Democratic Underground

What Happened to Compassion?
December 15, 2001
by Cherul in the coralsea

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Sitting here,
whispers of time
washing through my mind,
drifting visions lingering
in wisps of fragmented foundations,
wandering aimlessly through the vast
plains of forgotten treasure.
The heartfelt howling
strains of freedom's harmonies
echoing far off,
beyond tomorrow keep me wondering.....
Where is yesterday but in what is to come?
Whose children's dreams will fuel
the changes of tomorrow?
Whose lifetimes will the progressions
of our undoings threaten?
Mine? Yours? The infinite system
of history's rippling of
generations who led their lives toward their
continuation of the species.
Who are we but the children of those children,
the parents of the parents,
Have we been so hurt that we can't hear
or even imagine the voices of our children's
children's children?
Are we so frozen in now
and this piece of time and wealth
and righteousness
that we no longer understand
that we are the ancestors?
Can we not feel descendants
within our souls?
Who will speak truth
when truth is rigidly defined?
What is there to hear when one
hand claps?
And who is there to hear it?
Holier than thine, we must be,
dare not look at the breadth
of reality,
harken to the one
the only
number one.
Fearing other,
locked in hating,
"everyone must believe as I!
Or else they die!"
What happened to compassion?
The hunger for blood's purifying
reeks of familiarity,
history's pattern of hate and anger
boiling up and calling itself religious.
Conformity to doctrine
ultimate in power,
"America was born on her knees."
her hands behind her back.....
facing her death at the pointed end
of a backyard ouzi.
What happened to compassion?
Who is listening to the voices of the children?
When did everything start to
stop making sense?
Who turned the world
upside down on its face.