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Joe BidenCongratulations to our presumptive Democratic nominee, Joe Biden!


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17. Bernie won...
Wed Jan 15, 2020, 09:00 AM
Jan 2020

...hands down, by holding steady and strong, making his Progressive case...

...Elizabeth came in second...but I think she suffered from her shaky stand on MFA...telling me her brothers are republican and she's from a republican family didn't help...

...Joe kept getting flustered and flubbing up...I can see trump and him in a debate with trump walking around mocking Joe in real time with every fluster...Joe could barely finish his allotted time...he looked like he had to catch a bus...

...Tom, claiming to be the Progressive Billionaire, is to me, a very hard sell...

...Amy was trying too hard...she was always stretching her allotted time, grabbing more than she deserved...this came across as 'greedy' and 'pushy' to me...

...Peter?... too young, too moderate and too inexperienced...maybe next time when he has more whiskers...

If I were to vote in a presidential
primary today, I would vote for:
Joe Biden
Who do you think won tonight? [View all] Algernon Moncrieff Jan 2020 OP
Beto! TexasTowelie Jan 2020 #1
I wish Beto had run against Cornyn Algernon Moncrieff Jan 2020 #2
I think both of them saw Greg Abbott as a more vulnerable target in 2022 TexasTowelie Jan 2020 #3
I can't believe he is gone Skittles Jan 2020 #7
I agree. TexasTowelie Jan 2020 #8
Abbott is absolutley disgusting Skittles Jan 2020 #19
I think that Beto is shrewd enough to play the long game. TexasTowelie Jan 2020 #20
Nobody lost so nobody won tirebiter Jan 2020 #4
Biden won because no one "broke out" to become "the challenger." Hortensis Jan 2020 #12
Amy Klobuchar Raine Jan 2020 #5
She did alright. She wasn't shy about talking when time was up. Algernon Moncrieff Jan 2020 #6
From the bits I saw, she did well. She's also now newly visible. Hortensis Jan 2020 #13
Ken Jennings 7wo7rees Jan 2020 #9
I'm leaning toward... Mike Nelson Jan 2020 #10
Every Democrat Was a Winner Tonight! McKim Jan 2020 #11
:) Agree actually. A pundit said Democrats do pillow fights Hortensis Jan 2020 #14
Warren won BeyondGeography Jan 2020 #15
Warren, Steyer, Klobuchar judeling Jan 2020 #16
Bernie won... myohmy2 Jan 2020 #17
Biden by default. It's clear Sanders lost maximusveritas Jan 2020 #18
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