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Democratic Primaries

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Wed Mar 4, 2020, 04:49 PM Mar 2020

"Elizabeth Warren Has Been My Candidate...Now I'm Waiting For Her Next Step" [View all]

'Elizabeth Warren has been my candidate since before day one, and now I'm waiting for her next step.' By Mark Sumner, Daily Kos Staff, March 4, 2020.

Elizabeth Warren has been my candidate. She was not just the person I wanted to see win the primaries and the White House; she was also the person I was cheering for even before she entered the race. The reason for that was not her stance on health care, or her position on a wealth tax, or even her firm support for the Green New Deal. The reason was, and is, that Warren has the single quality that I always look for in a presidential candidate. It has nothing to do with beer drinking, stars twinkling, or even the eloquence required to make a moving inspirational speech. It’s not how she stirs a crowd. It’s not even that she agrees with my positions up and down the chart. The quality that I endorse above all others and that Elizabeth Warren has in spades is simply this: overwhelming competence.

For 40 years, my father was the city administrator for a small town in western Kentucky. I watched every day as he dealt with the water supply and the street repair, the police and the parks department. He raised the bonds that permitted things as uninspiring, but absolutely necessary, as a sewage lift station. At the same time, he also managed the construction of affordable housing and kept the local collection of KKK bastards from turning the July 4 parade into a racist display. He poured over the books every night, worked with regional and state authorities every day. He left behind no grand monuments, to himself or anyone else, other than a city that was clean, well-run, with good services and balanced books.

And that became the quality I looked for in a candidate, the quality that I believe Warren has above all others: simple competence, the dedication to do both her best and what she thinks is best, even if it’s not always expedient. To realize that building that sewage lift station is more damned important than adding more tennis courts in the park, or giving the police a new squad car, or any of a dozen other things that might be far more visible and easier to champion.

I believed she would do what is needed to be done more than I believed this about anyone else.

I still believe this, but then … this is an elegy of sorts. Not a very pretty one. The sewage lift station of elegies. An ode to the campaign for that person who would have sat up all night going over the numbers one more time. Someone who would always find a way to fund the thing that was necessary and not act out of anger, retaliation, or simple self-aggrandizement. Competence doesn’t mean just doing well what’s always been done. It means looking for new opportunities, a willingness to overturn outdated ideas, and a recognition that what was good enough then is not necessarily good enough now. Competence is hard work, collecting good information, making sound decisions. It’s being just and fair and innovative.

Competence is always progressive. Because conservative ideas are not supported by the evidence. Any evidence...

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More, https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/3/4/1924239/-Elizabeth-Warren-has-been-my-candidate-since-before-day-one-and-now-I-m-waiting-for-her-next-step

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
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AMEN! ancianita Mar 2020 #1
Warren is the best, and Mark's article is a fine tribute. I look forward appalachiablue Mar 2020 #5
Elizabeth needs to endorse Bernie... PRONTO!! InAbLuEsTaTe Mar 2020 #2
No, she needs to do what she thinks is best. n/t ms liberty Mar 2020 #4
So with you. Alex4Martinez Mar 2020 #59
This. n/t ms liberty Mar 2020 #3
'Overwhelming competence' - to the point that her face could end up on our money. iscooterliberally Mar 2020 #6
Leaders like Warren come once in a generation Fiendish Thingy Mar 2020 #15
She could also replace RBG on the Supreme court maybe? iscooterliberally Mar 2020 #18
Me too. I hope she runs again in 2024 regardless KPN Mar 2020 #21
She's almost old enough, according to recent tradition. Sucha NastyWoman Mar 2020 #30
I think you could have said this about Gore, Kerry, HRC.... (and it's a beautiful piece). LisaM Mar 2020 #39
I respectfully disagree hangaleft Mar 2020 #42
That's fine. LisaM Mar 2020 #45
I hope she endorses Sanders to solidify the progressive base, not divide them. Liberty Belle Mar 2020 #7
It doesn't matter to me who she endorses Boomer Mar 2020 #17
I, too, will not be persuaded by Liz' endorsement hangaleft Mar 2020 #43
I don't see her endorsing Biden. KPN Mar 2020 #22
Why do Sanders supporters wnylib Mar 2020 #24
Why wouldn't she want someone to beat trump? Jakes Progress Mar 2020 #31
Not really Sucha NastyWoman Mar 2020 #32
So much more indeed. notinkansas Mar 2020 #44
Bernie and his supporters have much less than kind to Warren dlk Mar 2020 #57
Numbers matt819 Mar 2020 #8
I think she could stay in for a combination of several reasons, including: deurbano Mar 2020 #20
I have a feeling she might either stay in or suspend without endorsing localroger Mar 2020 #46
Agreed, and it's pretty amusing that the same cultists who flooded Twitter w/snake emojis deurbano Mar 2020 #54
Influence over the Dem platform. Warren is all about ACTION not talk. blm Mar 2020 #26
Great editorial! BlueWI Mar 2020 #9
Indeed she does DarthDem Mar 2020 #60
Nice KSNY Mar 2020 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author KSNY Mar 2020 #11
God I just Love Her proud patriot Mar 2020 #12
BRILLIANT! bluboid Mar 2020 #13
Me too. CanonRay Mar 2020 #14
Elizabeth Warren stage left Mar 2020 #16
I feel the same way. Warren would be the best president of the field. yardwork Mar 2020 #19
Yep. Same reason I voted for Hillary -- "overwhelming competence". Hermit-The-Prog Mar 2020 #23
✔️ blm Mar 2020 #27
She is absolutely the whole enchilada. llmart Mar 2020 #25
Very well said, she is outstanding and the US isn't progressive. appalachiablue Mar 2020 #35
Exactly. llmart Mar 2020 #38
Elizabeth! FM123 Mar 2020 #28
Twice now, the most qualified candidate for president Jakes Progress Mar 2020 #29
Sad but true. Sucha NastyWoman Mar 2020 #34
I am Warren all the way. Delmette2.0 Mar 2020 #53
will what is best for the democratic party and the country be trumped by EGO? beachbumbob Mar 2020 #33
What we are starved for are decent people. Not the immoral gangsters that dominate the Repubs. olegramps Mar 2020 #36
I think Warren will stay in DIVINEprividence Mar 2020 #37
umm - no notinkansas Mar 2020 #49
I've supported Liz' candidacy for president since she announced her candidacy for the Senate hangaleft Mar 2020 #40
Well said! Exactly the reasons Warren is my first choice for president. Nitram Mar 2020 #41
i hope she sticks it out for a few more contests. she was so close to the threshold mopinko Mar 2020 #47
For me she was an educator who can explain what the corruption involved and BeckyDem Mar 2020 #48
Good read! calimary Mar 2020 #50
I was mightily impressed by EW for the same reason. BobTheSubgenius Mar 2020 #51
My dream ticket now is Biden and Warren. She is sagacious, lucid and eloquent. n/t Prof.Higgins Mar 2020 #52
If she got a vote for every time someone said the thought she was best MoonlitKnight Mar 2020 #55
Heartwarming post. I hope Warren doesn't give up at this point dlk Mar 2020 #56
Kicketty Kickin' Faux pas Mar 2020 #58
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