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In the interests of fairness and impartiality, we decided to provide some space for a conservative voice on this website. So here he is - Bob Boudelang, American Patriot.

December 17, 2005
"Our Great President and Me Will Bounce Back, Wait and See, and the Fires Will Not Be My Fault!!"

November 5, 2005
Everybody Hates Polls Showing Everybody Hates Our Great President! Also, Scooper Limpy and Harriet Mylar, We Hardly Knew Ye!

October 15, 2005
How Dare the DemocRats Not Attack Our Great President's New Supreme Court Nominee!!

October 1, 2005
DemocRATS Are Just Stupid! Sutpid! Stupdi! And I Mean It!!

September 24, 2005
Hooray! Another Disaster for Our Great President To Be Responsible For!

September 17, 2005
Our Great President Says He is Reponsible So Stop Blaming Him. And I Mean It!!

September 10, 2005
Our Great President Is Not a Racist Even Though He Killed All Those Black People!!

August 15, 2005
Our Great President Is Not Terrified of That Lady, So Stop Saying That! And I Mean It! Or Else!

July 30, 2005
Judge Freedomfry Is Not A Racist Nut So Stop Saying That!

July 16, 2005
The London Bombing Shows Our Great President's Strategy Is Working, Whatever It Is

July 2, 2005
Americans Deserve to Know Everything About the Past of the President! And I mean it!

June 4, 2005
At Last, The Tunnel of Light is Around the End of the Corner in Iraq!

May 7, 2005
So What If Our Great President Plays With the Penis of a Horse?

April 30, 2005
Holding Hands and Kissing a Guy Among the Flowers Does Not Make Our Great President a Pansy So Stop Saying That!

April 23, 2005
Our Great President Did Not Have Enough Balls to Catch Osama!

April 9, 2005
Democrap Dirty Tricks Made Republicans Hand Out the Talking Points Memo After All!

April 2, 2005
Our Great President Is Errant on the Side of Life Again!

March 26, 2005
The Republicans Are the Party for Brain Dead People! Hooray!

March 19, 2005
I Knew Eating Ant Paste Would Pay Off Someday Thanks To Our Great President!

March 12, 2005
Democraps Are Not Giving George W. A Fair Chance To Fool People on Social Security!

February 5, 2005
Our Great President�s State of the Union Speech � What an Outrage!

January 22, 2005
Our Great President Who Is not An Incompetent Failure Will Lead America Against Our Enemies Like SpongeBob, So There!!

December 11, 2004
Let's Drink a Glass of Sewage and Toast the Death of Happy Holidays!!!

December 4, 2004
So Long Almost Everybody But Concertina Rice, We Hardly Knew Ye!

November 13, 2004
Who Can Trust a Thieving, Lying Drunk?

October 30, 2004
Our Great President Is Not A Corrupt Incompetent Drunk So Stop Saying That! And Vote for Him If They Let You, Or Else

October 23, 2004
Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

October 16, 2004
"So What if Mary Cheney is a Gay Lesbian or Bill O. Reilly Has Sex With Falafels?!?

October 9, 2004
Ha! Ha! Ha! You Cannot Prove Now There WAS Ever a Reason For the War in Iraq!

October 2, 2004
We Need Our Great President To Protect Us From Vociferous Enemies!!!

September 25, 2004
Hooray! Hooray! The Polls Are Better In Iraq Than Here At Home Due To Our Great President!

September 11, 2004
Zell and I Have Been Out Spreading The Word About Our Great President!!!

August 28, 2004
I Am Off To The Republican Convention (Where I Am Sure I Will Get In Despite the Smell)

August 7, 2004
I Tried To Be Republican Candidate for the Senate in Illinois and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt!

July 17, 2004
Pat Boone Has Left the Building and Other Caricature Assassination!

July 10, 2004
It�s Still Yellow Alert!!! It�s Still Yellow Alert!!! It�s Still Yellow Alert!!! It�s Still Yellow Alert!!!

June 26, 2004
Forget the Sex Scandal and the Cursing - It Is the Democraps Who Are Wide-Eyed!!

June 12, 2004
Bwahahahahaha Lefties! Ronald Reagan Will Still Be Dead in November!!

May 15, 2004
Our Great President Only Stands For Decent American-Style Torture, So Stop Saying That!!

April 24, 2004
People Love Our Great President And The Fire Was Not My Fault!!

April 17, 2004
Our Great Presdient Can Not Think of Any Misstakes And Neither Can I!

April 10, 2004 100th Column!
Our Great President is on Vacation Again, So Every Thing Must Be All Right!!

April 3, 2004
The Greatest Woman In America Karen Huge Is Back, So There, Democraps, LOL!

March 27, 2004
Our Great President's War In Iraq Is Too A Joke!!

March 20, 2004
You Can Take My Bush Sweatshirt From My Cold Dead Hands, So There!

March 13, 2004
Ha! Ha! Ha! Dumborat Morans! You Are Doomded!

February 21, 2004
I Am Back Because I Cannot Be Kept Out Of The Library!

January 10, 2004
Iraq's WMD Program Has Been Found And I Did Not Draw it So Stop Saying That!!

December 19, 2003
Our Great President Has Given This Nation A Wonderful Xmas Present - Let's Kill Him!

December 12, 2003
Ho Ho Ho! I Got An E-Mail From Dick Cheney (While He Was Killing Birds)! Pa rum pum pum pum!

December 6, 2003
Who Is Not Proud of Halliburton's Turkey in Iraq?

December 1, 2003
Traitor Democraps Should All Be Killed For Their Hate Speech!

October 25, 2003
Now The Entire World Is Seeing the Jenius Of Our Great President!

October 18, 2003
It's Haspa Nabisco to Californnia, Baby!!

September 27, 2003
Our Great President Will Stop The UN Sex Slaves!

September 20, 2003
No One Can Say Now Our Great President Had Any Reason For War, Ha Ha!!

September 13, 2003
A Moment of Silence for 9/11 So Just Shut Up And This Means You!!

September 5, 2003
An Other Triumph For George W. And You Cannot Prove Those Are My Baboon Noses!!

August 23, 2003
The Blackout and The Bombing and Death Could Not Interrupt the Vacation of Our Great President, All Right!

August 15, 2003
I Am Not Fair and Balanced and I Am Not A Sissy For Having A George W. Bush Doll So Stop Saying That!!

August 1, 2003
Make Big Money on the Free Market With Terrorism! That's The Bush Miracle!

July 25, 2003
Oosy and Goosy Husane Are Dead So Now Let Us Forget Whether Bush Lied About The Reason For War And So What That He Did?!!

July 18, 2003
Yes, He Did Not Tell The Truth, But That Does Not Mean Our Great President Lied, So Stop Saying That!!!

July 4, 2003
Who Can Deny Strom Thurmond and Lester Maddox Were Not Tragedies For America?

June 27, 2003
You Cannot Keep Me Or Our Great President Who Is Not A Murdering Psychopath Either Down So There!

May 16, 2003
I Am Not Running Away Like the DemocRaps in Texas And This Fire Was not My Fault Either!

May 2, 2003
I Am Beating My Chest Because Rick Samtotum Is No More A Bigot Than Trent Lott!!

April 11, 2003
Hooray For Our Great President's War Which is Not a Failure Even Though There Are No WMDs!!

March 14, 2003
Freedom Toast Will Show Our Enemies We Mean Business And How!!

February 21, 2003
Our Great President Will Have His War No Matter What Everybody Else Says, Including Turkey, So There!!

February 14, 2003
Orange Alert! Orange Alert! Be Un-Un-American With Duck Tape and Saran Wrap

January 31, 2003
Our Great President Has Said the State of the Union Is WAR, So There!

January 10, 2003
Hooray! Our Great President's Economic Plan Will Fix the Economy That Nothing Is Wrong With!

December 20, 2002
George W. Is Our Xmas Miracle and The Fire Was Not My Fault!

December 13, 2002
Ho Ho Ho! Trent Lott Is No Racist and Anyway Who Can Deny He Was Right?!?

December 6, 2002
Hooray For Strom Thurmond, The Hero of Right Wingers Like Me Who You Cannot Prove Are Bigots!!

November 22, 2002
Hooray! The Canadian Premeer Has Said Out Loud Our Great President Is Not A Moron!

November 15, 2002
Our Great President Promised Osama Would Be Dead or Alive — And Now He Is! "

November 8, 2002
The DemocRATS' Politics of Personal Destruction Is How I Got This Eye!

November 1, 2002
I Blame the Dumbocrats For Making My Life A Fishy Hell!!!

October 18, 2002
Another Week of Triumphs For Our Great President If You Don't Count the Shootings, the Economy or the North Koreans!

October 11, 2002
The DemoncRATS in NJ Have Cheated Voters Out of Voting Against Them!!

September 27, 2002
Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert! Yellow Alert!

September 20, 2002
All Our Great President Is Saying Is 'Give War A Chance!

September 13, 2002
Orange Alert! Orange Alert! Orange Alert! Orange Alert! Orange Alert!

September 6, 2002
September 11 is A Time To Reflect on the Day Which Was Not Bush's Fault In Any Way So Stop Saying That!

August 30, 2002
Our Great President's Forest Prevention Plan Is Not As Dumb As Everyone Says, So There!

August 23, 2002
Bob Barr Is A Horrible Tragedy For America, Dammit!

August 16, 2002
Our Great President's Economic Summit Will Get The Country Back on the Right Track Which It Was Already On!

August 9, 2002
Time Magazine Has Some Nerve Printing the Truth About George W!

August 2, 2002
George W. Bush Is a Bull Dog on the Pantleg of the World, All Right!

July 26, 2002
Harvey Pits Deserves A Raise and a Promotion Just Like Me, Dammit!

July 19, 2002
Thanks to George W.'s TIPS Program, People Will Get What Is Coming To Them!

July 12, 2002
Thank God (Even If Liberals Try To Stop It) That Our Great President Can Still Poop!

June 28, 2002
Children Will Never Grow To Appreciate They Are Free If They Are Not Forced To Say Under God!

June 21, 2002
Our Great President Is Not An Idiot For Announcing Publicly He Has a Secret Plan For Iraq, So There!

June 14, 2002
Hooray! Our Jenius President Has Caught A Puerto Rican Middle Eastern Terrorist!

June 7, 2002
At Last We Have A President Who Ignores Warnings And Does Nothing!

May 31, 2002
Bush's Trip to Europe Was Not An Embarrassing Disaster For America So Stop Saying That!

May 24, 2002
Stop Pretending Our Great President Knows Anything and I MEAN It!

May 17, 2002
Our Great President Is Worth $150 Everyday So Stop Saying The Hijacking Was His Fault Even Though He Knew In Advance

May 10, 2002
At Last We Have An Attorney General Who Stands For Guns and Not Silly Laws!!

May 3, 2002
George W. Bush Has Laid Down the Law to the Saudis and Not the Other Way Around So Stop Saying That!

April 26, 2002
Karen Huge, We Hardly Knew Ye, Even if Nobody Ever Heard of Ye before Ye Quit

April 19, 2002
Another Week of Triumphs Not Failures For Our Great President Bush So Stop Saying There Are Failures and I Mean It!

April 12, 2002
Our Great President Has Saved Us All From The Horror Of Clones, Which Was Too Real, So Stop Laughing!

March 29, 2002
Campaign Finance Reform Will Silence Our Great Billionaires From Speaking Out Louder Than Others!

March 22, 2002
Campaign Finance Reform Is Unfair to Our Great Billionaires!!

March 15, 2002
Let's All Toast Our Great President's Jenius With A Tall Glass of Sewage!!

March 8, 2002
Our Great President Bush�s Shadow Government Will Keep Us All Safe From LIEberals

March 1, 2002
Our Great President Did Not Take A Bribe For Yucca Mountain But Only Campaign Contributions

February 22, 2002
Our Brave President Stands Just One Woman Away From the Axles of Evil!

February 8, 2002
Osama Bin Daschle's Obstruptionalisticism Has Got To Go!! And I Mean It!!

February 1, 2002
George W. Has Said The State of the Union Like A Real President So Stop Talking About Enron!

January 25, 2002
What About The Forgotten Victims Of Enron Like Our Great Mother In Law Of President Bush?

January 18, 2002
Trade Is the Economy, So You Cannot Prove Our Great President Was Drunk Stupid

January 11, 2002
Enron is Not Our Great President Bush's Watergate So Stop Saying That!

December 21, 2001
George W. Is A Xmas Present For Us All, Even if His Face Is Rotting Off. Ho! Ho! Ho!

December 14, 2001
George W. Has Thrown Out the ABM Treaty So Let's All Start Digging Bomb Shelters!

December 7, 2001
Our Great Leader Is An Inspiration To Us All And The Fire Was Not My Fault

November 30, 2001
Hooray! Our Great President Bush Will Soon Have Us All Eating Pesticides For Money!

November 23, 2001
We Should All Be Thankful For George W. This Thanksgiving and the War and Recession Are not His Fault, So Stop Saying That!

November 16, 2001
The Great George W. Express Is Sure Running Over Our Civil 'Liberties' Now!

November 9, 2001
Listen To Our Great President Because This Is No Kodak Moment Like He Says!

November 2, 2001
Bush Is Not Losing The War On Terrorism, So There!

October 26, 2001
Another Triumph For Bush in China Where He Was Not Dressed Like A Clown So Stop Saying That!!

October 19, 2001
Our Great President Is Going To China, Not Running Away

October 5, 2001
Bush Did Not Run and Hide and Neither Did I So Stop Saying That

September 7 , 2001
Phil Gramm Is Another Tragedy for America But That is Not Why I am Sick

August 31, 2001
No-One Can Doubt The Mighty Power of George Bush's Economic Miracle So Stop Saying That!

August 24, 2001
Jesse Helms Is A Tragedy For This Country Like Strom Thurmond

August 17, 2001
Our Great President Bush Has Made the Greatest Decision in American History

August 10, 2001
It Is Time The Demon-cRATS Stopped Discriminating Against Good Black People

August 3, 2001
Cheering Crowds Cannot Hide That Everybody Loves Bush And Hates Klintoon

July 26, 2001
Another Triumph For Bush Who Was In Europe So He Did Not Kill That Guy

July 20, 2001
Socialist Security Shows How Much Democrats Hate Old People!!

July 13, 2001
US Out of the UN Now! and I Mean It!

July 6, 2001
You Will All Be Sorry When Lawyers Take Over Health Care, Mark My Words!!

June 29, 2001
Another Triumph in Europe for Bush, (whose daughters are NOT sluts)!!

June 22, 2001
Gun Nuts Are Not As Dangerous As Gun Control Any Day, so there!

June 15, 2001
Bush (Who Did NOT Steal the White House!) and us Republicans is Right About the Energy Crisis, so there


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