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Democratic Primaries

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That looks like a Murderers' Row for Bernie Sanders Awsi Dooger Mar 2020 #1
Well, at least he won't have spent $500 million to do it. HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #18
Will you find Bloomberg laughable when he puts all that money behind Joe? Squinch Mar 2020 #30
I assume that's sarcasm. TwilightZone Mar 2020 #42
I don't think BS will win NY. N/T lapucelle Mar 2020 #56
Of those states, the only place where Bernie has a tiny chance is Michigan NYMinute Mar 2020 #58
Also...they seem to forget Georgia and the rest of the Southern states... Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #65
I think Biden will win here in NY. lapucelle Mar 2020 #80
New York had 247 delegates in 2016. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #71
More than BS. N/T lapucelle Mar 2020 #79
It's not, but with the exception of MI, those are states that Bernie lost in 2016. SaschaHM Mar 2020 #2
And Sanders won Michigan by just over 17,000 votes. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #67
Lmao Florida isn't going to Bernie vercetti2021 Mar 2020 #3
None of those states should be that kind to Sanders. SaschaHM Mar 2020 #5
Florida's gone with those Castro comments. calimary Mar 2020 #25
Yep. 70% of Cuban Americans live in Florida. n/t zackymilly Mar 2020 #40
I wonder how many Sanders will get in Florida? LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #68
Bernie has the pro-Castro vote locked up Zambero Mar 2020 #78
I dare say that sanders outspent biden by what percentage to get COLLOBERED? beachbumbob Mar 2020 #4
20:1 NYMinute Mar 2020 #59
we can safely say that sanders is a big money SPENDER AND WASTER right? beachbumbob Mar 2020 #86
It's not over and tactically it shouldn't be treated as such Hav Mar 2020 #6
sanders has proved in these massive defeats his inability to cross over 35% beachbumbob Mar 2020 #11
Michigan.. LovingA2andMI Mar 2020 #7
Tonight was a devastating rebuke of BS tishaLA Mar 2020 #8
Okie dokie. nt pnwmom Mar 2020 #9
I'll be voting for Biden in Illinois. murielm99 Mar 2020 #10
the action of sander supporters against Betsy Londrigan sealed his fate with many beachbumbob Mar 2020 #12
Yes. murielm99 Mar 2020 #17
yep. Their tactics very similar to what we seen from the otherside beachbumbob Mar 2020 #19
Me too murielm99!! blue-wave Mar 2020 #15
I'm also voting for Biden in the Chicago suburbs. greatauntoftriplets Mar 2020 #81
Oh FFS DemKittyNC Mar 2020 #13
Florida will choose between Bloomberg and Biden... Sancho Mar 2020 #14
Bloomberg is out. Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #66
He is now...many mail-in ballots are already cast.. Sancho Mar 2020 #69
Mailing ballots in Florida start early. Blue_true Mar 2020 #82
A whole bunch of states Biden's going to do very well in. HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #16
It's nearer to over than you think BidenBacker Mar 2020 #20
Biden May win them all. HarlanPepper Mar 2020 #21
Agree with your analysis BidenBacker Mar 2020 #23
For one state True Blue American Mar 2020 #29
In PA, almost all 2016 Bernie supporters I know, switched to Warren. MH1 Mar 2020 #47
Considering what happened in Massachusetts I wouldn't be too sure. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #72
Biden is a native son of PA Freddie Mar 2020 #22
Scranton Joe vs Burlington Bernie? Maybe in Vt but not PA. dem4decades Mar 2020 #54
You're joking right? NY, NJ and IL were some of the biggest Obama states. Biden country for sure. RelativelyJones Mar 2020 #24
Not to mention PA is Biden's state, and FL HATES Bernie. bearsfootball516 Mar 2020 #36
It may be after those states DarthDem Mar 2020 #26
You're OP is the equivalent of opening a door, shouting in some incoherent babble, and running off OnDoutside Mar 2020 #27
Whatever. Mike 03 Mar 2020 #28
Those are going to be Joe Biden states. MontanaFarmer Mar 2020 #31
The fat lady is warming up philf99 Mar 2020 #32
NJ is a rich state that is unlikely to buy into a socialist revolution. nt Kahuna7 Mar 2020 #33
Actually, NJ is not a "rich" state Jersey Devil Mar 2020 #60
The vast majority of counties aren't poor like some parts of Essex, Hudson and Camden... Kahuna7 Mar 2020 #61
Per capita income is high, but the cost of living is also high Jersey Devil Mar 2020 #62
Give me a break. I've been living in NJ for 65+ years. I never said it's rich Kahuna7 Mar 2020 #84
Just eyeing it, Biden will probably win *at least* four to five of those states... W_HAMILTON Mar 2020 #34
That's an absolutely awful slate of states for Bernie. bearsfootball516 Mar 2020 #35
It's over BeyondGeography Mar 2020 #37
Hopefully MFM008 Mar 2020 #41
Let's see ... Jarqui Mar 2020 #38
Yes, a lot of big states mvd Mar 2020 #39
Not a great map for Bernie democrattotheend Mar 2020 #43
Right. It's only a matter of rearranging the deck chairs. oasis Mar 2020 #44
Which of these can Bernie win?...nt SidDithers Mar 2020 #45
Joe wins em all or closer to winning them all than losing them all. DemocratSinceBirth Mar 2020 #46
NY and NJ voters know people who know frump. I do. They want him punished, period. lindysalsagal Mar 2020 #48
FL and PA are not going to Bernie mcar Mar 2020 #49
Neither is NY Renew Deal Mar 2020 #50
NJ either mcar Mar 2020 #51
Ohio won't go for Bernie either doc03 Mar 2020 #53
I got my vote in last week for Biden, he could carry doc03 Mar 2020 #52
I think he could carry Ohio too...he was very popular in Ohio with Obama...he came quite often. Demsrule86 Mar 2020 #73
Biden will definitely carry Ohio. yardwork Mar 2020 #77
5 stages of mourning Amishman Mar 2020 #55
OK treestar Mar 2020 #57
Those are all states that Biden is stronger than Bernie in... especially FL AGeddy Mar 2020 #63
I live in one of the few Raftergirl Mar 2020 #64
I agree it's far from over.... Moderateguy Mar 2020 #70
352 delegates up at stake next Tuesday. LiberalFighter Mar 2020 #74
So Bernie will win 354 of them #Berniemath Moderateguy Mar 2020 #83
I don't see Sanders overtaking the current BootinUp Mar 2020 #75
Bernie handed Florida to Joe on a silver platter Zambero Mar 2020 #76
Here we go again... MrsCoffee Mar 2020 #85
BS got his ass handed to him on ST. The race to the nomination is over. No need to drag it out onetexan Mar 2020 #87
It's still good! LongtimeAZDem Mar 2020 #88
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