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Archives: February 4, 2005

Simon Tisdall (Guardian Utd): Opting for diplomacy over North Korea

Injustice dept. says "state secrets" regarding torture victim.

Scott C. Smith (CounterBias): Everyone Loves Bill (Clinton)

bush warns Iran & Syria

U.S. Dec. new home sales flat as inventories build

TNR: Ryan Lizza -THE DEMOCRATIC DIVIDE. The Outsiders

Prepare to invade Bangladesh: American Chemists study methane hydrate

Chinese Chemists report new DME (fuel) syntheses from biomass.

This Thread Lockup Was Uncalled For

I hate to ask this, but it is a great idea... A legislative forum

You know you're from Chicago if...


Need help - The Election Center financials - do they own stock?

Dr. Ernest Partidge on Thom Hartmann Fri 2/4/05 1:30 PM EST

Senate Scorecard - From the Best to the Bottom Feeders

United we stand

How many of the aye voting senators got in via voting irregularities?

Déjà vu anyone? Sounds like something I've heard before!

Gannongate: DU this Yahoo Article

Does anybody know...

Political machinations

GREAT LINK MUST READ Four Reasons we must uphold the Constitution

Legal Question? 2/3 Ohio Moss v. Bush. Can someone tell me....

My name is Ken Blackwell and I am a racist...

Can we move to Impeach now?????

Countdown (KOEB) Thursday

Image from Nixon impeachment is working now...

The Emperor Has No Mandate Bumper Sticker!

Deviation Favor Bush? Yes. Deviation >MoE? Yes. State Flip to Bush? Yes.

Oregon's vote by mail system - Here are details on how it works

Short PowerPoint show on the 2004 election theft -- anybody want it?

Third !!! It will happen ! Where's that Impeachment Clock??

Gonzales Is "Bush's Watergate-on-Steroids"

Los Angeles Times: L.A. Jail Called Deadly, Outdated

Assembly leader would excuse Shelley from testimony if he resigns

Boxer is way out in front today

Some Minnesotans on Fargo Bush Do Not Admit list

Question about software registration (Adobe Photoshop)

A little computer problem here

Youngstown Mayor George McKelvey

Hello PA! Anyone know more about this New Hope place?

'Our' Collective Goodness in the Tsunami Disaster

CBS Dan Rather 7:23 ET: "Bush's Soc. Sec Plan D.O.A. Won't pass."

Does Bush one collect Social Security Benefits?

First, have Condi whine about human rights abuses....then

Inked fingers and purple heart band-aids.

Did my eyes deceive me?

Last nite's Tv Schedule for ABC

Any Dems go purple?

Does President Bush* believe in Commandment #6?

"On any given day, 40% of Iraqi security forces are AWOL."

Latest right-wing email

Exclusive photo: Your Social Security check from Bush. --->

Does anyone have that hilariously edited SOTU speech that Randi played?

Mid America Water Cooler talks today - need rebuttals...


Establish Independent Commission to Investigate Torture & End Secret Deten

Bush Meets a Genuine Rancher >>>

North Dakota to * : Hands off our Social Security, you monkey!

Is "village" a racist (or classist) term?

How about some optimism?

Fascism narrated by Mike Malloy

More democrats voted against Ashcroft that Gonzales

High School Basket Ball Brawl/Video

Pelosi: 'Democrats Created, Defended, and Will Strengthen Social Security'

Gen. Wesley Clark on Hardball -- Bill Maher on later

My 23rd post!

I am hearing that Bill Mahar defended Bush on Hardball.

Essential Reading on the Homeland Security State

Venezuela Accessing China market via Iran

Self-described fascist voted for Bush

Nielsen ratings group to help Tsunami victims

Great Society Democrats compared to DLC Dems

It's great to see the Democrats united

America 2004. Looking back at the rise of fascism.

Democrats: The Party of 'No', Says RNC

hmmmmm ... better take a pass on that pizza !!!

New Freedom in Kurdish

Republicans the elephants stampede!

Russian Oil & LNG Deals w/Lebanon, Syria,Jordan and Iran?World's #2 Oil...

Salazar, Lieberman, Landrieu, Nelson, Pryor and Nelson: yea to torture.

Quiz - RW'ers or Al Qaeda?

SHAME on these Montana seniors

My personal opinion on SS

BRAVO to the Dems who opposed the fuckface Gonzales.

"Nation of Assholes" - Lyrics now available

"What famous person would you like to give a lie detector test"

Why is it taking so long for the Dems

"Eisenhower ignored the Internet Bubble of the 1990's and look....

Where is the SOTU point-by-point refutiation?

Media whores & DiFi: What they`re Saying about * State of the Union Speech

Why DID they ink up their fingers, anyway?

In advance of the Daily Show threads...

Why did we get that $300 check if Social Security was going bankrupt?

Remember this girl? Samantha Smith

I'd like to see a "Deleted message" forum

How does a Pope know when it's time to go? When is he is no longer

Anybody read anything to explain Bush's speech cadence.

Help countering SOTU propoganda at my daughter's school

I've posted this in GD: Politics

Allowing Wall Street To Handle Your SS Is Like Letting A Crack Addict...

Do'h! Mark of the Beast

The Future of US Military Abroad:Quiz-Where is the Navy's 5th Fleet?

Just had a conversation with my 24 year old

Is there a roll call of the Alberto Gonzales vote?

Mandatory Malloy: Thursday Truthseeker Meet~N~Greet

Do we think GW is TOO smart?

What happens if Israel air strikes Iran?

My household is now officially a Nielson TV home!!!!

Castro Calls Bush "Deranged"-"the face of a deranged person"

I just heard of TSP and the federal employees plan for retirement.

So, if only gay babies were aborted, would that be ok with fundies?

Does the right intentionally leave out victims of the Nazis? (textbooks)

See "In Good Company"--it's one smart movie!

Internet Radio Site of the Day......this is a great one!!

WOLDNETDAILY BLARING-Garofalo: Fingers with ink comparable to Nazi salute

So, how goeth the Plame investigation?

Regardless of what the neocons are doing to "our" country

Donations used to influence legislation not tax deductible. Evangelicals?

SOTU Boos/Nos to SS Lies - Why Is the media NOT covering this NOR stating

36 Democrats Voted Against AG!!!!!

Southern Baptist evangelizing at the super bowl

My epiphany about the Chimpster's popularity.


Why is george smiling?

Has bush*Co done the math to show how piratization saves SS?

Who pays attention to DU?

Update on the Fargo 42.

from "The Fallujah Fireside Songbook" (dark satire alert!)

OH MY GOD! Someone stole our Wal-Mart petition!!!

Caption Laura "Passport to Manhood"

Born-agains have higher divorce rate than the rest of society!!

Franken is soooo funny....

There are some terms used in DU I don't understand

What idiot would let Bush dictate where they can invest their SS funds?

Bill Moyers: "Are We Doomed? Insanity Now Mainstream"

Campbell's Tomato Bisque at Netgrocer!

fun thrift store score today

(Warning: Pic Heavy) Tonight's no name macaroni ... er ... pasta


Cost Trumps Patriotism in Flag Pin Flap

Blaming skeptics in Ohio

CBS Dan Rather 7:23 ET: "Bush's Soc. Sec Plan D.O.A. Won't pass."

Pentagon: Ways to Gauge Iraqi Troops Lacking

Documents: U.S. condoned Iraq oil smuggling

CIA Revising Pre-Invasion Iraq Arms Intel

Elliot Abrams to Head Democracy Front

Shiite Leads Iraq Vote; 3 Marines Killed

Wisconsin Man Kills Wife, Children, Self ("to bring my family to heaven")

Printer fails to satisfy e-voting activists

New Evidence: Enron Scams Began Years Ago

House Republicans Skeptical on Soc. Sec.

Legions of lobbyists are ready to square off over Bush plan

Diplomats: Iran violating spirit of freeze

Death Row Inmates Wage Hunger Strike Over Conditions

Iraq security forces only 30% trained

Sharon: Iran Next on War List

Texas Humorist Kinky Friedman To Run for Governor (Comic Relief!)

Bush's vision isn’t shared by all

Pope's assailant sends get-well wishes from jail in Turkey

Phoenix deputies fingerprint traffic stops

Atheist group may bid for plot of courthouse lawn

The Perils of Vote Projections: Skimpy Results, Ethnic Divides

Greenhouse gas turning oceans acid, scientists warn

Harvard President Names New Women Panels

Britain calls for human rights violators to be tried

Pope encourages scientists to define "brain death"

Rossi-Gregoire Election Challenge Hearing Friday

Rice Says U.S. Involvement Not Needed in EU-Iran Drive

WP: Bush Plans to Broaden Health Care

New Jersey Republican Committeeman Arrested in Child Porn Ring

Statement from Democracy Radio C.E.O. Tom Athans on the Bush Blacklist for

Bush (in Fargo): Social Security Math 'Doesn't Work'

Bush acknowledges death penalty problems

First Iraqi Election Returns Show Commanding Lead for Shiites

Some Dems nervous as Dean resurges

Security Beefed Up For Both Gregoire And Rossi

Justice official faults computers bought by FBI

WP: U.S. to Pull 15,000 Troops Out of Iraq

[Fargo City Commissioner] Coates on [Bush] do-not-admit list

Bush to Seek $419.3 Billion for U.S. Defense-Officials

Details a problem, but seniors see 'big picture' better than young folk

Thousands Apply for Wal-Mart Jobs (4,000 interview for 150 jobs!)

Rumsfeld Debating Whether to Avoid Germany(may be arrested for war-crimes)

Barring Gays From Adopting Not Homophobic Lawmaker Says

95-Year-Old N.H. Activist Hospitalized (Granny D)

Plane missing with 104 on board - Afghanistan

Iraqi villagers kill 5 insurgents

Halliburton exempt from Army withholding

"were shoping for the superbowl party, peggy

Everything I know about George W. Bush I learned from Motorhead

Ebay Auction-10lb Toblerone Bar

i feel like paper and have a crap due tomorrow morning.....options

I just got Friday off because I had too many hours this week!!!

Trisexuality.........I Don't Get It!

For those of you who love the Godfather movies...

Bush Twins on Wheel of Fortune?!?!? (Teen Best Friends Week)

Blue resistance in a red state

Who has traveled overseas and returned heartbroken for another country?

Am I weird? I actually love beings alone.

I just blanched 10 pounds of broccoli for freezing.

DUers need help brainstorming (caution fun alert)

Wow. I just squashed a DEVILISH bug in a program I'm developing.

Damned post-Groundhog Day depression!

If you were retiring in 2035, & you had about $250,000, would you be poor?

Emmitt Smith retires

Need a computer geeks help!

Fascism narrated by Mike Malloy

GW Bush & Condi Rice have zeroed in on Democratic Underground

Rum and Coca-Cola song

Tee-hee. The bond is now complete.

Since it is too big to put in my sig

Must...get... rid... of....ear... worm!

Am I alone? I actually love being weird

Would you date a woman who drove a minivan?

"Star Trek: Enterprise" has been cancelled.


I want to confabulate the ground

Song help. A hippy rock tune popped into my head this morning while

Why in the hell is Ted Rall obsessed with Pat Tillman?

Going to a quaker high school is hell.


PC Gone Overboard Again - "Crazy" beer pulled from shelves.

You know you're from Chicago if...

Down with corporate drug testing...

Nammit! Dow by doze iz stupped uf!!

What's a Good Credit Score?

Anyone watching the Happy Days reunion?

Reno 911 appreciation thread

I love spaghetti.


I am just the NICEST friend EVER.

i feel like crap and have a paper due tomorrow morning... options

I want to congratulate the lounge. You have all been behaving yourselves.

Bigotry...I don't get it

Smacked down a Repube today (Re: SOTU)

My 23rd post!

I can't think of anything to post tonight, so again a celebration of art..

Do you belong to any book clubs?

Dark chocolate candy bars with espresso beans.

I have the same first name as this guy...

Go on caption me, I dare you!! No I double dog dare ya!!!

Regrettably, my middle inital is W.

All Right! Which one of you is messing with my chi and why?


Founder of "Dadaism"

I had to get my prescriptions refilled recently.

Nike Ads from the End of the World guy

DU twits check in!

Is Nelly cool?

DU twins check in!

Are any of you watching this spectacle on Hannity and Colmes?

Bill O'Reilly. I Don't Get It

DU nits check in...

Have you ever seen millions of dollars?

Disruptors.....I don't get it

Here's another tip, sing pot legalization songs with a tie on

Battle of the Roosevelts

What do you like about your city/town/village?

DU twerps check in...

here's a tip: never buy chocolate chip cookie flavored alcohol

Let's all focus our chi and realign one of Arwalden's chakra stones

Wojeck is gone.

Social Security: Changes -or- no Changes?

Iran slams Rice (Dr. Death) human rights record

Why is Ebay threatening to delete my nonexistent account?

I'm walking my dog

Anyone know anything about sleepwalking?

Is there any correlation between the full moon and

Ever do a Google image search for a number? (dialup warning - big images)

Back waxing

Bialy, I don't get it

Anyone else here love Tahitian Treat Fruit Punch??

Is it wrong to be hysterical over these?!?!?!

Who thinks that Kleeb can avoid the eventual draft?

Men.... I don't get it?

My Lovin...Never Never Gonna Get it?

Potential Longgrain Theft Charges Dismissed

I crushed a republican, best served on long grain rice.

OMG! This ABC show on doctors injecting botulism instead of botox is awful

Tom Tomorrow nails David Brooks


If one Jimmy Jazz was travelling from Jacksonville at 70 miles an hour

MrG and I fight about the silliest things....

How does August 6th sound as a date?

Potential JimmyJazz Theft Charges Dismissed

Blech, finally got some Irish Creme, but it's Emmet's

JimmyJazz is so popular.

Is John Kleeb the new John Kleeb?

It's Contraception time!

Longgrain is this late evening's JimmyKleeb

USB port connection problem - help, please

JimmyJazz jumped the shark 4.5 minutes ago

Goodnight DU!

daily show is on!

I do not care what Jimmy Jazz will do...I care what Jon Stewart would do!

Poll: Is Jimmy Jazz the new John Kleeb?

"I'm a real type A Personality. But I'm totallly in control of it."

What does Jimmy Jazz think of the new Pontiac commercial?

Biatholon. I Don't Get it.

NHL on verge of cancelling season

"Fox has Hitler" -The Daily Show

Question about software registration (Adobe Photoshop)

So what's gonna happen tomorrow that will outrage us for the weekend?

NBC has the peacock

I feel like singing tonight...Give me some of your favorite acoustic songs

Nobody Likes You...

watching cspan + DU = veruca syndrome

is it bad that i'm buzzed on a thursday?

How do you get people to reply to your posts?

Can't get my kid to sleep..What would Longgrain do?

When Will JimmyJazz Jump The Shark?

"I'm a cucumber" song request

Anyone like Le Tigre?

Need a short bread cookie recipe quick

I have a crush on a republican, what would Longgrain do?

Oh, Dave!! I can't believe you went for that Kirstie Allie joke!

It's Condicaption time!

That's my purse!!! I don't know you!!!!!

I saw Jimmy Jazz in my meatloaf tonight!!!!

It's going to be 50º tomorrow & sunny...

Can't get my kid to sleep..What would JimmyJazz do?

Longgrain is so popular.

How can you tell if a dog is senile?

I need a little help.

I have $10 that says there will be several beer-enema incidents in Texas

Wow - Sir Elton John on Letterman

Am I weird? I actually love being alone.

I have a crush on a republican, what would JimmyJazz do?

Binomials....I Don't Get It

If Revolutionary Long John Jazz and JimmygrainKleeb_acts04

UPN Ends the Voyage of 'Star Trek: Enterprise'

My house was burgled today ...

Poor Peggy Hill...Poor Poor Peggy Hill...

Has anybody ever tried Amarula?

I'm thinking of getting a dog.

What is your favorite Led Zeppelin song?

I'm listening to Van Halen II. Ask me anything.

I am in BIG trouble here...

Will we win the fight for peace or will we disappear?

How is your year going so far ?

"The Celluloid Closet" is on IFC.

My thoughts

Let's play "Ruin the movies for Duckie!"

Calculus....I just don't get it.


Which website can't you live without?

So, I'm standing at the bus stop today...

How does Nov. 17 sound as a date?

Anyone know when the new season of Reno 911 will start?

What do you like about your state?

What is the name of that Goddess from India

Sponge Bob is "aggressively nice"

How do I get a good screen grab of Robert Duvall from the napalm speech?

anyone know about this place?

It's contradiction time!

So who's the DUer at my kid's school?

Free association thread? JimmyJazz 1.0 version?


A Pythonesque Tribute to FCC. Bush and Cheney and... Funny as hell!

What were you like in high school? I'm not doing a poll here

Let's tell happy stories for NightTrain!!!

? for diabetic kitty mamas

I'm in tears right now.

Zantrex diet pills

Need Advice

Brain Doesn't Always Spot False Memories

Questions about the Yellowstone Caldera...

Climate Warming Spells Species Wipeout - Experts

Eagles Fans going to Jax: Pep rally this Saturday!

OMG! Ben Roethlisberger named 2004 Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year

Steve Nash isn't an All-Star starter?!?!?!

A new theory of dreams

Incredible Hubble photo of exploding (sun) star:

Check out the "Pontifical Academy of Sciences" LOL!

A first!

Hey did a higher percentage vote against Gonzales or Ashcroft

Ok here's how my first day of interning went


manufacturing reality, the MSM at work

One more reason Bush is a lying, deceiving SOB

Ldotters want Bush to blow up everyone (compare him to Jesus Christ)

Joe Lieberman is not a democrat

Who should win my Backside Of The Bell Curve award this week?

Keith Olberman just showed the clip of Ann Coulter on CBC ...

Is the SS Plan Just a Transfer of $$ to the Brokerage Houses?

Bush ssi plan won't work!!Simple math explains it!

OK I did not see the SOTU speech but heard on the radio this morning that

Kinky Friedman on Tweety! Too cool. Running for TexGov.

Rumsfed says he offered to quit Twice



Chris Matthews definatley not one of us

The well spoken Rude Pundit on SOTU.

Huh, * isn't going to like the results of the Iraqi election

New RNC Chairman reads SS "talking points", almost Verbatim, on TOTN

Tavis Smiley lays the hammer down on *'s SOTU

On JD Hayworth

Connecticut DUers, what are you going to do about Lieberman?

Why Aren't The Dem's Injecting the SUCCESS of 401k Plans into debate?

Baucus-Guest Op in Billings Gaz: Privatizing Social Security . . .

Is Lieberman the next Zell Miller? Video

What's the reason there are so many of them roaming around today?

My 80 y/o Mother Just Got A Taste of MSM Bait & Switch.....

Keith Olbermann rocks! He aired the video of

Booing Dems

Howard Dean has Joementum....

FBI examines pastor’s sermons on abortion & homosexuality

The worst voting records of 2005 in the Senate

Wes Clark on Hardball - Now

Incompetent Democrat vs. competent Republican: Who do you pick?

Your Guess: What's going to lead to a US invasion of Iran?

I usually don't do this here

Email from Senator George Allen .....VA

Maybe Bush was right after all.

Robert Redford says ANWR "drilling" is not the real story

Which democrats voted to confirm Gonzales for AG and who...

Pentagon now says 40k Iraqi deployed, 14 k trained, Has Condi said sorry

Does anyone on DU actually LIKE Joe Lieberman?

Orrin Hatch ponders significance of Gonzales vote: "Is it prejudice?"

I invented "Anybody but Bush".

Gore Questions Bush Social Security Plan

Questions, Does Lieberman know what many people really think of him

The Birth Tax

WA State Patrol concerned about Death Treats to Gov.



The Birth Tax !

Two Wes Clark Graphics I Turned Out During The Primaries, Sadly...

Geneva Convention III (1949)

"Inside scoop" on DNC Chair race by NR writer ....interesting

Idea for a Democratic alternative to social security reform

Bush is not a racist.

The conversion of a moderate (long)

Address was full of lies, contradictions

Why we opposed the Gonzales nomination

Our Battered Constitution (by Bush Adm.)

Who gains from this breakdown? (Northern Ireland peace process)

Building Media Democracy One Brick at a Time (Progressive ISP)

1-0 to the right in the propaganda war

Bush Declares War on the Poor

Gonzales' fingerprints all over un-American behavior

The State of George Bush

Tipping Point

Feeding the 'Crisis'

WashPost corrects earlier SS q&a

America's "Bankrupt export of democracy"-- Haaretz (Israel)

Bartelby Democrats (Wash. Post: reg. req'd)

'You can't be a sweet cucumber in a vinegar barrel': Abu Ghraib

The Globalist: George W. Bush: My Life as a Democrat

The Abu Ghraib Trials

Not By Loyalty Alone Should They Be Judged (re: Michael Chertoff)

Everybody Loves Bill (Clinton) -- Scott C. Smith,

From George Soros

Great article on a study about why Americans believe lies

Iraq elections, democratic practice but ...

great, suggested reading re: Iran..... "All the Shah's Men", by Kinzer:

Ari Berman (The Nation): Imperfect Union

Well, the Hit Pieces have begun......

Nepal - 2 events, could they be related?

FAIR: NY Times killed story on Bush debate cheating (back bulge)

Conason -- The Truth Hurts; Bu$h Used Windy Rhetoric

Krugman's latest -Gambling with your retirement

Liberty Belle Log "Onions for Democracy" (my newsletter)

Janeane Garofalo calls repukes for nazi like salute

Venezuela to look east for friends: official

David Corn sorta lauds bush speech while condenming Dem repsonse

A Whistle-Blower's Inside View of the Homeland Security Nominee (Chertoff)

Jon Stewart for President

I've posted this in other forums

What's God Got to Do with It? Religion and International Human Rights

Sign Senator Stabenow's Petition To Save Social Security

Ed Schultz producer/DFA member denied entrance to Bush speech

George W. Bush does his best Kim Jong-il.

New NBC Nightly News anchor is a whore

Why did CBS do the Mattis story, not NBC?

Why did Jonathan Weisman(Washington Post)lie abour Bush/Soc SEC on C-span

RNC to FCC- 46% SS reduction to fund Priv accts is malicious lie - it is

Two gross factual errors on C-span (Wash Post reporter)

RNClies to media-Moveon says cut"planned"benefit RNC say"current" benefit

Bill Maher on Hardball 02-03-05 (video)

Clinton grew jobs at about 3 m a year, Bush at 25,000 per year!

New site -- "Shadow Government Statistics"

Something I haven't heard said about SS scheme.

excellent graphic illustration of the "Bush plan" on Social Security

Tapes Reveal Enron's Power Plant Rigging

EPA Faults Findings on Mercury(political appointees 'compromising' studies

Enviros in Politics

Shell Makes Another Cut in Reserves; Profit Jumps

string ribbon PV cell improvements

China LW? India? Get me up to speed on current reality

First, he votes against renewing the Assault Weapons Ban...

Someone kindly remind me what country I'm living in?

second for frictionlessO

Reinstating Billoreilly

SS reform forum

I'd like some general info about how to speed up thread loading

There's probably nothing you can do, but a request RE: the Religion boards

Just making sure this doesn't get lost in the large thread

Have the DU administrators ever been asked to be on Air America?

Can something be done about Tiny Urls ?

second for Selwynn

A new rule...

I'm being stalked on DU

Could you please tell me why this thread was locked?...

Some Gaza settlers willing to waive citizenship

Six soldiers wounded in clashes ( 15 yo arrested with Suicide Belt )

New Swedish documentary highlighting over 3 decades of US/PLO cooperation

Suicidal Jews: When Will They Learn?

The stalemate —Uri Avnery

Sanctions against the Israeli occupation - it's time

AG asked to probe 'racist' scholarship fund

Al-Qaida member trained by U.S. Air Force

Amalgam Virgo

Belleville News Democrat: Couple to open winery in Belleville

Michael Madigan has endorsed Dean for DNC Chairman

I grew up in Niles, IL. Has it changed much in the past 20yrs?

Chicago Sun-Times: Anit-war Obama opposes Gonzales

Chicago Tribune: The State of the State Message (Gov wants 3rd Airport)

Are any IL DUers planning to attend

Illinois Times: Bush fighter (Dick Durbin profile)

Need help finding a copy of the photo of Cheney...

The RED SHIFT, as examined by Time Zone

just got email from frank lautenberg nj about election

Irish reject e-voting

Maybe there's an easier way than impeachment or election fraud -

Contact of Senators re: the Gonzales vote VERY IMPORTANT THIS WEEKEND!

Hartmann talking election Fraud now...

Post election polls.

I'm gonna be an election judge in Illinois

Interview on revotes and election fraud

How to vote by paper ballot.

New election in Washington?

who is Karl Schwarz?

Tech Experts.

Another Poll via NY Times - your chance to talk about election fraud.

VOTE organization status

The Great Lawgiver

Hey Neo-con Zombies... What happened to "get over it"??

This is a speech given by my former campaign manager Gentry Lange.

RNC seeks to overturn Gregoire's win as Governor of WA

Friday 2/4 Election Fraud, Reform, & Updates Thread

I just made my 1,000th post.


New York Times killed a story /could have changed the election

Here Is A Great 30 Second Movie On Bush Fits Him To A Tee

Blackwell requests sanctions against Arnebeck?!

Need cost for the Washington recount

VOTE online chat - tonight at 9 pm EST!

Conyers introduces bill to allow naturalized citizens to be President


Ok, who is "Geelove" on cafepress and can I please speak with them

How to FIX the exit polls, as in "the FIX is in."


The Nashua Advocate: Paul DeGregorio of the U.S. E.A.C. Slams The Advocate

Queen Mary Scottish Festival & Games February 19th & 20th, 2005

letter to Sen Boxer

Scientists baffled as autism cases soar in state, with no relief in sight

Los Angeles Times (2/4/05): Gov.'s Tie to Fund Drive Questioned

Great events in San Diego! Bev Harris, Ed Schultz, & more.

Self delete

First Lady Guest is Iowa Lobbyist

Message from WGBH re "Postcards from Buster", "Sugartime"

Birth Tax Graphic Courtesy of Buzzflash


How does Dayton look for the 06' election?

Is it me, my computer, or DU?

How The Heck Do I Back Up My HD?

need firewall program advice...

Bush makes readers sick

North TX DUers The first two episodes of Eyes on the Prize will be

"Oui need diet help"

Anyone Know How To Put An RSS Feed On A Web Page?

WOW - look at the * track record

Why does the Head Chimp In Charge want your bling in the Stock Market?

SotU Lies and Facts

Evangelicals already promoting Social Security

Well now ain't that funny; bush now says SS isn't a "crisis"...he just has

Interview with Rep. Mel Watt, New CBC Chair

Joke Time.

what is the interest on 2 Trillion Dollars, more than what is invested..??

WTF? Anyone know what's up with ""?

Prediction: * Will Drop SS Assault, Go Back To Killing People

Leiberman, Clinton, Bush and hypocracy.....

Is investing in the stock market ethical?

How many people go out and PROTEST and how do you get...

You have got to read this factually challenged webpage

"I just wake up in the morning and tell myself, 'There's been a military

Using Bush's Lies Against Him

Rice signals harder line on Iran

Clinton (after impeachment) had more SOTU viewers than shrub

Question about SS, I keep hearing its about ownership................

People, it's O.K. to torture Muslims, they aren't exactly human like us

With the approval of Alberto R. Gonzales are we now fascist?

What if Democrats formed a 50 state "shadow gov't"?

Rice signals harder line on Iran - But Iran not on agenda?

America, no longer the Land of the Free?

The grandson of Hitler's business partner now rules the world.

Left. Right. Center.

Support this troop?

Does it take a conspiracy theorist to recognize the Enron / Gray Davis tie

Rumsfeld: Thousands of troops will soon be coming home from Iraq

A New Rightwing Rag To Line Your Birdcage With

Liberals are being unfair to rightwingnuts!

Wisconsin School Halts Adopt a Sniper Fund-Raiser

George Bush Meets George Bush of the Future >>>

Oh how the GOP would wail if a G.I. were tortured and photographed

I figured out what the biggest problem is with todays MSM.

so what ever happened to Al Gore's liberal network

A "framing" trick I discovered...

"many diplomatic tools still at our disposal." says Rice about Iran

I was watching Jon Stewart

Pissed at pundit payola?? (Armstrong Williams,etc) SIGN THIS!

Spellings: 'Errors of judgment' made in paying Williams

PrrrrAYzident Bush will HEAL! Social Security

Joe Lieberman, meet Harry Reid's foot - where's the party loyalty??

Who is this Jonathan Weisman person

How many Bush administration officials does it take...

Pacifica Radio Listeners

Playing the Word Game.

Message to RW'ers in Washington

Pataki Maid Story - the gift that keeps on giving...

I watched Bill O'Liely for the first time last night

Anyone have a link to this story?

Who ARE the leader(s) for the Democratic Party?

Proposal for "Running for Office" DU Group

More Bush-Lieberman kiss news.

Gulf Wars II, sorry if it's a dupe

What did Bush say about the environment at the SOTU?

Credit Cards Co. are required to find out if you're a U.S. Citizen or not

Do you support Social Security changes by Pres. DU This Poll

If you can get it, watch "Orwell rolls in his grave" on Free speech TV

The fact that RW pundits are discouraging Dean for DNC ...

What will bushco do if Allawi gang doesn't win election????

CNN polls are more honest...

HELP - Im in an argument with a freep...

What is your understanding of this SS privitization?

Soldier takes shot at gun rules.

What's up with Conan O'Brien and Brian Williams.

Secrets of wartime spies revealed

What does it mean to be "Straight but not narrow"?

self delete

Social Security Act Question

bush Nazis hate the United Nations because ________________

The Nuclear Weapons issue has been near-dormant for a few years.

Who wants to wager that shortly after the next major terrorist attack on

The federal governments FEAR site


Black actor and activist Ossie Davis has died, aged 87

My local Blockbuster is pissed over lack of sales/anti-Michael Moore film!

Democracy Abroad Eliot Abrams Style-Who is....

Poor baby. Is this child abuse?

race on to control the water

Question for military folk....

DU this poll....

Good read about SS

Amazing new bill to be introduced by Cynthia McKinney

Pay to participate as a way of funding school sports

Poor Fox News--their cheezy push poll didn't work!

Lieberman denounces "shooting, torturing and napalming"

George Bush Has a Bridge to Sell You in Brooklyn >>>

Today in Black History - Rosa Parks's 92nd Birthday

Pentagon websites propaganda say some critics. Uhh, GEE, do ya think so?

US has 5 secret bases in Israel (new book)

Significance of SOTU on Groundhog day

U-6 unemployment stays the same at 9.3% -lower pretend job correction

Bumper stickers in redneck little town I inhabit:

bush & Iraq; how wrong hast thee idiot been? Let's count thy ways...

Do you trust the moderators and the administrators to judge your behavior?

Cash-strapped UC Berkeley pays $2.4 million in executive bonuses

The Bush Crime Family links thread

It's time for our Dem Senators to dig in against privatizing SS

Gonzales - Torture issue is a red herring

Oil giant Shell defends record £1m an hour profit

Wounded in Action

Amy Goodman on "Hardball" hilighted my frustration w/both MSM & the Left

People are getting radicalized

Condi Poppin & Lockin--funny funny funny!

"except raising payroll taxes."

R&B Singer who gouged out his eye, says he's now closer to God

Pictures from protest of * visit to Great Falls MT

WH shillista has huge brass balls! Claims more are choosing not to work!

The No More SOTU BS Act - a proposal.

GOP fundraiser for 'Adopt a Sniper' shut down at college

Be Careful What You Wish For....

Fascism and Neoconservatism: Important differences

"What ever you say, Boss!"

Some Friday, Feb. 04 Protests Against Social Security Privatization

Bush Calls His New SS Kiss-Ass Buddy,Sen. Ben Nelson(D), Benny

* Logic: For SS, Use Worst-Case Scenario; For War, Use Best-Case

250M Iraqis, 5,000 polling places?

I'm confused as to this article--please help! :)

Good News (and thank you)!

My poor misguided B*sh- voting Boss....

The great thing about living in a college town......

Can lovers of "Friends" be friends or lovers?

Fargo 42 update: TV interview with high school and college DFAers on list.

Greenspan Sees U.S. Trade Gap Stabilizing and Possibly Falling

Heads Up for everyone whose parents are under 55 right now:

Bush's State of the Union least watched so far (of his)

Iran justified in preemptive attack on US?

Crappo: Good News and Bad News of my today Life...

U.S. 'in for a shock' Shiite cleric's alliance trouncing Washington's fav

U.S. Puts G7 Deal for Africa in Jeopardy

Bush didn't win, Kerry didn't lose

Anyone subscribe to Z magazine?

Court Rules: Same-Sex Couples Must be Allowed to Marry in New York

"Fair Trade" isn't enough to help U.S. workers, we need a better gameplan

A rough draft of a brief article on the Federal Marriage Amendment

Are you a fan of "big government"?

Thanks Gavin!

Another fun thought on bush's Total FU in Iraq;

Are you Rapture Ready !!??!!

You do not own their courage >>>

The Daily Show was on fire tonight! Let the Bush/Hitler jokes begin...

Can Anyone Explain This Imagery? >>>

PHOTO: Bush forces decision on Social Security ---->

Top Reasons Why College Guys Need Cable TV

Chomsky gives interesting insight into Iraq situation...

THE REAL STATE OF THE UNION!!!! This is funny and scary at the same time..

Condi just declared war on Iran.....surprise surprise

PHOTO: Why is this man laughing?

Orwell Rolls in his Grave on FSTV today, if you haven't seen it

"It's an amazing media error, a huge blunder. I'm sure the bush .

Are any of you enjoying Red State Roadtrip as much as I am?

Bush to Seek $419.3 BILLION for Defense

So will an Allawi loss and Shiite win drive up the price of ink remover?

After nearly 200 posts, my privileges were finally revoked...

Top Reasons Why You NEED Cable Television, especially if you're in college

We are training the troops of a country whose new government will be

LYRICS: King Midas in Reverse (The Hollies, 1967)

Ex-AOL Worker Pleads Guilty in Spam Case (92 million screen names sold)

I have been banned from free republic...not really

If you're the cynical type, you'd think the latest security alert

Wrecking People's Lives is Just One Big JOKE to the CHIMP >

Freeper troll invasion Social security not bankrupt.

Tom McMahon on Ed Schultz on the Fargo 42....DFA director 4:05

Taxing income vs. dividends and capital gains

Rick Santorum drafts "Iran Freedom and Support Act"-"By supporting the....

Who ARE these people who keep

Why Should We Heed Anything Allawi Has To Say Now? He's Losing.

Email from Edwards: Starting Center on Poverty at UNC, EE's doing well:

Randi's getting tons of freeper calls today

Bush was born on third base but HE thinks he hit a triple.

Join the PDA Local Media Blitz

Staunch Republican friend opens up to Dems.

"Disneyland should create a Falluja w/real dogs eating real human corpses"

Is social security a savings plan or an insurance policy?

Is Rush impotent?

RIP Ossie Davis 1917-2005

What's your opinion of a Karma Rating or Member Moderating system for DU?

Has Joe Lieberman commented on Bush's Social Security scheme? nt

Bush's tax cuts exceed social security shortfall.

Share this story with EVERYONE

Principal Shank bans Quakers from his school (Tenn.)

Bush Trek....Spaced, The Final Frontier

"1 Shot 1 Kill No Remorse I Decide." bracelet being sold by students

Caption Condi

Truthout has some great video files you should check out

Why is Iran next???

Does George even have the votes for his SS plan?

Burdened with the knowledge: Become a millionaire or die in poverty

please tell me WHY....

Grandma likes cat food? I doubt it.

Why can't the Creationism in schools debate be this easy?

Tax talk from a freeper...

Words have a different meaning for me now

Bush/Hitler/ Stalin and other dictators....

In 1999, people were arguing whether 'WWW' meant 666

does anyone get the Hightower Lowdown??? do you like it

Liberal State, Libertarian Policies

Landrieu (D-LA) voted for the confirmation of Gonzales.

Sharansky's "The Case for Democracy" Anybody read it?

pics of Dick Cheney riding a horse

How bad was the Guantanamo Bay Detainees abuse?

Geraldo says Jacko was SET UP

Man gets 50 years for raping his girlfriend's six week old daughter

Should Bush kiss other men?

RNC Asks TV Stations To Stop Running "False" Advertisement

"Buster" producer axed from TV conference

Cynthia McKinney to Introduce Controversial Bill-Republicans Incensed

Please DU this Poll

Must Read: Social Security Trust Fund Fraud May Become Bush's Watergate

Is the identity of the SOTU Iraqi woman going to break?

Fully automatic banana cream pies "Eat this, yuppie scum!"

Social Security propaganda... on Social Security phone line.

Is Hillary not well?

"My God - they killed him!" (Pope John Paul I)

Milan bans Da Vinci parody

A plug for the "Progressive Populist" newspaper

Here are two good anti-B**h Social Security plan images - pass them along!

Scientists baffled as autism cases soar in state, with no relief in sight

News Release: SpongeBob welcomed by UCC

Noam Chomsky Is Mistaken On The Draft

Democrats think that we the people are stupid?

Those Iraqi voters were cheering the victory of Islamic fundamentalism.

Iran-Contra Figure to Lead Democracy Efforts Abroad

Why Americans are not upset at 'enjoying' a kill......

If you are interested in a Legislative forum to keep tabs on

Is Ward Churchill entitled to his opinions?

Why is Bush targeting Social Security?

Congress Gave * the Power to Wage War Against Iraq - Does It Still Stand?

Can somebody enlighten me?

Wanted: Token Hot Girl

POLL: The Bush Baby Boomer Cafe is open!!!!

Alan Keyes kicks daughter out of house (for being gay & not conservative)

Please sign Senator Stabenow's petition

How do you RESPOND to this email?

Just got an email from John Edwards...

Homeschooled Kids in Heartbreaking Abuse Case in Jeb's Florida

So Rummy offered to resign TWICE! Is this story not HUGE?

What should the minimum wage really be?

Regarding the Karma Rating discussion...

People: Bush is NOT Hitler.

"SOTU or STFU?" | the week in TOONs

The truth about listed ingredients.

Baking pie crust blind

Anybody following the Slow Food movement?

HELP --- I found a 14 x 16 inch pizza/baking stone today at the thrift

I won't be around tonight and most of tomorrow.

Question about chorizo and other sausage

All these great recipes here.

No comment, just the facts

(Bloomberg) Mayor Differs With Bush on Social Security Changes

Priest's tip led to pastor's arrest in porn case

Widows testify about death-benefit problems

Georgian prime minister found dead from gas leak

White House-friendly reporter under scrutiny

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Attacks -- Military (1443,1444)

Kerala women on top, says state's economic review

Kevorkian furloughed from prison for hernia surgery

GOP Express Doubt on Bush Soc. Sec. Plan (AP)

Rumsfeld tried to resign during prison scandal (Bush refused to dump him)

Cool Reception on Capitol Hill to Social Security Plan (NYT)

Hey you, wanna buy a bridge?

Pimco's Gross Says Bush Social Security Plan May Fail (Bloomberg)

U.S. jobless rate falls to 5.2% (146,000 new jobs - 200,000 expected)

Rumsfeld twice offered to resign during Abu Ghraib scandal

Election Board Raises Limits for Donations

Threat to Gregoire brings arrest; state guarding Rossi, too (SeattleTimes)

Rice Says U.S. Won't Join Europe in Iran Nuclear Talks

Award-winning book bound for landfill

Palmer throws support to Dean

Los Angeles area gets poor grades in urban health

Security Beefed Up For Both Gregoire And Rossi(Gregoire blames talk shows)

State to check counties' election systems (Seattle P-I)

Bush Social Security plan gets cool Capitol Hill reception

Expectations Low on Foreign Aid Programs

Cantwell to seek new inquiry in Enron case (Seattle P-I)

Ireland faces €50m e-voting write-off

Secrets of wartime spies revealed

Enron's early gaming

U.S. consulting with Europeans

Schweitzer to unveil new school fund plan | Billings Gazette

Key ruling on rerunning race for governor to come today (SeattleP-I)

Chinese puzzle in Yukos saga

Iranian exiles claim Tehran after nuclear trigger

Actor Ossie Davis found dead in hotel room

Attack on Iran

Expulsion of Israeli envoy (from Australia) covered up

UN oil-for-food chief took Saddam bribes

Tymoshenko appointed Ukraine PM

Actor Ossie Davis Found Dead in Hotel

Italian Journalist Snatched in Baghdad

U-6 unemployment stays the same at 9.3% -lower pretend job correction

Cookie klatch lands girls in court

Afghan airliner wreckage found

DUPE please delete

Mfume Returns To The Hill, And Apparently Wants To Stay

Couple sought in alleged torture of 5 children in their care

Hannibal gives Gaddafi a bad name

New Washington state governor receives death threat

Ailing Pope has "full and supreme power" over Church

Security Beefed Up For Both Gregoire And Rossi

Threat to Gregoire brings arrest; state guarding Rossi, too (SeattleTimes)

Gay Marriage OK in New York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Campaign Donation Limits Get Boost

NBC: Officials investigating hijack threats for two jets in New York City

SSRIs Given During Pregnancy May Cause Withdrawal Symptoms in the Neonate

Teen sex increased after abstinence program

Hackers, virus writers target mobile phones

Condoleezza Rice's meeting with Pope canceled: Mexican cardinal

Officials Back Away from Early Estimates of Iraqi Voter Turnout

Attack on Iran Not on U.S. Agenda -- Rice

dupe -- please delete

Man Arrested in Threat Against Presbyterian Churches

Two Delta Jetliners Arrive At JFK With Inflight Emergencies (Hijacking)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Friday 4 February

"Sea Fighter" alters the look of the Navy (Seattle Times)

Judge Allows Challenge to Washington State Governor's Race to Go Forward

Edwards to head poverty center at UNC

SJ police officer to be arraigned today for child molestation

Watergate Papers Go Public -WP

Judge denies request to dismiss election Challenge (WA state)

Workers Say Lender Ran 'Boiler Rooms' (Ameriquest)

Bush to seek $419.3 Billion for Defense

Bush's Budget Would Slash Farmer Funds

Local volunteer root of (Fargo) do-not-admit buzz

New York Court Rules Gays Must Be Allowed To Marry

Prof's Indian roots disputed (Ward Churchill's' credibility attacked)

Pentagon Probes Military-Sponsored Sites (paying journalists..again)

Alcohol 'as harmful as smoking'

Dollar Declines as Greenspan May Say Foreign Demand to Slow (Bloomberg)

3 US soldiers dead in Tikrit 7 wounded...CNN

Indiana: Suspect: Girl Abducted Because She Saw People With Drugs

Boeing Hires a Legal Team to Handle Scandal Cases

Ossie Davis has just died...

Black clergy unite to publicly support gay rights

Tax Official Suspended Over Tax Form Joke

Venezuela, Russia Seek More From Oil Companies as Prices Soar

Court: Tobacco Billions Beyond U.S. Reach

Human Case of Mad Cow Disease Hits Japan

N. Korea threatens 'sea of fire' if war breaks out

Anti-war group targets recruiters (Seattle P-I)

Rice's Won't Be at Mideast Summit

Activist Backs Dean for Democrat Chair Bid (i.e., Rosenberg's Out)

Gonzales: Fighting Terror Will Be Priority

Western State Hospital said to free psychotics (Seattle Times)

Cop challenges bigamy law on religious grounds

January Job Gains Less Than Expected

Wreckage of missing Afghan airliner found

Insurgent intimidation weakens Iraq forces (Lt. Gen Petraeus)

Pataki concedes That Aide Paid by Republicans Delivered Meals to His Home

Russia fails to stop TV interview with Beslan terror chief

CNN: Bush Nielsen Ratings for SOTU Speech Lowest for Any Of His Speeches

We Won't Sink with Our Ice (Inuits Suing US Over Global Warming)

Chemical spray used on students (IN High School Sit-In)

WP: White House Chef Is Out In East Wing Social Shuffle

Diplomats: Iran to Allow IAEA Access

U.S. 'in for a shock' (Shiite cleric trouncing Allawi in early results)

Rebel cleric Sadr belittles Iraq vote, demands date for US pullout

Kennedy steps up criticism against Bush over war on terror

E.P.A. Accused of a Predetermined Finding on Mercury

FBI visits Green Party official | Billings Gazette

German Boxing Legend Max Schmeling Dies

Church hit by claims of sleaze

Pope Better, Hopes to Make Sunday Address -- Vatican

Hotel asks abortion clinic to stop using it for medical services

Tapes: Enron plotted to shut down power plant

AP: B-minus? See you in court (Man suing University of Nevada over grades)

(53 yr) Man Gets 10 Years for Impregnating (14 yr) Stepdaughter (WP)

690,000 US servicemen to land in Korea in case of war: Seoul

(Calif.) Secretary of State Kevin Shelley to resign

Nephew of leading Sunni cleric shot dead by US soldiers:Muslim association

Bush Budget Will Propose a Recall of Federal Funds From Perkins Loan. . .

More than 100 families win $30 million settlement in asbestos case

Capitol Hill Mulls 'Regime Change' in Iran

School May Fire Professor for 9/11 Comment (Gov. Owens asks for firing!)

It's contraption time!

Elton John is freakin' hilarious on Letterman

Swimsuit contest discussed at MOVELEFT.COM

My house was Hamburglered today!

I'm playing hooky tomorrow. Would JimmyJazz do that?

It's 12:30 - what would JimmyJazz do? Oh, I know - say good night!

Dr. Hibbert - I really enjoyed being you. Oh, you're not allowed in the

It's contraception time!

I know AOL isn't a favorite on DU but AOL radio has a cool station

What is your favorite Dread Zeppelin tune?

Lounge, please HELP. I need an intervention...been blogging at KOS

I have a question about the movie "Stand By Me"?

talk to me!

90's rock fans: I need your help!!!

More mindless fun.

Try to say something in 8 letters.

Galactus...I just don't get it.

Medicine Question

So Perfect Circle or Tool ?

I'd like to go into a coffee house during a poetry reading

PSST quick quick over here, help me with a real easy stat?

Well put-together songs that grab you by the-- er, throat

question about "Cage-free" eggs

Whats the Good news of the day?

I check to see how books end before I've even finished the first page.

Stupid questions? Or stupid answers?

Who sang this? "I wish to be matched with her"

It's Almost EAGLES time!!!!!!!!!!

Watching Jon Stewart

"Who gives a damn Yasser Arafat died"

Okay, so I'm listening to "Bat Out Of Hell" by Meat Loaf.

Goodnight, DU!

do i have too much in my profile?

Hitler the Fox Mascot?

There has been some horrible news today

HELP PLEASE?, I need a specific SANTORUM quote

Couple in the next room, Bound to win a prize... Duncan by Paul Simon

Happy Days

Leaving IRAQ -- new toon

The Life Aquatic

Has anyone a favorite DooWop group?

Anyone remember Triumph????

Writers / Bloggers - Anyone interested?

Ok, favorite Stones?

It's Official. The Shark Has Been Jumped. Paris to host SnL

Dupe -sorry

Eric Clapton is a father at age 59

Eating a can of Bush's Best Pinto Beans - ask away

What makes you fart?

It's 7 am. My roommate's alarm just went off.

Newspaper Made Of Gold Sells For $10,800 Per Copy

Good Friday morning to everyone and I would like to share....

Mother Accused Of Taking Heroin To School For Son

Dead Woman, Who Didn't Own A Computer, Sued For Music Downloads

Suspect Eludes Police, Calls For Help After Getting Lost In The Woods

Man gets 50 years for raping his girlfriend's six week old daughter

How many people are on your ignore list?

What the heck is going on in here tonight?

Sex Toy & Crotchless Panties Spark (Alcoa) Worker Revolt

I hate all this "framing" stuff.

Gooood Friday Morning DU!

Politcal Compass: What are you?

Bon Jovi SUCKS!

Uh-oh: The draft is actually happening in Texas!!!!

So, are you cheering on the Pats/Eagles or WillPitt/LynneSin this weekend

Man Ticketed For Flashing Middle Finger - Suing

So apparently I'm an avoidant borderline schizoid

How many bush administration officials does it take to fix a light bulb?

Teenagers Fined For Handing Out Cookies To Neighbors

180 Trillion Leisure Hours Lost To Work In 2004

So, I'm standing outside a broken telephone booth with money in my hand

Best Devilock

Babysitter, 23, to be jailed after disrobing for 4-year-old boy

who wants to pLay with me this weekend?

What do you do when . . .

Go out yonder, peace in the valley.............

Judge Says Woman, 82, Can Be Evicted From Her Hospital Bed

Man (REPUKE) Sues University For $10,000 After Receiving B- Grade

New York's Hit Factory Studio to Close

Behold! Child born with the Mark of the Beast.

Which movie should I see tonight?

ROFL!!! Matcom has made my bed!!!!!!!

Go ahead and name three things that are really fucking annoying

WINGADOR IS CHAMPION AGAIN!!! Just edges out Black Widow in WBXIII

I just bought a box of Cheese-Its and the

Anyone see the documentary "The Story of the Weeping Camel"?

Greatest Sock Video of all times?

Just got my Creative Zen Micro last night, and I am loving it!

Which outfit will matcom NOT wear down to the VFW hall tonight?

ROFL!!! Matcom has made my day!!!!!!!

If we must live under facism, why cant the trains at least be on time?

Do you enjoy "Ambrosia Sings The News"?

What ever happened to the Karate Kid, anyway?

Bush, looking like a televangelist or Travolta from Saturday Night Fever

Oh, by the way which one's Pink?

Ossie Davis is DEAD!

More Bush whining about tort reform (cartoon)

America's worst tippers get their just desserts

My husband is all riled up about the Social Security propaganda....

Brazil Reshapes Debate on Intellectual Property

Ossie Davis has died.................Sigh - love that man!

Newest MOVELEFT.COM articles.

DU Sailing group anyone?

So when Elton John passes who does the tribute song?

What was the first movie you ever saw?

We need a "Gloat Thread" exception for this karma rating system.

Headin' to the left coast in the morning...

Boy Named Jake 2.0 Confusing Marketers

Student Suspended For Saying "I Love Booty" On School TV

I'm bored with my post.

Happey Birtheday DAN QUAYLE!!!!

Anyone have SBC DSL?

I'm listening to Rick Astley right now. Envy me.

Make your own Valentine's hearts! (cute)

Tell me what DHFC stands for and you'll get a special present.

I just told a vegan friend that his beloved Starbursts contained gelatin.

man there's nothing hotter then a sexy evil women first thing in the

I'm bored with my pest.

I just got done reading "Catcher in the Rye" and all. I really did.

Listen to Howard Stern this morning?

I'm bored with "La Peste."

Let Mila melt your heart...

Holy Crap!!!... The mark of the devil! Caption this one....

You've heard us talk about Wing Bowl, Now you too can play WING BOWL

I'm bored with my past.

A Superbowl Commercial you will not see

I'm bored with my pesto!

I'm bored with Joe Pesci.

Man Arrested For 13 Speeding Violations Over 96-Day Span

What Politicians Tip The Best? Find Out Here....

New Year's Resolution - One Month Check-In

Tommy Chong to be interviewed on PBS

Earworm! AAAAARGH! Love child, love child...

Man Wants Police To Return His Family Heirloom Pitchfork

Dean Wormer is dead.

Show of hands-Who wants Pooh on their toast?

Women Give 'Orgasmatron' A Big Thumbs Up

Condi Rice is Angry .com


Boxing Legend Max Schmeling Dead at 99

Isn't it wonderous, the number of perspectives on one single song.

Last night I had the strangest dream...

Ever have a movie spoiler make you want to see it more?

I saw a wicked documentary on Discovery last night about the Edmund

Worst Live Rock Album?

Klaatu Barada Nikto Lands Girl In Gort

Holy Crap! Chase & Sanborn Just Called Me!

No, last night *I* had the strangest dream...

Really Bad movies that you really love to watch!!!

Greatest live rock album that was mostly recorded in a studio:

MONKEY'S STOLEN!!! - Later Returned

Your dreams don't even compare to mine in strangeness

Cookie klatch lands girls in court

Does anyone here download from usenet?

I'm bored with ennui.

If that "power to the people" thing happens here, I hope..

Don't you fear that this could happen?

all is right with the world...

Am I the only cat owner that think Cat Costumes are NOT a good idea?

Greatest live Rock album?

Ossie Davis is dead

What is your favorite Black Sabbath song?

Anyone have an anti-GOP advertising campaign?

Now reading "The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass"

anyone watch Street Smarts...? When the hell are they going to

Do you sing in the shower?

Creepy Bush silhouetted "Sieg Heil" salute from Air Force One

dupe nevermind

For my 2000th post......

Ladies room in Sacramento...

Sure sign of a freeper: bringing up Rather when nobody else mentions him

Who should be the next pope?

The "Amazing G. W. Kreskin" CAPTION

Crazy Captain Gunboat Willie: Little Feat predicts Chimpy in 1971

No, last night *I* had the strangest dream...

Everyone likes popping that bubble wrap stuff, right?

Serious props to Women with large Mammary Glands!

Any Nash the Slash fans out there....

My dream last night?

Favorite flavor of hushpuppy?

What is it with horror movies these days???

PHILLY Fans? Should We Try to Explain "Wing Bowl XIII" ???

Dammit, Kleeb, it's your fault I have all these speedo pics on my HD.

Can Lovers Be Fiends?

My home computer is dead.

Playing At A Benefit Tomorrow

Is it possible to be addicted to Chapstick?

I really, really like "Alien VS Predator"

I'm the king of rock, there is none higher!

"Baddest" player in NFL history?

Favorite flavor of shot put?

Is Skinner afraid of sox?

Is Skinner afraid of sex? (note: this is NOT a sex thread!)

I'm going to go see the "Wedding Date" this afternoon

Can Friends Be Lovers?

Does candyass-in-chief ever go out w/o wearing heels?

What the hell kind of dog is this?

Skinner time!

R.I.P. Magic Rat - We hardly knew ye

Is Skinner afraid of sex?

MatcomNews Update: Woman EXPLAINS How Sherry Enema Killed Husband

If you add "-ula" to the end of your name,

7 Mary 3 and 4 in pursuit of stolen Porsche...

RIP Ossie Davis

Purse Snatcher/Murderer still on the loose.

Is Skinner afraid of a sax?

Doesn't Kevin Kline in "A Fish Called Wanda" remind you of the freepiest..

Ponch or Jon?

Favorite member of Milli Vanilli

now THIS is a cute cat

I gotta pee

I use Bath & Body Works lotion. Does that make me froofy?

Al Franken finally sees the light

Mirror mirror on the wall

What will you be doing this weekend besides watching the S.B.?

The Greatest Rock Video of ALL TIME.

is there any freeware that converts wma files to mp3?

The "Happy Campers" quote that Randi Rhodes just...

Can lovers be friends?

Punch or Judy?

have my first west wing rehearsal today

Ah crap... there they go with the ping pong again!

Cisco or Pancho?

On "Fixing DU" and Whether I'm An Asshole (Karma Rating Proposal)

The "Carlton Dubya Sheets" CAPTION

**SPOILER WARNING** To anyone who saw "Sixth Sense" or "Fight Club"

What's The Most Wholesome TV Show? (Past Or Present)

Damn, Lefty shoots an 11 under par 60.

I gotta QP!

The Rent-A-Center guys are banging on the neighbor's wife!

Holy crap! David Sanborn just called me!

Anyone read about this R&B singer gouging out his eye?

I gotta Q!


Do you like Steve Nash?


Appeals Court Upholds Decision To Cut Off Parental Rights For Commune Memb

I'll bet no one's heard of the choral group "Scala"?

What's up, President Two-Face?

Inspectors Find Dead Rat In Restaurant Deep Fryer

Admit it, you secretly LOVE Scott Carpenter!

Admit it, you secretly LOVE the Pipefitters!

Ooooh! Almost out of the 700 club...

I had a dream... I had an awesome dream.

Nebraskans aren't ALL bad...

Have we picked out our Bunny Suits yet?

I'll bet no one's heard of the choral group "Scalia"?

Fuck it. I'm buying myself flowers for Valentines Day.

Joke found on old postcard in the attic of a house being remodeled

The impression that I get

Happy Mardi Gras!

As Wingador wins, so shall the Eagles!! SUPPORT THE TEAM HERE!

Bye until Monday.

Gay warning for Super Bowl XXXIX!!!!

One of our dolls is held hostage

Damn it, damn it.

Show the previous DUer some love


Microsoft is always encountering a problem and always needs to close.

RIP: Dean Wormer

Donating clothing to the salvation army is a good thing to do.

My linux server was just hacked, ask me anything!

Osama CAPTURED...on TOAST!!!!!!

Fuck it! I'm buying myself a Hooker for Valentines day!

guess the language and the song!

Odd juxtapositions of adjacent Lounge posts.

Should the Bible come with a surgeon generals warning?

Another picture that just screams out, "Freeper!"

Post a pic of a pot you would love to have.

German boxing legend Max Schmeling dies

Who had a bigger impact on society. Beatles or the Three Stooges?

Stupidity in this world is becoming too much for me....

The PHISH owns your face!


Excuse me...I thought I told you the lounge was open until 10:00 p.m.

Fart Pledge Dies After Being Forced To Drink 5 Gallons Of Diarrhea

The wind is blowing like crazy.

Employees Forced To Take Over When Quiznos Sub Shop Owner Abandons Store

What's your favorite Spike Lee movie?

Artists whose offspring need to find another career

The Rent-A-Center guys are banging on the neighbor's door.

Dammit, these pants are like a cheap hotel...

Under what circumstances would you call someone a "rat bastard"?

What the (bleep) is going on here??!!??

After dinner, I'm going to read a book

Who has seen the movie 'The Saddest Music In The World' ?

I'm not going to start a blog or a website.

Bush just left Tampa. He fucked up my traffic. I need a drink.

Alone Again, Naturally

Fuck It! I'm Buying A Hummer For Earth Day!

Frat Pledge Dies After Being Forced To Drink 5 Gallons Of Water

"Be my sweet potato...................

Which movie character is most like you?

Ackerman Obtains Big Bucks for Flushing

What are these flying things?

Admit it, you secretly LOVE the Carpenters!

Gozer the Gozerian or Brenda Warner?

Who else will be destitute if this ss thing goes thru?

What movie should I see tonight?

Ask not what your rest home can do for you. Ask what you can do for your..

I'm in the recording studio now.....

Listening to Ozzy Osbourne's "Tribute". Ask me anything.

Total Protonic Reversal

Any body else excited about the 6 Nations?

Favorite White Soft Rocker

Fuck it! I'm buying a Valentines card for a Hooker!

Rush Limbaugh proves his "Irrelevance"

Did they behead Cody yet?

Anyone know a non-religious "born-again" experience?

uh oh, husband has to work late. What mischief can I get up to?

Have you done your taxes yet???????????

I have been banned from free republic...not really

I am watching 2001 Space Odyssey for the first time

Excuse me...I thought I told you the lounge was closed until 10:00 p.m.

Bush goes catatonic while woman in audience lapses into a peaceful coma

Have you guys used the new Febreze Air Freshener?


I want to do a blog--Salon offers people the opportunity to pay for

CAPTION this exclusive look at W's SOTU preparation

Boston Vs. Philadelphia - A comparison

Favorite black hard rocker

The Political Super Bowl of 2004

Interesting epilogue to the underwear thing

Favorite Julie Andrews movie

RIP Ossie Davis

So, do you drive a standard or an automatic?

Shallow end of the pool. Confess. Who do you wish

I have another question about real estate

OMG! Have you seen the latest copy of "Hockey Digest"?

The Simpsons after the super bowl

Post a pic of a pet you would love to have

Anyone familiar with refinancing their house?

My Cat.

Fuck it! I'm giving the Earth a hummer today.

Bill Hicks fans...loads of freebies in mp3 format

Larry Mullen just wrote me a letter. Swoon.

Ont. Education Min. calls 'strike' 5-letter word; gets compared to Quayle

Pirates of Social Security: The Curse of Cappy Dick

A DU Special Tribute to an all-time classic movie: Road House

what is the best movie of this year or last year so far?

Prepare thyself, the THREAT is real.

How many jobs have you had in your life?

I got two movies! Which one should I watch first?

Now Hear this

Say hello to my little friend.

Cat lovers! Would you consider this abuse?

Ah crap... there they go with the Water Bong again!

Any Steve Nash fans here?


What's the most beautiful sound you've heard?

So tell me......

Is Your Mom Verbally Abusive?

Ladies, don't get your pantyhose in a bunch

Should I send out this letter that I wrote in a fit of passion?

Try my blog for 5 minutes.

Holy BatCrap.....OSCAR is PREGGERS

With Brewery Closures, Germany Faces Brauereisterben

German boxing legend Max Schmeling dies

Please welcome my fiancée back under her new name: Cassandra Uprsing!

After nearly 200 posts, my privileges were finally revoked...

Guardian Bob Marley Quiz...How much do you know?

What's the single greatest scene in cinematic history?

OK, were you in a fraternity/sorority?

With whom are you proud to share a state?

The lounge will be closed tonight between 5pm and 10pm eastern time

Have you ever liked Alice Cooper?

Questions about tipping


I had no idea you guys were down here!

Simple tofu recipes?

As Senate Votes On Gonzales Nomination, Faith Leaders Seek Forgiveness

Is there some Atheist group that pays its members to convert the religious

Family ties

What is an atheist

Greenhouse gas 'threatens marine life'

Supernova? Just caught the Hubble photo...

Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr dies

Warm polar vortex on Saturn intrigues astronomers

Greens Call for Support for New Paltz, NY Mayor Jason West

Human Rights Campaign and appeals for money

Judge rules N.Y. ban on same-sex marriage illegal

New York Court Rules Gays Must Be Allowed To Marry

"Buster" produced axed from TV conference

Is Howard Dean sexy as hell in this picture or what?

(Olympic Gold Medalist in cycling) Tyler Hamilton hearing date set

what trick pLays do you predict for the SB?

Somebody just told me the Super Bowl is Sunday! Is this true?

Who else has stopped watching pre-Super Bowl hype?

Bear in mind, this is about a ball

I'm torn about who to root for. Any other Cowboys fans wanna help me out?

I guess Patriot fans are nervously making their weekend plans

OMG! Check out this Fla. High school SOPHMORE -Noel Devine

Calling ALL Cat Lovers Let Your Feelings be Known!!

Anyone use Revolution for their dogs?

melting 3 glaciers contributing estimated .24 mm per year to sea

Can the A&A Group weigh in on this?

Kerry's call for the $250,000

Legislative Forum

Yes Kleeb Granholm is hot.

I was able to shut up a Bush lover real quick!

Iraqi voter turnout was vastly over-estimated--

Paul Tsongas Forever!

listen guys. This is hilarious. This poster actually is blaming Kerry for

I'm going to see JK tomorrow

"Why I Stay Loyal to Kerry": really beautiful DailyKos diary

Edwards speech in NH on C-Span 2/5

A couple new images from Lexington Ky

Dems: Just say Bush is lying about SS. He is a proven liar and most

Lower Numbers For U.S. State Secretary Rice

The grand plan, we all know, is for Gonzales to go to the Supreme Court!

A letter to send to Senators voting for Gonzales

Why can't Bill Clinton pull a mea culpa on Social Security?

First returns in from Iraq election -- commanding lead by Shiites

What should red state Dems Senators and Reps do?

Bushit wants to talk about SS...what about

Caption this....

My 2 Senators were absent for AG vote today

Al-Qaida member trained by U.S. Air Force

Piratization in 3 graphs

Did anyone watch Maher on Hardball? What did he say? Is it worth

Nepalese king bans press freedom


So where is the Paul Newman for Conn. Senate thread?

DailyKos: Harry Reid, True Democrat and American

What Price A Soldier's Life? (UK Soldiers get 1/10th of US death benefit)

"Respecting the Spirit and Letter of the Law"


White House continues to LIE on Soc Sec --- when you die your heirs get $0

Bill Richardson on IMUS - NOW (8:05AM est)

Social Security questions

$250,000 for soldiers killed on duty...... big bushco plan, says NPR

DeLay Purges House Ethics Committee

A letter to Mr. Gore

The Greatest CLEAN UP ACT OF ALL TIME....From WMD to Freedom

Would The Civil Rights Movement Be Possible In bu$h's Amerika?

SOTU, Bush says we will work with Europe, next day Condi says eff them

Feingold sizes up presidential race

The Birth Tax.........

"Framing" the SS debate and PR techniques

Yet Another TNR Suck-Fest On The DNC Race

How to make money on the GOP social security fiasco:

Rep. Mark Foley, R-FL: "I've talked to colleagues, they're panic-stricken"

Read this NY Times article on Social Security and you will get...

Where were the other 4 senators?

Sen Nelson NE: 1 bush targets for a party crossover vote to support SS...

I went to the protest in Omaha this morning

Cover-up row over Black Wednesday documents

Anyone have a list of the Senators who voted against Gonzales

The Dems need to launch a social security TV ad blitz

Marine general: It's 'fun to shoot people'

food for thought

The biggest GOP lies go unchallenged by Democrats.

DU this poll Do you agree with bu$h's SS proposals?

Such a deal for Halliburton...

Senators' who betrayed the troops and us

Chapter 8 of "Perfectly Legal" -- we are subsidizing the Rich's SS !

Dear lord, why did you inflict * on us?...and

Krugman had solution to SS "underfunding" last night on Lou Dobbs.

Attend a gathering of peacemakers this summer.....

Wasn't the Bush administration trying to push payroll tax cuts fo small

Boxer: Bush SS Plan puts retirees "35 percent below the poverty line"

"Living under the bombs"--- article from Asia Times

Remember Bush's Trifecta joke about Social Security etc ?

Let's HAVE FUN with the SS thingie by identifying the Democrats...

Malloy talking about Elliot Abrahams

Take Action! Action Alerts 2-3-2005 [Read all]

Talkingpointsmemo looking for reports from Bush's visit to Tampa today

Danny Schechter's documentary "WMD"

Jeff Gannon's Past

Today's friendly e-mail from the RNC

Ok ok, I see people are slowly getting radicalized

Marines come up short on recruits first time in ten years

I would agree to PRIVATIZE Social Security IF

An idea for a new organization in response to the Marquette young Repubs

How to kill Bush** Social Security plans in three little words...

media whoring for GOP like always

How much revenue would be saved if we raised the cap on taxable payroll...

Question about the Iraqi elections.

Let's Just Call This The "It Wasn't Me" President -

Media swallowing for Bush again (Iraqi election turnout was low)

Excellent Tactic: Frame Repugs with 'Words of Weakness'

Fargo "Howard Dean Democracy " members blacklisted at Bush event

Video of General Told To Watch Mouth After Shooting Comments

SS Petition - A really good one to sign and spread around -

FWeeprs FWeeping This Poll on Dubya's SS Scam, Please DU.

I'm Mad As Hell and I'm Going to Rant!!!!!!

The President's Proposal? NOT!

CNN: "More than 150 programs" cut in Bush's budget (coming Monday)

Build Them Up....Tear Them Down

Shuster nails it...Ink stained fingers a "political stunt".

George W. Bush, Snake Oil Salesman --->

Methane gas hydrates..source of fuel from the artic ? Unsafe or way out ?

Wanna see something funny?

Dean and McAuliffe meet for dinner...

Behind 'Pleasantville' facade

Wag the Dog in '06:

one of Jeb's men got in trouble in a hotel room

Paranoia strikes deep....

online poll to hit... Do you support *'s agenda in the SOTU

The hijacking threat lately?

AMERICA 2049 - How Long Do You Think The "War On Terror" Will Last?

A Suicidal Selection (JONATHAN CHAIT on Dean)

Economy updates thanks to AAR

Donate to causes/leaders that support you not to places that waste money

The Dean Plan. I have it!

Democrats Barred from President's Speech

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. Karl Schwarz! Hot on Bush's trail

The American Taliban

Good meme on Social Security : They're waging "generational warfare."

Anyone note a "tickle" on government deception on CM?

The "P" word goes mainstream (Bush akin to Kim Jong-il )

letter to boxer

Lying Sec. Of State Claims Iran NOT On The Agenda.

Rice: Attack on Iran Not on U.S. Agenda

Salazar Deeply Conflicted on Gonzales


Bush to cut SS Benefits IN HALF. (Look at chart)

By supplying both sides, did the US keep the Iran/Iraq war

FSTV Has Orwell Rolls In His Grave On Now!

Iraqi Registered Voters

When will the US bring peace and democracy to Iran?

The Century Foundation

Who were the 6 dems that supported Gonzales? eom

latest bin Laden admin/media "stand in", Zarqawi, isn't he a Sunni?

Please DU my local paper's SS poll...

UNC's Press release re: Edwards's Center on Poverty, Work & Opportunity

Poll: Non-Deaniacs and support for Dean as DNC chair

"FREEDOM" means NOTHING without protection of opportunity.

Creepy - kid with magic marker W on his head

Chart shows Boxer's the best and that certain Democrats are Republicrats.

Can you say, Governor of Washington Rossi?

If there is a just God, we are in a shit load of trouble.

BWAHAHAHAHAHA -- "Sistani Tsumani" predicted in Iraq

hannity today was talking about IRANNNNN

SS Trust Fund Fraud May Become Bush's Watergate - article here

John Kerry: "Can you hear it?" - Anyone on the list from DU?

Anybody got a scorecard ?

My response to the MSNBC Poll on the general who stated it is

MSNBC Anchor: "You ever seen anything like this"

Will Bush's SS Mess Pass?

DLC = Republican Lite lol

You cannot beat something with nothing.

Dems. Need to DECLARE WAR on the Mainstream, Corporate Media Whores!

Gonzales Vote Exceeds Expectations: Time to Say Thanks!

Does anyone suscribe to the Hightower Lowdown???

Letter from Bill Nelson on Gonzalez and my response

If you are interested in a Legislative Forum, to keep informed of

Who will be the winner in the Iraq election?

Woodward and Bernstein on Watergate Papers today....something else

read this and weep over what we have done (DU scandal)

One place where I would require a loyalty oath

amendment to abolish the electoral college

Raising the cap on SS: Lousy idea?

Rosenberg Drops Out of Race for Chairman, Backs Dean

Simon Rosenberg posts a diary at Daily Kos re his endorsement of Dean

Doesn't it sound like, from the daily Show ,Joe Klein is on the

Action Alerts: DU these, please! [read all]

I heard some Shiite Muslim Fundy Nut Case is leading in Iraq's elections.

NY Times KILLED story about Bush being WIRED during debate!

Howard Dean, emerging leader of Democratic Party,

Harry Reid is no hero of mine

Bush said this morning he will listen to ANYONE

Helping Howard Dean & the Democrats (once HD gets the nod)

Liberal or progressive?