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Archives: October 24, 2009

White House releases new family photo

Bank Failures in U.S. Exceed 100 for This Year, Most Closings Since 1992

Scalia, Breyer to Discuss Constitution at University of Arizona-Hosted Event

O'Donnell - coming up we'll find out how George W Bush's

Rep. Joe "you lie" Wilson's wife has swine flu

They should rename themselves the "Fox Whining Channel"

I need the list of things Obama has done since elected

Has President Obama created a Shadow Government yet?

Creating a Trigger for Campaign Contributions in 2010 and 2012-Are You In?

Sustainable intelligence....

Wife and husband battling breast cancer

Conservative blog fears tea party movement has run its course

LOVE the W.H. taking on FOX

White House Denies Report That It Wants To Weaken Public Plan

LOL!!! Who are these guys singing on Rachel?

Al Franken, Daniel Inouye and "multiple sources"

Teen Pulled From School Bus, Arrested

President Obama is in charge of the nukes

Dollar’s Doom Puts a Face on New $1 Million Bill

I'll tell you right now why the "trigger" is a non-starter that is going nowhere

This was one of the longest days of the year

Questioning Obama's patriotism: A tale of pompousness and nationalism

Here's the Google Street View link to the image Rachel Maddow just showed.

Major Republican Donor Mel Sembler Plans to Fund Liz Cheney’s New Organization

check in if you plan on being at the SEIU demonstrations in Chicago this weekend

check in if you plan on being at the SEIU demonstrations in Chicago this weekend

Nilo The Angry Latino Radio Show

"Billionaires for Wealthcare" have done it again!

Mandatory Friday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! TGIF!!

Uh oh. KO hs a sub again tonight.

Saw kind of a scary vehicle today. the Revolution van

hmmmm ... Lehman Examiner Wants to Interview Ex-SEC Chief Christopher Cox

from the frivolous lawsuits file...

$338,800,000. How much Bloomberg and Corzine have spent since 2001 of their own money

Wow - Missing topic?!?!?

The quest for an H1N1 vaccine is turning out to be good business (Boston Globe)

The quest for an H1N1 vaccine is turning out to be good business (Boston Globe)

PBS Frontline: "The Warning." What happened to the economy.

I think It is in the 50's in Central texas now.

Where is Dr. Murray these days?

OH BOY! OH BOY! OH BOY! according to the Republican ads,

A different twist on the 'WH excluded Fox' story

France faces kissing ban to combat Swine Flu

Michael Moore Tweet Just Now: "The Haves and Have-Nots?..."

The New AARP -

Jill Biden Shows A Lot Of Leg

Best description of Rethugs :

So, Eric Cantor thinks that Obama should apologize to FoxNews...

Time Travel: Anyone else here at DU remember a magazine called:

Is Operation Mockingbird still operational?

Dallas police ticketed 39 drivers in 3 years for not speaking English

Monster Energy Drink Backs Down Due To Public Pressure; Vermonster Beer Lives On

Yes Men Irritate Chamber of Commerce . . .

Nelson’s (D-Ne) strategic standing improves

Christina McIntyre Watched and Did Nothing as Her Son Smothered Her Baby

Ex-FBI Translator Claims Spying at DoD

Perino says it "feels un-American" for White House to criticize a news outlet, but she did it

Who's afraid of the big bad brain drain?

I just had the most evil thought about Levi....(Playgirl meme of the day)

American Cancer Society called asking me to support health care reform

The Case For Big Government

If our national debate were about a national transportation plan

The RW mentality at it's worst.

Who do you think is the 1 Senator most likely threatening to filibuster the P.O?

Nobody but the stupidest hicks and mindless dupes have believed Faux News for years

FOX's Red Eye: Transphobia out of control rant about airport security

As if the world isn't crazy enough: American church plans Bible burning, books by Mother Teresa

Constitutional Court orders widespread campaign for women's sexual rights

Dayton schools could have been Detroit-Dayton (OH) Daily News opinion piece

What gets me about Fox

Jobs and Apple Seek Patent on Operating System Advertising

Terror Suspect Not Really A "Terrorist"

The great "Moon the Balloon" protest pics

The Health Care Reform Political Time Bomb

Citigroup, Bank of America Top Executives Averaged $18 Million Pay in 2008

I can't find a link but does anyone else remember after 9/11 Bill Clinton ...

More FDIC Malfeasance: 43% Loss

For all of Citibank's faults, they can be pretty amazing sometimes!

Creating a Trigger for Campaign Contributions in 2010 and 2012

Driving While Mexican

Iraq Embassy Scandal Expands: Contractor May Have to Repay $130 Million

MSNBC: "Campaigner in Chief" Honestly, I don't remember EVER

I'm happy Wall Street stole everything

I'm happy Wall Street stole everything

One of the most trustworthy and confidence-inspiring people I can think of .......

If the FCC made their "distortion of the truth" policy a regulation, then Fox "News" problem solved

Great headline

Who the hell is Karl Denninger?

On Countdown, O'Donnell airs MMFA video on Fox's War on the White House - Watch it here

Science Quiz- What Is The Equation Shown Expressing?

Is there anyone else who simply doesn't feel like smoking pot?

Coakley backs option for public insurance

Kennedy spars with church on abortion

Music rights holders sue Youtube and Google again.

Blowing smoke on warming, clean air

That ASPCA ad with Willie Nelson's

Cheney's Host -- A Bit of Background (Frank Gaffney)

Disney Co admits fraud...sort of..... (Baby Einstein Videos)

18 indicted in Central Valley marijuana, mortgage scheme

You purity trolls screaming about "opt out" should get over yourself.

Surprise: McCain Biggest Beneficiary of Telco/ISP Money

Oldie But Goodie: Michele Bachmann is 'Hot for Jesus'

Berlusconi sparks feminist backlash in Italy

Halliburton, pick up the white courtesy phone: Arizona May Turn Death Row Over To Private Companies

Three rights groups decline Guantanamo tour

U.S. Army buys balloon-like aircraft tested near border

Moran banner for Rethug meeting:

Moran banner for Rethug meeting:

Sean Hannity --- too stupid to start a culture war

TODAY is International Day of Climate Action. It's not too late to show your support

Thread Hijacking at work - or How to miss your Landing

Arizona May Put State Prisons in Private Hands (bad news)

George Will paints a pretty picture of Michele Bachmann in WaPo today

In case you missed it like me - balloon boy mother gives up dad, admits hoax

AFRICOM Year Two: Taking The Helm Of The Entire World

Fox News' Defense That WH Is Targetting Opinion Shows Ignores Over 60% Of Its Programming Is Opinion

Rich Germans demand higher taxes - BBC

Convict says ’07 torture did happen

oil is STILL flowing into the Timor Sea from that oil well

The invention of lying in the human species?

The invention of lying in the human species?

Health care industries on a spending spree to stop Health care reform

Shooters on my street

I bought American today, a new pair of New Balance shoes made in America.

I wonder how many of Obama's rich oil buddies are out joyriding in our nuclear submarines about now?

Bill Moyers tonight - Judge Richard J. Goldstone - report on war in Gaza

My mom is getting scared about healthcare reform...

Idaho Personal Income Edges Higher in Second Quarter

Does anybody here actually know anybody under age 30 who is against gay marriage?

Let's bust Beck - FCC

Mary Landrieu is signaling that she’s open to the public option.

Bwahahaha, Freeper cries like a baby because Wikipedia banned him from editing political content

Fortune Magazine: Who cares if Wall Street 'talent' leaves?

Statement Issued by Board of Directors of AIG, Explaining What Happened

This Tom Sawyer's misadventures keep landing him in a Hillsborough jail

Suspension of disbelief is the reason why Fox News can get away with broadcasting bullshit

Airport security guard denies threat to shoot Obama

Gen. Eaton "Cheney and Bush were Incompetent War Fighters."

Moratorium on the National Debt....

Fatal frog fungal disease figured out

Fisker, the vast rightwing conspiracy, and the $528 Mil DOE loan (

Senator Ben Nelson's Home State - "Fundraiser held to help cover Kearney boy's medical bills"

Report: Cut retirement to pay for weapons

A great gay double feature on HBO tonight

Horribly Burned in Iraq Soldier's Portrait Goes On Display At Smithsonian

Freeper "muir_redwoods" on Cheney: "Is there a Nobel, Pulitzer or Oscar for telling the truth?"

Anonymously Yours, WorldNutDaily

Open letter to members of congress

Publisher enlists Kirk Cameron to distribute altered copies of Charles Darwin’s book to students

Otters released in Rio Pueblo de Taos

Theatrical protest group "Billionaires for Wealthcare" hijacks health insurance conference

'Capitalism' - Cutting Room Floor

Apparently, righties think that Obama is worse than an atomic bomb

Apparently, righties think that Obama is worse than an atomic bomb

eHow - "How to Raise Money for Medical Bills" - In Case Health Care Reform Does Not Pass

How many screen names do you use on DU?

Fox emits misinformation about loans to fuel-efficient car companies (Media Matters)

CNN Edits Out Dobbs Criticism From Taped Interview

Someone Else's Money


What does this crap mean?

One-fifth of Britain would vote for racist Nick Griffin

Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On?

Which Side Are You On?

Food cos. dropping Smart Choices labeling

New Jersey Pays Goldman Sachs for Interest-Rate Swaps on Nonexistent Bonds

Forgive me for being cynical

Fox's "Fair and Balanced" slogan is much more than just a lie

Eeek! Only one product is safe as consumers slash their budgets for Halloween

The "unexpected" Pig Flu vaccine shortage ........

Breaking news: government executive practices nepotism

No sex talk on Saudi Arabia TV: 60 lashes for woman journalist; 1,000 lashes for man interviewed

Anyone catch the name of the book on CNN re Secret Service overload

The morans were doing the chyrons again...

Fox News: John Stossel An Analyst, "Not Part Of The Hard News Division At Fox News"

Saw a disturbing bumper sticker last night.

Why did 30 republicants vote against Senator Al Franken’s anti rape amendment?

Disney OKs full Baby Einstein refunds-folks thought videos they would make their babies smarter

Fox does not check fact the News: - Obama's Fake Thesis leak..

Back To The Future

Typical: Republicans block surgeon general nominee during flu pandemic

U.N. official defends murder of lgbts and the religious right defends him

Conservatives think "real working" makes you stop being liberal ?

Borowitz: Northwest's New Motto: "We'll Get You Within 150 Miles of There"

Pilot Denies Crew Was Napping

Prosecutor tallies 27,000 Colombians 'disappeared' - At least 75% by far-right militias

Did the Dems actually set a PR trap for GOP by waiting to call public option ''medicare for all''?

Domestic Manufacturers And Workers Have No Voice In Crafting U.S. Trade Rules

ISP Removes Fake U.S. Chamber Press Release From Internet

3 dozen animals rescued from shelter

Hungry Yosemite bears zero in on minivans

Glenn Beck Associates Obama Administration With Violent Murder Imagery

US files Polanski extradition request in sex case

Boston Globe: Kennedy spars with church on abortion; exchanges nasty comments with bishop

Have you seen THIS?

Have you seen THIS?

GOP Congressman Leading Fight Against Rangel Has His Own Ethics Woes

if you want to feel discouraged and sad watch the TV reality show

Seymour Hersh: Military Is Waging War Against the White House

US swine flu deaths surpass 1,000, Bonus chart timeline influenza trends

What I have learned about the flu vaccines from various blogs and news sites:

Las Vegas CityCenter project is 'Under Water'

Nevada job loss continues

Age and experience - reflections on working (I am 44 this week, a review of my life at work)

Questions for those of you following the race for the 23rd Congressional District Seat in NY

Retail foreclosures hitting Atlanta

I need to rant...I want my symbols back.

Under Vegas glitz, a dark life in tunnels

Margaret Mead vs Derek Freeman

Halloween is almost upon us. A scary poll on ghosts and UFOS

A dark revelation that reminds me of Fidel Castro

If people can't pay their loans, their lives are ruined...

Saudi female journalist gets 60 lashes

Dogfight between psychotic right-wing assholes

Is it wrong to pose nude for a magazine? Why or why not?

Poll: Many Canadians to avoid H1N1 vaccine

Maine girl with 'mermaid syndrome' dies at 10

Condemenation of the Republican Party

Newsweek publishes Mark Sanford's interpretation of Ayn Rand's work

Newsweek publishes Mark Sanford's interpretation of Ayn Rand's work

Clarence Thomas To Other Supreme Court Justices: Be Quiet

One of the most awful things about healthcare in our country is that when you get ill

One of the most awful things about healthcare in our country is that when you get ill

One of my students has a relative living in his house with H1N1

What a beautiful family. WH official family photo

What a beautiful family. WH official family photo

How Hilton may fare under Venezuelan government's control

How Hilton may fare under Venezuelan government's control

Oh, for pete's sake, just vote on the damn bill! It's not that Earth shattering anyhow!

Oh, for pete's sake, just vote on the damn bill! It's not that Earth shattering anyhow!

Faux News: "Wake Up America, YOU Can Still Stop Obamacare"

Levi Johnston : '90% Sure' There Will Be Full Frontal for Playgirl; writing expose on Palin family

Minnesota high court: Bong water can count as illegal drug

Judge: Monkey is Not a Service Animal

'Weeds'.......It's Not Just a TV Show !!!!!

I just busted an anti-"Cap and Trade" group for violating a Walt Disney copyright

I'm dreading the Sunday talk shows tomorrow

Wyden: most of the public seems to have been fooled into thinking --

In Praise of ...... Autumnal Bliss

Public Option likely to be managed by Private Insurance Company

Just returned from a RCC Cruise. FOX "News" Only was shown.

Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China

Big in Japan: Burger King Sells Windows 7 Whopper

Cracks Emerge in (mob built) Ramps at brand new $1.5 billion New Yankee Stadium

How will America be able to afford Christmas? (if anything)

Pensions: The Next Casualty of Wall Street

$45 bil advance payment "wanted" by FDIC from banks for bank failures

DUers, what are the best web sites to understand

DUers, what are the best web sites to understand

HAUNTING PICS: our plastic garbage in the guts of decomposing seabirds

Village 'witches' beaten in India

LOL! Righties trying to pin a scandal on Obama get hoaxed... again

So far, Bush and Cheney have competently fulfilled at least two out of five Iraq war goals.

LeBron James: "I Would Dunk On George W. Bush”

Who does AARP really serve? Big Pharma or Seniors?

Did you know an asteroid exploded over Indonesia with a 50 kiloton force 2 weeks ago? Me neither.

Public Option Likely to Be Managed by Private Insurance Company

World Population since 10,000 BC.

Confederate-American models the latest Tea Party fashion at a monster truck rally in Jacksonville

Big Pharma is behind H1N1 hysteria? No.

Man Charged After Making Coffee Naked [In Own Home]

How Drug-Industry Lobbyists Got Their Way on Health Care

There is a Mike Keefe cartoon

A Facebook encounter with a long lost Christian relative. Was I too harsh?

Scoobie-can-Doo stops traffic for his best mate


DU Shoutout: After the Billionaires Plundered Alabama Town, Troops Were Called in ILLEGALLY

Could someone tell me more about this "Opt-out" idea re: the public option?

Bushco Bombed 2 Foreign Offices of an Ally's TV News Channel & Planned to Bomb its Head Office!

The irony of the right wing "Hitler" analogies....

I have been invited to a First Rice Feeding ceremony.

I was watching a history channel special on Zeus last night

Be rapture ready - Hire an atheist to take care of your pets

Today's A Day of Climate Action! 350.0rg urges everyone to help!

"Mentally Ill" does not mean "wrong on an issue"

What book has had the most profound effect on your thinking on any one issue?

Random question (On A Rather Morbid Subject)

Obama Is Keeping Bush's Worst "War on Terror" Policies Firmly In Place

Can anyone tell me what the benefits of being an American are?....

How Do I Hate facebook? Let Me Count the Ways:

Are you signed on to a free e-mail service and have you had any

Arizona May Put State Prisons in Private Hands (Including Death Row)

NYC mayoralty : Republican Bloomberg has spent 85 Miillion so far.

Two Myths That Keep The World Poor

President Obama should grant pardon to Jack Johnson

President Obama should grant pardon to Jack Johnson

Kansas City Star: Prosceutor disputes misconduct allegations on abortion provider investigations

8 Reasons Fox Is Not a News Organization

Bill for Glenn Beck Day stuns Mount Vernon Donor BOYCOTT of DNC, DSCC, & DCCC until we get robust public option OPEN TO ALL

"How dogs damage the planet like a 4x4"

Drunken Mother's ‘Outrageous’ conduct in deadly NYC wreck

Attention Northern Californian DUers !!! - Free Concert In Golden Gate Park Tomorrow (Sun. 10\25)

Larisa Alexandrovna: It Is Official, Fox Fabricated The "Denied Access" Story...

They No Longer Need Us. Now What?

George Will on Michelle Bachman:

What Kinds of Choices Do We Need For Our Health Care?

Won't Get Fooled Again?- “Public option” bait-and-switch campaign

Now this is just getting crazy. Anti-choicers literally want to stick probes inside women

Marathon median times drop as the masses enter. Hard core runners despair of the trend.

If we can have early voting, why can we not have early vomiting?

Socrates has a new nemesis name

The cities of Caprica are burning... "The Plan" DVD

Okay. I admit it. I'm not a 30 year old athlete any more.

Wish life had cliffsnotes

My new Favourite beer

I wear my GPS system on my forehead while walking in unfamiliar cities.

The end result of the surgery on my arm....

How about a Friday evening shut your fucking piehole thread?

How about a Friday evening shut your fucking piehole thread?

Rapper 50 Cent runs up bar tab of £75,000 at London club

YouTube...Steve Earle's original 1988 video for "Copperhead Road"

YouTube...Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks live, "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around / I Need to Know"

I think It is in the 50's in Central texas now.



What exactly is the Blockbuster Video business model/plan?

Boogie Woogie -- -- Anita O'Day at her finest----->

Decorative Return Air Floor Register....Where in the world can I find a Very Large Size (25"x42") ??

Happy birthday Big Bopper -you'll never be forgotten

I got my Trite&BullshitPost vaccine today. So far, so good.

Post a youtube clip from a beautiful musical score

"Ya can't look at much, can ya man?"

I need advice of the optical kind...

I need a good hangover remedy

Windows 7 upgrade - should anybody be surprised?

La souris est en dessous de la table

I got my syphilis vaccine at Walmart today.

People really are strange....

Gimme back my damn ball or else! (Uber vicious dog)

YouTube...Nancy Kwan, Flower Drum Song: "I Enjoy Being a Girl"

Serious question for those of you who work at large corporations....

Had to get a new computer, old PC's hard drive died

How much do I love Call Me Wesley?

Who said it?

New Kevin Gilbert (Tuesday Night Music Club, Toy Matinee) CDs and DVD out!

That ASPCA ad with Willie Nelson's

FoxTrot Classics at Yahoo!

The Truth About Drugs (great song!)

WTF is this thing?

YouTube: "The long lost video to the Hall & Oates classic She's Gone"

Are you lost in the flow or safely in the moment?

I'm off to try to trim Evie's scimitar claws

Of those who try marijuana at least once, nearly one in ten become dependent.

First Egg!

Halloween Candy Poll #8B: The Ultimate Reese's Poll!

White vinegar makes a pretty good fabric softener.

Anybody Going to Six Flags Today for the Thriller World Record?

Piano stairs

Brownie trip to ZooBoo cancelled

Thread Hijacking at work - or How to miss your Landing

Halloween Candy Poll #8A: The Ultimate Reese's Poll!

1970s pop-rock throwdown: The Raspberries or The Babys

A tech question (yeah, I know) - it's about Windows Mail

Drink-drive chair up for auction

Wanda Sykes special on HBO starting NOW!!

discuss amongst yourselves

BREAKING! Levon Helm, Robbie Robertson end feud, will reunite for concert in basement of the Alamo

Future Sound of London-Cascade (part 1)

Another Steve Phillips Shocker: Admits Affairs With Team Mascots

Are televised sports reality TV shows?

I was looking for two conference papers online and could not find them (from 1982 and 85)

5-Star YouTube: Ry Cooder performs Woody Guthrie's "Vigilante Man" on "The Old Grey Whistle Test"

It's girls night tonight! Help me pick my poison!


About Opra? What kind of interviewer is she?

Hitler upset at Balloon Boy Hoax.

Ever become fired after too much sleep?

Haunting video version of Springsteen's "My Hometown":

Ever become tired after too much sleep?

BAD dream last nite....will it ever time

PJ Harvey und Bjork, "I Can't Get No Satisfaction."

Charlotte's Web.....

and she said..."I DON'T LIKE SPIDERS AND SNAKES...."

LET'S GO TO PRISON is pretty funny

is it friends, lovers, or nothing

dreams can be memories

My eggplant is flowering again. This seems weird to me. Is it?

More on the birds....

Have you seen a UFO?

crying right now

oh no! say it is`t so..Hello Kitty is 35 years old!

The married detective, the blonde lover and yet another Caribbean fiasco for Scotland Yard

Keyser Soze

I CONFESS!! I have never clicked on graywarrior's 'thread that never dies'...

Homemade cleaning products

Really great doggie video.

Once upon a time, Charles Darwin went to school...

Lenny Cohen tomorrow night at Cleveland Playhouse Square...

Does graduation from medical school prepare people to succeed?

Day 8 in the hospital.

Any math smarties out there? Anyone up for a problem re: lottery numbers?

The ever-present Saturday morning college football thread!!!

How about a Friday evening pic thread?

I'm looking for stories of women who have succeeded despite mental health issues.

Just saw "Ameila". It's wonderful.

Is Playgirl read mostly by gay men or by women?

I forget what epidemic it was for

Friday is over ~ Saturday pic post!

Looking for Quick and Easy Recipes that are Healthy and Economical

My Grandmother is back in the hospital again..GRAPHIC

My dad might die tonight.

David Cross Snorted Cocaine 'Super Close to the President'

How many cigarettes, per child, do you pass out on Halloween?

So it turns out that IKEA is just about as bad as Wal*Mart in every measurable way

Rep. Jim Clyburn just said the White House favors the trigger during

New official Obama family portrait.

President Obama praises Dodd, pushes for regulatory reform

President Obama praises Dodd, pushes for regulatory reform

Does anyone have video of Obama at the fundraiser for Dodd?

Newsweek - "Bending the Curve - The Wrong Way" - False News Story & Hit Piece

Michelle Obama on Leno link

Does anybody have video of Obama at Deval Patrick's fundraiser today?

Maybe someone can explain the appeal to me...

"Not 'Yes we can!' but 'Grab a mop!"

Refresher: Obama's plan

Pawlenty already opting out "not created" Opt Out Public Plan

Obama blows in, talks up Patrick and future

Now here's a poll that is definitely full of B/S

"an unusually thorough glimpse at the White House's legislative strategy"

President Obama, Biden head to swing states

President Obama, Biden head to swing states

Just because you call yourself a news channel doesn't mean you are

Here's my public option plan -- Only if you're 5 foot three, age 50 to 53 and have red hair and.....

Nontroversy: Outrage over private insurers administering public option

White House Denies Report That It Wants To Weaken Public Plan

Nytimes: Ins industry, under pressure from Wall Street, is raising premiums to get ahead of HCR

We Need More Fleshy White Dudes Running Our Country

So, Obama has declared H1N1 a "national emergency"....

saw a space-based show on awhile ago, can't recall name ( not Defying Gravity which is a

"So, What's Really Going On?" (Remember when no one expected a public option in the Senate bill?)

A plan for controlling CEO/Exec pay AND bonuses.

So does it really matter if the Senate side of the bill sucks?

10 months of needless pain

Great comment by CNN Jeffrey Toobin

New ad targets Obama on public option (Maine wants a public option)

Obviously, Fox News is the most LIBERAL media....

Leader of Congressional Progressives Calls For United Front Behind A Strong Public Option!

Where's Waldo? And where isn't he?

Maybe the" Trigger" plan rumour is being floated so that we will be grateful for the crap OPT OUT

There is a documentary on HBO that is basically saying Charlie Crist is in the closet

An idea to lessen the red state - blue state divide

White House opens Web site coding to public

PCCC petition against trigger + digby article

Is Obama selling us down the river for a delusion?

Just found a tiny abandoned kitten.....

Gallup: Only 21% of repubs vs 76% dems are glad Pres Obama was awarded Nobel Prize

Liberals confident that public healthcare option will happen

Prognosis improves for public insurance (WaPo)

Rush Limbaugh & Glenn Beck Should Get Credit For Spread of Swine Flu - "Swine Flu Party!"

I would like to remind our President of something he stated in his address to Congress on Sept. 9

Finally watched Disc 1 of "Mad Men: Season 1" -My analysis.

CNN Breaking News says Obama declared a national emergency

Why am I so pissed about Health Care Reform? Here's why.

Politico Rumor??: Sen Carper is working on a new plan quietly

Krauthammer defends Fox News - quelle surprise

Dear Americans, re your "media", be it cable, network or print...

Pelosi OK with opt out clause.

POLITICO - Fox News' Roger Ailes For President In 2012? The Next Silvio Berlusconi?

Okay, so it looks like we are going to get a PO with the OPT-OUT option.

On the verge of history


Since the Swine Flu was declared a national emergency

Jill Biden Shows A Lot Of Leg

Back from Europe and again I ask: why do Americans NOT have bidets?

Sebelius Releases New Report on Benefits of Health Insurance Reform for Women with Breast Cancer

Corporations HATE you...


So FOX made up or at least embellished the Feinberg snub story? They have no shame

"Why isn't the White House pushing for a public option? There's something funny going on here."

PHOTOS The President & First Lady's Day (Oct 23)

Little noticed development today: Lieberman to vote for cloture/Over to you Nelson/Lincoln

Little noticed development today: Lieberman to vote for cloture/Over to you Nelson/Lincoln

Best frozen pizza?

I Dream Of...

4:45 am, true story, just now...I locked myself out of my hotel room. Naked.

Did anyone ever watch that show Andromeda?

Wall Street faces double pay blow

White House Pushing The Senate To Weaken The Public Option To Keep Snowe On Board

NATO backs Afghan troop surge

Alaska's Rep. Young Linked To Corruption Probe

Number of Americans who believe in climate change drops, survey shows

Bank Failures Hit 106 for Year; Many More are Weak

NATO Ministers Endorse Wider Afghan Effort

Iran May Qualify for Nuclear Fuel Supply Plan, Poneman Says(Deputy US Energy Sec)

U.S. Bank Failures Exceed 100 for Year, First Time Since 1992

Barack Obama on Health-Care Reform: Trust Us.

LeBron James: "I Would Dunk On George W. Bush”

"Racist, homophobic" campaign fliers distributed in Maplewood

Iran Is Said to Arrest Wives of Many Prominent Detainees

Strong quake hits off Indonesia

Public Option Likely to Be Managed by Private Insurance Company

Prognosis improves for public insurance MOMENTUM SHIFT IS DRAMATIC

Prognosis improves for public insurance - MOMENTUM SHIFT IS DRAMATIC

Convicted Woman Says W. Va. Woman was Tortured (Megan Williams case)

DeMint to seek re-election

Man Charged After Making Coffee Naked [In Own Home]

CNN Special on Latinos Rekindles Debate Over Dobbs

Consumer groups blast Rep. Campbell’s car dealer exemption

Asian leaders eye EU-style bloc

Warrant out for Iraqi MP and husband

Interior Department proposes protected land for polar bears

White House Denies Report That It Wants To Weaken Public Plan

US, France, Russia pledge support for Iran nuclear deal

Karzai Rival Says Won't Join Afghan Government

Pakistan: Security forces capture Taliban chief’s hometown

NJ Priest Slain in Church Rectory is Mourned

Interim gov't says Honduras talks broken off

Small Business Faces Sharp Rise in Costs of Health Care

Atlanta seeks to add 500 surveillance cameras (to fight gun crime)

Maine girl with 'mermaid syndrome' dies at 10

Chairman of 2010 Vancouver Olympics dies

Protesters urge end to Afghan war (UK)

Army Captures Pakistani Taliban Leader's Hometown

Stockholder's Lawsuit Wants Executives Held Responsible if (Investment) Scheme is Proved

President Obama wants banks to lend more to small businesses

Mobile Use (Cell Phones) is Linked to Brain Tumours

Deadly Train Collision In Egypt

Deadly Train Collision In Egypt

Electrolux plant closings to cost 850 Iowa jobs (going to Mexico)

Honduran President Mel Zelaya Retains Public Support

President Obama Declares Swine Flu A National Emergency

Carter Center Calls On Honduras to ‘Rectify’ Zelaya’s Ouster

[MSNBC] Hardball with Chris Matthews - "Hardball Sideshow"

Beauty Contraptions: Target Women

"We Shall OverCharge" Billionaires for Wealthcare . com

Battles after the War

Battles after the War: Marlboro Marine Pt. 2

Battles after the War: Marlboro Marine Pt. 3

Robert Greenwald Discusses Fox News on The Ed Show

Rachel Maddow Exposes Dick & Liz Cheney's Funding Source (KeepAmericaSafe)

British Nationalist Party (British racist republicanesque party) Question Time panel part 1

Weekly Address: Working with Small Business to Drive Recovery

Rush Limbaugh - I know Obama Thinks it

Coal thugs prevent Goldman prize winner from speaking at public comment hearing on mountiantop remov

9/11 WAS ON THEIR WATCH! - Chris Matthews

Papantonio - The Republican Apocalypse - PT. 1/2

The Dollar is now collapsing - Peter Schiff | Part 1

N.C. Church Plans Bible Burning

College Democrats to Republicans: GRAB A MOP!

Rachel Maddow: Sen John McCain vs. Net Neutrality

Young Turks: Hypocritical Republican Pretends He's Helping Gay People

TYT: Is Obama Failing to Show Leadership?

maxkeiser, ON THE EDGE; 'Obama Should Bomb Goldman Sachs, Not Iran.'

What if it was Rush being thrown in the fire?

Senator Sanders Unfiltered~on single payer

Obama: Banks Need to Help Small Businesses, should return favor of taxpayer-financed bailout

TYT: These Thugs Tried To Rob The Wrong Gas Station

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Do what they are told

A teenager questions a Republican's use of the word freedom.

Neo-cons, Keepers of the Flame - - Really? (Davidow | BuzzFlash)

Prognosis improves for public insurance

Ani-MAN-tion - Feminism and animated childrens movies

UK considering charges in KBR JV probe-Halliburton

Blackwater lawyers seek military guard (in order to visit crime scene in Iraq)

No Alibi

FoxNews = Hunter Thompson, Glenn Beck = Humble

The third front in Afghanistan: the American public

The White House Gives FOX News a Taste of Its Own Medicine


Ohio Issue 2: Big Ag takes on the Humane Society of the U.S. over farm-animal treatment


Asylum seeker realized her dream but now is missing

Confessions of an AIPAC Veteran

Anti-Semitism, history and denial

Friday Talking Points (99) -- Misdirection

Phew! Time's Joe Klein also thinks WH battle with Fox News is bad idea

What's Killing Conservatism?

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Will "reform" do more harm than good?

New life for the public option

Stop the fat-cat bonuses! George Soros turns on the bankers

AlterNet: After the Billionaires Plundered Alabama Town, Troops Were Called in ... Illegally

Nobel to an Extent: Is Obama deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize? It depends…

Conflicting tales of Germany's mercenaries

Health Reform Moves to Close U.S. Medicare Drug Gap.

Health Care Reform?....Public Option? ........FORGET ABOUT IT!

Coho returning to Columbia River system in near-record numbers

Sources: Fisker to build plug-in cars in Delaware (AP)

Thousands gather worldwide on day of climate protests

NYT: New School of Thought Brings Energy to 'the Dismal Science'

President Obama won't talk at climate talks

Japan FM: US base should stay on Okinawa

No timetable yet for H1N1 vaccines on bases in Europe

Favre passes for 512 Yards and Eight Touchdowns

Zorn will be sticking around

It's official. The Maryland Terrapins SUCK.

Military Update: Weak job market drives middle-class recruiting

Imagine if Tennessee had won tonight.

UFC 104 tonight

US drones protecting ships from Somali pirates

Spec Ops Helo Crashes Into Navy Ship

Osprey Deployment Update

Hill Aides Call For JSF Restructure

Article 32 set for soldier charged with murder

Rights group turns down offer to visit Gitmo

Bipartisan mental health bills move forward

Sikh group: Doc gets OK to serve with turban

Aviator retention bonuses keep numbers up

Declaration of the Cuban Association of Journalists, UPEC

Miami Mafia Controls Trafficking of Cubans


N.O. city officials defend Cuba trip

Zelaya refuses Micheletti's proposal of a transition government

Honduras crisis back to square one as talks fail (Reuters)


Zeyala has 67% approval rating in Honduras! (Greenberg poll)

One for the books, from VOA: Cuban-Americans Rally Support for Honduras Government

Bolivia sending expert to U.S. in bid to prove it, and not Spain, deserves gold

The Plot Thickens: Honduran Coup Regime and Landowning Elites Enlist the Support of Foreign Paramili

Casualties of the ‘Bloodless’ Coup

US spies invest in internet monitoring technology

Venezuela takes emergency measures to cut electric power demand

Bill would require nominations to CG academy

Double post, I apologize.

MA Governor Deval Patrick Proposes Super-strict New Rules For Gun Clubs.

Be careful if you decide to use your concealed weapon...

Why were would-be terrorists unable to get what they wanted?

Worst gun reporting ever? (not a serious thread)

Illegal bullets found in home of man who allegedly threatened Obama

EDITORIAL: The feds take a shot at guns...

Do you support access to the NICS for private sellers?

Confessions of an AIPAC Veteran

Israel confirms settlers ramping up West Bank construction

Travel restrictions hit Gaza students

Abbas calls Palestinian elections for January 24

GAZA-EGYPT: Rafah sees record crossings

Spain 'Running Out Of Excuses' For Excluding Israeli Researchers From Solar Competition

cloudy evening

I do like flowers.

Gallows Tree

just your average brooklyn home

In God We Trust Funnel Cakes

Mormon Row Grand Teton NP

Soft Purple

Today in Labor History Oct 24 “there was no black, no white, we were all on strike.” 1966

Business Fights Back: Interview with C of C Pres Donohue

Why antidepressants don't work for so many

Gene therapy transforms eyesight of 12 people with rare visual defect

PlayGirl Levi Johnston edition - will you buy it?

American Monetary Institute conference report

U.S. Bank Failures Exceed 100 for Year, First Time Since 1992 (

TARP chief: Banks possibly 'in more danger now'

WTF Georgia? TWENTY bank closures? What's the DEAL in Georgia?

The kittens returned

Good info on Astragalus in this post:

Book: Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World & Your Invisible Power

Confirmation of 'the fall' or the 'restructuring' we've all been talking about?

Daykeeper for 10/24 & 10/25

So today we saw something touching

More corruption uncovered (anyone wanna trade karmic jobs?)

Humor: A flowchart to determine what religion you should be

Relationship woes...why does it have to be so hard ?

An Epidemic of Fear: How Panicked Parents Skipping Shots Endangers Us All

How long can flu germs live outside the body?

Dr. Weil being attacked by the FDA for comments KNOWN TO BE TRUE.

How would you describe God and Satan?

An Atheist finds God!

Father Robert M. Timchak - 16 counts, Sexual Abuse of Children

A fellow atheist blogger received a serious threat

Dad admits killings to reporters, blames crime on 'spirit'

DU Catholics - What keeps you in the church?

Religion flowchart

Well definitely my little oven needs to be hotter than what the recipee calls for

Mary Schiavo on Countdown