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The Greatest Woman In America Karen Huge Is Back, So There, Democraps, LOL!"
April 3, 2004
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

Ha Ha Ha DemoncRats and other moderates! Your days of kicking Our Great President George W. Bush around like an incompetent crooked weakling are over! Because he is not an incompetent crooked weakling, as everybody knows who saw him in his pilot costume on the aircraft carrier, which was the Navy's fault that it said Mission Accomplished. And any way he did not mean that the war was over, just that major combat operations was over, and he was right, except for the killing and bombing.

But if you would stop trying to sidetract me, you would know that George W. Bush is not an incompetent crooked weakling, and to prove it he has turned to the Greatest Woman in American History to join him again. And no, I do not mean Hitlery Klintoon, but Karen Huge, who most people except us savvy political incisors have never even heard of in their humdrum lives.

Yes, Our Great President has Karen Huge back again, and with her help we as a country will stop this pitiful wallowing about Iraq and the economy and jobs and terrorism and the environment and education and all the other things misguided people think are going wrong but are actually going in the right direction for a change.

Yes, Karen Huge is back to explain how Our Great President is not really an idiot, so stop saying that or she will get you. And unlike femiNazis, she will not complain that she is paid less than the men in the Administration and cannot decide for herself if she gets pregnant. But that is because she focuses on real issues, like why the Constitution should be changed to stop gayo-Americans from marrying before we go to Mars.

I can hardly wait myself.

I bet X-President George the Father Bush can hardly wait either. Just this week he was even crying in public in front of a bunch of rich oil executives because people criticized His Son's wonderful war in Iraq which is going so well except for the killings and the like. For shame, cynics and intellectuals! George the Father and I agree. Why can you not look at the good side of the war?

For example, when those Americans were killed and their bodies were dragged through the street and hung from the bridges while Iraqis danced and cheered, did leftists and moderates gloat over how we would take revenge and kill lots of Iraqis to show them violence is no answer, like normal people would?

No, instead they asked those nambla-panda questions, like always: Who were those Americans that got killed? What were they doing? Why did we go to war with Iraq? Where is the anthrax killer? Where is Osama? What happened to the number two guy we had surrounded last week? What the hell is Blackwater, Inc.?

What is wrong with some people that they want to think before they kill others? Is it the way they were wire at birth, or what? This is no time to think! It is time all loyle Americans join in Bill O. Rileyıs call for a Final Solution. Let our rallying cry be, "Remember those people whose names we donıt want to know!"

Listen to me with your ears when let me tell you this: all I need to know is that they were Americans, the greatest people in any stinking country on earth. That is enough for the likes of me. I do not need to know what their names are or what they are up to before I start shooting at somebody, and that is the truth. In fact, I would rather not know, and if the goose-stomping jackboots of the police had not taken my guns away from Mr. Padnavatham's nephew Arjay after he got drunk and shot out the street lights that time, I would show you.

Meanwhile, let us remember that these private contractors did not die in vein, whatever they were up to, and that they would probably of thought what a good joke it would of been on them if they could of seen Our Great President pretending to look for Weapons of Mass Distraction under his desk. Not like hate-filled Liberals who still do not get that joke, which IS funny, no matter what anyone says.

Everybody over looks the shear jenius of Our Great President, by the way, because instead of high paid American soldiers dying and getting mutilated for George W.'s joke, it was contractors making a measly $1,500 a day instead. That is the miracle of privatization, and I am sure they would of said so themselves if they had lived, who ever they were.

But instead we get this tireless witchhump over next to nothing at all, like the 9/11 commission and the like. And yes, Concertina Rice is going to testify in public after saying that it was an important principle that she not do so, but that is not a flip flop. Good God! Do we have to know every little thing about the nine months before Saddam attacked us on September 11? Can we not just say "It is Slick Willy's fault" and move on?

Evidently not. Even Our Great President and Our Great Vice President are going to bow down to unfair public pressure and testify. Although at least they have the decency to do so behind closed doors and not under oath and together at the same time. And no, that is not because Our Great President is too dumb to answer questions by himself. It is because he has done so many great things that he probably cannot remember them all, and so Dick Cheney will be there to clear them up for the panel.

Even Mrs. Brown Rosenfeld is impressed and said that she wonders if Dick Cheney can drink an entire glass of water while George W. speaks. I do not know why she thought that was funny, but she did.

Enclosing let me tell you a funny story that shows you what ignorant vermin some people are. Some where in the Middle of the East there is a farmer who has a miracle sheep that he thinks has the name of Allah on its side! Imagine what a blockhead he is. If he were not a superstitious peasant he would know that it is a miracle goat, not a sheep, right here in the US and A and it has great dead Nascar driver Dale Ernhartıs number on it instead! Ha! Haha!

That is why I am glad to be in America, and I would be proud to be a Nascar Dad For Bush if I had kids, since I enjoy wrecks as much as they do. Any time there is Nascar on the T and V, you will find me at the Red Bear Lounge looking at it through the window, waiting for car parts to go flying.

Remember, "Remember those people whose names we donıt want to know!" It could be like "Remember the Alamo!" which you will remember from school Davy Crockett, Pecos Bill and the other survivors all used to say to inspire them in their fight against Sam Tahana. If they had thought to copywrite that, they could all be rich men today. And that is what made America great! Amen!

Bob Boudelang is a Republican team leader, who chooses not to go into the Red Bear Lounge, and it is a free country. If anyone knows how he can copyright "Remember those people whose names we don't want to know!" write to him at

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