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Ask a question to a mod....I'll tell you anything

Democrats are considering additional tax on insurers

Hang in there VIPER CO!

How many times have the people in Afghanistan been conquered by a foreign army?

Vietnam War - The 'More Troops' propaganda.

What do you think will happen as far as immigration reform goes?

Jindal Fires State Employee Day After She Criticized Him, Blames It on Katrina

Police: Drugs Allegedly Hidden In Baby Stroller

Sure I'm a WACKO....... but see this!

Vermont's First Net-Zero Energy Building

"My dad smiles a lot. Even when he thinks he's going to lose his job."

Charge of the Beckerhead Bandwagon

Pilots on Food Stamps By Michael Moore

Who else is watching JFK on History Channel?

Anybody else watching Discovering Ardi?

When Russia pulled out of Afghanistan, did the Taliban and Al-Qaeda attack Russia? No. So the

Conservative "Journalism" At Its Finest

I just saw "Capitalism: A Love Story"

According to NBC News, gay marchers yesterday are just part of the Internet Left Fringe

Ardi on right now at the Discovery Channel

MSNBC: F**K jobs, "Investors will use 3rd-quarter results to gauge strength of economy"

I am past the point of listening to CNBC types report on the state of the economy...

You know what? It doesn't look spontaneous when you post 10 threads on your issue in 5 minutes. nt

As China's economy grows, so do mounds of garbage

how about Michael Moore having a spot next to KO and Rachael..!!

The jobless economic recovery?

My "brilliant" political statement of the day...

Insurance terrorists escalate their extortion campaign - AP

America was lost, stolen and sold. All at the same time. And right out from under us.

America was lost, stolen and sold. All at the same time. And right out from under us.

Doom Doom Doom. Gloom Gloom Gloom.

Orly's Record of failure

Orly's Record of failure

Here's what the fight about guns is really all about

Conservatives and Off-Base Lefties: Can You Top This?

Feinstein, Chambliss, and McGovern on Afghanistan

Last letter from Michael Moore - announcing a new blog - and follow up on his movie

*tap* *tap* Is this thing on?

Commentary: Occupying Afghanistan will make things worse *and*

Patientsfirst lets see who you guys are...

'Get off my TV'

Female Genital Mutilation: Three Generations Later

Obama is.... (a poll from inside Pat Buchanan's mind)

Instead of making shit up in order to give an answer, I wish Chuckie would once in

HRC Building Vandalized After Gay Fundraiser

I usually park my dial at NBC in the Morning.... just to see

"Wont Get Fooled Again" Two ways to read thiis message. Which is more true?

Check out this desperate attempt to shut down Congress

Meet a real peacekeeper:

Sweet Jesu, the MJ crew is defending FOX this morning

For all that he might do...for all that he did...

"Tip of the Spear": Richard Engel's documentary from Afghanistan (video) ("Tis madness there")

LOL Ted Rall has a good one today

Dorgan, Enzi push to end Cuba travel ban

Pity there's no place- Toon

Maybe I need a vacation from DU. I see thread like this one, and I want to throw up.

Off-shore drillng hazardous: U.S. experts

Off-shore drillng hazardous: U.S. experts

Japan base relocation talks to intensify

Email From Mark Crispin Miller re: Swine Flu Vaccinations & a Lawsuit

Obama Decisions Complicated by Progressive Opposition to Afghanistan Escalation

Small Is Beautiful: The case for shrinking cities

Time to put a nail in the GOP's coffin: Re-Introduce the Equal Rights Amendment...

Fox Nation falsely attributes entire FY09 deficit to Obama

Glenn Greenwald: Gay issues, the "Fringe Left" and the liberal veal pen

Utah's T.G.I.T..(4 day work-week)..Success? or failure?

Project: Islands for Islands (Win a free trip to Dominica)

Melting glaciers bring 1980s pollution revival

What Should the President Do with The Nobel Prize

Floors Not Ceilings, Stupid - Dave Sirota

Neo-Con alert on Washington Journal-

the today show is giving ru$h a forum to spew his vile shit

Is this a good or bad thing?

Vaccines just another fear of conspiracy theorists

Congress to act to keep abuse photos hidden

White House calls Fox a Republican tool--thank you Alan Grayson!

Interesting Fact about Rush Limbaugh buying the St. Louis Rams

What Should the President Do with The Nobel Prize

How can gun control be racist when almost all black political leaders are for it?

UC Berkeley professor wind Nobel Economic Prize - Do they deserve it?

ADAPT (Disability Civil Rights) invades Georgia State Capitol Atlanta

Health Care Debate: Guess the Date Contest. With Nifty Prizes!

At last...a cure for Homophonia!

Just Had To Brag A Bit--I Just Took A Right-Winger Down A Peg On FB

Here's the proof of moon bomb? Do you need more?

Insurers Mount Attack Against Health Reform

Levin Warns Against Time Lines For U.S. Forces In Afghanistan

Nine years without spending any money

Nine years without spending any money

Where is it snowing DUers

Any Christmas gift suggestions for two very bright girls?

Any Christmas gift suggestions for two very bright girls?

Any Christmas gift suggestions for two very bright girls?

Compare and Contrast:

More flooding in ATL...if you can believe it



Liz Cheney: Peace Prize should be dedicated to US military

New Bill Would Raise Rates, Says Insurance Group....E X T O R T I O N

OMG check out this new email scam I just received

OMG check out this new email scam I just received

I had NO idea that Clinton is the FIRST Sec. of State to visit Ireland.

Fox Business Eying Lou Dobbs

Fox Business Eying Lou Dobbs

Detroit News columnist slaps Rush Limbaugh - Awesome

Alan Grayson Talks Health Care Tonight

College Republicans Protest Brown University renaming Columbus Day

College Republicans Protest Brown University renaming Columbus Day

Lou Dobbs heading to Fox? (where he belongs)

Lou Dobbs heading to Fox? (where he belongs)

Republican Aide Cautions Use of AHIP Report: Check Your Donations First

CALL YOUR SENATORS! Tell them to support Climate Change legislation....

Marketwatch: Lost jobs will not return until 2012

Daylight Saving Time ends soon.. Learn about it here

Daylight Saving Time ends soon.. Learn about it here

4 Supreme Court Cases That Will Say a Lot About the Direction of Our Country

Motion for TRO to Stay Awarding Nobel Prize

Who remembers the Swine Flu shots of 1976-77 ?

Student loan debt will be a major issue in the coming years

ru$h limbaugh: I love to ‘yank media’s chain’ ----yet he's the media's darlling on the today show

Paint it white

Irish Unionists Walk out of Clinton Speech

Netanyahu: Israelis Will Never Be Tried For War Crimes

EEEEEK! More Spring 2010 designer duds! These look like a committee project

(Now I Get It) Pakistan Bomb Kills 41, Support Grows for Army Strike

White House Disavows Report That It Disdains Gay Critics, Bloggers As “Internet Left Fringe”

Czechs Bounce, So Bolivia Goes Chinese


hartmann: adopting McChrystal plan validates Smirk

Malaysia's "Defense of Marriage Act": Intervening in divorces!

Obama adviser blames Bush economic policies in US

SFRC has a hearing on Thursday on broadcasting into war zones - maybe questioning Rush being on???

**The Liberation Act: This is for everyone who is tired of waiting**

Latest from Orly

Hillary Clinton Rules Out White House Bid, Says She's 'Totally Secure'

Mumble Away a Monday, but first . . . please come CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Ok. What's in that bullshit package, rubber bands?

Breaking "Chicago Cubs File for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy Protection" banner on

Does a Recovery in the stock market mean a recovery for most Americans


CT Man Dresses As Ninja, Hates Lieberman

Nobel Prize: The difference between Peace and Economics

do not miss the ed show tonight!

Yet another assclown pinhead douchebag Republicant.....

AHIP Gave White House No Notice Of Report Despite Meeting Last Wed.

Good old Health Care Industry, always lookin' out for us!

VERY revealing photo of Orly!!11!!

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

Douthat, NY Times, thinks Obama should have said "No" to Nobel Peace Prize.

U Can Haz Cheezburgur, World Dominashun, LOLZ at Other Starupz KTHXBYE

TD Ameritrade Hates the Poor

Bill O'Reilly gets a huge "Bronx cheer" @ Yankee Stadium

WTF -- No more live stream of Randi's show without paying for it?

Trick or Treat: The Madoff Halloween Mask

The marriage between big business and religion: it goes back a century

UNCONFIRMED: Gov. Ahnold Signs Harvey Milk Day, Out-of-State Marriage, and Domestic Violence Bills

Just 36 hours left. Act now to SAVE HEALTH CARE REFORM

'The youngest headmaster in the world'

Dear Matt Lauer

With 'Common Security Clubs,' activists are stitching together a challenge to Tea-Bagger rage.

China Is Expected To Invest Close To $ 16 Billion In Venezuela Over A Period Of 3 Years

I blame Obama

"Russia's disabled suffer neglect and abuse" - bbc.

State plan may place limits on patients’ hospital options (Mass)

How to avoid using Diebold machines when voting in NJ

How to avoid using Diebold machines when voting in NJ

White House Disavows Internet Fringe Remark

Is it possible to "buy Blue" when buying health insurance? Need recommendation

DNA test waivers to come to an end?

DNA test waivers to come to an end?

Top Ten Things that Barack Obama Should Do With His Nobel Prize Award

Seniors lobby challenges health insurance report

Art is where you find it.. even in sidewalk cracks

Taking back Florida from The Apostles of Greed

Peace prize woes

Peace prize woes

TOON: real reason some upset by found missing link

anyone know what happened to

Kimmel Pulls a Letterman?!

How will we fair in 2010 elections?

Pubs are always saying they want ins. cos to sell across State lines.

Nutter just called informing me of a "Outrageous United Nations plan to ban guns."

A Question of When Dishonesty Becomes Criminal

BREAKING FROM NBC: White House official calls gays part of "Internet left fringe"

Health Reform Supporter Arnold Schwarzenegger Vetoes Multiple Health Reform Bills

Risque Ad: Live It Up in Louisville, Kentucky

Risque Ad: Live It Up in Louisville, Kentucky

Democratic competition forming vs. Bachmann!

Joy Behar is having Orly Taitz on her show tomorrow. She is looking for questions.

Joy Behar is having Orly Taitz on her show tomorrow. She is looking for questions.

It seems we have a severe Nanny outbreak around here.

Telecom Spies Shared 'Common Interest' With Bush & Co, But What Do They Share With Obama's DOJ?

Monday moans with many clones . . . please CAPTION Head Wreck!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, Canada......

Republicans Seek to Make Election About Pelosi (Again)

GOP Uses ACORN to Fight Bank Redlining Law

GOP Uses ACORN to Fight Bank Redlining Law



The Price Tag of Afghanistan Dwarfs Country's GDP

The Price Tag of Afghanistan Dwarfs Country's GDP

Surely there's a Democrat willing to challenge Louie Gohmert for TX-01 in 2010?

Surely there's a Democrat willing to challenge Louie Gohmert for TX-01 in 2010?

Here's an idea.....

What is minimum health insurance reform bill must do for you to consider it a success?

Rachel Maddow: Voice of America (UK Guardian, of course)

Behind Montana Jail Fiasco: How Private Prison Developers Prey On Desperate Towns

Where's My Economic Recovery?

Where's My Economic Recovery?

Behind Montana Jail Fiasco: How Private Prison Developers Prey On Desperate Towns

Want a real shocker? Go somewhere to think for a bit THEN dip back in. Yikes!

Want a real shocker? Go somewhere to think for a bit THEN dip back in. Yikes!

Neuroscientists have discovered that learning to juggle causes brain changes

More evidence that it is worse than people think.

More evidence that it is worse than people think.

Polling Call from the NRA

Rangel's former campaign director announces primary challenge

Where can I find a map from the 2008 election

Look at this Weasel Bastard

Rightbloggers Defend America Against Dangerous Nobel Peace Prize

Rightbloggers Defend America Against Dangerous Nobel Peace Prize

The Mexican Ronald Reagan

The BEST Nobel Prize cartoon I've seen so far.

Lou Dobbs / Faux news

Lou Dobbs / Faux news

150,000 Troops to Defeat 300 Al Qaeda in Afghanistan & Pakistan?

The military tactic of defeating indigenous peoples with disease.

Help!!! Can someone please tell me how to send multiple e-mail addresses

Fat Hatred and Disability on The Cleveland Show

Fuck the beach dwellers

Note to freepers. there is really no "free market". It's all about who controls the market.

Twenty years after the wall came down

The Consequences of The Senate Finance Committee passing or killing the Baucus Bill

"Poutrage"... "waaaahmbulance"... "whine"... uh... guys...

Swine Flu Causes Lung Failure in Healthy Young People, Three Studies Find

Memo to Dianne Feinstein (D-CA): Words you never want to see in print:

Cobra Shmobra

What's the story with this Michelle Bachman link on DU?

Curious about history: are all the events of your personal life on the internet?

Let's use the Republican's words against them

Finally! Someone has the courage to take on Lieberman:

Eastern Mentality vs Western Mentality

Norman Goldman said that SOON, the Supremes were going to

Dear Sen. McCain,

Corporations don't make us an empire.

Corporations don't make us an empire.

Obama Administration Accused Again of Concealing Bush-Era Crimes

twittering? more like FWITTERING away your time...can someone

Alan Grayson townhall live

How To Improve The Economy: CREATE NEW JOBS

UPDATE on Marcy Kaptur--Here is where to make a donation ONLINE!

Weiner: (I)f that pig isn’t squealing, we are probably doing something wrong

Anyone watching ED? The mother of the 4month old that had insurance

"zero tolerance" idiocy strikes again

Harry Truman, Barack Obama, And The Mythic Executive Order

Report: News Corp., Liberty could enter mix for NBC Universal

Just 46% Of 16-24 Year-Olds Had A Job Last Month

Insurers face blowback after report

Teabagging: irony deficiency in 2009 conservatives.

my phone conversation with united health care.

Limbaugh: Michael Steele Is ‘Off-Message!’

Insurance Industry Report Promises To Increase Premiums By 111%

Panic in Detroit: 35,000 line up for federal poverty help, conservatives laugh

How Bush is spending Columbus Day

How Bush is spending Columbus Day

Live streaming Alan Grayson Talks Health Care

Live streaming Alan Grayson Talks Health Care

The Rude Pundit - For Columbus Day: Indians Say You Can Shove Your Apology

Does anybody care anymore what "public option" ends up in the health reform bill?

Some group is protesting Columbus Day outside of the Memorial Union at ASU...

A brief word for DUers who claim support of the President is treating him like an "American Idol"

Fox’s Volley With Obama Intensifying (NYT)

So sick of repukes complaining that Reagan didn't win the Peace Prize.

Christopher Columbus

Is the word application really to long to say? RE: Iphone advertisement

Some things you can do to get obsogenes out of your food

Homeless Get 700 Gourmet Meals After Mistake

Rome's Gladiators = today's Football players?

Dems Discussing Public Option With Opt-Out Clause: The Silver Bullet?

Dems Discussing Public Option With Opt-Out Clause: The Silver Bullet?

Obama Approval Soars to Plus 19 Points at Gallup

beethoven did not compose wonderful "for elisa", says italian study

A Question to DUers (Especially Italian American ones) re: Columbus Day...

Limbaugh: 'The media didn't make me, and they can't break me'

Who stole more than $200,000 at Walmart?

Franklin Graham gives up 1 of his nonprofit salaries(He's linked to Iraq, Katrina aid, Palin & more)

THIS is the corporate bullshit I am talking about! (a little longish rant)

Dollar Reaches Breaking Point at Banks Shifting Record Reserves Into Euro

Lawmaker Aims To Ban Fish-Nibbling Pedicure

I just watched ABC's "This Week" and was sickened by Dianne Feinstein.

Ardi, who knew? THe Religious nuts got it right

Limbaugh as an NFL owner would mean the end of Limbaugh

Grayson holding HCR Town Hall NOW (started 7:00 ET)

So now it's Blackmail from the insurance industry?

Man Killed 2-Year-Old Boy For Not Eating (poured boiling water on the boy)

Monday Toons, Part 2 - ....and War

Monday Toons, Part 3

Let's talk about Detroit


Is this some kind of a scam??? Maybe, I have been too sick to figure this out But

Anyone else here been hit with the mail order prescription strong arming?

Faith based healthcare, let each church provide a section of

I have an idea, shut down all private insurers.

Under the 'NO SURPRISE HERE' File: Freer Trade Fails to Bring Better Jobs in Poor Nations

If these insane wars we made and continue to fund along with

Chomsky Book Banned From Guantanamo

Any discussion of Afghanistan and Pakistan that doesn't start and end with pipelines is a lie

change - Obama's Appointees Are Flexing Their Regulatory Powers

Head Of NFL Players Union Writes Email Opposing Rush Limbaugh's Bid For Rams

White House Talks DADT Repeal With Lieberman

Bill Moyers: Was the Financial Bailout Just a Slick, Friendly Takeover of the Federal Government?

Who's to blame for our current economic situation?

Chris Cillizza Fix Poll: The Most Overrated Senator?

Soldier dies after receiving 50 cigarettes per day smoker's lungs with tumor in transplant

Working for Texans. Yeah, right.

Local school districts expect deeper budget cuts. How about taking money from the military?

Sec. of State Clinton Takes Responsibility for Delay in Afghanistan Decision

How many Republican votes do we have in the Senate to repeal DADT?

$#@%^&*%^$#!!!!! Health insurance industry want to stick it to us more

Even Swine Flu shows we GenXers no respect.......

Alan Grayson is now on Twitter!

NFL Players React To The St. Louis Limbaughs...

Bush/Cheney: It was glaringly obvious that they would fuck the country over back in 2000

Obama to host Tribal Nations conference (What will the loons find wrong with this?)

A brief word for the DUers who are angry at the lack of instant gratification.

Alan Grayson: "So, I had a lady call me up at home at 8:30 on a Sunday....."

Wastewater treatment would cost homeowners $1,000 a month, Malibu says

"I am shocked! Shocked, I tell you!"

I'm sick and tired of corporate Democrats telling me to sit down and stop rocking the boat.

Dear Goddamn Chase Bank:

Rep Buyer (R-IN) Foundation collects $800,000+ from Corporations/gives out $10,500

How to Make Sure the Maddow Show Survives

How to Make Sure the Maddow Show Survives

A brief word for DUers who dismiss concern over administration policy as instant gratification

As we were watching Mad Men we could only shake our heads

Schwarzenegger Signs Tougher Anti-Paparazzi Law

The congressman wants you to 'say Bay-ner'

Ezra Klein: The Insurance Industry's Deceptive Report

What a difference five years makes

A few hint to for those on here who get upset at the "single issue" DUers

My ltte on Obama's Nobel Prize printed today

At Dole's request, WH tells DNC to stop ad featuring Dole and other Republicans.

Dems scramble after warning from health insurers

The destruction of this nation was no accident

Some friendly etiquette tips for participating in the GLBT forum

Some friendly etiquette tips for participating in the GLBT forum

The Lost Generation

In the Shadows of Progress - Tent City in Tennessee

You are what you eat.. (amazing photo-essay of refrigerators)

R's Have Always Had a "Woman Problem" - Debbie Wasserman Schultz Interview w/ Transcript & More

Andrew Ward: Iraq War Veteran Opens Fire On Police In Lynn, Indiana

Pepsi Apologizes for Sexist AMP App (Ohhh teh power of teh internetz!)

The Loma Prieta earthquake....20 years later: A Sacramento Bee photoessay

If Obama loses in 2012, does that help your cause any?

Appz 2 Alienate Ur Female Customerz? Pepsi Haz It • • •

what gives liz cheney's opinion a single ounce of weight

Ammunition Bill Signed Into Law

It’s a Fork, It’s a Spoon, It’s a ... Weapon?

Former Panel Chair Says Perry's Office Pressured Him On Death Penalty Probe

Fraud and Death Trump Citizen Health

Chomsky: The whole educational and professional training system is a very elaborate filter...

Who is really A Christian?

CNBC - possibly even WORSE than Faux?

Should Unemployed People Work for Free?

Should Unemployed People Work for Free?

Monday TOONS, part 1: Peace.....

Why Do We Celebrate The Duggers.......18 KIDS

21 FUCKs in 2 mins

Off to get some cheesecake!

I am impressed by all the pink I am seeing on the field


Poindexter du prairie

People who have taken Caribbean cruises...

Did you hear that?

Gloat over re:Broncos

Is anyone else having trouble logging into Facebook?

"... and a tsunami dumping an aircraft carrier on the White House."

Just watched Good Night and Good Luck

I offered to wager Will Pitt for the Broncos/Patroits game, and he didn't accept the wager..

My friend's new kitteh, adopted yesterday, meet Thumper

Another dirty laundry thread... this one is about my sister.

My husband doesn't realize we blew off a social engagement this evening - HEEHEEHEE

Ok, Someone Should Have Thought This VeggieTales Cookie Cutter Through

John Lithgow

Movie "A Serious Man" Coen Brother's latest. Anyone see it yet?

Would you buy a rug at walgreens?

Movie clip so funny it needs its own thread:


A meagar harvest. That's all I've got. I'm ashamed.

I want to live long enough to see a thread never die.

Check out this really ancient ax

Perez "Prez" Prado

Today's Fail

What happened to our avatars?

Damned insomnia! Who's still up?

Celebrate Columbus Day, b____es!

RIP Minnesota Fans, 3-0 and the LAST game in the Metrodome, oh well

Will the rain EVER end?

Good morning Lounge

Who else is trying not to resent having to be at work?

I've told you about my son. My daughter is good to me too.

I have read and studied Michel Foucault. Bow to me, little people.

Cameron Diaz's New Movie Is Called, "The Box"

Jim Caviezel as "The Prisoner"

I feel different. Good different. But different.

Next week at this time I will need to go to bed early, help I will need to turn into morning person.

Wowee! Today show had a woman on who lost 200+ pounds.

The young Amazing Racers didn't recognize Jackie O!

(From the Onion AV Club) The amazing Dr. What?

Mash-up Monday: Every Car You Chase (Snow Patrol vs. The Police)

Some beautiful pictures I took this morning... (Pic heavy)

Last night I dreamt about nuclear apocalypse...

The BlueIris Semi-Nightly Poetry Break, 10/12/09

EEEEEK! More Spring 2010 designer duds! These look like a committee project

All right! Who took my lucky green shirt?

Question about the White House Situation Room.

Some more pictures from the Columbus DU meetup Oct 10th

A better health plan

you know that "Scariest Places on Earth" narrator? Do you think she really talks like that?

Howard? Howard? ....

Any other DUer who fell in love with this show?

Thought for the day

Does anyone here play airsoft?

There are Texas Longhorns, and then there are TEXAS LONGHORNS

BREAKING CNN: Photo of the alleged "Mr. Private Time".

What's better in hot mulled cider?

We might just get some rain in L.A.

I have been a Bengals fan since 1981 when I was 9 years old

Very very cool store

Mad Men (spoilers may occur in this thread)

ALDS: A-Rod=6 RBIs...entire Minnesota Twins = 6 RBI's

Sometimes you eat at the supermarket salad bar, and well...

Everything's amazing and nobody's happy

who's the most annoying commerical spokesperson?

Arguing with your fiancee? Kill your television!

For those DUers older than dirt: What is this?

Family Guy spoofing "Spies Like Us"?

Happy Thanksgiving.

Mmmmmm. Noodles and Co.

Any Carpenter Ants fans here, check out this video!

Grains and yeast can do wonderful things

Any Karen Hughes fans here, check out this video!

Each time that I have to hear Ben Stein's stupid voice when I call Comcast...

Any John Carpenter fans, check out this video!

DUers who haven't been born yet, what is this?

OK DU'ers younger than 10,000 years old, what's this?

DUer's who have me on ignore: What is this?

Today's random Wikipedia entry: Henryk Glücklich

Gol dang, I had girls all over me last night...

Where is it snowing DUers

EEEEEK! More Spring 2010 designer duds! These look like a committee project

Undead DUers - what is this?

Any capenter fans here, check out this video!

DUers who've come of age, what is this?

?siht si tahW :rorrim eht ni gnikool era ohw s'reUD

Any Charisma Carpenter fans here, check out this video!

For those DUers who are male and college age, what is this?

Post your favorite French and Saunders clip.

I love Pearls Before Swine

Share a song about WRITING music here

DUers who have transcended the material world: what is this?

BREAKING- Buddies Damon, Affleck are also distant relatives

For those DUers older than 99: What's this?

Childhood photos...

HELP! U.S. area codes for a Canadian!

Does the phrase from Subway's commercial "Five Dollar Footlong" seem like

Sperm bank offers celebrity look-alike donors

Update on my pot with the burned rice

DUers under age 5, what is this?

Any Christmas gift suggestions for two very bright girls?

"I'm Raccoon, and I am a worry wart." I worry a lot...wish I didn't.

My Dog

DU'ers older than 40: What is this?

Happy Thanksgiving, Canadians!

DUers younger than 25, what's this?

Any Karen Carpenter fans here, check out this videol

Last night I dreamed about pastrami and dill pickles. Freudians check in.

Greeting to all the tired Phillies fans out there

Should Scotland phase out bagpipes in exchange for being taken off Al Qaeda's list of targets?


What is your favorite thing to do during your private time?

Rhythm & Sound w/Tikiman-What a Mistry (dubtech)

Most tiresome ESPN Pet Rock

Most tiresome ESPN Pet Rock

What would you do if armyowalgreens got your thread locked?

The ugliest birthday cake you've ever seen

Bogart that joint?

Kitteh vs. Big Doggy (YOU are gonna love this)

Pink Lady, Donna Mae Mims dies seated in her pink Corvette for visitation

The Ion-Cat is sick.

DUers about the same age as dirt: What is this?

OMG I almost hit a moose!

It's October,.... Ghosts and goblins..... Tell your tale!

Who Wears it Best: Lady Gaga or Klaus Nomi?


Military leader for my daughter to write a report about?

Images from today's "National March for Equality" Rally in DC.

Obama's War: Coming on PBS Frontline Oct 13th

Senate prospects for healthcare co-ops dim

DiFi Loves a man in uniform

deleted dupe n/t

Bacus Bill killer is out, New Price House Coopers report

Why is anyone here quoting health insurance company-sponsored studies as objective truth?

Fact or Fiction: The majority of the US media despises President Obama and wants to destroy him?

Proof that Liz Cheney's mouth works faster than her brain

So I hear that Rush Limbaugh is planning to refuse to get the H1N1 vaccination.

Join me in writing MSNBC re: their Rush-fest this morning...

Obama, Change And Torture

Which choice is correct from the Right Wing regarding Obama so far?

New Questions About President Obama's Past

Obama Is Too Big To Fail!

Newsweek: An Inconvenient Truth Teller (Biden)

Sending More Troops Won't Solve The Problem In Afghanistan by Senator Russell Feingold

The most FUNNIEST question yet in the NJ Governors race

The Nobel Peace Prize really went to you and me and all of us

Rent-A-Research (the health insurance industry's latest "bamboozlement")

AP - The Insurance Industry Joins Liberals In Attacking The Baucus Plan!

"Who is this John Harwood? I think I love him"

A bit of good news: Insurance companies trying to kill health care => a strong PO

Civilian Goals Largely Unmet in Afghanistan

"Obama officials, who have been wooing the insurers..."

Rush Limbaugh aka Jeff Christie, who was busted in a public restroom for propositioning

Krugman Blog: Unemployment late next year (2010) only marginally lower than it is now

Gallup story: Obama Job Approval at 56% After Nobel Win

What kind of cats are these?

Is the Insurance Industry Declaring War?

George W. Bush's thoughts on Nobel Peace Prize

Limbaugh's pro-Taliban statement regarding Obama's Nobel Prize should be the FINAL STRAW

WH Thinks Demonstrators “Internet Left Fringe” Who Need to “Take Off The Pajamas”

Anonymous Sources (Digby)

"A Shocking F*$&#%G Expose From Politico...the most idiotic, non-story of the year."

Nelson (Blue Dog) favors trigger vs opt out!

Godwin's Law and today's insurance industry "report"

Fuck the blue dogs

Norman Lear: Can You Top This?

Schollenberger runs for Senate

Sports reporter Kevin Blackistone said: "Why don't Rush Limbaugh listeners call

Bachmann opponents could be headed for primary

With all the babble about death panels, here are some things we never talked about:

NC Spin says Cunningham to jump in

Ohio Businessman Mulls Ryan Challenge

Obama becomes Japan's English Teacher

Fife Symington Out of Governor's Race; Throws Support (Gee, Thanks!) Behind Munger

White House Talking Points Rip Insurance Industry Study

More commentary on Obama's Nobel Prize, including Robert Parry and Hillary Clinton

3 hours of news programming on 1 cable network does not constitute a "Liberal" Media

3 hours of news programming on 1 cable network does not constitute a "Liberal" Media

Denklau will seek to oust King in 5th

Attacking our opponents by implying that they are closeted Gays or Pedophiles is not clever...

Why can't the Huff Puff EVER get a headline right?

The Big News: Democrats divided, Obama retreats from reform.

Minnesota fears hefty hit from aiding poor

How Barack Obama Became the Accidental Occidental President

If current health care bills get derailed--

Well, guess who dropped in to Dublin?

The crosstabs on this Obama poll are interesting

AP starts pumping the Wurlitzer: Dems scramble after warning from health insurers

Jane Hamsher talks to John Harwood

'Outrage' Documentary: Activists Outing Gay Conservatives

Senate Finance Committee (Dems) Slams AHIP Report

Orly Has a New Argument

Breaking: FOX News questions Obama's Nobel...

Obama should be asking right about now, is "What would Bush do?"

On MSNBC -- Wingnuts protesting at school where kids sang Obama song

Some ask, "Does President Obama deserve the Nobel Peace Prize?"

Kerry/Graham op-ed reactions summarized by Atlantic Wire

If the national unemployment rate on election day, 2010 is 9% or higher...

CNN Heralding negative poll numbers for Pelosi and Reid; nothing about Obama's surge in the Polls

Does anyone STILL doubt we've been played for suckers on Health Care?

White House Disavows Report That It Disdains Gay Critics, Bloggers As “Internet Left Fringe”

Weiner: AHIP Report (unexpectedly) Makes Strongest Case In Weeks For Public Option

Obama to host Tribal Nations Conference

Reunited: Clinton And Bush To Make Second Joint Appearance

Listen. Take off your "footie" PJ's, put on your big boy (or girl) pants. The WH is correct.

Sooooo... the 2nd wave to bring Health Care Reform to a Halt starts Monday Morning, hey?

Greenwald Makes A Strong Argument For Not Delaying Action On DADT

Rush is really STUPID. He thinks WE'RE stupid-and he THANKS us-for increasing his audience.

The pen-stroke fallacy (DADT)

An Anonymous White House Adviser Was Talking About Your Mama.

"The odds of a Senate climate bill just jumped through the roof."

Who is better: Barack Obama or Hugo Chavez?

Republican shoots target with Fla. Dem's initials

BREAKING FROM NBC: White House official calls gays part of "Internet left fringe"

French minister was Thai sex tourist

UN acknowledges widespread fraud in Afghan election

Officials: Obama Advisors Are Downplaying Afghanistan Dangers

Union opposes Rush Limbaugh's bid to buy St. Louis Rams

Chavez's TV appearance cancelled due to health (Suspendido Aló, Presidente por quebranto de salud)

British MPs threaten to revolt over demands for expenses payback

Hillary Clinton says she won't run for president again

New Bill Would Raise Rates, Says Insurance Group

Bill Nelson will not support the Republican filibuster on the Public Option

Bomb attack on Italian barracks

Clinton Urges Hewing to Peace Process in N. Ireland

Big Bang scientist 'admits link to al-Qa'ida plotters'

Stocks hit one-year highs

Czechs Bounce, So Bolivia Goes Chinese

Ex-officer alleges Iraq cover-ups

Freer trade fails to bring better jobs in poor nations: study

Chomsky Book Banned From Guantanamo

Former head of Texas forensics panel probing 1991 fire says he felt pressured by Gov. Perry aides

Russia and China eye $5.5bn deals

Death sentences for China riots

Afghan quits election fraud panel

China Nurtures Futures Markets in Bid to Sway Commodity Prices

Attack on Market in Pakistan Kills at Least 40

Brown to repay £12,415 expenses

Limbaugh: 'The media didn't make me, and they can't break me'

Behind Montana Jail Fiasco: How Private Prison Developers Prey On Desperate Towns

Former flight attendant sues Oprah over sex claim

Evidence of fraud could force Afghan runoff election

Economists say recession is over, but jobless rate will stay high

Headstrong Honduran ruler resists world pressure

(Al) Sharpton wants NFL to block Limbaugh bid for Rams

London: Greenpeace protesters spend night on parliament roof

Iowa workers claim Powerball prize ("The Local 310 Ten")

WH Reaction: New AHIP Report On Health Care Bill Costs 'Self-Serving'

Iraq War veteran opens fire on Indy police

Iceland Shrinks 8% as Prices Increase 11% in Deepest Recession

Foreclosures Grow in Housing Market's Top Tiers

Rangel gets primary challenge from former campaign director

Census Takers Want Partners After Death

Suspect in 1968 hijacking at JFK is captured

News Corp, Liberty Media interested in NBC: report

Obama to host Tribal Nations conference

Mitterrand, hit by sex furor, wins fresh support

First woman wins economics Nobel

Guardian (UK) gagged from reporting parliament

Schwarzenegger vetoes bill restricting insurers' ability to cancel policies of sick patients

Bill Nelson: I Prefer Trigger To Opt-Out Compromise

Beth Butler, longtime director of Louisiana ACORN, fired in wake of Obama flap

Dollar Reaches Breaking Point as Banks Shift Reserves (Update3)

Well it was good while it lasted. I must leave DU...

Army considers middle-school JROTC program

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday October 12

Obama Song Video Prompts Protests At NJ School

Gov. Granholm signs law giving farm animals room

Obama to visit New Orleans for a post-Katrina survey

Three heroes of 9/11 die of cancer in five days

Iowa, U.S. gripped by trial in wake of historic immigrant raid

Schwarzenegger signs gay rights bills

Black Cab Sessions. Chapter 28: Benjamin Zephaniah ("Rong Radio Station")

F-Troop Season 1

Ficus for Congress - The Awful Truth with Michael Moore

Young Turks: Shep Smith Goes Off on Krispy Kreme Cheeseburgers

Look what the Antis put up..Protect Marriage, Maine

The Hour: Ex Gay

The Amazing Atheist Owns Homophobics

Capitol Hill Agenda: Oct. 12, 2009

White House Official Considers Gays Part Of Internet Left Fringe ?

Bill Moyers: Single Payer is the only thing that can be done.

ANIMATION: Git-Mo Help by Ted Rall

President Obama Speaks to the HRC

Hillary Clinton on Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize

Empty promises on 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Scenes from the National Equality March -

Geithner's All Ears for Finance Buddies

[Dutch tv satire] Letterman-imitation: Top Ten "To come clean to your wife"

TYT: Racially Motivated Murder In Phoenix & Anti-Obama Graffiti

Power Shift Flash Mob In Support Of Greenpeace Protesters On London's Houses Of Parliament

London: Greenpeace Activists Occupy Parliament's Roof Protesting About Climate Change

Grayson Addresses The 2009 FDP Convention: Republicans Should Rename The GOP "The Selfish Party"

Young Turks: Conservative Clown Paints Jesus, Satan and the Liberals

Noam Chomsky on the Role of the Educational System

Keynote: NAACP Chairman Julian Bond 'shall pursue all legal and constitutional means...'

Is Kirsten Powers Really A Democrat?

Lady Gaga performs her rendition of 'Imagine' at the HRC National Dinner 2009

Grayson: 'What I Did is Like a Bob Dylan Protest Song; What Joe Wilson Did is Like a Belch'

TYT: How Republicans Allow Corporate America to Evade Taxes

Bachmann Sex Clinics

MSNBCs Morning Joe Defends Fox News Channel Against the White House (5:14)

Lady Gaga Screams at 'Obama, I Know You are Listening!' at Gay Rights March

A Rarity: Bill Frist is much smarter than Bill Maher (on vaccines)

With All Due Respect: Please Reconsider Columbus Day

Morning Joe Zbigniew Brzezinski Obama Deserves Nobel Peace Prize (7:01)

Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize w/ Naomi Klein

"Healthcare Fighting (Kung Fu Mix)"

AHIP To Unleash Its Guns On The Baucus Bill!

How to Live on $0 a Day: Financial Doldrums Got You Down? Look on the Bright Side

The Making of a Quagmire

Glenn Beck, Republican strategist

Former Panel Chair Says Perry's Office Pressured Him On Death Penalty Probe (TPM)

Vitriol, Invective at the Speed of Light

Peter Galbraith:How to Rig an Election

In Response to Criticism, Jon Corzine Goes 'Up-Scale' With Chris Christie Fat Commercials

New Bill Would Raise Rates, Says Insurance Group

Humanity's Rite Of Passage: A World Tended By Adults (Carolyn Baker)

Dollar reaches breaking point as banks shift reserves

Mending America's Torn Social Fabric: A Promising New Effort

Glenn Beck: the fourth Stooge.

Insurance Industry Report Should be Rallying Cry for Single-Payer

What a contrast to the days of 'is our children learning' - Obama Becomes Japan’s English Teacher

The Progressive: Ellen points the way for African-American celebrities

Ezra Klein: The Insurance Industry's Deceptive Report

The Next Lost War

Rush Limbaugh turns hard left, embraces NFL socialism

Andrew J. Bacevich: Afghanistan - the proxy war

Booby Prize (James Howard Kunstler)

Hiroshima, Nagasaki to consider joint bid for Summer Games

A Wicked and Ignorant Award ...NOONAN!

Obama would make a great nineteenth century president....

Coke Didn't Make America Fat

PUTTING POLISH ON A TURD, the herofication of Christopher Columbus

McCain: Troop buildup needed in Afghanistan

As economy grows, so does China’s trash

Peak oil review - Oct 12

George Soros pledges $1bn to search for clean energy

Meet the Maggie Walker fish, an ugly little critter that can't swim but still impresses

Pollution still problematic at old ICBM sites

Drumbeat: October 12, 2009

Sustainability Impact Assessments for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Reuters: California heats up incentives for solar power

Countries Are Preparing for Rising Seas But the U.S. Is Far Behind

The Call of the Land

Ken Burns National Parks series: Yellowstone should be 'left to private enterprise...'

Hey Joeybee..

'skins lose, Dallas wins...


A Change (in DC) Would Do No Good

Let's say it again in the sports forum--- About Spoilers...

Chicago Cubs File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

Ronaldo out for up to 4 weeks due to ankle injury

Ump admits missed call on Utley hit

Has anyone heard from Forkbee12 since yesterday afternoon??

No Baseball playoff threads tonight? The Rox could get frozen out! Spoiler alerts for all those

Yankees advance to ALCS

Excuse me, but how the "heck" are the OU Sooners

Where is the love for Condem's Hawkeyes? I'll start the post.

Papelbon chokes

Chavez: Nobel peace committee overlooked US wars

Bolivia to buy Chinese jets for drug war

.Argentina's Kirchner is due in India

Are Republicans Breaking US Law in Honduras?

Latinobarometro Informe 2008

[es] Reimpulso de Barrio Adentro otorga a la salud prioridad permanente de Estado

Llegó el momento para una nueva Constitución: Céleo Alvarez Casildo (Tiempo)

Discussing media freedom in Ven today reminded me of this FAIR piece:

[es] Plan de sustituir importaciones ha quedado sólo en el anuncio

[es] Bolivia y PDVSA invierten 80 millones para producir electricidad

Interesting bit about Posada Carriles found via BoRev.

Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba - Conference US Citizens can attend in November

Shots are fired at major Catholic seminary in Tegucigalpa

Magbana: Honduran National Resistance Update 10/12

John Perkins (.... Economic Hitman) - Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?

Cuba expands ports capacity with help from China and Venezuela

Cuba modernizes ports to admit larger ships

Cuba won't let blogger go to US to receive award

Man dies after double shooting at west suburban tavern

Columbine killer's mother tells of horror of suffering her son caused in high school shooting

Two killed, two wounded in Mooresville shooting

Suspect in custody for shooting of 10-year-old girl

4 recent self-defense shootings raise questions about law, safety

Guns, cars, and penises.

Robbery Victim Fatally Shoots Suspect in W. Oak Lane

Chicago plan to curb student shootings

Mystery shooting: Woman on boat hit by bullet near Skaggs Island

Here's what the fight about guns is really all about

11 year old shoots at home invader

Arnold signs 962

People shoot each other. Put all those stories here. 1 easy fast place to find them all

People keep bad things from happening by having a gun handy. Post those stories here

Palestinians launch $220 million housing project

Focus on the essence

Students refuse to enlist due to 'occupation'

Netanyahu: Israelis Will Never Be Tried For War Crimes

Turkey's wakeup call for Israel

Anyone ever use multi-flash?

Went out on my bike and came home with a favorite shot

Healthcare Reform: We’re Gonna Do This & Blue Dog Dems Will Pay A Price If They Obstruct

Today in Labor History Oct 12 guards kill at least 8 miners '98, 14 miners killed by scabherders '02

Man falls 125 feet, dies in Philadelphia crane accident (NEW OSHA regs on the way) & video

Basic Research Loses Some Allure

Scientists produce live mice from stem cells....

Baby dinosaur made tracks as it fled

Incy vegetarian spider is a scientific first

Best photo yet from the march

Dennis Kucinich supports increase in budget for NASA

Always good to have the written record. Obama's remarks to the HRC -

OK I have to know: is crap like this all right with you?

Scientists Use Inkjet Printer to Manipulate Genes in New Ways

Local D.C. coverage of the equality march

Dear Mr. President: Fire this advisor

If Goldman Sachs' CEO Was Gay, Would DADT and DOMA Vanish?

Are Republicans looking to nick some of the gay vote?

The White House just called LGBT's part of a Pajama-clad Internet Fringe

The Lost Generation

Photo of the Day: Martin, GA

I Didn't Tell. It Didn't Matter.

Cheap naked chips snap a perfect picture

NYPD: Beating of gay man a possible hate crime

The hatred for John Aravosis here is appalling.

Italian Scientists Put Robot Spiders In Your Colon

"Let the counties handle it!" ?

US corruption system is based on lobbyist access

Japan's new financial services minister hates capitalism. LOL

Failures of Small Banks Grow, Straining F.D.I.C.

Misguided Monetary Mentalities - Krugman

A revolution that is not being televised.

The Angry Republicans Have No Credibility On The Dollar

Dr. Housing Bubble 10/12/09

Freer trade fails to bring better jobs in poor nations: study

Economists say recession is over, but jobless rate will stay high

Rational Irrationality - The real reason that capitalism is so crash-prone.

this is why I am DONE with the old paradigm

Join Me in a Toast for the First Woman Nobel Prize Winner

In Need of Healing Love and Healing Light for Kohaku, Kagome, and Kikyo (PICS included)

Monday and I am back from the woods :)

Brother's Funeral is Today

Mercury is becoming a regular housecat. :-)

Even the Maya are getting sick of 2012 hype

Who remembers the Swine Flu shots of 1976-77 ?

Rules to Eat By - Michael Pollan

How much do you know about anti-inflammatory foods? Take the quiz:

Children can greatly reduce abdominal pain by using their imagination

Vaccines just another fear of conspiracy theorists

Catholic Priest Arrested in Rape-Murder case of 16 y/o school girl

Since the bible reads that telling a lie is a sin...

ACLU Says Bibles Used As Weapons At Local Schools

God is not the Creator, claims academic

The Huge Economic Impact of the Achievement Gap

Conservative Propaganda

Your favorite ideas for leftover pot roast?

Sunday Kitchen...The Dishes Aren't Done Edition. LOL

Fill in the missing ingredients if you would.

I posted this in the A&A group also..

"Nukes Mess With Texas" by Carl Pope

Is Perry in trouble?

Sure I'm a WACKO....... but see this!