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Archives: May 2, 2007

Boston City Council Backs Employee Free Choice

It's surprising what you learn when you read these things.(Bushisms)

Bus Driver’s Firing Shows Need for Employee Free Choice Act

The democrats have ended the war

Venezuela: 20% Minimum Salary Raise, Withdrawal from World Bank and IMF

C.O.P.S.: A Democratic Homeland Security Program (by Anthony Weiner at HuffPost)

Edwards Dominates Money Race in South

Is the Bush Wall going the way of the Berlin Wall?

The U.S.’ War on Democracy

Who's the Enemy? (Jane Smiley at HuffPost)

Bush Vetoes the Will of the American People

May She Be the New Jesus (so to speak)

MAUREEN DOWD: Better Never Than Late

THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN: The Hail Mary Pass

May She Be the New Jesus (so to speak)

The Jefferson Rules -- Queries for National Democrats

War on Terror = War on Guns?

help save the Endangered Species Act before May 7

New Cold War over moon-energy? (No, it's not aliens at Roswell... yet.)

1997 Federal Million Solar Roofs Program Acheives Goals!!!!!!!

Christine Todd Whitman: nuclear should stay about the same percentage it is now

Olmert's legacy could yet be the failure that forces something better

U.S. Blocks Israel-Syria Talks

Ballot Secrets

Bush Cuts Off Funding For Our Troops

Report Assails Wal-Mart Over Unions

Bill Maher on Hardball exposing Rudy Giuliani's drag dressing

(NYPD) Police on Alert As Chlorine Hits Iraq

Uribe to meet Bush amidst questions on paramilitary ties

Lawyer: Charges dropped against Marine

Exclusive: New Cook/RT Strategies Poll Results

Turkey poll halted over Islamic fears

Iran says "evil approach" by U.S. prevents talks

FDA pet food probe checks 4,000 pet deaths

FBI turns to New York in fraud fight

News Corp. makes $5 billion bid for Dow Jones

Probe ‘scape goats’ take revenge

The Dow Jones rejects Murdoch's unsolicited bid

Giuliani’s Tie to Texas Law Firm May Pose Risk

World Bank ethics chief disputes Wolfowitz claims

Iran gives $1 billion in credit to Iraq

Afghan students burn Bush effigy in protest

Democrat demands White House student loan records

MI5 row sparks 7/7 inquiry calls

Texas Officials Criticize Fence Plan

Renzi Pays Back Taxes; FEC Drops Probe

Russia, U.S. race to the moon

Court Refuses to Block Detainee Transfer (Gitmo to Libya)

Ga. schools cautious on Bible classes

Senators Wary of Bush's Wiretap Proposal

L.I. Residents Protest After Mayor's Racist Rant

Riot Police Break Up SoCal Immigration Rally

FDA: Millions of Chickens Fed Contaminated Pet Food

I've been owned by gypsy's most of my life, so can you explain this mystery?

wooo 27 minutes until a new Deadliest Catch!

"Honey, I just won the lottery!" she told her husband. "Pack your bags."

More Classic Prince: "Mountains"

Great song! Kings Of Leon Molly's Chambers

FYI DU ladies:

Ok, I admit it. I'm watching American Idol this year.

MaybeThat Super Ignore Feature Was Good After All

Why does it take 3 days to get a pin number for FAFSA applications?

In This Thread: you laugh, you lose

Opinions Please!!! I want to remodel my kitchen area

I can't stand vehicles with oversized tires

I'm going to Outback Steak House, then to America's band

What's your favorite junk food?

What treats does your SO give you or encourage you to get?

Two Forgotten Gems by Mick Hucknall / Simply Red

They call Alabama the Crimson Tide...

Why are we at defcon 2???

I need someone who has access to JAMA articles - 1996

What were your last 5 movie purchases?

I just noticed something funny on Myspace's "Cool New People" section

I just can't help it...

The Sun Also Rises....

I'm full of want....

I think I'm going insane!!

lolcats! (cuteness alert)

What OTC drugs do YOU take for sinus pressure?

I thought that I was feeling a little crazy's a Full Moon

Wtf? It's May?

Do you remember the Watkins Glen 'Summer Jam' Rock Festival in 1973? (DialUp Warning)

Tom Poston is dead at 85

Something terrible has happened... I'm not managing my 500+ posts/wk.

Sorta weird question for the Cat People

Well I guess I get to keep my leg

OH MY GAWD.......I'm 9 posts away from 1000!!!

Snake Spit (pic)

Private Life of a Cat. You must see this!!!

What your icons do....

A dog and thunderstorm question....

There is a full scale revolt in progress at


Can anyone give me the Bill # and real name of the funding Bill

How do you get rid of the body of a dead ex?

Once again, I miss MonkeyFunk.

Jack Russell Terrier dies after saving 5 children from Pitbulls

From 2006 BET Awards: Prince onstage with Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, more

Jury duty

It's been a while...Naughty Girls Check in!!

Ok, I have had it, what is the best way to block pop-ups?

The remote is a wonderful invention....I just had to say that

does anybody remember the DUer who was present for this?

Herbert "h-dogg" Kornfeld is dead!

Why is it so easy to remember what you need to buy at the store once you get home.

Why Is There An Interest In Recruiting People To The Lounge?

Driftwood horses (DIALUP WARNING)

What were your last 5 music purchases?

Good night, Amos

Human Rights Watch: Wal-Mart Denies Basic Workers’ Rights

Mass amnesia makes Americans forget the story behind May Day

John Edwards Meets with Union Family Members in Seattle

New Interactive Website Engages Union Members in Presidential Process

Red Cross strike targets staffing levels

Ky.: Hospital Workers Approve Contract, end 3 1/2 week strike

Dodd Highlights Health Care, Employee Free Choice Act

Circuit City layoffs protested

News Hour------ The Failed Projects of Iraq

Veto This---Mission Accomplished by The American Idiot

NORTH POLE ICE CRACKING (global warming, Arctic, climate)

Bill O'Reilly Spars w/ Law Prof. Jonathan Turley -- GonzoGat...

Reid vs Cheney - No Contest...

Raw Video: President Bush Busts a Move & Plays Drums

Rosie May 1st on the War

John Murtha MSNBC 5-1-07

The Best "Moment of Zen" in History...

3,000,000 Tainted poulty has entered human food supply

Bill Maher ---John the Nut Case O'Sullivan on Iraq

ABC Poll - Do you support an Iraq pullout?

Bush was for a timetable before he was against it

Update-Dow says no to Rupert Murdoch.

"We won this war four years ago. The question is when we end the occupation."

The problem, people, has been George Bush (and Dick Cheney).

Something MAGICAL is happening here:

Four Years after Mission Accomplished...from Atrois

Kent State victim offers shooting audio

What do you think the average American will think when they hear Bush vetoed this bill?

So what has Gravel been doing for the last 28 years?

Who the FUCK is training our soldiers? Are they getting trained at ALL?

Checking in and out real quick. I'm being treated for MRSA.

I oppose this rigid, artificial

U.S. officials urge caution over reports that al-Qaeda in Iraq leader has been killed

They Hate us for our Cuban Cigars

Country's Largest Anti-War Coalition Calls on Congress to Stand Up to Bush

If no supplemental spending bill gets signed into law, do the troops come home?

in honor of "Mission Accomplished"=my 79th LTTE

Eleven Facts about the Media

MySpace photo costs teacher education degree

The end of a very ugly and corrupt Chapter in American Poltiics

Why do the terrorists hate us?

Americans don't support this war.

Why can't we get these in this country? China Transrapid Maglev YouTube video:

Does THIS MAN, Dick Durbin, REALLY deserve the TRASHING he's gotten for the last 5 DAYS on DU???

Encourage all investigative efforts

Questions for all youse smart foreign policy folks out there...

BREAKING: Stephanie Miller Turns Down Chance to Be On MSNBC for Rest of Week

Unsung heroes

"A Symphony of Lies" off the youTubes. show this to your delusional, credulous friends.

Radio Producer Fired For Skit/( no not Don Imus)

John Edwards just lost my support.

gotta love The Onion

Hope you all had a good May Day (funny)

Does anyone know if debts really go away after 7 years?

Breaking on CNN: LA Cops brutalize May Day protestors

Why do the media's debate postmortems always focus on intangibles?

Ugh ... Bush on American Idol?

The top 8 Senators that have lead and have shown the most guts

Should Pelosi have the power to keep impeachment off the table?!!

IMPEACH- 500,000,000,000 REASONS

Some Quotes about Forgiveness and Friendship (various sources)

KO is laying on the sarcasm and snark

Transcript of Mrbush vetoing Iraq War Supplemental (whining piece of excrement)

KO is already doing a great job

Bush veto's the bill and the troops continue to die and corps get rich

Frank Rich and Rachael Maddow on KO tonight.

I just got this email forward & I would like to know if it is true?

Glenn Beck Connects Al Gore To Extermination Of Jews ("same tactic")

CNN's Jamie McIntyre: Bush "can't sign" war funding bill Congress sent him

I Want A Timetable For Impeachment

The War Party

I just realized; ...I'm a Slave to the Master.

What is the "JOB" the pubs say that we need to get done in Iraq before

North Korean Gov't Apologizes for Head Tax on South Korean Immigrants.

Vetoing What is Necessary (this seals Bush's legacy)

O'LOOFAH's lame "body language" segment needless for analyzing HIM

Does anyone have any news on how much money was donated to the candidates after

This is bogus! The utter bogosity of it! The bogutude! (Mission Accomplished)

Im going to kick my Durbin threads until this Durbin bashing STOPS

Rumor: Sadr Orders Hits on Wall Construction

Why did we go to war in Iraq? I know you know....

Bush Cuts Off Funding For Our Troops

and this is soooooo not important.....Elizabeth from the view is PG....

Scarborough Country: Death of the GOP?

can someone clue me in on September about why something happens w/ Iraq then?

HOLY SHIT is KO pissed off tonight

Dell to use Ubuntu on Linux PCs (BBC)

Buchanan blamed VA Tech murders on immigrant "invasion," claimed immigrants "are going berserk here"

LOL - Rachel Maddow called Chimpy's codpiece

And speaking of "troop" withdrawal, remember this Onion headline?

THIS Is The Way You Headline The Story : Bush Cuts Off Funding For Our Troops

Democrats remind about Bush Iraq speech (AP)

The Dems need to be promoting a South African style Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Iraq

Miss America to Testify in Sex Sting

Rep. Waxman: Latest News From Washington...

Former member of the military's "propaganda team" now fights to expose the lies

Why don't we all have the "impeach bush" avatar????

Make NO mistake, W and the Bushbots now own his Iraq war

Correcting a George Tenet Memory Lapse

What's with this "Loyalty Day" rubbish?

bush just on american idol with pickles...thanking them for the telethon last week.

Please tell me I'm wrong to worry about this:

Broward Judge Seeks Transfer After Refering to Black Defendant & Witnesses as "No Humans Involved".

Bush and Cheese (heroin)

NYT Op/Ed: "Spying On Americans" FISA-gutting bill is ' a dishonest measure, dishonestly presented'

Shrub wants never ending war: Time for Jenna and not Jenna to do their duty

Would you have a problem if Dick Durbin were your Senator?

Rolling Stone: The Most Honest Man in News

B*sh and Laura just showed up on American Idol

Immigration rally ends with rubber bullets being fired by LAPD

Pull the pork out. Nothing more. Remove all non military spending. Send it back.

Greenpeace says it found illegal GM corn in U.S. shipment

No government regulatory agency can be trusted; ever.

With Iraq As His Legacy, Blair To Step Down

Peace Averted; George Bush vs. Iran

DU this poll

The Next Step (after the chimp veto)

SATAN is the cause of illegal immigration..!!!!!!

New Group: Philosophy

I just got through watching most of that Frontline program on

Important message in these troubled times.

Bush Cuts Off Funding For Our Troops

Message to Dem leaders: Send the same bill back to the asshole.

I'm curious: when we root for sports teams, we aren't (usuallly) compelled to trash *other* teams...

Repeat after me, " B*sh is holding our soldiers hostage!" This is

Gravel Invited to the CNN Debate!

so ... in 6 + years the pResident has vetoed TWO bills

Prominent conservatives suggest military coup of US to regain power!

Drilling to begin in Gulf of Mexico and off Virginia coast....Congress has 60 days to stop it.

Why did Obama supporters attack Edwards without a moments hesitation for the haircut thing while we

My daughter's new best friends...very sweet

Be WARY of DU'ers telling you to Be WARY of our Democrats.

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!!!

We Love You, Al, But Never Mind

A message from Greg Palast.

The facts are simple. Refusing to recognize and respond means more death and crimes.

Matthews suggested Bush merely "went along" with the ideologues in attacking Iraq

ABC News Blog: The Army Says It Was Suicide, Her Father Thinks She Might Have Been Raped & Murdered

Does anyone here deal with younger folks? 16-25?

Bush & Co:"This is a prescription for chaos and confusion" - For who? Halliburton and Blackwater?

United Students Against Sweatshops: Support William and Mary Workers and Students!

Employee Free Choice Would Mean Millions More Get Health Insurance

Congress should not send another bill. Let Bush's veto stand

Union Families Meet with Presidential Candidate Dodd

Dennis Kucinich is a Union member! He meets with Unions 24 hours a day!

Shouldn't Bush be ashamed of himself for playing politics with our troops?

Ah geez, bush just had to have his american idol photo op.

I wonder if Tweety still wants to have a beer with Bush....

Hellgate Highschool Students march against war! (Missoula, MT)

Exclusive: New Cook/RT Strategies Poll Results

Giuliani Blasts Chavez Even Though His Firm Does Business With Him

Dana Perino bristled when asked about Bush's veto of a bill (on Air Force I)

A small request...can we keep our eyes on the important things once in a while?

Al Wynn of the CBC send letter to the Hill newspaper slamming them for Distortions

Spread the word far and wide - LET THE VETO STAND

The lastest attempt to make Obama look bad

The supplemental bill was required

Countdown with Olberman --> #5 Mission Improbable

Resend the bill with requirement for balanced budget

In one month Cook report poll has Hillary/Obama narrowing from 41/17% to 36/26%

Dear Obama and Edwards supporters...what are you willing to do to defeat Clinton?

Edwards supporters....

How do you contact Pelosi/Reid?

If Durbin was sworn to secrecy – what allows him to speak now?

My God, there's a Republican on C-Span talking sense on Peak Oil, conservation of energy, etc!

To everyone hung up on Hillary Clinton's recurring/disappearing accent...

My husband tossed out an idea for a "counter-offer" from the Congressional Dems.

OVERRIDE THE VETO! The US Congress, both parties should

The Aristocrats

the Righties are really worried!

McCain is leading in IA, NH and SC. Clinton in NH, SC; Edwards in IA

Bush Vetoes 'Troop Withdrawal Bill' ??!!!?

The VETO is a success. Bush just ended the war in July 2007

RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum Praises Clinton Stance on Wal-Mart

London Guardian: A Slur and an Outrage...Bernstein Book on Hillary

a really cool pic of our last elected president (cat lovers check in)

Waxman to RNC: Get your answers ready now.

Edwards: Tax hikes on rich possible

In 6+ years, * has vetoed TWO bills...both would have saved lives

Kudos to Kucinich for supporting, for embracing impeachment -

Wolfie argues staff rules should not apply to him!!

Senator Jim Webb's statement on Bush's Veto

Body Language: Pistachio Nuts Bush Makes Iraq Speech

Biden's Numbers???


Edwards dominates early money race in pivotal South

Renzi faced cash squeeze , needed to take out $500,000 2nd mortgage to pay back taxes

IBM Cuts Jobs At U.S. Facilities

The Nation: War on Terror in Campaign 08

Dick Cavett: When the Press Broke Down

"Closing the Claremont Stables" (Central Park won't be the same)

Congressman Renzi breaks silence on FBI investigation, says a victim of smear campaign by DOJ

How to Stop the Planet From Burning (South End Press, via AlterNet)


Robert Scheer: After Thousands Have Died, Tenet Comes Clean

Bush's management style allows for incompetence - but not massage

How E. coli conservatism infects "liberal" universities with an anti-regulatory bias (

Top 15 Reasons Why Bush Will Veto Congress’s Iraq War Spending Bill

Chaos or Intelligent Design?

Prime-Time TV Sweeps: As Demeaning Images of Women Rise, So Do Ratings

Administration Pulls Back on Surveillance Agreement

Research indicates Gulf War veterans are showing functional, structural brain changes.

To the Pentagon: Americans Don't Need You to Invent Incredible War Stories -- We Have Real Ones


"No Mercy": Annals of the Afghan Liberation

A Wake-Up Call to The Democrats

The rich world's policy on greenhouse gas now seems clear: millions will die

Tom Friedman's New Career Choice:Advice Columnist (Booman Tribune)

Bush Vetoes Supplemental for Iraq , Rice will be Polite (Juan Cole)

How did we get here?-Give yourself a pat on the back.

Nora Ephron: The Answer to the Question Why Didn't George Tenet Just Resign? (HuffPost)

Picking Up the Pieces

The best analysis of Bush's 'Mission' ever here. "Bush's Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

Sealing His Eyes And Ears (by Sen. Robert Byrd for

Bush Semiotics: Dies Iovis i Maius MMIII (Repeat) Joseph A. Palermo

Iraq's hydrocarbon law - in whose interests?

That Man Tried to Run You Over. Why Are You Having Dinner With Him? (Jay Rosen at HuffPost)

Obama’s moment of truth by Dick Morris (know thy enemy)

Is It Even Worth Trying to Persuade A "Decider"? Kathleen Reardon

War Is Over! (If Bush Wants It, and He Doesn't Seem To)

A Case Against Cheney

World's major economies no longer depend on America's. Neither do America's own largest corporations

Joan Baez banned at Walter Reed hospital

Chavez's Not-So-Radical Oil Move (Time Magazine)

John Nichols: "The President Has Effectively Gone AWOL" (The Nation)

Moving Beyond the Symbolic-Murtha Talks Impeachment

Tenet Battled With the Office of Special Plans

Bush In The Bunker by Sean-Paul Kelley

Some of These People Frighten Me

Inconvenient Truth replaces bible (Bloomberg)

How Rumsfeld Micromanaged Torture

Iran: Seized for showing their hair

Hillary's New Friends? By Howard Kurtz

Bin Laden Wants to Bleed US in Iraq, Iran

Rachel Maddows / Keith Olberman / “Mission Accomplished” photo-op 4th anniversary.

Of Apes and Men

Slam Dunk’s book tour is mesmerizing, in a horrifying way.

Choose One: Loyalty or Glory- - Bring Back the Principled Resignation

The Media, Impeachment & Kucinich

Cindy Sheehan: Four Dead in Ohio (CommonDreams)

Declining Honeybees

It’s Not Just an Abortion Ban: The Christian Right’s Global Agenda (CommonDreams)

Who's the Enemy? (PNAC) by Jane Smiley

The Founding Fathers' Agrarian Prejudice is Causing America's Decline

After the veto Sen. Russ Feingold

CFR: "Al Qaeda Strikes Back" (will carry out false-flag to make it look like Iran has done it)

Joan Baez banned at Walter Reed

New Studies Destroy the Last Objection to Medical Marijuana (AlterNet)


The right's explicit and candid rejection of "the rule of law"

UK: Warmest April on record confirmed


China, India, Brazil hold up climate change talks - AFP

Building on Success, UN-Backed Solar Energy Project Poised for Expansion

Analysis-Buyer beware, carbon cuts not always real - Reuters

Australian Environment Minister Demands Kyoto Protocol Be Scrapped

Survey Finds California's Sierra Nevada Snowpack At 29% Of Historic Averages - SF Chronicle

Canada's Basking Sharks Face Extinction, Thanks To Salmon Policy - AFP

Colony Collapse Disorder Reported In N. Dakota - #1 Honey-Producing State - AJC

(Maine) Beekeepers spared sting of die-offs

Russia halts oil products to Estonia amid dispute - Reuters

Ozone-Destroying HCFCs Increasing Since 2005, To Atmospheric Scientists' Surprise

Why oil will hit $100 a barrel

Extent Of April Arctic Sea Ice Lowest Ever Recorded For The Month

Beer Maker, Scientists to Create Energy (Oz)

The First Step to Action on Climate Change is Facing Its Reality (CommonDreams)

Harvesting houses for the planet (BBC) {building materials & technologies}

Eating Oil

U.S.: Nuclear Deal With India Draws Near

Ebola- like Virus Killing Fish In The Great Lakes

Canadian Climate Scientists - Harper Proposal "A Terrible Mistake"

Power station harnesses Sun's rays (BBC) {solar thermal tower}

Web Abuzz on Bee Weirdness

Ethanol Juggernaut Moves Through D.C. - AP

The freshwater boom is over. Our rivers are starting to run dry

Bangladesh: USD 100 Million Loans for Generating Solar Power (500,000 users by 2015)

Temple to the sun in Seville, Spain. Could we be doing this

High corn prices threaten Guatemalans with hunger - Reuters

Help Save Wolves...Video from Defenders of Wildlife

Livni: Olmert must resign; opposes new elections

How the Anti-Israel Left Helps Perpetuate the Occupation

U.S. sets 8-month timetable for Israel-Palestinian peace moves

Ex-MK Bishara suspected of treason and espionage

Ah, remember the days when there was a line not to cross?

Time Off - Election Reform, Fraud & News Wed 5/2/07-Vacationing In Chicago

After FIVE clarity on where to find final, accurate results of an election

UK: Postal voting falls 80% after fraud inquiry

Democrats remind about Bush Iraq speech

Rice says U.S. making progress in terror fight

BREAKING: Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas into Crowd at Los Angeles Immigration Rally

Colombia hires Democrat-connected lobby firm to woo skeptical U.S. Congress on trade deal

Watchdog Faces 3 Investigations,Expenditures, Reassignments by Commerce Dept.'s Inspector General

US puts India in "priority watch list" for copyright piracy

India, China, Brazil hold climate change talks

Bush Urges Approval of Free - Trade Pact

Bush veto puts new pressure on Democrats

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni seeks to replace Olmert as party leader

Small-business tax cuts tied to Iraq funding bill

Calls growing for Olmert's resignation

Panel cites gross violations of religious freedom in Iraq

Iraq: Displaced families fall victim to house sale scams

Iraq bans heavy vehicles on Baghdad bridges

International court issues first Darfur arrest warrants

MNC-I Soldier dies of non-battle related cause

Bush to meet Congress over Iraq

Administration Pulls Back on Surveillance Agreement (Warrentless is OK)

CO2 row threatens climate report

Uribe lobbies U.S. lawmakers on aid, trade deal

Atomic treaty talks suspended over Iran objection

Iran: U.S. Needs Iran's Help In Iraq -- Mohammadi

Thirsty world captures investors' attention

Prime Minister orders review of MI5 intelligence on bombers

Some Diestel turkey products are recalled

Bush Thanks American Idol Viewers (Mr./Mrs. Bush on show)

Democrats look for new Iraq bill in two weeks

Fugitive returned from Cuba denied bond in Miami

U.S. diplomats returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder

Treasury will discontinue 3-year notes

SOS Rice refuses to answer supoena

US 'wants British Pakistanis to have entry visas'

Rice loses another aide as top Arab-American diplomat resigns

Diplomat: Rice to meet Syrian counterpart

Top-Ranking Arab American Is Leaving State for Wall Street

Sparks fly in fierce Sarkozy, Royal TV debate

Bombings, shootings kill 10 in Iraq By

U.S. Army clamping down on soldiers' blogs

Cheney Iraq role reviewed in Britain

Internal DoJ Probe Targets Goodling

US Shows its side of Iraq war on YouTube

Small Iraqi outposts add risks for U.S.

(Sen. Mark) Pryor: Secret Withdrawal from Iraq Could be Winning Compromise

Edwards Rejects the "War on Terror"("a Bush-created political phrase." )

Key US Army ranks begin to thin

Residency Clause Adds Fuel To Dispute Over U.S. Attorneys

Mango initiative reflects stronger Indo-US trade ties

Ore. lawmakers OK domestic partnerships


House Fails to Override Bush on Iraq

Senate Subpoenas Gonzales on Rove E-Mail

Iraq says U.S.-backed oil law sent to parliament

Report: McGreevey Considering Episcopal Priesthood

Residency Clause Adds Fuel To Dispute Over U.S. Attorneys

Hoon admits fatal errors in planning for postwar Iraq

3 US troops killed in Iraq (Separate incident Hostile fire)

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Under Fire For "Indecent" Kiss

Veto makes Democrats weigh concessions

Judge criticized for race remarks

France's Sarkozy, Royal do battle in TV debate

House committee subpoenas former Gonzales deputy (James Comey)

43% of Iraqis live in absolute poverty – government report

Justice Probes U.S. Prosecutor Hirings (Goodling under investigation)

Circuit City's Job Cuts Backfiring, Analysts Say

U.S. layoffs rise by 44 pct in April vs March-survey

Republicans lobby Pelosi to protect 'John Does'

Kevin Rudd, likely Australian PM-in-waiting, explains to big business...

Man dies of thirst during survival test

Disney Channel Horror

Kucinich gains support for Cheney impeachment

Bush Says al-Qaida Is Top Enemy in Iraq

51 civilians killed in Afghan fighting

Imus won't go quietly

Joan Baez banned at Walter Reed hospital

FDA wants suicide warning on antidepresents

Leahy issues subpoena for Rove e-mails

Iran arrests former nuclear negotiator

4,000 U.S. soldiers arrive in Baghdad

'Up to half' of Mars may have ice

U.S. inspector general for Iraq under investigation

House panel cuts East Europe missile shield funds

My LTTE (cross posted)

"Why you? Why anybody?" I remember that line from some great novel or other,

NSFW - Controversial Video by Mexico's "American Idol" Star Daniel Zueras

It's been awhile: AFRICAM!!!

This thread is for MSG

Question about renter's insurance?

So, whoever it was that posted the link to the Boomshine game

I hate websites that play music when you open them

HELP! I can't get "Blue Savannah" by Erasure out of my head!!


Geek Riot!!!!

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Reunites, Performs at Coachella Music Festival

My work is making me cranky, and I am not sure what to do about it

Mishaps with the new dog cable

Blast from the Past: Prince Protege Jill Jones "Mia Bocca" -1987

Some of you, get off DU!

Realtor and people buying a house get one heckuva surprise!

I'm Listening To "True Love Ways," By Mickey Gilley, Trying To Relax & Chill A Bit

Interesting factoid for mother's day

Dinosaur workshop

Big storm this past April 16th. 3:20AM. Big rumble, big bang.

Name something that made you smile or laugh today.

Volcanic eruption on Io (Jupiters moon)..caught by Pluto probe

If you ain't watching "Hogan's Heroes," then I feel sorry for you.

How long until your statute of limitations expires?

New Baby Rhino

The 'Thin chick' (neverending) trend bugs the hell out of me

Filipinas try for breast-feeding world record!

Report: 70 Percent Of All Praise Sarcastic


Help! Does DU still have a whole list of media contacts SOMEWHERE...

Post a pic of yourself and your cute baby nephew on the beach...

Teacher accused of stealing from student

is funky fingernail polish color inappropriate for a 40something woman?

john, i'm only dancing, she turns me on

I just went to the dentist, I have questions for you

Shock The Monkey Funk

If You Ain't Listening to "Low," Then I Feel Sorry For You

I need to ask a seamstress a question.

Is that a hole in Chimpy's throat?

Whazzup with my heater/AC? Loud clacking noises. WTF?

When posters call you sweetie or hun

I am being crushed by fibromyalgia

what do you live in fear of?

Are you a YURP? Could you be? New Orleans wants to know...

Canoeists Watch Woman Jump Off Bridge & Die - Fish Her Out Of River - Ticketed $85 For No Life Vests

Woman Won't Do Jail Time For Having Sex With 15 Year Old Boy (PIC)

Happy birthday to ThomCat and the other DUers born on this day...

This could come in handy: high quality stereo mics for iPod recording

Ever have a perfectly good day turn into one of *those* days?

Someone has transcribed all the dialogue from "Freeway."

Small Dog Name

what was the last thing that you stole?

Damnit I don't wanna leave...

I nearly snorted Jell-O into my nose.

Cat Weight Lifting


Music poll

Wouldn't you know?

I meant to remind billy to vote

Has Billy Skank voted yet?

Funniest bumper sticker today!

I'm not one to blow my own horn but...

OK, WTF? Jack Daniel's Coffee?

Did anyone go to a fundy college like Falwell's "Liberty" University?

I nearly snorted magic disco powder up my nose.

I'm coughing up fluorescent green goo

nice place to put your pen

Scottish fold in a giant teacup.

Sorry about using exclamation points in my posts.

I really had no idea....

Today I found the county's restraunt inspection reports online. I may never eat out again.

Allo! Allo! My marvelous little muffin of looovveee!

"Drink plenty of liquids and rest" - how ridiculous is this for advice?

You know that feeling of disbelief and outrage you get

When you see a locked thread, do you rush to it like it's candy on Christmas?

why does Craig Ferguson hate Bob Barker?

This is funny, Panda sneeze

BigwillQ says I need to get laid, Thomcat calls me an Sick and Evil woman

This is too funny. Don’t get mad at telemarketers & hang up the phone, get even!

I nearly snorted Jell-O out my nose.

So, a horse, a duck, and the Pope walk into a bar

Man, we REALLY went at it last night. If I didn't know any better

how do you cook turtle?

Who maintains the "Listen Live" links?

Notes on a Scandal

To sandwich or not to sandwich?

when did "heart" become a verb?

All those miserable, pre-dawn hours studying classical Greek in that cold college classroom

So will there be two separate farewell songs on Idol tonight?

Boy, the couple upstairs REALLY went at it last night. If I would've

INTP people are evil. Ask me anything.

Must be my day to post in the Lounge...but this concerns cookies

i just got back from durham!

Worst media-created nick in sports history

I do not like Defcon 2

How many bland, self-obsessed threads would it take before I am loathed on DU?

Name this species...

I am back online! My computer-thingy hasn't let me online since last Tuesday, April 24th!

I have the biggest damn fangirl crush on Melinda Doolittle

Bon Jovi on American Idol

How about another Southern CA DU meet up?

How many blond, self-obsessed threads would it take before I am loathed on DU?

Another LOST thread

Responding to Invite to the Lounge

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Wed 5/2/2007)

Any fans of "The Shield" in here?

Why conservatives love Reagan

Here is something we ALL need!

Colloquialism and euphamism thread. Try not to repeat....

Thunderstorms continue to build in our area...

Okay, Is This The Elixir Of Life?

if you have nothing important to say, say it here

It's still going...

Aaaaaah !


Long time DUer, first time vibe requestor (and a job interview read?)

Happy Birthday "NewWaveChick1981"

60s Hippy-Country-Tex-Mex: "Nuevo Laredo"

Happy birthday ThomCat & NewWaveChick!!

Did you know that George Tenet and Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy were High School classmates?

Looking for advice from those with lots of dog knowledge...

I'm furious.

Disney Channel Accidentally Switches To Showing Porn


I'm calling out texanwitch. I wanna know about the "gay Kroger's".

Lets talk North American prog rock


What state have you lived the longest amount of time in?

Wednesday Morning Questions...Since Lioness didn't do any today...

Again at Defcon 2? What the hell is happening?

I'm funny, yes?

Crunchy (aka Chunky) or Creamy style?

I'm furry, yes?

Man dies of thirst during survival test

I bought Apple iMac computer... I may need help!

wildhorses *is* funny ya'slackers, so start laugh'n BIG or there'll be trouble...

now see here, pal!!!

Dear Lounge, could you do me a favor?

For Thomcats Birthday: Dear Hot Lounge Men, please pm him some 'naughty' pics

Spiderman movie

If you don't like Steve Marriott, then there's little hope for you.

Wednesday Trivia: Skip to My Lou

Vegan parents guilty in infant murder

Perhaps man is not from this planet at all

Tom Cruise scares me

UFO ‘evidence’ grows

What is Bush's Roman name?

Power pop or similar artists you love

Are any of you in an interracial relationship? or an inter-cultural relationship?


It's time.......Farewell to all of you!

The Steelers' old "new" uniforms.

OMG - Tampa Bay Devil Rays tix START at $15???

DU "Lost" Fans

Iraq added to religious freedom watchlist

Tune into the Da Vinci coda

My religious history

Why The Gods Are Not Winning

Race In the NBA

Who made the biggest blunder in the NFL draft? Who got the biggest steal?

Bushwhacked (Cartel Communique & Chris Morris)

War Dogs' Dirge

KO: Making Progress in Iraq 2003-2008

Battle for the Arab World: Desert Storm...

Inside Story - Paul Wolfowitz - 17 Apr 07 - Part 1

Bill Maher - Victory begins at home 1 of 5

Democratic Leaders Response To Chimp's Veto

What we have become................

a28 Denver Lt. Col. Dr.Bob Bowman USAF(Ret)

Maxine Waters speaks in Washington (1/27/07)

John Edwards - Q&A: Faith & Honesty

John Edwards speaks at Jim Clyburn's Fish Fry

TPM-Media: May 2, 2007: "Why Bush Can't Fire Alberto Gonzales"

Pelosi Senate Ladyship Leadership

Stephanie Miller ----Day 2

KO--- on Gonzo-Gate

Jon Stewart--Christopher Hitchins

Impeachment Miami

Daily Show ---World Bank

KO -- May 1st On Bush

Bill Maher ---Hardball

Bill Maher - Victory begins at home 2 of 5

Bill Maher - Victory begins at home 3 of 5

Bill Maher - Victory begins at home 4 of 5

Bill Maher - Victory begins at home 5 of 5

Stephanie Miller--- Gets Hillary

Bush was on the Iraq/WMD warpath LONG before 9/11

John Edwards: "Send the Bill Back"

KO- Nothing Accomplished --Mission Improable

Larry Beinhart has an excellent post on Huffinton about the bush ideology

WH Fear Of CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS Is Gonzales' Safety Net-Elizabeth Holtzman

Is our preemptive nuking of Iran still a go?

A sobering thought...

Fear and Vitriol in the Halls of Congress

Please forgive Laura and George

This is Funny ......

Time to spill the beans. By the time KO gets back from the bizarro GOP debate he will get this.

If America really wanted to do something about Iraq, it would've elected a large Democratic majority

Cardiac Energy, article, please do not look at the ad for

LA local news this evening: Two stories featuring sex sex sex

Good News! NPR begins yearlong series on climate!

At least 104 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq in April, capping the deadliest six-month period

It sounds like Republicans are giving Bush until September to turn things around in Iraq

12 steps of Insanity (* potus?)

This is my 1000th post so I'm devoting it to the most important subject: President Kennedy

"Airing Gonzales' Dirty Laundry" Real Reasons Attorneys Were Fired - Voter Registration Campaigns

Four years after declaring victory, Bush vetos Iraq withdrawal plan

US making progress in terror fight: Rice - Terror attacks up 25% last year

Scientists protest new reading of Endangered Species Act

Oliver Hill turned 100 yesterday (Brown v. Board)

The Next Jerry Falwell?

Booze-Soaked Bush Whore Hitchens Slams Tenet's New Book

Can we get out of Iraq now?

Dem. Represenstive on Cspan 1 ---questions about veto--She is good.

Supporting the troops is less expensive now

Article: "Bush Urges Approval of Free - Trade Pact". Doesn't mention Colombia's ties to Death Squads

Why didn't Bush just issue a signing statement for the funding bill?

Endgame: What's next for the Neocons?

Roy Blount just said Congress should ignore the polling - ignore the PEOPLE

I just started my day this morning sending an email to cnn concerning John Roberts

Bush officials say they will keep breaking the law to spy on Americans

Iraq added to religious freedom watchlist

Romney hires Bush/ Blackwater official Cofer Black...

I've noticed a pattern with these so-called "Czars"...

Right Wing Radio Falters

Hee, hee. Freepers respond to CNN Bush Veto Poll...

Key US Army ranks begin to thin

Spying on the American People not so cool anymore. Senators wary of Bush's wiretap proposal.

Biden vows to ‘shove’ Iraq funding bill down Bush’s throat

Florida is now one big step closer to PAPER ballots

Mutiny or Resignation For *???

What can you say about a man who drags a huge cross down Bourbon Street?

New Children's Book Helps Kids Deal With Pain And Isolation Of Plastic Surgery

Ha!Ha!Ha! Thanks Murdoch, this NY Post cover is a keeper!

Borowitz re the new Lying Czar position opening in the Office of the Unitary Executive.

Democrats Start Post-Veto Blitz

Are there any sane people running anything in Iraq for the U.S.?

U.S. diplomats returning from Iraq with post-traumatic stress disorder

Global Warming -- we're told to look at the BIG picture

Capitulating to ****

American pravda 'splained the high gas prices to me last night..

Any new funding legislation MUST include a Definition of the Enemy

The Durbin "scandal" is a bunch of B.S.

Reagan, in his own words...

He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind...

Ever notice how the hosts on Washington Journal don't seem to cut off Repuke callers?

Econometric Projections Show Iraq War is Bad for the Economy

(SOME) Deployed troops can see (children's) graduation online

Bush signed veto with pen given by father of soldier killed in Iraq

Do the Repubic Senators believe all the crap that they spew on the Senate floor?

Scalia talks at Univ. of Delaware.

NEW VIDEO: Bush was on the Iraq/WMD warpath LONG before 9/11

Olmert asked to Resign

has bush released his veto message yet?

Me no kill

I'm REALLY concerned

Congress Research Service: Army can sustain its operations "through most of July" w/o new funding

Tenet: "But we were good boys and girls, and we understand there's gambling in this."

Bush Has One Of Those Days Where He Feels Like 68 Percent Of People Hate Him

Have you decided who you'll vote for? How flexible are you about the decision?

Without war * is toast... with enough war * is like a MAD energizer bunny

MSNBC BREAKING: "Hell doesn't exist?"

WTG Nancy

"On whose hands rest the blood of American troops? Ask yourself this question,"

ABC news: "Where are the War Architects?" (video from GMA)

Americans United For Change Rally At The White House

Administration Pulls Back on Surveillance Agreement

Talking to Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-NH) about Hurricane Katrina

Experts target rice as climate culprit


Chris Dodd was exceellent on politically direct, eco-friendly too

If only the Neocons, Bushies & Dem War vote supporters had read Doonsbury (from 2002)

Um, anyone besides me notice that MasterCard (MA) just jumped up 11%

CNN reporting that the Democrats LOST.

Imus won't go quietly

Military YouTube channel offers "unfiltered perspective," vetted to ensure no security compromise

Police Fire Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas into Crowd at Los Angeles Immigration Rally

Stepping through the looking glass into Bushworld

"Democrats Start Post-Veto Blitz"--cpan1 taking calls from Dems only now

Panel cites gross violations of religious freedom in Iraq

British Defense Secretary claims Cheney is calling the shots on Iraq

911 Commission Redux?: Blair rejects calls for July 7 inquiry

Operation TIPS alive and well, Bush is recruiting neighbors/stalkers to harass citizens

* becomes 'emotional' as he speaks about the war in Iraq to the Associated General Contractors - pic

World Bank rejects Wolfowitz’s family planning policies.

Anybody home?

Former British Defence Secretary: We underestimated Cheney's infleuence

The 'Thin chick' (neverending) trend bugs the hell out of me

Why do we have to "win?" Why do we need "victory?"

What if we hadn't attacked Iraq?

Most repugnant TV "news" personality, non-Faux......

"The will of politicians should never be imposed on troops in the field"

Rosie ODonnell made Times Mag 100 most influential list

No more military blogs, emails must be reviewed

each and every day mortar fire, artillery fire, rocket fire, .50-caliber machine guns

Hours after 9/11 attacks, Rumsfeld allegedly said, 'My interest is to hit Saddam'

Mortar rounds surge into the Green Zone for second day in a row

Declaring War

DC DUers!! I think one of you should take this job as blogger for Josh Marshall!!

21 GOP Senators up for re-election in 2008

We have to ask the question: Why do the republicans continue to stand along with *bush?

Scotland may go its own way - Break From Britain

Duke's business school punishes 34 graduate students for cheating

Local soldier killed in Iraq, 1st tour, he was only there for 6 weeks.

For those of you who are listening to Thom Hartmann...

A Veto Inked in Blood

Why aren't the Democrats framing issues. Why are they letting the GOP frame them for them.

Do the netroots progressives owe more to Goldwater than Hoffman?

Seven Out of 10 GOP 2008 Hopefuls Could Be Excluded from TV Debate on Faux.

Rudy showing slippage in three key early states: IA, NH, SC

This is too funny. Don’t get mad at telemarketers & hang up the phone, get even!



DU Historians: French Revolution and impact on Jews...

McCain Pushes Boltonian Notion of League of Democracies to Challenge UN

Today's Mike Luckovich cartoon is beyond hilarious

Fundamental Questions: How much has Cheney and

My letter to the Moonie Times:

George W. Bush on Exit Strategy

What Durbin said doesn't make any sense. Even KO said it didn't make sense.

My letter to my Rep & Senators on the veto

Something Incomprehensible

The Committee for a Strong Europe lives!

Caption the Idiot in Chief

(Shhh--don't tell the enemy that we're staying there forever)

Bush: "Even if you thought it was a mistake to go into Iraq...far greater mistake to pull out now''

Republican aides regarding DC Madam story: "hope the list is bipartisan"

Study: Bill O' Uses Derogatory Names Once Every 7 Seconds

Bill Richardson asked what's his favorite reality TV show, answers: "Fox News"

The "Decider" as court jester.

in the 60s, people envisioned "Nuevo Laredo" like this....

Would You Have Said This Differently?

Funding the Iraqi war for a month

Iraq: The President's gauge of our success

(WA) Medical Pot User's Conviction Reversed - AP

Fired U.S. Attorney says the Justice Department offered him a "quid pro quo" to stay silent

Army Forbids Troops From Blogging

Main DU Home Page perspective

Either we'll succeed, or we won't succeed - Bush

"Why I Am A Blogger"

Bush's farewell tantrum

Rush is doing his "Obama the magic Negro" routine again.

Here's a surprise

Former CIA Officer (Drumheller): CIA had a senior Iraqi source who refuted what Curveball was saying

Please don't flame me with this! Just watch the video..I am

April not good for Republicans!

FoxNoise Doing A Huge Sales Job On Fred Thompson, Oh Brother

'The House that Ahmet Ertegun Built' tonight on 'American Masters' PBS

US backed Tribes in Anbar use brutal tactics against Insurgents

Bush's puppet Iraqi govt. swears Al-masri killed for the third time. Bush says its not true again

Congressional leaders meet with * - pics

One reason I hate the insurance industry . .

I bought Apple iMac computer... I may need help!

Pentagaon makes YouTube video to show the good news in Iraq


Have yuo called your congress critters today?

3 more US soldiers killed today

"It just depends how much violence people are

former CIA analyst Ray McGovern--live stream now.

Big boys benefit as USDA polices labels

Iraq-related assault charges dropped against Marine

A conservative youtube?

Is Anybody Here Going To Watch glen puke beck's BS "climate of fear" Tonight?

Bush: "I wouldn't put our kids in harm's way"

Just Called Waxman's Office

Who's watching the Iraq War funding debate in the House on CSPAN1?

Lou Dobbs: "May Day is actually Law Day"

Isn't it true that Bush could easily have budgeted Iraq occupation $ with the regular budget, back

A Peaceful Solution by Willie and Amy Nelson

Olmert should go, Israeli FM says

How Much money was spent by a Republican Congress on President Clinton's "Puffy"

ABC’s Paul Harvey Compares ‘Women And Children’ Killed In Afghanistan To 9/11 Hijackers

Man arrested for leaving pipe bomb packed with nails at abortion clinic - No terrorism charges?

So Did Fitz know about all the Rove emails ?

Whatever happened to the news that the Iraqi government was taking a 2 month vacation this summer?

Boner introduced on the floor of the House as "the rePublican speaker of the House"

Iraq Vet Allegedly Caught With Pipe Bombs

Inaccuracy of "Reagan's Diaries" leads to question their reliability.

Spying on Americans

Fun little earthquake in SF Bay Area.

Omg! Now they are controlling what our soldiers can write in their blogs!

Edwards leads the other candidates again (debate commitment)

Work At Home Jobs

Have you heard the Kent State shooting audio yet?

Anyone on here musically inclined or know someone who is?


Could Someone Screen-Cap This CNN.CON Bullshit For Me?

Fairly Unbalanced - ConWebWatch on the relationship between Brent Bozo's MRC and Fox News

Have you contacted MSNBC to support Stephanie Miller yet?

Call Nancy Pelosi and tell her to put impeachment on the table!

Kabuki theater!!!

UN critical of Canada's approach to fight global warming (Harper)

Tony Snow being humane, well it makes a change

Impeach Cheney

Somebody remind me, when is 'Kick a Republican in the nuts' day?

Our Complete Food Chain is Contaminated Now (and not just by Melamine)

Gallup polls whose insights on Iraq Americans consider reliable

Corpses held for ransoms in Baghdad


Cafferty on CNN complimenting the Israelis

Harry Reid thanks the 36,000 people who signed petition against veto

Caption this * pic...

Should the Democrats be 'working with' the president, or kicking his ass?

So Kucinich's Present vote - Good idea or bad idea?

Bush: "our new (Iraq) strategy . . . is fundamentally different from the previous strategy

deleted poll post

Cindy Sheehan: Four Dead in Ohio

Pity the Chinese consumer who eats...

Bush Has One Of Those Days ...

Is '24' running out of time?

EEEK !! Terrorist tabby gets past airport security!!!

U.S. SENATE authorizes US citizens to feel upset

3355 Reasons Why The DSM is Important

YO! Renzi Breaks Silence....blames bush admin.....eats own

John Edwards (and Dick Durbin, etc.) has my support, concern trolls be damned

Plan for border fence comes up short, Republican lawmakers say

Gonzales: The Lawyer Who Lied to the Judge

If we control the House AND the Senate and yet cannot even get a TIMETABLE, then...

Question: Did lieberman (I - Jackass State) *request* Homeland Security chair?

Yusuf Islam ... sounds a lot like Cat Stevens

Repuke Debate Tomorrow Night At Reagan Library UNDER Air Force One

First couple on American Idol

Sen. Russ Feingold: After the Veto

I heard Tenet on CNN today saying his and Bush's torture methods have save thousands of lives

Tonight on Countdown

Edwards to attend Portland (OR) veto rally tonight!

Republican Thomas Sowell: "We may need a military coup de tat" (because of liberals LOL)

CNN 5/2/03: Smirky: "Yes, I flew the plane".

So Iraq has its own Shadow Government now?

Right Wing American Legion goes Nuts---Bush Makes Right Move On Veto

Corzine requests a ticket for falure to wear seat belt, pays it.

Thirty-five years ago today, we found out hard-rock mines burn

Keith Olbermann Appears on FOX NEWS!!

Chimpy & The Contractors, Actual Q&A, BARF BAG ALERT!!!

Bush Is Not Only Satisfied With The Sacrifices Of Our Troops, He's Eager For More

Oh Goodie...the TWIT from the View gets to go to the State Dinner because she defends Bushy

I am re-writing my congressman (Burgess blech!) and I need some factual support.

Question: what happens if the Democratic subpoenas are ignored?

Operations in Iraq Are Leaving the States Vulnerable

DVD DRM row sparks user rebellion (Digg fights censorship order)

"The Long War" ......RW meme

A musical explanation of Bill O'Reilly (video)

ON LOU DOBBS: 2 million middle-class jobs lost to China in last 4 years. That's 500,000 a year!

Remember, Clinton was impeached, then acquitted

Hall Of Famer Arrested

Please help DU Freeped Iraq Poll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who gives a shit if Iraq becomes a democracy?

McClatchy: Official admits BP withheld documents about oil pipeline spill

Gates supports Walter Reed closing

you know it and i know it. the only thing that's saving bush's ass is the media.

Are NBA referees racially biased?

Has there been a recent poll regarding the Saddam-9/11 question?

On ABC News: Hate groups growing in response to growing Latino population.

NYT: For Most Bush Voters, No Regrets After 2 Years

1-year-old Tenn. boy left in car dies-- WTF is wrong with people??

Vanity Fair: The Reagan Diaries

"We stand where we stand." RW pundits and politicians using that line.

Democrats have the Majority in House, why didn't they Override the Veto?

Give two minutes for Stephanie Miller

This is a reissue... I am just in a mood...thanks for indulging!

Second Amendment Foundation calls for resignation of AG Gonzales

May 2: Old Man of the Mountain Suicide Day

My daughter's homework for tonight.

Bush response to Dem Leaders? "You must change because I never will"...n/t

Wednesday TOONS : Misery Accomplished Edition

"Russia Suspects US Plans to Monopolize Fuel from Moon"

Ignoring popular opinion - does Rethug obstructionism parallel Vietnam?

Help me understand the economics of Exxon Mobil. It's too compllicated and I'm too ignorant

Parents - how nervous are you about your son registering for the selective service?

IMPEACH ME - Bush Walks Away from Troops, Americans

Melamine, anyone? Bush has cut FDA food inspections in HALF. Bush "not alarmed" by '04 food warnings

wow 7 votes by dems not to override veto and 1 vote present?! ?!

The best way to stop bush and his buddies is for all of us to

You can't veto the truth

As incredible as it seems I think Bush just lost the Freeper vote

12 yr old son went into grocery store to buy limes. told me a woman cut in front of him

Doonesbury Reprints From OCT. 2002 Continue - WEDNESDAY: "Viceroy, When Will We Install Democracy?"

Durbin’s office statement: GOP Propaganda Machine Gets it Wrong Again

You Would Never Have Guessed

"They hated his guts!" GWB and the TANG...

Jay Inslee has a bill to save Internet radio--ask your congresscritter to cosponsor

Stephanie Miller Show (5-2)

FDA issues new warnings on antidepressants

Glenn Beck has an open mind about Global Warming people, and he's discovered some amazing stuff.

Help! Does DU still have a whole list of media contacts SOMEWHERE...

Record gas prices + record gas profits = BULLSHIT!

Owner of hillside with crosses dies (Lafayette CA war crosses)

First Two Reps Cosponsor Kucinich Impeachment Bill!

From a mother who lost a son in Iraq

DU this TIME Poll: Who is more to blame for impasse of war funding bill? w or Democrats?

ADL Says Glenn Beck's Outrageous Holocaust Comparison Part Of Troubling Epidemic On The Airwaves

Obama's MySpace rift - its a loss for eveyone involved. What a shame.

STUDY: Bill O’Reilly Uses Derogatory Names ‘More Than Once Every Seven Seconds’

Why Is George CRYING? ---pix--->>>

Good gravy!! "Success is not no violence" ???? "Acceptable levels of violence"???

please DU this poll in Time regarding yesterdays veto and who's to blame

FDA/USDA: Soylent Green Is People; Risk To Humans "Very Low"

"You've made your point. You had your dog-and-pony show." sez Jerry Lewis

High-Level WH/DoJ Operative Hired High-Level WH/DoJ Operative to Put out Missouri U.S. Attorney Fire

"Nope, still gay"

How long will bush's insane war go on?

"president bush walks away"-- This photo says it all.

Okay DUers, a tough job for you: Come up with your own immigration reform plan

Bush Says al-Qaida Is Top Enemy in Iraq

What is it with Democratic women and fancy airplanes?

Do you support Dennis Kucinichs H.R. 333 bill to:

Good Morning! - Morning Headlines

Paul Harvey -Afghan "women and children" = 9/11 hijackers

BRAD BLOG - MCCLATCHY: Missouri, Hearne, Rove, ACVR, 'Ground Zero' for GOP 'Voter Fraud' Scam!

SOS Rice refuses to answer supoena

CNN rewards Beck's Holocaust smear with a prime time special


Who's going to a veto rally/protest tonight?

George Bush **OR** Duke of Windsor ---pix--->>>

Here's the Democrats that voted against the override

FDA hoodwinks public

Kerry to launch nat'l drive to unseat 4 republic senators

Lawyer sues dry cleaners for $67M after trousers lost

They lost the House veto override


Renzi Breaks Silence: Bush Administration Tried To Rig My Election And ‘Needs To Be Investigated’

One Scandal After Another, And These Still Remain:

Don't look now, but our public infrastructure is being privatized right under our noses

Why are democrats backing down ?!

Dems: Don't Surrender!!

Is Dick Morris in the DC madame's book?

Olbermann's Ratings Up! Big Time!

Post PTSD care again under fire:Congressional staff to visit; soldier dies

Stop the Real ID Act by May 8

Bush's "mistake" was such a bad one that he says it would

"The power of the President is greater than "the rule of law." (WTF?) WSJ

A gas station owner vents

How is Bush going to be impeached?

Tom Delay's Criminal PAC (ARMPAC) CLOSES DOWN !!! (BWAHAHAHAH!!)

U.S. Army nixes Joan Baez appearance at Walter Reed

Rice: I thought he (Bush) was wonderful to be around

My niece hit in leg by shrapnel during live war games, in surgery.

Say what you will about immigration, but I have to give the Latinos credit for something.

Senator Gravel On The Colbert Report

General Motors: A New Sponsor of the Rush Limbaugh Show

"Coming Out" for Hillary

My new mission in life combines my two passions, activism and photography (but I need your help)

White House Asks Reporters to Wear 'Tony Snow' Cancer Bracelets

Thank you, Turkey

Bush: “I’m the Commander Guy”

Online review database displays ratings of DC Madam's callgirls (Raw Story)

LAPD Excessive Force 5/1/07

Stay-at-home mother's work worth $138,095 a year

Would you support mandatory firearms safety courses?

Today, May 2, is the National Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Let MSNBC know you want them to keep Stephie!


Man at work joked about bringing in a gun and shooting the place up.

When in the course of human events,

My support for John Edwards

Could the D.C. Madman Scandal Bring Down Bush???

SEN. LEAHY subpoenas AG GONZALES for ROVE e-mails, more.

CONYERS Points To New DOJ Info As Evidence Of Greater WH Involvment

JFK: So, where are the Howard Hunt threads?

US Attorney Firing Cover-up: A New Player

Waxman: Between 8-12 WH officials had e-mail accounts provided to them by the Bush Cheney ’04

Chinese wheat, Prescott Bush Jr., & the Menu Foods recall

Which of the following would be the most likely way for Neocons to...

10,000 Mother Of A March, Day After Mothers Day, May 14, Washington, DC

== The Hippies Were Right! = By Mark Morford

What exactly is that jock cup thing and why is it important? Was he REALLY trying

Where does questioning end and bashing begin?

Feinstein’s Cardinal shenanigans

Mitt Romney's favorite Novel: "Battlefield Earth" by L. Ron Hubbard

Biden's response to todays veto

Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel Supports Impeachment

Kucinich Impeachment bill gains support

Four Years Ago: Broder, Novak, Russert Discuss 'Mission Accomplished' And Bush in Jumpsuit

Time to spill the beans. By the time KO gets back from the bizarro GOP debate he will get this.

I know Bush's second voto was to deny funds for our troops, but I can't remember what the first one

The Veto Solution....Short term funding....

Retired Generals Crapping on bush, post Veto!

Past president of St Vincent's College (PA): Bush does not belong here.

As The Polls Turn: Another South Carolina poll puts Clinton back on top

Patty Murray (D-WA) on CSPAN2 outlining specifically what * vetoed. nt

Our entire nation is slowly becoming an enormous, outsourced jail.

William Rivers Pitt: A Veto Inked in Blood

question.... What does the veto really say about *'s signing statements?

Comments at NY Times Blog Tend to Mention Impeachment

Separate trial, transfer of venue sought for ex-CIA official (Dusty Foggo)

Is anyone else going to try to stomach the Repugs debate tommorow

The Hill: Republicans lack candidates and money

Creepy sidebar to the veto

Companies Shift More Donations To Democrats

Texas voter ID bill hinges on ailing senator

After State Department Attacked Pelosi, Rice To Meet With Syrian Leader

In 1999, Bush Demanded A Timetable

Watergate's Bernstein slams Hillary as deluded liar, mother of Rove's love child

"Why the fuck didn't George Bush call us and tell us this was going to happen?

Gordon Brown To Take Over

The Rude Pundit: In the Church with Robert Kennedy, Jr., Greg Palast, and Randi Rhodes

Obama takes control of MySpace page

Rep. Shimkus: Iraq War Is Like ‘My Beloved St. Louis Cardinals’ Facing ‘The Cubbies’

Iraq:Why we have to leave now

Murtha: "There comes a time when an independent Congress has to stand...

bush says we can't take the easy way out of Iraq

Who cares?

My letter to Michell Bachmann R Minnisota

(Fred) Thompson the Lobbyist (The Nation)

Are there online transcripts from the 2000 presidential debates?

Two Solid Rocket Boosters Plunge Into Swampy Area in Alabama

Three Congress Members Stand for Impeachment of Cheney

If you are wondering why the Democrats seem unwilling to do our

Get your roll call vote right here


Four questions: Has Durbin endorsed Obama? Is Durbin the only source for all this fury about Edwards

Bush Predicted No Iraq Casualties

I gotcher 'date certain' .... right here

Indiana U. Study of O'Reilly finds 'Spin' to be a factor

USA: DoJ Official Wanted to Keep Me Quiet

Did Bush commit election fraud?

McClatchy: Senate panel subpoenas Rove's e-mails about U.S. attorneys

"Hillary's New Friends?" HRC is "only choice" in '08 for "politically sophisticated conservatives."

Gravel: Impeachment 'will come, in due course'

Tonight On Countdown With Keith Olbermann

Kerry------going after Mitch McConnell in -08


MT AG had Sen. staffer insert a prov. into PA so Prosecutors can live outside their districts!!

Charlie Rangel gently but effectively cutting Tucker a new asshole

Edwards Rejects the "War on Terror" ( )

Ann Coulter Speeches Scrubbed by Conservative Groups

Ken Blackwell on Hardball/Letter to MSNBC

After The Veto -- What's Next For Dems On Iraq?

Tucker Carlson bested by an even bigger wanker - his producer, Willie Geist

Fred Thompson knew too -- and didn't say anything

Okay guys I have been asked to interview Elizabeth Kucinich this afternoon for a TV show I do.

Vicar throws light on Obama's Irish heritage

Congress should pass 100 Iraq war funding bills, each for

Hooray for President Bush!

Edwards apologized with a lie

Great state by state results: Vote (who more respons. for funding bill impassee)

Attention Clarkies (REAL Clarkies That Is): Do You Think Wes Will Run?

Hillary Clinton: Strong Presidential Brand...

Renzi Breaks Silence: Bush Administration Tried To Rig My Election And ‘Needs To Be Investigated’

DU this POLL - who's to blame for the impasse on the Iraq War funding bill?

ARG: Hillary way ahead in Nevada

I don't understand why Pelosi wants to "find common ground with Bush"

Fight the Veto by John Kerry

Edwards submits question for MSNBC/Politico Republican Presidential Debate

John Edwards - We The People

Edwards Leads in Southern Fundraising

Obama Loses 91% of his "Myspace" Friends

Help! Does DU still have a whole list of media contacts SOMEWHERE...

Governor Bill Richardson rips presidential veto:

Fred Thompson: MoveOn, Reid Are Taking ‘Extremist Positions And Doing Extremist Things’

URGENT: S. 1082 MUST be amended--tomorrow is the vote

Anti-Fraud Official Faces Fraud Probe

Bush’s Definition Of Iraq Success Called ‘Naive’ By Cheney And ‘Frightening’ By Giuliani

I like Edwards

A Wake-Up Call to The Democrats

DO NOT PUMP GAS...On May 15th 2007 - Please particpate.

Why in the hell does MSNBC pundits keep saying Hillary won that debate

Imus Plans Lawsuit

Blue state republicans who vote to sustain assholes veto today will be gone in the next election.

SUSA: Dems Head to head with Guiliani...Obama clearly behind...

Let's Adopt George Tenant

When was the greatest window of opportunity to bring down entire Bush cabal and the terrorists?

Other Than Clinton, Crawford Says Democrats Blew Debate Question On National Security

Keep Stephanie Miller On MSNBC

I am REALLY looking forward to tomorrow night .... further diefication of St Ronnie .....

More balanced book on Hillary Clinton to be released the same day as Bernstein's

Should Dem candidates TELL voters they plan to NOT hold Bushes accountable

Should a candidate pay 49K for a myspace page???

BREAKING: 3 US Reps Support Cheney Impeachment

What did you think about Iraq back in 2002-2003? What did you do or not do?

American Research Group

New Hampshire: Clinton Holds Commanding Lead, Edwards Surges, Obama in Freefall

Just a reminder of who teamed up in Iowa...and an interesting comment about Edwards.

Edwards launching the first TV ads: "Don't back down to Pres. Bush--Send him the same bill again"

Why I'm for John Edwards by Kari Chisholm

"This chamber reeks of blood." Who in this Congress will make a speech like McGovern’s?

Speaking While Liberal - the Ultimate Goal of Fake Accusations

Carol Lam update at TPM

BREAKING: John Edwards to join Veto Rally Tonight in Portland!

READ THIS ON IRAN: "Diplomacy at Its Worst" - Nicholas D. Kristof

Obama and My Space: Obama's campaign explains what's TRULY going on

Bill O'Reilly: "Edwards Doesn't Care About Terrorism" (Billo's least favorite candidate)

Rus Feingold: Time for Dems to stand up to the Shrub

Question: How Come the Democrats Can't Just Vote for the Same War Spending Bill?

Hillary and Obama - it's blindingly obvious

good bye to DU