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Democratic Primaries

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Tue Feb 11, 2020, 03:43 PM Feb 2020


Let's face it. When we elect one of these candidates to the White House in November, we will be guaranteed to see a lot of them (both) for the next four (or more) years. Whom would you rather see (and I'm talking about visual and emotional appeal, here) representing you and the United States both in person and on television around the globe?

Note: I seriously tried to find good pictures of all our candidates and their significant others.

1. Joe and Jill Biden

2. Bernie and Jane Sanders

3. Michael Bloomberg and potential First Girlfriend Diana Taylor

4. Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann

5. Andrew and Evelyn Yang

6. Amy Klobuchar and John Bessler

7. Pete and Chasten Buttigieg

8. Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor

9. Tulsi Gabbard and Abraham Williams

Well? What do you think?


58 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Joe and Jill Biden
22 (38%)
Bernie and Jane Sanders
3 (5%)
Michael Bloomberg and potential First Girlfriend Diana Taylor
1 (2%)
Elizabeth Warren and Bruce Mann
5 (9%)
Andrew and Evelyn Yang
7 (12%)
Amy Klobuchar and John Bessler
0 (0%)
Pete and Chasten Buttigieg
9 (16%)
Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor
4 (7%)
Tulsi Gabbard and Abraham Williams
7 (12%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
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I don't have the least interest in anyone's "attractiveness." cwydro Feb 2020 #1
Fair enough. Laelth Feb 2020 #27
Appearances DO matter... NurseJackie Feb 2020 #30
Are you referring to Melania? Laelth Feb 2020 #43
She's a full on birther... NurseJackie Feb 2020 #57
Are we talking about the same Melania??? Rorey Feb 2020 #76
Someone who dresses to fit the setting Rorey Feb 2020 #77
Joe & Jill musicman65 Feb 2020 #45
Whetner or not you believe me ... Laelth Feb 2020 #48
I didn't realize this was a fucking beauty contest... cynatnite Feb 2020 #2
It's not, really. Laelth Feb 2020 #41
Cute picture of Tom and Kat. Liked Warren's picture too. And Yang's is sweetness. krissey Feb 2020 #3
I regret that I couldn't find a comparable picture for the other candidates. Laelth Feb 2020 #62
Totally. krissey Feb 2020 #63
First Woman President Throck Feb 2020 #4
How so? DesertRat Feb 2020 #7
Total upset of the social status quo. Throck Feb 2020 #8
And beautiful. Laelth Feb 2020 #65
Pete and Chasten were a very close second to the Yangs. Doreen Feb 2020 #5
Wonder if Kat skips leg days. n/t zackymilly Feb 2020 #6
I am not sure that I want to know. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #84
I went with the Yangs. BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #9
Can't blame you for that. Laelth Feb 2020 #64
This is the dumbest poll i have seen on DU. EOM tiredtoo Feb 2020 #10
Then you haven't seen many DU polls. LOL. Laelth Feb 2020 #66
I think this is a dumb post. LAS14 Feb 2020 #11
This is weird and unhelpful. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2020 #12
Thank you for your insight. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #46
Why is this a thread? democrattotheend Feb 2020 #13
Intended as fun and lighthearted? BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #17
Same here. redqueen Feb 2020 #18
I thought it silly, looked at the pictures, then it got fun. I didn't vote though. krissey Feb 2020 #20
Yeah, I liked seeing them all. BusyBeingBest Feb 2020 #21
Yes. Thank you. Laelth Feb 2020 #24
come on - Tulsi Gabbard and Abraham William hands down LeftTurn3623 Feb 2020 #14
They belong on the cover of a fashion magazine. Laelth Feb 2020 #25
I was thinking "Surfer Magazine" jmowreader Feb 2020 #42
That works too. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #85
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2020 #15
They all look just fine to me. So, I'm skipping this poll. MineralMan Feb 2020 #16
The Yangs are adorable. Mike 03 Feb 2020 #19
Your contribution is welcome, as always. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #26
This is just for fun. Polly Hennessey Feb 2020 #22
Yes. Thank you. Laelth Feb 2020 #23
Yangs plus Tulsi & hubby tied for 1st Sunsky Feb 2020 #28
Is Yang the only one that would bring a family with young kids ? Not that it matters just like this lunasun Feb 2020 #29
As far as I know, you are correct. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #33
they all look great Kali Feb 2020 #31
Truth be told, I am rather fond of Melania. Laelth Feb 2020 #35
have you watched her interviews? Kali Feb 2020 #39
I hear you. Laelth Feb 2020 #40
I think the opposite....she has bolstered him Rorey Feb 2020 #79
She's certainly not Michelle Obama. I will give you that. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #81
melania is a Birther.. she was pushing President Obama Cha Feb 2020 #67
Gotta go Tulsi for this one Polybius Feb 2020 #32
She is. Laelth Feb 2020 #34
Based only on looks squirecam Feb 2020 #36
Tough call, isn't it? Laelth Feb 2020 #37
Note the difference. Laelth Feb 2020 #38
The Bidens have an air of seriousness about them jmowreader Feb 2020 #44
What a ridiculously superficial thread. OliverQ Feb 2020 #47
High school poll. JudyM Feb 2020 #59
You forgot Trump and Melanie. n/t Yavin4 Feb 2020 #49
I did a separate post for them. Laelth Feb 2020 #74
Do one next of their pets. n/t zackymilly Feb 2020 #50
Oh, that would be a good one. Laelth Feb 2020 #53
Barack and Michelle RandySF Feb 2020 #51
No doubt. Hands down. That's a good-looking couple. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #55
Why can't I vote for all of them!?! Stinky The Clown Feb 2020 #52
It's a good-looking crowd, admittedly. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #54
Voted for Joe & Jill kacekwl Feb 2020 #56
Jill's a trophy without question. Laelth Feb 2020 #58
I don't vote on attractiveness... Mike Nelson Feb 2020 #60
Neither do I, and you're welcome. n/t Laelth Feb 2020 #61
Warren's man has expertly strong eyebrows Apple Fritter Feb 2020 #68
Interesting. I hadn't noticed that, but you're right. Laelth Feb 2020 #69
you are welcome Apple Fritter Feb 2020 #70
Gabbard laps the field Awsi Dooger Feb 2020 #71
She's beautiful, admittedly. Laelth Feb 2020 #72
Just FYI. Laelth Feb 2020 #73
Empathy is beautiful - PAMod Feb 2020 #75
Thanks. I tried to get good ones. Laelth Feb 2020 #80
jfc obamanut2012 Feb 2020 #78
I will vote for cutest picture. I like Tom Steyer's picture the best IrishEyes Feb 2020 #82
Tom Steyer always seems so "robotic" to me when he's on stage. Laelth Feb 2020 #83
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