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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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85. Amy interrupts everyone and doesn't let anyone talk
Wed Feb 19, 2020, 11:14 PM
Feb 2020

Very bad Performance By Any

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
***** DEBATE THREAD #5 ***** [View all] TexasTowelie Feb 2020 OP
Wow... LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #1
I am so happy with Joe the first half.. I am not at my TV now so Peacetrain Feb 2020 #2
Me too I think he's doing a good job and I donated 25 bucks. nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #3
Good Idea!!!... It was hot hot hot..interesting Peacetrain Feb 2020 #11
I donated also... Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #127
Who is the most Presidental? still_one Feb 2020 #4
Elizabeth Warren Tweedy Feb 2020 #98
I like them both still_one Feb 2020 #112
I do too Tweedy Feb 2020 #119
Joe has basically been above the fray squirecam Feb 2020 #5
He was wise to not jump into the food fight. stopbush Feb 2020 #15
I agree I hope he moves back up, he and Pete look the best. rwheeler31 Feb 2020 #22
Joe has been doing well tonight. I'm glad I watched. MH1 Feb 2020 #28
I am too..just got to watch the first half Peacetrain Feb 2020 #40
He has been good throughout. emmaverybo Feb 2020 #60
Warren, Biden made that point. So you expand on it. emmaverybo Feb 2020 #77
I think he is doing great...I hope so much he wins Nevada or comes in second...I hope he trounces Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #104
Joe has done great despite the shitty MSNBC moderators ignoring him. Demsrule86 Feb 2020 #128
this debate is a-poppin' IcyPeas Feb 2020 #6
Every question has to be asked with a challenge in it. Renew Deal Feb 2020 #7
+1, and a half assed thought through challenge too. The last 5 min before commerical was a dumpster uponit7771 Feb 2020 #16
They decided to brawl Renew Deal Feb 2020 #31
Obviously the two smartest people on the stage have lady parts. DURHAM D Feb 2020 #8
Yes, think Pete is smart, but sorta petty at times apcalc Feb 2020 #14
Sorta? I don't find him likeable. IluvPitties Feb 2020 #37
That's so odd because I babylonsister Feb 2020 #95
Post removed Post removed Feb 2020 #56
He doesn't have the experience DesertRat Feb 2020 #97
If by arrogant you mean the only person on the stage Cosmocat Feb 2020 #133
No, I mean what I said DesertRat Feb 2020 #134
As expected☝🏼 we can do it Feb 2020 #17
+1000 ancianita Feb 2020 #18
✔️ blm Feb 2020 #36
+1 DesertRat Feb 2020 #78
They are my favorites. Sparkly Feb 2020 #115
Still looks like they all don't like Bloomberg uponit7771 Feb 2020 #9
They have been working hard for 6 months and today he told three they needed to drop out krissey Feb 2020 #99
is bernie red or is it make-up? IcyPeas Feb 2020 #10
Maybe it blood pressure, maybe it's Maybelline. we can do it Feb 2020 #23
only his hairdresser knows for sure? still_one Feb 2020 #32
😂 we can do it Feb 2020 #39
Don't hate him because he's beautiful... MoonchildCA Feb 2020 #65
🤣 we can do it Feb 2020 #91
That's how he looks during most of the debates PatSeg Feb 2020 #103
He did that long walk -March to the polls in Nevada probably sunburn I noticed the top of his head lunasun Feb 2020 #130
Great climate crisis answer from Bernie! He puts it STRONG to Todd. ancianita Feb 2020 #12
Credit where credit is due. we can do it Feb 2020 #27
"Know what that means, Chuck?" Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2020 #13
Hysterical! Chemisse Feb 2020 #19
He may not. dchill Feb 2020 #21
I was changing rooms. Who said that? nt DURHAM D Feb 2020 #29
Bernie n/t Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2020 #35
and then he explained it demtenjeep Feb 2020 #49
Bernie thought NJCher Feb 2020 #54
Yep! Just_Vote_Dem Feb 2020 #73
Klobuchar named the senators from Nevada Renew Deal Feb 2020 #20
Joe is doing great on oil and gas question. rwheeler31 Feb 2020 #55
Amy specifically names the Nevada senators....... /nt IcyPeas Feb 2020 #24
I can't stand the yelling. I really can't...it makes me upset. nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #25
I don't hear any yelling at all. ancianita Feb 2020 #30
The president can do this herself... LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #26
Chuck Todd's knock on Sanders' anti-fracking also applies to Sanders' health care plan gulliver Feb 2020 #33
There will still be medical claims to process. yellowdogintexas Feb 2020 #118
Biden "would eliminate all subsidies on oil and gas." Renew Deal Feb 2020 #34
BEST energy answer of the whole night. That's $5 TRILLION a year! ancianita Feb 2020 #38
Agreed squirecam Feb 2020 #44
Why do they never let Amy Klobuchar finish her answers or respond? Sparkly Feb 2020 #41
Misogyny. nt littlemissmartypants Feb 2020 #45
Ding ding we have a winner Ellen Forradalom Feb 2020 #71
Because they are men...convinced what they want to say is more important apcalc Feb 2020 #48
Frustrating to watch. Sparkly Feb 2020 #59
It's frustrating squirecam Feb 2020 #52
It might be just me but Sparkly Feb 2020 #81
Lady parts. nt DURHAM D Feb 2020 #53
ding ding ding, that is the sad but correct answer still_one Feb 2020 #67
The left hates women just as much as the right Ellen Forradalom Feb 2020 #87
Amy interrupts everyone and doesn't let anyone talk LeftTurn3623 Feb 2020 #85
Which "Amy" is that? Sparkly Feb 2020 #93
Hah! Funny! apcalc Feb 2020 #100
You seem to be watching a different debate squirecam Feb 2020 #106
GO, JOE! SUE BIG OIL! ancianita Feb 2020 #42
What was the end of Biden's answer? LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #43
He wants to go after gun manufacturers but can't because of his buddy Sanders Renew Deal Feb 2020 #51
yow... LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #57
The audience in studio caught it Renew Deal Feb 2020 #63
yeah, I heard their response and missed what he said. LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #72
That was good. ucrdem Feb 2020 #62
It's clear that Chuck Todd is the fossil fuel guy. rockfordfile Feb 2020 #46
methane from factory farming too IcyPeas Feb 2020 #47
Bloomberg's answer is fucking weak sauce. We DO have to go to war with the biggest ancianita Feb 2020 #50
Really? He is the only one on stage that is actually doing something concrete Blue_true Feb 2020 #132
It's going very fast MustLoveBeagles Feb 2020 #58
I heard many say the last debates were boring. This is far from that to those people. Just sayin'. ancianita Feb 2020 #64
I agree about the speed Renew Deal Feb 2020 #75
Biden is hitting it out of the park tonight. This is how he always wanted to be but he held UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #61
I'm glad he is doing well. apcalc Feb 2020 #69
He's done the best tonight of all the debates. He's doing great. ancianita Feb 2020 #74
Love him demtenjeep Feb 2020 #82
I agree...Pete would make an excellent attack dog. He is so verbally agile. nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #101
Stacy Abrams would be better. nt tblue37 Feb 2020 #129
And she does it with that beautiful smile! nt UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #131
I wouldn't object to that ticket. IcyPeas Feb 2020 #110
You are having the same dream I'm having! Dem2theMax Feb 2020 #126
I hope so still_one Feb 2020 #86
Go Joe squirecam Feb 2020 #88
Good job, fighting Joe! emmaverybo Feb 2020 #90
Great answer on small business, Joe. rwheeler31 Feb 2020 #94
Too bad Steyer isn't on the stage eilen Feb 2020 #66
Yup coti Feb 2020 #79
I say Gov. Jay Inslee knows more than all of them put together. ancianita Feb 2020 #80
Yep. BlueWI Feb 2020 #121
It is disgraceful that Steyer wasn't included in this debate, especially since he has made progress StevieM Feb 2020 #114
E. Warren had a cold the other day and could hardly speak. IcyPeas Feb 2020 #68
DAMN time limits, elleng Feb 2020 #70
Especially after framing it as an attack. Renew Deal Feb 2020 #83
Hello. cilla4progress Feb 2020 #76
She's been killin' it, cilla! ancianita Feb 2020 #89
She already has Bloomberg trussed up and across the hood of her Jeep. LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #105
Bloomberg needs to learn some zingers. ecstatic Feb 2020 #84
But he's also got to err on the side of substance. Especially with this group. No one can get ancianita Feb 2020 #102
Did Biden just dismiss redlining?!?! LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #92
Yes, he did. ancianita Feb 2020 #107
How exactly did trumps tax plan help small Latino businesses ? kacekwl Feb 2020 #96
When Biden gets on a roll... VarryOn Feb 2020 #108
Beginning thread #6. TexasTowelie Feb 2020 #109
Thread # 6 LaurenOlimina Feb 2020 #111
Anybody notice the trump spin by a couple of the NBC idiots rockfordfile Feb 2020 #113
Biden's face while looking at Bloom is priceless! nt ecstatic Feb 2020 #116
Bloomberg Scores: 'I am the only one here to have started a business, is that fair'? denem Feb 2020 #117
Yes, but we're looking for a PatSeg Feb 2020 #123
What are you mean to the billionaires?!? melman Feb 2020 #120
This is the best debate so far by a mile BeyondGeography Feb 2020 #122
I agree PatSeg Feb 2020 #125
Warren is clearly winning this debate! Ouch@the pained looks on the press. nilesobek Feb 2020 #124
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