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"How Dare the DemocRats Not Attack Our Great President's New Supreme Court Nominee!!

October 15, 2005
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Well!! I ask you! Did you ever think you would see the day when Democraps, firebrant moderates and other anti-American scum would be so low-down, sneaky and dishonest as to not attack the Supreme Court Nominee of Our Great President, Harriet Mylar?

Yes, they are not pulling out every dirty smear tactic a smearer could smear, and not throwing up every desperate and dishonest allegation an allegator could allegate! As a result, the American people do not know how dishonest and partisan they are, just because they are not being dishonest and partisan!

I thought I had seen political dirty tactics in my day, but not using political dirty tactics is a new low, even for Demoncrats!

Meanwhile let us hope that when Harriet Mylar says she will be impartial, like Judge Frenchfry said he would be impartial, she is actually lying like Judge Frenchfry was. Other wise we run the danger of an actual impartial judge on the Supreme Court!

I am not worried myself, because Karl Rove, who has not actually been thrown in jail for treason yet (so stop saying that!) told Doctor Dodson that there were secret religious reasons to believe Harriet Mylar is lying about being impartial like the Bible wants us to lie. And if secret religious reasons is good enough for the likes of Doctor Dodson, who did such a good job showing how Spongebob was a gayoAmerican, it better be good enough for you! Or else.

Speaking of religion, who is not on pins and nipples waiting for the new Iraqi Constitution election that Our Great President is making them have to show how free they are? I certainly am!

I would of thought that many loyal Americans would be holding parties to watch the election results as they come in so they could celebrate, and maybe they are. (I do not get invited myself to many parties because I am too popular myself and hosts and hostesses do not want to make other hosts and hostesses jealous. Also there is the fish smell.)

Once we get past this important benchpress, the insurgency will really be in its last throws, just as Our Great Vice President Who Is Not in Hiding Dick Cheney said, and Iraq will be strong and free in just a few decades.

Even a terrorist sympathizer like Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld is beginning to be converted. Yesterday she ran out to get me so we could watch Our Great President talk to the T&V where Our Brave Troops were sitting making little speeches together. She would not tell me why she was laughing though. And she would not tell me why she sang "Now it's time to say goodbye" from the Mousekeneers Club when Our Great President waved at the T&V.

At the end George W. said "Perhaps one of these days the situation will be such that I'll be able to get back to Iraq" and I am sure they all believed him too.

Meanwhile, the partisan witchhump against Doctor Senator Bill Frisp and mean guy in the Congress Tom Delay continues.

And yes, Senator Doctor Bill Frisp turned out to have stock in his family business (that only stole a few measly billions from Medicare) that was not in his blind trust (besides the stock that he had in his blind trust that he said to sell) that he sold before anybody else knew the price was going down, but gee wiz! Should we let a few measly laws and rules deprive the nation of such a Great Next President who can tell how sick people are over a TV from miles away?

And as for mean guy in the Congress Tom Delay, the indictments and evidence are just too ridiculous to discuss so I will not, other than to point out that if you cannot see how ridiculous they are then you must be an even bigger idiot than me.

In collusion let me say that yes, it may seem like things are falling apart, but that is when Our Great President has always been a fighter. So there!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader who is not a gayo-American despite the Marty Graw mask. You can reach him at unless you are making some sort of lood preposition, or something.

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