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Krugman: faith-based deregulation

U.S. Military Probes Cameraman's Death

Magnet for Evil - Dowd

This Isn't War (yet)--Clinton rips into...

A drive for noncar options in graying nation

No mercy in Ashcroft's brand of justice

Need info or link Portland

Is there a point in running if there is no chance of winning?

Astrologers fail to predict proof they are wrong

More Than Skin Deep

84 persons 'disappear' in 9 months - Kashmir

Repeated canecharge on aspirants for cell phones - Kashmir

A Tennessee-Georgia lottery would mean a net loss for education.

Corrupt LA Cops

So I saw this thread

Are Archives supposed to be only for donors?

Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade martyrs one of its own, seriously injures another

Israeli police forced Palestinian boy to swallow chemical

Israel closes off Palestine territories

Lebanon Palestinians give sweets after Israel attack

WTC Dust Cloud Analysis

Conservative magazine prints attack on Specter (Natl Review 9/1)

Dean's got the Blues

'Porn star candidate offers date to big donors'

Will Dean listen to the environmental community as President?

I propose we start a "positive-only" discussion of the issues

Davis Rips Calif. Recall As Power Grab]

The standards of the anti Dean smearers

Kucinich: FirstEnergy Should Lose License

Dean Underfunded Public Defender's Office (prior to 9-11)

Cabinet Positions in the Moseley Braun White House article refers to Al Franken as a satirist

Please help a newbie out

The loss of De Mello

How can they manipulate casualty numbers? They classified them in Vietnam

Newt and Arianna on C-SPAN Washington Journal tomorrow AM


How can Greed, Rapturism, and PNACism exist at the same time in the GOP?

ATTN: Phoenix, AZ DUers about the gas shortages....

UN Security Council gave approval for Iraqi Governing Council....

How Do You Conduct A Poll At D U

Dean is responsible for the UN attack!!!

partial list of those killed in Baghdad today....(link to UN press)

Anyone seen "Open Range" yet?

Anybody else think those congressional jaunts to Iraq will slow down?

Got this interesting letter from the Howard Dean campaign.

How long before Bush announces more troops being sent to Iraq ?

Al Gore and Clark officially jumped into the Race

Would Bustamante be the 1st hispanic governor in US if elected?

FOX SPEWS ... Al Franken v Roger "Ails"

Poll: 2004 Democratic Presidential Primary

Things are BIGGER in Texas

California Recall: THE BRIGHT SIDE

Bush says something stupid (again!)

My letter from Sen. Feingold

So will the bombing of UN Headquarters make the UN support Bush's Oil War

Ironic? Bill Richardson, and other Clinton people on Tee-Vee

CA RECALL: Band of thieves

What Was Your Major In College

Delegation misses meeting because of 'mechanical problems'.

There's Another NEW Computer Virus: Sobig Worm

Does anyone know more about the attempted planting of WMD...

The 800 pound Elephant in the room (Davis fights back)

Olbermann rocks

MSU prof on Energy Privitization on As It Happens (NPR)

California Gov. Davis speech

What Democratic Presidential Candidate Who Was Never Elected Would You

Illinois DUers: Will Bush be on the ballot in your state?

Who gained? Who will gain?

Favorite "from the Left" co-host on Crossfire?

Do you support a UN peacekeeping force in Iraq to replace our troops?

I heard the dreaded "d" word mentioned tonight

How would you like DIAMOND microchips and the End of De Beers control?

I must humbly thank some kind, kind soul.

What's your position on GMO's??

Pundits who are destroying their reps

Yet another Poll: Your Favorite First Lady

Great Clark Interview from Scarborough Country

Dean and the "draft dodging" B.S.

Which republican would you vote for?

Deleted message

Iraqi blogger- we have plunged into darkness

HOORAY for fake diamonds....

Sergio de Mello was no supporter of the U.S. occupation of Iraq.

500lb of C4 explosive used to bomb to the UN?

Is random drug testing a violation of one's Constitutional rights?

The Gray Davis Speech is on CSPAN Now. . .Live

Greg Palast on CNN now

Daily Show: Mess'o'potamia

'He's 13 - how could he kill my husband?'

Go to now

Get The Troops Out Now!

The Dean/Nader comparisons need to end

DU moles/trolls/monitors, insincere pains in the @ss

California has Republicans on horns of a dilemma....

Why the UN is a target - BBC

Incest Father of SIX Jailed - UK

New Fast-Spreading Sobig Worm Adds to 'Worm Week'

Pastor to Defy U.S. on Iraq Trip Report

NYT: Ambitious Bush Plan Undone by Energy Politics

Analysts: Iraq a 'magnet' for al Qaeda

WP: New Questions Raised About U.S. Resolve in Iraq, 'Road Map' to Peace

Massive rain storm sweeps thru Las Vegas valley. Mayor declares local

WP: Nonmilitary Targets Face New Threat

Bush promises Marines to leave Liberia by Oct. 1

Tree sitters (on U of P Campus) protest Bush Portland visit

Locke has harsh words for Bush

Birth of First Internet Sperm Bank Baby

NYT: Davis says Republicans are trying to steal an election

WP: Attack Shows the Limits of U.S. Control

Baghdad, Jerusalem Attacks Test Bush Policy

Davis Goes On The Offensive

Blackout damage for U.S. estimated at up to $6B US

North Korea must abandon nuclear threat: Japan

Inslee holding forum on Iraq intelligence investigation

Union Sues Verizon, Citing Wire-Tap Rules

Ashcroft begins Patriot Act campaign

Mass graves (of Iraq 45k military killed by US) to reveal Iraq war toll

Energy Dept. Will Take Control of Blackout Investigation

ZombyWoof or Coffee Coyote??

What Was Your Major In College


Women of DU...


Single gender education, a good idea? What do you think?

I have a question for the men on DU--who's sexier

The Iron Heel

If Lincoln ran today in the Democratic primary, would he have a chance

Anyone seen "Open Range" yet?

CAPTION the conjugal duo

I hate this f*cking commercial

DU demographics: how educated are we?

Finally hit 6000 posts

Anyone else having problems with AIM?

WooHooo, I am a star again.

I'd like you meet some of my children.....

How tall is Bustamonte?!?


Guilty Pleasures????


Taking the stairs is not an option-

Time machine...which destination would you like?

I'm back from seeing Palast and Hightower. What can I tell you?

How do you cope with annoying co-workers? (Violence unacceptable)

'Man aged 120 dies after first hospital visit'

The OC

On Orange County, California

For those who have watched Boy meets Boy (spoiler)

Who are we?

Wuh-double-OW! You people from Kansas are CA-RAY-ZEEE!

I know this isn't the Meeting Rm

Old news, I know, but "Bowling For Columbine" came out today

Forrest Gump's Day Off

Grand Theft Auto 4

I got to send an alert!!!!

HELP! Very weird goings on with computer/internet today

Dear Californians: Vote No on Recall, For Dave Grayvis!

Virus on my computer


Bush Diagnosed With Attention-To-Deficit Disorder.....PML!

Drumroll Please...................

Look over there...

Anybody watch "8 Simple Rules"?

Car people, I need help fast! (Phoenix resident)

You know why I like Bustamante?

Just bought Bowling for Columbine

I'm such a lucky bastard!


Repeat of Davis event,11pm ET CSPAN tonight...Bustamante repeat

What's the maximum amount of time you can

Salon: Part 3 - Conason's "Big Lies": Male Cheerleaders & Chickenhawks

A Higher Tax on All Your Houses

Lugar backs funds to help Russia destroy old arms

Hundreds in Hebron Mourn Palestinian Journalist Mazen Dana

Peace comes too late for Liberia's broken people

Evidence of great Indian uprising unearthed

The IMF is a poisoned chalice

Rise Up: Our Fight for Fair Trade in Pennsylvania (Charlie Crystle4Senate)

From's Last Stand (DLC)

NY Times: How America Created a Terrorist Haven

AmbitiousW Plan Undone by Energy Politics (Times LizB/Jeff Gerth praise W)

Outsourcing Our Future?

Private military companies turn a profit in war on terror

New estimate of French heat wave deaths: 10,400

Stretched too thin By Kay Bailey Hutchison

Is the World a Better Place with Hussein Gone??

Wanna Laugh Your Ass Off

Bush Diagnosed With Attention-To-Deficit Disorder

Why the lessons of Vietnam do matter

Attack Of The Pig People

Blast will reverberate in campaign - MSNBC

CIA and DOD Attempted To Plant WMD In Iraq

Gail Sheehy: Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush

This one from Buzzflash left me a bit teary-eyed.......

Child Tax Credit Leaves Many Female Parents Behind

William Blum: Myth and Denial in the War Against Terrorism

How America Created a Terrorist Haven (Iraq) NYT

Former ambassador Wilson: "The American approach is incoherent"

Krauthammer on Pipes: "Liberals turn McCarthyite"

Kucinich: Power To The People

Mike Hickerson-Recall? It's a Coincidence

Joe Conason on electric deregulation; my thoughts exactly

Join the "Courage, America Convoy!!" to Iowa

Time for another PR and letter writing exercise

Has anybody attended a "Camp Wellstone" training seminar? "Defend Democracy" campaign -Starts in TX

Disinformation & propaganda

US Media kills 45000 dead Iraqi military in US mass graves story

EIB archive..

CAN's Globe and Mail on US media killing CIA caused 5/16 Davao Bomb?

"News" is losing verbs

Bill O'Reilly is "not " a conservative

The big tent of the Republican Party

I'm sure ya'll have noticed how junior talks...answer me something....

Gardening - Historic gardens ..and stuff

about Bob Woodward

UN Bombing, who stands to gain?


Wow! A GD thread that's talking about end of world stuff!

Man...I haven't been here for awhile...YIKES!

FALL 2003 - Busy, busy, busy...... ! (astrologers)

Does anyone have any catering business experience?

Effort to Delay Calif. Recall Denied

Doctors seek exemption from privacy bill - Canada

NAACP Asks Cincinnati To Negotiate Economic Boycott

Gay Muslims Defend Their Identity in the U.S.

Zimbabwe inflation hits new high

Wholesalers see flat June, weak quarter - Canada

the blackout? it's pataki's fault

Maharaj papers illegally shredded - SA

'Don't let Mugabe get hands on food aid' - Zimbabwe

Army moves in to quell Nigerian unrest - Oil and power

Organised crime in SA 'explosive' - UN

Botswana's Bushmen thrown off their land

US Marines to get new boat

UN urged to intervene in Sudan

The New “Islamophobia”

Illegal Drugs for Legitimate Medical Use

  Is HRT a form of Russian Roulette for women?

Judge moves to ease 'black music torture' - SA

Update on police chief murder in Grant Alabama

Tampa Police Eliminate Controversial Facial-Recognition System

Suspect Held in Fatal Bus Stop Shooting

Gun Waving Judge Going To Trial (San Fran)

Activist Encourages Getting Raped

Police identify man killed in shootout

Machete Registration Too?

Man opens fire at plant, kills co-worker, himself

Spud Guns: Legal And Dangerous

Knowing Gun Safety

Cops Against The Drug War

Why is a thread like this ok?

Search Function

Congratulations on DU's Donations!

"Locking -- *NO LONGER* ... LBN"

In response to the 500 Donations in 3 days post in the GD forum

How many individual donations does DU usually get?

DU's official policy on folks using multiple user names?

Why didn't this thread "kick"?

Why didn't this thread "kick" (Take two, with the correct URL)

Got an email yesterday saying I unsubscribed...

can't post images with Umlauts in the url

IOF Razes Areas in Bethlehem, Steps up Shootings in Gaza Strip

U.S. Links Islamic Charities, Terrorist Funding

Arab-American arrested for sending drug money to West Bank

Suicide Bomber Strikes Jerusalem Bus

Let's see how "Fair & Balanced" IPC is.

Israel OKs Raids Against Terror Suspects ( 5 AMERICANS KILLED)

U.S. delegation cancels Abbas meeting

For AIPAC, congressional trips are effective way to boost Israel

What is it that Israel can give Palestine and vice versa that will stop...

IOF Arrests 8 Palestinians in Hebron, Demolishes 4 Houses in Jerusalem

Report: Israel issues ultimatum and will act if PA delays crackdown

PA refuses to address terrorism; Israel cancels handover after bombing

Giving peace a chance

Israeli human rights group slams Hebron settlers

Ayoon wa Azan (Daniel Pipes)

MH/CHAOS is the grandfather of The War on Terrorism, thanx to Helms,

Crude Politics a book from RW WND publishers blasts Bush War on Terror

How to Build a Cruise Missile for $5,000 - ‘It Is Surprisingly Simple’

Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush - NY Observer

Hidden Grave/reuters cameraman

Wired Mag: Software Exec Eyes Senate Seat in Pennsylvania

An observation...

Dean changes the way Bush campaigns

If nothing else....

I propose we start a "negative only" thread

Governors Delay on Dean

We will have to be hypocrites

GA: Squires: Young wouldn't halt her U.S. Senate bid

50 Iowa Labor Leaders Pledge Support for John Kerry

Lieberman Catch: Basil Smikle, Clinton's deputy state director joining up

Graham on Hardball, Capitol Report tonight Wed August 20

My candidate is better than your candidate. Nanny nanny boo boo!

Article on Black Internet Activism (Eg. MoveOn/AfricanAmericansForDean)

Support for Bush Slips Among Hispanics -Poll

WI Senate: Michels Campaign Files Statement of Candidacy with Sec of State

Arnold is being sold to Democrats as a moderate.

FL: Senate GOP primary seems to be moving to right

Today, I heard a live Kucinich speech on NPR

Undecided in the lead!

Edwards: National Bid Echoes'98 Tactics

Graham says Ashcroft will be first to clean out his desk

Dean & Kucinich 1st To Confirm To Appear At Arab Amer. Conference

DU Flashback...Dec. 1991....

Why did Kerry and Edwards vote to relax the restrictions

What Democrat could run against Janklow in SD

Dennis Kucinich: the real soul of the Democratic Party?

Gephardt skips 85% of House votes

Who do you support in the PA Senate race?

Assail my logic regarding Dean and Vermonters

I'm supporting Dennis Kucinich for President in 2004 because

Are We Recalling Republican Guvs With Budget Deficits?

The UN attack, "conspiracy theories" and primary suspect identification

Am I the only one who hits the mute or turns it down when * is on?

"Body count Conservative "

ten commandments must go...and go now!!!

Arianna just managed to piss me off

Where do you think Joe Lieberman's loyalties lie?

Georgia Governor's office reiterates investigation demand

Color of Presidential Money in NC, 96% white

Heads up! Jeneane on Crossfire on CNN in 15 minutes

Which of the Democratic candidates is currently your favorite?

Uneducated Americans: The Insurance Policy of the Rich

How to fix our public schools:

Six years on, still no inquest (just don't ask)......

Greg Palast in NYC: Iraq elections in three months promised in March

De-Regulate Marijuana ?!?!?

Excluding Lieberman,Gephardt Which Democrat is you LEAST favorite

Hey JanMichael, Check it Out - BUSH RECALL

Bush's two years AWOL story in

The author of "Mexifornia" was on a CSPAN panel discussing illegal

CIA Charged with Bank Heist; Attn conspiracy theory skeptics

Clark will announce he is running by the end of the month, says Brazille

Excluding Lieberman... Who is you least Favorite non-Republican candidate?

Is retardation a requirement to be a Governor in Alabama?

DynCorp is running private prisons in Iraq!

Bowling for Columbine

Video Voting brigade - refranchisement strategy

The Schwarzennegar Show

CA Recall--Appearing on TV this am..need advice

A Democratic Call To Action!

CBS: Did the US Ignore Warnings? (UN HQ in Iraq)

What are we going to do about electronic voting ?

Bob Barr lashes out against Neocons? Is old GOP waking up?

What happened : 911 investigation, Energy Panel (Iraq map), CIA outing.

Request from Janeane: SUGGESTIONS for her last two CROSSFIRE days?

Ok, admit it. What was your first thought when you heard about

DAVIS & BUSTAMANTE Gave Good Speeches on 3-19

Bush economy keeps humming along - HP to cut 1,300 jobs

Is it just me or do things seem to be spiraling out of control?

Is John Kerry's wife a political liability?

Is Arianna Huffington A Friend of Democrats?

Speaking of BFEE "Hits," anyone wanna speculate on THIS?

Did WE make Tom Delay squirm??

Who Killed Teach For America?

OH Sec of State delays BBV machine purchases?

Who is your SECOND choice for President?

Bwahahahahahaha... You Guys See This ??? (Jim Hightower)

CBS News: "It's clear this war is not over"

Just when I think right wing radio hosts can't get any dumber...

Chalabi told US intelligence last week that UNcompound would be attacked

Press release: Wesley Clark to Run for President (Brazile)

a simple waste of taxpayer money

Bev Harris Alert!

moses is on his way to 'bama!!!

NBC story on our burdened National Guard troops in Iraq.


What has to happen for Bush Regime to admit Iraq Invasion a failure ?


I know this is a suspect source "CIA Accused Of Bank Heist" however

Has Bush planted terrorists in Iraq?

please somebody convince me i'm not losing my mind?...RE: Robert Kaplan...

Goddamn scumbag Bremer, STILL claiming Iraq/Al Qaeda pre-war alliance

Iraq is America's...

Volunteer Opportunities in Afghanistan?

AAAAARRRRGGGHH!!! Paul Bremer did it again!

Coulter is an Un-Anerican traitor.

My house rep sent me a postal letter about a tax rebate check - response?

Joe Six Pack here. And Joe ain't believing this crap.

Fineman: 2004 will be referendum on War, Clark definitely running

Vanity Fair Richard Perle -Nazi picture

We need one organization to speak for all activists?

Anybody see the Author of the GQ Article on Bush as Jesus

Slammer worm crashed Ohio nuke plant network (FirstEnergy, Davis-Besse)

Who is Evan Bayh and why shouldn't I like him?

Anyone have information on Special Operations in first Gulf War?

Graham & McCain on Hardball

Janklow a symptom of Republican immorality and lawlessness...

Here's to David Cross of "Mr. Show"!

Here is why even the United Nations can't get us out of this mess in Iraq

Annan came back to the Un. Where`s Bush?

Let's see the RIAA shut these guys down!!!

My letter to the New Mexico Democratic Party ( on redistricting)

Firefighters and veterans will work AGAINST Bush's election.

If you had made the choice to move to another country, which would it be?

Arabs Avoid US for Medical Care, Look to Germany

Long article about Clark.

Please vote in CNN poll...

Which of these combinations has best chance to beat Bush/Cheney?

Racist quotation style?

Who Is The Most Electable Possible Democratic Candidate

How can I file an amicus curae in Fox/Franken case.

We need to pick up the young vote(18-29) and First Time vote again

True "progressive" on Washington Journal tomorrow AM !

Does anyone know how I can donate to "NO" on the recall?

Law Needs New Category of Sexual Assault

Drunk, Or Stupid?

Have you noticed?

Freepers starting petition to "take out" Syria and Iran.

US has world's highest incarceration rate: Justice Department's study

BTW, Private Jessica Lynch is getting married

Vilsack: Edwards Could Turn Iowa Caucus Into Four-Way Race

Where's the equal time?

Rummy is in HONDURAS??? wtf..(MSNBC)

How Long Will It Take To Win The War On Terror?

Asskroft Trieds To Justify Patriot Act

Gwynne Dyer: 'A guerrilla war takes root'--Toronto Star...Excellent piece

Your LEAST favorite candidate

Good News for Candidates Who Support Civil Unions

Iraq has no right to self defense. . .

anyone able to get franken's book yet?

will there be a 10 commandments riot today in alabama?

Would you run for office if there were no chance of winning?

If the US had not INVADED Iraq, those UN workers would be alive!

Troops overseas won't see 'Buffalo Soldiers' movie on bases

Vote on this Poll

Will the UN charge the presiDUNCE with war crimes?

Just have to vent; anyone out there getting weird stuff from the RNC?

Blitzer poll: did war on Iraq strengthen Al Qaeda?

If General Clark runs

Big Dawg on the attack, rips some repuke a new one

what'ya mean bring em' home? we need MORE troops over there!

Why Will Conservatives Vote Dem in 2004?

Withdraw U.S. forces

Why are so many Democrats opposed to Alabama's tax reform?

Who thinks UN attack done by Bush Special OPs?

Why are some Democrats gittery about Dr. Dean?

Bush quote hammered away in today's WTE

watch cnn at 1:30 ET

Who thinks the Shark attack was done by Bush Special OPs?

the only ones benefitting from the UN blast is BIG OIL

Military desperate..

3 Deregulated Industries (Energy, Airlines, Telecom): 3 Clusterf*cks

Crashing Bush Campaign Events?

We've forgotten the anger in the eyes? of civilians that US killed

Bush: U.S. troops to be out of Liberia by Oct 1 (No oil there)


So, who would be a good VP?

Marine charges breast implants car and motorcycle to military credit card

White House News room

Is Conason talking about you?

WH announces resumption of foreign "shoot down" program

US Congressional Reps were NOT to meet at UN HQ (Canal Hotel)

Village Voice: NY's Prince of Darkness (Pataki & the Blackout))

Thank you, DUers: 500 Donations! Guess how high we go & win a T-shirt!

It doesn't happen often, but Chimpy is 100% correct !

UK Guardian: Americans choose between Bush and Bush lite

Anyone else think Scott McClelland's days as Press Spokeman Numbered?

Bill Press says Republicans don’t like elections.

Peace Pretzel updates--Live Journal and Cafe Press

Where the feck is Colin?

Bad Timing for ad at

Just What Are They Trying to Say?

The TRAP of Iraq! "A magnet for terrorists"--(Peter Bergen)

Did anyone see Nachman v. Michael Moore today?

CNN is actually covering Afghanistan?

Which of these books have you read?

Could this Rummy ally be behind yesterday's U.N. bombing??

am i seeing things???

When will Saddam be captured or killed?

You Just Don't Bomb Other People's Kids

Where in the World is Osama?

25 Boxcars Of WMD Found In Iraq!

names can never harm you, nor can vulgar words

Kucinich calls for UN to replace US in Iraq, US to give up contracts

Hell just froze over on FR. Freeps against expanding war to Iran/Syria

Is this another manipulated energy crisis?

Arnold and women

2 new studies: Most heart attacks caused by unhealthy lifestyle

What do the Knox County Democrats (TN) know that we don't?

Is the Philippine government bombing its own people for dollars?

Franken Book to be published THIS WEEK!

Oh man, the Sharks are back (CNN)

Editorial from woman in Iraq

Clark's first declaration

Sleeping with the Devil by Robert Baer is #12 NYT NF

Now that * is slipping in the polls, what do you-all think his next act

Magnetic feld, minos, and Aug 14 2003

Virus Alert -- Whatever you do, DO NOT OPEN THAT ENCLOSURE.

I'm a little slow, but.........

Leading the Department of Homeland Security - CSPAN2 -- NOON (LIVE)

Burned by the Ore

have you heard: new texas flag pledge law!!!

IHT: The White House distorts science for political ends


How many soldiers have died today? (Cartoon)

Eric Margolis on Afghanistan, drugs and oil


How will Catholics respond if their hierarchy denounces Kucinich ?

it`s up and running!!!!!

do u think Schwarzenneger will drop out if it becomes clear he won't win?

Chuck Boombs: Kill GTMO Prisoners in retaliation for the Baghdad Bombing

Other than Ted Rall and Molly Ivins,

Let's talk mileage

The Presidio Mutiny. Mltry guard shotgunned prisoner at close range

A heart-warming story amongst the horrors

FTA graphics were in almost every US base worldwide

Doesn't look like Halliburton is suffering these days.

"Blinded by Faith" put a spotlight on the fanatics

Davis Says GOP Trying to 'Steal' Election

Drudge, George and Jesus

GIs Demonstrated Against the war in Saigon


Ohioans--Congressional Redistricting??

Vietnam - Doc Hampton fragged "Top"

US may be entering it's Chechnya/War of the flea

What happened to the reports of U.S. Congressional delegation in Baghdad?

Why aren't we shocked?

Let's tell the truth about the "mass graves"..

GI Revolts: The Breakdown of the U.S. Army in Vietnam (mutiny )

Contrary to the party line, we are the ones that are occupied in Iraq...

All the Vietnam War 'needed' to win was more troops too (what BS)

More Than 25,000 People Have Signed the Stop Ashcroft Petition

Eye opening quote from Goering

Texas gop pulling every trick in the book

One thing is abundantly clear after watching FOX News this morning..

O'Really speaks!But makes no sense.

What a joke. Bush campaign web site "launched" today...

NYT Editorial is hard hitting....

Verizon stabs American workers in the back

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The way to end the Israeli-Palestinian war

Question about state and federal income taxes.

NY Times: How America Created a Terrorist Haven

If America Were Iraq?

Deleted message

How long are Americans going to sit back and watch the carnage

Peter Bergen-Yesterday's Baghdad boming harbinger of things to come

church & state separation myths

Daily U.S. Casualties 8/20/2003

some rightwingers pleased with bombing of UN HQ

Arianna Huffington on Cspan1 now

send some free Trojans to Robertson, Falwell, and abstinence organizations

if I lived in CA, i'd vote for THIS person

Gingrich on WJ/-SPAN now, 8/20

Grand Theft America

Why not support all of the candidates?

If Clark doesn't run, then who will the Clarkites vote for?

Repeat: Palast on CNN Right now

FYI: site author

send some free condoms to 'pro-family' abstinence leaders

we need boards for individual cities and states

"Fair and Balanced" is now set to music!!!

what is Limpbaugh's obsession with news storys that involve SUVs?

Moses, FDR and Bush Jr.

will there be Levitra ads on hate radio?

We've got grandstand seats to a colossal chess match.

Bob Jones shoes

making the job-LOSS recovery numbers a bit more "real"

Bernie's back. Streaming now. Topic is Iraq.

Slip of the tongue on "WMD"? (video) ads back on Limpbaugh's show

DLC seen as Out-Of-Touch; making a "Last Stand"

would you expect a news channel named after a movie studio to be accurate?

biggest hate radio sponsors, contact them

New chant for the first ammendment zones from Neil Young's Greendale

UN bomber went through 2 US security checks

does the US have any religious heritage?

Hey, Dubya...yer a Jinx!

yet another SUV thread

Kansas City area business that run ads during Hate Radio

Smoke away ads heard on Hannity and Limpbaugh

what time is Moore supposed to remove the monument today?

when Faux news began, did you expect to ever because an accurate

Are pigs flying? Lotsa freepers OPPOSING Judge Moore...

Help! and maybe Heads UP!

An easy way to spot questionable posters on DU...sort on Author

Do we need a new sexual revoloution?

Falwell was on Savage Weiner

The "Prejudice" of Democrats

well, folks . . . looks like 2012 is IT . . .

Are the DNC or the DLC supporting the Texas Democrats??

Is it possible to balance CA's budget without raising taxes?

Good news for "The Guy James Show"

Why the US will lose the war in Iraq.

Cruz Bustamante is on Tavis Smiley today.

BREAKING: No Delay in Recall

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq Accident After Attack

Schwarzenegger Convenes California Economic Summit

DRUDGE: 2nd degree manslaughter charges R being considered against Janklow

BREAKING: Supreme Court Refuses to Block Removal of 10 Commandments

Demonstrators gear up for Bush (Seattle)

’60s radical Kathy Boudin paroled

BREAKING: Palestinians report tanks moving into Ramallah

Nuke Lab Pays Whistleblower - Los Alamos

Ten Commandments (Christian Group to prevent removal)

Fires may keep Bush out of Central Oregon

Second Canadian dies in Baghdad bombing

Report: Israel issues ultimatum and will act if PA delays crackdown

Canada Urged to Hold Referendum on Gay Marriage

Iowan injured in Baghdad bombing dies

A Preview Of President's Bush's Visit? (Trouble brewing in Portland)

FCC Chairman Launches Initiative to Promote Broadcast Localism

Broward parents learn details about 'virtual schools' offered by state

More Troops Needed, Analysts Insist

Rumsfeld: Terrorism Threat In S. America

World Bank halts work in Iraq, IMF moves injured

CIA Graduates Largest Class of Officers

IMF and World Bank Pull Staff Out of Iraq, U.S. Official Says

FBI: Iraq Bomb Made From Old Munitions (and not a cement truck)

UK Officials Wanted to Gag Expert on Iraq Dossier

California Judge Refuses to Delay Recall Vote - CNN

Researcher Critical of Voting System Cuts Ties to Election Software Firm

CNN: ACLU Recall Suit Decision Imminent - 3:40 pm ET

America's most wanted caught in Cape Town - SA

Four children found shot in basement of burning home in Detroit

France orders heatwave deaths probe (10,416 dead,claims OGF)

New from CENTCOM: One soldier killed, one injured (8/20/03)

Ohio Governor Signs Executive Order Banning Drilling Under Lake Erie

Bush: Drug Program Cuts Don't Drive Up Prison Admissions (Fla.)

Experts Suggest Outsiders In Blast

Graham Says Iraq Distracting U.S. From Danger of Terrorism

Dupe - please lock

Desperate hunt for UN blast survivors

Republicans looking at carving up Dennis Kucinich's District in Ohio

Ten Commandments Ruling in Ala. Appealed (to USSC)

Four U.S. Soldiers Wounded by Makeshift Bomb in Iraq [20.08.]

Politicians quietly planning to deregulate the nation's energy system

[Gulf War Syndrome] Gulf War veterans sue banks , firms over chemicals

Treatment of Kelly in spotlight

Contractor Killed, Two U.S. Troops Wounded in Iraq

Iraq violence contributes to oil market destabilization

DCF criticized for seeking guardian for unborn child

BBC - New Pakistan anti-terror force

Texas gop trying every trick there is

Rove & Repugs Redistricting Ohio

Threats, bullets sent to protest pending execution

Interior Secretary Sees Lawsuits on Rockies Drilling

Punch cards still on in ‘04

Cuba says Iran was jamming US satellite broadcasts: State Department

A guerrilla war takes root

US eyes Bulgarian Army training grounds for possible use

UN Staff in Iraq to Be Evacuated, UN Sources Say

City Unplugs Camera Software (This time Tampa)

Iraqi Civilian Killed in Convoy Attack

Enron asks judge to get tough on deadbeat customers

Favorite sons call in big guns in high-priced race for Senate

Australia's far-right leader jailed for electoral fraud

More GOP redistricting? Guess who's this time.

CBS News: In other developments in Iraq

Why the lessons of Vietnam do matter

Ratliff 'distraught' over redistricting, contemplates resignation


Rep Rob Simmons R-CT(2nd District), Sen. Joe Lieberman stress united front

"Why We're Winning the War on Terror" (Ashcroft)

"We Cannot Afford to Fail" -- Dean On Yesterday's Events In Iraq

In Iraq,McCain Vows to Fight for All Resources Needed for U.S. Troops to

Deciding Where To Draw The Lines

Pipes Makes No Apologies for Muslim Remarks

Report: Janklow Going 70 - 75 Mph at Crash ( this should ans questions)

PM (Blair) 'approved Kelly strategy'

Govt launches net crackdown

Opposition Demands Referendum in Venezuela

Kofi Annan just says he isn't aware of UN/Iraq refusing extra security!

Drug Lead in West Virginia Shootings


Most Americans Oppose Vouchers, Poll Says

Dem Start Group to Try to 'Recall' Bush

U.N. Was Wary of Role in Post-War Iraq (under US security)

Anyone else planning to

Where do you spend most time online?


Best delivery system for medical marijuana?

Who Wants to Bash Connecticut?

41 years young! Happy birthday to...

great bumper sticker I saw today...

Roaches In My Bedroom

I quit the IT industry I have had it, any suggestions on where to go?

My cat likes to assault birds

Helloween -- Michael Vs Pinhead? Maybe....

The "Guilty Pleasure Movie" Thread.

Best Rock N Roll Album of All Time?

Eating habits

Best kind of tinfoil for hat

BAH!! Those GD people you want to know a secret?

The Befuddled Zoologist of all CAPTIONS!! (Watch yer head.)

LynneSin made me do it: Zeppelin in the afternoon!

I have touch-screen pants, ask me anything!

I'm peri-menopausal. Don't ask me anything.



How's this for a bumper sticker:

Which movie should I Pay Per View?

A simple (for you folks) computer question

What's the Best Food To Have After Smoking?


Cardboard cat...where to find one?

Hey Matcom - someone made a Smilie that looks like you!

Help! Need Hillary Clinton quote

About to be laid off, need links to get under boss's skin

Can The Term "Getting Lucky" Apply To Women Too?

I just got back from the groomer

Are you the only liberal/progressive/DUer in your neighborhood?

¿Dónde está usted?

Can men and women just be friends?

Ever been on TV?

Let's bash Ohio!

FERC Discovers Blackout Cause

NEW 100 CLUB MEMBERS......................

I know why the blackout - something only DUers could possibly know!

ANN COULTER - vast left-wing conspiiracy!!!

Watching Der Gubernator on CNN...

The Mixed-Metaphor of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Any frustrations you have, let them out here.

Why Do You Always Have To Get In The LAST WORD???

If you're not watching Crossfire, you're missing a Goddess

Need suggestions for hikes near Moab, Utah

When I wait tables, the room belongs to me

Would You Trade DU For A Democratic President?

How high is gas in your area now????

*disgusting hardcore pornography here*

Who thinks the Lincoln assassination


Task Force unleashed to determine cause of blackouts...

engagement ring buying time


Is that Georgie Bush I see on the first page shovelling his own BULLSHIT?

Everybody stop and welcome our newest member, NCWolfpackerette!

Alabama DUers, what's the mood down there?

What CAPTIONS can we squeeeeeeeeeze out of this?

the shame and stigma of chronic gurning

Randi Rhodes just sang 'Happy Birthday' to me!

Will DU Get Over 1000 Donations By Sunday?

How's the weather where you live?

The United States is now God

Television the Drug of the Nation

Let's bash Michigan!

The guy was missing a leg...

The Kid stays in the Picture! Bob Evans is awesome!

The "we still love you, newsguyatl" thread!

Help settle a dispute-what brand was "The thinking man's cigarette"?

I ROLL MY OWN... And Last Year I Saved $800 By Rolling My Own

Let's Do Arnold!

Alright, who broke the FRIGGIN' THERMOMETER?

tom tomorow archives...

I just bought Al Franken's new book. Ask me anything.

The West WIng 1st season dvd out Nov.18th!!!


I'm in love with Karen from "Will & Grace"

I always thought the dreamcatcher avatar was Donut Man. Ask me anything!

Denehey coach - wasnt he a professed christian

BREAKING: Ah-nuld is boring the crap out of me on CNN.

The California Recall Candidates

Smoking Gun TV

“I’m not going to compromise my God for your pocketbook!”

"Peace to all of the dipshit stupid chickenshit asshole fuckheads!!!"


Anyone Have A Scary (or spooky) Story To Share?

What do you eat for breakfast?





How many times should I polish my star?


Congratulate me on reaching my 500th post at nearly the same time DU

In the last 8 hours I've gotten 12 Sobig virus emails.

Today, I heard a live Kucinich speech on NPR

7 more donations!! MAKE THE PIE HIGHER!!! CONGRATS, ADMIN!!!

I just donated to DU! Ask me anything!

Poll:BEST TV HAIR? (Male edition)

Small business going bust...?

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out in one hour...

Read any good Nabokovs lately?


Top Ten Things The Iraqi Information Minister Has Admitted Since Being Cap

Pull My Finger President

Best new reality show: MTv's "Newlyweds with Jessica and Nick"

Where is SiouxJ???

Cartoon Characters for Dean

Bridgewater NJ company has Admin. Asst. Jobs Open


Google Tool Bar 2.0 now with scrubbing bubbles!

Bush growing 3rd leg and 3rd Arm?

"Queer as Folk" for straight women?

Some Arizonans have a sense of humor about the gas crisis.

Six Feet Under fans

I am leaving for Laughlin Nevada tomorrow..Can I get you anything??

The blackout from space

Windows 98SE Help!!

Air Combat Computer Players -- I need some advice

Financial Forum at DU

Grrr... scientific mistake on NPR

Not It!

Say What?

DSL even makes me type faster!!!!

To the heterosexual men of DU

For Anyone Who Was Freaked Out By My Peeping Eyed John Aschcroft...

Matrix? Oscars? You're joking, right???

Rafting’s flip side

Crashing by Design, (i.e. how I feel this morning)

Movie industry blames texting for Bad Box Office (no joke)

need a break? . . . a diversion? . . . a smile? . . .

Best educational software

A classic about "left-wingers" from Bloom County

Happy BIRTHDAY Robert Plant!

Favourite oddball, "haven't heard it in years" song?

Wow! Look how red that guage is at the top of the page!

my freeper comment

Australian TV News - worse than the US?

Moses, FDR and Bush Jr.

An emergency warning just came on TV. What is it?

Bob Jones shoes

Eights across the board!

Is there any way

Neil Young's Greendale was released today

Any DUers who are OB/GYNs?

I just bought "Chicago" on DVD...Ask me anything!

Doctor Arrested for Drugging Mental Patients and Selling Them as Wives

Shall I ...

dam 49 more people

I was born in( your city here)...(your state/country here)

"Im part Cherokee" of the signs of the South.

Men of DU

Let's bash North Dakota!!!

My Sexual preference is...

FReeper Photo Gallery

Scientists on Bush Team Sez, Global Warming A Sham!!!!

Blast from the Past CAPTION

Do you have images of other DUers in your mind?

What does it mean to be a man?

How did YOU discover DU???

Leaving for College


attn computer experts. What virus-related scam is this?

Best Double Album?

Thank you, DUers: 500 Donations! Guess how high we go & win a T-shirt!

Is anyone here familiar with asperger's syndrome?

"JESUS Is Coming...... Are YOU ready?"

I just got my wisdom teeth removed this morning.

Sick Kitty


Why do repukes want to run government like a business?

Has anyone here been near death?

How far do you live from your birth city?

The Housing Bubble: Fact or Fiction?

Draft Prof. Irwin Corey, for President.

My cat likes to assault stocking caps,scarves, mittens

Depp close to managing Burton`s CHOCOLATE FACTORY

Bad news for David Lee Roth fans!

Let's not Bash West By Gawd Virginia!

My dog just came back from the groomer