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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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46. I know money was an issue but IMHO Harris dropped out too soon
Tue Feb 11, 2020, 12:01 AM
Feb 2020

All I'm seeing is Bloomberg ads. He's banking on muscle memory

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Personally i am afraid of voting for a candidate based on tv ads. eom tiredtoo Feb 2020 #1
agreed! MFM008 Feb 2020 #29
I think Mike has a good chance in Michigan Kaleva Feb 2020 #2
Interesting...I haven't seen a local poll here yet. Sancho Feb 2020 #6
If the nominee is Bloomberg he'll probably win all the northeast states.... George II Feb 2020 #3
There is a lot of frustration here... Sancho Feb 2020 #8
I wonder how Bloomberg will do with African Americans and Latinos TexasBushwhacker Feb 2020 #27
That's a good point.. Sancho Feb 2020 #28
As of now the polls show he's doing very well. George II Feb 2020 #37
When word gets out about how stop and frisk hurt Latino and black people, his long defense of it, emmaverybo Feb 2020 #55
bloomberg cut biden's support among POC in half in less than a month Fresh_Start Feb 2020 #89
We have yet to see. emmaverybo Feb 2020 #100
He'll do well...it's already happening. I predicted this!! I begged everybody to rally around Joe UniteFightBack Feb 2020 #70
"is how many voters will vote for ANY Democratic nominee just to get rid of trump" denem Feb 2020 #35
If Satan ran against Trump SCantiGOP Feb 2020 #64
If my choice was Trump or a puddle of bile ooky Feb 2020 #68
Might be? For me I am rocking the Beelzebub gear and smellin' the brimstone!!! Moostache Feb 2020 #73
No way jr1118x Feb 2020 #4
In my view, the only thing Bloomberg will do is take votes away from Biden, Amy, and Pete, and make still_one Feb 2020 #5
brokered convention would be the more likely I think Celerity Feb 2020 #11
After the first ballot the 770 superdelegates kick in. I can't see many of them voting.... George II Feb 2020 #42
oh yes, I should have added the no way that ends with Bernie as the nominee Celerity Feb 2020 #50
I remember Ross Perot...so I get it. Sancho Feb 2020 #17
I think Bloomberg might be the strongest candidate head-to-head vs. Trump. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #7
"We live in a bit of a bubble here on DU"... Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #13
I agree about the bubble... Sancho Feb 2020 #18
One of the polls noted that 49% in NH were either undecided or not fully committed to a candidate. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #25
I'm undecided as well, although my allegiance phylny Feb 2020 #90
Honestly, at this point, that is ALL I care about. Who can beat tRump. nt Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #103
I'm undecided too but at this point I'll vote for whoever can beat Trump. blueinredohio Feb 2020 #9
Since his are the ONLY ads running in Alabama, I think he has a good chance here Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #10
Bloomberg has the money to run ads and campaign in every state. Kaleva Feb 2020 #12
And, unfortunately, that is what it takes to win a presidential election in America nowadays. nt Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #15
We have seen Bloomberg ads, and some pro-tRump ads in Florida Sancho Feb 2020 #21
Exactly. Other than endless repug ads for downstream candidates. Ferrets are Cool Feb 2020 #87
Bloomberg is going all in to oust Trump pandr32 Feb 2020 #14
In liberal NY we ❤️ him and we hated Trump Happyhippychick Feb 2020 #16
It's hard to put things in balance when we spend hours on Iowa.. Sancho Feb 2020 #22
I like Warren...and would like her to get the nomination... Dan Feb 2020 #19
I was hoping we'd see the first woman President... Sancho Feb 2020 #24
agree nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #39
Me too, although one of the women would have been tough for me. VP is Hoyt Feb 2020 #41
Can you imagine Harris instead of Barr as the AG.... Sancho Feb 2020 #43
Yes. The Cabinet overhaul and future judicial nominations would be huge. Hoyt Feb 2020 #45
What about Preet? sheshe2 Feb 2020 #57
Head of FBI? CIA? Moostache Feb 2020 #75
I loved Hillary.... Dan Feb 2020 #47
I see Warren as the best anticorruption nominee to face Trump's corruption. blm Feb 2020 #20
I'm in Missouri LibinMo Feb 2020 #23
Interesting that Bloomberg is running ads in red states... Sancho Feb 2020 #26
He's running a lot of ads here in Texas. TwilightZone Feb 2020 #31
tons of ads on multiple TV networks in northern VA too nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #40
Ads on every channel phylny Feb 2020 #92
Wow! Those may help even if Bloomberg doesn't get the nomination. Nt spooky3 Feb 2020 #94
He's airing a boatload of ads in Arizona, as well. Jedi Guy Feb 2020 #69
He's running ads here in the red-assed state of Kentucky. Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2020 #83
Don't look now... Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #74
I csnt imahe Missouri goimg blue either The Genealogist Feb 2020 #101
We live in San Francisco, hubby is all in for Bloomberg. I'm getting there. secondwind Feb 2020 #30
My original, early choice was Kamala... Sancho Feb 2020 #34
Democrats in VA tend to be very pragmatic. And most of us in Northern VA spooky3 Feb 2020 #32
VA has been a light in the dark of state governments lately... Sancho Feb 2020 #36
The Dems now control both houses and the governor's office. So the Dems are now spooky3 Feb 2020 #38
Plus, he launched his campaign in VA and his ads have been playing here for months. PunkinPi Feb 2020 #91
He's running a ton of ads in Mass Green Line Feb 2020 #33
AZ Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #44
haha... Sancho Feb 2020 #56
CC For POTUS! Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #58
CC barks at large golfers... Sancho Feb 2020 #62
Our back yard butts up to a private golf course... Cornell Engineer Feb 2020 #66
I know money was an issue but IMHO Harris dropped out too soon NWCorona Feb 2020 #46
If he's the nominee, I will hold my nose and vote for him democrattotheend Feb 2020 #48
This rush to Bloomberg is disturbing. He is by no means a real liberal, much less a progressive. emmaverybo Feb 2020 #59
I don't talk too much politics with people in my state (AZ) but I think MB has a real shot to win AZ mr_lebowski Feb 2020 #49
No billionaire is self-made. They made all that money exploiting people. Gravitycollapse Feb 2020 #51
Fair point, but he didn't inherit it all like Trump ... mr_lebowski Feb 2020 #52
They'll probably trust him because they know he'll help them. Gravitycollapse Feb 2020 #53
And I'll 'take' whatever Democrat who isn't named Tulsi who can win in November ... mr_lebowski Feb 2020 #60
Ridiculous. He is putting his money where his mouth is. redstateblues Feb 2020 #76
I'm absolutely threatened by an amoral billionaire threatening our country. Gravitycollapse Feb 2020 #78
Bloomberg will outspend the Repugs for us regardless of whether he's the nominee Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #54
His money doesn't mean a damn thing if he's not the nominee Awsi Dooger Feb 2020 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author Tiggeroshii Feb 2020 #71
Stop and Frisk may hurt him. bamagal62 Feb 2020 #61
It should hurt him. Right now we don't HAVE to vote for him and shouldn't with far from enough emmaverybo Feb 2020 #63
I can't help but think Bloomberg would be good in a debate against Trump liberalguilt57 Feb 2020 #67
I'm trending Bloomberg. For the simple reason he is DOING, not just talking about doing. EveHammond13 Feb 2020 #72
+1000 redstateblues Feb 2020 #77
I'm feeling much the same way. Removing Trump is all I care about at this point. honest.abe Feb 2020 #79
The thought that Bloomberg might win, i.e. purchase, the Democratic nomination sickens me. Cassidy Feb 2020 #80
Doesn't surprise me Democrats attacking Democrats... Historic NY Feb 2020 #81
I still haven't wrapped my head around Bloomberg. moriah Feb 2020 #82
Bloomberg is doing one major thing right: he is NOT attacking Dem candidates, only Trump! Hekate Feb 2020 #84
Bloomberg will wipe the floor with Trump's combover NCProgressive Feb 2020 #85
Also the added bonus of Bloomberg is NCProgressive Feb 2020 #86
I've been talking to my neighbors while walking Fresh_Start Feb 2020 #88
I'm not a big fan of Bloomberg but I am starting to think he has the best chance to win gollygee Feb 2020 #93
I live in Indiana, so Trump will win.... Happy Hoosier Feb 2020 #95
Bloomberg has been to OKC and Tulsa this month OKNancy Feb 2020 #96
Yesterday my wife said the same thing to me, and I was a little shocked. She never was a fan as we c-rational Feb 2020 #97
Elections are not won and lost by the votes of politically smart voters. MineralMan Feb 2020 #98
Honest Assessment TheFarseer Feb 2020 #99
If anyone will get under tRumps skin and Still Sensible Feb 2020 #102
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