Caller: Women are not good in power! (stated by a woman caller)

Judge Sotomayor has type-1 diabetes

Martin Garbus: Warren, Black, Marshall, Douglas -- Obama Got It Right. Hooray.


How do you feel about Sonya Sotomayor's appointment?

Is it me or is this "She's dumb" just coded racist bullshit?

Why were us Dems so wimpy on Alito and Roberts?

Video of my appearance today on Fox News.

Atheists Had Better Watch Their Backs In California

Mr. Jonathan Turley aka "The Constitutional Scholar", is now dead to me.

The "far left" is actually the progressive majority in America

Turley Might Piss You Off, But That Doesn't Make Him "Dumb"

Comedy Gold: "Closed Chrysler dealeships were targeted by Obama if voted republican"

I have gone numb... I think I have hit the wall with politics

Nutrition: Vaginal Infection Tied to Low Vitamin D

Ecuadorians Sue Chevron For Dumping Oil (VIDEO)

UN Security Council condemns NKorea nuke test

Mom returns voluntarily with cancer-stricken boy

CAW votes to accept cost-cutting deal with GM

Scientology on trial in France

Judge: Man might have been better off pulling trigger at school

NKorea set to test-fire missiles

Scores killed in Afghan floods

Student's Harvey Milk Report Censored By School

Sarkozy opens French military base in Abu Dhabi

Hillary Rodham Clinton surprises Yale graduates

Tech employment shrinks for fifth straight month

Ex-Detainee Describes Struggle for Exoneration

No Obama love from Nevada governor

Petraeus Endorses Obama's Plans To Close GITMO, End Torture

Taiwan arrests China tourist for military photos

KRouge leader Pol Pot 'not a Cambodian patriot' (KR Trial testimony)

Plebiscite Would Give Lula Chance at Third Mandate as President of Brazil

Italy will consider accepting Guantanamo detainees, premier says

UPDATE 1-Curfew imposed in India's Punjab after riots

Pakistani High Court Lifts Election Ban on Former PM Sharif

Showdown Looming On 'State Secrets'

ABC News: California Supreme Court Upholding Proposition 8

Supreme Court (CA) upholds Prop 8

California Supreme Court upholds Prop. 8; gay marriage remains banned in state

Former military interrogator says torture cost hundreds ‘if not thousands’ of American lives

Former military interrogator says torture cost hundreds ‘if not thousands’ of American lives

Israel to propose settlement compromise to US

Global milk glut squeezes dairy farmers, consumers

EU NAVFOR Swedish warship HSwMS MALMO captures 7 suspected pirates

Gov. Gen. eats slice of slaughtered seal's raw heart to show support for hunt

GM Bankruptcy May Thwart Lawsuits

US cracks down on corporate bribes: Report

Crime may pay for S.C. con who got cushy jail stay

Spy Fired Shot That Changed West Germany

Deaths in Afghanistan convoy blast

Home prices fall at record pace in first quarter

IT cos to gain from Citi's cost-control steps (Indian IT Co.'s)

Police: Mike Tyson's daughter on life support

Taliban seek return to peace deal in Pakistan

OSHA Cites Wal-Mart In 2008 Crowd Death Of Worker

Shell facing NY trial over Nigerian executions


China says being demonised over fake drugs

Consumer Confidence Posts Biggest Jump Since 2003

More Small Firms Drop Health Care

Russia breaks "wall" into U.S. nuclear market

US high court to decide on allowing Vioxx suits

GOP to Label Sotomayor as ‘Activist’

MI5 faces fresh torture allegations over Jamil Rahman

Chrysler submits $448 million electric car plan

Why Didn't Obama Appoint Jonathan Turley, Self-Proclaimed "Academic", to the Court??

Prop 8 upheld 6 to 1 - 18,000 marriages still valid

Hottest Oil Options Show 18% Drop as Demand Falls

Tyson's daughter dies after accident, police say

..Army chief says US ready to be in Iraq 10 years

Minn. parents agree to let son undergo chemo

Suu Kyi denies violating house arrest

Burris taped offering a check to Blagojevich

North Korea 'fires more missiles'

No exclusive cable rights in apartments: court

Obama picks Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court

Bolivia denies Israel report it supplied Iran with uranium

Target to get into food fight with Wal-Mart

Justices Ease Rules on Questioning Suspects

Unvaccinated kids 23 times as likely to get pertussis, Kaiser study shows

Police Arrest Same-Sex Marriage Supporters, including Clergy

US wants to paint the world white to save energy

Crisis spurs spike in 'suburban survivalists'

Four states adopt 'no-smiles' policy for driver's licenses

U.S. Army switching over to Windows Vista

Will Israel start a war at the end of May?

United Nations Channel - Security Council Remarks

We need to Seal the Deal at Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen - Ban Ki-moon

O.B.A.M. Nude

Jesse Ventura on Democracy

Ex-Taliban leader claims he was beaten at Bagram & Gitmo

Obama Introduces Judge Sotomayor To Press & America - Excerpt

Pelosi resolution: political distraction

TORTURE?- "SO WHAT": Colin Powell

Town in Montana seeks to become new Guantanamo

Town in Montana seeks to become new Guantanamo

Prop 8

Fareed Zakaria Interviews Pervez Musharraf

TYT: Barbara Walters Busts Up Glenn Beck

Sonia Sotomayor: I Firmly Believe in the Rule of Law as Foundation of All our Basic Rights!

The power of the RFID chip (the boxes know they are lost)'s Jon Soltz on Don't Ask Don't Tell

Hatch Now "Concerned" About Nominee He Supported Twice

Won't Back Down - help repeal Prop 8

Tom Fitton (Judicial Watch) odd interview with Schuster-today (3:52)

Ethanol Lobby Threatens Climate Bill

Robert Gibbs Bats Down Right-Wing Youtube Clip Smears Against Sotomayor

Seder Calls Janeane Garafalo Stalker -- Part three of three.

AP Raw Video: Activists Protest Prop 8 Ruling

FALLOUT: Coming Home from the War in Iraq - Online Now!

Sotomayor Opponent Says She Has "Bias In Favor Of Politically Correct Individuals"

Shuster Slams 'Anonymous Sources' Talking points

TYT: Jesse Ventura Challenges Hannity to Waterboarding (Cenk Reacts)

White House's Reaction To California's Prop 8 Decision

Pelosi Remained Tight Lipped, She Also Remained Tight Fore headed & Eye Lidded! Leno

TYT: Rush Limbaugh Resigns as Head of the Republican Party

Is Socialism Around the Corner?

Is Sotomayor Smart Enough For The Supreme Court?

Former Senior Military Interrogator Rebukes Cheney for Torture Speech

So it is OK to honor the Gay Fallen Military veterans on Memorial day?

Why Infosys cuts H1-B visas

Skepticism greets launch of Afghan detainee inquiry (Globe & Mail | Canada)

Shell on trial

A Job and No Mortgage for All in a Spanish Town

Watergate under the bridge: how the New York Times missed the scoop of the century

Favorites of Left Don’t Make Obama’s Court List

Tensions Escalate Between the 2 Koreas.

Torture? I’m shocked, shocked I say (Isenberg | Partnership for a Secure America)

America is better than torture (Sagan | Amarillo TX Times)

It's Not About Nancy (Silver | North Star)

Closing Gitmo: We have nothing to fear but fear-mongering itself (Philly Daily News)

Bush on the Constitution: 'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'

Newt Gingrich for Prez? Ain’t Enough Stain Remover On The Planet

Cheney's charge up the molehill

Wishes, Hopes, Fantasies (James Kunstler)

William Rivers Pitt: Fixing America, Erasing Bush

Daughter of PR Becomes Justice in America!

Activism 101 (Mickey Z.)

Right-Wingers Already on the Attack: Claim Sotomayor Hired LEGAL Gardeners

What Obama Isn’t Going to Change About Military Commissions (Jeremy R. Hammond)

Our Crumbling Foundation

"Be a patriot": Expose your nude body at airport (StanMO | Kos)

Sally Quinn: Gen. Jones and the Anonymous Long Knives

Would an Iowa marraige of a gay couple that moves to California be looked on as legal? n/t

Worldviews Collide Obama or Cheney? It's Your Choice.-By Eugene Robinson

Capitalism Produces Rich Bankers, but Socialism Produces Happiness

Freedom of Conscience Spurned at Liberty U, Whining Ensues by Falwell

Pacino to play Kevorkian in HBO movie

The Republicans just looked up from their TVs to find themselves in a minefield

A holy mission to reveal the truth about Nazi death squads

'Mancow' knows: Waterboarding is torture

CA high court upholds gay marriage ban "fight far from over..."

President Obama nominates Sonia Sotomayor for SCOTUS

Picking on Pelosi

One Hundred Days

Democratic Socialists? Democrats Not Half That Good

"One Ricks Makes a Wrong"--Jeff Huber on Tom Ricks (Ouch!)

GOP Attack On Constitution Begins at 14th Amendment

Canadians Take Notice, the U.S. Is Militarizing the Border

Nuremberg set a valid precedent for trials of war-crime suspects in Iraq's destruction (Japan Times)

Chalmers Johnson on the Cost of Empire

Going After the Perpetrators of the Housing Bubble

Sotomayor: Maurice Clarett v. National Football League

A divorced parent's dilemma: Leave kids to find work

Will Sotomayor Split the Right?

Karl Rove isn't qualified to judge Judge Sonia Sotomayor

What does it take to get discredited as a moralizing right-wing "family values" merchant these days?

Chris Hedges: ‘Clean’ Energy and Poisoned Water

World's Dumbest Talking Point Gets Traction (A Top Rated Diary @ DailyKos Last Week w/ 534 Tips)

Nothing Can Be Improvised in Haiti (Fidel Castro)

Daily Kos: Declassified USAID Docs Against Bolivian Interests

Brazil floods displace thousands

Abraham’s Last Rap: Bolivian Hip-Hop Hero Dies in El Alto

Activist US priest slain in Guatemala

Declaration on behalf of the Presidency of the European Union on Bolivia

Plebiscite Would Give Lula Chance at Third Mandate as President of Brazil

NACLA: "A New Model with Rough Edges: Venezuela's Community Councils" by Steve Ellner

PL: FM Rodriguez Says "Cuba is Proud to be Outside of the OAS"

Cuba sounds summer energy alarm, plans blackouts

Minister: Paraguay Ready to Boost Ties with Iran


ECU/VEN Bilateral Agreements Discussion (including a LatAm Human Rights Commission)

ALBA FMs Want OAS to Rescind 1962 Resolutions that Barred Cuba

The CIA: A Blossoming 60-Year-Old Killing Machine

US Biological War Against Cuba (a snapshot from history)

Ricardo Alarcon: "Washington Opposes Review of Cuban 5 Case by US Supreme Court"

Solar Bullet Train concept

Peak Oil Review - May 25

DrumBeat: May 26, 2009

Climate change: World's destiny at stake

With Billions at Stake, Trying to Expand the Meaning of ‘Renewable Energy’

Grist: Is the Food Bubble Bursting?

Independent UK: Shell on trial (the murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa)

Jevons paradox

Climate change hits Australia a decade early

Japan should cut emissions 15 pct (from 1990 levels) by 2020: minister

Book week at the Oil Drum

Saginaw Bay Fish Advisory - Fertile Women, Kids Under 15 Should Avoid Eating 18"+ Walleye

UNESCO To Hear Petition For Glacier-Waterton NP As "World Heritage Site In Danger" Thanks To Mining

Industry Pressing For Money To Cut GHGs - Want "Gradual But Challenging" Carbon Prices (WTF?)

One Colorado Landowner's Epic Battle With . . . Tamarisk - Pueblo Chieftan

Saudi Arabia Warns Of Coming Spike In Oil Prices

Zenn Motor confirms EEStor battery results

Yangtze Sturgeon Showing Up With One, No Eyes, Deformed Skeletons - Linked To Paint Chemical

Sweeping Survey Says Southern Right Whales Once 30X More Numerous, Seas Alive With Fish, Seals, More

Transpower sets up offshore wind farm converter (HVDC)

Racing the Clock: Rapid Climate Change Forces Scientists to Evaluate Extreme Conservation Strategies

Hay festival: Division between sciences and arts puts planet in peril, warns Richard Holmes

The Big Question: Is America finally getting real about climate change?

Spring Agricultural Fires Have Large Impact on Melting Arctic "outweighed…fossil fuels (emissions)"

New Report Shows Bright Future for Solar Thermal

Naomi Klein: US is so damaged, even tiny steps are seen as progress

Birdman Poop


Thanks for your help Rockies,...OMFG, talk about a pathetic

David Wright is Jesus!!!!

'Bone putty' holds it together

Grass Roots Vitamin D 501c(3) offers discounted home testing

HR 676 now has 77 co-sponsors in addition to Congressman John Conyers

Texting May Be Taking a Toll

Is there anything that Vit D won't cure?

What should I do for hot flashes?

Does anyone have any info on the Mass. law the required health coverage for everyone?

Marriage equality -

Top 5 reasons why Prop 8 will (or should) be stricken

Some great news from the State Department!

In 15.5 hours, the CA Supreme Court will release its decision.

I am so goddamned antsy

I can't get to the Cali site. It's flooded. -_- nt

I want to read the opinion! I can't get the site to load!

So if the courts rule that people can use this initiative to deny gays their rights...

Let's start calling it "Pro-marriage"

God Damned Cowards


Obama bends to hardliners on gays in military

And California rejoins the majority of the states who promote inequality.

So I've got a question about that legal window in California.

My Name is Mark, and I am Special. And I hate it. - Other Special People Check in.

Can we do some GLBT Couple Pictures?

I don't post here anymore, but I wanted to say I'll always stand with you

Prop 8 protests tonight by 365Gay.Com

I think those in CA should get the following things on the ballot, given what we know

What is happening in the Castro right now????

California is a joke

Please, go crazy in the streets

Prop 8: Day of Decision - Protest/Rally Info for NYC

Judges in Prop 8 case threatened

Equality: not just about GLBT vs. straight.

Couple of protest pics from today in Ca. ( Links to more below pics)

As best I can tell, only one Justice dissented. :/

Prop 8 Ruling Reaction PHOTO Thread:

The Next Ballot Proposition Should Be Very Carefully Written.

My Condolences.

Little ripples of solidarity in a big pond.

How many years have you and your current partner been together

Looks like reddit changed their logo to show solidarity.


Why do Gays pay taxes? We are not full citizens.

The "opinion" text - VERY long

Absolutely no depth to the dishonesty and hate of the scum bag LDS Church

PROP 8 COUNTERATTACK (downtown / civic / van ness)

CA votes overwhelmingly for Obama, but supports prop 8. What does this mean for democrats?

I'm flying my CA flag upside down for the day


Sorrow, shock, repulsion and shame over what happened today.

Act-Up San Diego - Civil Disobedience Guidelines (protect yourselves read this!)

I Think Gays Should Move Out Of CA. and Move to CT.MA.ME.VT and Iowa

California Protest Idea

OK, 'Splain thees one to me, Lucy


A reasonable compromise? Bullshit!

Religious Myth Defeats Reality In CA

My friend who's a SF County Sheriff ...


Justice Moreno is my hero

Utter bullshit and absoloute cowardice:

Prop 8 Counter Attack


The prop 8 decision has ruined my day


Can someone help with photo shop?

i wanted to be wrong.

So is "Yes On Equality" the group I need to be donating to now?

Oh, thank goodness....MORE bad news...Pentagon to continue DADT discharges

CA people: When is the next opportunity for a ballot proposition?

How the fuck does this decision make any goddamn sense at all?

Is it hypocritical to be intolerant of intolerance? That's the way I feel about gay marriage.

Upheld. :(

Honest Prop 8 question - relax

I asked my husband to marry me.

White Night Riots II

Okay, one more time.

Which minorities' rights are we going to vote to take away next?

Be Mad

Marriage, as a legal distinction

The Memorial of the Mind

Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice.

If prop 8 is overturned

This is my first post in this forum.

I'm getting all sorts of Emails now

Fundies already promising to go after the 18,000 marriages the CSSC let stand

Shas min.: Reform conversions will prompt influx of Palestinians to Israel

Barak to offer US compromise on settlements

Israel pulls plug on Iran regime change shop

Hawkish Likud MKs propose giving part of West Bank to Jordan

A holy mission to reveal the truth about Nazi death squads

Israel disavows MK's proposal to turn West Bank over to Jordan

“Lightning strike injures 2 men near Lucerne” (while shooting in Colorado)

Police say Pa. woman fired shot near son’s feet because he wouldn't listen

Ammo back on the shelves?

CA Supreme Court on inalienable rights, pg 10 of Strauss v. Horton 5/26/09 (Prop 8)

DC shootout prompts call to ban single-slice pizza

Why isn't this called the 'firearms' forum. I've always been told that's the correct term. nt

Man shoots own penis while tucking loaded gun!

Sotomayer and the 2nd ammendment

JINSA advocates censorship, military strikes on "partisan" media outlets

Dr. Housing Bubble 05/26/09

The New Résumé: Dumb and Dumber

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can you recommend a good site for alternative treatments?

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