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Have you ever seen a pundit/talking head associated with Politico dot com that was ...........

NYT: Plan Seeks More Access for Disabled (ADA 2.0 advocates say it does not go far enough)

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/16/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Ob down 1, Mc up 1

Kent State Student Wounded In 1970 Shootings Dies At 58

Well done mods...

Gore Endorses Obama

Those Who Will or May Be In Obama's Administration:

It's 5:01 PM PDT. Has the world ended yet?

So, what's up with Tim Russert's mom?

Part 2 - McCain and the "angry" Americans: This is what we would post if we were like the other side

Part 2 - McCain and the "angry" Americans: This is what we would post if we were like the other side

Bush to visit the flood zone Thursday

Anyone has a live link to the Obama meeting

Lawmakers Well-Off Despite Economy

I didn't know that Russell was considered so important.

My health club manager didn't like the "peace" belt Rocco was wearing..........

YIPEE!!!!! In just moments, the first same-sex couple will be married in CAafter the court decision

Mike Malloy Truthseekers thread for 6/16/2008

Today is a historic day for both straights and gays

Have been away from DU since Friday morning. Anything happen since then?

It would look like Obama!

Thanks for upgrading the servers this past weekend

Gore and Obama up on MSNBC

Re-electing the Republican party would be to "murder liberty in America" (Paul Craig Roberts)

If you see a link to the written transcript of Gore's speech, pls. post it.

We Remember Them

Bloggers are starting to boycott the AP

Maryland 04 is holding a Congressional election on Tuesday, June 17.

Did anyone catch what Gore said to Obama when he handed him the mic

Dan Abrams just cracked me up

DU POSTS of the "ARCHIVED SOULS.".....Posts you Missed that are Worth a Read for the "Night Crowd."

Wow! Just WOW!!!! n/t

"Just think what we could have done in the last eight years."

Democrats Back Down On Iraq War Conditions

Behind McCain's Town Hall Campaign - McCain Can't Compete With Obama

The oil era reaches its desperate endgame

Judith Miller and "Liberal" New York Times helped legitimize Bush's case for invading Iraq.

US, China firms sign 35 deals worth eight billion dollars

Oh, Dear Lord....

Direct link for Gore/Obama

Anyone know what happened to Delilah Boyd's Blog Box?

Debating Grover Norquist, America's Leading Fake Populist

This Modern World: The Republican good news fairy is here to assuage your doubts

American Red Cross: Disaster Funds Are Depleted

Scott McClellan on with Tavis Smiley tonight. -- He's the only guest.

Bush: Critics of gitmo, torture, rendition are "slandering America"

Might John McCain be nothing more than a big red herring?

When your freeper pals rant about drilling in ANWR,remind them

Gaps In McCain's Military Record Raise Questions

A SIMPLE EXPLANATION for destructive energy prices:

As we get closer to this election day - a thread to remember DU'ers whom have passed on

Mandatory Monday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!

So I was helping a customer in the entertainment department today

Chicago bound.

Vote Hagan!

Gay Marriages Begin in California - great pic

Congrats to Will I. Am and Obama!!!

More flooding worries, 26 levees in danger, and what's in the water

Do you believe that income plus education is equal to social class?

Bush threatens Iran with military action

even dogs and cats know that elections matter. [email protected]@@@@@

France to reduce armed forces by a fifth

Bush threatens Iran with military action

9/11 Commission: Bush was Wrong (Bush History: 6/17 Tuesday)

Oh, yeah.

More underweight babies born in U.S., report finds; Number highest in decades.

Defense Briefing by Secretary Gates on the Merida Initiative

U.N. Special Rapporteur Visits: Maps America, Noting Dramatic Link between Race and Poverty

Iran Removes $75bn From Europe As Brown Warns Assets Will Be Frozen If They Fail To Stop Nuclear Dev

Iran Removes $75bn From Europe As Brown Warns Assets Will Be Frozen If They Fail To Stop Nuclear Dev

The Imperial Party...

Lieberman pisses off Dems again

Yea me!! I just gave $100 to the DNC.

Bigoted CNN coverage of Africa?

Judge Sets Abramoff Sentencing Date (Sept. 4), Investigation May Continue

Judge Sets Abramoff Sentencing Date (Sept. 4), Investigation May Continue

You have NO idea

Heaven help us.. Bernanke/Grassley/Baucus plan to "fix" our healthcare "problem"

"Gay People"

Majority in California support same sex Marriage

Gore Endorses Obama

Lanny Davis works for Faux News now?

Worst Company In America 2008: "Sweet 16" Bracket! VOTE now!

Korea Free Trade Agreement and US Beef

Army Overseer Tells of Ouster Over KBR=Refused to approve $1B In Questionable Charges

A question to atheists:

Times are hard, but there's BIG $$$ in killing innocent foreigners.

A fire alarm went off at C-SPAN's Wash. Journal. They evacuated the set.

It's just so thrilling: California, you rock.

Ex-UK Army Chief (Iraq) Confirms Peak Oil Motive for War; Praises Fraudulent Reconstruction Programs

OIL: It's a bubble, and we can thank Enron for it. NPR's 'Marketplace' 6/16/08

Bacteria genetically altered to provide 'renewable petroleum'...Eats waste and Poops out Oil

Katrina vanden Heuvel: Progressive Book Lovers of the World, Unite!

Senate Report Shows Intel Debunked Al Qaeda-Iraq Link Before Bush's Speech

Marines In Indianapolis for Urban Battle Training

They call it "gay marriage"

What the hell is this "Brown Note" (aka shit ray) Fox is...

The NERVE of that woman...

GOP Writing Off Two Key Senate Seats

Boston Globe: "Many states turning to paper ballots for fall"

How many Iowa National Guardsmen are in Iraq right now?

Send Pocket-Sized Constitutions to Conyers

The Rich and The Rest of Us

MarketWatch: Las Vegas feels airlines' pain

Judy Carter on gays.

McClatchy: Wrongly jailed detainees found militancy at Guantanamo

ACLU Welcomes U.N. Independent Expert On Extrajudicial Executions To U.S.

What the people of the U.S. seem to have forgotten

David Iglesias Interview on Daily Show Tonight: "I thought I was working for Jedi, not Sith Lords"

GORE is on fire folks, he is just on fire

Group muddies McCain message: Non-profit bent rules while supporting his agenda, raising money

Bush "Psycho" War Criminal

Verb, "To Condi: to go endlessly around in circles, accomplishing nothing."

Independent UK: The tragic legacy of a disastrous president

"I see fewer and fewer people leaving to go to work each day."

The Unraveling Of Joe Lieberman

This Modern World - The Republican good news fairy is here to assuage your doubts

DNC to file 2nd Suit on McCain's matching funds

Another levee has given way in the Midwest

Another levee has given way in the Midwest

Discovering the Farmer's Markets ..... and falling in love with them!

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Sept. 11 Detainee Can Sue Ashcroft, Mueller

Bookmarkable! McCain Renewable Energy Record: Endlessly Bad...

Harry Reid is the wrong person to speak for a cause.

9/11 Commission: Bush was Wrong (Bush History: 6/17 Tuesday)

Yet again Cheney/Bush are shown to be liars-responsible for killing & maiming countless human beings

On C-Span 2 -- When Republicans are speaking they are slipping in negatives about Obama

WE HAVE BEEN DUPED... Obama is the October Supprise..!!! we are screwed

Wealth Creates Poverty? "Terrorism, Globalization and Conspiracy"

At lunch today, I saw two Latinos give each other the fist jab salute.

Sign the letter to Terry McAuliffe asking him not to appear with former Bush spokesperson D Bartlet

Military related question about Commander in Chief

What's the difference between a war hero and a combat veteran?

"Bush plans Iowa flood tour"...Better late than never?

Ex-British Army Chief in Iraq Confirms Peak Oil as Motive for War

I'm guessing some DU'ers didn't like Keith's "Worst Persons" tonight

The Rude Pundit - "Killers" Set Free

Here's a very interesting article on the oil drilling debate.

Bush: Critics Of Gitmo, Abu Ghraib And Rendition Are ‘Slandering America’

Blackwater’s Bright Future

Can the sale of Budwieser beer to non-US interests be used to help us?

Why pay for your vegetables (and more) to be shipped? Buy local! It helps your local economy, too!

$4,412 raised for Barack Obama so far. Only $45,588 to go to reach our goal!

Grand Jury Said to Look at Attorneys’ Dismissals

'Disposable Heroes': Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs (ABC)

W talking about the floods on CNN

Are DUers watching coverage of Iowa

McCain: I'm Both For More Oil Exploration And For Conservation

Bush holding talk on flooding

McCain: "Treat our wives with RESPECT...REJECT anyone that doesn't!"

Report from CA: Gay Marriage +21h 24m

Looters Steal Flood Victims' Scraps

The John McCain Flip Flop File

NYT, pg1: Grand Juries Become Latest Abortion Battlefield

You want abject poverty?

MUST READ Tent City USA with videos!!!!!!!!!!

*** Senate Armed Services Hearing on Torture techniques ***

Obama chatting with college kids live

U.S. Housing Starts Drop to Lowest Level in 17 Years

VA testing drugs with SEVERE side effects (phychosis, suicide) on veterans

Yesterday Keith criticized FAUX for their Russert coverage

Glenn Greenwald: John Yoo’s Ongoing Falsehoods in Service of Limitless Government Power

Report: US Wrongfully Imprisoned Many in Overseas Prisons

Under Jack Welch, NBC News became a news division without real precedent in modern history

DNC to file suit in federal court to force FEC action on McCain complaint

Army Fired Official for Questioning $1 billion in Dodgy KBR Contracts

Senate Report: Military Psychologists Helped Devise Interrogations

I for one am glad that California's Supreme Court ignored the 11 state AGs who asked for a stay...

U.S. Housing Slumps, Producer Prices Rise, Sending Signals of Stagflation

Bush, Cheney's FBI Interviews Subpoenaed

Peru admits talks for US air facilities in the highlands. WTF???

They are co-conspirators-history will not judge them kindly for putting politics above Constitution

It Certainly Feels Like a Recession....Economic Snapshot for June 2008

I heard on CNN tonight that McSame doesn't know how to

I have a question concerning the Billions this administration has stolen.

What Do Lou Reed & The Freeway Blogger Have In Common?

What Do Lou Reed & The Freeway Blogger Have In Common?

Tributes to Russert: Critics Cluck 'Drawn-Out,' but Viewers Were Drawn In

Of Gasoline and Gardens: A Look at the Future

Does Anybody Know Why Black Helicopters Are Buzzing Downtown Denver.......

Conservatives Can't Vouch for Vouchers, But They Will Mislead

Judge rules for White House in e-mail controversy

Challenge and Community in the Heartland

Prescription For Death

Gas For $2.54 A Gallon

Any DUers from Hancock or Adams County, Illinois, who can fill us in on conditions there?

Cheney, Powell and Rice lying on Meet the Press

How can gay marriage trample religious freedom?

Great, a FIFTH foot washes up on shore in BC

Feds: 26 levees could overflow if sandbags fail

McClellan testimony may shed light on Niger forgeries

Chip Copperchops Campaign Ad #2


Hey, I'm a great grandfather

EPA Head Must Resign

What would be the best charity(s) to help the victims of the floods, tornadoes, etc?

Inpeachment/Kucinich editorial cartoon

Why doesn't Barack mention the flood victims???

Impeachment: It Still Matters

Special Ops military helicopters swarm site of Democratic Convention in Denver.

Scott Ritter: Why Are Corporate Journalists So Afraid of Questioning Authority?

Siegelman is on with Hartmann! - it's over

WTF!! Car bomb in Baghdad 51 dead several more injured

Iowa poised for an even bigger disaster this week:

After Abu Ghraib as an Iraqi if some US soldiers marched up to arrest you would you go easy?

Can someone refresh my memory on the rules of grave dancing?

I was born the same year as Tim Russert .. and I hope someone cares enough to dance on my grave

Documentary - This Is Our Home, It Is Not For Sale!

Nazis? In MY country? O RLY?

Veteran struggles to prove existence to passport officials

Doctors Issue Report Card On Health Insurers

If Bush is liberating these people why are they running away from our soldiers?

How about Aaron Brown as a replacement for Russert

Red State fundies to ACLU expansion plans: Bring It On!

The House is debating a bill about monkey bites right now on CSPAN 1.

To "rice" (the verb): "To Go Endlessly Around In Circles, Accomplishing Nothing" (Israeli TV)

Republicans Block Unemployment Benefits

Congratulations to California's newlyweds

Impeachment Supporters - What's your explanation for how Republicans voted on this issue?

NPR's Talk of the Nation, Wed. 6/18: McClatchy reporters on the Detainees.

Edwards open to VP job

NY Times: Nearly Half of Wall St. Bank Profits Are Gone

Where are the National Guard ??

Two New Co-Sponsors for Kucinich's Bush Impeachment Articles - Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey

Here's a download link for Mozilla Firefox 3 final

Kerry Pushes Rice to Consider Burmese Junta's Actions as "Crimes Against Humanity"

This is the greatest political ad in the history of political ads!

Students Face Jail Over Goat Prank

Suicide in the Trenches

McClatchy should get some love since they're the only major print outlet

We need some tunes to grave dance to, in the mean time here are some more folks

Fox anchor claims Iranian missile could possibly ‘hit some military installations’ in the U.S.

Congress takes aim at oil speculators.... well, maybe.

The law allowing gay marriage in CA doesn't go far enough.

Floods Leave Iowa Swimming In Toxic Brew

Those Mississippi floods and public policy:

FBI files of interviews with Bush, Cheney subpoenaed

Supreme Court To Rule On Whether Ashcroft Can Be Sued

KS republicans eating their own - this is PRICELESS!!

"Replacing" Russert: Contenders, Pros and Cons

Journalism’s Tim Russert Problem

Man who fatally beat tot on roadside IDed

FUEL-LESS airplanes are in the works...Great Idea! NO FUEL, NO POLLUTION, NO NOISE,

The Rude Pundit: Family Research Council on California: It's the End of the World as We Know It

I hate lying repuke propaganda repeaters, I'm so evil!

The drumbeat for war with Iran is getting louder - Today’s Headlines 6/17/08

Impeachment Daily - Article 2: 9/11: Fraudulent Justification for War in Iraq

surge update - At Least 51 Are Killed in Blast at Busy Market in Baghdad

Stocks fall as data show drag of higher oil

Black Spec-Op Choppers are So Funny!

"If the detainee dies, you’re doing it (torture) wrong.”

State Dept Report: "There appears to be no mechanism to prevent unauthorized [Government] access"

A very tiny, slight, modest, bit of a half a kudo to the media (re: McCain)

Republican harboring endangered animals??

Laura Bush, First Librarian


Big Media Right Wing Reset - Remember Limbaugh As A Football Announcer?

Closing numbers

Have ya ever been to beautiful Santa Barbara? to beautiful Miami Beach?


Racism and Sexism for sale at the Texas Republican Convention

Rasmussen says…

SUGGEST A SITE: What websites do you visit daily?....Non-political...For me it's

"John McCain will not punish the people who will give jobs to others."

Impeachment: It Still Matters

Take the Congressional Prevarication on Torture Pledge with me.

What are we to make of a House that refuses its duty to impeach?(Indiana Newspaper Editorial)

Dodd: I received no special deals from Countrywide

May we all emulate this old man :)

Torture: Harsh Techniques Assembled Summer Of 02 & Cover-up To Suggest "Few Bad Apples" Followed

Sen Kit Bond looks like a gin-soaked barfly who's been showered for a court date


bobby jindal "the next ronald reagan" is getting his ass kicked on New Orleans Radio

Free Shipping on Orders over $25 @ Democratic Stuff dot com

News and Tribune Column: Never too late to impeach

News and Tribune Column: Never too late to impeach

American Citizens calling out the Corporate Media on Impeachment: Issue worth covering

Ventura Country Star: Impeach Bush, Cheney

I just want to bring to your attention the corruption of police in Canada

turned C-SPAN and the House is talking about.....

Crikey!! Now it's McCain's turn to have his military record scrutinized

Obama: Bin Laden still free because of GOP tactics

In your opinion the coverage of Tim Russerts passing on MSNBC was...

Why is the US dollar so weak? I am looking for a basic explanation if possible

Call NOW to stop war funding!!

McCain Sets a New Record: 10 Flip-Flops in Two Weeks

Documents flesh out doomsday debate

need some help here. does anybody here know of the non-profit (I believe out of Denver)

Cops and Teachers Hoax Drunk Driving Deaths to Scare Teens

Jean Schmidt, dumbass and fruitcake......

Jean Schmidt, dumbass and fruitcake......

Just a reminder of the FACTS; bUsh's invasion of Iraq was in fact ILLEGAL.

Caption this * pic

The wielders of the "I thought we were BETTER than THEM!1" meme

Dominant, aggressive women more likely to produce sons, study finds

There is no significant man made global warming

WH Derides Investigation That Exposed Drug Testing On Vets As ‘Irresponsible Reporting,’ ‘Awful’

Reagan's fascist son calls for the murder of an anti-war activist

Equality Feels Good - pic

The Assoiciate Press wants to charge you $12.50 to quote five words from them

Jeff Gannon blogs at the National Press Club’s website

Jeff Gannon blogs at the National Press Club’s website

Soldiers risk ruin while awaiting benefit checks

Economy struggles with rising prices, slow growth

Fear, Aggression, & Empire - Great interview with Dr. Stephen Soldz

When will the last Airplane Fly?

Did George W. Bush push the USA to become a better place?

Matthews rumored as leading Russert replacement.»

Intelligence Failure: Inside This Month's Senate Report

Sorry McSame you can't have Alex - Bravo Moveon

About that flooding in Wisconsin? $84,000,000 damage in just Waukesha Co.

TEDTalk Tuesday: Ear Candy

Caption this McCain pic


AP: Iraq getting better?

New Orleans is "Yesterday's Disaster" and the Mississippi Towns and Iowa is Today's Disaster....but

Hundreds pack funerals for two fallen Boy Scouts

Tweety's been calling GORE "the jowly green giant" or "the green giant"

Dog helps boy out of rain swollen river

Blogger arrests hit record high BBC

Tim Russert's Casket will be on View in St. Albans School Dining Hall from 2 -9:00 p.m. today.

Found an excellent retort to "Defeat Obama, Osama and Chelsea's Mama"

Representative Michael Burgess (R-TX) is a TOOL

Britain is Repossessing the U.S.A.

And Obama's veep is ... a Republican?

Dan Boren D-OK calls Obama "“the most liberal senator in the U.S. Senate.”

Afghanistan Confusion

Stephanie Miller to do Larry King tonight

Does anyone have hard facts about federal budget over last decade?

Appeal for support, such as letterwriting -- MOHAWK NATION NEWS publisher beaten at border!

I need help finding a list of repub scandals in the last 8 years

Karl Rove And Republicans New Terra Phrase " Sept. 10th mindset"

ARGH!!!!!!!!!! Bush and floods

5th human foot washes up on Canada coast

Westboro Baptist "Protesting" at Funerals of Boy Scouts in Omaha

Battleboro Reformer on Impeachment: It Still Matters

DoJ Bush Politico Brad Schlozman faces grand jury referral, possible criminal charges

DoD IG: KBR Overcharged The Navy After Hurricane Katrina

Al Gore's getting lots of coverage today

who really represents us? Its good to be king.

AP Video Link: Wounded Soldiers: No Job, No Benefits, Now What?


Hundreds of Same-Sex Couples Wed in California

Breaking on Lou Dobbs: B* Administration clueless, greedy and deaf.

Meet 'Juan Crow'

Under the category, "I Can't Believe I'm Posting A Tim Russert Thread," I just have to say...

AP Video Link: Iowa Rescuers Save Animals From Flooded Homes

John McCain is giving us a "gift"

Fuel, Shipping Costs Driving Carnivals Out Of County Fairs

Duhbya Plays Basketball In Belfast. (pics!)

Cyd Charisse was a Republican tool!!!

"At the Death House door" this month on ifc.

That caller to Randi's show was DISGUSTING

U.S. School District to Begin Microchipping Students

Wall Street is in the midst of its biggest, ugliest, worst round of layoffs in decades.

How much more than you does your CEO/Director/owner/etc. make?

Trekkies: Mr. Sulu is getting hitched

Slideshow: Bush unites Europe and America in indifference to him

The toddler was filled with demons

Critical thinking exercise for the RW: WHY are there supposed to be massive riots in Denver?

Ok one levy has failed and they are watching another one

Al Gore will be on with Olberman tonight

McCain hits Obama on 9/10 mindset, Kerry, Clarke respond

I hope my friends love me the way Tim Russert's loved him

What does marriage mean to you?

Dont Look Like Bush Is In a Hurry to Go to the FLOODZONE

Anti Intellectualism in the US. Don't be a fool, we also suffer from this on this site

The Right to today's LA Times:

So, I'm watching coverage of the marriages in CA...

Gen. Mora: Abu Ghraib, Gitmo ‘first and second identifiable causes of U.S. combat deaths in Iraq.’

Police Investigate Woman With Five Dead Husbands

If Obama divorced his wife and married Hillary, would that suffice?

If Obama divorced his wife and married Hillary, would that suffice?

Coast when you can,

4101 dead, Bush at peace: "I didn't sacrifice my core beliefs to satisfy critics or satisfy pundits"

There Is Only One Real Maverick

US Gun Shops "Lost" More Than 30,000 Firearms Last Year

I wish just one time a candidate's spouse would tell whoever the people asking for the cookie

Searching For The True Source Of A Bogus Story

Teacher reports allegations of child sexual abuse...

Why are some of you folks doing this?

Clinton back in the Senate saddle again. Calls for Senate investigation of Halliburton subsidiary.

Teens are getting psyched for OBAMA.

We Just Might Rekindle the Patriot’s Dream, Bill Moyers

Has anyone tried the new Firefox 3 web browser?

John Kerry: McCain: Not So Straight On Energy

538 (Poblano): Guess Who's Blogging for the National Press Club? JEFF GANNON


What if Pelosi is named in a suit alleging her complicity in war crimes?

Bush is using the current gas price spike to justify drilling in ANWR

Wikileaks Publishes US Counterinsurgency Manual-Bribery-Employing Terrorists-False Flags-Cover-Ups

Parents tied son to tree for 18 hours before he died.

Looking for a list of liberal/progressive talking points...

Well shucks, looks like gay folks are born that way! *religious community commits mass suicide*

Meet two better interviewers than Tim Russert

It's time for another blessed image story!

AQ Khan & Iran - Does Bush Really Want to Open Up this Can of Worms?

When do you think a VP will be chosen? I am ready for yard signs

The march to war by Democratic strategists. Two months after 9/11 they said "New World, New War"

Fired For Doing His Job

Um, the Jeff Gannon thing...

Senate Dems won’t block FISA compromise

ALERT: Parents and Teachers - Letter to Obama - Please read & sign!

"To be Irish is to know that in the end the world will break your heart."

The Independent: ‘The end of this disastrous presidency is finally in sight.’

Obama gains over 10 points in latest Kentucky poll

Anger rises in Iowa

Sad Reality-I'm SO Tired Of This..."Rove Would Be Interviewed In Private Without Oath To Tell Truth"

No sexism left in industry, nope, none at all

How do you get to work?

Wow. I just read the dumbest email ever. My GF's Republican friend forwarded it...

Supreme Court Reverses Gore Endorsement, Awarding it to McCain

Is a New Congressional Resolution Declaring War with Iran?

Woman brands thoughtless date with hot iron

I'll Say It Again: Bush Will Attack Iran This Summer or Early Fall.

Today in California equality rules (pic heavy)

George Bush Buys Lesbians Baby

Dear Media -- We too are worthy of your respect

How much is our thinking shaped by the mass media? I don't just mean

Finally, the press gets it about the coverage of Russert's death.

Dancer Cyd Charisse (with Astaire, Kelly) dies at 86.

so who the hell is this Adele?

DU.....Where Are You? (Geographic Distribution Poll)

Post your unfounded rumors in this thread.

This non-American is baffled by the adulation of Tim Russert

Please help pressure Hoyer on illegal spying!

Military choppers fly over Denver during top secret drill

Is Rachel Maddow selling out? Rachel is one of my favorite progressive journalists.

Shoot me!! Now MSNBC is dragging out Russert's son.

Who is our "Greatest Living American"?

Without googling, tell me four things you know about Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Current supply-and-demand levels should place oil at $55 a barrel

Most of you don't know this about me, it's time you do

The death of the US as a nation

Mike Gravel calls for new 9/11 investigation

Why would whoever they are (coppers, blackwater, NG, people designated as "in charge?")


Bumper stickers reveal link to road rage

What is wrong with nuclear power?

Congress finds Big Oil holding back fields that could DOUBLE US output

Pelosi spiked Iran bill

NYT: For Blacks in France, Obama’s Rise Is Reason to Rejoice, and to Hope

Rasmussen daily GE graph for 6/16/08 - Obama 45, McCain 40 - Ob down 1, Mc up 1

Olbermann Carrying Obama/Gore Endorsement Rally Live

McLame urges end to ban on offshore drilling!

Does anyone else think that McLame will NOT be the nominee of the Repugs?

The Incredible (Hulk) McCain Girl

The grave dancing and related attacks against

Tech Heads NOTE: McCain TV spot is mixed in 5.1 sound!



We Need Change!

I love Al Gore.

Franken on CNN now

MSNBC not playing audio on Obama speech


Perhaps Al should have endorsed sooner....

I get the feeling that we are going to kick McCain's ass this November.

You can watch Obama-Gore Rally on-line at the Obama Site - 5,000 viewers thus far!

This is a fucking spectacular speech.


Us? We stopped paying attention? We allowed corporate interests to divide us?

My dirty secret: I don't care that Cindy McCain doesn't bake cookies.


So... There I was...

McKinney Urges Mass Mobilization Supporting Impeachment

I like the Plug-in hybrid refrain in Barack's speech tonight.

Shocking picture exposes Obama's Terrorist Roots. Can you see it?

Which is more powerful?!!

Which one said it first?

Al Gore just sent me an e mail

that was a freakin' awesome speech....

I got a call from California Opinion surveys tonight, only 2 questions, who am i voting for and

I got a call from California Opinion surveys tonight, only 2 questions, who am i voting for and

AQ Khan developing as the reason for war with Iran. NYT is helping sell it

Feast your eyes on this great-looking duo ... an Obama/Gore pic that fills me with delight!

Bumper Sticker Unity in Arizona

I knew it, I fucking called it on Friday: Bartcop dances on Russert's grave

Et tu, Obama? Piling on black men and BLAMING THEM for the lives of poverty

"Even Your Dogs & Cats Know Elections Matter"

Feast your eyes on this bit of "brilliance" from The Conservative Voice.

Obama clearly pandering to white voters back in 2005.

"She held up a navy blue pump"

One thing about Dem First Ladies vs. Repub First Ladies.

REM on the Colbert Report

They were not trolls, they were Democrats.

Obama giving voices to those children raised without who normally have no say!

Just returned from the Obama rally at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit......

Eugene Robinson: A Father's Absence and a Son's Message

HEE HEE... Jack Abramoff's Sentencing Date Has Been Set For Last Day Of The Republican Convention

A late entry for the "Best DUer of the Primary Season".

Well, damn it to hell and back! Would someone PLEASE tell me why

CNN CUTS OFF Obama to talk about Tim Russert

CBS - Gore: Take It From Me, Elections Matter

What A Coincidence! As Al Gore Endorsed Barack Obama, FOX News Trotted Out Karl Rove


Wow. I knew Michigan would be a close call for us.

Virginia: Obama Keeps Gaining Ground


Yay! I finally realized I have a reason to visit the in-laws....

Nader and Ron Paul are out campaigning. Why isn't Mitt Romsert out there?

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Here Is Gore's Excellent Barack Obama Endorsement Speech In Totality

Carly Fiorina has no god given right to breathe the same air as good people

who breaks awful news on a monday?

New ABC/WaPo poll: Obama 48%, McCain 42%

McCain is increasing the lead

It's 5:02 in California...

The cable lady told me the signal to my new DVR is "jammed."

It is now officially official. Al Gore is not running for President in 2008

Can grass eat people?

Since People Can Eat People...Can Grass Eat Grass?

Can people greet ass?

How do I contact Stephen Colbert via email?

Cool New Show: Family Channel's Middle Man

Bush approval sinks below Nixon, LOWEST SINCE 1938 - new ABC/WaPo poll

I just went to my first antique auction!

electoral math Obama 317 McCain 221

how do you make a post with an embedded video?

Subliminal message?

I've just been invaded by the Hungarians.

Got ya.

So the new cat Siggy went outside for the first time today. I tried to show

Tonights Collection

Obama's kickass speech in Flint on Economics on C-SPAN Now on Replay!

I'm enjoying a pint..................of Breyer's Butter Pecan

I just don't think I can do it,...again. This drawn-out dying thing is too much, for me.

moby is good for something

The Derwood Water Main break

Eyes not down

I want this as my avatar...

Grilled Chicken breast on a bed of baby spinach w/ cherry tomatoes, sauteed asparagus

My 1000th Post


waaahhh -

WP/ABC News Poll Finds Independent Voters Split Between McCain, Obama

chillin by the pool with hotties

Can I count all my DUzy posts in a DUzy thread as individual DUzies?

The 'Gay'ing of California has begun

Woman tries to sell cougars outside Wal-Mart

Kanye West Angers: Bonnaroo Audience Chants "Kanye Sucks"

How is your Bookmarks Toolbar organized?

McCain has a new ad, is the media going to call him on it?

Can we all agree to at least this?

Obama looking to turn Georgia blue!

Study: Chimps calm each other with hugs, kisses

Well, this is a little weird...threw up in my nose a bit, now I can't breathe out of it.

Well, it sure isn't boring in GDP tonight.

Delegates, Welcome To Lobbypalooza 2008

Color me colonitis, but why is it so wrong to put horseradish on lawn clippings?

Color me plaid, but why is it so wrong to put KY on Ernie & Bert dolls?

I just got milk and cookie delivery

Hi, some kate Nash

How the hell did McJerk ever get a reputation as a "maverick"?


Pool Report of Obama’s Stop by Michigan GM Plant

McCain Campaign Accuses Obama Of Having "A September 10th Mindset"

Need some quick advice please - regarding washing a shirt

So I feel like an idiot.

How do you win w/out FL and OH when you didn't carry PA, MI or NH in the primary?

WIP painting

Hispanics stick with Obama

Please, sign the Million For Marriage petition

Ohio Poll: Obama 50 McCain 39

I sorry

Here's a question only the Lounge can hope to answer.

A Great Pic Of Al Gore And Barack Obama

The place for currant events

Stop the hating!!!

Lanny Davis shucks his Democrat costume, finally revels in his long-obvious Rethuggery

"I, unfortunately, have been to too many disasters as president,"

Fox Pundit Cal Thomas Says African American Women are "Angry"

"Yes We Can" video by wins an Emmy

I was filling out the information online to sign the 'Million for Marriage' petition when I was

McCain camp: Gitmo Detainees Aren't South Side drug dealers

Vote Republican-Get what you deserve!

Mom tells McCain(PAPA): Senator you can't have Alex

Is it just me or does McCain look like the Phantom of the Opera?

360 Degree view of the rally last night in Michigan

Hillary Clinton Supports Obama's Selection of Doyle

"They looked like a gang of little poncy masturbators."

Good Morning RetroLounge: does your store have one of these?

Republican National Convention???

"Just hang in there..."

"biggest fuck you (to Hill fans) I have ever seen in politics." - Obama hiring Patti Doyle

*****Obama Live Now Campaigns In Taylor, Michigan********

Do I need to listen to Iron Man or should I just wait?

L. A. Times: Women Voters Lining Up Behind Obama

Today's Polls: Everywhere a Bounce, Bounce

American Standard is in the toilet

North Carolina Poll: McIdiot (45) Obama (41)

I'm scared

Feminist Groups Prepare to Back Obama

List of John McCain Quotes with links

Gore Endorsement Of Obama Grabs Big Headlines In Michigan

Cal Thomas of Fox News: All Black Women Are "Angry"

Michelle Obama's War Against the W(B)itchhunters

Toronto Star: McCain using Ottawa as a backdrop?

Here's why John McCain is my nominee for "worst person in the world." Schedules Larry Sinclair Polygraph Press Conference

Wow. Fast new computer.

Just saw McCain's "I hate war" ad in HD

I thought of a great name for a band

My latest pencil sketch

A link to the Detroit Free Press' photo diary of Barack Obama's Detroit rally last night .....

Another gem by "McGaffe" : Windfalls Profit Tax

McCain's Damaged Brand

What's up with the MEDIA BLITZ on casting doubt about Obama saying McCain is Bush

Boys & Girls of the DU Lounge - do NOT try this trick at home....

Flood victims: If you have water damage and no flood insurance, do the following ASAP:

Will Al Gore's endorsement help Obama?


TEST your knowledge...if you DARE: "Troy McClure Film or Actual Terrible Movie?"

The question about experience is overrated!

New North Carolina Poll: McCain: 45% Obama: 41% (within moe)

Chuck Hagel for VP? Not sure about this (for Obama, not McCain)

According to's McCain Timeline, he did NOTHING (no things) the following years

Everythings heavy underground. ;o)

One good thing about these polls...

Any folks of Icelandic descent in this here Lounge?

You look really stupid lionesspriyanka

I WISH Obama would come to Wichita

Have You Told Obama What You Think of His Economic Team?

The lounge word of the day is "Chuggo". Modify any post title with "Chuggo" and repost it here.

Carly Fiorina again touted McCain lie that Obama's tax plan would kill small businesses

Carly Fiorina again touted McCain lie that Obama's tax plan would kill small businesses

Sand fleas



Obama Statement on Reports that US Soldiers are Being Recruited for Dangerous Drug Tests

Whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail?

I'm a Useless slob, so blow me.

Newsweek - McCain Is Not Bush Because He Is Lying To Conservatives?

You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack...

My day just went straight in the toilet

Rock Lobster comes first, behind it PLANET CLAIRE!

California opens up human rights for all

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA endorsed by AL GORE at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan

You can't hide from The Flipside

Canned Tuna is God's lil joke on humanity

Canned Tuna is God's lil joke on humanity

What bodily functions can we discuss without having a thread locked?

Kind of curious - What the benefit of a Gore endorsement now, rather than two months ago?

McCain's Desperate Debate Gambit

George Bush's favorite band

The "Maverick"

What's wrong with Andrea Mitchell's right eye? (MSNBC)

Close Race: McCain Stays in Range Amid Challenges for Obama

It was t-h-i-s big

"If Obama is President will we still call it the White House?"

MoveOn Says Polling Shows New Ad "Alex" More Persuasive, Effective Than Any They've Created

BREAKING from John and Cindy to be....

??? for Frank Zappa Fans

Those of us in the medical there a forum on DU where

Obama, McCain, and Gina Gershon agree: The press needs to get off the stage

BEST LOLCAT EVAH!!!!!! If Mitten not fitten kitten u got 2 be akwitten

"And the Mississippi River's flowing ... downstream"

McCain "economic advisor" Carly Fiorini on Morning Joe

Battle of the horrible states: Which state is REALLY the worst?

My 1000th Post- An Obama Video

CNN Poll-2/3 Dems fired up. McCain is as exciting even to Repubs as turnip casserole

WTF!? Andrea Mitchell sarcastic and demeaning to Bonior

After This "(Expletive) You" to Hillary (Solis Doyle hire), Forget Clinton as VP

MSNBC should DUMP JOE Scarborough asap!

I had one of 'those' conversations with an Obama supporter today

How Will We Celebrate LynneSin's 60,000 Post?

Can't sleep again...visteral?

You won't believe what John McCain said during his last townhall meeting.

Any thoughts on what Obama can do to pull away from Mcbush in the polls?

Ha! I just realized I joined DU five years ago this month.

Okay, now he's truly gone too far.

Ha! I just realized I've been posting on this site for 7 years last month.

I have 59 posts until 60K. Ask me anything

Let Go Of The Primary Anger

Vermont nudists anger clothes-wearing residents


Has anybody been charged $200 to disconnect their regular phone service (not wireless)?

Survey USA has a wierd poll out of Minnesota: Insane does better w/ younger voters; Obama w/ older

Here he is, McLettuce!

Female Dem senators unite behind Obama, 10-item Checklist for Change

Obama defends Clinton at Michigan rally

Is Teh DU slow for anyone else today?

Comment on this aggressive ad idea I have

Huffington Post: McCain Recycles Bush Talking Points To Hit Obama On Terrorism

Lanny Davis Joins Fox News

having a huge yardsale Thursday-Saturday. Man I am sore and tired

Slingshot: "Do It Again/Billy Jean"

Media tries to sell McCain as he flip flops on everything from ANWR to war

Obama says he'll visit Iraq and Afghanistan before the election

Obama answers GOP critics on terrorism

Now that McCain has such a great new slogan - I Heard he is going to tanning booths every day

GOP Joe took Gore out of context to make fun of him this am.

I picked up BSG Season One to see what all the hullabaloo was about...

Obama to seek AFL-CIO, labor backing in meetings

Real Clear Politics Electoral Colllege Map

Hey Redstone, are you OK?

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

PHOTOS: BARACK OBAMA campaigns today at Wayne County Community College in Taylor, Michigan

Vacuum cleaners suck

E-mail forwards invade Myspace

fellow AutoCAD virtuosos - I'm looking for some free hatch patterns

Ha! I just realized I joined DU four years ago today.

Holy Crap! Obama up by 11 in .....wait for it...........OHIO

Waiting sucks

Ok I'm back...

Rudy Lives! He Resurfaces To Attack Obama Over -- What Else -- September 11th

Americans Turn to Phones, Net for Politics

Why doesn't Chuggo have a Wikipedia entry yet?

Where did Tim Russert shake out politically?

Thumbtack Obama

Key McCain Supporter Lied to Keep Out Black Jefferson Descendents

"Full Metal McCain" - Matt Taibbi does it again

"OF TO WE" -- Will those three words doom the Obama campaign?

Former CIA Director/war profiteer James Woolsey part of McCain's neocon attack team today.

Veiled and blatant racism galore but CBS addresses this: Are Dems Alluding To McCain's Age In Code?

Nice post(age,) Hitler!

Al Giordano reminds us it was Patti Solis Doyle who wanted to force Mark Penn out of the campaign

Now THIS is a political E-mail forward I can approve of:

Woohoo. I'm Going To Colorado This Weekend! Someone Help!?!?!!?!

Come on now, fess up.

I Just Mailed My Favorite Person In England I Hope He Opens The Letter

Hillary Clinton Actually Supported Patty Doyle-Solis

The blood of Cthulhu, Biomechanical Hannity and Chuggo have formed a supermonster. What will you do?

Biomechanical Sean Hannity likes wearing leather. That is all.

PPP Poll: Obama Up Big in Ohio

I just got my economic stim. check

if you tell me what town you live in, i will suggest a cheap motel near you that has clean towels

Wow, GOP Blaming Clinton For 9/11 . . . Again

Just took BoyMidlo out driving for the first time.

Obama's Campaign symbolizes disruptive change. But to win in Nov. CAUTION IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY.

Obama's Campaign symbolizes disruptive change. But to win in Nov. CAUTION IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY.

Christmas On Mars

The Internet : now seeking Job.

MSNBC trashing MoveOn's new ad and shamelessly supporting McCain's 100 yr occupation of Iraq.

Ok, I did this for 50k posts so I'll do it for 60k......

I need interesting job titles


St. Pete Times on Charlie Crist: "The Biggest Flip-Flop Since He Took Office"

It just dawned me that Barack is left handed!

I'm chewing my arm off as I type this

Barack Obama responds to today's McCain's neocon "September 10th Mind Set" Attacks

apparently, today is the day for concern trolls

"McCain now backs offshore drilling, was against"

Keep up the "pre-9/11 mindset" thing, McCain.

I just got a solicitation letter from McCain.

Popular vote blowouts are rare.

Only an hour to go until Firefox 3

I just used my economic stimulus package check as toilet paper.

McCain using illegally "Still the One" in Town Hall Meetings (MSNBC) (non) Response to COOKIEGATE

When I Get My Stimulus Check In July


How the Repugs are courting women Democrats.

Uh Oh, somebody is going to be in trouble...

Let Go Of The Primary Anger

Daughter's Summer School GVT class today looked up issues on the candidates and their promises

JVS appreciation thread

Chuck Todd ANOTHER ReTHUGlican HIDEOUS shill

I am eating hot fries style chips! I must be pregnant!

Did anyone see Matcom's latest tattoo - - - a real shocker.....

hear the republicans: the time has come to enforce the rules, for democrats will soon be in power!!

Dog Plucks Boy From Platte

BREAKING - Kidnapper ready for trial now

Why the hell isn't Franken doing better in Minnesota?

MCCAIN MENTAL ASSOCIATION THREAD! Post a picture that reminds you of John McCain!

McCain new campaign slogan: "Reform, Prosperity, Peace"

Dog Plucks Food From Plate

Fiction fans: what the heck does "RAH" mean?

Americans Trust Obama, Not McCain, to Lower Gas Prices

EURO 2008 Group C

My brother is bashing Laker fans on the air! HA!

Why is S&M so damn good?

Time: How Green is John McCain?

NSFW video: John McCain--Yes We C*nt!

Cool/Not Cool...

Another Tim Russert Thread

Chuck Hagel (R) being considered for Obama's VP Pick

McCain using Bush's hypocritical "September 10th Mindset" against Obama

I love this picture...

Kitty Pics

I need cougar advice ASAP

ever post a joke that someone takes seriously?

I watched American Gangster last night! It was pretty good.

The VP choice will give Obama a boost that McCain will not get

The Daily Widget – Tuesday, June 17 – Obama 303-235

What. The. Fuck?

OMG the new lead singer for Journey sounds JUST LIKE STEVE PERRY!

Anyone else watch Intervention on A & E...

Do you believe in love?

I can't use Firefox 3

Peg's Scary Adventure w/her Laptop...or how I nearly lost DU...

Watch Out Atlantic City Gorn Is Coming To Visit

Battlestar Galactica fans: what does the Opera House vision mean?

Example of why Cable TeeVee Sucks ASS! They think we want to hear them instead of Barack Obama!

Peace payments to Iraq a "phenomenal success"

Obama to Meet with Congressional Hispanic Caucus Tonight

Detroit Free Press: Obama thrills Detroit crowd of 20,000

Comedy relief: Uneducated Rush calls Obama an "idiot" who "never wrote anything."

Jet - taken to the pound less 6 month after being bought as a puppy.

Do you believe in lust?

Has anyone seen bigtree lately? I miss his posts.

Possibly the wittiest argument as to why marriage shouldnt be decided on just a state level

god, I hate trolls

Is asking "do you believe in love" like asking "do you believe in sadness"?

Portrait of my Wife

Bust out the Kleenex. Best (Cat) Video EVER!

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Tue 6/17/2008)

I think I just got asked out on a date

Why did MSNBC cut Obama off tonight straight after Gore's speech?

Please give a warm welcome to my friend, annabelle91!

My husband doesn't know

Obama - Live event with college students *now*

I can't get excited when I see Obama ahead of McCain in the polls right now...

Can people eat grass?

god, I hate toll house cookies

I think I just got asked out on a lemon

Regarding the Move-On ad

High heels for *babies*. I'm SERIES!!!11!!!11!!!

Just saw a gay couple getting married on teevee, and one of 'em looked like ThomCat

I mean really, Is there anything they *can't* do with Bacon?! Part II:

Texas Republicans can kiss my ass!

Bush hasn't done anything illegal or impeachable

I'm leaving

I dont get the Patti Doyle move

Somethin' just smells funny about this headline

Has anyone heard from or know

Gay Marriages Kill Cyd Charisse !!!!!

There is a bastard of an acrobatic cat that lives next door.

I am continually amazed at what a shitty candidate McCain is.

I feel for his family, I don't hate Tim Russert, this isn't personal - but we're not at his wake

New sig pic?

Later On DU

My Tim Russert Article Generates Controversy

Great that Obama/Clinton are mending fences, but Hillary needs to address what's brewing on puke TV

A Thousand kisses deep

Holy hasenpfeffer, Firefox 3 is fast!

Protesters Disrupt Lesbian Wedding In California

TOP GEAR is the best show on TV...

Spaghetti with home made meat sauce and for watching the CELTICS win cheese dip and chips

holy shit!

"Bruno" coming to a theater near you, next Summer.

Is photobucket being glitch-y for anyone else today?

Color me ignorant, but why is it so wrong to put catsup on meatloaf?

It is most difficult to cook when hubby is allergic to Wheat and Squash

I need coyote advice ASAP

I just used my economic stimulus check to stimulate my economus.

KY-Sen: Lunsford Trails McConnell By Four

DirecTV Sucks in High Definition

Is there video of McCain calling his wife a CUNT?

Cindy McCain stole recipe for BOILED WATER!!!!

Tuesday June 17 Kitten Picture of the Day

Ever had a life-changing "ah-ha" Moment?

Gray's last day.

I've always thought that the 9 most terrifying words in the English language are

So in midsummer, where is the best romantic getaway in the United States?

woo, it is getting dark outside and windy..hope it means we are getting RAIN!

Cormac McCarthy fans...begin weeping now

Encinitas, really? A RANT.

First joint appearance scheduled for our two warriors-Clinton/Obama joint fundraiser on June 26

What the heck is a sockpuppet and how do I get 'em?

Does anybody sell diabetic-freindly ice cream and cakes?

How much does poor credit hurt a job search?

Anyone have experience selling stuff on craigslist?


... Bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

My professor is making me really nervous

Just made a movie about impeachment...please watch

The corporate media actually seems to be calling McCain on some of his BS

Awesome Numbers: Favorable/Unfavorable ABC News/Wash Post

Would Obama supporters accept Clinton as his VP?

Recommend this Post if you don't give a hoot about stolen cookie recipes!

Team Obama talks with Senate Dems- stresses humility- praises Senator Clinton

Joe Biden: I'd Make A Great President, Secretary Of State, Vice President

The Absurdity of Limiting the Scope of the Congressional Hearing

Nostradamus = Spinal Tap's best album

The REAL McCain: Big Oil Fuels the Straight Talk Express


Here is Move On's ad

So, I Got A Ticket Today For Hit & Run On A Domestic Animal

Anybody hear the Randy Rhodes caller say my friends willnot vote for a blackman

GOP convention button asks, ‘If Obama is president…will we still call it the White House?’

Congrats to Stephanie - you broke Cookiegate, and it's being hit on every show

"Dems For McCain" Turns Out to Be A Sham

Obama Campaign Rolls Out Richard Clarke To Hit Back At McCain's "Sept. 10th Mindset" Attack

That List Of "Democrats And Indys" Backing McCain? It's A Bit Of A Sham.

Wallpaper you will hate

A perfect mascot

$4,412 raised for Barack Obama so far. Only $45,588 to go to reach our goal!

Obama says Don't Lecture Me About Terrorism!: Bin Laden still free because of Repug tactics

Hershey Stole Cookie Recipe From Cindy McCain

Supreme Court Reverses Gore Endorsement, Awarding it to McCain

360 Degrees of Obama's Detroit Rally

Poll: Obama Holds Big Lead In Ohio

Big Headline on CNN: McCain puts Obama on Defensive

The Firefox 3 party thread! (With celebration of a M$ troll whacking!)

Congrats to DUer Stephanie... MSNBC just reported on "cookie-gate"

By the way, I'm officially old today.

Where does Obama fit on the conservative/liberal scale?

Cookiegate - it's not about whether or not Cindy McCain can cook.

Tim Russert grave dancing! A freeper poured coffee on my car! Cindy McCain stole my cookies!

Internet Cliche Heaven!! Weezer's New Video...gotta see!

Rolling Stone locates the definitive MORANS: "Look, you either are or you aren't, and he aren't"

If an Amazon is a Brazilian, then how much is an Amazon???

the sand wich should contain Vidalia onion and what else?

What are the best websites to view electoral maps for the election?

Post a song that makes you happy.

Please play this game!

Hey dog people: is there such a thing as a cross between a toy poodle

Barbary Castle crop circle 'a coded image representing the first 10 digits, 3.141592654, of pi'

VERY COOL: 360 Degrees Of Sen. Obama's Detroit Rally From Detroit Free Press (Obama Panorama)

Why it Is of some Importance How we Remember Tim Russert

Anne Hathaway finally dumps that douchey boyfriend of hers.

Oops, the kitten is in heat

Did anyone watch the Daily Show last night? "Baracknophobia,"

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction,"

What Is A 'General Order 24?'

Power User's Guide to Firefox 3

Post #23 on this thread tells me what to change my sig to!!!!!

In honor of my being well again: A Smiley Thread!!!

McCain's Secret, Questionable (Navy) Record

I was wrong.

I Had One Of "Those" Conversations With A Hillary Supporter Today...

Why does the Obama Camp have to make this so hard? For the love of God, repeat after me.....

Battle of the horrible states: which sucks more?

Kids under house arrest, basically, on Supernanny.

Senator Clinton assisting Senator Obama with major fund raising event

If you bottled wine, what would you call it?

I've posted this before...I can post this again...because I am Italian-American

NH Governor refuses to endorse Obama

Should they sell beer in a 2 liter bottle?

A DU contest: Use "Cthulhu", "Biomechanical Hannity" and "Chuggo" in a complex-compound sentence

This Is Outrageous!!!!!

If you attend an Obama rally, please do not boo at the mention of Hillary Clinton's name

Judge, O you gods, how dearly ....

So why aren't we hearing more about the Keating Five, which McCain was one of them.

So why aren't we hearing more about the Keating Five, which McCain was one of them.

The one issue that worries me is the price of gas and the

DangerouslyAmused just gave me a great idea.

If you were in a State of Emergency and had to evacuate: What would you do with your pets?

Senator Clinton returns to Senate and targets KBR for investigation

HOW COULD YOU? (warning, *very* sad)

Hugs for Maddy McCall here.

Literature 101 Fun - Best First Line:

I try not to be paranoid , or a conspiracy theory nut

Does using Bisquick mean that I have to turn in my foodie card?

I just broke the law

Micheal Reagan wan'ts to stick grenades up one year old babies butt

U.S. asks envoy to Bolivia to come home to consult

A Clintonite's Choice (Lanny Davis joins Fox News)

Father in stomping death said he had to 'get the demons out' of boy

Judge Sets Abramoff Sentencing Date (Sept. 4), Investigation May Continue

Bush, Musharraf, Ahmadinejad least trusted leaders

Dozens of gay couples get married in California

Dozens of gay couples get married in California

Gore Attacks Bush in Detroit

Border gas stations losing business to Mexico pumps

Groups ask court to halt gender-neutral marriage licenses (again)

Tony Schwartz, who helped create 'daisy ad,' dies

AP to meet with blogging group to form guidelines

White House May Keep Documents in E-Mail Flap Private, Judge Rules

Detainees learned to hate the U.S.

Iraq law on Baathists not being implemented

Former Justice official may face grand jury probe(Schlozman)

Fed auctions $75 billion to ease credit stresses

Taliban militants destroy bridges in Afghanistan (and plant mines in preparation for battle)

Iraq parliament plans to exit Green Zone

Iran withdraws $75 billion from Europe: report

Car bomb targets Baghdad bus stop

Feds: 27 levees could overflow if sandbags fail

Houston man says he was tortured for videos

E.Guinea says to punish Exxon, blasts BG profit

Obama Plans Spending Boost, Possible Cut in Business Tax

DNC seeks to force FEC action on McCain complaint

Ford begins latest job cuts

Texas agriculture officials already predicting record losses

Wholesale prices post biggest gain in 6 months

Hamas says it's reached cease-fire with Israel

US, China firms sign whopping 13.6 billion dollar deals

Fired U.S. Attorney (Iglesias): "I Was Working for the Sith Lords"

(Mark) Twain, (Edith) Wharton (historic) homes join others in financial peril (foreclosure)

Antipsychotic Drugs May Hurt In Dementia

Sarkozy Announces Major Reassessment of Defense Policies

Helicopter saves sandbaggers from Midwest flooding

Colombian militia boss guilty of U.S. drug charges

U.S takes 60 Colombians off sanction list

AT&T looking at charging heavy Internet users extra

BREAKING - Kidnapper ready for trial now

The Assoiciate Press wants to charge you $12.50 to quote five words from them

Lost Army Job Tied to Doubts on Contractor

Military lawyers objected to harsher interrogation

Court sets aside conviction in lobbying scandal (Safavian)

IBM cuts more positions in Essex Jct.

Norway passes law approving gay marriage

Wounded soldiers become homeless waiting for benefits

Bolivia Shuns Violent Intolerant Groups

Baghdad car bomb kills at least 51, police say

Republicans block energy credits, tax breaks in Senate bill

'Flight Risk' and 'Dangerous' -- But Judge Loosens Bail For CEO of DHB Ind.

U.S. Wary Of Push To Buy Claims To Confiscated Property In Cuba

Senate Republicans Roadblock Unemployment Benefits Extension

President Bush Briefed on Midwest Flooding

Militants found recruits among Guantanamo's wrongly detained

AMA issues first report card on health insurers

Report: Specter Done With Spygate


'Disposable Heroes': Veterans Used To Test Suicide-Linked Drugs

President Bush attends wake for newsman Tim Russert

Japan hangs 3 convicted murderers

Opponents lose last-ditch legal bid to stop same-sex weddings

Harris Co. grand jury hears Joe Horn case

Obama: Bin Laden still free because of GOP tactics

If you live along the Mississippi River, READ THIS

Denver stocks up on pepper weapon: City orders guns that fire special plastic balls

Kerry Blasts McCain's "Iraq War Mindset"

Honda rolls out fuel cell car

New Orleans Still in Danger of Massive Flooding According to NOAA

Iraqi television anchor shot dead

Collins: Pentagon tactics 'inappropriate'

Colombian militia boss guilty of U.S. drug charges

(Rep Jean) Schmidt criticized for false drilling claims

Brazil soy crushers extend ban on purchases from newly deforested Amazon

Iran has no plans to move money out of Europe

'Curveball' speaks, and a reputation as disinformation agent remains intact

Waxman: "Potentially Thousands of Criminal Cases Involving Fraudulent Contracts in Iraq"

Legendary dancer Cyd Charisse dies

Iraq might have reached turning point

Obama promises tuition tax credit

Military judge dismisses charges in Haditha killings

British mercenary goes on trial over EGuinea coup plot

Protesters in Peru hold 65 cops, general hostage

House Dems May Accept Unsworn Statements from Rove

US senator ties harsh interrogations to top Bush officials

(Rep) Alcee Hastings says Bush deserves impeachment and jail, but it would 'tear this country apart'

Israel and Hamas 'agree truce'

Yes I can, Yes I can

Barack and or Hillary tries to Swift Boat McCain

Jimmy Carter & Ted Kennedy at JFK Library (1979)

McCain reacts to attempted Swift Boating By Barack Obama and or Hillary Clinton

Officer Kills Man Beating Toddler to Death

Swiftboating John McCain and Barack Obama!

Gore Excerpt: 'Many People Have Waited For Some Sign Our Country Is Awakening'

Anti-Porn March in Times Square (1979)

In case anyone forgot, this is how a real journalist acts.

McCain: "We Are Winning in Iraq" ("Obama was wrong, and he's wrong today")

The Escape Club- Shake For The Sheik

McCain/Cheney '08

AIPAC and the USA

McCain Hot Headed (parody of song Hot Blooded)

Nixon wins 1968 Presidential Election (Huntley/Brinkley)

"So We Kill the Mothers and the Babies" - Michael Reagan

McCain's "Town Hall" On Fox News

BraveNewFilms: John McCain is in Bed with Big Oil

Al Franken for Senate Inteview - CNN

New Anti-McCain Ad: 'Not Alex'

TYT: Gay Marriage Arrives in California

CBS News: Roe Vs. Wade (Jan 22nd 1973)

Bush To Visit Iowa Flood Site - 'I've Unfortunately Been To Too Many Disasters As President'

(Kudos to) CNN - McCain Offshore drilling proposals

the death of the internet

Gore Endorses Obama: 'We Need Change' (Full Remarks 2 of 2)

Red, White. . . and Blue

Nixon's speech after winning the 1968 election

Firedoglake: Volunteers Deliver 'Stop Larry Sinclair' Petition

CBS News: The Death of Lyndon Johnson (1973 ... as it broke)

Removed for Updating - Apologies

McCain Lapses into the Past: "Gasoline Running at $4 a Barrel"

John MacCain says Cunt

My Obama Video-My 1000th Post!

Michael Moore- The Awful Truth

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama in Detroit, MI

He Said It First - Censored Version

Gore Endorses Obama: 'Elections Matter' (Full Remarks 1 of 2)

Re-Create 68 a BlackOp?

TYT: Best Part of Obama's Speech not Covered in the News

Obama Insists 'Solis Doyle Hire' No Knock at Hillary

Sweet Home Al-Obama!

Same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, 4 years later (CNN)

Scientists Find Bugs That Eat Waste and Excrete Crude Oil

Naomi Klein: "Obama's Chicago Boys"

Calif. Blue Cross Asks Docs to Report Patients’ Omissions

Study China's and India's Bids to Become R&D Powerhouses

Rumsfeld aides sought torture how-to (Levin will question Haynes today)

Irregular Joe: The Zell Millerization of Joe Lieberman

ICE Cold to Kids (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)

Rory O'Connor on hate radio (Buzzflash)

TIME: Is the Taliban Making a Comeback?

Is America's suburban dream collapsing into a nightmare?

Red Cross says disaster funds are depleted

After 75 Years, the Working Poor Still Struggle for a Fair Wage

May I Take Your Order ... From Across U.S.?

Top 75 Best Blogs on Clean Coal

Dick Cheney -- A Would-Be Planetary Dentist!

Climate book is judges' hot pick

The Scars

Obama Is A Hawk

Verizon Blocks Access To Whole USENET Hierarchy

WP, E.J. Dionne: Raising Hopes; Obama's Father's Day call for responsible parenting

Tragic Traps: Make a Mistake in America and You May Pay a Heavy Price for Decades

Pierre Tristam: Journalism’s Tim Russert Problem

FOX News' Latest Smear: Obama Blamed for Nigerian Spam

McCain sells his balls

Q&A with Henry Waxman: "Grand Bargain With Iran Was a Missed Opportunity"

Froomkin: Torture's Bad Seeds

The sanctioning of torture at Gitmo is a story not only of abuse & crime but also of a cover-up

David Sirota: An anti-Clinton for VP

Democrats To Back Down on Iraq War Conditions

Bernie Sanders: What does the decline of the middle class mean to you, personally?

Nicholas D. Kristof: The Weapon of Rape

Senate Investigation Reveals Frank 2002 Discussion of Gitmo Interrogation

McCain Would Relax Drilling Ban - WSJ

POGO: Double Slam on KBR Today

Icky disease afflicting Alaskan salmon

After the deluge: As Midwest floods recede, what's being washed into the groundwater?

Debunking McCain McMyths: Flipflopper, Not a Maverick, ‘War Criminal’ And a Very Unlucky... Pilot

Detainees learned to hate the U.S.

R.I.P. to the S.U.V.

Times of London pinpoints exact location of Osama bin Ladin!

Soybean, Corn Farmers Replanting After June 20th Can Expect Yield Losses Of 50% - AFP

Even Antarctic Winter Can't Protect Wilkins - Ice Shelf Tethered To Land By 2.7 Km-Wide Strip Of Ice

U.S. motorists tap out gas stations (over the Mexico border)

City lights go out after gas explosion (Perth)

Quagga Mussels Confirmed "Lakewide" In Mead: Remains Of Colorado River Ecosystem Wait For The End

Carbon Dioxide Capture And Storage: Grasping At Straws In The Climate Debate?

When Gas Stations Run Out of Gas (priced out of market)

WSWS: Tim Russert and the decay of the American media

Psychologists who helped interrogate terror suspects for the CIA to testify Tuesday before Senate

Floods Leave Iowa Swimming In Toxic Brew

Segway Glides as Gasoline Jumps

Noble Breaks Ground On 351-MW of Wind in New York State

Full Metal McCain by MATT TAIBBI

Fidel’s Heir.. The rising influence of Hugo Chávez.

Rutgers Board of Governors Approves Construction of Solar 'Farm' (NJ)

"A Pretty Stunning Graph of World Cement Usage"

Steal Two Black Walnut Trees? $900K, Jail. Steal $100M/Year In Trees? Feds Kill Investigation.

Greenpeace welcomes the extension of the Amazon soya moratorium

Satellite's-Eye View of Despoiled Africa

Drought & Heat Hammering TX Farmers & Ranchers - Losses Could Beat Old Record Of $4.1 Billion

Climate Action Explained in 90 seconds, no words [video]

Three Years After Storm-Induced Shutdown, BP's Thunder Horse Project Begins Pumping Oil & Gas

Buckminster Fuller's 1933 Dymaxion

Is America's Suburban Dream Collapsing?

Nearly $15/ gallon!

Senate Bill Fails on Cloture Vote for Investment Tax Credit Extension

High speed trains are killing airplanes

Two new exchange traded funds highlight expanding role of wind in global warming struggle

16 Lakes Across Canada Quietly Reclassified As Toxic Dump Sites For Mining Waste - CBC

Scientists Find Bugs That Eat Waste and Excrete Crude Oil

Is $ 1.50 a gallon gas being kept from all of us.

Reverse Henry-Fordism

How Many Innocent People Are Going Out of Their Minds Today?

Report refutes claims of dire need for more H-1B visas

Thanks To Smog Concerns, Aussie Athletes Will Not March In Opening Ceremonies -

Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Emerging In Pork - 7.1% In One Study, Nearly 50% In Another - WSJ

Mabe the modern era of electoral fraud began in 1988.

Top 10 reasons to blame Democrats for soaring gasoline prices - rebuttal

War Vote is not a done deal yet, call your rep!! NOW

"Wikipedia with quality control"

Federal energy subsidies. ALL of them. Every last damn one of them.

Unfolding Financial Meltdown on Wall Street by Dr. Ellen Brown

Increasing Signs of GOP Desperation

Army looks to put Fire Scout on fast track

Is Iraq at a turning point? Opinions vary

OIF, OEF vets can apply for $5K scholarship

Roadside bomb kills soldier in Iraq

Taliban take over villages outside Kandahar

MGVs to get counter-IED kits

Troops risk ruin while awaiting benefit checks

Bill seeks more counseling to prevent PTSD

Ready for life after NMCI?

Micro Air Vehicles sent to Iraq

2 Lejeune Marines die in Iraq

Ruling in Hadithah case expected today

Minn. Marines head to Lejeune, then Djibouti

Idaho guardsmen head to Afghanistan today

Moseley likely to step down as chief June 27

Former journalist refuses to report for duty with Army

Changes in plan may delay Humphreys work

Food costs push higher due to energy, currency

Forces Readying to Push Back Taliban

Navy Seeks Compromise Over Sonar

Report: DoD misled Congress on NORAD attack threat

Soldiers recall bombing in Iraq’s ‘Devil’s Den’

What are your memories/opinions of Elmo Zumwalt?

Army launches new gear logo

Teens claim they were duped into Navy

Perot launches Web site about government spending

Ahmadinejad to OPEC: Dump weak dollar

What Gas Price Will Be the Final Death Bell ?

Stocks fall as data show drag of higher oil

Stocks Decline as Goldman Sachs Says Banks May Have to Raise More Capital

Inflation Holds at 3.4% ROFL..hahaha... that's a good one.

The economy is BOOMING! For CEO's, that is. Even when their corporations

Mall Cleaners in Five States to See Wages Boosted (raises as high as 54 percent & family health care

Today in labor history June 17 Susan B. Anthony goes on trial in Canandaigua, N.Y.

Southern Copper Unions May Strike, Back Peru Protests (Update1)

UFCW Local 555 Holds a Community Rally in Support of Workers at the Dalles Fred Meyer as They Seek T

AFTRA declines Screen Actors Guild's debate request

NYT: After 75 Years, the Working Poor Still Struggle for a Fair Wage

Teamsters leaflet bars in W.Va. beer dispute

Unfair labor charge probed at Chino Valley hospital

Video: David Cook "On the Prowl" While Union Sues American Idol

State workers approve union representation

AFGE Looks to Web to Reach America's Youth (voter protection information for November!)

NYC Labor Movement Joins Community Groups In Support of Immigrant Rights

GM small car sales swell (add an extra shift a month earlier than initially planned)

Is there a form of energy that isn't lame?

If anyone's interested, there's a live, interactive blog on same-sex marriage

Norway passes law approving gay marriage

Meanwhile, here in Outer Bucolia... 'I just didn't want to wait another day'

We Unitarian Universalists were there at the San Marcos Courthouse today ...

"Gay Marriage: Why This Queer Isn't Celebrating."

Obama "I believe marriage is between a man and a woman."

I attended the first legal gay marriage in San Francisco today (photos).

Israeli Army Uses Live Rounds on Peaceful Protest

J-Street announces endorsements

Why Hezbollah's victory may lead to peace in the Middle East: An interview with Franklin Lamb

Egypt, Hamas say Gaza truce to begin Thursday

Report: U.S. urges Israeli pullout from disputed Golan area

Paraguayan president-elect visits Venezuela

President’s Visit to Boost Uruguay-Cuba Relations

Colombian warlord pleads guilty to smuggling

U.S takes 60 Colombians off sanction list

VEN Launches New Social Program for Poor Kids (alcohol, drug rehab as well as other social issues)

CHAVEZ Pushes Banks into Poor Barrios - Now this is what democracy looks like!

ANTIDOTE TO ANDERSON'S Article on Chavez - Interview with author of "Speaking with Hugo!"

COLOMBIA SUPPORT NETWORK : "Putting a Hold on Hope"

Hank Steinbrenner goes on rant about the DH

Raiders WR Javon Walker hospitalized in Las Vegas

New York Mets fire Randolph

Rotel Cheese Dip for watching the CELTICs beat the fakers tonight

The Lakers are going down tonight.

Awww, our guy...

TV Alert for Mon. Night, 10 p.m. EST

Your opinion please.

Another one of our cats has disappeared.

A little over a year ago I was in a lot of pain emotionally and I posted here

So, a bit of a positive hit on my quest for a new job:

Poor family dog got skunked this morning and she's feeling very sad.

Glowing cat eyes...

Day one of my trial for photographing police against their wishes

Study: Health costs to rise nearly 10 percent

Legal Drugs Kill Far More Than Illegal, Florida Says

Somebody hold me...

Mr. Ketchup just said "That's better than the 'pie'!!" therefore....

I just made Strawberry Shortcake, YUM

Does using Bisquick mean that I have to turn in my foodie card?

“Man says killing witness was brotherly thing to do” (Miami Herald)

Meanwhile, in Congress, another bill to reauthorize the federal AW ban - Author is a Republican

Help me respond to my brother

the time is near- Heller decided any day

What is up with Omaha Steaks?

Demand for Data Puts Engineers in Spotlight

What is the basis for the Creationist claim that the Earth is merely thousands of years old?

Does anyone know if video or audio of the Hitchens versus Richards debate on ID...

Professor Designs Plasma-propelled Flying Saucer

Looking for key people in early Christianity, 100 CE to 300 CE

A question to atheists:

If Satan appeared before you right now and was displeased with you...

Matthews Promotes Russert to Master 9/11 Gatekeeper!

Black Spec-Op Choppers are So Funny!

The 9/11 Truth industry....the conspiracy of the "conspiracy"

OMG!!! John Kerry needs to hire the ad agency that made this!! Big John!!!!

Sen Kerry on HuffPo about McCain and Energy

Why I hate the NYT, episode 100000

Does anybody has any internals for the Suffolk poll

Houston Votes - Kickoff Fundraiser Event July 1st

Tarrant County Obama Meet Up Tomorrow @ Pour House

Texas Repugs out do themselves

Firerfox 3 download link

Tarrant County Precinct Chair Training this Thursday June 19

Anybody here have trouble with MSN (cancelled account).

Norm scrubbed from Laurie Coleman's Blo-and-Go site--FEC violation at risk?

"Bachmann's "No More Excuses Energy Bill": Did Donna Rice come up with this?"

Al Gore Endorses Barack Obama

The 65 Percent Solution: 100 Percent Deception

Taxpayers pick up Tory tab

Don't look, don't tell, troops told

Toronto Star: Tories get twitchy waiting for McCain

CBC: Lakes across Canada face being turned into mine dump sites

Many states turning to paper ballots for fall

Hand Counted Paper Ballots in 2008

Bo Lipari Looks eVoteCounting in the Eye.

Chip Copperchops Campaign Ad #2

Rest in Peace, Stan Winston

Scott Walker still wants to privatize General Mitchell International Airport!

David Mills/Silvio Berlusconi corruption trial latest

Strange ... people seem surprised by this!

BBC: Now Hazel Blears loses personal computer, 'sensitive documents'

we need to get from Milwaukee to Minneapolis this weekend

Father in stomping death said he had to 'get the demons out' of boy

Santa Cruz Live "Wed-Cam" for today's same sex weddings...

Redistricting plan headed to ballot

i was just called by California Opinion surveys re:California Renewable clean energy act?