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Our Great President's Forest Prevention Plan Is Not As Dumb As Everyone Says, So There!"
August 30, 2002
By Bob Boudelang, Angry American Patriot

I do not know why everyone is saying Our Great President's Forest Prevention Plan is so dumb. It is clear to everyone with half a mind like me that if the lumber companies cut down all the trees there will be no fires. I could not of thought of a better plan myself, and I have been trying all morning and not just dozing off.

What is wrong with the envirowhackos of this country? What has a forest ever done for them except threaten to catch on fire and harbor dangerous animals?

But instead of hailing Our Great President's Plan for the brilliant work of jenius that it is, we have all this carping and criticizing by critics who would be critical of whatever George W. came up with. Could there be anything more partisan than criticism? Why do they not just lay down and except the inevitable like the rest of America does?

After all, the polls show that all of America loves George W. like they have never loved any president ever before, not even those that were elected (and get over it, votes don't count).

And many people love Our Great Vice President Dick Cheney too. Ann Colter who is not a lying loony but an Important Author so stop saying that says, "he's a serious person, he wears glasses, he's lost his hair. But he's a very handsome man. And you cannot imagine him losing his temper, which I find extremely sexy."

What could be truer? Just look at him. I am not a gayo-American, but if I were I would be in fatchuated with Dick Cheney too.

Meanwhile, who is not as concerned as I am about the prospect of no war with Iraq?

Donald Rumfilled said that George W. Bush was just like Churchill, and not because he is a rich drunk but because he is warning about the danger of Sodom Husane while no-one listens. He has even read a book, and not one for kids, but still people are asking questions instead of blindly obeying.

What is wrong with America? Do they not see that a power-hungry madman who threatens the entire world with war is crying out for a regime change?

Sodom Husane has weapons of mass destruction which Our Great Father of the President personally sold to him. And yet some namby pamby allies want to have United Nations Weapons inspectors to see if he has still them. The arrogant fools have the ordasity to think they know better than George W.

The Iraqi people need to be liberated, perhaps even with nukes. Then they will be free to have a new leader, like the one we gave Afghanistan. And yes, we have to guard that guy day and night from being killed by his fellow Afghanistaniards, but that is just details.

The rest of the world needs to see how important this is instead of fussing with unimportant details like global warming and poverty. That is why Our Great President did not go to the silly Earth Summit with the other world leaders but sent Colon Powell to go and pretend to be interested.

Meanwhile here at home, it is heartening to see that the Maryland Republican Party is truly being the party of opportunity for blacko-Americans. You do not see the Dumbocrats bribing black people to run for office. But the GOP has hired this minority to run for just $5,000 a month, so he can tell the world how wrong it is to give people like him preferential treatment.

Soon maybe the nightmare of tolerance and diversity will be put behind us, and we will return to the days when qualified white people like me got jobs instead of unqualifed other people. Then we will have the Republicans to thank, and no mistake.

Bob Boudelang is a Republican Team Leader and not a bigot despite what some people say. He can be reached at and he is not a gayo-American either.

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