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Archives: June 12, 2006

Seattle Children Sing for PEACE

FoxNews: Greed and Noise and Tom DeLay (Surprising considering the source)

Sacrafice in Sri Lanka - A Tsunami Housing Update

Guantanamo detainees describe despair

Jesus Loves A Machine Gun ... Morford on the Left Behind video game

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots, No. 247

Pay for Toyota's top execs averages $320,000 each

Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!

Illegitimate election-Key RFK Source-Responds to Criticism of 04 Election

Question for voter/pollworker from CA 50th Congressional District


TO believe Brain Bilbray won CA 50, you have to believe

40 Entries on Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News + only 7 VOTES?

Fallon's formula getting attention

Texas Democrats Revel in DeLay's Departure: CBS AP article

Would anyone care to write about the Pachanga?

After the convention, an eye-opening chat with Gary Page

What ever happened to the income trust investigation by the RCMP?

Strong Quake Shakes Southern Japan

Minutemen work to rebuild image

Brown: E-mail shows Bush glad FEMA took Katrina flak

Zarqawi Beaten, 'That's Baloney'

NYT: Prisoners' Ruse Is Inquiry Focus at Guantánamo

Forbes: BP CEO Lord Browne says oil price will fall to 40 usd per barrel

Jack Carter calls on young Democrats to be active in blogosphere

(Gore flies commercial) 'Truth' prevails as (first) eco-friendly film

Parental rights upheld for same-sex partner

Zarqawi earns Time Magazine's signature 'bloody X' cover

Democrats Have 20-Point Lead in U.S.

Zarqawi autopsy over, results withheld

AP: Schwarzenegger calls on Western governors to fight global warming

Report: Armor Causing Humvees to Roll Over

Tropical Storm Alberto Heading For Gulf Coast - Storm Tracking Thread #1

Suicides may be attempt to influence court proceedings, general says

Afghanistan To Arm Tribesmen Against Taliban

US 'planning to keep 50,000 troops in Iraq for many years'

"Evolution of Dance"

Okay, I went to see "The Omen" today. Not my choice, wife's turn to pick.

Which food utensil is more fun to use...

What Uncle Sam Really Wants - the RED PILL

Two Sunday evening chuckles for ya:

The police roadblock that wasn't

HOTKEY KEYBOARD - what does this mean?

The Sun! (may be NSF56k)

How come nobody told me "Deadwood" was starting tonight?

"We Rolled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

What ever happened to JimmyJazz?

How condemned are you? Is it easy for you to make mistakes, reams?

Mattie from the Today Show made Britney Cry.......

New pics! Woot! Run to see them! C'mon, gather 'round! (Dial-up warning)

Worst bed sheet set. EVER. (let's just be glad it's not in satin or silk):

Drugs, please. In the most desperate need of drugs.

I wonder...

This is where he used to be and now he's gone.

Is there a name for what happens to your taste buds when you eat too much

Friday, June 16 is Bloomsday.

I spent the day visiting other Web-Sites...and let me tell you......

Joe Mauer's batting average is .388

Never eat a Thai Chicken salad

What is your favorite Harold Lloyd movie?

Who was the first African-American to play Major League Baseball?

The 4400 is back on. Anyone besides me watching?

DU Poll to end all DU Polls!

sprayed by a skunk! help!

I have a really dumb question tonight......

Sunday lyrics.....


Dane Cook, what am i missing, i can't find the funny.

MrsGrumpy doesn't love me anymore

How coordinated are you? Is it easy for you to learn steps, routines?

I understand that the Dodgers are in first place...

Poll: Johnny Cash's video rendention of Hurt, or NIN's - which is better

Can girls be color blind?

what's the point of no return after you break up?

Hooray for re-learning Photoshop!

The "What are you listening to" thread

Do you volunteer?

What's Your Vote For The FUNNIEST Movie Ever...

Why is there a Boojatta at Extra Chronicle Tribune dot com Forums?

Okay everybody, follow my lead! Post a pic!

Mavericks/Heat: What a shellacking. Shaq definitely is NOT what he used

Who made Kephra's pyramid?

Chaotic Inflation Theory

Roger Clemens' Son

Did vet groups respond to O'Reilly's idiocy?

Oh the

Nolie posted this Kerry Item

Great Alaska adventure, part 2

Blue and HullBoss's Alaska adventure - part 1 (9 pix)

VIDEO-Mo Rocca on the Bush-Clinton Dynasty

Whistleblower Laws, Google, and Privacy

(VIDEO) Ned Lamont Interview in Danbury

Stockton WWII Hero Dies After Savage Break-In Beating

Open letter to Ann Coulter

Has it ever been discussed; who should be held responsible?

The recent increase in reports of identity theft

CAPTION: Shades of Apocalypse Now!

Hows this for a photo op..

Caption the Crawford Strangler

Torch My Ride: Arson for Hire

The Republican economy and the simplicity of it

Matt PUDGE/SLUDGE down to the mat for Dan COULTER

History buffs--List the countries in which CONS killed democracy

Scooter Libby has a hearing tomorrow

At the Nuremberg war crimes trials after WWII, there were these charges...

can someone post a small pict of "won't someone give him a BJ so we can im

DU this attack article

Republican puppet makes appearance at the Tony awards!

Dumb question re VA theft...

Dateline one NOW. Lots of guys caught in perverted justice "religious"

Australian Democrats "stop acting like a cheer squad for Guantanamo"

hehe daughter is listening to the Chicks Not ready to make nice at 14

The Punitive Society and its effect on compliance

GEN. McCAFFREY on Meet The Press

Yet Another * Babe--only this one

Okay, the GITMO guys are so dangerous, don't release them, transfer them:

US Diplomacy official Colleen Graffy : Gitmo suicides "a good PR move "

My "Liberal Values, American Values" video.

We need to change the term for Iraq.

????latest RW spin 'democratic spokespeople can't be attacked b/c

'Air America wants AlQuaida to win; NYT and LA Times just confused'

In terms of Enlightened Authors, historical figures, etc., who would be

Zarqawi was a symptom. The occupation is the disease.

I need a quote, please, from Coulter

Busby/Bilbray race in doubt. BradBlog finding odd numbers. (Really???)

Chalmers Johnson Q &A NOW...C-Span I : 8:05 pm (est)

Kos on MTP: Lieberman angry; very angry.

President Clinton raises money for Nelson re-election

Anyone remember this nutjob? (pics)

Frank Rich/NYTimes: HOW HISPANICS BECAME THE NEW GAYS (with free link)

Some stock traders now setting bets on date of Rumsfeld's resignation...

REAL Christian Persecution...

New Abortion Law for Ohio

Parents Accused Of Rewarding Sons With Pot

Domestic Spying: NSA has backdoor key to ALL versions of Microsoft Windows

The Bill Clinton Card

Has anyone here ever prepared for a disability?

Ann Coulter, Conservative Goddess or Radical Harpy?

WAH!!! My Air America is gone

Why I Think We Were LIed To Again About How Zarqawi Died.....

Sensenbrenner town hall meeting in So White Wisconsin

Deadwood, a microcosm of today and *Shakespearean?*


Anybody know the skinny on Duncan Hunter???

Gino Strada and Howard Zinn on CSPAN2 10pm

Zarqawi's elimination will help end the war and will make a difference.

Rumsfeld Sept 10, 2001: The Pentagon cannot account for $2.3 TRILLION

To Impeach or not to Impeach-That shouldn’t even be a question!

Iran Freedom Support Act to Pass US Senate with 21 Democratic Cosponsors

Why must everything be a conspiracy?

If you are a Mike Malloy fanatic (like me) and bored...

NYT: Bush Admin Developing Plans To Keep 50,000 Troops In Iraq For Decades


Union print shop running ads on DU front page!!!

Here is where I got my business cards printed

Prominent Md. publisher missing from boat ...what was he going to say?

Sorensen gave JFK's oratory its polish

DOE Computers Hacked; Info on 1,500 Taken

Toons from Time weekly mag:

I've been too busy to THINK this week... So did I miss anything?

Sanitization of Bush’s Iraq War Motives – Beinart’s “The Good Fight”

Thousands of Progressives Gather Monday for 'Take Back America' Conference

Why we think you're bigots

Who picked Busby to run for the CA-50 seat?

Opening Quote From Joe Wilson at YearlyKos Convention

George Will on Al Gore (WP Editorial): Get yer "silly dichotomies" here!!

Conservative judges urged to ignore unfriendly SCOTUS rulings

Markos Moulitsas on Meet the Press- A star is born

I'm fighting the big, "Don't Give A Shit" feeling...

When we win on 08, how deep into the shit pile should we dig?

Democrats usually win elections after Repubs screw up real bad...

Is Barbara Boxer a clueless idiot? You decide.

CA-50 2nd Edition, I look at the April 11th Special Primary

A lot of people are trying to redefine Democrats. Why?

Hey, is CURRENT TV The cable network Al Gore started?

Amnesty International Excoriates Bush Admin. for Human Rights Abuses

Is this legal? Constitutional?

I'm a sponsor for a Dem fund-raiser next week .. need advice from DU.

GO BACK TO WHAT WORKS (Be Like Bill) By Al From and Bruce Reed

The Chris Matthews Show really pumping up an Obama '08 campaign!

New Medicaid: "Rewards for good patients"

Why not index the minumum wage against inflation?

Steven F. Freeman takes on Salon: Supports RFK Jr.'s 2004 election report

Dean says we will not win just because we are right....

My run-in with a Fundy today

Fuck the minimum wage .......

Religious freedom isn't up for a vote - Charles C. Haynes

Old-Style Taint Shadows Election in Mexico ( Fox/Calderon kickbacks)

Frank Rich/NYT: HOW HISPANICS BECAME THE NEW GAYS (with free link)

We are all in debt to the unions (Pretoria News / SA)

LTTE (not mine) to the Orange County (CA) Register: When 'mammon' is god


Arab leaders reluctant to enthuse about new Iraq

Wall Street Journal Writes Fiction Again on Its Editorial Page--LDF

Bush, Resnick Elections Won't Die

Social Security Privatization: Here It Comes Again

conservative Christian totally disagrees with Left Behind video

Who Knows Bush's Mind Best? (Time)

Many perils at Guantánamo - for Bush, too

Ombud: Is Iraq Slowly Moving Off Front Pages?

Robert Redford coming up on Hairballs

More crap from the GOP

On Simple Human Decency (literary rant of disgust)

I'm going to contact Ken's Foods about a RW radio host - re: Coulter

Pa. - Gay Marriage: Feel the Hate

The Guardsmen Go on Trial: Kent State

VIDEO (3:46) George Will interviews Grover Norquist

Log Cabin Republicans make strategic whipping boys

Coulter, Lacking All Shame, Scores a New Low: Margaret Carlson

WP op-ed: DeLay Exits, Stage (Hard) Right

Xn Reconstructionists' 6 point blueprint to make US a theocracy (scary)

Escalation Masquerade

JAMES KUNSTLER: Riding the Rails

GOP: It's all in the effort


NYT Bob Herbert: Kerry 'almost certainly' won Ohio in 2004

PNAC Closing Shop, feeling of "goal accomplished"

Breathing New Rhythm into Tired Streets

Hurricanes, tornados..end all hurr, many tornados..orbiting sunshade

Whaling nations set for majority

Crossing over: Toxic waste

Renewable Energy Program For Developing World Aims To Cut GHGs

China Claims Yellow River Estuary Cleanest In Years - ENN

AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH: questions for you DU scientists

Analyst Slams Owens, Colorado Efforts At Climate Conference - RMN

Japan To Promote Coal Liquefaction For China, Other Asian States - AFP

Anoxia From Water Pollution Alters Gender Ratios In Fish - Reuters

Citrus Greening Disease Spreads To Florida's Commercial Groves - Reuters

Zoos Confront Grim Choice On Polar Bears - Independent

Free Electricity? (any electrical engineers in here?)

3 Gorges Dam May Be Behind Population Explosion In Giant Jellyfish - AFP

No such thing as global "warming" according to this guy. It's just leftist

Lebanon: Israeli spying cell busted

The Zionist Imagination

Hamas fire rockets at Gaza security HQ after activist killed

Blair insists on negotiations

Kahane writings found in dead soldier's room

Fatah gunmen rampage against Hamas-led gov't, shooting and setting fire

The AIPAC case goes wild

Fatah gunmen go on anti-Hamas rampage in West Bank

Palestinian kidnappers release American citizen seized in Nablus

At least 54 Qassams have rocked Sderot since Friday

Abbas issues high-alert warning after deadly clashes kill 2 militants

Ehud Olmert: the hawk in dove's clothing

Weather Modification? Is it Weather Warfare???

"Bilderberg Group" WTF? Who are these guys?

"VIDEO THE VOTE" Nov 2 2004 in Coumbus OH-NEVER FORGET IT!

Election Reform, Fraud, & Related News June 11, 2006 - Keep Busy!!!

HEADS UP: Rush Holt to possibly be on with Lou Dobbs tonight.

Credible sources with info on election fraud?

RFK Jr. and Manjoo on WNYC NOW!

NYT Bob Herbert (via RawStory): Kerry 'almost certainly' won Ohio in 2004

Respond to Local Papers attacks of RFK JR (Fitrakis to Dispatch)

Braley in Scott County with Edwards

DU gathering at the state convention?

Iverson leaving legislature

Okay Now....Who didn't vote for Vilsack?????

Um, hello? Who here is from Council Bluffs???

Any big names coming to the State Convention?

Can someone trace me to my DU posts?

On attempting to remove Panda.......

Any recommendations for freeware to convert wav to MP3?

some random question for my new computer

Precinct Chairs - Vista Print is having a promotion on postcards

CanoFun's Convention video montage

Craddick corruption on LBN

Glen's got a great blog entry up at BOR

Official Convention Videos on YouTube

SD4 tabulation account (Dos Centavos blog)

Lordy Lordy look who's Forty!!!!!!!!

So who is the worse "Independent" candidate: Kinky or Carole?

Filibuster for Freedom, Juneteenth (6/18 and 19), Galveston

anyone feel like writing a ltte?-help a DUer out against this ignorant pig

Geg Palast - River Oaks Theater - June 19, 2006

Southeast Texas Courthouse Tour, June 20-22

hey you pot lovers

mmmm-MMM ..... Steak! ...... Cold off the grill

Media mogul Kenneth Thomson dies at 82

Softwood talks hit snag, say reports

Dead detainee 'was to be freed'

Old-Style Taint Shadows Election in Mexico ( Fox/Calderon kickbacks)

100 Injured in Israel Train Derailment

ACLU Tries to Stop Warrantless Wiretapping

Al Qaeda promises to avenge it's leader

GOP: It's all in the effort

UAW boss: The worst is upon us

Sunnis say Iraq PM must engage with insurgents

WaPo: Bush, Advisers Plan Future of U.S. in Iraq

Midterm Election Update: Democratic Lead for Congress Continues (Gallup)

Dead detainee 'was to be freed'

Missteps dog Swann campaign

Ben Rothlisburger in motorcycle accident in Pgh.

Democrats want subcommittee reinstated (House Armed Services Committee)

WP, pg1: Wal-Mart Looks at Fair Trade Link with Brazilian Coffee Farmer

Rove headlining GOP fund-raiser (NH Phone Jamming)

Social Security Privatization: Here It Comes Again

Rice's Offer to Iran Spurs Unease From Right

Supreme Court Skirts Holocaust Dispute

Judge tosses lawsuit over Pa. lawmaker pay

Palestinian kidnappers release American citizen seized in Nablus

Rhode Island police seek open access to Internet records

U.S. Marines Leave Ukraine

Advertising mag asks Ann Coulter to kill herself

Troops scare would-be migrants away from border, officials say

Kerry to introduce Iraq withdrawal amendment

Plane headed into Pittsburgh with hydraulic failure has landed safely

US policies blamed for Guantanamo suicides

Inside Apple's iPod factories

U.S., EU disagree over Palestinian aid plan

Al-Zarqawi Lived for 52 Mins. After Strike

CIA Leak Case Prosecutor Doesn't Expect White House to Block Classified Do

Cuba harassing US with Havana power cut: official

Pentagon identifies Guantanamo detainees who committed suicide; one was up

NASA admits mistake in blocking access to scientist

Iraq: al-Zarqawi's Heir Also Killed, Jordanian Services Say

Philadelphia Inq.: Prank postcard finds Santorum at home

Government defends domestic spying in court

Plane crashes into house in Florida

NYT: Adviser Has President's Ear as She Keeps Eyes on Iraq

Bush: Zarqawi's successor will be on U.S. 'list'

Former Saddam aide dragged from court

No Slowdown in Iraq's Sectarian Violence

Postal workers facing charges of stealing from mail (Florida)

Founder of black museum dies at 92

North Korea threatens to shoot down U.S. spy planes

Bills (in CA) would ban tracking devices in driver's licenses, IDs

Whaling ban faces stiff test at Caribbean meeting

Rich nations cheated developing countries: WTO Doha round

Ohio's 2000 and 2004 Elections Still Not Over for Some

Texas politician gets $700,000 donation (to renovate his apartment)


Bush: Democracy in Mideast is worth price

U.S.-Led Forces in Iraq Kill 9 in Raid

Some Ohio Editors and Reporters Criticize 'Rolling Stone' Story on 2004 Al

Government defends domestic spying in court

Petrol charge sparks outrage in Australia

US steps back from Guantanamo suicide comments

Access Hollywood/AP: Redford To Democrats: Show More Courage

KNOWTHYNEIGHBOR Expands to Florida; Anti-Gay petition signers online

Venezuela Defies U.S., Seeks U.N. Council Seat, Kalashnikovs

Justices make key death penalty rulings

U.S. military says contractors won't face charges (for random shootings)


Philly officials eye eatery’s English-only sign

Phoenix, AZ: Local oil executives get Giant bonuses

Minority students' teachers are worst

EPA quietly attempts to radically change pollution rules

CNN Poll: Most still think Iraq war a mistake after al-Zarqawi death

NYT/Reuters: "Seeing Machine" Offers Legally Blind a View of World

Kerry to introduce Iraq withdrawal plan

Al-Qaida-in-Iraq has new leader

Judge defers decision on US wiretap suit

Corruption is funding insurgency, says Iraqi official

US-led war on terror increases risk of terrorist attacks: think tank

NSA Blocking Whistleblower From Telling Committee

U.A.W. Facing Tough Choices, Leader Warns

Democrats to roll out action plan

Judge Shot at Courthouse in Nevada

Steeler QB Roethlisberger in motorcycle crash (breaking)

CNN: Violent crime rate takes first big jump since '93

Me and boyfriend have returned from the Bible Belt!

An unintentionally hysterical book...

Only about four more years . . .

When was the last time a friend let you down?

In Farewell Address, DeLay Attacks Liberals, Moderates

I rescued about 1000 tadpoles today from a ditch with very little water

Amazing Juggling Done to Beatles Carry That Weight

I'm trying to remember the name of a movie...

A trip(or load in trucker's parlance) from hell

Baghdad ER

countries where women have the largest breasts

Woman Cited For Exposing Her Buttocks In Store

O.K., early morning crew. "All About Eve" is coming on AMC....

countries where men have the largest breasts

An aside to those who are Watching the 2005 Doctor Who series

Robber Sues Victims After They Beat Him

put cat to sleep on Friday and now this...

good morning everyone!

*Losing weight without diet or exercise* Viral infection.

I need a vacation to recover from my vacation!

Paris Hilton lets sick children down (breaks promise to hold benefit show)

Bad-ass cat cases bear up a tree - from Bartcop

So when did customer service get tossed out the door?

been at work about 40 min - im ready for Friday

For any of you late boomers who grew up in Ohio - Flippo the Clown died

Need "new office-warming" gift ideers....

$399 for a prescription/insurance snafu UPDATE

Australia v. Japan! Japan just got a lucky goal, leads 1-0!

God help me

any Ed Grimley fans out there...

chrysanthemums or chrymanthesums?

So whats with the little blond boys?

Man Eats 47 Cheese Sandwiches In 10 Minutes

Why can't I wake up?

Thinking of moving to Florida.....DON'T!

I don't know about you - but I could hear the ringtone!

Bruises. Weird lingering bruises. OW and OMG (warning). Yours?

It's going to be a long afternoon for Team USA, isn't it?

My father has discovered You Tube.

Republicans for Voldemort

Viewers in Los Angeles can watch the match on Univision/KMEX 34

Kabini River sunset

George Takei sitting in the Howard Stern show all this week

Sorry Hillary supporters, but

Please take the time to be careful out on the roads

What vegetables (from your garden) have you eatin so far?

I decided that there isn't a "life after death" ...

Jesus the Musical!

"Entourage" fans check in - New season started last night *Spoilers*

Warning: proud dad posting porn pic

Bush to US soccer Team - "You've been doing a great job... Give them hell"

Warning: proud mom posting prom pic

I'm requesting some good vibes, please.

When the Ship Comes In

Sinead O'Connor, who else thought she was sexy?

What should I post for my 15,000th post?


Hey, my kid is cute--quit being rude to it in the laundramat!

Nothing's more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose, and a chainsaw

Who's your favorite for the Tour de France this year?

Won't someome please think of the children!

Non-Allergenic Kitties

My favorite videos of the 90's, from

Wow my daughter is bringing me home a calzone from Chapel Hill

What is your favorite musical color?

Here's a tip when posting in General Discussion: Politics...

Dixie Chicks webcast of first concert June 15th

I need to write a will

Who is the sexiest male tennis player?

Profound Statements...

Caption Cheney

boink, there; that makes 13,000...

My new beard sure is itchy today

How does one find out if an SNL skit is available on line?

What do you think of this soccer theory?

HEY ~ Sugar Smack ~ How do you like your coffee?

Say, what do you all think of my latest avatar?

Lost Wallet Found 60 Years Later

Man, don't you love getting shit for things that you aren't involved in?

most important to you

This is why I don't like watching World Cup Soccer... Dives.

Hey, man, the name is STYX, after all, but these lyrics are good:

Check out the mighty JACK!!

My new beard sure is bitchy today

post a cool nature pic

Why do Disney Films have Death as a center of the plot??

The World Cup qualifier of *BABY PICS* (8)

Fast and the Furious - wasn't one of them enough?

Holy shit, you Americans complain about world cup soccer alot

I'm watching Jeopardy right now.

Bow before your Masters.......

Can anyone help with a baby bird?

U.S. -Czech game (spoiler)

Monks Allowed To Watch World Cup, But Can't Enjoy It (LOL)

Do new brakes and new tires make a used car more desirable/easier to sell?

The RetroLounge Daily Poem Thread (Mon 6/12/06)

Sure, your kid is cute - now please keep it away from me

Goodnight lounge

Masters of Classic Rock Radio

ugh! I am suddenly INUNDATED with "Replica Watch" SPAM

Another new one!

I Took my Small Child to the Theater, the Laundry and Restaurants,

What's everybody up to?

Wagghhh!!! The 60's are RUINED!!!

The official 'Get Well Soon Ben Rothlisberger' thread.

What is life?

The breast appreciation thread

BTBM's Crucial 80's Hardcore Albums, Vol. 1- Misfits- 'Earth A.D.'

itunes is damn addictive.

Bedoin Soundclash "When the Night Feels My Song" (whys it not a huge hit?)

Nature must be tamed...

Need (spiritual) Protection or Positive Energy? Post here.

Nature must be maimed...

Do we still have the DU Store?

The official "Learn how to ride a bike you Jackass" thread

Monday Hypno Lyrix

Are there any World Cup matches on broadcast teevee?

Should I find a new bar to go to on Friday and Saturday?

DU this poll!!!

My dear CaliforniaPeggy -- HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Do I suck or something?

I can take the long as I don't put my clothes on

Post your favorite smilie!

WOW! I hate having my eyes dilated!

My alarm is too hard to turn off!!!

Class VP arrested after coming late to graduation

Any vets not get their letter from the VA yet?

I don't know what I should be relieved over...

My Baseball All-Time Underrated Team

Name the 2nd best thing that you can't live without.

I believe I am going to watch "Good Night and Good Luck" right now...

Tell me all the interesting things that happened while I was away

Paint question: Flat or Semi-Gloss Finish on crown moulding?

Your mama.

Good Monday Morning, Crew!

Florida is getting a rain shower

Monday, June 12. William Shakespeare's Thought For The Day:

Well, I have a new t-shirt.......and here's how I came by it.......

What kind of spider is this? (pictures inside)

Monday lyrics

Animator vs. Animation.....very cool.

World Cup Fan of the Weekend

snake! on the motherfucking driveway!

*Have You heard of Darrell Scott? Check this out*

Must kill family...

Ben Rothlisburger in motorcycle accident in Pgh.

Strange Little Girl vs. Strange Little Girl

Please do not post World Cup Spoilers in the Subject Line (Keep Kicked)

WORLD CUP: USA never plays well in Europe.

"Cars" - Disney movie . . . has "Larry the Cable Guy" tried to claim

Celebrate with me! I have said my final goodbyes so to speak)

Best Hillary?

havnt had meat since saturday night, should i just go vegan now?

When Shopping For A Used Pick-Up Truck At Carmax...

Pittsburgh is a really pretty city.

My mother KILLED me when I made a fuss in public!

The Moran Family Gas station

Tell me about Charlotte, NC as a place to live.

I was just surrounded by the gayest group of Mormon missionaries

Are babies the end of having a good social life?

Why is there depression (I mean from an evolutionary biology perspective)?

Thank you, Loungers!

Congratulations Beware the Beast Man!! 15,000 posts

While I was in Barnes and Noble, I put one of Ann's book cover on..

Favorite Kurosawa movie

What is one of your secret habits?

Wisconsin Man Builds Monument To Hitler


The talking Heads


‘Superman’ cast is ready to fly, Routh and Spacey take a ‘Superman quiz'

All these 'obnoxious kids in theatres, etc.' threads


You can't live without...

Why use "High Quality Green Tea" if yer gonna "high fructose corn syrup"?

Your thoughts on COFFEE.

How do you Cross Your Legs when you Sit???

DU survey - what town/city or county, province, etc. do you live in?

Happy birthday/anniversary wishes to...........

Why do my friends send me those awful emails....?

One Disease-Two Epidemics: Aids at 25. New England Journal of Medicine

More Mad Cow, different variety

Clinton returns to Health Care Reform with piecemeal-can it pass, approach

Vitamin D: the surprise powerhouse

Green tea may help explain "Asian paradox"

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Rare critters populate Scotland's Cairngorms

Global warming has forced some animals to evolve already

Anyone ever seen the film "WHAT THE #$*! DO WE KNOW?!"???

"Imaginary Weapons" Sharon Weinberger... (Pentagon's Weird Pursuits)

Gay Communities Facing More Than Marriage Amendment Battle

U.S. Episcopalians convening in Ohio with unity threatened by role of gays

Minnesota Democrats Add Gay Support To Platform

Phelps: Billy Graham A Gay Shill

Gainesville judge hears lawsuit from school gay-straight alliance

Another website to list gay-marriage foes

Good LTTE by a friend in the Leaf Chronicle (Clarksville, TN)

This extended week has to be a sports fans dream

Any one know where I can listen to World Cup online? (for free :-)

So where are all those heat fans?

Breaking: Steelers QB Roethlisberger hurt in motorcycle crash

It wasn't all bad for the US today.

USA Vs. Czech Republic

fuck yahoo world cup site

Dixie Chicks lyrics, "I Hope".

Greetings from TBA conf in DC.

New poll from Iowa

eww, ewww, ewwwwwww...

New Kerry post

Outstanding support for Iraq Vote!!

Kerry rally for Webb

A new Kerry post

Evidently, the Iraq vote is tomorrow!

Please call your Senators. Ask them to support John Kerry's Amendment.

Well y'all life certainly is a confusing thing

The WaPo has a whole section about the Democratic Party and

It's only a snapshot ...

My first posting

Does Photoshop CS include Camera RAW ?

@#%^$*&#! People Pics

Kerry won Ohio ..... NY Times op ed

From GD via Media Bistro: Dan Abrams named General Mgr. of MSNBC

Warning: not saying Keith won't be there tonight, but...

KOEB Meeting: 6/12/06 -- Ben! Wear a Frickin' HELMET Wouldja? Edition

What effect did the capture of Saddam have on the war?

Considering the state of our party...Eeby geeby Gooby.

Enough about Ann Coulter: Answer the Jersey Girls questions about 9/11!

Music for Morans, Catch them at the Moran Family reunion.

Sept. 11th Memorial to be Re-Designed, 1 Billion was too expensive.

"YOYO" economy

The Anti-Miscegenation Amendment

Ann Coulter, Fred Phelps, a Romance

Has Pat Robertson made any pronouncements yet

Guantanamo should be closed: EU

Animal Farm and Guantanamo by Larry Johnson

What happened to AirAmerica in Atlanta?

Does the presidential pardon extend to murder?

(TOON) Steve Bell on Zarqawi and Rowson on Gitmo suicides

Ann Coulter poll

6th time, the supporters of the Iraq war are proclaiming a "turning point"

AP: Al-Zarqawi Lived for 52 Mins. After Strike

(VIDEO) A day of shame for the Democratic Party from 2002

Japan v. Australia just started

Creative Recruiting Methods

Religious Arrogance and the "Pro-life" God Complex

good morning everyone! would appear that Republicans are not pleased with Bush

How do we even know it was Zarqawi in the Nick Berg beheading video?

"Them 3 guys who hung themselves really had it good there at Gitmo"

WaPo: Smoke of Iraq War 'Drifting Over Lebanon' (blow-back from Iraq War)

Amendment to Replace an Insane & Unqualified President.

I've never seen kids enjoy their terminal illnesses so much.

Net Show on now discusses why Republicans win in '06

DU this Poll

The media is suffering from a terminal disease called "fair & balanced"

Why does Ann Coulter hate Christians?

Global military spend hits $1.12 trillion: 48% spend by U.S. alone.

U.S. Tax Dollars Account For 48% of Record World Military Spending

It's Official - DU wins out over KOS

City council wants speech limits after pastor threatens curse on official

Would any blogger like to be interviewed for my show today?

I'm not glad Zarqawi's dead, why should I be?

well....Karl Rove is speaking tonight on CSPAN-6E/5C

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared before a Grand July in

"Bilderberg Group" WTF? Who are these guys?

Violent crime up for 1st time in 5 years

Anyone hear Gen. McCaffery say the Gitmo suicides were same as 9-11?

WP op-ed: U.S. Ambassador John Bolton "poisons atmosphere" at U.N.

For any of you late boomers who grew up in Ohio - Flippo the Clown died

Why are many republicans Disenchanted? They OWN the Fucking Government.

The PNACers ar packing it in: Mission Accomplished in Iraq!

You heard it here first: Immigration is a problem but MIGRATION

"Cars" - Disney movie . . . has "Larry the Cable Guy" tried to claim

...accused Negroponte of overseeing torture, killings and rape...

Supreme Court Rules Death Row Inmates Can Challenge Lethal Injection

If I have to look at that dead guy's face one more time...

BREAKING: Bush Jinxes US World Cup Team

Please DU this poll

Lawyers Defend Marines in Raid (Haditha)

open letter to NPR - Warped Coverage of the Middle East by Felice Pace

Smash Monday in the jaw. Come on in and . . . . . . . . . . . . .CAPTION!!

So if 75% of voters in 11 states vote to reinstate slavery...

I didn't know they even covered it

1st trial in lobbyist scandal nears close

Is Fox News about to justify Bush's War?

Domestic Spying Program Comes Under Legal Scrutiny


"Republican Puppet"

Western Shoshone stop "Divine Strike" Bomb Test

City agency expected to file complaint against Geno's Cheesesteaks

A modest tax proposal

Did you know that Ebay is selling items from "An Inconvenient Truth"?

Would you back an amendment to limit the president's power to pardon?

Iraq's Pentagon Papers - By Daniel Ellsberg

Utahns Contribute Heavily to Romney PACs (Rom gov of Mass.)

Stolen Amer. goods bound for GIs in Afghan. fill bazaars in Pakista

'Red, White And Screwed'

Iran Exports Anti-Gay Pogrom to Iraq

Charlie GIBSON's power grab. He's a small, small man.

What would happen if...

Letters from the VA arrived today

A New "Perle Harbor". Richard perle and US Iran war plans

bad, bad news on modified food

Mary Cheney's book sales head straight down the crapper.

Palast yesterday, speaking in Chicago, about the phone co's

I'm betting many DUers don't know about the groups like "Weather"

Plan To Shut Down Gitmo Had Pentagon Support Last Yr-But Blocked By Cheney

That blown-up framed picture of Zarqawi's head is just too fucking sick.

Dixie Chicks webcast of first concert June 15th

Bush's Mission Accomplished: Hatred of Gays leads to violence

A question, Do non-citizens in the U.S. have Constitutional Rights?

BREAKING ! The news already knows the name of Zarqawi's successor!

Robert Shrum: "Be Democrats — for a change."

They killed the person who could provide intelligence.

"Liberalism Resurgent": An Invaluable Resource

Wow my daughter is bringing me home a calzone from Chapel Hill

HELP! Need a list of right-wingers who recently spoke against Coulter!

Democrats Taking Advantage Of Displeasure With GOP, Raising Big $$$


Iraqi Activist has "documented dozens of crimes similar to...Haditha"

Great toon: The Emperor has no clothes...

All that Middle Eastern Oil is OURS, God gave that Oil to us.

Office Depot outsourcing American jobs

Iraq's Head Of Secret Police On CIA Payroll As Recently As 2005

W: "Good Week in Iraq"-What are they up to at Camp David I wonder?

Kitty-killer label litters Frist resume for president

Some Ohio families refuse to claim bodies

Jesus: I did not NAIL MYSELF to the cross!

Question for the Pro-lifers in the world

Economics question-what do the economic indicators really tell us?

Dispatches from the Take Back America Conference: What's a progressive?


Historical Parallel?

President Bush called US coach Bruce Arena before today's match

If bush and cheney are so truthful why is it that everytime there is

Blast from the past

GAS Boycott

Ann Coulter is selective with whom she complains about

"Category 7 the end of the world"

Do you remember... (Quiz)

ABC: Libby Trial About to Heat Up?

Zarqawi In A Ten-Gallon Hat

General Clark -- LIVE blogging on DKos right now, answering questions

Why not al-Sadr as #1 super bad guy?

Just one more goddamn increase of troops in Iraq and Bush should be canned

"Debate" Over Coulter Reminiscent of "Debate" Over Whoopi in 2004

Senate to Vote on Kerry's IraqTroop Withdrawal Proposal

Would you support a North American Union? Similar to the EU

" Gas station looks at gas-free future"

Christian video game"Eternal Forces" involves mass killing of New Yorkers

Protest Election Fraud Legislation in Ohio and Florida: Boycott States

"US 'Planning to Keep 50,000 Troops in Iraq for Many Years'"

Sounds like a great Franken show tomorrow

Seminary President: Katrina Washed Satan Out Of New Orleans

Bills Would Ban Tracking Devices In Driver's Licenses, IDs (Calif)

Where's Bob?

Class VP arrested after coming late to graduation

TWO Suspicious Package Evacuations in Florida in one day? hhmmm

1st Hurricane of the season ALBERTO expected to hit FL....

Ben Rothlisberger hospitalized after motorcycle accident

Family Court Judge shot by a sniper in Reno, NV

Another brilliant Mike Luckovich comic: * marries Religious Right! ROFL!

The hypocrisy of Ann Coulter's statement

Our Way Home Reunion Weekend - celebrates war resisters - Canada

Bush administration quietly plans NAFTA superhighway

A Final End to History? Bush's Armageddon Wish

Senate honoring Sen. Byrd for 48 years of service on CSPAN2 Now

(FIORE) I Gotta Plan, Core Values and Ethics Liquidators

Rancher with ties to Bush to get $305K River Crossing

June Terror Update, al Zarqawi and same sex marriage per Mr.bush

Fried Green Tomatoes smothered with Shrimp and Remoulade Sauce

RFK, Jr. on Colbert TONIGHT!

Why does Castro allow Guantanamo?

With all of the turmoil in the world do you think it is due to ...

If the Coast Guard searches for you do

Did anyone listen The Brian Lehrer Show this AM on NPR?

Act now: Senate vote on Iraq hours away!---from John Kerry.

Only on Faux. "Repeal of the Death Tax will benefit the poor"

Here's a story that highlight the cause real cause of our immigration woes

Drudge is trumpeting the high murder/rape rate in the USA

Voting for Bush is like...(fill in the blank)

BREAKING- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

Monks Allowed To Watch World Cup, But Can't Enjoy It (LOL)

Top 10 movies - looking for a link

I'm getting impatient.

Wiccans Fight Tax Exemption For Bibles

The Army of Darkness

Curious George ( really funny music vid)

NSA Blocking Whistleblower From Telling Committee About Illegal Activities

Schwarzenegger Urges Fight Against Global Warming

RE: LBN Judge Shot in CO. - Some info >>>

SEALED v. SEALED: The Trial *could* be underway, and you'd never know

Burns skips first debate against Tester in Montana

penile plethysmograph and homophobes (this is sort of funny)

Specter maintains threat of subpoenas on NSA program...

An Inconvenient Truth: Loaded with sublime symbolism?

Flippo the Clown Dies

Freeper campaign

Mr. Blackwell and other politicians insist on making it harder to vote

As I was watching Mystery on PBS last night

OMG - Watching CNN About Alberto

Bill Clinton re: Repubs >> "They think they're good people..."

2497 Reasons why the DSM is Important

I believe that the new Fed. Reserve Chair. has ended up being

UH-OH! Hurricane Warning Just Issued For Florida!

125000 barrel gas tank on fire nearby

Can you help remind me why Imus is such a prick.

good ink on Ohio's "stolen" election and RFK's report

Soros is on CNBC... good interview...

Gary Hart at Take Back America

Sometimes W acts like a Hostage being forced to read things.

Mission Accomplished? (Is PNAC closing its doors?)

Beer ingredient may fight prostate cancer

Funny story ...bookstore/ann the man...


What's the current price of oil/barrel?

Lou Dobbs: Who do you think is for the people

Vote on Lou Dobbs poll.

AOL Poll: Not looking good for * on Iraq

Bush: ' Democracy in Mideast is worth price' - 06/12/06 (Graphic)

Stop talking about goddamn troop withdrawal! They are NEVER coming back!

War Summit = Bullshit. Why has it taken 3 years?

If we get a President that actually cares about America and its people....

Ohio 2004 Vote Fraud - Highlights of the Conyers Report

Nobody's helping me

More housing markets overvalued("39% extremely overvalued")

Need ideas for a process analysis paper, Justice needs to fit in

Did anyone hear the #'s on McLaughlin today of Iraq war victims?

The Islamic threat to our Nation is Highly Exaggerated by the Neocons

how do you live with yourself knowing you denied the WILL of the people?

Saharan Air mass links.. (Interesting bookmark for hurricane season)

Interesting interview with elected leader of Palestinians.

"An Inconvenient Truth" the first carbon-neutral film in history!

Sybel Edmonds soon to be interviewed on the air (streaming, too)

Jeb says, "Jump!" FEMA says, "How High, Boss???"

Even tho it doesn't need help, DU this poll anyway

Thom Hartmann on AAR Filling in

You heard it here first (I think): Afghanistan and Iraq are not a WIN

WP, Froomkin: Is Bush getting ready to declare Iraq victory, and get out?

Got A Letter Today From The Dept. of Veteran's Affairs

Anyone here listen to The Lionel Show?

Coulter: "A drag queen masquerading as a Fascist" LOL!

Violent crime is up because of gay pride parades

A Global Case of Black Lung

I've always wondered: who was Mediawhoresonline?

Esquire Readers: Bush is the man they LEAST admire..


Where are all of the Good Guys?

Santorums Website, English vs. Spanish versions:

Anyone watching Robert Redford

A big THANKS to brainshrub

Right now on ESPN2: DOMINOES.

Did anyone hear Rush talk about the military like HE was/had been in

Obscure Trade Settlement Could Create $480 Million Slush Fund for

Contractors Cleared in Videotaped Attacks in Iraq

Higher gas prices hit mega-school districts lose

Chimp, Rummy, Cheeny & Condisleazy all in one place.

Do Voyeuristic TV Shows bother anyone else? Health Channel...

Remember that White Paper Colin Powell promised linking bin Laden to 9/11?

Gay couple separated by police

Presidential Preference -- Iowa Dem Caucus poll

Remind me. Conservative contributions to humanity, are there any?

'Depraved' civil servants play naked office pranks

puerto ricans are subject to a draft.

Caption the Doo-Wop Ensemble

*: thank U.S. forces for bringing Zarqawi "to justice."

Mike and The Mad Dog: Has Giuliani announced that he is running for Prez?

I just got this email from my boss: Her brother is in Iraq

I just noticed a missing signature from the PNAC Statement of Prnciples

Has anyone asked Ann Coulter what she thinks of Lisa Beamer?

Up to 37 suspected Taleban killed in Afghan clashes

The "Ann Coulter Wing" Of The Republican Party-Restoring America's Balance

US military uses drugs to keep troops in battle

CBS: Bush Approval at 33%

Maybe some good new on Ben -

The demise of Tom Delay and Duke Cunningham hasn't seemed to help

WSJ: Dixie Chicks May Lay Egg With U.S. Tour

Closing numbers:NASDAQ busts below 2,100. Dow under 10,800. SP under 1,250

Parent Alert: Students find ring tone adults can't hear

OK-Favor time.-esp from TX DUers-please DU my local paper

Help the New Orleans Public Library

Web Sites Taking Hurricane Bets

On Randi now...Nancy Skinner, Joan Jett, and who's the guy?

Should have Kerry conceded the '04 election?

There is nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing left to lose.

What's the longest you've gone without eating?

the '00 coup

This week on The Daily Show

the beat goes on - Zarqawi's Replacement Named...

Just heard on WOOD TV in Grand Rapids michigan

Breaking--including information from Specter's office not commonly known

My father passed away on Friday...

Limbaugh using accident of QB Ben Roethsliberger to compare his

Bush's Orwellian Boogeyman only carried out 10% of the attacks in Iraq

Iowa: Congratulations to County Election Official Marilyn Jo Drake

DU this poll on "Speak English" sign in Philadelphia restaurant!

World CUp -USA v Cze

Congress to block flood of emails to their offices...

FINALLY: "Japan tries to cut down on plastic bags"

War Room: 31 SEALED v. SEALED cases in US Dist. Court (DC) since 01/06

Microsoft to issue 12 patches for security flaws on Tuesday, 6/13

Has Leopold completely changed his story?

My well-diversified 401(k) has declined 4.2% in the last 2 weeks.

Dan Abrams named General Mgr. of MSNBC; reports to Exec-in-Charge Griffin

Check this out, do you support this? Hell yes! Dems roll out plan...

Have you changed your mind about the Duke rape case

Quick Question - Has * ever had a passport?

1.5 million signers to Save NPR and PBS by tomorrow? MoveOn.Org Action>>>>

A-Z: the archetype of Zarqawi

Just rented "the corporation" last night

BILL MOYERS on Charlie Rose Show tonight - Tom Friedman too

Caption this photo of incurious, sleepy...

Frist's Cat Problem

Massachusetts: Freeway Blogger - 495 South, Tewksbury 9 AM

Utah Election Clerk 'in Shock' About E-Vote Security Breach in Busby/Bilbr

FAIR's devastating list of Tom Friedman quotes

MY city's smarter than YOOOUURRR city....


à la carte cable will kill FSTV and Link-TV

Did Bush's inauguration effect the way you invest?

Kucinich reveals Army Col. Steele, Linked to death squads in Iraq

The Heart of Darkness & Useful Idiots...

Caption this pic of the * gang

Nat'l Review's John Derbyshire:"Apologizing for Iraq-Allow Me To Eat Crow"

Scooter News .....

What does God think about the separation of church and state?

One of Guantanamo Suicides Not Informed He Was Scheduled for Release...

BREAKING: Steeler's QB Ben Roethsliberger in motorcycle accident.


Robber sues victims after they beat him! wtf?

Welcome to Take Back America (pic heavy)

Who is John Edwards and why is he considered Democratic front-runner?

Wisconsin man, former SS officer, builds memorial to Hitler

**DIAL UP WARNING (LOST OF PICS)***We'll be fighting in the streets...

Can you hear it? Not if you're old!

New: Baghdad Alone Has More Murders Than The Entire US!

Why would someone wear a helmet to play football and not to ride a cycle?

FBI: Murder Up 13% in 1 Year in Mid-sized Cities

I just called Borders and told them I was offended by the Ann Coulter book

FBI says "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11."

Dress Up George W. Bush (this is cool!) -------->

FL Dem alleges GOP election fraud and gets arrested

Inside Apple's iPod factories

U.A.W. Facing Tough Choices, Leader Warns

Social Security Privatization: Here It Comes Again

Bush, 2004: Zarqawi one of many

Stick Your Neck Out, America! (Ray McGovern)


Loose Change?

Let's Pretend.......

Cox Cable, Virginia, just pulled ads by at the request

Does the picture of a dead Zarqawi

Here is a huge load of dung to laugh at

Amendment battle shifts to House

Older Americans join others in giving Bush all-time low approval

Repubs say Democrats have no "ideas"? Here's one !

"Almost all Iraqi divisions will be capable of leading" by end of 2006

Does Jeb * REALLY have 63% approval in Florida?

Republicans are breaking apart over Iran

i'm looking for the email someone sent former FEMA head brown in which

New Al Qaeda Leader Abu Hamza al-Muhajer

Congrats to Bob Byrd for becoming the longest running Senator

Virginia Senate Primary...who to vote for...?

Rove headlining GOP fund-raiser (NH Phone Jamming)

NJ-Sen: Bob Menendez shows just how we should campaign against repukes!!

Salon: "How Much is that Blogger in the Window?"

Missteps dog Swann campaign

Need info on a post I saw yesterday about a bank

vote up ykos article msnbc

I saw An Inconvienient Truth this weekend...It made me sad

Southern Baptists to pick new "leader" this week

The Rope To Hang Themselves

I think MoDo's feelings were hurt

Truth Is for 'Liberals'

Gail Schoettler, Dem candidate for Governor, laments vitriol from the left

Sirota in WAPO: Democrats, find "true" center. Don't compromise

Kerry: We need to beat George Allen.

One more time ...... Russert and Matthews are not to be trusted

Kerry to Call for Change of Course in Iraq, as Congress Focuses on Iraq

Is pure hate for democrats and racism....

Where do you think that the republicon base get the idea that they are the

Caption this: WH staff off to Interagency Team meeting

Democrats keep leveling charges at Blackwell they can’t back up

Three more. 2500 dead non~milestone.

Damning letter on Miller from outsourced engineer

Ann Coulter, plagiarist?

Robert Redford & Jerome Ringo (Apollo Alliance) at TBA on global warming.

Brown not running from his record

Please explain to me why our TAXES are paying for this!

The DNC 6 Point Plan for taking back America. discuss.

Does anyone know who bought the Dubai ports in the US?

Where do you find the most disgusting level of sanctimony?

Verizon launches child location service

Blogger reports on Bill Clinton's speech today in Orlando.

Va Senate, Miller running only to gain visibility, cred.w/Dems.

Tweety discussing Edwards' numbers in Iowa with Charlie Cook.

Kerry: Key Iraq vote hours away!

FL: Christian Conservative running against Cruella Harris

Okay. Who am I supposed to root for in this video?

Larry is going to have the 9/11 widows on tonight to respond to Ann

dupe -- please delete

Margaret Carlson on Ann C. Bloomberg wants to make sure you know her

Caption: The Shadow knows.

State Dept Backpedaling on "PR Stunt" comment

Democrats and Word Usage

Political Writer for the Columbus Dispatch answers my email on RFK Jr's ..

Whatever happened to attempts by states to start impeachment?

Will Lieberman support the Democratic candidate in CT?

War is primitive

RFK, Jr. on Colbert tonight

bush has three+ hour meeting at Camp David today

Wes Clark Blogging live at Kos NOW!

Kerry to Offer Amendment to Redeploy U.S. Troops from Iraq by End of Year

Something comical just occurred to me re: immigration

"I don't want our guys getting used to shrimp and martinis"

Kitty-killer label litters Frist resume for president

Mike Stark's Interesting Moment With Harry Reid

Mary Cheney's book TANKS bad

Author interview: Imaginary Weapons... from the Pentagon On Pub radio Now!

What a candidate in Texas sounds like

Dems slipping in state races

Ominous rumblings of a "North American Union" to Replace USA


Mark Warner on Iran and Venezuela (posted at Kos)

A contrast between two Senate primaries ... CT and VA

Does anyone else think a lot of repukes are indirectly tricking us

Notice from CBS News regarding violent crime...

Murtha bashing scheduled for tomorrow

BTW- Thurs. House votes to make Iraq officially part of "War on Terror"

Herbert says Kerry would have won Ohio - but would he?

Whistle-blower Clint Curtis "I can show you how to flip an election..."

House gives Israel 2.46 billion

Do the Demo leaders have a strategy to win back the HOR?